ActionParsnipGlowball: no flash in lynx00:00
GlowballBtw, ActionParsnip, you might want to use your love for chromium to help me fix it on my system :)00:00
franticcan anyone suggeset a decent/reliable iso mounting "virtual drive" program for ubuntu?00:01
franz_hi, how to get Network detailed info? as dns server, network mask, etc00:01
ActionParsnipGlowball: I just see too many folks having issus with firefox so I suggest chromium00:01
oliv3Hi there, is there an equivalent of #debian-mentors for ubuntu ?00:01
GlowballI have added the Chromium beta ppa (https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta) to my repositories, but it doesn't seem to be updating anymore. Latest version on my system is 15, latest version in the ppa is 1700:01
ActionParsnipfranz_: ifconfig; cat /etc/resolv.conf00:01
NowayzAccidently typed sudo chmod 777 -R /  instead of ./00:02
Nowayzany hope of recovery?00:02
GlowballActionParsnip: You should just forward them to irc.mozilla.org, #Firefox00:02
ActionParsnipNowayz: oh jeez00:02
overcluckerNowayz: that's pretty unrecoverable00:02
NowayzNo kidding00:02
ActionParsnipGlowball: i just fix them up and ship em off00:02
GlowballActionParsnip: But it would be great if you could help me with my Chromium issue00:03
ActionParsnipGlowball: wassup?00:03
NowayzI wish it would verify when I try to set file permissions on the entire FS00:03
GlowballActionParsnip: I have added the Chromium beta ppa (https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta) to my repositories, but it doesn't seem to be updating anymore. Latest version on my system is 15, latest version in the ppa is 1700:03
ActionParsnipNowayz: dude its complex and will take AGES. I'd just reinstall and restore userdata from backups00:04
ActionParsnipGlowball: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:04
ActionParsnipGlowball: I use the same ppa, its awesome00:04
NowayzI guess i'll have to, it's going to take FOREVER to install everything unfortunately00:04
Nowayzstupid tiny typo jacks up the os00:05
GlowballActionParsnip: You could just ask what version I was running, really.. :P I'm on 10.10, Maverick00:05
ActionParsnipGlowball: i find it easier00:05
GlowballThe ppa still supports Maverick.00:05
ActionParsnipGlowball: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install chromium-browser     should do it00:06
Nowayzwhy not just use google chrome?? then at least you get plugin compatability00:07
KC-45what pdf readers do u guys recommend?00:07
GlowballActionParsnip: It doesn't. Synaptic shows 15.something as latest available version, Software Centre only shows the libvpx packages in the ppa.00:07
KC-45im a newbie btw00:07
Nowayzuh why not use the one from adobe00:07
KC-45so...pdf readers for ubuntu...what u guys have faith in the most?00:07
ActionParsnipKC-45: evince is in a default install....00:07
Nowayzthey did after all design the pdf format00:07
stanerI have x11vnc installed and setup to auto run on startup.  I have autologin set to true.  Upon rebooting I can vnc into the machine without any inputnecessary on the host, everything works fine.  I want to remove the Video Card from this machine.  I set the BIOS to not halt on errors.  The harddrive performs work and I can ping the machine but the x11vnc service is not starting.00:07
GlowballNowayz: Were you saying that to me?00:07
ActionParsnipGlowball: can you give a pastebin of the output of:   apt-cache policy chromium-browser00:08
ActionParsnip!info evince | KC-4500:08
ubottuKC-45: evince (source: evince): Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu2.2 (oneiric), package size 201 kB, installed size 1088 kB (Only available for any all)00:08
Nowayzadobe.com also has their own, if you prefer i00:09
GlowballActionParsnip: The ppa doesn't seem to be listed... http://pastebin.com/HJUNvJ6w00:09
GlowballActionParsnip: I tried removing and readding it already, but it didn't help.00:09
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ActionParsnipGlowball: if you run:  grep chrom /etc/apt/sources.list      do you get output?00:12
ActionParsnipGlowball: sorry:   grep chrom /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*00:12
GlowballActionParsnip: The first one gives output. With the d added, it doesn't.00:13
overcluckerGlowball: there's the problem00:13
ActionParsnipGlowball: oh, so you added it manually in sources.list?00:13
GlowballActionParsnip: No, I used Administration > Software Sources00:14
ActionParsnipGlowball: but it's listed in the sources.list file?00:14
KC-45im using eveince :D00:14
GlowballActionParsnip: It had been working for a long time. Have been using it since Chromium 8 or so. But it just stopped working00:14
ActionParsnipGlowball: remove the lines from /etc/apt/sources.list    then run:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/beta; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade00:15
shareProcessing triggers for shared-mime-info ...00:16
shareUnknown media type in type 'all/all'00:16
sharehow can I fix this?00:16
NowayzGlowball: Why not just use googlecrhome, that way you can just not worry about the chromium repo not working, and you get better plugin support00:16
sharechrome is evil00:17
KC-45what isnt?00:17
overcluckerNowayz: chromium has ia pretty blue icon00:17
KC-45these days...00:17
KC-45its 2012....everything's evil -_-00:17
GlowballNowayz: Because, as you say, it's *Google* Chrome00:17
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KC-45in fact...the devils greatest trick was convincing mankind he didnt exist :D....00:17
NowayzThat's ACTAULLY your reason00:18
KC-45claiming ur not evil...solidifies the fact that u are :D00:18
Nowayzbecause its branded?00:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:18
overcluckerNowayz: chromium daily is way upstream00:18
NowayzSo if ubuntu said Canonical Ubuntu you wouldn't use it?00:18
GlowballHey, where did ActionParsnip go?00:18
GlowballNowayz: Of course I would. I trust Canonical :)00:19
Nowayzoverclucker: It may be, but you don't get anything extra that a stable release of chrome doesn't give you, or if you do chrome will be updated soon anyway00:19
GlowballNowayz: I have no problem in using *Mozilla* Firefox either, you know :)00:20
KC-45i love irc...00:20
GlowballBut I don't like using software from a company whose CEO states "Privacy is something only criminals want. If you don't want anyone to know what you're doing, you shouldn't be doing it anyway."00:21
NowayzGlowball: so you rather use software from some un-named programmers who are NOT legally liable00:21
NowayzSounds reasonable.00:21
GlowballNowayz: If that software is 100% open source like Chromium? Yes.00:21
Oltehello , please help me with my microphone im trying to fix it since 10h and nothing :(00:21
Oltei have same problem as guys here :(00:22
NowayzI'm sure you examine every line of source code making sure it's safe00:23
NowayzIn all of the open-source software you use00:23
LjLNowayz, Glowball: this discussion doesn't really belong in #ubuntu - please move it to #ubuntu-offtopic00:23
GlowballLjL: You're right about that. Sorry.00:24
Oltewhere should i ask about help ?00:24
graftOlte: here...00:24
GlowballOlte: You are at the right place :)00:24
Glowball(But I don't have an answer for you, I'm sorry)00:24
NowayzOlte are you sure it wasn't working originally00:25
NowayzOr did you just not know how to configure your the sound settings?00:25
Oltei used microphone here on ubuntu00:25
Oltebut i changed something and it stopped work00:25
Nowayzwhat did you change?00:25
acerimmerOlte, check your sound preference input/output/hardware00:26
Oltemaybe software in synaptic package manager  but im not sure00:26
Olteim trying to fix it since 10 h i made a lot things to fix it and still nothing :/00:26
Olteyes yes , i checked everything00:26
Oltebut sound works well00:26
Olteonly microphone not works00:26
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overcluckerOlte: have you checked your mixer settings?00:27
acerimmerOlte,  do you have webcam?  do a test recording.  if you get sound from that...00:27
Nowayzif you have more than one input device change between all of them, make sure the sound is MAX and see if making noise produces any bars on the display00:28
Oltei checked mixer , but i dont know how i should set it00:28
NowayzDo what I said to see if you ever get any bars00:28
Oltei have webcam , and there is no sound on video00:28
Olte Item: Mic Boost (+20dB) [Off]00:29
acerimmerOlte, alsamixer in your terminal...00:30
Olteyes i know00:30
Nowayzturning the boost up can help you tell if the mic is working00:30
_RythAnyone know what the channel is for g++ on here?00:30
Nowayzsometimes it's very quiet00:30
overcluckerOlte: in alsamixer, check if Mic is MM, toggle key is m00:30
Olteits MM00:31
GneaMM means it's muted and won't work00:31
overcluckerOlte: toggle it with 'm', and adjust the volume with up, down00:31
Olte now its00:31
Nowayzvolume all the way up00:32
wavedigithi, how would I customize this PS1 for the prompt to be red color? "\[\e]0;\u@\h: \w\a\]${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$ "00:33
Oltei changed all on max00:33
Olteall 0000:33
Olteand still not works00:33
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P-JHi all :)00:36
P-JI wonder if anyone might be able to help me with a dual-monitor issue. Probably not too difficult :)00:37
overcluckerOlte: amixer | pastebinit00:37
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CandlehawkHi, I have a slight issue. I am running xubuntu 11.10, and just realised I can not "su" as I wasn't able to set my root password on install. How do I find out what my root password is?00:39
flowerpotCandlehawk, use sudo00:39
zykotick9!root | Candlehawk00:40
ubottuCandlehawk: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:40
[deXter]lol @ ubottu00:40
flowerpotCandlehawk, if you really must set password for root then try using sudo passwd00:40
zykotick9!noroot | flowerpot00:41
ubottuflowerpot: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.00:41
Olteoverclucker: http://paste.ubuntu.com/825838/00:41
P-JBasically, I've got an nVidia GeForce GTX 260 in this machine, and I can set up a spanned monitor setup no problems (using nvidia-settings). The problem occurs when I try to save the setting. It writes to the xorg.conf file and when I restart, I get loads of weirdness with the unity file browser and other stuff. Huge fonts, no windows decorations, and no icon images. Anyone know what I should do here? As long as I don't try to00:41
P-Jsave the settings (and re-do it each time I restart) it's fine.00:41
Candlehawkubottu: Why not?00:41
ubottuCandlehawk: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:41
Candlehawkoh wow.00:41
CandlehawkI have to say, that's better than Bucket.00:41
flowerpotzykotick9, that's all well and good, but it's like saying 'it is impossible to have sex; we do not speak of it' in a sex ed class00:41
flowerpotit would be preferable to explain that having a root password, while possible, is unnecessary, redundant, and undesired for security reasons00:42
Candlehawkflowerpot: I suppose in many situations that may be the case, I just like to have the option. Then again, I prefer aptitude over apt-get, so my opinion has strayed from Ubuntu before.00:44
tfittshas anyone here installed dtc to manage a web server on ubuntu?  I'm trying to install it on 10.04 and I keep getting an error with dtc-postfix-courier00:44
ActionParsnipCandlehawk: aptitude is still available, just not default installed00:45
CandlehawkActionParsnip: I know. It was the first thing I installed.00:46
ActionParsnipCandlehawk: so its not really straying from ubuntu...00:46
CandlehawkActionParsnip: Well, I suppose.00:48
P-JHi all. I've got an nVidia GeForce GTX 260 in this machine running a fresh 11.10 install. I can set up a spanned monitor setup no problems (using nvidia-settings & current closed source nVidia driver), but have a problem when I try to save the setting. It writes to the xorg.conf file and when I restart, I get loads of weirdness with the unity file browser and other stuff. Huge fonts, no windows decorations,  no icon images and00:50
P-Jmassive text in dialog boxes. Anyone know what I should do here? As long as I don't try to save the settings (and re-do it each time I restart) it's fine, but I'd like to save if possible.00:50
P-JHere's a screenshot to show the issue : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21679/ubuntu_screen.png00:50
DescraHi, i have just read that you can shop Kinect for PC (windows 7). Do you think that we will have a linux driver soon?00:51
ActionParsnipP-J: I get that, I have to set DPI manually00:51
P-JThanks ActionParsnip-- Where would I do that? In the xorg.conf?00:51
singhhow do I change my timezone?00:51
singhdpkg-reconfigure tzdata says unknown command dpkg-reconfigure00:52
scarleoDescra, check this: http://openkinect.org/wiki/Main_Page00:52
ActionParsnipP-J: I'll pastebin the file00:53
P-JActionParsnip: Brilliant, thanks :)00:53
P-JDoes it also resolve the 'no images in icons issue'? I struggle to understand how that's related to DPI, but I guess if you get it too, it must be :)00:53
ActionParsnipP-J: http://paste.ubuntu.com/825850/00:54
steve__i have absolutely no idea how to use ubuntu00:54
ActionParsnipsteve__: you'll learn with time00:54
acerimmersteve__: learn by doing...00:54
worstadminI have a problem - Im running vnc server on ubuntu and connecting using tight-vnc00:54
worstadminHowever I just connect to a blank X display00:55
ActionParsnipP-J: yep the dpi line I have will sort that00:55
P-JExcellent :) Cheers!00:55
worstadminEven though the machine has X - gnome3 installed (which is where I start vncserver from)00:55
ActionParsnipworstadmin: what are you connecting to the desktop to achieve?00:55
escott!manual | steve__00:55
ubottusteve__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:55
worstadminTo see my desktop remotely ActionParsnip00:56
Descrascarleo, oh, ok. It seems a project that dates long time ago. Never heard about. Thx00:56
ActionParsnipworstadmin: yes, but to achieve what?00:56
acerimmerluismauricio: greetings00:56
worstadminActionParsnip, Something I don't want to use ssh or the command line for. I need a graphical display00:56
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:57
ActionParsnipworstadmin: 9 times in 10, vnc isn't needed and there are sleeker ways to do things00:57
worstadminActionParsnip, I've been using linux for some time. I'm positive I dont need ssh for this00:57
ActionParsnipworstadmin: there is more than ssh00:57
KC-45i love irc...00:57
worstadminOkay, sigh. I need to see my desktop - Im using vncserver. Im aware theres tightvnc and vino00:57
ActionParsnipworstadmin: for example, you can manage torrents via web interface(transmission has a web UI which can be enabled)00:57
worstadminAction - Can we just pretend Im curious about my question00:58
worstadminAnd not web management, ssh, or other ways of controlling it00:58
P-JActionParsnip: Is there a way in Ubuntu to restart X without a reboot? I used to do ctrl-alt-bkspc but that doesn't seem to work here...00:58
worstadminP-J ctrl+alt+f5 - then kill -9 the X process00:59
P-JTa :)00:59
ActionParsnipP-J: alt+k+printscreen willrestart X but the apps running willdie too00:59
worstadminIt will automatically respawn00:59
steve__that manual is for 10.1001:00
steve__i'm on 11.1001:00
steve__doesn't seem to be matching up01:00
scarleosteve__, what u need help with?01:00
ActionParsnipsteve__: the principals are the same...01:00
steve__i've never used linux before. I honestly haven't the slightest clue what im doing lol01:00
ActionParsnipsteve__: how is that funny?01:01
barakisbrownhow do I reinstall grub after I had to format it because I had to reinstall win7 on the drive..Linux is on a seperate drive that did not get touched01:01
DinoMuffinActionParsnip: relax bro.01:01
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/01:01
escottsteve__, it would help to know what part is confusing you. the gui is very flexible. if you are confused by the unity gui then the instructions for starting a command would be different, but once you start the program the manual should be appropriate to follow01:01
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: you can reinstall grub to the MBR using a chroot from the liveCD01:02
worstadminAh I figured it out01:03
barakisbrownActionParsnip: Is there a gui that can do this without me typing all the commands at the video you linked?01:05
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: not that I know of. It's not hard, it's like 4 commands....01:05
ActionParsnipwhy does EVERYTHING have to have a GUI....01:06
worstadminTalking from vnc now :) x1llvnc is what I wanted - vncserver just spawns a new blank display which needs a window manager01:06
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: windows can reinstate its own bootloader too using CD, it has no gui either01:06
DinoMuffinwhat's the problem man?01:07
worstadminAlthough I think I will try ion-wm with that01:07
DinoMuffinthere's no reason to get all angry about a simple question01:07
ActionParsnipworstadmin: what irc client do you use?01:07
barakisbrownActionParsnip: I like the bootscreen that Grub2 had prevoius..01:07
ActionParsnipDinoMuffin: not angry, just curious..01:07
worstadminActionParsnip, irssi and sometimes xchat01:07
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ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: the commands will reinstate the loader to the MBR, the config is untouched01:08
ActionParsnipworstadmin: pure curiosity01:08
ActionParsnipworstadmin: is it irssi?01:08
barakisbrownActionParsnip: the commands in the video?01:08
worstadminWell you can read up above01:08
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: yes, it will put the bootloader on the MBR then reread the config which is untouched :)01:09
ActionParsnipworstadmin: I can't see your client named, sorry01:10
worstadminworstadmin> ActionParsnip, irssi and sometimes xchat01:10
ActionParsnipworstadmin: if you just want to run an irc client, you can use X forwarding over ssh. Irssi you can run in an SSH session as it is CLI01:10
worstadminHaha ActionParsnip - I'm aware of X Forwarding01:11
barakisbrownActionParsnip: thanks.01:11
worstadminI keep telling you, if there something other than a full X display I wanted - I'd have done it01:11
ActionParsnipworstadmin: your call, i like to suggest alternatives to vnc01:11
worstadminBesides for remote irc im a screen+irrsi person01:12
Nowayzalthough i knew it was possible,i've never run x over vnc before, is it any good?01:12
barakisbrownIf my live usb is 11.04 and my installed linux is 11.10, will that be a problem?01:13
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escottbarakisbrown, no01:13
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: its fine, as long as the distro has the chroot command, any linux distro is fine :)01:14
escottbarakisbrown, unless one is 32bit and the other is 64bit01:14
ActionParsnipescott: good catch01:14
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escottActionParsnip, got burned on it a few months ago... wasted a few hours of some poor guys time01:15
nino_buenas, necesito ayuda para configurar un router tp-link con una ip fija01:16
nino_por favor01:16
barakisbrownescott: how do you tell between 32 and 64 on a live usb inside windows?01:16
escott!es | nino_01:16
ubottunino_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:16
escottbarakisbrown, uname -a... one of uname -i -p -m should also say but i can never determine which is which. so just do uname -a and see if it all says x86_64 or all says i386/i686. if it says x86_64 and i686/i386 then you are running 32bit on 64bit hardware01:18
barakisbrownescott: I am not in linux at the modment..how do I tell which version I have installed on my usb before I boot..I am in windows now01:18
scarleobarakisbrown, if you still have the iso file just check the name01:18
escottbarakisbrown, sorry missed the inside windows bit. see if /lib64 exists01:18
ActionParsnipescott: weird how it affects it like that01:18
escottActionParsnip, what part? why chroot doesnt work with incompatible archs?01:19
ActionParsnipescott: yeah, what's that about01:19
barakisbrownI see binary-amd64 .. Is that 64bit?01:19
escottbarakisbrown, yes01:19
Nowayzgonna ask again since there are new people on BUT I typed chmod 666 -R / (instead of ./) and my entire OS is fk'd, is there anyway I can fix this without reinstalling??01:19
escottNowayz, no. reinstall see !clone01:20
escottActionParsnip, because chroot doesn't change the loaded libc. in times past when gcc changed its ABI chroot would break across system version01:21
carlosmafudim looking for mexican channels01:23
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escott!alis | carlosmafud or see #ubuntu-es01:23
ubottucarlosmafud or see #ubuntu-es: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:23
carlosmafudthanks4 data01:23
ActionParsnipescott: ahhh makes sense, thanks for clearing it up01:26
escottActionParsnip, also the kernel is unchanged so for more obvious reasons a 64bit binary cannot run in a chroot on a 32bit kernel. but i remember dealing with abi/chroot stuff under gentoo with gcc 3.0 iirc01:28
peter7tammagnets, how do they work??01:28
ActionParsnipescott: oh yeah, the kernel will still be the same wont it..01:28
benbloomi need a quick hand with thunderbird. is there somewhere else i should ask?01:32
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escottbenbloom, if your plan is to ask another channel if they are the place to ask the question I would suggest not doing so01:34
Ihatelegacyhey guys, I need some help and maybe you can ablidge. Know that im running an outdated version (i cant update atm) 8.04 and im trying to get sound. I'm so far not. Alsa is all set up and it detects my ancient sound blaster card01:34
Ihatelegacyany ideas?01:35
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: hardy is supported on server still01:35
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: or are you using the desktop version?01:35
Ihatelegacyyep parsnip01:35
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: which?01:37
Ihatelegacyohh im using the desktop version of hardy01:37
Ihatelegacymy bad, misunderstood your question01:37
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: its cool B)01:37
Ihatelegacyi cant update to 10 as my graphics card isnt supported in that version01:37
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: hardy desktop is no longer supported in any way. It is EOL, you can however upgrade to Lucid in a single jump01:38
benbloomok well i'm gonna aske here because I don't know where else to ask escott. I'm running thunderbird on kde and suddenly i'm missing the part of the window that displays mailboxes. i have the generic 'mozilla thunderbird window, but the tab at the top has no name and when i click on 'read messages' nothing happens. I tried removing thunderbird with apt-get and reinstalling it, but nothing changed.01:38
Ihatelegacymy laptop bit the dust this morning so im stuck on this ancient beast. When i booted it today and it checked /dev/sda1 it was "You've not checked in 2800 days." I was like "wow"01:38
IhatelegacyActionParsnip, see my previous post. When i go to update it says that... sec01:39
escottbenbloom, have you checked the far left of the screen. it can be resized maybe it got sized to 0px01:39
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: 7.5 years...01:39
escottbenbloom, so just try and click and drag on that far left part (it may help to maximize the window first)01:39
