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czajkowskion the choo choo train07:31
* AlanBell puts laptop and lots of eggs in a bag08:02
MooDoo morning all08:02
* AlanBell checks http://popey.com/webcam/08:05
czajkowskieither its not refreshed or alan has kept his arm very still all night08:06
TheOpenSourcererIs that a desk that popey has? Where are all the bits of paper and other detritus that I have on mine?08:07
TheOpenSourcererI don't recognise that colour at all08:07
TheOpenSourcererRight I am going to go and get ready then wonder off to the station. See you ion the pub this evening whoever else is going.08:08
czajkowskitoodles TheOpenSourcerer08:09
DJonesUgh, a 5 minute train ride is a looonnnggg wait08:16
DJonesGrr, wrong channel08:16
diploMorning all08:18
smittixMorning all08:48
popeymorning all09:03
MooDoomorning alan09:04
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czajkowskiDJones: you in London today ?09:06
Garymorning all, thanks popey \o/09:07
* czajkowski hugs Gary Happy Birthday! 09:07
Garyaww, thx09:07
MooDoohappy birthday Gary :) no hug though :)09:08
smittixUnity 5.2 is looking good09:14
smittixEspecially the screen edge detection.09:15
TOSDroidChoo choo09:30
oimonmy phone app reckons it's going down to -7.5 tonight (was -5 last night) in london09:30
smittixYeah mine says -5 for Nottingham tonight09:31
smittixand snow for todate :/09:32
smittixtoday even09:32
oimonmade me smile this morning https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-fFXVkqn3kU4/TyiytLCCiRI/AAAAAAAAWC8/DCyHDTTzgyE/w400/chili%2Bpowder.gif09:32
oimoni love the other guy in the background doing a happy dance09:34
popeythat isnt chilli powder09:34
popeyits almost certainly cinnamon.09:35
oimoni thought that before i saw the url09:36
bigcalmThat's just weird09:42
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:42
gordheatings going on a bit early today. brrr09:51
oimonthis week my email address has been used to sign up to pandora and netflix (still getting PSN emails too)09:52
smittixmorning bigcalm09:55
bigcalmHowdy smittix09:56
bigcalmoimon: use a personal domain?09:57
oimonbigcalm: or profit :P09:57
oimonlinux journal keep sending me free copies :D09:59
oimoni find i read digital magazines more than paper ones09:59
popeywhee, laptop has moved on to poland and then germany10:00
oimonare the X220 heavy btw?10:01
popeyhard to say when its in germany10:01
oimoni thought you'd had a lot of hands on10:01
popeyaquarius: pcpro reviewed all ultrabooks, asus came out on top ☺10:01
oimoni played with a x220 tablet  i bought somebody..seemed nice10:02
popeyi decided not to get the tablet version10:02
* aquarius grins10:02
oimonalthough it had to go back to base because there was a spec of dirt sitting in the screen10:02
aquariusfader likes his asus zenbook10:02
aquariusI don't like that you have to be pathologically careful about which touchpad you get10:02
oimonpossibly between the lcd and touchscreen10:02
aquariusand I think my ideapad looks nicer, but that's subjective ;)10:03
oimonpretty is near bottom on my list10:03
oimonexcept when choosing a mate10:03
JamesTaitMornin' all!10:03
popeyi tell a lie!10:07
popeyit's in the UK10:07
AlanBellchoo choo10:21
czajkowskiI tried the Ux31 the other day at the airport, AWFUL keyboard and trackpad.10:22
czajkowskiand for an ultra light book rather heavy10:23
smittixpopey: It's right next to where I am at the minute.10:23
* smittix shudders, this wallpaper freaks me out http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/118829810:25
jpdssmittix: http://interfacelift.com/10:31
AlanBellmorning jpds10:35
jpdsAlanBell: Morning.10:36
bigcalmczajkowski: want an awful keyboard? Try davmor2's10:41
brobostigongood mornign everyone.10:42
brobostigonhi bigcalm10:43
bigcalmIs it the weekend yet? :(10:44
brobostigonday after tmrw, will be weekend, today is thursday.10:44
bigcalmI was disturbed to discover that today was Thursday10:45
jpdsbigcalm: http://startuplaugh.com/53610:49
oimonhmm time to start pondering valentines day gift10:52
MooDoooimon: i've already sorted mine out to my wife and it's sweet F A :)10:54
* AlanBell suggests eggs10:55
Laneymmm, frozen cakes10:58
Laney(kindly delivered by the university)10:58
Laney(not intended to be frozen)10:58
oimondirecthex: i thought that was a leg. but it's the sofa11:01
bigcalmdirecthex: your pet?11:06
directhexnope. just an awesome pic11:07
popeygord . bigcalm  and other tea lovers.. http://imgur.com/gallery/xQsWs11:09
gordneed to purchase11:10
gorddon't have my see through cups anymore though :(11:10
davmor2morning all11:18
davmor2czajkowski: proddingtonly prod11:18
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 oi oi chappy11:19
czajkowskipopey: lol11:19
diploAnyone extended a LVM under vmware before ?11:22
diploFollwoing this tutorial http://mattiasgeniar.be/2010/08/27/increase-a-vmware-disk-size-vmdk-formatted-as-linux-lvm/ , but only issue im having is11:22
diplo resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol0011:23
diploresize2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)11:23
diplo/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 is mounted; can't resize a mounted filesystem!11:23
