H_A_N_D_S_O_M_Ehi 02:31
inetprogood mornings07:36
psydroidspreken mensen hier Nederlands of Afrikaans of alleen Engels?08:22
superflypsydroid: We mostly speak English, since that is the language that is common to all of us.08:40
psydroidsuperfly, it's ok, I referred someone to this channel because he wanted to practice his Afrikaans and neither of us knows of a channel with Afrikaans as its main language08:43
Kilosmorning superfly and others08:47
Kiloshi psydroid 08:47
psydroidhi Kilos08:48
Kilosyou new?08:48
psydroidwell, kind of but not really08:48
Kilosoh you not the new guy in the mailing lists08:49
psydroidI just joined this channel because a friend wanted to find a channel where he could practise his Afrikaans and this is the only South African channel I know, so I just wanted to see if there were any people in the channel first08:50
psydroidno, definitely not08:50
superflyhiya Kilos08:50
Kilospsydroid, we have an afrikaans channel but dunno how many guys have time to chat08:52
psydroidI'm from the Netherlands, the only thing we have in common is our time zone08:52
psydroidKilos, he already said to me that no one was there, so I guess he's out of luck unless you or someone else knows of another channel or server where he can practice his Afrikaans08:54
psydroidand I can only speak Dutch08:54
psydroidnor do I have the time to chat myself, really08:55
Kiloshe must just remember everyone is at work so it all depends on workload08:55
Kilosyour english is good08:55
psydroidokay, I will tell that to him when I see him again08:55
psydroidthanks, I've been using it for so many years that it almost feels native to me08:56
Kilosmaybe get him to watch some afrikaans movies if he hasnt got a bandwidth problem08:58
Kilospsydroid, let him watch these. they are funny too09:23
=== leon is now known as Guest32398
superflyhi Guest3239812:12
superflyLooks like you'll need to choose another nick ;-)12:12
Guest32398howzit guys12:13
Guest32398so how do i change my nickname12:13
superflywell, choose one, and then  type "/nick <yournick>"12:13
superflyit'll tell you if it's already in use, and then you need to find another12:14
Guest32398"/nick <lionthinker>"12:14
Lionthinkergreatings guys12:16
Lionthinkerthanks for the help and welcome12:16
Lionthinkeris the ubuntu loco a busy one?12:17
superflyLionthinker: not hugely... we have stuff going on from time to time... but it is a do-ocracy. If you want something to happen, you do it12:21
Lionthinkerokay found a nickname, anyone still there12:29
superflysome of us, from time to time12:29
Lionthinkerso how does this work, i see you set a meeting time and people get together to discuss an agenda or topic?12:30
superflythose are our monthly meetings12:31
superflythen, as I said while you were jumping in and out, it's a do-ocracy - if you want something done, do it.12:32
Lionthinkerthat sounds great12:33
Lionthinkerapologies about that, never used this thing before12:33
Lionthinkertell me, how effective is brainstorm?12:34
Kiloshi RazorBeamz 14:26
RazorBeamzI joined this channel in hopes of learning some Afrikaans. How much of that is spoken here?14:27
Kilossome but the guys here work most of the time so help people with ubuntu/linux problems mostly14:28
Kilosyou in the netherlands14:28
RazorBeamzNope, US14:29
KerberoRazorBeamz: #ubuntu-afr14:29
Kerberois dalk beter as jy afrikaans wil leer14:29
Kilosoh thats nice, we had a guy earlier from the netherlands who was also looking for help learning afrikaans14:30
KerberoIk ben van het nederlanden en ik spreekt ook heel goed afrikaans14:30
Kiloslo Kerbero 14:30
Kerberoja ek sit nou hier by die familie14:30
Kiloshi Mezenir 14:55
Mezenirhey kilos15:06
Mezenirhow goes15:06
Kilosok ty and you?15:06
Mezenirpretty good15:08
Mezenirglad its almost weekend15:08