IhatelegacyActionParsnip, like i said, ancient beast01:40
Ihatelegacycrt monitor the whole shebang01:40
Ihatelegacybut it says this "This computer is currently using the AMD 'fglrx' graphics driver. No version of this driver is available that works with your hardware in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS."01:40
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: i have systems that old :)01:41
Ihatelegacyim not planning on doing any gaming on this thing...besides what would i run nethack? so would that be a big problem? the error message above?01:41
benbloomescott, thanks for the suggestion. doesnt work. it looks like there's an empty pane on the left where mailboxes are usually shown01:41
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: the open source driver will run it, or you can even use vesa which will run any video chip01:41
Ihatelegacyawesome, hopefully that will fix my sound issue too`01:42
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: most likely, try Oneiric in liveCD...01:42
Teo_Neapoli_Rangis this world chatroom?01:43
escottbenbloom, are the accounts listed in account settings under "edit"01:43
Ihatelegacyi was going to just use the update manager, would using a livecd or usb be better?01:43
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: its faster and more reliable01:43
ActionParsnipIhatelegacy: I'd clean install if it works :)01:44
tfittsyif I have a hostname of server.example.com should my fqdn also be server.example.com ?01:44
benbloomescott, all my emails are listed if i compose a new email but now (this is a new development) all the menus are greyed out on the main screen01:45
yumboHow can I start a program after boot?01:45
Ihatelegacytnx a bunch parsnip heres a picture of richard stallman and bill gates in a passionate embrace for your reward01:45
yumboI added the command to /etc/rc.local, make /etc/rc.local executable and rebooted, but that didn´t work01:45
Ihatelegacythere ya go, enjoy that01:46
escottbenbloom, you could try renaming ~/.thunderbird and see if something in your settings are off01:46
osmosishow do I turn off pidgin desktop notifications01:46
xanguaosmosis: disable Libnotify plugin on pidgin plugin preferences01:48
xanguaosmosis: but i believe that will make pidgin not integrate with the message indicator01:49
ActionParsniposmosis: its a plugin, just disable it01:49
NowayzWhy does empathy suck01:51
NowayzI have bots messaging me and it lacks the features to block the abusing emails01:52
osmosisActionParsnip, i can configure it from plugins dialog too01:52
NowayzHow fundamental of a feature, yet it has no way to do that01:52
ActionParsniposmosis: exactly :)01:52
IHateHavingToRegI want to connect via Telnet to my localhost VirtualBox running Ubuntu. Can someone tell me how I should set up my network port forwarding rules to allow this? Thanks.01:55
ThirtysixwayI have a wubi question.  Is there any way to run a windows script that will reboot the machine into wubi/ubuntu?01:57
ActionParsnipIHateHavingToReg: if you set the network to be bridged, it will get an IP from the LAN and will appear as a system on the network. You can then connect as if it were a real PC on your network01:57
benbloomso escott, I mv'd the .thunderbird dir, purged the thunderbird install and reinstalled it and the problem persists!01:58
IHateHavingToRegActionParsnip thanks, one more question - does a telnet server automatically start up?01:58
ThirtysixwayI mean I would imagine a very hacky script could be done to mess with the boot loader settings, just curious if there's any other way01:58
icerootIHateHavingToReg: is there a reason why you need a telnet-daemon?01:59
escottbenbloom, odd. sounds like a library issue but i dont know what one it would be01:59
ActionParsnipIHateHavingToReg: by default it will add to the startup and start after install.01:59
benbloomI did just install a bunch of i386 libs for my webcam. could that have something to do with it?02:00
escottbenbloom, doubtful02:00
Bsimshow good is gaming in a windows vm?02:01
benbloomescott, how would you decribe the problem? I can't think of the right words.02:01
escottbenbloom, you might try installing the old version of thunderbird out of /var/apt/cache02:02
guest_hola alguien habla espa~nol ?02:02
escott!es | guest_02:02
ubottuguest_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:02
guest_escott, thz !02:03
Nowayzif I chmod 777 -R / then chown myself -R /  will it fix my permission failure02:04
BsimsNowayz: what is the error?02:04
ActionParsnipNowayz: no,  most of the files are owned by root02:04
NowayzI typed chmod 666 -R /02:04
NowayzI AM root02:04
colordoes anyone know what it means to have a ton of arp requests flooding the network?02:05
Nowayzuhh arp poisoning02:05
gryphus71do you know a solution to redirect all my applications by a proxy socks ? (socks-friendly and not)02:05
BsimsNowayz: I just came in what are you trying to do02:05
dr_willisgryphus71:  ive heard of 'transparent proxies' but never set one up02:05
colorNowayz: do you know of any way I can fix / check this?02:05
escottNowayz, no. consider your system compromised. what does ls -l /etc/shadow say?02:06
NowayzBsims: i typed chmod 666 -R / and my whole os got fried, I was GOING to type chmod 666 -R ./02:06
Nowayztiny typo though02:06
BsimsNowayz: ya now know the diffrence between God and root; God forgives02:06
NowayzWell the small directory was owned by root after some software I installed02:07
Bsimsback the data off and reinstall, ya will never get the default permissions back02:07
Nowayzand I was changing perms for global access02:07
Nowayzmissed that dot though02:07
BlueProtomanAnyone here mind helping me out with my hardware acceleration?  I still can't get it working.  Ubuntu 11.04, Intel HD 3000 and nVidia GeForce 520M, both controlled via Optimus.  I've tried this https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Troubleshooting and https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Upgrading-on-Ubuntu , and after resetting numerous times I still have no luck.02:07
NowayzOH BlueProtoman02:08
NowayzI actually have the exact same graphics chipset on my ubuntu install02:08
BsimsNowayz: could be worse I did this once as root "rm -r * .log"02:08
blognewbHey guys can i convert a Mac External hard drive for use in an ubuntu pc?02:08
gryphus71dr_willis, ok thx ;)02:08
Nowayzuse ironhide02:08
BsimsNowayz: notice the problem?02:08
dr_willisblognewb:  repartion and reformat it.. and it should work02:08
Nowayzthat's unfortunate02:08
BsimsNowayz: I can steer you to a quite good rsync script I wrote02:09
NowayzBlueProtoman: uninstall anything you did with bumblebee, add the repo for ironhide, and install ironhide02:09
NowayzOne that coppies permissions i hope02:09
NowayzThere we go I got my OS to boot at least02:10
stoneguyjoin ubuntu-classroom02:10
BlueProtomanNowayz: I don't think Ironhide is supported anymore.02:10
stoneguyjoin #ubuntu-classroom02:10
=== ubuntu_ is now known as bb05
NowayzBlueProtoman: Ironhide is a continuation of bumblebee from what I read, i thought it was bumblebee that was no longer being updated02:11
stoneguyjoin #ubuntu-classroom-chat02:11
BlueProtomanWill do.02:11
BlueProtomanNowayz: I heard otherwise.02:11
gryphus71blognewb, do you try a reboot after connect your disk and a format (ext4 or other) ?02:12
blognewbgryphus71 what was that?02:12
NowayzBlueProtoman: either way ironhide works like a charm, and is able to toggle on/off the secondary card whenever its being used or not02:13
BsimsNowayz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/825901/02:13
Bsimsit copies all permissions etc, I run it once a week02:13
Nowayzthank you!02:13
BlueProtomanNowayz: Well, that stopped working for me at one point, and I was advised to switch.02:13
NowayzI only wish I had ALREADY run this02:13
_JohnHow do I write random text to a file? I thought it was "cat /dev/random > file" but it's not working02:13
NowayzWhat stopped working?02:13
BsimsNowayz: it will even alow for a nearly bare metal restor02:14
gryphus71blognewb, read doc on ubuntu website about gparted to format your external disk (and erase all)02:14
Ben64_John: /dev/random is slow, you can use /dev/urandom02:14
dr_willis_John:  that may get you binary data and non printable characters. not just ascii text.02:14
BsimsNowayz: best part, want to restore just one file? plug in the drive cand copy it02:14
Ben64_John: but /dev/urandom isn't really random02:14
NowayzBlueProtoman: did you have the repo installed, because it broke for me and I just ran apt-get upgrade and all was well02:14
escott_John, also don't cat from those devices they have no EOF02:14
blognewbgryphus71 thank you02:14
BlueProtomanNowayz: Yes, I did have the repo installed.02:14
BsimsNowayz: rsync is your friend02:14
_Johnescott: I know02:14
dr_willis_John:  perhaps tell us why you are wantign to do this?02:14
BlueProtomanFor both Ironhide and Bumblebee.02:14
_JohnBen64: Meh, anything that writes crap to it02:14
NowayzBlueProtoman: you had BOTH installed at once?02:15
BlueProtomanNowayz: Not at once, Bumblebee prompted me to remove Ironhide, so I did.02:15
VexiantYo, does anyone know how to get Tor/Vidalia to pick up Chromium? It picks up Firefox, but even then, it will only work on Firefox if I change my proxy setting and make a system wide change. But still, it works on everything other than Chromium.02:15
=== DavyS|afk is now known as DavyS
BlueProtomanAnd things worked fine directly after installing Bumblebee.  It's only the past five days that I've been having trouble.02:15
VexiantNote: If I make a system wide change through Chromium :v02:15
ActionParsnipVexiant: set the proxy in chromiu manually02:16
dr_willisVexiant:  i dont recall needing to do a 'system wide change'  - each browser can have its own proxy setting. there some plugins for each to help manage the settings.02:16
VexiantI did put them in manually02:16
dr_willisI definatly wouldent want a 'system wide change' of my proxy settings...02:16
Nowayzthere is software to proxy anything02:16
_JohnIn "ls -l", does it tell you the size of the file in bits or bytes02:17
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl02:17
VexiantIf I do a system wide change via Chromium, it works on everything. But it still won't on Chromium :P02:17
ActionParsnip_John: or use:  du -h filename02:17
_JohnActionParsnip: Thanks02:17
dr_willisI think the term 'system wide change' is perhaps not being used correctly.. but i have to go to work now. :)02:17
NowayzI found it!02:17
Vexiantlet me see02:17
Nowayzcheck out proxychains, it is able to proxy any application using sockets02:18
Vexiantnope, I' mright02:18
Vexiantit is being used correctly02:18
* Bsims lols and considers writing a wrapper for my bash script in python as it has purty progress bars02:18
NowayzVexiant: proxychains should work02:18
Vexiantwhat's a proxychain?02:18
dr_willis!info proxychain02:18
ubottuPackage proxychain does not exist in oneiric02:18
Nowayzits software that lets you proxy any application02:18
VexiantAhh, I'll Google it02:19
Nowayzfor example you would use the command proxychain firefox02:19
Bsims_John: ls -lh02:19
Nowayzhttp://proxychains.sourceforge.net/ i think02:19
dr_willisTor works with a proxy anyway ;)  so not sure why you would need to use proxychains  with it.02:19
Nowayzif he wants to proxy any application using a socks4/5 proxy he would have to...02:20
diverdudeHow large is a single entry in a modern RAM block? Is it 1 byte?02:20
Nowayzyou cannot easily proxy ANY program using tor02:20
Nowayzor at least not that I know of02:20
dr_willisusing tor for some programs is  not a good idea.02:21
gryphus71like downloads ..02:21
krazedHmm, why are the seperators so ugly in gnome3?02:21
Bsimskrazed: wouldn't know I use gnome just long enough to install synaptic and then kde02:22
NowayzWHY use something complicated like squid when proxychain can easily encapsulate the sockets02:22
dr_willissquid can do it for your whole lan/coporation/whatever02:22
krazedBsims, well Unity isn't customizable enough... but KDE eh, hmmmm.02:22
Nowayzit's a caching proxy though not an actual socks proxy02:23
benbloomescott, I'm not sure how to install the old version of thunderbird do i use apt? or dpkg?02:23
Nowayzso if you wanted to get real benefit just use the direct route02:23
Bsimskrazed: try xfce?02:23
dr_willis!pin | benbloom02:23
ubottubenbloom: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto02:23
dr_willisbenbloom:  if the old version is in the repos yu can 'pin' the old version and use it.02:24
escottbenbloom, you should be able to use either to install the *.deb but I usually would use dpkg02:24
benbloomk. thanks to you both dr_willis and escott02:24
NowayzYeah penning is a pain, way easier to just google for the package and get it that way02:24
escottdiverdude, google for cpu cache lines02:24
Bsimsbenbloom: check /var/cache/apt/archives/ ya may already have the old version02:25
=== rewtz is now known as seth
krazedBsims, i'm actually gonna try out KDE on 11.10, I'm pretty sure you can but can I put all my taskbar-ish stuff on the bottom of the screen? OCD and Unity don't get along02:25
Bsimsyeah its all on the bottom by default krazed02:26
krazedI figured as much; thanks.02:26
benbloomBsims, escott looks like the version in /var/cache/apt/archives is the current one02:27
benbloomprob becuase i reinstalled it?02:27
IlariaCiAoOoOoO a tutti02:27
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=== dduffey is now known as dduffey_afk
Ilariamodernbob :**************************************02:31
IlariaMorpheus :**************************************02:31
modernbobah yes02:32
Nowayzwhyyyyy does apt-get not have the feature to reset permissions like RHEL and Solaris contain02:33
Bsimsbenbloom: possibly02:34
Bsimshttp://home.comcast.net/~bmsims1/Desktop-2012-02-01.jpg lol my desktop... as the person I did it for got ate in a netsplit02:35
BsimsNowayz: apt-get remove --purge $foo; apt-get install $foo02:36
krazedKDE is beautiful.... why would anyone choose unity over this?02:37
NowayzBims: yum can reset the entire OS permissions on the files IN PLACE02:37
BsimsNowayz: file a bugreport with severity wishlist02:38
NowayzWhy the heck doesn't ubuntu come installed with aptitude is what I want to know02:38
BsimsNowayz: I've wondered that myself, though with synaptic02:38
Nowayzmy os is broken i literally can do almost nothing02:39
NowayzI just need to list the names of all my installed packages, and copy my sources02:39
brerrabbitWhat all does the installer download when installing?02:39
Nowayzto make my reinstall easier02:39
BsimsNowayz: can I make it a little easier for ya,02:39
=== Gskellig|study is now known as Gskellig|away
NowayzThat would thrill me, i'm trying to find a way to list packages so I can dump them to a doc02:40
Nowayzbut I need to install aptitude02:40
krazedBsims, thanks for the suggestion. I'm pretty satisfied with KDE.02:40
BsimsNowayz: dpkg -l |awk '{print $2}'|tail -n+6| wc -l) packages installed" > Installed_Files.txt02:40
Nowayzthat will for sure get EVERYTHING02:41
NowayzBsims: I would hate to have like one package missing and not know what the hell it was lol02:41
urlin2uNowayz, dpkg --get-selections > installed-software  will put a text file in home that has all installed.02:42
BsimsNowayz: no its this dpkg -l |awk '{print $2}' > Installed_Packages.txt02:42
krazedAnyone using their iPhone in sync with a ubuntu setup?02:42
BsimsNowayz: that will make a list of every package installed on your pc02:42
Bsimswith only program name02:42
NowayzI wont be TOO heartbroken in this case since at least my superficial stuff is saved in my home directory02:44
BsimsNowayz: alternate way http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-get-list-installed-software-reinstallation-restore.html02:44
urlin2uNowayz, this will reinstall it all in a new set up if you have all the repos that were in the original. dpkg --set-selections < installed-software02:44
urlin2ufollowed by Code: dselect02:45
j0eyfatoneHi there02:45
Nowayzthanks for that tip02:46
j0eyfatonecan someone help me with some code? very simple02:46
Bsimsj0eyfatone: I can take a look at it but I am no programmer02:46
NowayzBsims: I'm used to using RHEL so it's a bit different, but all my repos are in sources.list right?02:46
testbimmelxx4h: ?02:46
NowayzI'm a programmer02:46
BsimsNowayz: yes02:46
Bsimsthe url I posted has advice for DeadRat02:47
j0eyfatonethis is what i need help with http://pastebin.com/VFLnhCgG02:47
j0eyfatonethat has my code, as well as links to the tutorial i followed02:47
j0eyfatonepptp :)02:47
* Bsims knows nothing about Iphones sorry02:49
Nowayzls -a02:49
Nowayzoops wrong keyboard02:49
j0eyfatonethanks anyway Bsims :)02:49
j0eyfatonei just am puzzled as to why I can connect to my VPN for 0.1 seconds? unsure of what it means02:51
Nowayzare you just trying to proxy02:51
j0eyfatonemy server is USA based, so yes :P02:51
Nowayzif your server is running linux you can easily ssh proxy02:52
j0eyfatoneyep, Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit02:52
Nowayzwhich is SSL encrypted obviously, and it should get you past any kind of internet filters02:52
NowayzCheck out SSH's -D switch02:52
Nowayzyes really02:52
DinoMuffinssh tunnels are the best thing ever02:53
NowayzSSH creates a socks proxy tunnel, and you can use proxychains to proxify any application you want02:53
j0eyfatonevia terminal on my iphone?02:54
j0eyfatoneor the server02:54
Nowayzall the server has to do is run linux02:54
Nowayzassuming your ssh is setup with default perms02:54
NowayzI didn't realize it was for an iphone though02:54
j0eyfatonehaha ya.02:54
Nowayzdoes the application you're trying to prxy support socks ?02:55
jameslordhzwhy i can run service mysql status, but cannot run service mysql stop?02:55
=== hugo is now known as Guest31072
j0eyfatonei'm unsure. i was hoping to get the VPN working, because i am able to connect to a free VPN (hotspotshield)02:56
j0eyfatonebut I can't connect to my own02:56
Nowayzyeah since you're on a phone it would be a pain to try to get socks working most likely, unless you're a developer02:56
j0eyfatonenot in the least02:56
Nowayzyou would have to compile proxychains yourself02:57
Nowayzon your phone02:57
j0eyfatoneso is the VPN out of the picture or the socks, i'm unsure02:58
Nowayzsocks is pretty much out of the picture unless you can find an app that uses socks to act as a proxy for the phone02:58
j0eyfatonealright. so is there any reason pptp gives me "Connection terminated." after a "connection of 0.1 minutes"02:59
etyrnalwhat do i need to do to get an ATI Radeon 7500 running GREAT under Ubunu 11.04 ?02:59
NowayzThat's the thing, I have not used VPN on anything but windows, so it would be impossible for me to help you debug yours03:00
NowayzWithout learning everything from scratch...03:00
j0eyfatonei'm attempting to pinpoint if the problem is with my VPS or my router. hopefully i'll figure out the config for both soon03:00
Nowayzyour router most likely isn't the problem unless you mean a router in front of your VPS03:01
Nowayzif you have an option to install windows instead of linux I would do that on your server03:01
NowayzIt's much easier to install a VNC in windows with the wizard if you ask me03:01
j0eyfatoneno, i mean home (linksys running custom dd-wrt firmware). the server is a VPS in california :)03:02
j0eyfatonei guess i'll ask the dd-wrt irc.03:04
j0eyfatonethanks for your time Nowayz, it is greatly appreciated03:04
NowayzIf he had just googled a socks proxy iphone app he could have just used that03:05
urlin2uetyrnal, take a look at this wiki, that is about the limit I have in this area. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver03:05
tfittsydoes anyone here use a web control panel with ubuntu and would recommend it?03:06
NowayzWeb control panel for what?03:06
NowayzYou're talking about the server?03:07
Nowayztfittsy: Server or Desktop??03:08
NowayzFor a free CP I normally use CentOS because you can use kloxo which has basically everything you could ever want on web CP, all fully configurable03:08
NowayzI don't know if anything similar exists for Ubuntu03:08
NowayzI you are confident you can operate well using CentOS which is RHEL, then that would be my suggestion03:08
Nowayzit's noobie friendly03:09
tfittsyI've been using centos but I'm getting tired of it being outdated03:09
=== hemanth_ is now known as relase
Nowayzdid you UPDATE it?03:09
Nowayzthere is a new version03:09
tfittsyit's on a hosted dedicated server so I can't just nuke it and start over03:09
urlin2uNowayz, centos still using gnome 2?03:09
NowayzCentOS 6.2 is extremely new03:10
Nowayzas of Dec, 2011 lol03:10
Nowayzyeah centos x stuff is really old03:10
Nowayzbut that's not what the focus is really03:10
GTRsdkHello. What should be used for changing audio volume (like the earphones or master volume)?03:11
Nowayzuhh the mixer03:11
tfittsyhow old is 5.7?03:11
urlin2uNowayz, I had it installed for awhile seemed quite usable. :D03:11
Nowayz5.7 is actually pretty ancient03:11
NowayzYeah urlin2u, I actually had it on a really old laptop with very good success03:12
=== Morpheus is now known as GigiLaTrottola
hydrox24Singularityphd: indeed, good sir.03:14
Nowayztfittsy: Centos 5.7 is running on the old RHEL kernel, but if you get 6.2 it's running the latest redhat has to offer03:14
Nowayztfittsy: If you don't like the packages the CentOS repos restrict you to (which are all verified to be safe and compat.)  you can just use the epel repo or anything similar03:15
SingularityphdDoes any one have updates on the new ubuntu concept designs?03:16
Singularityphd@hydrox24 whats up?03:16
interludeWould anyone know how I could setup an access control list for SSH connections to my system?03:16
hydrox24interlude: do you want to be able to control which MAC addresses are permitted to connect via ssh?03:17
NowayzI assumed he meant users03:17
NowayzThat link should explain it03:17
DinoMuffinAllowUsers <users here> in your sshd_conf03:18
Nowayzyep, same thing with groups, and DenyUsers DenyGroups etc for revoking access03:18
interludehydrox24: It's not necessary but might me useful03:19
interludeif it's not too complex to setup03:19
mijkhey, how can I make a USB stick formatted with FAT32 bootable using MacOS? I used unetbootin to try to make a bootable USB stick but it doesn't boot on the PC03:19
DinoMuffinmac address filtering?03:19
xanguamijk: did you follow the instructions on ubuntu.com ¿03:20
DinoMuffinIt's pretty much a waste of time03:20
Nowayzcouldn't you just use iptables and check the port03:20
Nowayzif wrong mac+port drop connection03:20
bb05this the general channel to ask questions about failed repo installs?03:20
Nowayzidk if ssh lets you filter by default or not, never tried03:20
Nowayzbb05: you can ask about pretty much anything03:20
DinoMuffinoh, filtering mac through ssh?03:20
DinoMuffinI tought he meant on his router03:20
kantiHey, I have trouble getting a torrent to dl03:21
DinoMuffinWhy would you need to do that?03:21
bb05can we link paste2 ?03:21
flowerpotIf I remove the 'quiet' argument from the kernel entry in the grub menu entry that I use to boot Ubuntu, I see lots of text flow past as Ubuntu boots.  Those lines that look like [     40.23423 ] blah blah blah blah -- are they output from Grub, from the Linux kernel, or something else?03:21
=== GigiLaTrottola is now known as MihagiSan
kantiWhen I try to dl it with transmission it says "Couldn"t add corrupt torrent". I dled the torrent yesterday though on a friends computer, and am dling other torrents today.03:21