diploThink of a round it ? apart from live cd11:23
aquariusczajkowski, that's why I chose the ideapad, not the asus zenbook11:33
diploSeems kernel 2.6* and ext3 should allow this :/11:33
czajkowskiaquarius: first thing I do in a shop is open up and editor and try and type on the keyboard11:34
czajkowskithis one I fell in love with11:34
aquariusfirst thing I do is check the touchpad has multitouch, but yeah. :)11:34
oimon"Health alert as big chill grips UK" i read that as big chilli11:37
diplooimon, you being a Centos guy, got any ideas about above ?11:37
oimondiplo: are you inside the VM or outside it?11:37
diploI'm ssh'd into a virtual box trying to run this11:38
diploVMWare box ( ESXi )11:38
diploServer is in nottingham, I'm near bath :(11:39
diploI can get someone to put a live cd in or grab one myself and put some where, just wanted to make there isn't an easier way, all the tutorials reckon it should just work11:39
oimonso you've increased the vmdk size, and expanded it in fdisk?11:41
oimonthe volume is mounted on / ?11:41
gordwish gimp was a single window thing already..11:43
oimongord: they need moar dev i think11:43
gorda bunch of forks already made it single window, sounds more like upstream don't want to do it11:43
diploSorry oimon yeah11:45
oimoni heard it's coming in v2.8  gord11:45
diploto all of the above11:45
diploIt seems it's an issue with Cent4.8 not allowing it, ( don't ask about the OS Age! )11:45
diploGoing to have to get someone to sort me a live cd and work out how to do that11:46
oimonOS should allow it on the fly11:46
oimonbut ye olde OS may not11:46
diplo4.* doesn't :(11:46
diploEven though it was enabled in the kernel to allow it11:46
oimoni got rid of all my RH4 stuff except one11:46
diploWe are stuck, 80+ sites running it11:46
diploAnd some running OS's many many many years old ( sco initial releases )11:47
oimonthis is your new job right?11:47
gordah its already in 2.711:47
gordi should make a ppa with that or something11:47
diploBasically I'm not the sysadmin, there are 2-3 in our nottingham office but when ever something like this comes up it's 'Andy please can you look at this'11:48
oimon"Gimp 2.8 release scheduled on 2012 January 24"11:48
oimonaka mugman11:48
diploI don't complain, actually miss sysadmin a lot, would love to go back to it full time11:49
oimongord: http://tasktaste.com/projects/Enselic/gimp-2-811:49
gordheh, amd sponsored work for OpenCL in gimp, thats awesome11:51
* brobostigon has changed from normal bitlbee to the one that uses libpurple. atleast msn works.11:53
oimondoesn't look like 2.8 will make 12.04 then :-\11:56
Myrttianyone using irssi in tmux? which "screen_away.pl" scripts do you use?12:18
brobostigonlet me look, minute.12:18
diploGot it working oimon, live cd12:18
diploStill a a tad scared to do it on a live customers server12:19
brobostigon12:18:44 screen_away     /home/ptaylor/.irssi/scripts/autorun/screen_away.pl12:19
oimondiplo: cool. i reckon it's the only way with c412:19
brobostigonMyrtti: that one, it is the same as worked in screen also.12:19
diploWe don't run the VMWare instance at our customers though, think thats going to be my major issue12:19
oimondiplo: thats the beauty of cloning a machine with vmware first12:19
diployeah, it sucks :)12:20
oimontoday is a blanket+scarf day in the office12:20
diploWas mentioned about trying in rescue mode to resize12:21
diplogoing to give that a go next12:21
brobostigonMyrtti: http://pastebin.com/LyhKcNeU there we go, i hope that is of some help.12:22
Myrttibrobostigon: yeah actually that is the same script I've used with my screen, but I'm looking for a one that works with tmux12:29
brobostigonMyrtti: i am using byobu with tmux here, and it seems to work.12:30
brobostigonMyrtti: i am wrong, i have been in ignorance for weeks, it doesnt work.12:32
brobostigonMyrtti: i just found http://cybione.org/~cdidier/code/misc/tmux_away.pl12:34
Myrttiyeah, I found it as well, I was just wondering if the channel of avid tmux/byobu users would have a specific preference about the several different tmux_away.pl's, as google seems to return many results12:35
brobostigonah i see. i would be interested also in the result.12:36
brobostigonthat plugin seems to work.12:38
popeyMyrtti: my vps runs 10.04 so I'm still on byobu+screen rather than tmux, ask me again in april ☺12:43
brobostigoni have the byobu ppa on my vps, and on upgrade, it changed it to tmux automaticlly from screen.12:43
oimonthere seems to have been a massive upsurge in "share this when you see the optical illusion/photoshopped silly thing" on the internets12:44
oimonor find the C in the line of OOO and then tell everybody you know!12:44
bigcalmRecorded marketing call to my skype-in number. Weird when that happens12:45
popeyautodiallers I guess12:45
popeyi never get a single one to my sipgate number fwiw12:45
popeynobody ever calls it ☹12:45
bigcalm'exclusively in your area'. My Skype-in number is 0121 (Birmingham) while I'm hiding north of Telford :)12:46
bigcalmAnd now you've moved to google hangouts12:46
popeytbh nobody actually has the number ☺12:46
popeymy sipgate is actually a local number 0125212:47
kirruso/ webpigeon_laptop13:09
* oimon just remembered he brought a battenberg cake to work :D13:27
