EmmaSystem76ChicIs anyone online? I am looking to network with some Colorado Ubuntu users :)17:39
FunnyLookinHatDo you work at System 76 ?17:40
FunnyLookinHatEmmaSystem76Chic, hello ?17:51
EmmaSystem76ChicYes, sorry about that. You are nearby in my empathy chat, where do you work?19:05
FunnyLookinHatI work in Denver.19:36
FunnyLookinHatYou ?19:36
EmmaSystem76Chicshut up19:53
joeyFunnyLookinHat: if you hear of anyone who wants more computer equipment, I'm selling more stuff22:23
joeyFunnyLookinHat: plus some stuff that nobody wanted before22:24
joeyall running ubuntu at this point22:25
joeytoshiba nb205 netbook, networking gear, voip gear, 15 lcd monitor, lacie storage etc22:26
joeyonce I get enough money I'll have some more desktops for sale22:26
joeyI do have a dell zino hd I could part with as well22:26
joeyI'm going to have to pack all this up, take a day off work, and drive down to the Denver ebay store22:27
FunnyLookinHatah geez23:02
FunnyLookinHatjoey, still reeling from the medical bills ?23:02
joeyFunnyLookinHat: nah better now but I still have jeep bills23:34
FunnyLookinHatThat's good to hear23:35
joeyFunnyLookinHat: and I'm not using the gear and it's time for me to get new stuff anyway23:35
FunnyLookinHatjoey, well keep posting to the list - I'm sure you'll keep getting more hits  :)23:35
FunnyLookinHatDo you have any _very_ small form factor computers for sale  ?23:35
joeyyeah I don't really want to spam folks23:35
joeythe zino is just a tad bigger than a mac mini FunnyLookinHat23:37
FunnyLookinHatoh ?23:37
joeycomes with windows but will do 64 bit ubuntu just fine23:37
joeyit's quiet too... it's a media center pc23:37
FunnyLookinHatSpecs  & price23:37
FunnyLookinHatYeah I'm getting tired of waiting for R-Pi to go for sale...23:38
FunnyLookinHatso I need something small in the meantime... :)23:38
joeylooks like this, similar but not exact specs  http://www.cedarpc.com/product/22317/Dell-Inspiron-400-Zino-HD-22317/23:38
joeyI restored the partition to dell stock last fall23:39
joeyjust needs to another full restore to get rid of the account I have on it23:39
FunnyLookinHatHow much do you want for it?23:39
FunnyLookinHatI wouldn't know what to offer.23:39
joeyhmm barebones runs $119  and refurb runs about $24023:43
joeyit's in very good condition23:43
joeyso maybe split the diff and say $180 ?23:43
joeybut you won't want to stop there FunnyLookinHat23:45
joeyyou'll just fall in love with my Toshiba NB20523:45
joeyand you'll want to buy that too :-)23:45
FunnyLookinHatwell I'll have to think about it.23:45
FunnyLookinHatR-Pi should go on sale any week now - and those are only $3523:45
joeyyeah but they suck :-)23:45
joeyfor what you want to do23:46
FunnyLookinHatYou don't even know what I want to do!  ;)23:46
joeylisten, I'm sure you already have a linksys wrt54g around somewhere.... you can use that and do more than with the pi23:46
joeyand if you don't, well, I have 2 here ;-)23:46
joeythey have mesh sw on them though atm23:47

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