DinoMuffinflowerpot: that would be your dmesg03:22
kantiSo Im not sure what the problem is (though I know the torrent should work)03:22
flowerpotDinoMuffin, so it's the kernel?03:22
NowayzThe torrent is probably corrupt03:22
bb05http://paste2.org/p/1891425 linux kernel update fails.03:22
Nowayzkanti:I suggest using Deluge anway03:22
flowerpotDinoMuffin, could anything else write to dmesg?03:22
kantiNowayz: I dled the same torrent on two diffs computers yestarday though03:22
DinoMuffinflowerpot: like what?03:23
flowerpotDinoMuffin, I dunno.  I don't even know what the # on the left means, so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to dmesg.03:23
DinoMuffinflowerpot: dmesg is reserved for the kernel message buffer03:23
Nowayzkanti: Try using installing Deluge it's a far better client with pretty much unparalled features03:23
kantilinks to it?03:23
kantiim kinda new to linux03:23
kantiand when i went to their site there were like 6 diff dls03:23
flowerpotI'm having trouble installing Ubuntu server on my box.  I get the flood of boot messages after GRUB loads the kernel and boots it, but then the screen goes black....trying to troubleshoot it03:23
Nowayzsudo apt-get install deluge03:24
flowerpotit's a default install, so I can't imagine what the problem is :(03:24
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
hashlnid like to run fdisk on my usb drive, but ubuntu is saying i cant because it is a directory03:24
DinoMuffinflowerpot: hmm03:24
hashlnwhat am i doing wrong03:24
kantiit says 404 on a lot of em when trying to dl it03:25
flowerpotDinoMuffin, is dmesg output always recorded to a file in the filesystem that i can view later on?03:25
DinoMuffinflowerpot: what version of ubuntu server are you trying to install?03:25
kantiWhen I run it in the terminal03:25
Nowayzrun sudo apt-get install deluge in the terminal03:25
DinoMuffinflowerpot: it is if it's installed to the harddrive03:25
Nowayzit should be part of ubuntus official repo03:26
lolIm having a very very weird network issue i've done a lot fo poking around and can't find any solution, I am no noob to linux, actually I have used gentoo for a while03:26
=== aaron is now known as Guest48107
=== Guest48107 is now known as CheapSexAndBooze
DinoMuffinflowerpot: looks like it's a known issue with 10.04 server though03:26
lolOnly two months ago 11.10 was working fine on this exact machine, the problem it has only started with this install03:27
DinoMuffinflowerpot: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/03:27
lolanyone have any clue?03:27
flowerpotUbuntu 10.04 i386 on a Dell Precision 360.  GRUB boots, and it seems to load the kernel / ramdisk OK, but the screen goes black after the dmesg flood.. .. just now modified the kernel entry in itthe grub menu to remove 'quiet' and include 'initcall_debug' and 'boot_delay=500' to see if I can see where it dies.03:27
DinoMuffinflowerpot: try the solutions in that link03:28
lorii need help with  something03:28
hashlnhow do I run fdisk on my usb stick with ubuntu03:28
hashlni tried but it is saying that it is a directory03:28
=== lori is now known as Guest87174
Guest87174i bought a digital camera/webcam and got the disk installed03:28
Guest87174my problem is that when i plug the camera into the usb port it says cannnot find03:29
Guest87174do i need to open something to access the usb port03:29
Guest87174and do i plug it into the front or back of my computer03:30
lolGuest87174: try running gstreamer-properties and go to the input tab03:30
lolVide tab03:30
lolUnder video go to device input and hit test03:30
Guest87174okay i try it old on be right back03:30
lolSO does anyone have any idea what's up with my network03:31
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
lolIf I can't find help in the next couple days, I won't let ubuntu waste hdd space anymore and wipe03:32
hashlnu try another distro yet03:32
lolhash1n: me?03:33
Guest87174hey lol03:33
hashlnyes lol03:33
Guest87174where do i find gstreamers03:33
lolhash1n: im an ex gentoo user, used suse for a few months03:33
lolGuest87174: yes?03:34
Guest87174where would i find the gstreamers at03:34
lolpress alt+f203:34
loland type in gstreamer-properties03:34
lolif you can't find it03:34
=== hugo is now known as Guest19443
Guest87174okay LOL my computer says no file on record03:35
Nowayz"im ugly and poor and have no friends, and the answer is to install ubuntu?"03:36
lolif gstreamer-properties isn't their try to open the software centre and install it03:36
Guest87174okay i try it be right back03:37
RiXtEr-homehey guys, been using a pptp vpn with no issues, but I would like it if all my traffic didn't get routed though the vpn, I am having a bit of trouble figuring it out.03:37
davez0rredirect question: $ foo < blah.txt will input the contents of blah.txt to foo. How can I input a char of string of chars to foo?03:37
xangualol just run "gstreamer-properties"03:37
lolI know, im telling someone else to run03:37
lolthey say its not on their system03:37
DinoMuffindavez0r: try "echo "string here" > foo03:37
davez0roh, so echo must be used?03:38
Nowayzperl or bash?03:38
dlentzapy-get install gnome-media03:38
Nowayzi dunno then, not done much bas03:38
NowayzI do everything the long way in py/pl normally haha03:38
lolalright.. can someone help me with my issue please?03:38
=== MihagiSan is now known as DanielSan
lolI've used so many distros on this machine including ubuntu 11.10, they all worked fine (except gentoo :P) but now on this new 11.10 install i have this weird networking issue03:39
lolCan someone help me with this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/100095/wired-networking-issues03:39
quiescensDinoMuffin, davez0r: not a good idea that will create or potentially overwrite a file called foo, instead you can use: echo "string" | foo03:40
lolWell now I have to choose between fedora and arch03:41
quiescensflip a coin03:41
DinoMuffinquiescens: good catch. you're right03:41
DinoMuffini still mix those two up every now and then03:42
daniel_I'm having some usb issues on 11.0403:42
lolWell either way good bye ubuntu03:42
omeWhat is the defualt web server that comes with windows ?03:42
lolWindows doesn't have one03:42
lolMicrosoft offers IIS03:42
omeand why I can't find any config for it ?03:42
icerootome: there is not webserver by default03:43
Nowayzdoesn't have what?03:43
lola webserver03:43
omeiceroot: /var/www is for ?03:43
NowayzWhat does that have to do with the wired network issues03:43
icerootome: the webserver you will install03:43
Nowayzohh rofl03:43
icerootome: but there is no webserver installed by default03:43
NowayzIIS is a pretty good webserver :\03:43
icerootome: but the most common webserver on linux/unix and the rest of the world is apache203:44
icerootNowayz: and offtopic here03:44
Nowayziceroot: lightpd03:44
omeiceroot: makes sense.03:44
omeI just looked into the apache2 config, and there is the defualt thing.03:44
icerootome: sudo apt-get install apache2 if you want the apache2 webserver03:45
Nowayzlightpd can handle a far larger load then apache, it's easy to setup, and it faster03:45
Nowayzand it supports nearly all of the same features, minus an identicle mod api obviously03:45
JackAnansiHey, I'm trying to run some python code via double-click. I added the #! command to the start of the file, chmod'd it to be executable, and it doesn't work. It brings up the "Execute" / "Execute in Terminal" window, but both options do nothing.03:46
daniel_I'm having trouble getting Ubuntu to properly recognize things I connect via usb03:46
lolis it #!/bin/python ?03:46
=== masti is now known as MasTi
jeffrey_i trying to install java 7 on my ubuntu 11.1003:47
=== MasTi is now known as M|idlez
Nowayz#!/usr/bin/env python03:47
JackAnansiit's #!/usr/bin/env/ python303:47
Nowayzthat's what the shabang should be03:47
icerootlol: /usr/bin/python03:47
lolwhoops forgot /usr03:47
hydrox24jeffrey_: what is going wrong?03:48
Nowayz#!/usr/bin/env python should use the default python install03:48
lolWell both fedora and arch are download quite fast03:48
urlin2udaniel_, like?03:48
jeffrey_it not showing java 7 version it just showing i still have java 6.22 version03:48
hydrox24jeffrey_: how did you try to update java?03:48
JackAnansiNowayz: I coded it in python3, but 2.7 is the default on the machine03:48
KC-45is there anyway i can make my screen brighter?03:48
Guest87174LOL do i have to reboot my computer after i install software03:48
KC-45when i run windows...its alot brighter03:48
KC-45now im on ubuntu...its kinda dark03:49
JackAnansibut even with the #! line, it's not executing\03:49
icerootGuest87174: no03:49
Nowayzoh then you do need to set it manually to your python303:49
jeffrey_thou sofware store center03:49
Guest87174ok im gonna try to run gstreamers as soon as it installs03:49
daniel_@urlin2u, Like my sansa fuze will only have the sd card slot detected and I can't safely eject it. Also my Droid X will not detect either. Whenever this problem occurs my computer freezes on shutdown as well03:49
urlin2uGuest87174, only if your told to.03:49
icerootGuest87174: there are only 3 programs which needs a reboot so the newer version will be used complety, dbus, libc and the linux-kernel03:49
Nowayzwhereis python3 should help if you're not sure03:50
davez0rhey noobs, there's a cooler way than echo03:50
Guest87174ok ty im not very good with these things03:50
JackAnansipython3 is in the same place python is03:50
Guest87174im new at this stuff03:50
hydrox24KC-45: just change the theme03:50
icerootGuest87174: no problem, you are welcome, feel free to ask your questions here03:50
davez0r./blah <<< input03:50
Guest87174ok ty iceroot03:50
urlin2udaniel_, the sanza is a firmware problem, check the web I had one, the rest never used a droid. What release are you running?03:51
NowayzKC-45: get a brighter monitor?03:51
jeffrey_so can you help me to get java 7 to install on my ubntu 11.1003:51
hydrox24jeffrey_: use this command to choose the default java for the system to use03:51
hydrox24jeffrey_: sudo update-alternatives --config java03:51
icerootjeffrey_: oracle or openjdk?03:51
daniel_@urlin2u, It's not the fuze because both devices illicit the error.03:51
=== Shadows`birthday is now known as SoulShadow
hydrox24jeffrey_: also, please be patient and don't ask a question twice in a short period of time03:51
Guest87174i be back in few minutes03:52
hydrox24Guest87174: OK03:52
KC-45ill try changing themes03:52
urlin2udaniel_, the sanza has problems on its own is what I meant.03:53
hydrox24KC-45: are you using the default ubuntu 11.10 install (you haven't made modifications?)03:53
KC-45ive installed a few programs...if that counts03:53
urlin2udaniel_, of being read nothing on shutdowns that I saw.03:54
KC-45and ummm...ive changed the background image to one of the given ones03:54
KC-45thats about it03:54
jeffrey_ok nothern is happning03:54
Guest87174ok how do i find input tab03:54
NowayzKC-45: I suggest downloading MORE themes becaue the default ones are really crap looking03:54
KC-45okie dokie03:55
daniel_@urlin2u, I'm using Rockbox on the fuze. There isn't anything wrong with it because I've already done a fresh format and reinstall of Rockbox03:55
KC-45and i get those?...in the software center?03:55
Nowayzsoftlooks or something like that is pretty slick looking03:55
KC-45or u meant...googling some?03:55
Nowayzyou have to google them I think03:55
Guest87174hey iceroot03:55
NowayzJust download them, and they should open with the software center03:56
NowayzThey will then pop up in the themes list03:56
=== rixter_ is now known as RiXtEr-home
jeffrey_ok can i make java 7 open up in software center03:56
Nowayzbest place to get java is03:57
JackAnansicould the file not opening be because of LXTerminal? Can it not open files from the file manager?03:57
TheYsNoilet's have a lunch now...03:57
researcher123On Ubuntu 11.10 ,64 bit I had good speed until last week.Suddenly slowed down.What can be done03:57
irviehey, what's the best way to set up an smtp server on 10.04 for use by my drupal 7 install/php.ini on the same box? i want to close off any relaying from elsewhere03:57
urlin2udaniel_, cool the best thing here to get help is just giving details of what the problem is including the app or device, that was all I was phishing for, rather then "I'm having some usb issues on 11.04"03:57
jeffrey_i need help to install it on my unbuntu 11.10 java 7 after i download it from java.com03:58
Nowayzopen the terminal03:58
daniel_@urlin2u, I was just trying to get a response before overwelming posts with information03:58
Nowayzbrowser to the directory03:58
=== teste is now known as webster99
jeffrey_what next03:58
Nowayzchmod +x java*03:58
Nowayzor Java* i forget03:59
daniel_@urlin2u, I've just found that lsusb will freeze up when run after trying to plug the device in and failing03:59
Nowayzor whatever the filename is obviously03:59
urlin2udaniel_, cool, a little hint helps been here awhile so just a heads up.03:59
=== guampa|2 is now known as guampa
daniel_@urlin2u, lsusb -v freezes without displaying any information at all and fdisk -l doesn't display any usb devices04:02
Guest87174can someone tell me how to check if usb port is working04:05
flowerpotDinoMuffin, adding the option 'nomodeset' fixed it.04:06
DinoMuffincool :)04:06
Guest87174i need some help04:07
=== M|idlez is now known as MasTi
Guest87174my usb ports are not working04:08
Guest87174then agian i have no idea what i am doing04:08
daniel_Well it looks like someone else might have the same trouble as me04:09
OregonGuest87174: Did you ever have usb working with ubuntu?04:09
=== nicole is now known as Guest64730
daniel_I'll be back04:09
Guest87174i just got this computer04:09
Guest87174i have no idea04:09
biffbaxterDid you look at lsusb?04:09
OregonGuest87174: did you make sure to check more than one device? and all the usb ports?04:09
Oregonyea goto teh terminal and type lsusb and see what it says04:10
Guest87174OREGON how do you do that?04:10
Oregon(you can goto the terminal by typing alt + f2) and type gnome-terminal04:10
Oregonor you can find the terminal in your menu04:10
Oregonthen type: lsusb04:11
Oregonand see if any devices come up04:11
Guest87174ok itry it i be rite back04:11
Oregonit should list the devices attached via usb04:11
Oregoni'll brb too04:11
urlin2uOregon, PDX. :D04:12
bb05what would cause linux kernel update to fail? here's my log http://paste2.org/p/189142504:12
Oltehello , i will ask again , anyone know how to help me with my microphone ?04:12
Oltesound works well but microphone no :(04:12
bb05i installed the e1000e network driver as its a bug in the latest ubuntu (no network support)04:12
Guest87174is the terminalcalled terminal server client by chance?04:13
danubhey all. got a question about my power management settings. if i leave my server inactive for x amount of time, i can't ssh into the system unless i log into the console. why is that and where do i change it to never turn off the network?>04:13
BlackadderHi can anyone tell me what is the best way to manage IP tables on Ubuntu server. I tried Bastille but it does not address IP filterning04:13
Oregonurlin2u: Whats PDX? portland airport?04:13
urlin2uOregon, yeah, justa refrence I live in oregon.04:14
OregonBlackadder: I've just used the terminal directly to manage ip tables...that and I love firestarter which manages ip tables (firewall)04:14
biffbaxterFirestarter is a nice easy option04:14
Oregonurlin2u: cool I live in Eugene, but if you wanna talk about it we should talk in ubuntu-offtopic04:14
chaos_zerohello, i have been trying to set up a bind9 nameserver to host a website. I have bind9 configured on the server. the domain name provides is asking for a web address of the name server...i cant put the IP of the server i have, it has to be a regular web address..what do i put?04:14
biffbaxterI'm flying hone to odx04:14
Oregonits good to learn how ip tables work as well, and use the terminal04:14
Guest87174OREGON i typed in what you told me with the alt f2 it tells me not found and something child process04:14
Blackadderso u are appending direct from terminal04:15
biffbaxterPdx tomorrow04:15
urlin2uOregon, don't need to just chuckled when I saw your nic.04:15
Guest87174i dont understand what am i doing wrong04:15
OregonGuest87174: you are using ubuntu right?04:15
Blackadderwhat is firestarter is that in Ubuntu repository04:15
Oregonyes it is04:15
Oregonits in the repositorie04:15
Oregonits a firewall (sortof) more like a tool to manage you're ip tables04:15
Guest87174all i know is it runs on chrome04:15
BlackadderI just need to stop static IP's trying to connect to my server thats all I need it for04:16
OregonGuest87174:  When you move you're mouse to the left do you see a menu???04:16
daniel_I'm still having the trouble with my usb drive. It wont' recognize my devices and lsusb freezes. Fdisk doesn't display the drive as being there. I can't safely  remove the drive and it causes Ubuntu to freeze on shutdown04:16
Guest87174guess it ubuntu OREGON my server runs on chrome04:16
OregonGuest87174: what lead you to the ubuntu room?04:16
Blackadderdoes firestarter work from terminal I do not have a graphic interface purely command line geek04:16
OregonGuest87174: I thought chrome is a web browser...ubuntu is an operating system04:16
Oregonis chrome an OS?04:17
Oregonas well?04:17
Guest87174my friend told me that you all are computer wizards and could help me04:17
bobo37773Blackadder: Then just use iptables04:17
biffbaxterFirestarter GUI...04:17
Guest87174OREGON what is OS04:17
Oregonoh their is chromium OS04:17
biffbaxterChrome googleOS for laptop likely04:17
Oregonoperating system....its what controls you're computer....(software wise)...windows 7 is an operating system04:18
biffbaxterLinux based but ni04:18
OregonUbuntu is an operating system04:18
biffbaxterNo term likely04:18
Oltethere is any way to reset all drivers on ubuntu ?04:18
OregonIn order to help you, we have to know what OS you are running04:18
Blackadderdo u know the command line to filter certain IP's I have allowed SSH & port 80www & dropped the rest04:18
Guest87174Oregon it linux and i have desktop04:18
OregonGuest87174: okay...well you need to find the terminal for me...04:19
dreakuldhellllllllllllllooo everyone04:19
biffbaxterDesktop no chrome os...ha04:19
OregonGuest87174: their should be a menu and you should see the terminal04:19
urlin2uOlte, not that I know of, but if you outline your trouble somebody may help. :D04:19
Blackaddersave me time going  through the tutorila04:19
biffbaxterGot to get to terminal04:19
Guest87174okay ORegon i will check hold on04:19
Olteurlin2u: i asked 5 times today and no one answered , my microphone not works04:20
Olteit was working before but i changed something in synaptic package manager and it stopped work04:20
urlin2uOlte, synaptic has a history.04:21
Oltewhere i can check history ?04:21
urlin2uOlte, hold on I will oipen mine.04:21
Olteok thanks04:21
Guest87174OREGON i have a list that say accessories,preferences,internet,system tools,programming,etc.  I see no terminal listed04:22
dreakuldanyone know how to get minecraft working on ubuntu netbook edition 10.04 ????????04:22
OregonGuest87174: its usually under accessories04:22
Guest87174ok brb04:22
biffbaxterLook in access04:22
dreakuldanyone know how to get minecraft working on ubuntu netbook edition 10.04 ????????04:22
urlin2uOlte, file-history  top panel left04:22
dreakuldanyone know how to get minecraft working on ubuntu netbook edition 10.04 ????????04:22
DinoMuffindreakuld: chances are high that it won't run well at all04:22
biffbaxterMinecraft gotta run Java native not openjava04:23
Guest87174OREgoN IT SAY LXterminal04:23
dreakuldDinoMuffin: but its JAVA04:23
Guest87174now what do i do04:23
dreakuldi use sun java04:23
DinoMuffindreakuld: I know, and that's part of the problem04:23
DinoMuffindreakuld: it's still going to run horrible04:23
dreakuldDinoMuffin: i installed JRE04:23
biffbaxterNetbook not likely I've run it barely04:23
OregonGuest87174 type: lsusb04:23
Guest87174ok brb04:24
dr_willisit may need a specific version of java - check the moinecraft homepage04:24
DinoMuffinI'm on a laptop with an i5 and intelGMA04:24
DinoMuffinit' runs horrible04:24
OregonGuest87174: that should list all attached usb devices04:24
DinoMuffina netbook won't stand a chance04:24
biffbaxterIt will04:24
biffbaxterLikely poulsbo chipset04:24
OlteCommit Log for Wed Feb  1 13:30:34 201204:25
OlteZainstalowano następujące pakiety:04:25
DinoMuffindreakuld: if you really want to try it, envoke it with: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame04:25
DinoMuffinadjust the memory parameters as needed04:26
dreakuld_DinoMuffin: my friends playing minecraft on ubuntu04:26
urlin2uOlte, generally use pastebin, all I can say from that is alsa is part of the sound, not an area I'm real sure in really04:26
DinoMuffindreakuld: the OS isn't the issue, it's the hardware04:26
dreakuld_DinoMuffin: why04:26
dreakuld_DinoMuffin: i got intel hardware04:27
biffbaxterOpen term04:27
DinoMuffindreakuld: minecraft is not an efficent game04:27
DinoMuffinat all04:27
Guest87174Oreegon it gives me Bus 002 device 015 linux device,  BUS 002 device 001 id number linux foundation 1.1 root hub04:27
dreakuld_DinoMuffin: i dont get what u say04:27
OregonGuest87174: What devices do you have attached that arent working?04:27
Guest87174OREGON there is one more listed same way too04:28
biffbaxterOlte open term type alsamixer04:28
Guest87174its a digital camera04:28
biffbaxterMake sure its not muted04:28
dreakuld_tests floodbot104:28
dreakuld_tests floodbot104:28
dreakuld_tests floodbot1tests floodbot104:28
dreakuld_tests floodbot104:28
FloodBot1dreakuld_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:28
Guest87174OREGON when i hook up the camera and try to use it the computer tells me it cnat be found, camera not plugged in04:28
OregonGuest87174: Do you have any other devices that use usb? I would try attaching them. In linux now days most devices should jsut work, you rarely have to download drivers...(if they even exist)04:28
biffbaxterThe alsamixer term program will show sound and mic04:29
Oltei did it 1000 times today , and nothing :/04:29
OregonGuest87174: that model might not work with linux...try looking it up on google...search the model number and then ubuntu04:29
Guest87174OREGON this is the only thing i have for a usb device04:29
Oltecan you give me command to upload  alsamixer  on pastebin ?04:29
biffbaxterNothing meaning it does not open?04:29
OregonGuest87174: You need to see if that model works with linux04:29
OregonGuest87174: it looks like to me that you're usb is probably workng just fine...04:30
OregonGuest87174: make sure teh camera is on!04:30
OregonGuest87174: the camera has to be on when connected via usb04:30
biffbaxterOregon looks like he is running lxde04:30
biffbaxterBased on lxterm04:31
OregonGuest87174: also if you goto "Computer" you should see the camera there04:31
OregonGuest87174: to see "Computer" on my system I goto the menu and goto Places....Computer04:31
biffbaxterSo he's probably running pcmanfm...04:31
evildaemonQuit question, what are all the packages required for wireless? I fear I may have missed one.04:31
Oregonbiffbaxter: Thanks I thought he wasnt running ubuntu04:31
urlin2udreakuld_, see that's what you get lol.04:31
Oregonsince he said lxterminal04:31
urlin2uGuest87174, your caplock stuck?04:32
biffbaxterAlso the cam might say that it needs to be in mass storage mode when connected04:32
evildaemonurlin2u: My ears hurt ):04:32