* bigcalm dials all 11 digit numbers starting with 0125213:30
davmor2popey: that won't help for people trying to ring it then :P13:32
oimonprecise seems sluggish to me :(13:48
gordhrm any reason why? been quite nippy for me13:50
popeyoimon: do you have two screens?13:51
oimongord: not sure. i have lucid on an identical box which admittedly is a different setup but a lot faster. seems to be a lot of delays waiting for stuff (logging in, starting software centre etc)13:51
oimonpopey: no, just one13:51
gordsoftware centre is well known to take several years to start up ;)13:52
oimonalso, notice that free ram is 3.3GB although i have 64bit installed :-\13:52
popeyi have that on my laptop13:52
popeychipset issue13:52
popeyunfixable ☹13:52
oimonno way :S13:52
oimonbetter off having 32bit PAE then13:53
popeynot necessarily13:53
popeybut yeah, bummer13:53
popeyit's an intel chipset issue or something, not a new machine13:53
oimondon't suppose there's a bug # for that?13:54
popeyno, its not a bug13:54
popeyits a hardware issue13:54
popeyon my machine at least13:55
oimonmy identical box running lucid is showing 4gb13:55
popeyso likely not the same issue as me then13:55
oimonah, not exactly identical - different cpus (and poss chipset)13:56
popeyits chipset specific13:56
popeywhat chipset is the 3.3GB machine?13:56
popeymine is intel 94513:58
oimonthey are both  Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P3113:59
oimondesktop PCs13:59
* oimon checks the BIOS14:03
* davmor2 beats gord USC opens in under a second now on precise and then depending on your connection depends on the speed of the catalog update etc but it's getting better all the while :P14:05
popeydavmor2: lies14:06
popeyit takes at least 6 seconds here14:06
popeyi7 8GB SSD14:06
popeyso not a slouch14:06
popeyon second launch it takes 4 seconds14:07
popeythe window appears after 2 seconds but it's unusable so it's not fair to say it's "started"14:07
davmor2popey: Software-center is started at that point it's the catalogue update that slows it down, but that is USC's frame even orca agrees it is :P14:09
davmor2popey: the next release improves the way the catalogue update is done at that point it should give you gfx in the window quicker too,  but it's better than the 10-15 seconds it used to take14:10
popeysaying it's 'started' is meaningless if you're looking at a big grey square14:10
popeyyeah, it's a lot quicker14:10
oimonrunnign hdparm -t on the "very similar" machines gives 55MBs vs 80MBs ...so maybe some explanation of sluggishness14:29
LindaDamerellhello - can anyone help me get my netbook Bluetooth working?14:38
bigcalm!ask | LindaDamerell14:39
lubotu3LindaDamerell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:39
davmor2LindaDamerell: what is or isn't working with it?14:43
smittixAcer is sending me a Laptop to review. I wonder if they will let me keep it14:44
davmor2smittix: possibly they can't sell it unless they pass it on to others to review14:45
LindaDamerellin system settings it says no bluetooth adapters found14:45
bigcalmLindaDamerell: Has it been enabled in the a) the bios, b) via a key combination to turn on/off wifi/bluetooth devices?14:46
DJonesLindaDamerell: Also, what model of laptop and does it dual boot with windows14:48
LindaDamerellits an Eee PC netbook from Asus with only Ubunto (no windows on it) cant find on/off key and dont know whats meant by the bios sorry14:50
bigcalmOk, ignore the bios then :)14:51
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bigcalmI have an eeepc 1000, might be similar to yours14:51
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popeyLindaDamerell: which specific model of Eee PC ?14:52
popeysome of them don't actually have bluetooth adapters inside them at all.14:52
popey(I have one)14:52
bigcalmOn my netbook, there is a blue radio mast image on the f2 key. By pressing a combination of function + f2, it allows me to turn on/off wi-fi and bluetooth14:52
davmor2LindaDamerell: ^14:53
diploAre there any other ways of getting into rescue mode other than disc/usb etc ?14:54
davmor2diplo: hit the shift button past bios post14:57
diplooooh will try thank you!14:59
bigcalmI need to mock up work flow diagrams. What might be a good application for this?15:14
AlanBelllibreoffice draw is OK15:26
AlanBellor inkscape15:26
bigcalmI'll try out what's already install 1st ;)15:26
gordinkscape :)15:27
oimonwould you believe i just had to install windows to update bios. this machine fails to boot from usb, and msdos livecd fails :(15:27
gordit has nice connectors15:27
popey(I would believe)15:28
oimoni even tried plugging another hard drive from another machine but windows endless reboot cycle..even in safe mode15:28
* oimon cries 15:28
davmor2bigcalm: freemind, xmind15:29
oimonoverheard my baby boy singing in his cot this morning: http://soundcloud.com/oimon/twinkle15:31
oimonbigcalm: firefox plugin called pencil too15:34
bigcalmI thought pencil was for gui design only. I'll have a look15:35
bigcalmThough I've just installed dia - might be just what I need15:36
zleapAlanBell, CD's arrived this morning,  thanks,  also sent cheque off this morning15:49
