bschaeferjaytaoko, ping, if your still around01:54
bschaeferthumper, DBO, Hey, would either one of you want to do a code review?01:58
bschaeferfor the key nav. https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/new.fix-896122/+merge/9098101:58
DBOgot it01:59
bschaeferDBO, thanks01:59
thumperDBO: thanks02:20
bschaeferDBO, ugg noticed a mistake just pushed the fix (just used START instead of END)02:32
DBObschaefer, haha, good because I havent yet switched to the review :)02:33
DBOI'll start pretty soon though02:33
bschaeferDBO, no worries, I was just wanted to warn you if you had started :)02:34
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om26erthere is a problem in trunk with my intel gpu netbook it seems.. the first character in every unity element is bit corrupted06:48
om26ercan anyone else confirm that as well?06:48
om26ersee http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=19682307:05
om26erthe H of home folder07:05
om26erthe A of applications07:05
om26erand the close button07:06
* om26er files a bug07:06
om26eranyone using Precise but not using the unity 5.2 RC please test bug 92464009:05
ubot5`Launchpad bug 924640 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop menu is not keyboard accessible" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92464009:05
Saviqtsdgeos, maybe you'll have an idea... I'm missing a "QDesktopWidget::screenLayoutChanged"09:07
Saviqtsdgeos, 'cause if I just move screens from left to right, screenCount doesn't change09:07
Saviqwhat's more, even their sizes don't necessarily change09:08
Saviqesp. if both screens have the same resolution09:08
tsdgeosyou mean if you tell X or whoever that the screen on the left is now the screen on the right?09:08
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah09:08
tsdgeosdon't know if Qt tells you about that tbh09:09
tsdgeoswhy do we need it?09:09
Saviqtsdgeos, 'cause if you want the launcher always in topleft screen09:09
Saviqyou need to know when the topleft screen has changed09:10
Saviqhmm but geometry will change09:10
tsdgeosi see09:11
tsdgeosi never did much multimonitor work09:11
tsdgeosso can't really tell09:11
SaviqKaleo, maybe you'll have an idea ^ ?09:12
KaleoSaviq: no idea if Qt reports that09:13
SaviqI wonder if workAreaResized gets fired09:13
Saviqlet me see09:13
Saviqok that's not gonna work...09:14
KaleoSaviq: I don't see any API to detect screen/monitor positioning09:16
SaviqKaleo, resized() is fired09:17
SaviqKaleo, even if it's really not resized09:17
KaleoSaviq: that's not too good09:17
Saviqthat signal should be "geometryChanged"09:17
KaleoSaviq: but how do you Ã_get_ the position?09:17
SaviqKaleo, screenGeometry()09:17
Saviqresized(int) suggest it will only fire when the size is different09:18
Saviqwhen in fact it's when geometry changes09:18
Saviqso x,y,width,height09:18
KaleoSaviq: ok09:18
Saviqso I can probably work off of resized()09:18
KaleoSaviq: you know you can use all the signals from QWidget09:18
KaleoQWidget * QDesktopWidget::screen ( int screen = -1 )09:19
SaviqI know09:19
Saviqbut nothing I found that ifts09:19
Saviqunless you can prove me wrong09:19
Kaleothat's fne09:19
Kaleowith a good comment09:19
tsdgeosSaviq: tests/places/places-tests.rb:  What happened with "Super and Alt+F1 interaction" and "Super, Super and Alt+F1 interaction"? They are on unity-2d but not on unity-2d-shell :-S09:27
Saviqtsdgeos, maybe they weren't yet merged?09:27
Saviqtsdgeos, let me see what happens when I try and merge trunk into shell09:27
tsdgeosahhh true09:28
tsdgeosyeah they are not merged yet09:28
Saviqlet me do that now09:28
greybacktsdgeos: Saviq morning09:28
Saviqgreyback, hey09:28
smspillazgreyback: hey hey09:28
greybacksmspillaz: you've got something to show me then?09:29
Andy80question: #include <QtDeclarative/QDeclarativeExtensionPlugin> is the correct syntax when using Qt5, right?09:33
gogo_hi precise alpha 2 have unity 5.0 or unity 5.2?09:46
seb128gogo_, 5.009:50
gogo_thnx...I thought it will be 5.2 as it was available for testing in PPA09:51
didrocks(5.2 in the ppa is a release candidate, not released yet)09:51