gokulis there a utility to flash usb drives in from Linux04:32
chaos_zeroanyone self hosted a website before with ubuntu? a newb needs help if anyone has time...04:32
evildaemongokul: Yes.04:32
urlin2uevildaemon, I had to turn down my hearing aid. :D04:32
Blackadderiptables is a lot of hardwork from terminal any ideas of programs to append to iptables from terminal?04:33
dr_willisgokul:  flash in what way?04:33
biffbaxterLubuntu runs lxde so close04:33
evildaemonbiffbaxter: What are you trying to do?04:33
gokulevildaemon, dr_willis i need to fix the fake usb i got. So need to change the firmware i guss04:34
biffbaxterNothing helping some new folks sounds like he's running lxde so likely Ubuntu04:34
BlackadderI am trying to block certain IP addresses to try connecting to my server04:34
OregonBlackadder:; firestarter would be the perfect toool...04:34
biffbaxterI'm good :-)04:34
OregonBlackadder: unless you want to block a large list of ip numbers04:35
Blackadderdoes firestarter require a graphic interface or could it be run directly from terminal04:35
evildaemonOregon: Firestarter == No longer maintained.04:35
OregonBlackadder: most people like Moblock for blocking large lists of ip numbers04:35
OregonBlackadder: firestarer is GUI04:35
Blackadderno Gui04:36
evildaemonBlackadder: Honestly, learn a little IPtables if you have time, it's good for you.04:36
OregonBlackadder: try http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-block-ipaddress-with-iptables-firewall.html04:36
OregonBlackadder: That link shows you how to block IP04:36
OregonBlackadder: from the terminal using ip tables04:36
BlackadderI know the bascis in IPtables as to append SSH & port 8004:36
=== anonymous229_ is now known as olte1
OregonBlackadder: I know IP tables are a little scary, but try and read everything you can on them04:37
Blackadderbut I cant find the section on how to target certain IP addreses04:37
Nach0zhey guys got a question for yall... why in the heck are nouveau drivers IMPOSSIBLE to remove from ubuntu?04:37
OregonBlackadder: I search when I have problems with IP tables and usually find the help I need04:37
BlackadderIts not scary04:37
Nach0zI mean really, I've got an AMD card. not even Nvidia. and nouveau is automagically installed here and I CANNOT remove it04:37
dr_willisNach0z:  i just blacklist them.04:38
OregonBlackadder: if its not scary, then I'd def go with just using IP tables from the terminal04:38
Nach0zdr_willis: dunno how to do that :|04:38
BlackadderI just need a quick guide on how to block IP addresses in IPtables after I have given ssh & tcp + certain ports always04:38
olte1something is wrong :/04:38
Oregonevilaemon: thanks for telling me firestarter isn't maintained anymore...do you know what replaced it?04:39
evildaemonNo but seriously, I'm in 11.10, and my wireless will broadcast WLAN, but won't connect. I think I missed a package installing from mini.iso04:39
OregonBlackadder: The link above didnt work?04:39
dr_willisyou said i was impossible. ;)  heh04:39
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »04:39
evildaemonOregon: I'm not sure anyone ever wrote a replacement.04:39
daniel_I'm still having the trouble with my usb drive. It wont' recognize my devices and lsusb freezes. Fdisk doesn't display the drive as being there. I can't safely  remove the drive and it causes Ubuntu to freeze on shutdown04:39
Blackadderiptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP04:40
Blackadderiptables -A OUTPUT -d -j DROP04:40
bazhangOregon, ufw? gufw if you need a gui04:40
Blackaddergot it04:40
bazhang!info gufw | Oregon04:40
ubottuOregon: gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.10.2-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 218 kB, installed size 1384 kB04:40
evildaemonOregon: I guess GUFW is the closest equivalent.04:40
biffbaxterLikely and I rarely need or use04:41
evildaemonbiffbaxter: Same.04:41
Guest87174Oregon i found the computer file and did not find camera on there04:41
OregonGuest87174: did you try searching google to see if your camera is supported? Give me the model number please04:42
evildaemon(Which is why I asked about wireless packages.)04:42
bb05failed linux kernel error? http://paste2.org/p/189149304:42
Guest87174okay it is v69379ua04:42
bazhangGuest87174, what version of ubuntu are you using04:43
Guest87174lubuntu i think04:43
Guest87174bazhang when i turn computer on it says lubuntu04:44
Guest87174do i need to upgrade04:44
bazhangGuest87174, 11.10? 11.04? and what is that number above? your wireless nic?04:44
biffbaxterDing lxde04:44
biffbaxterType name -a04:44
dagerikBad idea to sync up my eclipse workspace in ubuntu one?04:44
gokulIs there a tool to upgrade usb flash drive firmware04:45
chaos_zerohello, i am looking to set up a self hosted site in ubuntu server with bind9 and a .co.cc domain. i have followed the basic bind9 guide but i am stuck. When i try to registed the .co.cc name it asks for my name server, (which it says MUST be a regular name and not an ip address) and i cannot find where this is configures in bind9...any ideas?04:45
biffbaxterType uname -a04:45
OregonGuest87174: That camera is not supported with linux04:45
Guest87174BAZHANG it not wireless it a desktop04:45
OregonGuest87174: You can force it to work by running the dirvers through iwne (supposedly)04:45
OregonGuest87174: but you might not have wine installed04:45
bazhangGuest87174, it's a webcam? what make and model please04:45
Oregonits the v69379ua04:46
magpiii am looking for a mayan time calender applet, can someone help please?04:46
Oregonhe already said its the v69379ua04:46
Guest87174OREGON i had to install wine a window program to run the sofware that came with camera to get it installed04:46
zykotick9Oregon: are you sure about that.  Seems gphoto2 might support it.  Guest8717404:46
bazhangOregon, since when does hardware work with wine04:46
Oregonoh wierd....the links on goolge I see says it freezes and wont work04:46
chaos_zerothis is a test, can anyone see this text? yes or no04:46
Oregonbazhang: I've never heard of that working either...but i'm reading reports of people saying it ONLY worked when itnslling it through wine04:47
magpiiyes we see the text04:47
Guest87174SO basically im screwed and cant use it04:47
OregonOh I guess it works in open suse04:47
KC-45i have a newbie grep question...04:47
zykotick9Guest87174: try gphoto2 it might work04:48
OregonGuest87174: It works on diff versions of linux04:48
NorthI have installed ubuntu 8.04. I failed to upgrade to 10.04 LTS through update manager. I downloaded the ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso on my desktop. I unpacked it and try to install but I don't know how to do. Can anyone help?04:48
bazhangGuest87174, tried cheese? camorama?04:48
Oregonyou could also try digiKam
Oregonsupposedly that works as well04:48
magpiianyone know of a good mayan calender applet or screensaver please?04:48
bazhangNorth, dont unpack it. burn the iso to cd04:48
zykotick9bazhang: i believe it's a camera, not a webcam04:48
KC-45so....im searching for a criteria using grep...from a textfile04:48
bazhangzykotick9, ok thanks04:48
Guest87174OKAY I TRY DO I GOT TO GO Bbackto software center to get these thngs04:49
Northbazhang: I do not have a spare CD or USB available. Any idea?04:49
KC-45lets say i want to find all courses with the word "business" in them...in a school's course catalog file..04:49
KC-45but it also displays the course number04:49
bazhangNorth, just upgrade via the web then04:49
KC-45if i want to just display the course....but not the accompanying number04:49
KC-45how do i do that?04:49
atpa8ais it "normal" that openssh starts/stops multiple times during boot in 11.10?04:49
Northbazhang: I tried to upgrade via the web more than 5 times. but I failed.04:49
ncc1729Hey North, Burn the iso on a cd and then install..04:49
Northncc1729: I do not have a spare CD or USB available. Any idea?04:50
bazhangNorth, what were the errors. please clarify04:50
Guest87174I BRB04:50
atpa8ancc1729: #oracle???04:50
Northbazhang: after upgrade, i booted but only could see purple logon screen. and it did not go on.04:51
bazhangNorth, subsequently did you try booting in recovery mode?04:51
barakisbrownYeah..got my linux box so I can dual boot works again..thanks04:51
Northbazhang: there was no recovery mode.04:51
bb05can some1 help me with a linux kernel update issue?04:52
zykotick9North: FYI nomodeset will often correct the issue you described "/msg ubottu nomodeset" for details.04:52
Northbazhang: when I reboot, I can see"Starting up" and then purple logon screen. that's all.04:52
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bazhangNorth, please listen to what zykotick9 just said04:52
hydrox24bb05: Please, just ask your question and if anyone knows, you will get an answer, if noone knows, then there will be silence04:53
hydrox24!someone | bb0504:53
ubottubb05: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:53
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:53
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:53
Northbazhang: what did zykotick9 say?04:53
zykotick9North: FYI nomodeset will often correct the issue you described "/msg ubottu nomodeset" for details.04:53
bazhang!nomodeset | North04:53
ubottuNorth: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:53
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:54
zykotick9bb05: you can use "/msg ubotto foo" (replace foo with factoid you want) to get factoids privately04:54
Markus__how can i troll an irc chat?04:55
bb05I have ubuntu 10.04 LTS 3 x86_64 installed. I had to install an Intel e1000e driver to get networking support as there is a current bug. I have that fixed and am trying to update my linux kernel, when doing so, I am given an error of the following http://paste2.org/p/189149304:55
bb05better? :D04:56
Guest87174I am installing digikam rite now04:56
bazhangMarkus__, wrong place to ask04:57
Guest87174Now which is better to plug in at in front of harddrive or in the back of hard drive on my desktop computer04:57
bazhangGuest87174, should make no difference04:58
Guest87174there are two usb in front and two usb in back04:58
dagerikWhen I sync scripts with ubuntu one, they lose the executable permission. How should this be handled? It is tiresome chmodding +x all the time.04:59
bb05I would say the back , keeps it out of the way more, but I don't see it making a difference either way04:59
Guest87174okay BAZHANG so when it installs i try to use it then it dont matter which usb is plugged in then04:59
bazhangdagerik, good question; you may want to ask in #ubuntuone as well05:00
Guest87174Sorry iask too many questions im new at this computer stuff and really feel stupid05:00
bazhangGuest87174, no  difference that I could imagine05:00
Guest87174okay BAZHANG05:00
dagerikbazhang: http://askubuntu.com/questions/8416/how-can-i-preserve-the-executable-bit-on-a-file-that-is-synchronized-by-ubuntu-o05:02
barcefIs there a sleep inhibit applet for the Gnome 3 interface?05:02
bazhangdagerik, nice catch05:03
Northbazhang: it seems like the computer should boot with liveCD or USB. and then I would be able to setthe NOMODESET.05:03
dr_willisbarcef:  askubuntu.com may have a list of kniwn applets for gnome305:03
hydrox24barcef: I use something called caffeine05:03
ssshvbHello i downloaded a file and i tried to unpack it  ive got "gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated tar: Unexpected EOF in archive tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now" I do not wanna to download 1 gb again  so the question is.   Is here a program or a way to recheck my downloaded file and the original one so i will not need to re download full file05:03
dagerikssshvb: Check the md5sum, if one is provided.05:04
dagerikcouble be bit error in transmission05:04
dr_willisssshvb:  wget has a resume feature that might work05:04
mukaibotssshvb: what's the full command you're using to extract the file?05:04
mukaibotand did you get it from a torrent?05:05
ssshvbjust click on file and choose extrac here05:05
ssshvbthanks guys05:05
ssshvbguess it is ftp or something it is maya sp205:06
ssshvbthanks all05:06
KC-45how do u make a grep search...look for one syntax...AND at the same time ignore another?05:09
dr_willisregular expressions are amazeing05:10
mukaibotKC-45: pipe grep into another grep -v05:11
dr_willisi know it can be done. but id have to look up examples :-)05:11
mukaibotfor example: grep "important phrase" /var/log/syslog | grep -v "phrase I don't want"05:11
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Guest87174Ok how do you get rid of a firewall05:14
dr_willis on your own linux box you mean Guest8717405:15
Guest87174i figured out how to get the camera/webcam work possibly but it says the samba network has firewall05:15
dr_willisyou may want to changenicks also...05:15
JjonHow do I make XPI file extensions supported by archive manager?05:16
Guest87174DR-willis im trying to get a digital camera/webcam working and i found it through a program called dolphin but it say to open it with samba and it say firewall05:17
mukaibotGuest87174: is it a Webcam or a Digital Camera? These are not the same device05:17
brerrabbitOh wow...something's not right here.   I just installed ubuntu on a computer I built and for some reason it is unusably slow!  This is a computer with a sandy bridge i-7 and 16 gigs of ram!!05:17
dr_willisport forward via router settings if you are comming in frim the internet . but i dont see how a webcam needs samba05:17
brerrabbitI suppose that must be a driver issue with the motherboard?05:17
goddardhow do i open the terminal with my hotkey ?05:18
acerimmergoddard: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/assign-a-hotkey-to-open-a-terminal-window-in-ubuntu/05:18
dr_willisdolphin is a file manager. samba usnot needed to access a local device normally05:18
brerrabbitMint is on another drive and it seems fine. (minus some video driver issues)05:18
goddardacerimmer: oh its ctrl + alt + t05:19
brerrabbitanybody ever run into that before?05:19
dr_willisbrerrabbit:  could be a kernel or driver bug05:19
brerrabbitsolid state hard drive...05:19
brerrabbiti did install the 64 bit version...05:19
brerrabbitbut i assumed that if any setup could handle that, this one could05:20
acerimmerbrerrabbit: unless you've got >4g if ram, go 3205:20
brerrabbitacerimmer: 16gigs,05:20
makarai want to draw an architectural plan of my house, 2D or 3D. What linux program can I use?05:20
dr_willisi always go 64 if the cpu handles 6405:20
KC-45mukaibot just tried that..........the | -v doesnt ignore "phrase i dont want"...........it instead ignores "important phrase"05:21
acerimmermakara: http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/08/8-best-cad-apps-for-linux.html05:21
mukaibotKC-45: sorry, you'll need to switch it05:21
dr_willismakara:  theres some gpl cad apps out. or try google sketchup perhas05:21
mukaibotbrerrabbit: what's the output of sudo hdparm -i /dev/sda05:22
mukaibotbrerrabbit: replace /dev/sda with the drive you installed Ubuntu on05:22
mukaibotfor example: grep -v "unimportant phrase" /var/log/syslog | grep "phrase I want"05:22
deckardemakara: This isn't too bad if you want 'quick and dirty': http://www.sweethome3d.com/index.jsp05:22
brerrabbitok...1 sec. (im chatting on a laptop)05:23
makarai keep hearing about Blender. Is that for models? It all looks the same to me.05:23
makaraI'll check out CAD, thanks05:23
acerimmermakara: http://www.cycas.de/05:23
acerimmermakara: cad for arch!!!05:24
deckardeYeah, blender is typically for 3d models.  It has a pretty steep learning curve.05:24
acerimmerdeckarde: 100% agree05:24
dr_willisblender not what you want to draw a hoyse plan05:25
KC-45mukaibot....question...does |   mean "and"?....or does it mean... "or"05:25
deckardeOh, yeah, sketchup is probably more like what you're looking for.. There was another one called cycas I think?05:25
=== ratbert is now known as Guest44194
dr_willissketchup is handy05:25
=== Guest44194 is now known as ratbert90
hydrox24dr_willis: I was about to suggest the same05:25
deckardeIt was similar to sketchup..  Personally I like sketchup's interface better but I did a kitchen with cycas.05:25
huangtianwho are you05:26
huangtianwhere i am05:26
dagerikWhen I add an "echo lol" to my .bashrc, scp does not work anymore. Why is this?05:26
mukaibotKC-45: the pipe symbol "|" passes the output of command to the next05:26
ratbert90hey, anybody have any experience with rabbitvcs?  I installed the nautilus-3 extension and it only works with root05:26
huangtiani am a china05:27
acerimmerhuangtian: do you have an ubuntu question??05:27
mukaibotKC-45: so basically the first line says "show me all of /var/log/syslog without 'some phrase'", and then you feed that into the next grep "only show me lines which contain foo"05:27
andyn!zh | huangtian05:27
ubottuhuangtian: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:27
mukaibotKC-45: you can use as many pipes as you want05:27
acerimmerhuangtian: for chinese language support go to #ubuntu-cn or #ubuntu-tw05:28
mukaibotthat's why BASH (your shell) has a command to edit the current command line in your text editor (because sometimes they can be very long!)05:29
andynwell, obviously he asked whether there were any chinese people (the middle three characters) here.05:29
KC-45ok....the two greps...work...on their own...........but not together :-(05:29
brerrabbitmukaibot: http://pastie.org/330045105:29
mukaibotbrerrabbit: well, we know what it's NOT at least :)05:30
mukaibotKC-45: paste the complete line then, something isn't right05:30
brerrabbitmukaibot: i didn't catch your meaning :)05:31
mukaibotbrerrabbit: I thought your hard drive might have been operating slowly05:31
brerrabbitBuffType=unknown, BuffSize=unknown05:31
mukaibotbut it's not - it's operating at a normal speed05:31
andynKC-45: if you pipe two grep commands together both conditions have to be satisfied in order to pass data through.05:31
KC-45grep -v 'intro' myCourses.txt | grep -i 'bus'05:32
KC-45tried it that way05:32
andynso it works like the logical operator AND05:32
mukaibotok, I'm off guys. Good luck KC-45 and brerrabbit!05:32
KC-45 grep -i 'bus' myCourses.txt | grep -v 'intro'05:32
KC-45tried it that way05:32
brerrabbitha...good nite :)05:32
andynso you're looking for non-introductory courses with the word "bus" in their name.05:33
KC-45what im actually looking for...is business courses....but without the course number05:34
KC-45but im just testing it on words alone for now05:34
KC-45when i use -v '[0-9]'   i get nothing05:34
andynman grep05:35
KC-45grep -i 'bus' myCourses.txt | grep -v '[0-9]'       <<tried that....nothing returns05:35
andyni believe you could try grep -v -e "[0-9]" if you want to use a regexp05:36
andynor egrep -v "[0-9]"05:37
_rahmat_hi all05:38
acerimmer_rahmat_: greetings05:39
chaos_zerook...how can i make ubuntu rescan the pci busses after hot plug adapters are installed?05:39
_rahmat_i'm using ubuntu 10.04 in asus eeepc 1215p, yesterday it worked perfectly. But today, there is no sound come out from my laptop. Any idea? thanks.05:40
KC-45andyn: egrep -v "[0-9]" doesnt work05:40
acerimmer_rahmat_: silly queston, i know, but did you check to see if you muted sound?05:41
_rahmat_chaos_zero : use lspci, paste the output to pasteb‌.05:41
_rahmat_acerimer: thanks for the response. Yes, i have checked it. I even use alsamixer, to adjust my speaker volume. any idea? thanks05:42
phirestalkercan someone point me to instructions for creating an encrypted directory that has a new key on each start similar to how encrypted swap works. I can't seem to find it on google05:42
drcodehi all05:43
acerimmer_rahmat_: do you get sound via headphones?05:43
_rahmat__acerimer_ : yes05:43
drcodeI have bout asus n55sf laptop , I have copy ubuntu 11.10 into usb with unetboot , When I try to reboot into ubuntu I got blackscreen , nothing happend , any idea?05:44
drcodeI have downloaded ubuntu from torrent05:44
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_rahmat_drcode : have you try to run your flashdisk in virtualbox?05:45
acerimmer_rahmat_: if you've got headphone sound, I suspect you directed your output to headphones only: Sound Preferences>Output>Connector>*you want* analog speakers05:45
drcodedose unetboot , have problem to boot?05:45
drcodeor better to use cd?05:46
almoxarife!info rescan-scsi-bus.sh05:46
ubottuPackage rescan-scsi-bus.sh does not exist in oneiric05:46
drcode_rahmat_, is there other tool that can convert ubuntu into usb that will work?05:46
_rahmat_acerimer : Thanks. i already try that. But its not working. any idea?05:47
TheYsNoidrcode: you can use LinuxLive05:48
_rahmat_drcode : is your unetbootin updated?05:48
icerootdrcode: iso or already installed system?05:48
TheYsNoiThat's what I always use when installing Ubuntu or any other flavor05:49
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TheYsNoidrcode: here --> http://www.linuxliveusb.com/05:50
acerimmer_rahmat_: I'm stumped.  Login to a different user account and test.  If it's still quiet, reboot and see if it resets.05:50
_rahmat_acerimer : ok. let me boot my ubuntu now..05:50
drcodeI use ppa05:50
drcodethanx , I didn't know it05:51
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=== monkeypaws is now known as Monkeypaws
drcodeis there problem with this pc n55sf asus05:51
=== Guest15297 is now known as largeprime
almoxarife!info scsitools | chaos_zero05:51
ubottuchaos_zero: scsitools (source: scsitools): Collection of tools for SCSI hardware management. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12-2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 117 kB, installed size 436 kB05:51
drcodeI read some info about nomodeset or acpi=off05:52
drcodeany idea?05:52
phirestalkercan someone point me to instructions for creating an encrypted directory that has a new key on each start similar to how encrypted swap works.05:53
drcode_ruben, I want to use ubnut has my main system05:56
drcodedon't want to run windows05:56
phirestalkerlet me rephrase: Is there a way to have an encrypted directory that is wiped and created new with a random key each boot?05:57
jody is there any way i can update xubuntu 10.04  to 11.10 using the command line in the terminal05:57
iceroot!upgrade | jody05:59
ubottujody: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:59
icerootjody: but you have to go 10.04 - 10.10 - 11.04 - 11.1005:59
jodyyeah i have xbuntu 10.o405:59
jody10.04 lol05:59
TheYsNoijody: it's better a fresh install06:00
icerootjody: there is no reason to do a fresh install, just update your system06:01
icerootjody: of course its always a good idea to have a backup06:01
icerootjody: not only for an upgrade06:01
_rahmat_acerimer : thanks for your suggestion. I have reboot my ubuntu 10.04, login using different username. But still, no sound come out from my laptop. Any idea? Is there any configuration files for speaker, so I can delete it, and let my ubuntu recreate it? Thanks06:02
iceroot_rahmat_: nothing muted in "alsamixer"?06:02
acerimmer_rahmat_: yeah, deleting the config files is the final option.06:04
jody ive been intrested in linux for a  very long time and now linux is the only linux  and anything ubuntu is  the only ones i will use now06:04
_rahmat_acerimer : no. Here is screenshot of my alsamixer http://paste.ubuntu.com/826041/06:04
iceroot_rahmat_: also nothing muted in "pavucontrol"?06:05
_rahmat_acerimer : what is pavucontrol?06:05
iceroot_rahmat_: volume control for pulse-audio06:06
acerimmer_rahmat_: pulseaudio the other audio control in ubuntu06:06
_rahmat_acerimer : no06:07