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smittixdavmor2: Hope so!16:00
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AlanBellzleap: cool16:11
zleapcan we do something similar for 12.04 please16:12
* zleap has made a few stickers too, got some sticker sheets from pound land :)16:12
gordthe big HMV in my town shut down and was replaced with a pound land16:13
gordi mean, if anything says depression, its that16:13
zleapwell HMV are not doing that well,  but i see your point there,16:14
zleapwel paignton has lots of charity shops and phone shops16:14
AlanBelljust gone 4, must be pub time16:15
AlanBellor head slowly in the general direction of the pub time16:16
* brobostigon thinks along the same lines as AlanBell :)16:16
AlanBellcask & kitchen in Pimlico if anyone is in London16:17
popeynot sure what time I will get into london ☹16:17
AlanBellI have 4 eggs for you16:17
oimoni got a case for my hp tablet from 99p shop16:20
oimoni certainly spend more in there than i did in hmv16:20
oimonthey sell purdeys and some very nice tinned fruit16:21
zleapwhen is the next podcast out,  my list of podcasts in firefox has had ep22 at the top for weeks, (or seems like it)16:29
popeywe're meeting up soon to discuss when we start recording16:34
zleapthats ok, i was just asking in case i had missed something,  so it should auto update the list16:36
popeywe're meeting next week16:38
oimonpopey: FYI i updated the BIOS (long story involving install MSDOS on drive) ..and now 4GB shows in "free"16:55
oimonmaybe my machine might go faster in other areas too :D16:58
popeysadly mine is unfixable16:58
oimona lesser mortal might have given up16:58
oimonbigcalm: who?16:58
oimonmine is a desktop16:58
bigcalmI wondered if popey was referring to the Revo16:59
bigcalmMine won't see more than 3.5gb16:59
popeyneither will mine16:59
czajkowskipopey: still on for drinks16:59
kvarleyWith tar how do I change to a directory and then tar the entire contents of the directory I just changed it with the -C option?16:59
popeywifey had to go into work early because her co-worker was off ill16:59
popeyso she's going to be very tired when she comes in17:00
popeyand the kids need feeding and bathing17:00
czajkowskipopey: table is booked under LAura, have CC meeting till 6 then pegging it up, dominc and others will be there17:07
AlanBellno table booked for laura17:12
czajkowskithere is17:12
czajkowskifor 6pm17:12
czajkowskifor 8 people17:12
tonytigerAnyone know what's up with the ubuntu-uk.org server? Can't connect via SSH or HTTP17:15
Azelphurtonytiger: I'm gonna guess crashed and needs a hard reboot, the ssh port is closed (connection refused) HTTP is open but unresponsive17:16
Azelphurand it responds to ping17:16
tonytigerNeeds someone with console access then.17:17
czajkowskiUbuntu-uk isnt hosted by canonical so they cant restart it17:17
popey/dev/xvda1 has gone 238 days without being checked, check forced.17:19
popeyYour disk drives are being checked for errors, this may take some time17:19
tonytigerIt's a bitfolk VPS17:20
* popey is on it17:20
czajkowskipopey: thanks17:20
bigcalmIs that why it broke?17:20
bigcalmFind somewhere else to sit17:21
popeyi blame apache17:22
tonytiger"I'll switch it to lighttpd one day"17:22
bigcalmThat's racist</meme>17:22
popeyyeah, thats probably going to be tomorrow17:22
popeyshould be back17:22
bigcalmThat it be17:23
tonytigerCreeps in this petty pace17:23
bigcalmHehe "An image of the UK". That's a giggle17:24
bigcalmThat's a lot of Morgans17:24
bigcalmI wonder if the house is in Malvern as well17:24
ahayzenHi Guys is the official Ubuntu-UK G+ page? https://plus.google.com/u/0/110834053865602900585/posts17:51
ahayzenpopey: Thx ... just getting used to G+ ;)17:52
AlanBellI may have arrived at the pub a fraction early18:16
issyl0AlanBell: Pub?18:17
AlanBellczajkowski is here18:17
* bigcalm toodles off to make dinner before panic sets in over chairing the channel meeting18:28
davmor2AlanBell: prod her and tell her it's a proxy prod from me18:31
ubuntuuk-planet[Gareth France] Will 2012 be the year of Linux? - http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=7218:31
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Q+A Videocast Today - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/01/ubuntu-qa-videocast-today/18:31
ubuntuuk-planet[Iain Cuthbertson] Symfony 1.4 Doctrine 1.2 MS SQL Server - http://www.myrant.net/2012/02/02/symfony-1-4-doctrine-1-2-ms-sql-server/18:31
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AlanBelldavmor2: poked18:37
davmor2AlanBell: Yay now she will have that look of thunder and now way to let it go :D18:37
ali1234should i opt out of this NHS Summary Care Record thing?18:42
seekerI didn't18:43
seekerAt least, I think that was what I didn't opt out of18:43
AlanBellpopey: o/18:45
davmor2AlanBell: surely you can wave at him there you don't need to do it here?18:48
AlanBellhe isn't here yet18:55
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cliftontsIs it just me or is it COLD??19:27
MartijnVdScliftonts: it's just you19:28
Azelphuryea, apparently it's -919:28
cliftontsWhere abouts are you Azelphur?19:28
MartijnVdSAzelphur: I went for a run in that yesterday.. did 11km/hr instead of the 10/hr I normally do :)19:28
