tjagodaHoly crap00:26
tjagodaI'm watching the Star Trek TNG remastered sampler disc00:27
tjagodaSo so so clear and crisp00:27
tjagodaDid not know that film from the 80's could be composited this clear00:27
rick_hsnap-l: http://muffinresearch.co.uk/archives/2010/10/15/fake-smtp-server-with-python/ is the type of thing01:15
rick_hbut that's not exactly it01:15
Blazeixah nice, I don't think i've seen that before02:47
rick_hyea, just found that one02:48
rick_hstuff to play with02:48
tjagodaAnd then rick_h closes his browser in sadness, as the project is hosted on github instead of launchpad02:50
tjagodaand he is contractually obligated to not use it02:50
rick_hOMG! kernel update finally fixed my second display off my dock!03:44
rick_hnow, keep it in portrait or do three full wide displays?03:45
snap-lrick_h: IT was the keys that did it. :)03:45
Blazeixi'm thinking you should put them in tiefighter mode03:46
rick_hI was thinking that my other display, on the desktop I run in synergy would work well in portrait since it's usually just irc/twitter03:46
rick_hstacked on top like that03:47
tjagodaGo big03:48
tjagodabuy more displays03:48
tjagodaEYEFINITY 6!03:48
tjagoda4 Portraits 2 horizontals03:48
rick_hI have been tempted to try stacked two  displays on top of each other03:48
tjagodaI thought about that once, but I dislike all the vertical motion03:49
tjagodaKids, if you dont make your bed, the zombies will literally kill you03:56
rick_hBlazeix: is there an awesome shortcut to make an app show on all tags?03:59
rick_hI know you can pick specific additional ones03:59
rick_hBlazeix: so ctrl-shift-meta # will overlap an app onto that tag as well04:02
Blazeixhm, not that I know of04:12
Blazeixthough it looks pretty easy to make one in rc.lua, just copying off of ctrl-shift-meta #04:14
rick_hyea, looking at it now04:14
rick_hmoved the shortcut to just ctrl-meta-#04:14
rick_hand yea, should be able to add a special script command there04:14
snap-lwhich, loosley translated, means "morning"11:44
mydogsnameisrudyliking your case still?11:45
snap-lYeah, I haven't had a chance to move the components yet.11:46
mydogsnameisrudynew build or using old system11:46
snap-lProbably won't get a chance until this weekend11:46
snap-lOld system, new case11:46
snap-lmorning, rick_h11:48
snap-lmydogsnameisrudy: Ah, that's an improper usage11:48
mydogsnameisrudydoh my bad11:48
snap-lit's only for before 6:45am that you would use blargh11:48
mydogsnameisrudyic good to know11:49
snap-lbetween 6:45am and 7:00am, it's "feh"11:49
snap-lTricky language to get the hang of11:50
snap-lhas about 100 ways to say "morning"11:50
snap-lbut none for "good morning"11:50
snap-lAnd with that, I think I'm awake enough to get started with the day.11:51
brouschi jinxed my kid13:04
brouschhe puked for the first time last night13:04
rick_hruh roh13:06
brouschnasty stuff13:07
brouschi figured it was my cooking, but turns out something is going around daycare13:07
rick_hgotta love it13:08
brouschnow i'm paranoid i will get it13:21
rick_hbasically count on it13:21
brouschoh man, you need to get me a pycon shirt when you're there13:28
rick_hbrousch: sure thing13:34
rick_hbrousch: just remind me and let me know what size. I think they sell extras (don't recall for sure)13:34
rick_hlast year they had some extras at the sprints13:35
snap-l'allo again13:42
snap-lOh, that's a nice design13:42
brouschrick_h: better bring an extra suitcase to carry all the shirts back13:43
rick_hhah! UPS store baby!13:43
snap-lYeah, $25 for an extra bag means you can justify a VERY large box.13:44
brouschor you could give away your clothes to homeless people and use that bag13:46
snap-lWolfger: yo13:57
WolfgerAnybody here do MichiPUG? I'm contemplating getting off my arse tonight.13:57
WolfgerI probably won't, but I'm thinking about it :-p13:57
snap-lI'd recommend it13:58
snap-lit's a good group13:58
Wolfgergood to know13:58
snap-lI'm not going to be able to make it (agai)13:58
snap-lgot an interview with Jono for Severed Fifth tonight13:58