acerimmer_rahmat_: also check your profile under sound preferences.  For instance, if it's set to 5 speaker surround but you've only stereo headphones it might just do what you're (not) hearing06:08
jodythank you so very much06:08
sdferfx|awayDoes anyone have suggestions for disabling all keyboard and mouse input easily from SSH? I have tried rmmod usbhid but some machines still have PS/2 input devices06:11
_rahmat_acerimer : Aha! i spot one problem here. According to my alsamixer output in http://paste.ubuntu.com/826041/ my soundcard is HDA Intel. But in pavucontrol its just called 'Internal Audio Analog Stereo'. Any idea? thanks06:11
aBound_rahmat_, I don't expect it to be called anything else other than what you posted. As my audio system is called: THX TruStudio Pro.06:13
acerimmer_rahmat_: try setting analog stereo duplex06:14
aBoundIt uses the "Internal Audio Analog Stereo" for the volume.06:14
aBoundWhereas my "HDA nVidia Digital Stereo" requires an HDMI output to work.06:15
_rahmat_aBound : yeah, thanks.06:15
=== Ram is now known as Guest93043
aBound_rahmat_, No problem.06:15
_rahmat_acerimer : already try that. But it still not working06:15
acerimmer_rahmat_: pretty sure this is a matter of setting the right profile.  Might have to just play around until you get rocknroll coming out of the headphones.06:15
_rahmat_acerimer : thanks. let me play with the setting..06:16
Guest93043hi i am trying to run Selenium WebDriver according to "http://seleniumhq.org/docs/03_webdriver.html#setting-06:17
Guest93043but  iam getting errors when i run "mvn clean install" command....06:18
Guest93043can someone help me out with this???06:18
acerimmerGuest93043: #selenium ??06:19
_rahmat_acerimer : i have try to set output from all profile to analog speakers. But still, no sound come out from my laptop. any idea?06:19
Mike9863What is the best way to directly connect to a Windows 7 machine that is ideally on the same IP block or IP?06:19
Guest93043selenium is a tool for automating browsers....06:20
acerimmer_rahmat_: the only other time I've seen this was when running the real-time kernel for audio editing...06:20
basilichello all06:20
acerimmersorry IDK more on this06:20
_rahmat_acerimer : hmm.. do you know where is pavucontrol configuration file located?06:21
Guest93043@ Acerimmer ::and WebDriver is an API integrated in the tool....06:21
basilicI have a strange problem, on a server with ubuntu 10.04 when I'm connect with ssh and try to launch a command the program don't found a lib, but in the local all work06:21
acerimmer_rahmat_: /home/.pulse  kill it, logout, login and attempt music06:22
acerimmerGuest93043: might want to check with #ubuntu-server or #selenium06:23
teststation_Can sumone help me with Selenium Webdriver ???06:24
_rahmat_acerimer : ok, let me try it..06:24
acerimmer_rahmat_: also kill .pulsecookie06:24
Markus__my at symbol doesnt work comes up with ²06:24
Markus__anyone help06:24
phirestalkerIs there a way to have an encrypted directory that is wiped and created new with a random key each boot?06:24
acerimmerMarkus__: SHIFT 2 = @06:25
evildaemonphirestalker: Wouldn't a random key render it forever sealed?06:25
acerimmerteststation_: #ubuntu-server and/or #selenium06:25
phirestalkerevildaemon, I want it to work like the /tmp encryption without having to create a new partition06:25
teststation_@acer: I didnt get u....06:26
Markus__acerimmer doesnt work06:26
evildaemonphirestalker: I didn't know that /tmp was encrypted. Thats an, elegant solution.06:26
bc81Markus__: you tried checking your keyboard layout is correct?  system > preferences > keyboard > layouts (model, options etc)06:27
_rahmat_acerimer : thanks for your suggestion. I have delete .pulse/ folder in my home folder, logout, and then relogin. But still, no sound come out from my ubuntu. To note that, sound still come out from my headphones. Any idea? thanks06:27
bc81Markus__: you check to make sure you're using the correct language as well06:28
acerimmer_rahmat_: desktop speakers?  laptop?06:28
_rahmat_acerimer : laptop ASUS eeePC 1215P06:28
renegade_mhi guys!06:29
renegade_mis it possible to install grub2 without installing linux at all?06:29
vanessahi, any idea how to install a broadcom bcm 43231 usb drivers on ubuntu06:30
renegade_mor can i just simply use a livecd linux then install grub2 from there.06:30
acerimmer_rahmat_: could the speakers themselves have failed??06:30
acerimmerrenegade_m: live boot and install grub is easy06:30
_rahmat_acerimer : When i boot to windows 7. Its working. any idea?06:30
renegade_myeah, how is that?06:30
renegade_mi wanted to install grub2 in a dedicated partition.06:31
renegade_mO.S. independent.06:31
Blue1renegade_m: this may/may not help:  http://pkill-9.com/recovering-ubuntudebian-linux-after-a-windows-installhiccup/06:31
_rahmat_regade_m : please write your question in one line.06:31
acerimmerrenegade_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CreateBootPartitionAfterInstall06:31
hydrox24renegade_m: never heard of that, but sounds interesting. I imagine it's as simple as creating a partition, flagging it with boot and unflagging other boot partitions.06:32
renegade_myeah, ok.06:32
bc81renegade_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB206:32
renegade_myeah.. i did one time.. but that is upon installing ubuntu06:32
acerimmer_rahmat_: I'm officially mystified. very sorr.06:32
hydrox24renegade_m: http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/grub/grubpartition.htm06:32
teststation_please help me with selenium.....i am stuck with it and cannot progress....06:33
renegade_mand I was able to put it in dedicated partition. but after deleting the linux partition, boot menu is lost and what's left is a prompt: grub>06:33
Blue1anyone good with bash scripts?  why does this hang?  sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | sudo tee /var/log/timeupdate.log06:33
hydrox24_rahmat_: do you have any other OSs installed to test the speakers with?06:33
_rahmat_acerimer : ok. thanks man06:34
vanessacan can someone assist me in installing drivers for a broadcom usb bcm43231 wireless adapter on ubuntu06:34
Blue1hydrox24: if those are internal speakers - I never got them to work.06:34
hydrox24Blue1: will be to do with the ntpupdate command06:34
=== ramkumar is now known as Mahaboobsab
_rahmat_hydrox24: yes. its win706:34
teststation_welcome mahaboob...06:35
hydrox24_rahmat_: I'massuming that they're working in win706:35
Blue1hydrox24: I am trying to debug a line in a script I am developing - it just hangs at that point, writes a zero length file, script never ends.06:35
_rahmat_hydrox24: yes. its working in win706:35
MahaboobsabCan anyone help me in Selenium06:35
bc81Mahaboobsab: /join #selenium06:36
=== LargePrime is now known as largeprime
hydrox24Blue1: perhaps it06:36
hydrox24Blue1: perhaps the file that tee is piping to doesn't exist?06:36
pookyIs there an alternative to screen that is mouse aware? I have having to cycle through every screen to get to the split I want06:36
rixter__hydrox24, it doesn't need to exist.06:37
number1does anyone know how long it takes to install ubuntu server?06:37
Blue1hydrox24: shouldn't care it should create it.06:37
CarlFKnumber1: about 20 min06:37
rixter__Blue1, my guess is that piping a sudo command off of a previous sudo command is a problem.06:37
rixter__Blue1, does it run as root ok?06:37
Blue1rixter__: yes06:38
hydrox24_rahmat_: can you check the output of lspci for any sign of your internal speakers?06:38
Blue1rixter__: how would I redirect stdout from ntpdate to a file?06:38
rixter__Blue1, then there is your answer... sudo may be prompting for a password which you won't see due to the | tee06:38
usertogoRegarding problems that have appeared after the uptate to 11.1006:38
number1I don't know if server is installing or is jammed. no progress indicator06:38
usertogowhere should I ask?06:38
rixter__Blue1, add that file into your sudoers file for that user and get rid of sudo...06:38
Blue1rixter__: done06:39
Blue1rixter__: I always use sudo when needed.06:39
rixter__Blue1, I should be more clear, get rid of sudo in the script06:39
FlannelBlue1, rixter__: piping with sudo like that works just fine, by the way.06:39
rixter__Flannel, you have piped into a tee?06:39
Flannelrixter__: yes.06:39
rixter__i dunno then.06:40
Blue1I am on ubuntu 10.10 -- script seems to work in 11.10 though06:40
Blue1had a friend try it.06:40
rixter__Blue1, have your friend do a sudo -i and login, then logout of root and try the script06:41
rixter__see if it works.06:41
rixter__sudo seems to hold the info for a min or 206:41
usertogoMy Vlc only shows a black screen audio works!06:41
FlannelBlue1: What do you get when you try just "sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org"?06:41
Flannelrixter__: five06:41
rixter__if its the password prompt, that will do away with that.06:41
Blue1Flannel: that works06:42
FlannelBlue1: does it output anything?06:42
KC-45is there a way to make grep only display a certain portion of a line...from a file?06:42
Blue1sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org06:42
Blue1 1 Feb 23:42:38 ntpdate[22013]: adjust time server offset 0.007732 sec06:42
rixter__KC-45, you will probaly want awk, check with #bash.06:42
REK_007my ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS boots from USB but after I install GRUB fails to work06:43
Blue1REK_007: how are you installing grub?06:43
hydrox24Blue1: are you able to pipe it using ">" or ">>" (to append) without root privileges?06:43
plouffeusertogo, restart vlc06:43
FlannelBlue1: ok, what about "sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | less"?06:43
Blue1hydrox24: no, that is the issue06:43
REK_007Blue1: I install win7 then install ubuntu in another partition06:43
rixter__Blue1, i still say the second sudo is the problem.06:44
Flannelrixter__: it's not.06:44
REK_007used to work but recently it stopped working after a did a BIOS update06:44
REK_007I tried everything that I know of but no results06:44
Blue1REK_007: here's a recipe that may fix that: http://pkill-9.com/recovering-ubuntudebian-linux-after-a-windows-installhiccup/06:44
usertogosince the úpgrade' it does the same for any kind of video file06:45
Blue1rixter__: maybe but I don't know how to redirect the output of the ntpdate command (which requires root) other then using tee06:45
Blue1the less option just cleares the screen displays the ntpdate ouput at top and hangs06:45
FlannelYou need the tee for the fact that you need elevated privledges to write to /var/log/timeupdate.log, not because of the ntpdate command.06:45
FlannelBlue1: "hangs"?06:46
REK_007Blue1: I have lost my old system so will setup a new one... but its same problem after the installation I do a restart and ubuntu doesnt boot :(06:46
Blue1Flannel: iow if I press control c -- nothing happens06:46
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
FlannelBlue1: q, you quit less with 'q'06:46
rixter__Flannel, you lose the echo to the prompt06:46
Blue1Flannel: my bad06:47
Flannelrixter__: what?06:47
renegade_mguys, thanks this site https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 is quite full of information I needed.:)06:47
Blue1Flannel: I don't use less that often and forgot about that.06:47
rixter__Flannel, i couldn't get my text to display again.06:47
Flannelrixter__: which text?06:47
rixter__Flannel, after running sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | sudo tee /var/log/timeupdate.log06:47
rixter__anything i typed06:47
rixter__it was typing just not showing me06:47
rixter__enter would produce results06:47
FlannelBlue1: Alright, now lets try `echo "asdf" | sudo tee /var/log/timeupdate.log`06:48
rixter__the problem with sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | sudo tee /var/log/timeupdate.log is your piping sudo not ntpupdate06:48
Flannelrixter__: No, that's not correct.06:48
Flannel(once you run that, enter your password if it asks, check the file for contents)06:48
Blue1rixter__: makes sense -- how do I fix that?06:50
phirestalkerevildaemon, I want it to work like the /tmp encryption without having to create a new partition, like an encrypted /tmp directory works06:50
rixter__Blue1, looking for a switch.06:50
Blue1rixter__: been trying to figure this out almost all day --06:51
rixter__Blue1, sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | sudo tee /var/log/timeupdate.log > /dev/null06:52
Blue1rixter__: tried that iteration earlier - that did not work either06:53
rixter__Blue1, works fine here.06:53
rixter__hangs a sec and displays right.06:53
iToastCan i get some help06:53
Blue1rixter__: i will try it again06:53
iToastIm installing ubuntu server 10.4.3 from a usb and its asking for cdrom drivers06:53
iToastI forgot what device to point it to for that06:53
iToastI've switched to virtual console 2 and typed ls -1 s* /dev06:53
iToastI've tried every drive and got no were, what do i type?!06:54
Blue1rixter__: odd - it worked!06:54
Blue1rixter__: I owe you one!06:54
rixter__luck and searching ;)06:54
rixter__Blue1, someone also suggested sudo ls -hal /root/ | sudo dd of=/root/test.out06:55
rixter__in your case sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org | sudo dd of=/var/log/timeupdate.log06:56
Blue1rixter__: ahh not seen that one.06:56
rixter__same here.06:56
rixter__make sense06:56
Blue1rixter__: I had tried the redirect to /dev/null earlier and it didn't work - this time it did.  can we blame it on wednesday?06:56
rixter__Blue1, maybe, its thursday here now ;)06:57
xSmurfis there a hotkey to disable automatic login??06:57
Blue1nope that's why I was doing the ntpdate thing -- make it a cron that runs once/day06:57
Blue1rixter__: oh lord - I had to apt-get ntpdate on my debian system. -- it works - but who know that ntpdate was NOT installed?06:59
rixter__Blue1, lol. there is a way to make a check using bash, but its almost 1 am here, i am going to bed06:59
Blue1rixter__: easy fix07:00
rixter__Blue1, good night.07:00
Blue1rixter__: thank you for your help.  I will mention you in on pkill-9.com07:01
rixter__Blue1, ok... Thanks? :)07:01
rixter__just use RiXtEr if you mention me.07:01
Blue1rixter__: visit http://www.pkill-9.com it;'s my linux help blog07:01
=== abctick is now known as linocisco
ucenik32so e ova?:S07:05
chris__supose I had a text document with a package name on each line that I want to install. How could I have it install every program on the list? Ive tried 'cat programs.txt | sudo apt-get -y install '07:13
_rubenchris__: put "xargs" between | and sudo07:14
chris__so I would do 'cat dep | xargs sudo apt-get install'07:15
chris__so I would do 'cat programs.txt | xargs sudo apt-get install'07:15
xust-I'm setting up partitions manually. 3gb of RAM. What should I set up for /swap?07:16
xust-I see differnet %'s of RAM all over the place.07:16
xust-everywhere between 50% and 200%07:16
acerimmeriToast: greetings07:18
iToastWhat would i put for the cdrom on ubuntu server installer 10.4.3?07:18
iToastIn installing from a usb..07:18
iToastacerimmer, ?07:20
iToastwhat do i Put07:20
acerimmeriToast: wish I knew but I'm not a server guy.  Sorry.07:21
rswi like to do 100%, unless it's over 2gb.  then i just stick at 2gb07:21
xust-okay, nevermind07:22
xust-this isn't working07:22
xust-I cant' create a 5th partition07:22
xust-i'm trying to dual boot with Windows 707:22
rswyea im running that setup now07:22
xust-320gb drive, 160gb to Win7/100mb to the windows 7 boot partition07:22
xust-the rest of the drive to Linux07:22
acerimmerxust-: you can do an extended partition, but how do you already have 4 parts/?07:22
xust-100mb /boot and 2048 /swap07:23
phirestalkerevildaemon, I want it to work like the /tmp encryption without having to create a new partition, like an encrypted /tmp directory works07:23
xust-not /swap. just swap.07:23
rsware you running the partition editor in the ubuntu installer?07:24
oldmanDoes ubuntu have support for HID compliant touchscreens?07:26
bc81xust-: so you can only have maximum 4 partitions, correct?  but if you want more, they must be extended (logical)07:26
xust-it isn't even letting me click add again07:29
bc81xust-: you probably have to delete one of the primary partitions..better to cancel the task and start over07:30
xust-is it necessary to have any of the partitions set to be a primary partition?07:34
xust-or could they all be logical07:34
xust-i'm trying to dual boot with Windows 707:34
bc81xust-: it is my understanding that you must have at least one primary partition07:35
xust-well yeah07:35
xust-those being my windows 7 partitions?07:35
xust-or do you mean for linux?07:35
almoxarife<https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/WindowsFirst xust-07:36
bc81xust-: if you are only dual booting, i would put windows on a primary, and install linux on an extended (which also counts as one primary)07:36
bc81so that way, you have room for 2 more primary (or extended) partitions, if needed later on07:37
=== crash is now known as Guest13800
JermBobhow can i remove the mail icon from the tool bar in ubuntu 11.10 ?07:45
bc81JermBob: i'm not sure if it's the same in 11.10, but in 10.10 it was sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages && killall gnome-panel07:46
JermBobill try07:47
xSmurfwtf /etc/network/if-pre-up is broken?!?!07:48
xSmurfsince like 9.04 O.o07:49
JermBobbc81 what is the && killall gnome-panel going to do ?07:49
JermBobi understand the rest07:49
bc81JermBob: that will restart the panel07:49
JermBobis that what && does ?07:50
bc81JermBob: that is, if 11.04 even usues the panel anymore07:50
ServerSageJermBob: && means run the second command if the first is successful.07:50
rixter_execute a command after the previous one has executed correctly07:50
JermBobah cool07:50
JermBoblearning :D07:50
JermBobso gnome-panel: no process found07:51
rixter_JermBob, a single & means execute the command in the background07:51
JermBobotherwise it removed the indicator-messages07:51
ServerSageJermBob: Great for stringing a bunch of commands together that depend on each other.  :)07:51
JermBobthats cool07:51
JermBobill just reboot07:52
bc81JermBob: it might be that gnome-panel is not used in 11.04 (i don't know this)07:52
bc81JermBob: log out/in should suffice07:52
JermBobbc81 thanks and yeah looks like the -panel is missing. i rebooted before i got that last msg07:52
xSmurfnot one else thinks if-pre/post-up being broken is pretty serious??07:52
JermBoball is good tho07:52
xSmurfthat means there's no way to automatically start a vpn07:53
xSmurfthat a big issue07:53
ServerSagexSmurf: Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient07:53
ServerSagexSmurf: Tiny bit out of date, but might get you going in the right direction.07:54
JermBobbc81 it worked07:54
JermBobthanks heaps07:54
JermBobit was a icon id never use07:54
bc81JermBob: welcome :)07:54
bc81same here07:54
xSmurfServerSage: that's of no help07:54
xSmurfthere are also other reasons to need if-pre/post-up07:54
xSmurflike loading iptable rules07:55
ServerSagexSmurf: If I remember correctly, and I may not, you can add some symlinks in your run levels for init.d/networking that will force if-pre/post-up to be read on boot.07:56
ServerSagexSmurf: Hang on, let me see if I can find it.07:57
ServerSagexSmurf: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netbase/+bug/72747007:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 727470 in netbase (Ubuntu) "on Hardy, missing symlinks for run levels 0 and 6" [Undecided,Won't fix]07:58
=== gambit is now known as Guest85042
elderekohas anyone tried cinnamon from mint in ubuntu?07:59
xSmurfServerSage: these are there already08:04
ServerSagexSmurf: That is officially the end of my knowledge. :)08:07
xSmurfnone of the workarounds I can find actually work08:14
xSmurfthis is really frustrating08:14
scottjis there a command that passed an absolute path of a filename will return just the filename part (no paths)08:14
xSmurfscottj: basename08:15
me-1hi..how can i extract a file with .sit extension..?08:15
ServerSageme-1: Stuffit or unarchiver will do it, but you'll have to do some leg work to get them installed in linux.08:18
ServerSageme-1: Though I can't promise they will work with new sit files.08:18
me-1ServerSage,  ok thank you08:19
Markus__how can i troll a channel?08:19
me-1i will try and ask here08:19
ServerSageme-1: If you have a friend with a mac, have them unpack it and rezip it.08:19
Markus__<how do i troll a channel?>08:20
Markus__<how do i flood a channel?>08:20
enchiladoMarkus__: what client are you using?08:20
Ben64Markus__: this is an ubuntu support channel, don't talk about or do that kind of stuff here08:20
i_is_brokeMarkus__, that is off topic for here.08:20
ritzme-1,  you could run stuffit via wine08:20
d[-_-]bMarkus__, what is a troll? new type or irc feature?08:20
ritzon inux08:21
urlin2uMarkus__, you were here earlier and told your in the wrong place.08:21
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:21
enchiladoMarkus__: most clients auto-flood with alt+f408:21
Markus__CAN ANYONE HELP ME?08:21
enchiladoMarkus__: try /part -flood #ubuntu08:21
Ben64Markus__: if you ask an ubuntu support question, maybe08:22
=== Markus__ is now known as ubuntupeopledoen
Ben64enchilado: that isn't helping08:22
linuxjian zhi jiushi kaiwanxiao08:22
enchiladoBen64: sorry :s08:22
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
bc81DaZ from trem 1.1?08:23
ritzme-1, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=458108:24
ritzme-1, sudo apt-get install wine08:24
bkerensa!ircguidelines | linux08:25
ubottulinux: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:25
ServerSagebkerensa: You may have missed him.  :)  He just left.08:26
iToastCan i have some help08:26
bc81!ask | iToast08:26
ubottuiToast: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:26
iToastwhat does the ubuntu 10.4 installer mount the drive it booted from as?08:26
iToastits asting for a cdrom driver (WHY?!) and i need to specifie that drive08:27
=== AfterDeath is now known as Aftereath
ProGimpHello. Can someone help me. I actually my OS windows and one partition installed in my PC. Since i have install Ubuntu 11.10. I can't see my partitions where there is my windows 7 and my other partition. How can i view theme? I'm planning to delet them.08:27
iToastProGimp, If your deleting them why didn't you whipe the whole drive first?08:27
ProGimpI thought it can be view08:28
ProGimpafter installing08:28
ProGimpUbuntu 11.1008:28
bc81ProGimp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows08:28
iToastbc81, you got him wrong08:28
ritzProGimp,  if I understand, you are trying to delete the windows partition, and have no data on these ?08:28
=== oselotti0 is now known as oselotti
=== Aftereath is now known as AfterDeath
iToastbc81, he wants windows not ubuntu, hes after finding the windows partition and deleting it08:29
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
ProGimpOK il check it. Thanks08:29
DaZbc81: trem 1.1? >:08:29
auronandaceProGimp: which partition do you want to delete?08:29
ProGimpactually i want to delet08:29
ProGimpthe window partition08:30
ProGimpBut before deleting my windows 7 partition. I want to view first08:30
ProGimpthe files using some tool from Ubuntu08:30
ritzProGimp, you would need to install ntfs driver08:30
ProGimpIs that possible that i can view the files?08:30
ritzProGimp, gpart for deleting partitions08:30
bullgard4ProGimp: Did you try Nautilus?08:31
ProGimpOK. Ahmm Not yet08:31
auronandaceProGimp: yes, you can mount the partition in ubuntu and copy whatever files you need08:31
ritzProGimp, apt-get install ntfs-3g08:31