seb128gogo_, well, alpha2 is frozen since tuesday with what is in precise and should be released today09:51
gogo_ah I see thanks!!!09:52
snadgepush an update for precise already :p10:11
snadgei dont care if it doesnt work properly.. im getting impatient.. j/k10:11
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greybacktsdgeos: hey, you can hold off reviewing my shell-isolate branches until after the MERGE :)11:10
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ryehello, how is the developer's experience with Intel HD graphics under Unity3d? Is anybody here using this configuration?11:50
gordi am, works great11:52
ryegord, at what resolutions/screen configurations?11:53
gordon HD3000, 1366x76811:53
* rye resisted posting to canonical-tech, and people don't seem to be using the canonical statusnet installation for these questions11:53
gordnot using an external monitor, but know people with the same laptop who use the DVI out and it works well11:54
gorderm display port out11:54
gordnot dvi11:54
ryegord, if that's not a secret, what is make/model of the laptop? And on a related note, is there a list on wiki that has the hwdetails about tested configurations for unity?11:55
gordrye, thinkpad x220 - don't know of any wiki that has tested configurations11:57
Saviq|MR-frenzytsdgeos, I can't find what's happening with the `launcher menu > dash` focus... maybe you'll have better luck when you nail the dragging issue12:54
Saviq|MR-frenzyI'm going back to MRs12:54
Saviq|MR-frenzyKaleo, may I remind you that you still have the gesture support on your table ;)12:55
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mhall119hey guys, the next Ubuntu Global Jam is coming up in a month13:23
mhall119I'd like to promote some ways the community can contribute to Unity on that day, either coding, documenting, translating, whatever13:24
mhall119where would all of you like to see some of their time being spent?13:24
mhr3davidcalle, ping?13:42
davidcallemhr3, ping13:42
mhr3davidcalle, did you have any chance to check that https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/916758 works now?13:42
ubot5`Launchpad bug 916758 in unity (Ubuntu) "Adding an option to the Sources filter from a remote Python scope doesn't work" [Medium,Fix committed]13:42
davidcallemhr3, I wanted to test it today. I give you an answer in ten min.13:43
mhr3davidcalle, awesome13:43
davidcallemhr3, it's working. But the filter doesn't have a title.13:53
mhr3davidcalle, awesome... also lens.props.sources_display_name :)13:53
greyback|lunchmhall119: speaking as a unity2d dev, it would be great to have people find functional differences between unity & unity2d13:55
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
mhall119greyback: can you get me a list of general uses for people to compare?13:57
mhall119and how you want them to submit what they find13:57
mhall119it should be easy to get 2 people together, one running 3d one running 2d, and step through such a list13:58
mhall119many people are concerned about not having enough people for a 'jam' session, so something that only takes 2 would be great to promote13:58
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davidcallemhr3, it works now... I was editing the wrong file :P13:59
greybackmhall119: hmm, what would be valuable is running through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityTests and comparing 2d and 3d. I did it myself some time ago so would appreciate it being updated14:08
davidcallemhr3, but the sources filter doesn't seem to trigger a filters-changed signal.14:09
mhall119greyback: cool, and how should they report differences? File a bug?14:09
greybackmhall119: yes. Some bugs already exist.14:09
mhall119and which project should they file it against?14:10
greybackmhall119: report to project "unity-2d". It would be valuable to have such bugs tagged as "delta-with-3d"14:11
mhr3davidcalle, it should trigger active-sources-changed14:11
greybackmhall119: some already exist: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bugs?field.tag=delta-with-3d14:11