snap-l(yay me)13:58
rick_hWolfger: go, python koans will be good for you13:59
snap-lHoping to have it up tonight13:59
rick_hdo it!13:59
rick_hsnap-l: awesome!13:59
snap-lYeah, Python Koans are pretty cool13:59
* snap-l should have lead with that. ;)13:59
WolfgerWhat's the parking like around SRT? Any idea?14:05
rick_hHeh, varies14:05
snap-lThere's at least one structure14:05
rick_hyea, there's one structure a block over and down14:05
snap-lIT's a few blocks over.14:05
rick_hthere's a parking lot one block past SRT14:05
rick_hacross from the post office if the construction is over, jrwren ?14:05
snap-lIs that still there?14:05
rick_hhe'd know the latest/greatest news14:05
rick_hsnap-l: think so, it was just blocked by construction and you could only get in the back way the next street over I thought14:06
rick_hwhich made it further than the parking structure14:06
rick_hWolfger: and there's on the street parking as you can get it. THink the metering stops at 6 or 6:30pm?14:06
rick_hagain, jrwren should know, he was a bit street parker14:06
snap-lI'll be so happy when the superbowl is over so my inbox can return to somewhat normal14:07
snap-levery fucking restaurant I've subscribed to has some special going on14:07
rick_hI'll be happy when the elections are over and my social networks can return to normal14:07
snap-lrick_h: That too14:08
rick_hno one gets my email!14:08
snap-lI eagerly await the phone calls14:08
snap-land by phone calls, I mean the idiot celebrity endorsements.14:09
snap-lrick_h: Heh, I'm a whore for coupons14:09
rick_hI get mugged at Kroger since I refuse to do their damn "membership card"14:10
snap-lI won't shop there because of that14:10
krondormeijer ftw14:10
rick_h"what?! you don't have a card, why...that load of bread could be on sale!"14:10
brouschyeah, go to meijers14:10
rick_hyea, but mejier == down the hwy and kroger is across the street14:10
brouschyou buy bread buy the load?!14:10
rick_hso weekly big trips are meijer, but short need things are kroger across the street14:10
snap-lbrousch: You have to at Kroger14:10
rick_hbrousch: oh yea14:11
snap-l1 load of bread = $1014:11
rick_hsorry, typing bad so I can justify the keyboard when it comes :P14:11
snap-l1 loaf of bread = $1.5014:11
rick_hI'll have fewer typos when the UPS man gets off his !@#$@14:11
snap-lrick_h: *coughbullshitcough*14:11
brouschwhy is he sitting on a perl?14:11
rick_hhey, don't crush my dreams!14:11
snap-lThough I can fully appreciate new keyboard14:12
snap-lyou start doing all of the ergonomic typing things that you should be doing all along because it's a new keyboard14:12
snap-land not the slouchy stuff that you do with a not-new keyboard14:12
Wolfgersnap-l: so a load is just shy of 7 loafs?14:13
snap-l1 load = 10 loafs14:13
Wolfgeror is there a slight discount for bulk?14:13
snap-lwith discount card14:13
rick_hit's like a bakers dozen14:13
rick_hyou get one extra14:13
rick_h1load = 11 loafs14:13
snap-lbut if you buy one, you get it for regular price.14:13
* snap-l hates that shit too14:13
snap-lThat's why I <3 meijer14:14
snap-l3 for $10 doesn't mean that 1 == $4.5014:14
snap-lit means 1 = $3.3314:14
Wolfgersnap-l: it means you pay an extra penny for the third one??? That's an outrage!14:15
snap-lWell, or however that works14:15
* snap-l should have used a number that divided nicely, but you get the point14:15
WolfgerYour point is you don't want to save money per unit for buying in bulk?14:16
snap-lMeijer may be Dutch, but they don't put the screws to their customers14:16
snap-loh FFS14:16
snap-lWolfger: No, I mean Kroger does (or did shit) where you had to buy ridiculous quantities of things to get the discount14:17
snap-lso you'd have to buy 4 cans of tuna when you only wanted one in order to get the discount.14:17
WolfgerThe infamous 10 for $1014:17
snap-lThat's actually not too bad14:17
snap-lWe can usually pick up enough 10 for $1014:18
WolfgerI love 10 for 10 on bricks of cheese14:18
snap-lCheese decimation. ;)14:18