cliftontsI have family there19:28
cliftontsI'm near London19:28
Azelphurused to live in bromley but moved out here a few years ago19:29
cliftontsI'm planning on moving there but not for a few years yet19:29
cliftontsright now though I'm battling the evil gay pre-payment meter. It's a case of balancing lack of cash against comfort19:30
cliftontsI'm losing the battle, just turned it up a few notches19:31
Azelphurcliftonts: if I get cold I just go stand in the bitcoin room19:33
cliftontsbitcoin room?19:33
Azelphurcliftonts: 8 computers all running flat out, generates a little under 2kw of heat19:34
cliftontsAh yes, well if I had that my pre-pay elec meter would get very hungry!19:34
Azelphurcliftonts: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/May%202011/IMG_20110520_150522.jpg / http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/Photos/May%202011/IMG_20110525_034107.jpg19:35
gordonjcpcliftonts: get rid of the pre-pay meter19:35
cliftontsgordonjcp: Only if you'll pay the £1,500 I owe npower. They won't remove them until it's paid!19:36
gordonjcpcliftonts: take out a bank loan to clear it19:36
cliftontsA quick question. I'm installing ubuntu onto machine I'm going to sell at the comp fair this weekend. But the machine I'm working on now is too low spec to run reasonably even on xubuntu. Any suggestions for something reliable and easy to use on a low end system?19:37
gordonjcpthe interest on the loan will be roughly the same as the savings you get from not using pre-pay19:37
cliftontsgordonjcp: What do you think the credit rating of someone who can run up that kind of arrears is like?19:37
gordonjcpcliftonts: it's only 1500 quid19:37
gordonjcpbanks are pissing themselves to give away loans right now19:38
* Myrtti just smiles at the discussion about cold19:38
cliftontsgordonjcp: Not to me they're not19:38
Azelphurgordonjcp: they are...wat?19:39
cliftontsI had to go to EVERY bank in town just to find one willing to give me a business account with no overdraft or lending19:39
Azelphurgordonjcp: isn't it like, the exact opposite atm?19:39
Myrtticliftonts: lubuntu?19:39
cliftontsMyrtti: Does that run noticably better than xubuntu then? I tried it once and couldn't even get it to boot19:40
Myrtticliftonts: well it is somewhat more lightweight that xubuntu19:40
cliftontsI'll give it a go then19:41
gordonjcpAzelphur: I get phoned up by them at least twice a week wanting me to borrow more money19:41
gordonjcpAzelphur: even banks I don't have accounts with want me to set up loans19:42
gordonjcphalf my post is stuff about bank loans19:42
cliftontsgordonjcp: As the only credit worthy citizen of Britain I beg of you to take out a loan to cover my bills. lol19:42
MartijnVdScliftonts: that's called issuing bonds.19:42
cliftontsThis is the problem though, we are in a 2 tier society. Some are being smothered in credit whilst others, like me, are left to fend for themselves19:43
gordonjcpcliftonts: if you're clearing your debts, you're credit-worthy19:44
gordonjcpcliftonts: it doesn't matter if you still *have* debts, the fact that you're paying them off really improves things19:45
cliftontsgordonjcp: Try telling the banks that. I'm credit worthy in so far as nobody will touch me with a barge pole19:45
cliftontsNot even wonga.com! Now that's bad!19:45
gordonjcpcliftonts: get a landline phone number, get on the electoral register19:46
cliftontscheck and check19:46
gordonjcpand start making some payments, even a tenner a month, to everything you owe money on19:46
cliftontsEvery penny I have is divvied out by standing order every week19:46
cliftontshas been for ages19:46
gordonjcpshouldn't take more than a few months for your credit rating to start to come up19:46
cliftontsgordonjcp: I don't mean to be rude but you appear to be living on another planet19:47
gordonjcpbut pre-pay meters are a serious ripoff19:47
gordonjcpcliftonts: been there, done that19:47
cliftontsyes, they are. And I fought them off for as long as I could19:47
cliftontsbut the alternative is they go to court and get an order allowing them to break in and fit them19:47
cliftontsat least this way I get to keep my door!19:48
gordonjcpcliftonts: at one point I had the electricity company just disconnect the pre-pay meter, and ran a diesel genny19:48
gordonjcpfar cheaper19:48
cliftontswell good for you. I've gone on a strict regime of cutting back on usage19:48
cliftontsI now know much more about how I use things and what it costs than ever before. I'm even converting to LED lighting19:49
cliftontsI'm not 100% convinced it would be cheaper on diesel these days though. Haven't you noticed? EVERYTHING costs a bloody fortune at the moment!19:51
lubotu3Please take political discussion to ##politics-uk. Thank you!19:56
cliftontsRight, time to see if lubuntu has what it takes19:58
DJonescliftonts: Just for info, I put lubuntu on an old laptop at the weekend, 512Mb ram, no specialised graphics etc, and its pretty nippy20:01
cliftontsDJones: I'm not sure what spec the machine I'm working with is. The Xubuntu live disc runs so slow it'd take me at least an hour to navigate that far!20:02
DJonesThis was a dell d400 http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/dell-latitude-d400-series/4507-3121_7-21207517.html for compaison20:03