mhall119greyback: I'm going to blog this, so if you could create that as an official tag it would be great14:11
greybackmhall119: it's there :)14:11
greybackmhall119: that would be fantastic, thank you!14:11
davidcallemhr3, right. I forgot about this one.14:12
mhall119JohnLea_: any suggestions about what the community can do for global jam related to unity design?14:13
greybackmhall119: since us unity2d devs use unity2d as our desktop, we don't always keep up with improvements in unity. So this would help loads14:13
KaleoSaviq|mtg: thanks for the reminder14:13
JohnLea_mhall119; off the top of my head 1. think about starting projects to improve the user experience of Ubuntu application.  The UX of apps is a Ubuntu weak point, and picking apps to improve, getting small teams together, then improving them could be some really great projects.  2. report lots and lots of bugs against 12.04  3. have a  Unity theeming challenge, kick off the development of a some Unity specific themes14:19
mhall119JohnLea_: so I've been wondering, is there anything in GTK or Qt that would let developers provide alternate styling and layouts for the same app based on formfactor, like css's @media?14:22
mhall119what do you mean by "Unity themes"?  Themes for Unity, GTK themes, or app look&feel?14:23
JohnLea_mhall119; for unity themes I mean GTK themes and icon sets designed specifically for unity, and possibly including tweaking Unity assets like the Dash border, etc...14:27
JohnLea_mhall119; re. your other question I am not the best person to ask, but there should be others here who can answer your question14:28
mhall119JohnLea_: do you want mockups, or actual theme code?14:28
mhall119and what are the changes of these thems being adopted as either the default theme or part of the default install?14:29
mhall119it would be helpful, when looking at improving app UX, to have some form of HIG to follow, do you know of one for Ubuntu?14:31
JohnLea_mhall119; actual themes that users can download and install to customise their desktops is the desired end result.  They would not become default options or part of Ubuntu, they would join other themes like http://www.linoob.com/2011/04/customized-themes-for-ubuntu-11-04/14:35
JohnLea_mhall119; yes, an HIG would be very useful, it's on our todo list14:36
JohnLea_mhall119; but unfortunately we don't have one yet14:36
mhall119JohnLea_: would it be possible for a downloaded theme to change the launcher/dash background color?14:42
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VilexIt need 3 click jump between programs. When u try click back button firefox start menu jump cross and u miss click Mouse button 2 dont really work. And several other things why i dont like unity.15:46
Vilexi hope unity is better on future15:47
VilexThats my opinion15:48
VilexGnome 3 is better than unity15:48
mhall119Vilex: we're working on making it better, and your contributions will make it better faster15:49
mhall119Vilex: for daily-use programs, you can usually switch to them with super+[1-9]15:49
mhall119For me, chromium is always at super+115:50
mhall119it's very, very nice being able to mentally associate an application with a place on my keyboard, rather than onscreen15:51
mhall119the muscle-memory you develop in your fingers, just like from touch-typing, is much faster than hand-eye coordination with a pointer, and requires no mental context switching15:52
mhall119that's what I have the hardest time with when switching to Gnome-3, I have to be aware of where my apps are on-screen15:52
seb128Vilex, the back button issue you mention will be fixed with unity 5.2 which is being testing in the ppa this week15:58
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dakirahi HUD developers. Here's a problem for you: the totem-plugin that prevents screensaver-activation uses xtest to simulate ALT keypresses ever 30s (in addition to the dbus API) even when totem is not in focus.16:04
dakirareported here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/92364416:04
ubot5`Launchpad bug 923644 in totem (Ubuntu) "Totem running in background causes menu of foreground application (like Opera) to open" [Low,Triaged]16:04