brouschvia the Twitters DM: @alexDGS Know anyone who you could call a 'Linux Engineer' looking for a job in MI?15:08
brouschDiskless Workstations guy I think15:09
_stink_brousch: yep, you got it15:12
rick_hdamn code reviews are tough16:32
rick_hI'd NEVER let code like that through, but it's how the rest of it is currently, and seems to work...and ugh16:32
rick_hbut damn is that UGLY code16:32
ColonelPanic001I assume rick_h is referring to using 3 spaces instead of 4.16:45
rick_hheh, not quite16:45
greg-gsay that: "This matches the style of the code around it, but, it seems to be a bit messy/ugly. Approved for the sake of fixing a bug, but lets work on improving this section iteratively soon." or somesuch16:50
greg-grick_h: ^16:50
snap-lrick_h: Heh16:53
snap-lgreg-g: Yo should be a diplomat16:54
greg-gnot a bad gig, really16:57
greg-gwho wants to be president so I can be a diplomat?16:58
rick_hgreg-g: yea, that's where I ended up. I had to chat with my mentor16:58
snap-lHow about you be president, and I'll be the diplomat16:58
rick_hbasically, because he's on the other side of the world, it's tough to block his work16:58
rick_hbut I did up a demo of the 'pretty' way and tried to make "optional suggestions"16:58
greg-grick_h: oh, and that added dimension sucks16:58
greg-gwell done :)16:58
rick_hbut yea, it's tough because your job as reviewer is to catch issues16:58
rick_hbut on the other hand there's the teaching, the standards keeping, etc16:59
greg-gnot to be a teacher, necessarily?16:59
* greg-g nods16:59
rick_hbut what is "lesson" and what is "no, you cannot land this change like this"16:59
* greg-g nods17:01
rick_hanyway, fun morning, how we all doing :)17:01
snap-lCleaning up code to make testing easier17:05
snap-lfunnily enough, it'll make everything easier, so go figure. ;)17:05
rick_hyea, the trouble is that cleaning can turn into a never ending saga and there's that matter of opinion in there17:07
snap-lYeah, trying not to go into the weeds17:08
snap-lBut it's OH SO EASY!17:08
* Wolfger imagines President Harding and Diplomat Grossmeier...17:25
Wolfgersome poor country is going to get bombed.17:25
snap-lScrew your domestic policy, show me the code17:27
Blazeix"djibouti? that sounds suspiciously like django. kill 'em"17:28
WolfgerYeah, what am I thinking... Other countries are safe, congress would get reamed for writing convoluted laws, though.17:28
snap-l"WHAT?!?! PEP8 FAILS?!? 0% test coverage?!? Say hello to God for me, motherfuckers."17:29
greg-gBlazeix: lol17:29
greg-gactually, lolz all around ;)17:29
rick_hI'm so happy to have a group that "understands" me so17:30
rick_hand they say online communities aren't real :P17:30
greg-gGROUP HUG!17:30
rick_halways the hippy wants to hug :P17:32
* rick_h is now curious if SF deals end in hugs instead of hand shakes17:32
greg-gonly the best deals17:33
* snap-l did not see "hand shakes"17:33
greg-gyou guys, I was supposed to be getting work done!17:33
snap-lToo late17:34
rick_hbah, I'm putting off more code reviews17:34
rick_hI mean, wtf does this really do? https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/launchpad/bug-829074/+merge/9130217:35
rick_hand for the curious https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/confirm-reviewer-subscription-330290/+merge/9007017:36
greg-g"You do not currently have access to the pastebin." in nice big bold letters17:37
greg-g(don't really care, just thought it was funny)17:38
rick_hoh, didn't realize it was private17:38
snap-lI could see both links17:38
greg-gjust the paste.canonical thing17:38
rick_hyea, I try not to put links to my own pastebin in LP things that could be around a while17:39
* greg-g nods17:39
rick_hI know I had to sign into it, but didn't realize the pastebin @canonical was private/locked out17:39
rick_hgood to know17:40
snap-lLine 145+17:41
rick_hsnap-l: that's actually ok17:42
rick_hthis requires a lot of modules and each test file is completely indepenant and doesn't use combo loaded files/etc so that the tests are pure17:42
