tomreyndoes x-edgers X get security updates which are applied on stable releases?08:40
tjaaltonit's following upstream crack, so in a sense yes08:41
tomreyni realise the X issue where you hit ctrl-alt-* to kill the screensaver is still present here08:41
tomreynlet me see which versions i have08:41
tjaaltonwell edgers doesn't have xkb-data08:41
tjaaltoni guess08:42
tomreynoh that's xkb-data, okay08:43
tomreynso it's not fixed in stable08:43
tjaaltonno need to08:43
tjaaltonsince they don't have xserver 1.1108:44
tjaaltonfixed in precise08:44
tomreynhmmi was thinking everything including 1.10 was affected.08:45
tomreynokay, so my options to get rid of this issue now are? upgrade (from oneiric) to precise?08:46
tomreyni guess i'm going offtopic now, sorry.08:47
tjaaltonor backport xkb-data from precise08:47
tjaaltonif it's your own machine, why do you care anyway? :)08:47
tomreyncare about backporting, or about having this security issue?08:48
tjaaltonthe latter08:48
tomreynbecause i'm not the only one who has physical access to it08:49
tomreynand i like to not have to log out when i leave it08:49
tjaaltondon't run edgers then08:49
tjaaltonor backport, or upgrade08:49
tomreynright. thank you for your help. :)08:50
* apw notes there is a subtle change in the way xmodmap works when you remap keys, you need to specify the keysym at least twice to ensure shif-<key> stil produces something10:18
apw(in precise)10:18
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tjaaltonsigh, this scroll jumping is annoying11:10
Davieyapw: funny you say that, one of my key combinations stopped working - which confused the hell out of me :)12:55
tjaaltonok, so llvmpipe is still not that useful :)14:38
tjaaltonat least unity isn't14:39
tjaaltonruns, but all sorts of glitches14:39
shadeslayerI'm curious, but has anyone had X crash repeatedly when trying to play videos with VLC?14:52
jcristauon fglrx?14:56
tjaaltonworks just fine on intel15:03
tseliotshadeslayer: if you're referring to fglrx (as jcristau asked) then it's a known bug15:07
shadeslayertseliot: yes, on fglrx16:19
shadeslayercould I get a bug number?16:20
tseliotshadeslayer: bug #92138416:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 921384 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] Xorg crashes when trying to play a video with XV under xserver 1.11 (affects: 8) (dups: 1) (heat: 62)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92138416:20
shadeslayerI reported bug 92550116:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 925501 in xorg (Ubuntu) "X crashes while playing videos (dup-of: 921384)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92550116:21
shadeslayermarked it as a dupe16:21
shadeslayertseliot: what's the cause though?16:23
shadeslayerI have to reboot to OS X to watch videos these days :( 16:23
tseliotshadeslayer: it's a bug in the driver. I don't know what the actual problem is since the driver code il closed16:25
Sarvattshadeslayer: switch to -vo gl in mplayer to work around it16:25
shadeslayeroh okay16:25
shadeslayerSarvatt: uhhh .. 16:25
shadeslayerSarvatt: I'm not familiar with X16:25
shadeslayeroh, use mplayer instead of vlc?16:26
tseliotright, it's just xv that doesn't work16:26
Sarvattnothing to do with X, what video player are you using?16:26
Sarvattvlc? one sec, let me look at the menu layout16:26
Sarvatttools -> preferences -> video -> video output16:26
shadeslayerOne sec, I'll have to reboot16:27
Sarvatttry glx or X1116:27
jcristauor, get rid of fglrx :)16:27
tjaaltonheh, QtSDK installer settings window seems to be infinitely large, it's OOM killed within seconds of opening it..16:29
tjaaltonoh, and seems that the browser went too16:30
shadeslayerwell ... no crash16:32
shadeslayerno video output as well16:32
shadeslayervlc crashed16:33
Sarvatti've heard using smplayer or whatever mplayer frontend you want and switching the video output driver to gl works fine if you want to try that16:33
shadeslayerSarvatt: I'll remove fglrx16:33
Sarvattgood call :)16:33
shadeslayerwhat's the free alternative for fglrx?16:34
tjaaltonjust deactivate the driver, -ati is the default anyway16:34
shadeslayertjaalton: I don't have enough space for / ... so removing it to gain a wee bit of space16:35
tjaalton-ati is installed already..16:36
shadeslayerout of 62 GB's 50 GB's are already used ... ;)16:36
tjaaltonso yes do remove fgrlx if you don't use it16:36
tjaaltonand reboot16:36
shadeslayerjust one small problem16:41
shadeslayerwrong resolution16:41
shadeslayer1152x864 .. my panel does 1440x900 natively16:41
shadeslayerAnd the maximum I can choose is 1152x864 : http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/02/plasma-desktopjL2325.png16:42
shadeslayera couple of desktop effects are disabled as well :(16:43
tjaaltonso you're not using -ati then16:44