dakirathis also causes HUD to open every 30s.16:05
seb128dakira, thanks, it's a known issue, gord has been working on it an arguing with upstream over it16:05
gordseb128, we have a patch if you want to distropatch it ;), linked on the bug16:06
Saviqwoot! ctrl+shift+x switches between LTR and RTL in Firefox...16:06
seb128gord, didn't you say the screensaver was kicking off during video playing with it and that you needed to debug?16:07
dakiraseb128: upstream fixed this in 3.2 which won't land in precise16:07
gordseb128, yeah, i debugged :)16:07
seb128dakira, no they didn't16:07
gordpatch doesn't do that16:07
seb128gord, what was it?16:07
gordseb128, i removed a callback i shouldn't of16:07
seb128dakira, they fix is to send the key only when totem is focussed, which doesn't solve the hud issue16:07
seb128gord, ok16:08
seb128dakira, they->their16:08
seb128dakira, it means you would still get the hud opening while you watch videos16:08
dakiraseb128: ah okay. But still Bastien Nocera wrote he won't debug totem versions older than 3.2. So even if 3.2 gets fixed upstream it won't help HUD in precise because as I see it precise doesn't ship totem 3.2 with the new clutter dependency16:09
seb128dakira, right, I plan to backport the interesting fixes from newest version though16:10
seb128dakira, if there is a fix landing to 3.4 I will backport it16:10
seb128dakira, well we will fix it in any case, I would just prefer if bastien agrees with the fix16:10
dakiraseb128: that's great news!16:11
Vilexi thing ubuntu is faster than mint im not unterstand techcal things but i thing there is better memory hadling in ubuntu that mint cos my hardrive not swapping so much with ubuntu...16:23
Saviqtsdgeos, hey, shell-rtl, ShellDeclarativeView constructor16:24
Saviqhmm on the other hand16:24
Saviqyeah nvm16:24
tsdgeosSaviq: ok :D16:24
SaviqI was wondering why you didn't use topRight()16:25
Saviqbut then you'd have to setX it anyway16:25
Saviqwell you could go `.rx() -= width` as you're doing anyway later16:26
Saviqtsdgeos, I might've found it a little bit self explanatory16:26
Saviqbut I won't make you change that if you think it's not worth it16:26
Saviqtsdgeos, do we really need the two isLeftToRight and isRightToLeft functions?16:27
Saviqsounds like we could just have !s here and there16:27
tsdgeosSaviq: are we speaking of the constructor or updateShellPosition?16:27
tsdgeosSaviq: i don't, but Qt has them and i thought sometimes makes the code easier to read16:27
Saviqtsdgeos, updateShellPosition16:27
tsdgeosyou mean instead posToMove.setX(availableGeometry.width() - width()); using rx() ?16:28
Saviqtsdgeos, ok16:28
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah16:29
Saviqnot a huge thing, but seems more "proper" to me ;)16:29
Saviqyou know, I am like that ;)16:29
tsdgeosyeah yeah16:29
tsdgeosi am not sure i can use rx() there though16:30
tsdgeosat least not immediately16:30
tsdgeossince i'm not reusing the x at all16:30
tsdgeosi could do rx() = (availableGeometry.width() - width());16:30
tsdgeosbut that'd be kind of the same thing16:30
Saviqwhy couldn't you go `rx() -= width()`?16:31
Saviqif RTL: pos = topRight; pos.x -= width(); else pos = topLeft16:32
Saviqtsdgeos, not that important anyway16:32
tsdgeosbecause i think that's not the same i'm doing16:32
tsdgeosi'd prefer not to touch it16:32
tsdgeosi had some issues with the logic there16:32
tsdgeostook me a while to get it "stable"16:33
Saviqok no worries then16:33
Saviqshould be the same, though ;)16:33
Saviqtsdgeos, the Binding in Launcher.qml, though16:35
Saviqtsdgeos, couldn't we move it up to Shell.qml, we don't want to have a reference to launcherLoader there16:36
Saviqif we want to run Launcher outside of a loader16:36
tsdgeosmaybe :D16:36
Saviqor to LauncherLoader.qml - makes sense there16:36
tsdgeosjust did the smaller chance that gave me what i wanted16:36
tsdgeoschance -> change16:36
Saviqyeah please move that up the stack16:36
tsdgeosif you prefer that put it on the MR and i'll investigate it16:36