snap-lAh, OK17:43
snap-lBah, I'm an idjit17:43
snap-lThought that was inline in a python file. Sorry17:44
rick_hlol, no all of this is JS17:44
snap-lYeah, that'll teach me to skim17:44
greg-gjust fyi, the other channel I'm in just had a group hug :P17:53
greg-gI may or may not have instigated it17:54
rick_hhah, greg-g is going elsewhere for his needs since we don't satisfy17:55
greg-gcomplimentary, not replacement17:56
WolfgerI hate Microsoft Outlook with the burning passion of a thousand suns.18:05
Wolfgeror possibly just the way Chrysler has it set up, I dunno.18:10
rick_hthat's ok, just hate on outlook18:10
rick_hworks for us18:10
Wolfgercorporate IT has a funny way of making bad things even worse18:10
MonkeyJuiCegroupwise rules18:11
WolfgerMy coworkers have become accustomed to me spontaneously saying "I hate Microsoft" (sometimes/often with an expletive) multiple times per day18:12
WolfgerMonkeyJuiCe: I'm not familiar with Groupwise, but it sounds too much like ProjectWise for me to have a good opinion of it.18:13
MonkeyJuiCeit sucks lol so dont even look18:13
Wolfgeralthough I'm nearly positive that ProjectWise isn't as bad as the way we use it makes it.18:13
MonkeyJuiCestate of michigan uses groupwise  ..18:14
MonkeyJuiCewell did when i was there18:14
rick_hscary http://techcrunch.com/2012/02/02/visualizing-facebooks-media-store-how-big-is-100-petabytes/18:22
brouschwoohoo! i recovered access to the GRPUG google app engine account18:30
brouschbeen working on that for a month18:31
krondorMonkeyJuiCe:  I wouldn't call GroupWise worse than Outlook.  I think I hate all corp mail clients though.18:54
krondornote I've designed too many Exchange and GroupWise systems to have an untainted opinion.  Squirrelmail/Horde/Roundcube for all I say.18:56
brouschgmail is the only true webmail18:56
krondorgmail is indeed the best18:57
brouschroundcube was awesome 5 years ago. it has not changed since then18:57
brouschi had such high hopes18:57
krondoryeah I see S/MIME and PGP is still on their planned features list 5 years running :|18:58
brouschwhere is the slick python webmail?18:58
krondoralong with rules and filters (ugh)18:59
brouschroundcube got LDAP and then stopped doing anything18:59
krondorgmail is too good so I think everyone has given up, well except for fat clients.  They still update.19:04
brouschwow, i totally read that as "fat chicks"19:04
brouschsomeone needs to CoC-slap me19:04
rick_hman, keyboards with number pads are so huge!19:13
brouschyou need to grow another arm and hand to use it properly19:14
Wolfgersnap-l: All the case you'll ever need -> http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Lego-Computer/19:14
snap-lOh, nice. :)19:19
snap-lThough I'd be pretty worried about static electricity19:21
rick_hdamn...IE testing/working coming up in LP discussion19:21
rick_hI forsee a LOT of IE JS testing in my future :/19:21
brouschmight as well switch to windows19:21
rick_hbrousch: don't make me get your voodoo doll out19:22
brouschi thought i saw you collecting my hairs in the middle of the night19:23
rick_hnew book I've been reading :P19:24
snap-lIs that an O'Reilly book?19:30
brouschno, it's a for dummies19:31
snap-l"Vodoo: The Definitive Guide"19:31
snap-lFollowed by "Head First Vodoo"19:31
rick_hoh hell, they're even debating IE6 support19:32
brouschwhy does a search for "voodoo for dummies" return "sex for dummies"?19:32
snap-lrick_h: OH HELL NO19:32
snap-lIE6 is dead19:32
rick_hdebating, I don't know it's more than 20% atm19:32
snap-lDo NOT screw the corpse of IE back to life19:32
brouschalso, you should support netscape19:32
snap-lno no no no no19:32
rick_hheh, for sure man!19:33
snap-lMaybe you could support HTML3 too19:33
snap-ltable formatting FTW19:33
brouschif i can't use launchpad on my win95 virtual machine then FU in the neck. you are FAIL19:33
snap-lMOSAIC would like some Launchpad love too19:34
rick_hgrrr, pyinotify daemonize isn't playing nice19:34