auronandaceritz: it's installed by default08:31
ritzauronandace, sweet, I was not aware08:31
iToastDoes anyone have any idea?08:31
ritzProGimp, "sudo fdisk -l"  to list partitions08:32
ServerSageiToast: Is this when you first boot the installer?08:32
ritziToast, idea about ?08:32
iToastServerSage, yes08:32
ritziToast, nm, no clue08:32
iToastWhat do I put for cdrom drivers, automacially loading them fails so i need to specify what drive is the installers boot drive08:32
ServerSageiToast: Are you using a CD-Rom drive from the 1980's?08:33
ritzProGimp, sudo mount /dev/<partition>  /mnt/<path>08:33
iToastServerSage, Its booting from a usb08:33
ritzProGimp, this should allow you to view data on drive08:33
ServerSageiToast: See, thats a different question.  :)08:34
ritzProGimp, Ubuntu might have gui for this - palimpsest08:34
iToastServerSage, Its the same thing...08:34
iToastIt requires me to specify the boot drive as a cdrom or it can't load files.08:34
wisniahi who knows how to move window x - []  from left to right?08:34
ritzwisnia, Unity ?08:35
auronandace!controls | wisnia08:35
ubottuwisnia: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263308:35
ProGimpOK actually I have a plann deleting my previous partition where i have installed my Window 7, I thought i after installing Ubuntu 11.10. I can view the partition drive that's why i never care wiping it out while in process installing UBuntu. Now I have successfully installed Ubuntu, I want to view all the partitions so i can save some other files and keep them. After keeping it, i want to delet08:35
ProGimpit after. Is it possible that there is a way that i can view it of some tools in Ubuntu? Or can download some tool that i can manage it to view and delet. ?08:35
ServerSageiToast: No, it's a different question.  Either way, how did you create the USB stick?08:35
auronandaceProGimp: yes, mount the partition and copy the files08:36
iToastServerSage, Its the same question becuase its the same issue really..08:36
ritzProGimp, try running  palimpsest08:36
iToastAlso, i used unetbootin08:36
auronandaceritz: why not just use the file manager?08:36
ProGimpI don't know how to use that08:36
ritzauronandace, not sure, if the partition is mounted08:37
ProGimpCan file manager view the partition?08:37
iToastProGimp, yes08:37
auronandaceProGimp: yes it should08:37
ProGimpcan delet it too?08:37
iToastIf its mounted, it will show it as a HDD08:37
ProGimpHow about NTFS08:37
ritzProGimp, assuming it is mounted or you have the permission to mount08:37
iToastProGimp, yea...08:37
auronandaceProGimp: gparted can delete it, but first you need to mount it and copy what you want off it08:37
ritzfile manager does not care about NTFS, this is managed by the OS08:37
ProGimpSo gparted can really work my needs?08:38
ProGimpor wants08:38
iToastProGimp,  yea...08:38
auronandaceProGimp: yes08:38
ProGimpI just want to delet and view08:38
iToastIt does for everyone...08:38
iToastServerSage, so...?08:38
ProGimpOK il try gpart08:38
auronandaceProGimp: don't you want to get the files off it first, before you delete it?08:39
ProGimpI want to save it and stored them in my Ubuntu folders before deleting my08:40
auronandaceProGimp: go to /media/ in the file manager08:40
iToastProGimp, The file manager can get hose off.08:40
iToastgpart will remove the partition08:40
auronandaceProGimp: your partition should be listed there08:40
ServerSageiToast: Have you tried 11.10 by chance?  Just curious if it does the same thing.  I"m guessing it just doesn't like your USB stick.  I had to try a few before I found one that worked.08:40
iToastServerSage, I did, it doesn't like my hardware.08:41
ServerSageiToast: Hint hint.  Wonder where the problem lies...08:41
ServerSageiToast: Hehe.08:41
ProGimpOK. Now my 2nd question. Why is my skype won't work in video call? Thought my cams detect with Cheese08:41
iToastI talked to someone in #linux and they heled me before but i forgot what tehy told me08:41
iToastAfter following their instructions it installed and ran fine08:42
ServerSageiToast: Go look at the chat logs from #linux then.08:42
iToastI don't think i was using xchat...08:42
ProGimpWhy my Skype won't work in video calls. But in cheese it detects.08:42
ProGimpI mean my cam08:42
iToastProGimp, is your camera linux compatible?08:42
iToastDid you install a apropriate driver on linux for it08:43
ProGimpIt actually detect from Cheese08:43
iToastCan youview the video in cheese?08:43
ProGimpI can view08:43
iToastIs skype setup correctly?08:43
iToastCheck your skype settings.08:43
ProGimpBut in skype, i can't do some video call.08:43
ProGimpI need skype for my client so i must need to run it seems im using already08:44
iToastProGimp, check its settings08:44
iToastMake sure its using the correct camera08:44
ProGimpIt's actually dissable. I can't click the video call.08:45
iToastCheck your settings ProGimp08:45
ProGimpIn skype?08:45
scottjwhat's the best cli tool to empty trash or to put something in trash?08:45
iToastOr im ignore you.08:45
iToastYour settings are most likely wrong08:45
iToastᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ08:46
ProGimpBy the way what is the best tool for radio streaming for Ubuntu?08:47
ProGimpOr any application you suggest? ^^08:47
iToastWell, a easy way is teamspeak.08:48
iToastUsers will require the client to hear you but its worth it in the end08:48
=== ram__ is now known as North
dInGd0nGhow can i install ttf-mscorefonts-installer and flash-player installer in a system which has NO internet access?08:49
auronandace!offline | dInGd0nG08:49
ubottudInGd0nG: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD08:49
dInGd0nGbut installation of these packages NEED internet access08:50
ServerSagedInGd0nG: Why?08:50
iToastdInGd0nG, then download the whole package, not just parts of it...08:51
dInGd0nGttf-mscorefonts-installer during installs fetches some files from souceforge08:51
iToastdInGd0nG, or connect that machine to the internet....08:51
ServerSageiToast: Not always an option.08:51
dInGd0nGthats not possible atm08:51
iToastdInGd0nG, get the full package and all files onto a usb for that machine.08:52
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
ServerSagedInGd0nG: http://tinyurl.com/6sn52ok08:52
_godhelpmehow to manualy download and install a package08:52
iToastStill havent got a answer to my question...08:52
ServerSage!offline | _godhelpme08:52
ubottu_godhelpme: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD08:52
iToastfor 2 hours08:52
dInGd0nG@iToast u jst check with the packages i mentioned. ttf-mscorefonts-installer08:53
ProGimpWhere can i see some showcase that deals some Motion Graphics using Ubuntu?08:53
dInGd0nGit NEED internet access for installation to complete. otherwise dpkg shows an error08:53
ServerSageiToast: You said somebody had answered you in #linux.08:53
iToastBut i cant find my logs on xhcat :P08:53
iToastIm used to using a web client...08:53
Kartagisardesia : Depends: binutils (< but is to be installed <--- what to do?08:54
ServerSageiToast: You can't get upset that you aren't getting free help fast enough, especially when you were already helped with the exact same problem earlier.  :)08:54
iToast:grumpyrj!~rj@ PRIVMSG ##linux :actually they are the same letters /pedantic08:54
iToastThats not a great thing...08:55
iToastim seeing pms... e_e08:55
iToastNot to me08:55
dInGd0nG@ServerSage Thank u :)08:56
ServerSagedInGd0nG: Welcome, glad it worked for you.08:57
iToastServerSage, i dont have logging on...08:57
ServerSagedInGd0nG: I used to have several servers in secure rooms without internet, I know how you feel.  :)08:57
almoxarifeiToast: why not ask the question again08:57
iToastIm installing ubuntu 10.4 server and its asking for a cdrom driver, im booting from a usb, what do i type?08:58
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:59
iToast_godhelpme, what08:59
almoxarifeiToast: what options do you have?09:00
iToastalmoxarife, Boot from a usb...09:00
iToastI can manually specify were the cdrom drivers should be loaded from.09:00
iToastThe issue is i dont know what to type as im not sure what the usb is mounted as.09:00
iToasti've tried hda hda0 sdb sdc sda...09:00
=== max is now known as Guest35528
iToastHello and welcome!09:01
GuillemI'm trying to install libmotif4:i386 and I cannot because  libxmu6:i386 conflicts with libxmu6 (the amd64 one) and then wants to remove a lot of packages. Same happens with libxp6:i386. Is this a bug?09:01
int1hello jatt09:02
ServerSageiToast: Well, it will be something like /dev/sdc009:02
iToastServerSage, il try that09:02
almoxarifeGuillem: what needs that dependency?09:04
=== gary is now known as Gary
deelI got some serious problem with my language settings on oneiric accidentally the language has got changed and rather than English US system wide I see some Korean language I have tried a lot of options such as /etc/default/locale to english and gnome-language-selector but things have not been able to reset back to english https://picasaweb.google.com/107404068162388981296/UnknownAsianLanguage#570444301461961217809:04
Guillemalmoxarife, I'm trying to run an old executable which uses motif and it is 32bit.09:05
ServerSageiToast: I should clarify.  I wasn't implying it would be sdc, but that it will have a number after it.  /dev/sda0, /dev/sdb0, /dev/sdc0, etc…  If you can get to a shell (ctrl-alt-f1 or something) you can always run dmesg to see where it shoved the usb drive.09:05
almoxarifeGuillem: what specifically needs that dependency?09:06
Guillemalmoxarife, it is not an ubuntu package. It is an own code09:07
Kartagisardesia : Depends: binutils (< but is to be installed <--- what to do?09:07
dildohi guys09:08
iToasti rebootd and looked at the arguments that vmlinuz was given09:08
iToastIts mounting its self as cdrom09:08
almoxarife!info multiarch09:08
ubottuPackage multiarch does not exist in oneiric09:08
DXBLouie`hi everyone09:09
Guillemalmoxarife, question is I should be able to install both libxmu6 or libxmu6:i386. Shouldn't I?09:09
almoxarifeGuillem: have you installed multi-arch support?09:09
iToastServerSage, I hate the ubuntu installer.09:09
ServerSageiToast: I haven't actually had to install ubuntu in a few years.  :)09:10
* dildo slaps FloodBot2 around a bit with a large trout09:10
* dildo slaps FloodBot1 around a bit with a large trout09:10
* dildo slaps FloodBot3 around a bit with a large trout09:10
iToastServerSage, /dev/cdrom doesnt work.09:10
dildome against you three09:10
dildolets go09:10
iToastNor does cdrom or /cdrom -_-09:10
FloodBot1dildo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:10
* dildo slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
* dildo slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:10
* dildo slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
* dildo slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:10
* dildo slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
* fwee slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
* fwee slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:10
* fwee slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
* fwee slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:10
* fwee slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:10
FloodBot1fwee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:10
ServerSageiToast: Got a USB dvd drive laying around?  :)09:11
=== fwee is now known as cock
* cock slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
* cock slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:11
* cock slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
* cock slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:11
* cock slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
FloodBot1cock: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:11
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DXBLouie`how can i set the network interface speed to 100mbps permanently the proper way? i see ethtool does have a script in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/ethtool and i'm wondering if i can add the setting somewhere in the GUI as opposed to hardcoding it somewhere?09:11
stumbleuponhey guys whats going on in here09:11
iToastServerSage, i got no dvds09:11
* stumbleupon slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
* stumbleupon slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:11
* stumbleupon slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
* stumbleupon slaps redditalien around a bit with a large trout09:11
* stumbleupon slaps redditalien around a bit with a large salmon09:11
FloodBot1stumbleupon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:11
iToastima try again09:11
iToastSomeone get a op!09:11
iToastactually, il just get gry >_>09:12
taterheadOh shit09:12
ServerSageiToast: Can you boot to a shell?09:12
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!09:12
Ben64that works09:12
ServerSageI think they get it.09:12
iToastWhy aint they banning him...09:12
Ben64k-line = server ban09:12
iToastI know09:13
taterheadSo how about that wondows 809:13
bc81lol ^^09:13
taterheadi cant wait09:13
taterheadTo spend $15009:13
taterheadI mean pirate $15009:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:13
taterheadoh ok09:14
taterheadSO HP g60 with ubunto09:14
taterheadHow do i get wireless to work with it09:14
twitterhey guys09:14
twitterwhats going on in here09:15
taterheadHow do i get wireless to work with it09:15
Guillemalmoxarife, no, AFAIK. What is multi-arch support?09:15
=== twitter is now known as Guest23690
osseCan I ask a Ubuuntu Server-related question here? It seems #ubuntu-server is for the developers.09:15
ServerSageosse: Have at.09:16
justin______go nuts09:16
iToastcan anyone help me -_-09:17
iToastCan someone help09:17
iToastIm ready to smash my server to pieces.09:17
ServerSageiToast: Have you *tried* getting to a shell?09:17
iToastBefore you say it, its not the usb..09:17
iToastServerSage, Yes.09:18
Guillemalmoxarife, I see I've installed: "multiarch-support "and "ia32-libs-multiarch:386" but not "multiarch-support:i386"09:18
[deXter]iToast what's the issue sorry? (I just joined)09:18
iToastits suppost to be either /dev/cdrom or /cdrom09:18
iToastUbuntu's installer (the crap it is in 10.4.3) is requesting that i point it to the cdrom drivers.09:18
iToastIm booting from a usb.09:18
iToastAmazingly it knows were every file is on the usb, it can read the usb, but it requires the drivers...09:19
iToastFor a generic usb..09:19
adrian15I'm trying to make a chroot jail that works on Ubuntu 10.04. I've tried already 4 or 5 guides but none specific to Ubuntu Lucid. Any one has faced this same problem with a good howto to check? Thank you very much!09:19
[deXter]iToast, 10.4.3? O.o09:19
iToast11.10 is garbage.09:19
osseI just installed Ubuntu Server (big surprise! :P). When I got to the screen where I could choose to install certain services like OpenSSH or LAMP I pressed Enter to select OpenSSH. It instead jumped ahead to the next screen, presumably selecting no services to install. I guess I should have pressed Space. Can I somehow relaunch this wizard or get the same help? If no, is there anything this wizard would09:19
ossehave set up for me (e.g. conf files) that I miss out on by installing the packages manually?09:19
iToastIts hardware is non esistant.09:20
iToasthardware support*09:20
auronandace[deXter]: he means 10.04.3 so lucid09:20
[deXter]Is this an old computer or something?09:20
ServerSageosse: Installing them manually will do everything for you.09:20
[deXter]auronandace, yeah, LTS right09:20
iToastITs a thin client by wyse09:20
ServerSageosse: The wizard doesn't do anything special.  :)  Just apt-get install them after you are done installing the OS.09:20
[deXter]iToast, How exactly did you create the USB drive?09:21
iToastWhen I use YUMI the installer never works right unless its 11.1009:21
osseServerSage, exactly the awnswer I was hoping to get. Thanks!09:22
[deXter]iToast, exactly what do you mean by "never works right"? did you choose 10.04 from the list?09:22
ServerSageosse: Happy to help.09:22
Ben64osse: also, you were supposed to hit Space for each item in that list :)09:22
iToastdex yes, but it treats every 10.4 iso as a desktop, and then it doesnt boot correctly09:23
osseBen64, I learned that lesson half a second too late :P09:23
Ben64osse: :) but yeah, "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" will accomplish the same thing09:23
[deXter]iToast, can you paste the contents of your syslinux.cfg please?  (Use a pastebin)09:24
iToastdex, vmlinuz is mounting as /cdrom09:25
iToastI should be able to just use /dev/cdrom or /cdrom or cdrom...09:25
[deXter]iToast, please paste your .cfg file..09:26
mattwj2002hi guys09:26
ikoniaiToast: vmlinuz should never be mounted as /cfrom09:27
ServerSagemattwj2002: Don't be sexist, could be ladies in here too.  Hehe.09:27
mattwj2002I am looking for the best usb 802.11 abgn nic for that works without drivers09:27
ikoniaServerSage: don't be silly please.09:27
mattwj2002and ladies09:27
ikonia!hcl > mattwj200209:27
ubottumattwj2002, please see my private message09:27
iToastikonia, tell the dev of unetbootin that09:27
ejvosse: when you're finished installing, just `sudo apt-get install openssh-server`09:28
ikoniaiToast: many people use unetbootin without issue, so I doubt it's an application issue09:28
iToastikonia, :/09:29
osseejv, thanks I will.09:29
Chotazif I have a 25GB folder, what piece size should I set in mktorrent when creating a file?09:29
[deXter]iToast, I'm still waiting on your .cfg ..09:29
mattwj2002which ones are usb?09:29
osseMy plan is to set up a small Redmine codehostingbugtracker thingy09:30
ikoniamattwj2002: that's for you to research, not us09:30
mattwj2002thanks for the help09:31
Kartagisyesterday I had Dummy Output at sound properties. how do I fix it?09:31
[deXter]iToast, are you on / do you have access to a ubuntu machine already?09:31
ServerSageChotaz: Not really an ubuntu question.09:31
Kartagisxx4h: stop that09:32
iToastdex, no09:32
iToastIm ready to give up on ubuntu...09:32
parapanhello fellows > does anyone knows hot to transform a pdf into .doc or something to open with Open Office ???09:32
[deXter]iToast, Have you tried Universal USB Installer?09:32
iToastI've only come back to ubuntu because debian is HORRIBLE! with gameservers09:32
justin______what debian gameservers?09:33
iToastjustin______, sa-mp requires libstb++609:33
ejvplease spare us your professional annotations, they are irrelevant.09:33
iToastInstall that on debaib and you get a conflict error, then when it does work, sa-mp can't access the files...09:33
[deXter]iToast, http://live.learnfree.eu/download   <-- it specifically supports 10.04.3 so you might have better luck with it09:33
ServerSageparapan: Open pdf with OpenOffice, save as Doc.09:33
ServerSageparapan: Though you'll probably want to use LibreOffice.09:34
iToasti need that link again09:34
iToastThats the file09:34
ikoniaiToast: that's just a grub menu09:35
iToastwrong file...09:35
iToastwhat file again09:35
iToastwhat file did you guys want me to post...09:36
ikoniaI didn't ask you to post anything09:36
iToasti was asked by dexter...09:36
[deXter]iToast, that file looks fine09:37
parapanServerSage: it opens the document but I get only �œ#$,���E������#�##�~�#09:37
[deXter]iToast, I suggest you try that other tool - LiveUSB install09:37
=== xukun is now known as abdi-thuis
ServerSageparapan: Are you sure the PDF file is good?09:37
iToastlink again, like i asked...09:37
[deXter]iToast, http://live.learnfree.eu/support09:39
mattwj2002that link was no help09:39
parapanServerSage: well ...I don't have the original but a copy of this .....my guess is that they used Word and then printed as pdf file ...09:39
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:39
varikonniemihello, what software do you recommend to wipe a hdd clean before selling it? ATA secure erase command does nothing to the physcal data...09:40
ServerSageparapan: You may want to jump into the libreoffice IRC channel.  But if the PDF file is just an image in a pdf, you won't be able to do what you want to do.09:40
ejvvarikonniemi: dd09:40
jattyou cannot erase data from hard disks09:40
ikoniamattwj2002: you need to find the devices you want and research their linux compatability09:40
varikonniemiejv, isn't random write better than writing just 1:s09:40
parapanServerSage: k thanks a lot09:40
ejvvarikonniemi: use /dev/urandom09:41
ejvdo a few passes09:41
dud380varikonniemi: You can use DBAN09:41
iToastjatt, i can.09:41
ejvshould be "good enough"09:41
jattstill data can be recovered09:41
iToastjatt, Not if you use my method...09:41
dud380varikonniemi: http://www.dban.org/09:41
iToastjate recover data from a puddle of metal...09:41
ejvyou want to discuss data wiping, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic ;)09:41
jattlaw enforcement has ways to always get data from disks09:42
jattno matter what tool you use09:42
iToastjatt, thermite.09:42
iToastI dare you to recover data from a puddle of metal.09:42
iToastI DARE YOU09:42
* ejv taps mic, is this thing on?09:42
dud380jatt: DBAN writes random data to the HD, I think its secure enough09:42
[deXter]dd is all you need ;)09:43
=== mike_ is now known as Guest6359
varikonniemii don't want to take my system apart for this, so i think i prefer dd09:43
ServerSageI think I see a vein in ejv's neck starting to throb….hehe.09:43
jattyou would need more than dd against FBI's computer forensic laboratories09:44
ServerSage!ot | jatt09:44
ubottujatt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:44
varikonniemiso was it /dev/random or /dev/urandom ?09:44
ejvvarikonniemi: man page each, to learn the differences09:44
[deXter]Someone should program ubottu to automatically invite OT people to -offtopic... that channel is dead. :/09:46
ejvI have found people would rather stop talking about $OT_SUBJECT than join over there. Let's all move along now. :)09:47
* dud380 coding h4xx0r code09:49
* ikonia would like dud380 to not do pointless /me commands09:49
* dud380 lol09:49
* ikonia isn't laughing09:49
JjonHello, how do I make archive manager recognise XPI?09:50
iToastAlbino peacock.09:50
iToastDefeats the point of the peacock..09:50
ikoniaJjon: xpi ? as in java installer ?09:50
ikoniaiToast: what are you talking about ?09:50
iToastIm watching a video :p09:50
iToastand its true09:50
ikoniaiToast: ok - then don't talk about it in here09:50
iToastikonia, Hater >_>09:50
Jjonikonia: I just need to open the package up to use some files from it, it's a plugin thing for firefox.09:51
ikoniaJjon: ahhh, I honestly don't know if you can do that09:52
ikoniaJjon: xpi java packages you certainly can't09:52
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
JjonThe instructions on the website state that you can, and I remember doing it before, I had to download some stuff for the archive manager with the terminal?09:53
varikonniemiok, that dd /dev/urandom write is way too slow for being usable09:53
ServerSageJjon: I think api files are just zip files with an xpi extension (as long as they aren't java packages).09:53
ServerSagevarikonniemi: Wiping a drive bit by bit is going to be slow.09:53
varikonniemiyeah it does 9.xM, dev/zero does 119M09:54
ServerSageJjon:Have you tried just changing it from .xpi to .zip for giggles?  It can't hurt, could be fun even.09:54
JjonOne second.09:54
JjonThank-you guys09:57
ServerSageJjon: So that worked?09:57
bc81hey all, at one point in my bash script i make a zenity info window; is there a way to make that spawn on top of all other windows?09:57
JjonIt worked just fine09:58
