izdubardragon, pong00:26
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
MarkDudedragon, pong01:04
MarkDudeWhat up Badatya?01:04
grantbowhi Joseph_02:26
Joseph_Hi Grant.  Sorry to hear about your car.  Hope you are not steamed about it.02:27
grantbowlol, ecstatic right now as I think a weekly problem I have had for years is now fixed for good. time will tell.02:35
* grantbow had a radiator problem :-)02:36
grantbowmoral of the story - use coolant with water even if it's leaking, otherwise coolant becomes a battery and breaks things like drain plugs.02:36
DarkwingAnyone have an Ubuntu 11.10 LiveCD that they can mail to someone tomorrow?02:59
Darkwingphilipballew: ping03:02
grantbowanyone going to www.svlug.org tonight? sounded pretty good.03:28
grantbowon glusterfs03:28
pleia2it was tempting, but we have a guest in town this week so are entertaining03:28
pleia2and I finally feel well enough to leave home :)03:28
pleia2Darkwing: yeah I have one, just email me the address03:29
grantbowhi Faqtotum05:01
grantbowhow are you?05:01
Faqtotumas ok as i can be in this town05:03
philipballewDarkwing, whats up?05:13
Darkwingpleia2: ill email you the info. thanks.05:21
dragonMarkDude: one more ping!05:56
izdubardragon, pong06:02
izdubardragon, we can swear in off topic channel06:02
izdubarWell I can, I am sure you wont06:02
Darkwingwhat size t shirt does jono wear?06:03
* izdubar got him a shirt for CLS06:04
izdubarChris and I were driving thru Wankers Corner, thought of him06:04
Darkwingokay. i found a perfect t shirt for him lol... gimme a sec for link.06:04
Darkwing http://www.ebay.com/itm/BaCoN-T-Shirt-Meat-Lovers-Periodic-Table-Chemistry-Science-Geek-Maroon-S-XXXL-/350526229973?var=06:05
Darkwingnice :)06:06
izdubarWell one of Jonos few shortcomings is that he thinks the *whole bacon meme* will pass06:07
izdubarit will not bacon is eternal06:07
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Darkwinglol. yeah06:08
MarkDudeI wonder if he has gone there06:08
MarkDudeWe were thinking of doing bacon wrapped veggie dogs for the next bbq06:10
MarkDudeSo Gimp is far better at some stuff than photoshop06:13
MarkDudeless memory usage, partially due to not using MS overhead06:13
Darkwingshipping tomorrow :D06:13
pleia2I'll announce it properly on list later ;)18:27
nhainesI am busy waiting for precise alpha 2 to come out.18:31
DarkwingI'm running the daily build from a couple days ago as a daily driver... The Kubuntu is so smoooooooooth. I love KDE 4.818:32
MarkDudeyay for anything after 4.5 KDE18:32
akgranerpleia2, is it ok if I drop the pizza meeting to Linaro as a whole?18:32
MarkDudeno longer a punchline18:32
* MarkDude is mostly happy with KDE now18:33
MarkDudestill loves lxde and xfce18:33
MarkDudeand Gnome 3 with the crap turned off18:33
pleia2akgraner: as long as they know it's an Ubuntu event and they promise to RSVP (I'd rather not have 50 Linaro people showing up without proper reservations and taking over things :))18:33
pleia2I need to make the reservations by noon on Sunday18:33
akgranerof course :-)18:33
pleia2it's within walking distance of the actual conference hotel, but chris is staying in one further away :\ he might need to cab it over, I can pick up a couple people if I have enough heads up18:35
jyoHmm. Where is this exactly? Redwood City? So Caltrain?18:38
pleia2jyo: there isn't good public transit there18:38
pleia2jyo: if you meet me at montgomery station I can drive us down though18:38
pleia2well, my place, near montgomery station :)18:38
jyoAll right, sounds like fun. Let me RSVP.18:39
DarkwingMarkDude: You should look at KDE 4.8 :D18:41
* MarkDude will18:42
* MarkDude will try it 1 month after release18:44
MarkDudesame with F1718:44

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