rick_hso so close19:34
greg-gI just deposited a check using my phone. I live in the future.19:40
rick_hgreg-g: isn't it great!19:40
greg-gespecially when you are the point person for a house of 5 rooms/checks per/mo, yep!19:41
snap-lYeah, I had fun explaining how that all worked.19:47
snap-lWondering at what point the check will just disappear altogeter19:48
snap-lIt's not too far off, IMHO19:48
snap-lThough I wonder how quickly it'll be before there's automated ways to intercept check images19:49
brouschnot long. thanks for the deposit greg-g!19:51
brouschi'll put it towards a new car19:51
greg-gheh, apropos form another channel:19:52
greg-gparoneayea: I mean, it really isn't much different than reality, if it is contested it is contested.19:52
greg-gparoneayea: though, now there was a scan of my signature (you still have to endorse the back) that went from my phone to their servers, sure hope it was encrypted19:52
greg-gand I hope that image isn't saved on my phone somewhere I don't know about but could be hacked by some other evil app I install19:52
greg-gI just used hacked how journalists do!19:52
snap-lAw, I'm telling...19:53
brouschlol, some bad language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGxKhUuZ0Rc&feature=youtu.be19:54
snap-lmitechie: ah buckling spring keyboard how I missed you...the firmness, the travel...the shape of those nice pyramid keycaps. Ahhhhh20:06
snap-lGet. A. Room.20:06
rick_hsnap-l: lol, you saw the get a room response?20:08
snap-lNo, that was my response.20:09
snap-lDidn't know I was in the majority opinion. ;)20:09
snap-lhah, that's awesome.20:09
rick_hlet's just say it was shared20:09
brouschand make sure the room is soundproof20:10
rick_hactually the sound on this one is a bit lower/deeper which I find easier to ignore than the cherry blues I think.20:10
rick_hthey're higher pitched a bit20:10
brouschi don't want to hear you banging away20:11
brouschon your keyboard20:12
rick_hcome on, let's do a hangout20:12
snap-lBring it to CHC20:12
tjagodaThis actually markedly improves my typing accuracy22:34
tjagodaTurns out it was shoddy keyboards all these years, and not growing senility22:34
rick_htjagoda: you gets yours today as well?22:34
rick_hawesome, congrats22:34
tjagodaTwo keys were dislodged during shipping22:34
tjagodaBut they went back on easy enough22:34
rick_hyea, the keys on these things aren't bad to take off when you need to22:35
rick_hthey're pretty heavy duty22:35
tjagodaI wish I could order ubuntu keys for it to replace the windows keys22:37
rick_hyea, that's the only problem with these22:38
rick_hthe cherry keyboards have a lot more custom keycaps options22:38
rick_hsince a lot more makers of keyboards use the cherry mx switches22:38
rick_hbut only pckeyboards there can make these22:38
tjagodaIts so weighty that it doesn't slide around my desk as I type22:38
tjagodaI enjoy this22:38
mydogsnameisrudywhat do you use to edit code ?22:39
tjagodaI am also glad I live alone, considering how much noise this makes22:39
tjagodaWonder if it will be good for gaming.  Its awesome for general typing.22:39
tjagodaALT and Windows are in the wrong spot22:40
tjagodaTalk about several moments of confusion22:40
rick_htjagoda: meh, they're right. Just going to have to adjust :)23:11
rick_hmydogsnameisrudy: vim is the one true answer23:11
tjagodaI just flipped the key around23:12
rick_hheh, that works as well23:12
rick_hmost of my keyboards are ctrl-meta-alt though23:12
tjagodaThis one was CTRL-ALT-META23:13
tjagodaI made it CTRL-META-ALT23:14
rick_his it? I thuoght you got the same keyboard I did23:14
tjagodaI did23:14
snap-ltjagoda: Did you order the mac version?23:14
tjagodaI think somebody just misassembled it23:14
snap-lCheck the model #23:14
tjagodaThe button puts out the right signal23:14
snap-lAh, OK23:14
tjagodaThe plastic bits were just swapped around23:14
snap-ltjagoda: They just thought you should have a Mac.23:14
tjagodaOver my dead body!23:15

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