tjaaltonsome fglrx remnants left16:44
tjaaltoncheck Xorg.0.log16:44
shadeslayerokay, I think it's using vesa16:45
tjaaltonhow did you remove fglrx16:45
shadeslayertjaalton: sudo apt-get remove fglrx-updates16:46
tjaaltoncheck jockey16:47
shadeslayerNope, both are not activated16:47
tjaaltontseliot: ^16:48
Sarvattshadeslayer: remove nomodeset from your kernel command line :)16:49
tjaaltonyeah i've no browser to check the logs..16:49
* shadeslayer doesn't remember why he put in nomodeset16:49
shadeslayerokay, brb reboot16:49
tjaaltonbecause someone on some forum told it was the greatest idea ever?16:50
tseliotshadeslayer: maybe you should also remove your /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:50
tjaaltonshouldn't the uninstaller do that?16:50
tjaaltonor does jockey handle it16:50
tseliottjaalton: the uninstaller? Let me check jockey...16:51
Sarvattyeah jockey does the xorg.conf handling16:51
tjaaltonso removing it the apt-get way doesn't work..16:51
Sarvattnot sure that fglrx even installs an xorg.conf anymore, its not needed16:52
tjaaltonit doesn't, but amdcccle does16:52
tjaaltonif you touch the configs16:52
tjaaltonat least when configuring dualhead16:52
tjaaltonunless amdcccle crashes, of course16:53
tjaaltonwhich, according to the numerous bugreports is what happens16:53
tseliotSarvatt: right, that's my point. It shouldn't create a xorg.conf16:53
tjaaltonanyway, if jockey has a 'disable driver foo' commandline option, postrm should call that16:54
tseliottjaalton: yes, it was definitely amdcccle16:54
shadeslayer:D :D16:55
shadeslayertseliot: don't have that16:55
shadeslayereverything works16:55
shadeslayertseliot: as for the forum thing ... hmm .. possible16:56
shadeslayerthanks a ton :)16:56
tseliotshadeslayer: amdcccle is Amd's catalyst panel16:56
shadeslayervideos work too \o/16:56
tseliotor whatever is called16:56
tseliottjaalton: that would work only if the driver was enabled in Jockey16:57
shadeslayerdon't have amdccle16:57
shadeslayerI think fglrx removed that16:57
tjaaltontseliot: then the postinst should call jockey ;)16:57
tjaaltonif you apt-get install fgrlx16:58
tjaaltonthings should work the same, no matter which way you install the driver16:58
tseliottjaalton: what if Jockey installs fglrx which in turn calls jockey? ;)16:59
shadeslayerokay, now everything is heating up like crazy16:59
shadeslayerfan is on full throttle16:59
tjaaltontseliot: good point! need to think about it17:00
tjaaltonshadeslayer: which distro version is this?17:00
tjaaltonso no thermal control for you then17:01
shadeslayertjaalton: oh why?17:01
tjaaltonno support17:01
shadeslayerheh :)17:01
tseliottjaalton: fglrx could call a script which removes any reference to fglrx in xorg.conf when the package is removed17:01
shadeslayerI thought it was a problem with the driver17:01
tjaaltontseliot: yes, jockey?17:01
tseliottjaalton: but if I managed to get my fallback system in X to work properly we wouldn't need any of this17:02
tjaaltontseliot: split that functionality from jockey so that it can be called externally17:02
tjaaltontseliot: what's that?17:02
tjaaltonmaybe I've heard about it17:03
shadeslayerI just spun up my fans to the max, cooled everything down, lets see if it happens again17:03
tseliottjaalton: I'm trying to get to a point where, if X finds a driver in xorg.conf which is either not available (e.g. there's no fglrx driver) or if there's no supported graphics card for that driver, it falls back to a different driver using autoconfiguration17:04
tjaaltontseliot: ok good, but that could confuse the user and/or bug triager ;)17:05
ricotzSarvatt, tjaalton, the mesa package in https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/x-staging/+packages has the same problem17:06
jcristauignoring stuff that's explicitly configured sounds kinda bad17:06
ricotztjaalton, him drisearchdirs=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri:${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri17:06
tseliottjaalton: the alternative is letting X fail17:06
ricotztjaalton, i mean, hi17:06
tjaalton"same problem"17:06
tjaaltonbut yes, Sarvatt told me about it17:07
ricotztjaalton, alright ;)17:07
Sarvattricotz: yeah i'm fixing it up in the ubuntu branch now17:07
Sarvatt..and pushed17:07
Sarvattpushed xserver too17:12
FernandoMiguelevening <319:31
Sarvattarchives open, mesa 8.0 tonight? :)20:33
tjaaltonand libxcb20:35
tjaaltongo for it20:35
tjaaltonI'll sync libxcb20:35
Sarvattneed http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/wayland/ for mesa (is in git)20:36
tjaaltonbryceh: -qxl is ready for syncing when syncpackage thinks so :)21:02
tjaaltonie. not yet21:02
brycehtjaalton, already uploaded it21:05
tjaaltonuh, ok21:05
Sarvattok got video-vmware all working now, took some cherry-picks21:32