Mezenirand theres a new patch out for skyrim15:08
* nlsthzn 'd calm is severely disturbed at the moment...15:09
Mezenirto address some of those bugs ive been experiencing15:09
Mezenirso happy day :D15:09
Kiloslol hi nlsthzn 15:09
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 15:09
KerberoMezenir: you play it under wine?15:09
Mezeniri use windoze15:09
Kerberoi also have a win7 partition15:10
Mezenirdo you play it under wine ?15:10
Kerberobooted it twice only to try skyrim15:10
Kerberoi never could get it to work in wine15:10
Mezenirthats the problem15:10
Mezenirand if you did i doubt the performance would compare15:11
Kerberoit is suppose to work though15:11
Mezenirand i have maaaany games on steam15:11
Mezenirso yes15:11
Mezeniruntil steam goes linux15:11
Mezenirill have that partition15:11
Mezenirdoesnt mean i dont like linux more thou15:11
deegee_gud evening all o/17:33
superflyhi deegee_17:37
kbmonkeytimer 20 join #ubuntu-za #crunchbang18:33
kbmonkeyoops. I meant hello :)18:34
Kerberoso what happens on that last mentioned channel?18:37
Kiloswhat you lolling at Kerbero 18:37
Kiloswhat did i miss18:37
Kerberonot much18:38
Kiloshiya kbmonkey you well?18:38
kbmonkeyha ha its a linux distro channel Kerbero 18:38
Kilosha hq18:38
Kilosha as well18:38
kbmonkeyhello kilos18:38
Kiloskbmonkey, did you read inna mail about  that lpi course18:39
kbmonkeyI see that now Kilos. neat18:40
Kilosi dunno what it is i waiting for you and nuvo to get going18:41
kbmonkeythe LPI course requirements say you need some basic experience to start with18:43
kbmonkeylike using a terminal, and such things18:43
Kiloswell i can boot a pc and say sudo iftop -n18:43
kbmonkeythis linux essentials is for such things. the basics. I dare say Kilos you know most of that already ;)18:43
Kilosoh is that what it is about18:44
Kilosthen i keep waiting for you two. i started reading it again from scratch18:44
kbmonkeyyou use iftop often ey?18:44
Kilosall the time18:45
kbmonkeyWe can improve that for you18:45
Kilosi got some info from inetpro and did his commands18:46
kbmonkeywe can tell sudo, that when you run iftop, you don't need to enter your password each time. like a special rule, an exception18:47
Kilosah that would be lekker18:48
Kilosi wear my keyboard out with all the passwords18:48
kbmonkeyhaha! yes I do the same18:48
Kilosha ha ha18:48
Kiloshere is what i did  echo -e "dns-resolution: no\nport-resolution: no\nline-display: one-line-both\nshow-totals: yes" >> ~/.iftoprc18:51
Kilosmy iftop lost its conf file somewhere and went back to eth018:51
Kiloshe helped me find ppp0 again and gave that long command18:51
kbmonkeylost its config? eek18:52
Kilosyeah weird it just stopped showing anything and by chance i saw it show eth0 one day18:53
kbmonkeyyou fixed it now18:53
Kilosya he made me um18:53
Kilosmake a new conf file18:54
Kilosand tell it to use ppp018:54
Kilosbut now its kiff again18:54
kbmonkeywhat does 'whereis iftop' say?18:54
Kilosanyway how are you lad18:54
Kilossec i see18:55
Kilos/usr/sbin/iftop /usr/share/man/man8/iftop.8.gz18:55
kbmonkeyah good Kilos. I will email the list soon about studies. some fresh ideas18:55
kbmonkeyyou wana try to do away with your iftop password? ;)18:56
Kilosyes please18:56
kbmonkeyyey :)18:56
Kilosyou using me as the guinnee pig18:57
Kilosforgot how to spell that18:57
KilosMaaz, spell guinnee18:57
MaazKilos: Suggestions: Ginnee18:57
kbmonkeyha ha18:57
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on18:58
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:58
Kilosoh ty the bot stupid18:58
kbmonkeyhe uses African spelling18:58
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:58
MaazKilos: Yessir18:58
Kiloslo Langjan 18:58
kbmonkeyhi Langjan 18:59
kbmonkeyno guinnee pig Kilos I do this too!19:00
Kilosha ha ha19:00