varikonniemihow do i get the opposite of /dev/zero ? like /dev/one :D09:58
ServerSageJjon: I mean, of course it worked.  I knew that.  Hehe.09:58
dagerikI have a bash_aliases, but they are unreachable from sudo. How can I make aliases available to also sudo?09:58
andynvarikonniemi: well, by definition a /dev/!zero would output anything from 1 to 25509:59
ServerSagedagerik: You'd have to put those aliases into root's bashrc, or in the system bashrc.10:01
=== tnm is now known as kubanc
=== milligan is now known as java__
andynbtw, for some reason changing to this window takes two seconds in irssi10:02
dagerikServerSage: Okay. How if I want to make them available in make files? Same problem there10:02
ServerSagedagerik: Or, you can alias sudo like so:  alias sudo='sudo '10:02
ServerSagedagerik: Though I do not know the security ramifications of doing so.10:02
JjonShould I run a firewall, or is it not too needed?10:03
bc81nevermind, i figured it out: http://wp.shaibn.com/how-to-help-zenity-to-get-focus-and-be-always-on-top10:03
ServerSagedagerik: The aliases need to be available to the user running the make files.  If they are using sudo, then you need to make the aliases available to root.  Using the "alias sudo='sudo ' above will accomplish this.10:04
dagerikServerSage: I am using an alias called alert, in my make file. But it will not run: alert lolzzzz # gcc -Wall hello.c -o hello10:06
dagerik/bin/sh: alert: not found10:06
ServerSagedagerik: Ok….and did you read anything that I said above?10:06
dagerikServerSage: yes10:07
boo4androidhello i need help on how to install ubuntu on android samsung galaxy y10:08
[deXter]boo4android, Lets just say it's nearly impossible.10:09
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
ikonianot going to happen10:10
ServerSagedagerik: Not sure what to tell you.  If you run make as the same user that has the alias, it should work.10:10
hydrox24iToast: you could just write to the disk 37 times with random data then swipe it with a supermagnet :)10:10
ServerSageboo4android: Because Samsung didn't make it easy?10:10
boo4androidx_x so it is impossible10:11
[deXter]boo4android, well first of all the Galaxy Y is a non-popular obscure device.. you'll have to mess with the bootloader, then get the right drivers, compile stuff around, prepare your own initrd, write startup and init scripts10:11
JjonServerSage: the volume control does not work, is that bug known?10:11
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
ServerSageJjon: That's a pretty out of the blue question.  :)  Do you get sound?10:11
JjonServersage: I do get sound, I just can not lower it, and it's blowing my ears.10:12
[deXter]boo4android, if you really want Ubuntu on a portable device, you could sell your Galaxy Y and buy an HTC HD2.. There are quite a few tutorials online on how to load Ubuntu onto it10:12
JjonServersage: I can lower it with the youtube volume knob, but not with the computers.10:12
boo4android@dexter which samsung phone is posssible and i got it rooted already10:12
ikoniaboo4android: do you have an ubuntu support question ?10:13
ServerSageJjon: Do you have a little speaker icon in your tray?10:13
[deXter]boo4android, Perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic is a better channel to discuss this.. why don't you join me there?10:13
JjonServerSage: I do.10:14
ServerSageJjon: And when you click on that do you get a slider?  If so, does that slider let you change the volume?10:14
bc81hey, is there a way to close specific nautilus windows from the terminal?10:14
JjonServersage: The slider does nothing, I can even mute it and it's still the same.10:14
ServerSageJjon: Well that is fun.  Open up the mixer and see if anything in there works.10:15
=== prateek is now known as Guest22352
BigWillyou speak frech10:16
ShwaiilQ: Do  Alienware M17x Laptops suport Ubuntu ? Thanks for looking10:16
scarleoboo4android, check this out: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.appbuilder.u14410p30729&feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLmFwcGJ1aWxkZXIudTE0NDEwcDMwNzI5Il0.10:16
jnslHi, what is the name of the default Archive manager in ubuntu?10:16
oCean!fr | BigWill10:16
ubottuBigWill: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:16
pra7eek_jnsl Synaptic10:17
ServerSageShwaiil: I think you mean does Ubuntu support M17x laptops, and yes it does.10:17
jnsli mean when i right click eg. a zip file and extract it, the gui application that dose that?10:17
ShwaiilServerSage: thanks a lot for looking, I really appreciate it. So, I wont have any issues installing it on that machine right ? I can probably have dual boot win7 / ubuntu ?! tks10:18
MuSha azzurra server?10:18
bc81jnsl: file-roller10:18
scarleojnsl, fileroller10:18
jnslok thanks a bunch =)10:18
scarleojnsl, file-roller is correct :)10:18
JjonServersage: It doesn't, for example Audacious doesn't let me either, but gnome MPlayer does let me.10:18
ServerSageShwaiil: I make no promises.  :)  But I just got rid of my m17x and had been running Ubuntu on it without issue.  Yes you can dual boot.10:18
ServerSageJjon: What sound card do you have?10:18
bc81i'm looking for a way to close specific windows from the terminal...any ideas?10:19
JjonServersage: Motherboard10:19
grummundHi, how does ubuntu allocate order or /dev/ttyUSB{0,1,2,..} if the devices are already plugged in at boot time?10:19
ServerSageJjon: Which chipset?  If you open a terminal you can run lspci to find out.10:19
ShwaiilServerSage: you got rid of m17x, found a better alternative ? I need it because of the graphic card, and looks like a good computer for 2d , 3d work , video, etc10:19
invincibledroidi need help on gedit10:20
bc81for example i'd like to close a nautilus window from the terminal that has navigated to /home/bc81/some/folder    any suggestions?10:20
invincibledroidanyone please help10:20
ServerSageShwaiil: Diddn't say I found a better alternative, just rotated laptops.10:20
bc81ask away invincibledroid10:20
Jjonserversage: It's just silicon integrated systems sis7012.10:20
invincibledroidhow to make my external tool language sensitive in gedit10:20
ShwaiilServerSage: sure, thanks :)10:20
invincibledroidall my external tools is applicable to all languages now10:20
invincibledroidanyway to create a new language context for a new language10:21
m_tadeuhi...I'm trying to use mysqldbexport, but I'm getting the following error "ImportError: No module named mysql.utilities". How can I solve this?10:21
bc81invincibledroid: no idea, have you looked at creating a keyboard layout maybe?10:21
invincibledroidi suspect the external tool is buggy or not fully inplemented10:22
invincibledroidvery little documentation available online10:22
ServerSageJjon: Hmmm, I'm surprised none of the sliders in the mixer worked.10:22
JjonServerSage: Okay, I have to go now, thanks for your concern.10:23
bc81invincibledroid: what tool(s)?  maybe you want to look into keyboard layout options?10:23
_Ethan_which editor should i use for editing python ?10:25
_Ethan_or which one would you recommend me10:25
ServerSage_Ethan_: That's a question to start a flame war.  :)  Are you looking for just an editor, or an IDE?10:26
ServerSage_Ethan_: And really, this is a questions for #phython10:26
tdgunes_Ethan_: vim :)10:26
_Ethan_ServerSage,  ok10:26
ztanetrying to use gnome-panel in 11.10 (no, unity does not work, too buggy), but seems that the battery power applet is broken, clicking on the battery icon does nothing?10:27
pra7eek_pager is not working for my KDE. I try to drag the widget to a panel or the desktop but it doesn't appear there. Please help.10:27
_Ethan_editor and ide10:27
_Ethan_thanks tdgunes  :)10:27
ztaneany ideas?10:27
ztanei do remember it working differently before, eg there was context menu10:27
ServerSage_Ethan_: For an editor, vim.  I agree with tdgunes there.  For an IDE Komodo Edit is pretty nice.10:27
tdgunes_Ethan_: python coders don't use ides to much, by the way10:28
ztanewell, i use eclipse+pydev occasionally10:28
ServerSagetdgunes: That's a rather bold, and all encompassing, statement.10:28
ztanefor python, it has nice functionalities such as spotting incorrectly written variables10:28
bc81ztane: have a look: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65981/how-can-i-get-gnome-panel-in-ubuntu-11-1010:29
tdgunesServerSage: I don't believe in IDE's after I left Visual Studio :)10:29
ztanebut most of the time eclipse lags too much and i end up using whatever editor10:29
ztanetdgunes: pfft10:29
ztanetdgunes: visualstudio 6, .net user here :P10:30
tdgunesztane: It was long time ago :)10:30
ServerSagetdgunes: We are getting way -offtopic here, but just because you no long use, or believe in, an IDE doesn't mean all of the python community feels the same.10:30
_Ethan_ServerSage,  i thought about geany too10:31
fasadi once tried onscreen keyboard, ever since then it always starts everytime i log in, how can i disable it permanently?10:31
ztaneok, seems the gnome-apnel etc is a no-go10:31
_Ethan_do you recommend me any vim tutorial by the way ?10:31
ztaneso how can i get my unity fixed? :D taskbar missing sometimes, stupid sidebar pops up everytime something says something in skype, alttab does not show windows, fullscreen windows disappear fromn taborder, etc etc... :D10:32
ServerSage_Ethan_: I've never used geany, so no opinion here.  As for a vim tut, I honestly don't know of any off the top of my head.  A quick google search returned some results though.  *shrug*10:32
tdgunes_Ethan_: vim is not easy to use when you first try. if you are looking for an easy one for now use gedit, kwrite.10:33
tdgunes_Ethan_: for small scripts, nano can help too :)10:33
bc81fasad: you might check system > preferences > assistive technologies10:33
fasadbc81: hmm. switche doff the keyboard there. will see if that works #next time i log in10:35
_Ethan_thanks a lot for your kind help10:35
bc81fasad: ok, if that doesn't work, have a look in your startup applications: system > preferences > startup applications10:36
pookycan anyone suggest a channel for help with a regex10:37
ztanepooky: context?10:37
ztanepooky: that is regex, where :D10:37
pookyin bash10:38
pookyI'm trying to do \(x\|y\)10:38
pookybut it doesn't work10:38
ztane#bash? :P10:38
pookyif I do \(x\)10:38
ztaneor you mean you run grep in bash? :D10:39
fasadbc81: your all instructions assume i'm using GNOME.10:39
pookyusng find10:39
fasadbc81: i'm on unity10:39
ztanepooky: then it is not bash :P10:40
bc81fasad: *sigh* your questions assume (but i need to get updated, still using 10.10 ;)10:40
ztanepooky: seems the find regex uses "emacs" format by default10:40
fasadbc81: well precise is just around the corner :)10:41
ztanepooky: could be that you should not escape \|10:41
bc81fasad: hehe, i'm stubborn.  i still run 5.04 (hoary) on an old vaio laptop10:42
ztanepooky: try \(x|y\) or try -regextype posix-basic10:42
ztanepooky: hmm, atually \| should work as "or" in regex10:43
fasadbc81: whoa !10:43
g105bIs it possible to remove the passphrases from a public key without having to redistribute the key to where it's used?10:45
ServerSageg105b: No, not that I know of.  I'm pretty sure that is not possible.10:47
ServerSageg105b: You pretty much have to make a new key without a passphrase and redistribute it.10:47
g105bServerSage: that's what I thought. ok thanks10:47
winnie667hello! i've never really understood the "bind to adress" option which appears in several services. In the /etc/config/mpd.conf file, will this work? ;   interfaces = eth0 eth1 eth2 wifi0 wifi110:51
bc81oh yea, i figured out my last question above; you can close specific windows using wmctrl -c NAME :)10:52
winnie667is i do instead:   ;   interfaces = will that mean that any machine on the local network be able to acess the samba share regardless of interface?10:52
_ruben127.0.0.0/8 covers localhost, not the local network10:53
winnie667so for lan10:53
winnie667or =10:53
winnie667and if i skip naming an interface, any interface will do10:54
Rods_Tigerwhat can I run in ubuntu which will get the computer working hard? This office is freezing cold, maybe the computer can help warm it up if it's left being overdriven with no user intervention.10:54
winnie667Rods_Tiger: cpuburn :)10:55
Rods_Tigeraha - thanks10:55
winnie667That is NOT recommended10:55
winnie667i hope you were joking10:55
Rods_Tigerit was just recommended just now10:55
Rods_Tigermake your mind up10:56
winnie667if it's not your computer, go ahead10:56
=== basso_ is now known as basso
Rods_Tigernot my computer10:56
Rods_Tigerand I'm freezing10:56
winnie667i think there are programs to donate processing power to different projects10:56
Rods_Tigerok, other than cpuburn?10:57
_Ethan_i am reading this10:57
_Ethan_how should i do this?10:57
winnie667_Ethan_: #python10:58
winnie667will probably be of more help to you10:58
d00de_Ethan: why would you want to do that for?10:58
_Ethan_d00de,  i am reading that in a script10:58
_Ethan_and i dont know the purpose10:59
SilentDrgnGood morning everybody.10:59
d00deit doesn't have purpose11:00
tomek_who knows any gui tool for managing services in ubuntu?11:00
SilentDrgnHow stable is the Ubuntu 12.04 beta?11:00
ikoniaSilentDrgn: not stable, it's a beta11:01
bc81tomek_: there is BUM11:01
d00detomek_: Services can be configured by clicking System -> Administration -> Services. A tool called Boot-Up Manager is also available.11:01
Rods_Tigerthis is a core2duo, which one of these do I run? burnBX, burnK6, burnK7, burnMMX, burnP5, burnP611:01
winnie667if i simply remove "ocal-filesystems and net-device-up"   from:    start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up)      in /etc/init/smbd.conf             will that simply stop samba from autostarting unless "service smbd start" is executed?11:02
SilentDrgnUnderstandable. I've seen some solid betas and then some disasters. Curious how far along this was.11:02
_rahmat_hi everyone. i'm using quickly in ubuntu 10.04 and following video tutorial in http://developer.ubuntu.com everything work fine, until I type quickly package, quickly get error with error message "An error has occured during package building ERROR: package command failed Aborting" here is screenshot of quickly http://paste.ubuntu.com/826217/ . Any idea? thanks11:02
=== winnie667 is now known as winnie666
Rods_TigerI'm running burnBX but it's only running one core. Same as burnMMX and burnP611:06
Rods_Tigeroh well, I'll just run burnBX until the place heats up to an acceptable level.11:07
bc81Rods_Tiger: are you serious?  do some pushups ;P11:08
d00deRods_Tiger: try Mprime11:08
Rods_Tigermprime? OK11:08
d00deyup, it should give some decent work to those cores :D11:09
_Ethan_a dot before the file name indicates hidden archie?11:09
_Ethan_like .bashrc+11:09
_Ethan_like .bashrc11:09
FloodBot1_Ethan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:09
d00dedot before file indicates hidden file11:10
Rods_Tigermprime doesn't work, I type ecm but it wants arguments, but the --help doesn't say what to type.11:10
_Ethan_d00de, thanks11:12
_Ethan_how could i see them in terminal ?11:12
d00dels -alh11:12
ksinkarwhat driver is nearest to the cannon MF4320 series for ubuntu?11:12
d00deRods_Tiger: here's a tarball11:14
d00dejust extract it and run Mprime11:14
almoxarifeksinkar: http://www.ubun2.com/question/387/canon_mf4350d_laser_printer_64bit_driver_ubuntu_or_linux11:16
g105bWhat are the segments of an IP address called? - what is 105? is it an octal?11:16
oCeang105b: octet, but note there is ##networking for such specific questions11:18
g105bok thanks11:19
bc81g105b: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot-decimal_notation#IPv4_address11:20
wookienzhow can i tell what codec an avi fle has been encoded in?11:23
icerootwookienz: maybe "file filename.avi"11:24
TheUser_hi guys could anyone gaz why my fresh ubuntu 11.10 instatalltion , updated, freez the mouse courser ?11:25
wookienziceroot: yeah doubt that one.11:25
bc81wookienz: you can use mediainfo for that11:28
wookienzthanks. found that vlc supports fourcc details11:29
Savvisanyone heard of Hiawatha?11:30
Tomieanyone know where ZLIB is installed to? the path to ZLIB? i'm installing something and getting "specify zlib directory"11:31
osseI just installed Ubuntu Server but I can't connect to the internet. I can tell from the LEDs that the link is up and there is traffic. I suspect that it is some kind of Windows domain controller thingy that is blocking me. How can I go about finding out if this is in fact the case?11:32
Chotaz_I have 2 folders on my desktop: "bak" and "bak2", each of them as a number of folders inside, I want to move all the folders that are inside "bak2" from there to "bak", how can I accomplish so via terminal?11:33
=== mike_ is now known as Guest7186
solofightpeople i screwed my desktop by changing some settings. Now there is no title bar present in any of the windows which is getting opened. How do i completely remove my gnome and reinstall it ?11:33
speshChotaz, mv bak2/* bak/11:37
speshsolofight, did you mess about with compizconfig-settings-manager11:37
solofightyes - i think so11:37
speshOpen a terminal Ctrl-Alt-T11:38
solofightspesh, instead of reinstalling the same version i though il install the latest one11:38
solofightwas reading http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-GNOME-3-on-Ubuntu-11-04-194085.shtml11:38
speshand type unity --reset11:38
solofightwhat do you say ?11:38
speshsolofight, are you using gnome-shell11:40
solofightspesh, yes i opened gnome-terminal11:40
speshno, gnome-shell instaed of unity?11:40
solofightspesh, hwo do i check it ?11:41
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
speshsolofight, log out and click the cog wheel thing next to your username, choose ubuntu and log in11:41
speshis the problem still there11:41
solofightspesh yes i did that11:41
Myrtti!gnome3 | solofight, you are aware that Gnome3 is not supported in 11.0411:42
ubottusolofight, you are aware that Gnome3 is not supported in 11.04: GNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.11:42
dr_willisthey really should make that cog more obvious. 90% of the login screen is just empty space11:42
bonhoefferi can't remove my ssh identity with ssh-add -d11:43
dr_willisif you want gnome shell you definatly want the latest ubuntu.11:43
solofightdr_willis, so a dist upgrade will do ?11:44
bonhoefferi get Identity removed: ../../id_rsa but it is still there11:44
bonhoefferis there a better room for ssh questions?11:44
dr_willis i akways do a clean install solofight11:45
solofightdr_willis, you mean you delete the existing and install from the new image ? ! ! !  WHat about all your softwares, documents and other stuff ?11:45
dr_willissolofight:  you can upgrade to the later releases11:45
dr_willissolofight: mt /home is on its own partition11:46
justin______yes a clean install is more stable11:46
dr_willistrivial foe me to do a clean install11:46
justin______dr_willis, ur /home is on its own partition? are u kidding, how do u pull that off? lol11:46
dr_willistakes about an hr11:46
justin______i never even thought of that :)11:47
justin______and what about reinstalling11:47
justin______u have to do it per install?11:47
dr_willismy home is actually on its own 3tb hd.11:47
justin______per clean install?11:47
justin______yeah i figured u'd throw it on your own drive11:47
justin______its quite genious in some ways actually11:47
dr_willishome on its iwn part. is commonplace11:47
solofightdr_willis, not that technically knowledgeable i am - can you please explain more ? if i copy the entiire /home from here and paste it after installing new version - then i get back all my stuff ?11:47
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving11:47
solofightdr_willis, what about installed softwares ? i have so much stuff distributed like in /var/ and /opt/ ...etc11:48
solofighthow do i get them up together ?11:48
dr_willisi just  tell the installer where my home is at. and to not format it. rather trivial to do11:49
dr_willissolofight: what stuff exactly11:49
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:49
solofightdr_willis, developed web applications which are at /var11:50
solofightand tools like jmeter at /opt11:50
dr_willisback it up. restore11:50
solofighthow do i back up apache, mysql, ..etc ?11:51
solofightall seperately ?11:51
ikoniasolofight: the content or the applications ?11:51
dr_willisyou coult put /opt on its own part. :-)11:51
solofightikonia, both11:51
icerootsolofight: mysql with mysqldump, apache with a backup of your files e.g. in /var/www/11:51
ikoniasolofight: well, I don't see ap oint in backing up the actual applications11:51
dr_willisno ned tobackup the apps.11:51
solofighticeroot, configurations11:51
dr_willisreinstall them11:51
ikoniasolofight: but the content just tar up the content and mysqldump as iceroot said the databases11:51
solofightdr_willis, ouch reinstall all apps !11:52
icerootsolofight: /etc/mysql/my.cnf and /etc/apache2/*11:52
solofightwhy do you people say fresh install is better ?11:52
dr_willissolofight:  trivial for me . see that !clone factoid11:52
icerootsolofight: only some do, fresh install is not needed if you want a newer ubuntu version11:52
dr_willisi see too many upgrade ussues in here daily..11:53
icerootsolofight: but a backup is always a good idea (not only for upgrade)11:53
NaeblisHi. It seems Ubuntu has stopped recognizing my router and sound cards. I had recently updated using a new sources.list that someone here provided me(mine had security disabled, I think). Any ideas?11:53
icerootdr_willis: mostly because they do strange ppa stuff on there system11:53
solofightdr_willis, yeah saw that - but too complex to understand for me :(11:53
icerootdr_willis: default systems should not have issues on upgrade (its tested during an alpha/beta phase)11:53
dr_willisi beta test a LOT. so a clean install helps me clean house also11:54
icerootdr_willis: thats correct11:54
solofightdr_willis, can you please exaplin the !clone factiod ?11:54
icerooti guess my systems is gone from 10.04 to 12.04 though every release11:55
S-Iwinning streak :D11:55
dr_willissolofight:  it makes a file list of your instslled apps you reinstall from11:55
icerootS-I: no need that here11:55
RadiumCathello, i'm looking for an image viewer that has the ability to fetch image from a direct URL link to the image, instead of opening the browser everytime someone posts an image link on IRC. is there any such tool out there? :)11:55
icerootRadiumCat: shotwell can do that (imo) but its not primary a viewer, more of a collection11:56
dr_willisRadiumCat:  script one in your irc client. :-)11:56
RadiumCaticeroot: thanks kindly :)11:56
RadiumCatdr_willis: i use weechat :p11:56
dr_willisshouldbe easy then11:57
icerootthen you love the shell and scripting :)11:57
RadiumCatindeed :)11:57
dr_willisthe tinyurl scripts for weechat maybe a good starting point11:58
RadiumCatinteresting, i think i have it installed11:58
RadiumCatwill have a look11:58
dr_willisi use weechat but dont code mych11:59
mrgaddyhey people, what do u think about raspberry pi?11:59
_Ethan_i am reading things like "Make sure that zpu-elf-gcc is in your $PATH."11:59
RadiumCatok i have to go :)11:59
dr_willismrgaddy:  i want 3...11:59
_Ethan_is it $PATH bash language ?11:59
MarezzAnyone here using shutter?12:00
dr_willisits a bash variable12:00
dr_willisecho $PATH12:00
mehrdadyo u guys brag too much about linux stability that it makes u look silly12:03
mehrdadit jsut fuckung crashed12:03
oCeanmehrdad: control your language here, please12:03
dr_willismehrdad:  so ....12:03