cliftontsWell I'm burning to disc now so we'll know soon20:03
directhexi had a d41020:05
directhexi loved that freaking thing20:06
cliftontsI had a D400 recently I think20:07
DJonesdirecthex: I never saw one of those, but I'm assuming it was as near to a netbook as you can get like the 400, while still being a laptop20:07
DJonesLooks about the same size20:07
cliftontsOk, here goes20:08
DJonesBut much better quality from what I can see20:08
directhexDJones, 12" pentium-m laptop20:09
cliftontsWell the boot is damn slow! lol20:12
bigcalmIs anybody free to chair tonight meeting? I am swamped with work20:14
cliftontsDJones: I'm not convinced this is going to do it. It's still booting!20:16
bigcalmGary: hope you've had a totally gay day!20:18
cliftontsWho was it who recommended lubuntu to me? I can't remember20:19
DJonescliftonts: Can you tell what the spec of the machine is now its got an o/s on it20:39
cliftontsDJones: The machine never booted. I managed to get a cursor on the screen but the rest of the screen remained black then it crashed20:39
cliftontsI'm using another machine now, but all the machines I've got here are too low spec for Ubuntu or Xubuntu20:40
DJonesDoesn't sound good for the prospects of it20:41
gordonjcpcliftonts: how low spec are they?20:41
DJonesYou could maybe look at this http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/20:42
cliftontsgordonjcp I'm not 100% sure, I've got a lot of systems here and I lose track of which is which but we're probably looking at about 512mb ram20:42
cliftontsDJones: I don't want to use anything like DSL because I'm selling them on and I find that when things go wrong on D20:42
cliftontsDSL you need to KNOW what you are doing20:43
gordonjcp512 ought to be just about enough20:44
gordonjcpwhat about CPU?20:44
cliftontsjust about, yes20:44
cliftontsI don't know. I'm not familiar with lubuntu, I'm just figuring out where everything is, hang on a min20:44
cliftontsP4 1.9ghz, 768mb ish ram,20:46
cliftontsso this one's not too bad20:46
gordonjcpwell my laptop is a Celeron M 1.86GHz with 1G of RAM20:46
gordonjcpand it runs Ubuntu just fine20:46
gordonjcpbloody quick actually20:46
gordonjcpI use the 2d desktop because it has Intel graphics20:47
cliftontsgordonjcp: I had a batch of HP machines recently which reasonable specs which refused to run ubuntu at reasonable speed yet kubuntu was fine20:47
cliftontsI find they tend to be illogical like that sometimes20:47
gordonjcpthis is an HP laptop, I'm running an HP desktop20:48
cliftontsjust go with whatever the system likes, don't argue with it20:48
gordonjcpthe desktop for some reason really does not like the 3D desktop20:48
gordonjcpagain, Intel graphics, so it's not really supported in Linux20:48
cliftontsthe problem I think is when you've got tons of ram, drive space and processing power you don't notice if something is slightly off20:49
cliftontsbut when everything is to the wire, if one thing doesn't like it the whole system slows down20:49
cliftontsI understand the HP systems has an issue with graphics drivers20:49
DJonescliftonts: I've found that newer intels are ok, I've got 2 at home and they work fine with Ubuntu & unity, but as you say, these are 4Gb ram, so if something is off, its not noticable20:56
cliftontsDJones: Exactly, these HPs were ok with 1gb ram, I did sell one with ubuntu on but the others had 760mb or 512mb and just couldn't hack it.20:58
DJonesThese 2 machines are < 12 months old as well20:58
DJonesEvening eggsnatcher20:58
cliftontsNo matter. I've got a new supplier who'll be doing me laptops anyway20:59
AlanBellmeeting time in a sec20:59
cliftontsHey Alan, do you know if you'll be stopping by my place on Sat or Sun?20:59
* AlanBell has had several adult beverages20:59
cliftontsgood plan!20:59
AlanBellsaturday cliftonts20:59
cliftontsCool, I'll leave the door unlocked so you can just put the discs in the porch, ok?#21:00
bigcalmAlanBell: I'm still working, sorry I can't chair tonight21:00
* AlanBell heads over to #ubuntu-uk-meeting21:00
bigcalmThanks, sorry21:00
cliftontsThanks for that, much appreciated21:01
cliftontsDon't you just love it when you spend 15 mins stripping a system out of a knackered case only to find the new one is too small?21:03
* AlanBell whips out a big one in the pub21:13
AlanBelllaptop > phone21:14
zleapjust watched the 12,04 alpha 2 video,  rather impressive21:18
djbennywhere is viewable from?21:19
cliftontsdjbenny: omgubuntu.co.uk21:21
cliftontsI'm just about to install it myself21:22
djbennyah yeah just seen it now21:25
djbennylooking good21:25
djbennystill wish there was a simple option to get rid of the workspace switcher21:25
cliftontsI haven't seen the vid but I tried to install the HUD and my install hasn't booted since!21:26
djbennyunless im being stupid...21:26
cliftontsSo I'm hoping a reinstall will fix that21:26
djbennyyeah thats no good21:26
cliftontsdjbenny: I think the finishing touches like that will be added in time. I bet there's a way in dconf or something like that21:26
djbennyahh well i cant be bothered with all that stuff, should just be easy option21:28
cliftontsdjbenny: There you go21:28