ali1234mhall119: so could i make a lens that is just a shell?16:43
ali1234(i'm trying to think of something that would actually be useful to me)16:44
mhall119ali1234: like a terminal?16:44
ali1234yes, exactly like a terminal16:44
mhall119no, the dash is for finding content16:44
mhall119ali1234: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses/Guidelines16:45
ali1234thing is, if i want to find something, i first go to the place where i know it is...16:45
ali1234if i don't know where it is i go to google16:45
ali1234i always either know where it is or i don't16:46
ali1234so i never need results from multiple locations16:46
davidcalleali1234, what about the locations you like? It's basically a search engine for them, integrated in your desktop.16:48
ali1234i don't "like" locations16:48
ali1234either they have what i want or they don't16:48
ali1234i don't even understand this concept16:49
ali1234i mean i like slashdot, ok16:49
ali1234if i remember some article i read there and want to find it, i will either search firefox history or go to slashdot and search there16:49
davidcalleali1234, imagine a News lens where you have Google News, Slashdot, etc. It aggregates content, and what you want is reading news, from selected locations. Like a rss, that you can search into and filter.16:52
davidcalles/rss/rss reader16:52
ali1234why would  need to search that?16:53
om26errss replaced with rss davidcalle :p16:53
ali1234consider this situation16:53
davidcalleom26er, I hate you :p16:53
om26erlol :D16:54
ali1234suppose i only want to read "tech" news today... then i go to slashdot16:54
ali1234if i want mainstream news, i go to bbc16:54
ali1234you are proposing that i spend extra time to use the dash to first combine all those news sources together, and then split them out again, to get the exact same thing i already have16:54
davidcalleali1234, I understand, but let's take this example :16:55
ali1234this applies to searching any content. if i want the full show, i go to iplayer. if i want a clip or a music video, i go to youtube.16:56
davidcalleI want to know more about "subject" and I enjoy reading many sources that may or may not have an article on it. The Dash gives you this possibility, just by pressing one key and searching.16:57
ali1234that's what google is for16:57
ali1234(yes, i find those "personalized" google results incredibly annoying as well)16:57
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah i killed the authors names on greyback suggestion16:58
Saviqtsdgeos, I thought he only meant his name :)16:58
davidcalleI don't think so. Google gives me a lot of other sources I don't care about. And there may be ads and annoying things before even getting to the content I want to read.16:58
ali1234thing is, google has more sources, is faster, and doesn't rely on constantly changing APIs16:59
greybackSaviq: well I don't have the right to remove everyone's name :)16:59
greybackBut having everyone put their names on test cases means soon there'll soon be big lists of authors.17:00
greybackThought this was easier17:00
Saviqgreyback, ok that's fine with me17:00
Saviqgreyback, but he removed the whole Authors part, was that your intention?17:00
greybackSaviq: pretty much yeah17:01
Saviqthat's fine17:01
SaviqI misunderstood then17:01
Saviqdid anyone try to run the whole test suite on shell recently? tsdgeos? ;)17:02
SaviqI have some false negatives here, but still http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/826607/17:03
Saviqthat's on shell-rtl branch17:03
ali1234are the aggregate results from unity testing available?17:04
ali1234just wondering how close my results were to the average :)17:04
davidcalleali1234, APIs are not a big deal, lenses are maintained by their devs and it's fine. What I enjoy is that the Dash is distraction free and removes the line between what is online and what is not.17:05
davidcalleI don't know about the results :)17:05
tsdgeosSaviq: it was working for me last time i tried on shell-rtl17:05
tsdgeosSaviq: the "The application with Id 21830 is no longer available." thingies are a pita and mostly random, we need to find out where they come from17:05
