danilosmhall119, nigelb: hi, dsaxena-linaro is having trouble logging in (and he's not around right now), I wonder if you can see something obviously wrong with his account on summit.linaro.org (if you have permissions to look at the user table since I don't)11:56
cjohnstondanilos: when will dsaxena be back around (approx)12:18
daniloscjohnston, he's in California afaik, so likely to be around later12:19
cjohnstonok.. cool.. ty12:20
mhall119danilos: I checked the user's account, I don't see anything wrong with it13:01
mhall119danilos: maybe their problem is with SSO?13:01
cjohnstonmhall119: do you know how the linaro theme stuff works13:03
cjohnstondanilo said he thinks its something with symlinks13:04
mhall119cjohnston: I think they just have an alias in their apache.conf13:05
cjohnstonis it possible to find that out with django?13:06
mhall119nope, it happens before django is involved13:06
cjohnstonto change the links for linaro13:06
mhall119not currently possible13:08
mhall119they only overwrite the media files13:09
mhall119css, images, etc13:09
mhall119not the templates, so they use the same HTML13:09
mhall119as far as I know13:09
cjohnstonthey do13:09
cjohnstonif I add part of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~summit-hackers/summit/trunk/revision/94 back in, then i could do it until i have time to do it more properly, correct13:10
mhall119yeah, you just need the settings.py change13:10
cjohnstonand then call it in the view13:11
mhall119ya, if settings.LINARO_ONLY:13:11
cjohnstonthese papers suck13:12
cjohnstonis there a view that will pass to every page?13:16
cjohnstonmhall119: ^13:23
mhall119cjohnston: you want context processors13:25
mhall119look at common/context_processors13:26
mhall119you define a function that retuns a dict, and add it to the list in settings.py13:26
mhall119then the keys from the dict will be available in every template13:26
anmarcjohnston: i am here20:05
cjohnstonanmar: on that screen its stars20:05
cjohnstondo you have any yellow stars20:05
anmarcjohnston: yes. I can see them20:05
anmarcjohnston: the stars are correct.20:06
cjohnstonthe yellow stars are the sessions that you are subscribed to20:06
cjohnstonthe hide sessions thing could be broken again20:06
cjohnstoni want to remove it as i hate it20:06
cjohnstonit always breaks20:06
cjohnstonmhall119: ^20:06
cjohnstonnigelb: ^20:06
anmarcjohnston: please. it is very confusing. the stars is great20:06
anmarOk. I will just use the default view.20:07
anmarcjohnston: that addresses my immediate needs. Cheers.20:07
cjohnstonanmar: the agenda screen was created for the use on a personal device20:07
cjohnstonthe wide screen is really only good for the display monitors at connect20:07
anmarcjohnston: I see... it works equally well on the desktop.20:08
cjohnstonand we now have mobile device support with the new agenda display20:08
mhall119cjohnston: you talking about the javascript to remove things from the wide display?20:09
cjohnstonthats not working for anmar20:09
mhall119I want it gone too20:09
cjohnstoni said that and someone told me no20:09
cjohnstonmhall119:  bug #92568920:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 925689 in summit "Remove javascript "hide sessions that aren't for me" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92568920:10
anmarcjohnston: btw, I see some people have yellow and some read stars. what does that mean?20:18
cjohnstonred in the popup means required20:19
mhall119red == required20:19
mhall119if you mouse-over them it'll say so20:19
anmarmhall119: cjohnston thanks guys.20:20
mhall119happy to help anmar20:20
cjohnstonaquarius: ping23:54
aquariuscjohnston, pong.23:55
cjohnstonaquarius: all of your mobile code is live on summit23:55
* aquarius tests it :23:55
cjohnstonit is much appreciated23:55
cjohnstonthat's prolly not a bad idea23:56
aquariusschaweet, the main page for uds-q is formatted right on my phone ;)23:56
aquariustesting the schedule for uds-p23:56
aquariusyay, that is also formatted right!23:57
aquariuswell that's just excellent.23:57
aquariusI can die happy now :)23:57
cjohnstonaquarius: is the information about a session supposed to show up?23:57
aquariuspress the name of the session23:57
aquariusand then it shows up23:57
cjohnstonThe best part is that I can hear you saying just that.. in your voice23:57
aquariusI'd like to do the offline stuff, but I think it might require more time than I can devote to it.23:58
aquariusI'm musing on the best way to do it so that it's good but also easy toimplement23:58
cjohnstonand i wont be able to put it in before connect anyway... so it isnt a huge deal imo23:58
cjohnstonif you visit one of the lcq days, theres a qr code, is it possible to get rid of that23:59
cjohnstonwhen i click a meeting name, i go to the etherpad meeting page23:59

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