kbmonkeyokay it's easy. this line will copy your sudoers file to a backup (for safety)19:01
kbmonkey> sudo cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.bak19:01
inetprogood evening sirs19:01
* kbmonkey tips hat to inetpro 19:01
Kiloslo inetpro 19:01
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!19:02
inetproyikes, I just missed that nice cup o coffee from Maaz19:02
KilosMaaz, ty19:02
MaazYou are welcome Kilos19:03
Kiloskbmonkey, who the sudoers?19:03
Kilosor what?19:03
Kilosinetpro, gaan dit goed19:03
inetproKilos: very well thanks and you19:03
Kilosgood ty inetpro 19:04
kbmonkeyKilos, man sudoers says: list of which users may execute what19:04
inetprokbmonkey: watch out for that > you gave through19:04
inetprothat is one dangerous redirector19:04
kbmonkeyoh damn, thanks inetpro! just realized what will happen with that ha ha19:04
Kiloswhat what what19:05
* Kilos shakes with fear19:05
inetproKilos: that sign will start a new file without warning19:05
inetprocan make you loose data very quickly19:06
Kilosoh my goodness, how19:06
Kilosoh will it be making backups all the time?19:07
inetproKilos: man bash and see REDIRECTION19:07
kbmonkeyluckily Kilos isn't running as root... I hope not!19:07
Kilosnot now now19:07
kbmonkeysudo cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers.bak19:07
inetproor man sh and see Redirections19:07
Kilosi be this guy  miles@P4:~$ 19:07
kbmonkey^^ that command ^^19:07
kbmonkeyit backs up your sudoers file19:08
kbmonkeythen to add a new line into sudoers, run: 19:08
kbmonkeysudo visudo19:08
Kilosi still dunno who the sudoers are19:08
Kilosjust me here19:08
kbmonkeyKilos, sudoers is list of which users may execute what19:09
kbmonkeywe can tell sudo to let you (and only you) run iftop (and only iftop) without asking the password19:09
inetproKilos: man sudoers19:10
linuxhopperor man su19:11
inetprolinuxhopper: and man su19:12
Kilosis root not the superuser boss kinda guy here19:12
Kilosi have used sudo -i a coupla times to fix stuff that said i didnt have permissions19:12
kbmonkeyexactly right Kilos 19:13
Kiloslo linuxhopper 19:13
kbmonkeyso is your sudoers backed up Kilos? I'll tell you next step when it is19:13
inetproKilos: yep, root is the boss, but sudo allows you execute a command as somebody else and some of the permissions amongst other things are configured in the sudoers file 19:13
Kilosmust be i did what you said19:13
linuxhopperyes, but still need to put in password. if you enter once in a setion then you dont need to again19:14
linuxhopperroot=boss su=adim19:14
kbmonkeydepends linuxhopper. some setups have a timeout/expiry on authentication, and when you close the terminal session19:14
kbmonkeygood Kilos! no run "sudo visudo"19:15
Kilosi have19:15
kbmonkeynow be careful not to change anything!19:15
kbmonkeyonly Add a new line at the bottom19:16
kbmonkeyadd this: "miles ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/iftop"19:16
Kilosis that the blue one with /etc/sudoers at the top19:16
kbmonkeyyes that sounds right19:16
Kiloswith the "" goodies19:17
kbmonkeyeverything inside the quotes19:17
Kilosok now file save?19:18
kbmonkeythen press Ctrl+X, and Y to save19:18
Kilosthe line i added is gone after that19:19
kbmonkeygone? what do you mean gone?19:20
Kilos%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL19:20
Kiloslast line19:20
Kilosthe added line disappeared19:20
Kilosis gone the wrong word19:20
kbmonkeymust've pressed the wrong key or reverted changes19:20
Kilosdisappeared missing19:21
Kilosok sec i try again19:21
kbmonkeyKilos, what editor is that?19:21
Kilosi dunno, isnt gedit the default here19:22
kbmonkeyXtrl+X obviously cuts the line.19:22
kbmonkeyno, mine is pico L:p19:22
kbmonkeyanyways, re-add that last line and save it (however your editor saves)19:22