cliftontsAgreed but it's still a very young system remember21:28
djbennyahh ive done that already and it didnt work21:29
cliftontsfair enough21:30
* AlanBell haz beer, night all o/21:30
cliftontsbye alan21:30
zleapI can see the idea of the login background changer causing issues21:31
cliftontswhy's that?21:31
zleapwhat happens if you have a rather risque image as your desktop background21:31
cliftontswell, if the login displays your background.....choose with caution21:31
cliftontsbut why would that be a problem? Anyone who can see your background when logging in still has eyes when you've logged in21:32
djbennyim sure you dont have to have that?21:32
zleapit could be good for people who have admin accounts on business systems, as it could display a warning21:34
zleapi know some really old systems did that, had a red background screen with skulls and crossbones, to remind you that being root could be dangerous21:34
cliftontswell, I'm off to install 12.04. brb21:34
djbennyyeahs true21:34
djbennyzleap: yup we had that on a few systems i used at university21:35
zleapmay download at some point and have a look21:36
zleapi like the look of that 0AD rts game too21:36
djbennyyeah, ive only got a netbook though not sure it can handle much more21:37
djbennyhedgewars struggles lol21:37
zleapmy dell netbook plays open arena nicely21:39
djbennyahh well mines 4 years old now21:39
zleapi have a mini 10fv21:41
zleapmini 10v21:41
djbennyahh i have a toshiba nb20021:41
zleapnot sure what the spec of that is21:42
djbenny1.8ghz,2gb 160gb21:42
djbennysingle core21:42
zleapthat should play open arena nicely21:44
zleapdell 10v has 1gb ram I think21:44
djbennyahh well i dont really have time to play games lol21:44
djbennyalways working >.<21:45
djbenny5am to 8pm monday to friday, then travelling in the weekend lol21:46
zleapi am looking for more hours at the moment21:46
zleap4 hours a week at an after school club21:46
djbennyjoys of being IT support21:46
djbennywas looking at installing ubuntu on my phone21:47
djbennyits more powerful than my netbook21:47
djbennyseen instructions for it, although it doesnt look straight forward21:49
zleapi was trying to create a custom open disc but kinda started now project is more on hold21:50
djbennyguess not much it21:50
zleapthis is where user group meetings are handy21:50
zleapyou canget help from others21:50
djbennyright im off up in a got to wake up in a few hours to get to work..21:53
swat_hmmm, precise upgrade seems to want to remove a lot of packages :/22:22
ubuntubhoyand install a lot of new ones22:23
ubuntubhoyand update a lot of others22:23
swat_yeah, it's the removals that concern me22:24
swat_like why does it want to strip out unity 2d?22:24
directhex2d is for nerds and losers?22:25
jacobw2d is for flat earthers22:26
ubuntubhoy2d is for one eyed people22:26
swat_that's not particularly helpful :)22:28
swat_it wants to remove the update manager too22:29
ubuntubhoythats handy22:29
jacobwit sounds as if the packages are broken22:30
jacobwor your packages are broken22:30
jacobware you upgrading precise or upgrading to precise?22:30
ali1234"Your system does not contain a ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop package and it was not possible to detect which version of Ubuntu you are running.22:33
ali1234 Please install one of the packages above first using synaptic or apt-get before proceeding."22:33
ali1234i'm guessing that is somehow related22:33
ali1234"The package 'ubuntu-desktop' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist."22:33
ali1234so yeah, like it says "Please try again later"22:34
cliftontswhy doesn't 12.04 want to play nicely with me?22:34
ali1234looks like temporary breakage22:34
ali1234see above22:34
cliftontsThe A2 CD refuses to install, it gets past the partitioner then says 'removing conflicting system files' What it really means is 'removing grub then doing sod all!'22:35
directhexgrub is for girls. manly men poke their RAm with a battery until the system boots22:36
ali1234well i dunno abut that22:36
ali1234try a daily image?22:36
swat_jacobw: upgrading precise22:36
cliftontsshouldn't the A2 be pretty close to the daily image right now?22:36
directhexali1234, sounds like glib breakage22:36
cliftontsI just installed 11.10 and it won't let me upgrade either. Looks like it can't resolve the dependancies22:37
jacobwcliftonts: have you tried stopping the installer and running grub-install manually?22:37
cliftontsI've got a weird issue though with my mouse which really makes no sense at all22:37
cliftontsjacobw: no I just reinstalled 11.1022:38
directhexprecise is totally broken right now, until updated gtk+ lands22:39
cliftontsok, see if you can wrap your head round this. I have 2 installs on my machine, 11.10 which works fine and I had 12.04 where the trackpad works for under 5 mins then conks out22:39
ali1234that old chestnut22:40
cliftontsI wasn't too bothered but I've replaced it with a fresh 11.10 install, root partition formatted, home not. Now 11.10 is doing the same thing22:40
ali1234bug 86840022:40
lubotu3Launchpad bug 868400 in lightdm (Ubuntu Precise) "Synaptics touchpad stops working - two syndaemon instances running" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86840022:40