Saviqthat I know17:06
tsdgeosand i think "The value was not equal to 24. It returned: 0" might have to do with the setup of the tests not being correct17:06
Saviqbut the visual verification for dash17:06
tsdgeosno idea about that17:06
tsdgeosnor about17:06
tsdgeosVerification "{NUM5}-Failed" at ./launcher/enable-super-numkey.rb:77:in `test_Launcher_enable_Super_Numkey_for_tile_shortcuts' failed:17:06
ali1234davidcalle: in my experience the APIs are a huge pain... look at that totem-iplayer thing. it works for about a month after a new release, then the API changes and it's 5 months before the new upstream version is imported17:07
ali1234i know that's not a lens, but i see no reason why lenses would fair any better17:07
ali1234this idea of pulling feeds is hardly new17:07
tsdgeostomorrow more and better17:08
ali1234the same thing happens with twitter/gwibber17:08
davidcalleali1234, as a lens dev, I have still not been hitted by huge API changes, so we'll see :)17:08
ali1234i'm not a developer of this stuff, just a user. and it's my experience that stuff like miniplayer etc never works because of API problems17:10
Saviqsee you tomorrow, all17:10
ali1234the only things that always work are the official clients eg the android youtube player, which is updated on a weekly basis17:10
ali1234(and of course just using the website)17:12
davidcalleali1234, got to go. You feedback is interesting, I still hope you will find something for you in the Dash.17:17
ali1234i'm still looking for instructions to report bugs in checkmark-unity btw17:21
ali1234hmm is that even what it is called?17:22
ali1234looks like i just file them against unity?17:24
om26eryes ali1234 bugs go to Unity17:25
ali1234apparently i can't report bugs against that either without purging the PPA first17:26
ali1234https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/925603 - am i doing it right? because i have a couple more i need to report17:35
ubot5`Launchpad bug 925603 in unity "checkbox-unity: submission.xml opens in chromium instead of default browser" [Undecided,New]17:35
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balloonscan anyone give a comment on whether or not there are plans to tweak which screen(s) the launcher appears on?17:57
balloonsaka, will I be able to select which screens I want the launcher to appear on? this would allow me to have 1 launcher on a 3 or 4 screen setup, or perhaps 2 launchers on a 3 screen setup, etc17:58
mhall119jaytaoko: can you give me an update on that nux MP please?18:00
jaytaokomhall119: hello, I plan to review the branch this week and make an update18:04
mhall119jaytaoko: would you mind just leaving a comment that you're going to do that, so he knows it's not been forgotten18:05
jaytaokomhall119: sure will do!18:06
mhall119thanks jaytaoko18:06
mhall119davidcalle: ping18:53
davidcallemhall119, pong18:56
mhall119davidcalle: hey, can you tell me what lenses and scopes are in USC on Oneiric?18:57
mhall119I don't see any currently for precise18:57
mhall119or I'd just look for myself18:57
mhall119I know they have AskUbuntu and the book lens18:58
davidcalleNo Books lens. Ask Ubuntu, SSH Search and Utilities (with Calculator and weather (aka "Cities") scopes)18:59
mhall119oh, I thought the book lens was, ok19:00
mhall119are there any currently in the ARB process?19:00
davidcalleNo :(  I will push more of them, but I currently don't have the time to package.19:01
mhall119davidcalle: no problem, I'm just updating my spreadsheet with this info19:02
mhall119davidcalle: hey, would you be able to do a quick call or chat with me once a week so I can stay up to date?19:02
davidcalleSure, what about a G+ hangout?19:03
mhall119works for me19:03
mhall119what day works best for you?19:04
hamaxhi, is bamf api documentation available somewhere?19:06
mhall119hamax: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.10/c/bamf/19:07
hamaxyeah, I found that :)19:07
mhall119or http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.04/c/bamf/ for precise, though I don't know if the API changed at all19:07