Kilosgotta find out how first19:23
Kilosno save in file19:23
Kilosmaybe i shoulda opened it with sudo gedit /etc/sudoers hey?19:24
kbmonkeywhat does that window title say?19:24
kbmonkeyno Kilos, you have to use visudo unfortunately19:24
LangjanHi kilos and kbmonkey, are you well?19:25
Kilos# This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.19:25
kbmonkeytold you ;)19:25
Kilosi did that command to get that blue page19:25
Kilosyip ty Langjan and you?19:25
kbmonkeygood Langjan :]19:25
kbmonkeylol Kilos! all we want to do is add one new line of text :D19:26
Kilosya i can add it but cannot save it19:26
kbmonkeyrun visudo again. what does that window title say? and what does the first line inside the window say?19:26
Kiloseish it tells me its busy try again later19:28
kbmonkeyyour pc is haunted!19:28
kbmonkeyhe he19:28
Kilosthe first line was /etc/visudolol19:29
Kilosgonna have to reboot the swine19:30
Kilosgot everything closed but it still says its busy19:30
* inetpro falling asleep 19:33
inetprogood night everyone19:33
Kilosnight inetpro 19:33
Kilossleep lekker19:33
Kiloskbmonkey, must i do visudo from root19:34
kbmonkeynite :)19:34
linuxhoppercant you just vi19:34
Kilosi try19:35
kbmonkeyno, sudoers requires you to use the visudo command19:35
kbmonkeyit's safer19:35
linuxhopperok i just vi or vim19:35
Kilosso its sudo visudo?19:35
kbmonkeyyes Kilos, run sudo visudo19:36
kbmonkeysudo and visudo are two different commands19:36
kbmonkeyvisudo is a program to edit the sudoers file19:36
Kilosfirst line19:36
Kilos# /etc/sudoers19:36
kbmonkeyokay. now what do you read *above* that19:37
linuxhoppervi is to edit any txt file, sorry came in to this too late19:37
Kilosnothing above that19:37
kbmonkeyI like vi linuxhopper :)19:37
kbmonkeydo you know which editor it is Kilos? what does your window title read? "gnome-terminal"?19:38
kbmonkeywow this is hard19:39
Kilosit doesnt say anything kbmonkey 19:39
linuxhoppersorry but would like to know why you busy with sudoers file19:39
kbmonkeyand at the bottom of the window?19:39
KilosLine=28    Col=1    Sz:567    Ch:EOF    IA   "sudoers.tmp" Offs:567 (100%)  19:40
kbmonkeywe want to add a line to sudoers linuxhopper. so that kilos can run iftop without the password each time. he runs it often.19:40
kbmonkeyah okay, now which editor is that? 100 points anyone?19:41
linuxhopperok check may permission on that file , like -a19:41
kbmonkeythat is vi Kilos 19:41
kbmonkeyno its not, arg I cant say :(19:42
linuxhoppercant you read write and exicute on it, sometimes it will not give error just do notting19:42
kbmonkeyI can't believe we can't get past a text editor19:42
kbmonkeylol! maybe it's not meant to be today :)19:43
linuxhoppercd to file and ls -li to see permission " i think"19:44
kbmonkeywe need to figure out what text editor Kilos is using linuxhopper, so we know how to save the changes19:44
Kilosif i control+x when i type the y my pasted line disappears19:45
kbmonkeyokay hang on Kilos 19:46
Kiloswith control+x it brings up a flashing line with save etc in it19:46
linuxhoppermaybe as i said he has permission to read and wire but not save on that file, maybe. he did vi so he must be useing vim.... right?19:47
Kilosoh my19:47
Kiloswhole page disappeared and terminal says19:47
Kilos>>> /etc/sudoers: syntax error near line 27 <<<19:48
KilosWhat now? 19:48
kbmonkeythat's fine. visudo does syntax checking and wont save on this error19:48
kbmonkeythat's why we don't edit sudoers directly with gedit ;()19:48
linuxhoppermaybe  :wq in vim to sve and quit?19:49
kbmonkeyI'm confused why your 'line disappears' Kilos. I think let us hang off this a while until we can figure out some basics19:49
Kilosits saved19:50
Kilosyou gotta control +x then y on its own without control+x19:51
kbmonkeyum.. yes :p19:51
kbmonkeyha ha19:51