cliftontsBut my OTHER 11.10 is fine22:40
cliftontslubotu3: But why is 11.10 doing it too now?22:41
ali1234it's a timeout issue22:41
ali1234and i'm pretty sure its been fixed once22:41
ali1234there's a workaround you can use on one of the bug reports22:42
ali1234possibly one of the dupes22:42
cliftontsI remember having it some time ago yes22:42
cliftontsBut why is one install ok and another, fresh from the same disc not?22:42
ali1234how can you install 11.10 and 12.04 from the same disc?22:43
cliftontsali1234: I wiped 12.04 because it's deader than dead. The root partition was formatted, the home wasn't and I put 11.10 in it's place, intending to upgrade to 12.0422:43
cliftontssurely that means the cause of the problem must be in my home partition?22:44
cliftontsany suggestions on what may be the culprit?22:45
ali1234read the bug comments22:45
ali1234i can't remember how you fix it. it's some gnome settings22:45
cliftontswill do22:45
jacobwfirst tets that is a problem with your home directory by creating a new user22:46
ali1234something like "mouse.autodisable = false" or something22:46
cliftontsI like your thinking jacobw22:46
cliftontsI'll brb then22:46
cliftontsubuntu is trying to get clever22:47
cliftontsit didn't want me to set a short password. I'll decide what is acceptable thank you!22:48
cliftontsbrb then22:48
cliftontsI now have a fully functioning trackpad22:53
Garybigcalm: I have that!22:55
Garythank you22:55
jacobwyou may save time by moving your files to the new user's home and removing the old user22:55
bigcalmGary: yay, and a Happy Birthday to you too :)22:55
cliftontsjacobw: time yes but I'd like to know what's causing it22:56
cliftontsok, I'm switching back22:58
cliftontsso when will this gtk issue be sorted then?22:59
directhexwithin hours, i'd guess23:00
cliftontscool, I'd love to have a play around with this hud thing23:00
cliftontsI fixed my trackpad! I think it's a compiz issue23:01
jacobwread the bug report ;)23:02
jacobwwhat is your gtk issue?23:02
cliftontsI dunno, someone just said precise won't install until 'the gtk+ issue' is resolved23:03
jacobwwho is the fool on the microphone in question time right now :|23:04
cliftontserm.. I'll just load iplayer23:04
jacobwoh, the gtk issue is the broken packages23:05
jacobwthese things happens in the alpha stage of the development cycle23:05
cliftontsjust for once I'd like a pre-release version to work, just for a bit23:05
cliftontsI know23:06
* jacobw points to debian's 'constantly usable testing'23:06
jacobwi shouldn't watch question time, it just makes me angry23:07
directhexjacobw,  2 turntables and a microphone?23:07
directhexthat's what bbcqt needs. rap battles23:07
cliftontsI remember way back when being able to install and use the pre-release versions. Ok everything crashed a lot and updating was 'interesting' but now they don't even install23:07
jacobwha, the tories would go for it23:08
directhexbottles & cans & just clap your hands & just clap your haaaaaands23:08
directhexWHERE IT'S AT!23:08
directhexi got 2 turntables and a microphooooone!23:08
cliftontsI hate beck23:08
directhexWHERE IT'S AT!23:08
directhexi got 2 turntables and a microphooooone!23:08
directhexhm, how to get more annoying from bold/colored23:09
jacobwi didn't get the bold or the coloured :(23:10
cliftontsnor me23:10
directhex... this channel strips colors?23:11
ali1234i'm pretty sure all of freenode does23:11
cliftontswell that's just boring23:11
ali1234at the very it does by default, unless you change a setting on the channel23:11
cliftontswhat are these morons on the bbc going on about?23:12
jacobwgov.uk is awesome23:15
jacobwits the replacement for directgov.uk23:15
jacobwdirect.gov.uk even23:16
cliftontsI wasn't aware there was one, or that we needed one23:16
cliftontsthey finished filming the new series of red dwarf in front of live audiences last week AND NOBODY EVEN TOLD ME IT WAS HAPPENING!23:18
jacobwRSS is a good thing23:19
directhexcliftonts, after the last one though... :/23:19
cliftontsapparently it's supposed to be back on top form23:20
cliftontswe'll see towards the end of the year23:20
cliftontslooks like precise is back up again23:23
jacobwlightning bug is such a great app23:30
cliftontswhat's that?23:30
jacobwits an alarm clock application, that runs in the foreground and plays background noise23:31
jacobwfor example, my phone is now producing the sound of a beach at night with waves crashing on the shore and birds making noises23:31
cliftontslol fair enough23:31
jacobwat 0600 i'll be woken up by the birds waking up23:32
cliftontswhat platform is it on?23:32
cliftontscool. I'll check it out then23:33
jacobwthere's various themes, i'm using 'beach at night' but you use 'new york city' or the simple 'whitenoise' themes23:33
cliftontscould not be downloaded due to an error -10123:35
cliftontsI'm on wifi23:38
cliftontsI think I was out of space23:38
cliftontsI think this would just annoy me by the sound of it23:39
jacobwi like background noises23:41
jacobwanyhow, 0600 is quite soon23:41
cliftontsI don't like these background noises lol23:41
directhexhm. picking a wardrobe is such hard work23:59

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