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* cweber10 is home and semi back01:03
* bkerensa is back from the Home Depot $120 later02:30
albrighaand what awesomeness did you purchase02:31
bkerensaI bought a Honeywell Oil Filled Electric Radiator Heater02:31
albrighaI use those02:32
albrighaI have..like 402:32
albrighathey are great02:32
bkerensaStorm Window Insulation, CFL's, Light Switch Insulation and Paint Supplies02:32
cweber10bkerensa: Sounds good, so talked my wife into going to portland friday after school.02:46
bkerensacweber10: You riding with the OSU guys? :P02:56
bkerensaalbrigha: Just try to conserve energy costs02:56
bkerensathe new place her has a high average of $252 per month during winter according to Pacific Power and I would like to bring that down by $52 :)02:57
cweber10bkerensa: No going to get up there on my own. then I don't need to worry about the ride back to salem.02:57
bkerensacweber10:  I think albrigha is coming too not sure if he is bringing his wife... I'm bringing my fiancee03:00
cweber10bkerensa: sounds good03:00
albrighagot a confirm from my wife, we are good to go03:08
cweber10sounds like it is going to be quite a gathering03:13
blkperlso is lucid going to get the fast release schedule for thunderbird? or is its just going to be firefox03:16
bkerensablkperl: No idea I think thats up to Desktop Team03:30
blkperlbkerensa: well it makes no sense to just do firefox :P03:36
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bkerensaalbrigha: http://i.imgur.com/LSaDJ.jpg19:40
albrighabkerensa: haha! awesome19:40
bkerensaBrian_H: We are having a Ubuntu Hour tomorrow at a Pho place if you would like to come and join us a few people are bringing their wives19:41
bkerensaalbrigha: Do you use Tomahawk at all?19:42
albrighano I haven't19:42
bkerensagettomahawk.com :) pretty good stuff19:42
albrighaI'll try it. I'm keen on finding a better player..19:43
bkerensaI use Tomahawk with the Spotify Module19:43
bkerensabut they have so many plugins19:43
albrighaI like it when projects make their software avail via ppa19:45
Brian_Hhmm what time?20:38
bkerensahi dhrasmus21:12
bkerensaBrian_H: 7:30pm21:12
dhrasmushello bkerensa21:13
bkerensadhrasmus:  You use Ubuntu I assume ;)21:17
dhrasmusIndeed! Big fan.21:18
bkerensadhrasmus:  Cool :) Just never noticed you in channel before? You live in Portland or somewhere else in Oregon?21:19
dhrasmusIn Portland, yup.21:20
bkerensawe are having a Ubuntu Hour tomorrow night at 7:30pm in NE Portland if you are interested21:21
dhrasmusI've got plans tomorrow evening, are there any other meetups in the near future?21:23
bkerensaWe will have another Ubuntu Hour next month21:25
bkerensaProbably second week of March21:25
dhrasmusHow late do you think it might run tomorrow? *Might* be able to catch part of it21:27
bkerensaPerhaps a hour or two or more21:27
bkerensaI believe they close at 9pm or 10pm so perhaps close to when the restaurant closes21:28
dhrasmusWhere's the meet? I'll see what I can do but probably shouldn't count on me.21:37
dhrasmusGotta run. I'll ask tomorrow if it's looking like I can swing by.21:41
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