Kilosi was holding cntrl+x and typing y19:51
kbmonkeyso it was nano ^^19:51
kbmonkeyyou double-jointed?19:51
Kilosha ha ha19:52
kbmonkeyokay well that is it19:52
Kilosno man ctrl+x left hand and y with right hand19:52
Kilosty very much sorry for the hassles19:52
Kiloswhat a twit i be at times19:53
kbmonkeyokay well now, whenever you run sudo iftop, it should carry on19:53
kbmonkeyhope that helps19:53
Kiloslinuxhopper, i actually started with vim about a year ago but forgot it all by now19:53
kbmonkeyyou can actually change the default visudo editor, but that is another story and let's not go there today ;)19:54
Kilosty kbmonkey you a handy dude to have around19:54
kbmonkeyyw Kilos!19:55
* kbmonkey says a silent prayer he didn't break Kilos's machine19:55
Kilosno if iftop works without psswrd thats kiff19:55
kbmonkeyhe he19:55
Kilosha ha ha19:55
Kilosif i type in vi there a story there that looks like something must be setup first19:57
KilosLangjan, you need help or just visiting19:57
kbmonkeythat is vi's about page19:57
Kilosbetter we leave that too for now19:58
kbmonkeythat coffee was nice19:59
kbmonkeyMaaz ty19:59
MaazYou are welcome kbmonkey19:59
Kilossudo iftop -n20:00
Kilos>>> /etc/sudoers: syntax error near line 27 <<<20:00
Kilossudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 2720:00
Kilossudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting20:00
Kilosha ha ha20:00
kbmonkeyrestore your backup!20:00
Kiloswhat is a parse error20:01
Kilosthe line i added i first put the # in20:01
Kiloswas that wrong20:02
kbmonkeyyou added a comment line?20:02
Kilosshould i not have added the # before the command20:03
LangjanHi Kilos, just visiting, beyond help...lmga!20:07
Kilosnice to see you didnt forget us Langjan 20:07
kbmonkeysorry to make you learn a lot today Kilos 20:08
kbmonkeyi know how you can restore your backup file. but you may want to write this down.20:09
LangjanHow can I forget such helpful allies?20:09
Kilosi can safe to a stick20:09
Kiloskbmonkey, does this mean i mustnt switch off or reboot20:11
kbmonkeyit means you will need to reboot, sorry :p20:11
kbmonkeybut not yet20:11
Kilosrebooting isnt a prob as long as it boots20:12
kbmonkeyever used the Recovery mode?20:12
Kilosyes in grub boot?20:12
Kilosworks well normally20:13
kbmonkeythat's the one. I will pm you the 4 steps so not to flood the channel :)20:13
Kilos-pulled out the wrong usb cable20:17
Kilos-bb soon20:17
kbmonkeyi'll be here :)20:18
Kilos-ty laddy20:18
kbmonkeyit worked Kilos!20:29
Kilosstupid thing kept looking for internet connection at eth020:29
kbmonkeywhat thing?20:29
Kilosthat root shell with network 20:30
kbmonkeygo without network20:30
kbmonkeyyou dont need networking 20:30
kbmonkeyjust to fix20:30
Kilosthere no choice without network20:30
Kilosbut its fixed now20:30
kbmonkeyoh good20:31
kbmonkeyphew. got worried there!20:31
Kilosand you left out sudoers after /etc/20:31
Kilosha ha20:31
Kilosno i did when i wrote it down20:31
kbmonkeyclever guy!20:32
Kilosty kbmonkey  i will use the password for now20:32
kbmonkeyyou can try again if you brave. i think something went wrong, like if you copy/paste text in it breaks20:32
kbmonkeycos it's a console editor, and not gedit20:33
Kilosoh mustnt i do that20:33
Kilostype it in rather?20:33
kbmonkeyonly if you know to paste properly into those things. 20:33
kbmonkeyeven I mess it up some times, so I type. but anyway...20:33
kbmonkeyI have an appointment with a shower20:34
Kilosgo enjoy lad20:34
Kilosty for everything20:34
kbmonkeyinstalling a bath and today was a fight to get the old heavy cast iron one out. lol20:34
Kiloshaha ja big job that20:35
kbmonkeyja thanks Kilos. chat tomorrow all!20:39
Kilossleep tight kbmonkey 20:40
Kilosnight all.20:40

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