davidcallemhall119, is friday fine with you? Around 13 UTC? Or 17? or later.19:07
mhall119hamax: hmmm, not real helpful is it19:08
hamaxmhall119: nope :)19:08
hamaxI'd like to get as much info about workspaces as possible, is that included in bamf?19:09
hamaxlike currently active workspace and stuff like that19:10
mhall119who here can help with a BAMF question?19:12
mhall119DBO: ^^19:13
mhall119can you help?19:13
hamaxhm, list of windows would be fine too19:13
hamaxI can get a screen number from that19:14
mhall119Trevinho: ^^ ??19:14
hamaxmhall119: thanks for the effort :)19:14
mhall119sorry hamax, but it's above my hacking skills19:14
hamaxI'll try to find it in unity source19:16
mhall119davidcalle: 1700 UTC works better for me19:16
mhall119and friday's too19:17
ali1234hamax: i suspect you would need to get that information from compiz rather than unity stuff...19:17
hamaxI meant unity 2d19:18
ali1234aaaaah... no idea then, sorry19:18
mhall119ah, unity2d, dyams|away might be able to help you then19:20
mhall119except that he...away19:20
davidcallemhall119, great :)19:21
DBOmhall119, I will help when I get off the phone :)19:22
mhall119DBO: thanks!19:22
jonoDBO, did you figure out the Launcher bug?19:23
DBOjono, staging PPA should fix it for you19:23
DBOif it doesn't I need you to let me know19:23
jonoDBO, np, I will wait for it to land in the main unity-team PPA19:24
mhall119DBO: also, who do I need to talk to about getting the BAMF documentation generation fixed?19:25
DBOmhall119, I would say me19:25
DBObut I dont know how to do that19:25
DBOno idea :)19:25
mhall119hmmm, I wonder if those are also generated by giraffe...19:25
mhall119I'll ask dpm in the morning, he may know19:26
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shaneo1hi guys can I make a suggestion for the unity dash here?20:12
shaneo1it would be nice to see the dash, when its maximised and minimised that it has a more fluid feel to it, rather than bang fullscreen bang default size. Being as we are now on a 3d desktop I guess the options are limitless20:15
shaneo1well thats all I have to add, thanks for listening :)20:16
bschaeferthumper, good morning20:17
hamaxone strange question. I used unity 2d separator applet as a template for my own project. how should the copyright comment in source files look?20:22
hamaxshould I change the author to something like: code based on work by20:23
hamaxor something like that?20:23
Trevinhohamax: about BAMF20:31
Trevinhousing the latest trunk you can get windows per each monitor20:31
mhall119Trevinho: do you happen to know what's up with the BAMF api docs?20:32
Trevinhomh mhall119 no... sorry20:32
hamaxTrevinho: thanks, but I think I'll try to use my backup plan20:32
hamaxbut for that, I'll have to figure out how dbus works :)20:33
hamaxthat should be fun20:33
mhall119dbus is fun, once you get to know it20:35
thumperhi bschaefer20:55
bschaefersmspillaz, hey, have a question about whether or not that IMTextEntry fix is covered by test. There weren't any in place yet but I can add a manual test20:55
bschaeferthumper, hello, o yeah I had a question about valgrind20:57
bschaeferthumper, so a lot of the logs that it outputs seem to not really be unity related20:58
bschaeferthey seem to be a side effect of unity using those libs20:58
thumperthere is likely a lot of compiz stuff20:58
thumperyes that can be the case20:58
bschaeferyeah, should I be documenting ones that I can send to say sam?20:58
thumperthat's why I wrote my valgrind parser python script20:58
thumperto filter those20:58
bschaefero I did that for fun also :)20:58
bschaeferthough I think yours was better, mines like 15 lines20:59
thumperI added functionality as I needed it :)20:59
thumpermine started small too20:59
bschaeferto parse out the unknown and look for unity::20:59
bschaeferalso saw there are gdb packages for programs21:00
bschaeferand im guessing they add the debugging option to get ride of the unknown (question marks)21:00
bschaeferpackages more so then programs21:00
thumperI think so21:01
bschaefercool, ill test it out when I get back to valgrind (lots of work to do!)21:03
