maxolasersquad_hHey govatent11:15
govatentwhats up maxo11:15
govatentI'm in the middle of trying to setup an ubuntu hour here in Israel sometime this month. :) 11:15
maxolasersquad_hRipping DVDs to ISO and then transferring to my server courtesy of my new HD.11:16
govatenthow have you been?11:21
maxolasersquad_hFairly well.  How's the land of milk and honey?11:27
govatentits interesting 11:28
govatentI've not had fun getting around with english 11:28
govatentPeople are not as nice as in the US. my opinion 11:28
maxolasersquad_hWorse than NY?11:28
maxolasersquad_hOr Miami even?11:29
govatentyea. 11:29
govatentSad to say. I had a caretaker from the philippines help me find my bus stop cause everyone else was just staring at me trying to figure out what to do. 11:30
maxolasersquad_hI'd say perhaps its because your American, but I'd reckon the Israelis probably like America.11:30
govatentI guess i've mostly had run in with older folks 11:31
govatentyounger folks i've not really talked to 11:31
govatentmost are at work/ school or military when i travel 11:31
govatentim about to go out and find lunch in a bit. see how that goes. 11:32
maxolasersquad_hWhat's the GMT offset there?11:32
govatent-7 I think 11:33
govatent+7 sorry 11:33
govatentnot sure the gmt offset 11:33
govatentjust looked it up 11:33
maxolasersquad_hI've got to get ready for the day.  Happy lunching.11:34
govatentyup take care11:34

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