Sarvattuploaded it to canonical-x/x-staging21:32
Sarvattpushed it to git too21:36
tjaaltonoh, how messy the upstream versioning is..21:41
tjaaltonno wait21:41
tjaaltonSarvatt: check the version21:42
tjaalton11.0.99.901 << 11.99.90121:42
Sarvattthats right21:42
tjaaltonso now we can't push vmware there anymore..21:42
tjaaltonyou mean upstream bumped the version?21:43
Sarvatt11.0.99.901 was the 11.1.0 release rc21:43
Sarvattwith no XA support21:43
tjaaltonok then21:43
tjaaltonso 23:41 < tjaalton> oh, how messy the upstream versioning is..21:43
Sarvattscared me21:43
Sarvatti'm doing 3 things at once, darn S3 bug21:43
Sarvattso totally could have flubbed it :)21:43
bdmurraybryceh: have you seen bug 507062?22:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 507062 in libx11 (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 4 other projects) "synaptic assert failure: synaptic: ../../src/xcb_io.c:385: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed. (affects: 592) (dups: 352) (heat: 3588)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50706222:16
brycehbdmurray, yes22:17
tjaaltonbdmurray: there's new libxcb in precise synced today, see if it still happens with it22:17
bdmurrayI'm not experiencing it just ran across the report again22:17
brycehtjaalton, do you know for certain there is a fix for this bug?  it's been rather long standing22:17
bdmurraythe upstream bug watch for that bug has a link to another upstream bug with a patch of sorts22:17
tjaaltonthere's another one too gathering dupes22:17
brycehbdmurray, 507062 just times out for me so I can't really look at it22:18
bdmurray+text ;-)22:18
bdmurraythat's the upstream one22:18
ubot4Freedesktop bug 27552 in Lib/Xlib "Lots of processes crash in XCreatePixmap() with _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed" [Normal,New: ]22:18
bdmurraywhich then points to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2369022:18
ubot4Freedesktop bug 23690 in Lib/Xlib "Return value from xcb_generate_id() not checked" [Normal,New: ]22:19
bdmurrayWould it make sense to prevent reporting them in apport?22:19
bdmurraythere is a bug pattern but its not working for one reason or another22:19
brycehbdmurray, I think there's likely little value in having more bug reports auto-filed about it22:20
brycehbdmurray, so yeah a bug pattern may make sense here22:21
brycehtjaalton, did you find that the new libxcb includes 0001-_XAllocID-don-t-assert-when-running-out-of-IDs-23690.patch ?22:21
jcristau_XAllocID sounds like an xlib thing, not libxcb22:22
brycehajax's comments seem to indicate the patch may not be a proper fix22:22
brycehbdmurray, are you reproducing the problem or just triaging through bugs?22:23
bdmurraybryceh: just triaging22:23
tjaaltonbryceh: no, but it's the first release in well over a year, and should contain some thread related fixes22:23
brycehok, then I say we should just leave the bug as is for now, wait until the new bits are fully deployed, and then later we can check back and see if it's fixed22:25
brycehtjaalton, if you remember what the other bug # is maybe put a request to test after things have landed22:25
brycehbdmurray, if you're able to make changes to 507062 via email or some such, can you close out the bug report and tell users to file new bug reports if they reproduce it in Precise?22:26
tjaaltonbryceh: you touched it recently :)22:26
tjaaltonbug 90568622:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 905686 in nautilus (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "nautilus assert failure: nautilus: ../../src/xcb_io.c:528: _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed. (affects: 37) (dups: 34) (heat: 321)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90568622:26
brycehtjaalton, I'm sure I touch all the bugs recently ;-)  but yeah I remember this one22:27
tjaaltonunlike me, only recently started looking at the precise bugs..22:28
bdmurrayIts too bad the retracer removes dependencies.txt22:30
brycehtjaalton, btw as you go through old bugs, if there are ones that have been verified as still affecting precise, tag them 'precise'.  Then later as fixes turn up, someone can track getting the fix into the LTS.22:37
tjaaltonbryceh: yep, sure thing22:39
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Sarvattso wayland, then mesa, then xserver-xorg-video-vmware are ready to go. best not to copy from canonical-x this time since mesa will have to go through NEW and vmware is built against that I guess?23:33
Sarvatttjaalton: absolutely sure we shouldn't squash all the post 0ubuntu1 changes into 0ubuntu1?23:36
Sarvattgot all 3 packages here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/packages/23:40
Sarvattfixed up the mesa source.changes to include everything since 7.11-123:40

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