mhall119is Unity 5.2 in the alpha 2 release?21:22
kenvandinemhall119, no21:26
kenvandinedidrocks plans to upload it in the morning21:27
bschaeferthumper, ping, have a quick code review for IMTextEntry focus bug, and just added a manual test for it. Sam has already approved it but just wanted a test21:58
bschaefera new bug report was just filed for the same thing so I wanted to get this pushed through21:58
bschaeferthumper, and the new bug report which should be a duplicate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/92496121:59
ubot5`Launchpad bug 924961 in OEM Priority Project precise "Cannot type Chinese character using ibus in search bar of unity dashboard" [Critical,New]21:59
thumperhi bschaefer21:59
thumperI was on a call, but back now21:59
bschaeferthumper, hey and the original bug report I filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/91582822:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 915828 in unity (Ubuntu) "ibus not getting focus" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:00
bschaeferthumper, no worries I just pinged you :)22:00
bschaeferso perfect timing22:01
thumperbschaefer: can you update the test with some actual things to type?22:02
thumperbschaefer: can you type the equivalent of \N{SNOWMAN} ?22:02
thumperbschaefer: to get ☃22:03
bschaeferthumper, o in the Dash?22:03
bschaeferhmm I havnt tested that22:03
thumperthe manual test says to just type22:03
thumperhow would we know that the ibus engine is being used?22:03
bschaeferYeahh that is true22:04
bschaeferwho will be using the manual test?22:04
bschaeferso be as non tech as possible?22:05
bschaeferIll assume pinyin, as that is the most used22:06
bschaeferthumper, also to figure out what ibus engine there is an icon on the top panel or you have to into ibus-setup to see which ones you have set22:30
bschaeferthumper, I don't know a quick command line to figure that out though22:30
bschaeferthumper, also the default ibus engine used for unity is pinyin so on a fresh install that would be the one to check22:33
mgedminregression since maverick? in oneiric, if I have a maximized browser window and two xterms on top, when I close one xterm, the other one disappears too (hides behind my maximized browser)22:36
mgedminI use focus-folows-mouse, this may be important22:36
thumpermgedmin: there is a bug for that :)23:19
thumpermgedmin: I don't have the number to hand, but I have read it this week23:19
thumperbschaefer: yes, be as non-techie as possible for the manual tests23:19
thumperbschaefer: assume that the reader / executor of the test has no knowledge of ibus23:19
bschaeferthumper, I updated it, with what unity will come with default wise23:21
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bschaeferthumper, as pinyin is the only engine that unity has by default23:22
thumperI don't even know what pinyin is :)23:23
bschaeferthumper, it is chinese, but I didn't mention that in the test :)23:23
bschaeferwell the characters are chinese but yeah, it is a slightly weird manual test23:24
bschaeferopps I put IMTextEntry instead of Ibus23:25
mgedminthumper, thanks for the confirmation, I don't feel so alone now ;)23:35
thumpermgedmin: np23:36
thumpermgedmin: it doesn't seem like such a big issue, it is on my radar :)23:36
mgedminI would call it a papercut, except it doesn't qualify, because focus-follows-mouse is not default23:37
thumperI don't think it is a focus follows mouse problem23:37
thumperas I get that too23:37
thumperand I have normal mouse bits23:37
mgedminlooks like #88870423:37
* mgedmin does the "affects you" thing with great satisfaction23:38
thumperI've pushed it to 5.4 as the 5.2 release is just around the corner23:39
thumperI'll push for it to get done :)23:39
mgedminI'll owe you $beer for that ;)23:39
thumpermgedmin: do you go to UDS?23:39
thumperI think that is where $beers are collected :)23:39
mgedminrarely (for values of rarely "I've been to one back in 2005")23:40
thumpermy last one was 2007 I think23:41
thumperbut I'll be at the next for at least a few days23:41

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