mehrdadand i lost things that i cant get back right now12:03
mehrdadand i am in a hurry right now12:03
mehrdadgive me a solution12:03
oCeanmehrdad: I don't think that attitude is going to help you here12:04
dr_willislearn to save every 5 min12:04
mehrdadthe piece of shit terminal has no save feature12:04
mehrdadok politeness?12:04
dr_williswonder what he lost then...12:05
mehrdadok the terminal lost all the history12:05
mehrdadwhat do i do?12:05
dr_willisyou mean your bash history?12:05
mehrdadit was important enough anyway for me to rage out12:05
mehrdadyes bash12:05
mehrdadit crashed and everything went away on the terminal12:06
cromagso when you write "history" everything is gone ?12:06
mehrdadhow can i get it back politely?12:06
dr_willisits in ram untill bash exits and saves it to disk i think12:06
mehrdadheh awesome then12:06
Naeblisso uhh, I'll try again.12:06
NaeblisHi. It seems Ubuntu has stopped recognizing my router and sound cards. I had recently updated using a new sources.list that someone here provided me(mine had security disabled, I think). Any ideas?12:06
dr_willisbe carefull when running several terminals also12:07
dr_willishistory file is shared i recall12:07
dr_willistypescript command can log a bash session if you want a perment record of it.12:08
virtuapostahi all..!! how to change user password from client machine? what command to use to change the user password getting authenticated against openldap?12:09
bonhoefferany idea how to remove an ssh identity in ubuntu?12:09
bonhoefferssh-add -d doesn't do it12:09
iceroot!work | bonhoeffer12:11
ubottubonhoeffer: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:11
bonhoefferssh-add -D reports: All identities removed. ssh-add -l shows all identities still there, iceroot12:12
mehrdadi can't get the command back now anyway, it was an rdesktop ip address, is it logged anywhere?12:12
=== leon is now known as Guest32398
mehrdadby any chance?12:12
mehrdadis it in the firewall log for instance?12:14
[twisti]hi, i have a folder where all files look like this in ll/ln -s12:14
[twisti]-????????? ? ? ? ?                ? configuration.txt12:14
[twisti]-????????? ? ? ? ?                ? custom-lightings.txt12:14
[twisti]-????????? ? ? ? ?                ? custom-perspectives.txt12:14
EdwardIIIif i commit to ubuntu 10.x LTS am i going to get attacked from the back soon - it must be coming up to time for another LTS release?12:14
bluenemohi guys, i've just installed gfxboot but i cant find the executable.. its not in path and wont show up on locate (after updatedb)..12:15
oCeanEdwardIII: next april release Precise/12.04 will be LTS12:15
mehrdadwhere is the firewall log saved? :/;12:16
scruff /var/log12:18
EdwardIIIwhat's the general feeling about ubuntu LTS on a server?12:19
mehrdadscruff: file name?12:20
icerootEdwardIII: if you want ubuntu then lts is the best for a server12:20
oCeanEdwardIII: LTS in server edition comes with 5 years of support12:20
fidelEdwardIII: works fine here12:20
oCeanEdwardIII: specific server support/discussion is in channel #ubuntu-server though12:20
icerootEdwardIII: if you want a ultra-stable system (with older software) i guess having a look at debian stable is a good idea too12:20
EdwardIIIah OK12:20
EdwardIIIwell i want something with at least python 2.7 out of the box12:20
mehrdadufw scruff ?12:21
iceroot!info python lucid12:21
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.6.5-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 144 kB, installed size 640 kB12:21
iceroot!info python2.7 lucid12:21
ubottuPackage python2.7 does not exist in lucid12:21
icerootEdwardIII: only 2.6 on 10.0412:21
Chotaz_!info python2.7 oneiric12:22
ubottupython2.7 (source: python2.7): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.2-5ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 2508 kB, installed size 9692 kB12:22
mehrdadscruff: where is it? what's the file name? ufw.log is empty12:22
scruffmehrdad, what firewall software are you using?12:23
oCeanEdwardIII: 12.04 will come with 2.712:23
mehrdadwhat comes built in12:23
oCeanmehrdad: by default the firewall is disabled12:23
mehrdadnooo :(12:23
icerootEdwardIII: 12.04 is the next lts release, ready in april 201212:24
icerootEdwardIII: on a server (reachable through the internet) i would suggest only use ubuntu lts or debian stable12:24
mehrdadso i am screwed :|12:24
Chotaz_No SSL on ubuntu's website?12:25
mehrdadwhy is it disabled anyway?12:25
icerootChotaz_: why need ssl there?12:25
crizzywhy would there be ssl?12:25
mehrdadoCean: no chance the ip is saved somewhere?12:25
crizzywaste of bandwidth, browsers don't cache items over ssl12:25
MerlynKorrcan a person install debian onto a usb stick and have it install on the computer it was downloaded from?12:25
icerootChotaz_: you only need ssl if you have logins like the ubuntu forums, launchpad and so on12:26
icerootMerlynKorr: #debian12:26
krisediceroot hy man. Thanks for all your help the past days. i FINALLY found the problem. or rather a solution.. ive been removing lightDm for GDM but that made my remastersys crash. However keeping LightDM works perfectly12:26
oCeanmehrdad: you are looking for an ipaddress you used in a command earlier? If you lost your command history, there's no other record of it12:26
icerootkrised: nice to hear12:26
MerlynKorrty iceroot.12:26
MerlynKorras well, i had a problem that was assisted by one of you guys and i wanted to thank you all and recognize for that assistance so, thanks...12:28
MerlynKorrit was really appreciated...12:29
MerlynKorrsee ya guys.12:30
krisediceroot uhmm i know its more a #bash question but do you know how to direct keyboard input into a variable ? im listing some options in a script and the user has to pick from 1-9 and i need to have that input select an options based on number.12:31
EdwardIIIi've mostly used centos before, but it's a pain - i always have to compile a custom perl and a custom python12:32
EdwardIIIbecause the packages are just so damn old12:32
icerootkrised: hm, i think something with read but i dont know, sorry12:33
icerootkrised: maybe #bash12:33
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prabuvathurhello all, salam sejahtera12:35
Pumpkin-yeah, just read VARIABLE12:35
Pumpkin-ie. read FOO<enter>BAR<enter>echo $FOO<enter> produces BAR12:36
prabuvathurkok sepi yah12:36
theadminprabuvathur: English here, please.12:37
EdwardIIIi guess 2.7 is a lot better than centos' 2.412:38
aserver irc.efnet.pl12:39
EdwardIII2.6 rather12:40
SteamopunkHaving some trouble getting MySQL started on 11.10. http://paste.ubuntu.com/826275/12:40
bytesofbinaryI haven't run my computer for 3 days. And now after I boot up, Ubuntu has become very slow due to no reason and Fedora doesn't boot?12:41
justin______bytesofbinary, sounds like it could be a hard drive problem,12:42
theadminbytesofbinary: Damaged hard drive?12:42
justin______3 days non use, corrosion, dust, keep it on12:42
bytesofbinaryHow do I know if its a damaged hard drive? Its not giving the disk fail warning12:42
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - define doesn't boot12:43
ikoniabytesofbinary: you need to give us info12:43
mehrdadrun Windows for the same time period byoungmn12:43
mehrdadsorry bytesofbinary12:43
justin______u could run an fsck12:43
ikoniajustin______: why - what will that do for him ?12:43
CuliforgeI installed a Geforce 8400gs and now my 10.04 won't boot, is there any wisdom here?12:44
justin______check and repair the linux file system12:44
justin______if needed12:44
ikoniajustin______: who says it's got a problem ?12:44
justin______plus the heads will clean the dirt off a bit12:44
bytesofbinaryI checked the fedora filesystem and it says clean12:44
ikoniajustin______: it's performing "slow" and Fedora won't boot12:44
ikoniabytesofbinary: what's the actual issue12:44
bytesofbinaryikonia: doesn't boot means it gets stuck at the "F" boot screen12:44
theadminjustin______: ikonia is right, there is absolutely no reason for fsck'ing the drive if it boots... Speed has nothing to do with filesystem sanity at all12:44
justin______there's no diagnosis yet, this is just a try12:45
ikoniabytesofbinary: turn off the boot splash and see what's going on12:45
justin______for the fedora machine its possible12:45
justin______fedora partition12:45
ikoniajustin______: trying random things for no reason is not how to resolve an issue12:45
bytesofbinaryikonia: everything goes fine as expected, and when its supposed to display gdm, it says something about about virtualbox kernel modules succesfully loaded and just sits there12:46
justin______educated guess ykno12:46
justin______its got me out of hot spots12:46
justin______just sayin12:46
ikoniajustin______: no it didn't12:46
ikoniajustin______: he's explained the problem - fsck will do nothing12:46
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - and what about the ubuntu boot ?12:46
theadminbytesofbinary: Virtualbox? Are you running it in virutalbox?12:46
justin______alright, sorry matt12:47
bytesofbinaryikonia: ubuntu boot goes well, but its become very VERY slow, like when I run sudo apt-get update. It takes 20 mins to finish updating a SINGLE package12:47
bytesofbinarytheadmin: No. I have Vbox installed12:47
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, we need to sort your definitions out12:47
leifwwhat debugging or logging things can I install or enable to diagnose random lockups/crashes?12:48
theadminbytesofbinary: Is everything slow, or just APT?12:48
ikoniabytesofbinary: 1.) "slow" needs to be explained, is it network slow, slow moving the mouse around, slow to process tasks ?12:48
leifwthat is, entire system lockups/crashes12:48
quiescensif you suspect drive failure or near failure you could boot a livecd and check the drive's SMART readings, but they may or may not indicate anything useful (rather, if it says bad things then it probably could be drive related, but if it doesn't, it doesn't neccesarily mean it isn't drive related)12:48
* quiescens shrugs.12:48
bytesofbinaryikonia: slow means slow processing tasks.12:48
mehrdadwhy did my system crash anyway?! :/12:48
ikoniabytesofbinary: can you give me an example of a task it's slow processing ?12:48
bytesofbinarytheadmin: apps are slow. display is fine12:48
mehrdadi wasnt doing any serious low-level stuff12:48
mehrdadjust a few terminals and a rdesktop session12:49
leifwonly happens during intensive cpu/gpu work, don't think it's drives12:49
mehrdadsuddenly thr keyboard stopped working12:49
leifwI'd like at least to see if the kernel prints anything like a bug or panic12:49
subb1 hi all. reading "partition mounting" and related sections, have a doubt.12:49
bytesofbinaryikonia: suppose I open update manager and there's 1 package updte of 50KB, it took me 20 mins for updating that!! Another example would be libreoffice, menus show up a long time after I press them etc.12:49
mehrdadand after a ctrl-alt-f1 and back to gui, it crashed12:50
subb1what setting makes usb drives and cdrom to get automounted? at the moment they are plugged in? I use lucid.12:50
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - can you please open a terminal (are you comfortable doing that ?)12:50
leifwwhen it does this, I can't get to a tty or ssh in at all12:50
bytesofbinaryikonia: yea sure12:50
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, open a terminal and type "top"12:50
PharaohHello everyone.12:50
ikoniabytesofbinary: let me know when you are ready12:51
bytesofbinaryikonia: did12:51
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok press "1" you should see the number of CPU's increase in the list12:51
ikoniabytesofbinary: can you see that you should have cpu0 cpu1 etc listed12:51
bytesofbinaryikonia: yea 4 cpus listed12:51
ikoniabytesofbinary: great, so next to them you should see %us yes/no ?12:52
mehrdadis kde more stable than unity?12:52
=== Culiforge is now known as cul_away
ikoniamehrdad: no12:52
bytesofbinaryikonia: there is no yes or no here :O12:52
mehrdadbecause i am can witness it is faulty12:52
ikoniabytesofbinary: I meant can you see %us next to each CPU yes or no12:53
bytesofbinaryikonia: sorry. misread. yes I do.12:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 648180 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity is not an adequate replacement for Gnome2 (and sucks a little bit less then it used to)" [Undecided,Opinion]12:53
leifwso, panic and BUG kernel messages, where are they sent?12:53
bytesofbinaryikonia: usage seems okay. ~3% now12:53
ikoniabytesofbinary: great, that is the ammount of CPU in use, bellow that you should see a line saying "mem" and then a line next to that saying "free"12:53
mehrdadikonia: the keyboard didnt work in gui12:54
ikoniabytesofbinary: thats ok - just confirm you can see the memory lines and we'll do some quick high level tests12:54
ikoniamehrdad: why are you telling me ?12:54
theadminjatt: Nothing really is an adequate replacement for Gnome2. Their fault for abandoning it.12:54
mehrdadand worked in terminal12:54
bytesofbinaryikonia: Mem:   2046776k total,  1388888k used,   657888k free12:54
jattxfce is an adequate replacement for gnome212:54
kwtm2Someone please remind me: how do I tell what type of filesystem an external drive has? (using command line).  I plugged in a drive and the "mount" command said "fuseblk" --I was looking for whether it's vfat (and therefore readable by a Windows PC) or whether it's ext3/reiserfs (and therefore usable only by Linux).12:54
mehrdadyou said no to my question12:54
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - great, so now you know where you are looking12:54
ikoniabytesofbinary: I want you to run update-manager as you did earlier, and watch what happens12:54
ikoniabytesofbinary: there will be a little spike of activity, so don't worry, but does anything go high and stay high for a long period of time12:55
bytesofbinaryikonia: okay. let me check12:55
leifwkwtm2, palimpsest should tell you easily12:55
ubukouhey folks12:55
kwtm2leifw: Thx, will try.12:55
quiescenskwtm2: i like to do sudo file -s (device), eg: sudo file -s /dev/sdb1 (or whatever the mounted device is)12:55
ikoniabytesofbinary: this is just a high level test - not conclusive, so don't worry about what you see, just tell me honestly what you notice12:55
mehrdadthere's a window focus issue in unity among other things12:56
mehrdadright now i have bash in the background and its title bar is 'active' :|12:56
bytesofbinaryikonia: 2046776k total,  1512620k used,   534156k free - that's while update manager was checking for updates12:56
ikoniabytesofbinary: how about the cpu12:56
bytesofbinaryikonia:cpu was ~6%12:57
mehrdadanybody else notices this?12:57
kwtm2quiescens: Thx. WIll try.12:57
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - so looking at that your machine is not stressed, it's not hanging on an open process that's eating resources, nothing like this12:57
ikoniabytesofbinary: agree based on what you've just shown me ?12:57
bytesofbinaryikonia: well, yes.12:57
S-Iit doesnt matter how many dragons you kill it matters who brings home the princess12:58
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - so the next line of thinking is the visual graphics performance is poor, this can be caused by a badly configured video card.12:58
ikoniabytesofbinary: a lot of time the desktop seems to respond slow, and it's fine, but the video drawing is poor making it look like the machine is lagging12:58
ikoniabytesofbinary: understand ?12:58
ubukoudoes anyone have any idea about theming ubuntu ?12:58
bytesofbinaryikonia: oh. I get it.12:58
ikoniabytesofbinary: so it looks like it's running slow, slow to respond to mouse clicks etc etc, but actually it's fine, it's just slow video drawing/interaction12:59
ikoniabytesofbinary: what video card do you have in the machine ?12:59
bytesofbinaryikonia: Intel G3312:59
bytesofbinaryikonia: its inbuilt with my motherboard13:00
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, the intels are normally very good on autodetect / configuring13:00
ubukoui recolored gtk but emesene still has the same colors ... interestingly enough the background changes colors but the font stayed the same..13:00
ubukouany ideas?13:00
ikoniabytesofbinary: before we go any further is there anything you can tell me about your machine that may have changed ?13:00
bytesofbinaryikonia: didn't have this problem earlier. But when I go to system info on ubuntu. it says graphics unknown, while GNOME3 fedora showed intel g33 when it used to boot13:01
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok - I'm not sweating too hard on that, but lets try a few things13:01
ikoniabytesofbinary: do you have a file called xorg.conf in the directory /etc/X11 ?13:01
bytesofbinaryikonia: apparently, I don't13:02
ikoniabytesofbinary: thats ok13:03
ikoniabytesofbinary: I didn't expect you to have one13:03
ubukoui recolored gtk but emesene still has the same colors ... interestingly enough the background changes colors but the font stayed the same..anyone expirienced in here to lend me a hand?13:03
bytesofbinaryikonia: oh13:03
ikoniabytesofbinary: what I think is worth trying here, is forcing your xorg to use the "intel" xorg driver13:03
ikoniabytesofbinary: agree ?13:03
bytesofbinaryikonia: yes.13:03
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, now we have to generate an xorg.conf with a minimal set of details (anything that's missing xorg auto configures/detects, that's why you've not got a file)13:04
ikoniabytesofbinary: we just want to force the hardcoding of video cards xorg driver, understand ?13:04
bytesofbinaryikonia: yes, okay.13:04
ubukouanyone using emesene ?13:05
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, I'm going to pastebin a file (may need a few goes at this as I'm a bit rusty) that should hoepfully by enough to get your card running13:05
SteamopunkHaving some trouble getting MySQL started on 11.10. http://paste.ubuntu.com/826275/13:05
bytesofbinaryikonia: that's would be fine. thank you!13:06
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok look at this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/826327/13:06
ikoniabytesofbinary: put that into the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:06
ikoniabytesofbinary: (note the keyboard is set to GB as that's mine, but we can change that later, this is just a test)13:06
bytesofbinaryikonia: okay. let me try.13:06
reCAPTCHAHey all.. so, I am running ubuntu and my parents need help on their windows machine.... can someone recommend to me a free (open source preferrably, but not required) VNC program that even my aged parents can install and use?13:06
SteamopunkreCAPTCHA - TightVNC has always been super easy for me.13:07
bytesofbinaryikonia: created the file. now?13:07
reCAPTCHAFor computer illiterate old people?13:08
reCAPTCHASteamopunk: ^^^^^^13:08
SteamopunkreCPTCHA - Yeah, should definitely be. Everything it says is super simple. As long as they don't try to connect to anything (as from your post I imagine you're connecting to them), then they don't even really need to know what an ipaddress is13:08
ikoniabytesofbinary: ok, now reboot and cross your fingers13:08
ikoniabytesofbinary: just to confirm the file is called xorg.conf in /etc/X1113:09
bytesofbinaryikonia: small"x". I named it Xorg.conf13:09
bytesofbinaryikonia: do I rename it?13:09
ikoniabytesofbinary: yes, xorg.conf not Xorg.conf13:09
ikoniabytesofbinary: and it's /etc/X11 not /etc/x1113:09
ikoniabytesofbinary: so /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:09
ikoniabytesofbinary: got it ?13:09
bytesofbinaryikonia: yea. folder is okay. renamed. now rebooting and reporting back. thanx.13:10
vlyalcinhii, what is the name of the GUI user management tools of the UBUNTU?13:10
ikoniabytesofbinary: lets see what happens, if it doesn't start properly, don't worry, it's all easy to fix13:11
ikoniavlyalcin: which tools ?13:11
vlyalcinikonia: user management, administrator in 10.10 by default13:11
ikoniaooh good question13:11
porkchop85Hi anyone here work with PXE13:11
ikoniamany times13:12
reCAPTCHAThanks Steamopunk... for some reason none of my family or friends that use Linux ask me for help... always the mac and windows users.... hmm... why is that? Thanks again.13:12
porkchop85I have a dell optiplex that wont PXE boot it will pxe boot if i run an Ipxe boot disk13:12
SteamopunkreCAPTCHA - No problem :)13:12
porkchop85is that a firmware issue or a driver issue in the kernel13:13
ikoniaporkchop85: nothing to do with linux as at that point you're not booting linux, you're pxe booting from the cards firmware13:13
mk0where is alpha 2?13:13
porkchop85is there a way to flash the firmware then13:13
ikoniaporkchop85: there used to be an old bug on dells that needed to be upgraded, but I've not seen it for a long long time13:14
bytesofbinaryikonia: I love you man!! My problem is solved! :D13:14
ikoniabytesofbinary: excellent13:14
porkchop85Iknoia: its a brand new optiplex 390 :(13:14
bytesofbinaryikonia: But I need to change the keyboard right?13:14
porkchop85I have 79 of them13:14
ikoniabytesofbinary: glad it worked13:14
ikoniabytesofbinary: what language keyboard do you have13:14
SteamopunkHaving some trouble getting MySQL started on 11.10. http://paste.ubuntu.com/826275/13:14
ikoniaporkchop85: hence my surprise13:14
bytesofbinaryikonia: us international13:14
ikoniaporkchop85: it's a very very old bug that I've not seen on anything modern for a long time13:14
ikoniaporkchop85: as I recall it was on broadcom cards13:15
Squall5668hey guys, i tried installing ubuntu in an old proliant blade, but monitor goes out of range in grub after boot, any tips? i can boot it with a CD13:15
Squall5668and after boot i meant13:15
porkchop85I had to deal with broadcoms with ghost years ago13:15
porkchop85this has a realtek13:15
ikoniabytesofbinary: either remove the keyboard line inthe config or change it to us13:15
ikoniaporkchop85: it may have been realtek, it's been a long long time since I saw it13:15
niklashaarsuche deutsche hilfe13:15
bytesofbinaryikonia: okay, thanx a ton!!13:15
ikoniaporkchop85: best suggestion (seriously) is contact dell and just confirm it13:16
ikoniaporkchop85: this used to be well known with dells but I've not seen it for such a long time, I'm quite surprised13:16
ikoniabytesofbinary: no problem, glad you're sorted13:16
niklashaarI have a problem with the instalation off ubuntu13:17
porkchop85Gotta love dell13:17
quiescensSteamopunk: how do you know it isn't started?13:17
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vlyalcinhii, what is the name of the GUI user management tools of the UBUNTU 10.10 by default?13:18
ikoniaporkchop85: I'm quite surprised by what you are saying, but I suspect dell can either update you/confirm the problem quite easy for you13:18
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niklashaarwhen is instal ubuntu over windows and reboot it was a messeng no root system13:19
porkchop85Ikonia: why are you surprised13:19
ikoniaporkchop85: because that problem disappeared a long time ago13:19
porkchop85Ikonia: well the only other thing could be that I have messed up something somehow13:20
porkchop85Ikonia: but my optiplex 740s are pxe booting just fine13:20
ikoniaporkchop85: based on the fact that it also boots with ipxe suggests you are setup fine, and this is also the exact same situation I used to see13:20
niklashaarwhen i go over the ubuntu demo mode an install ubuntu he show me only one paration and this is my HDD over 750 Gb13:20
erkulesmoin is there a easy way to get the 'hierarchy' upstarts starts the scripts? booting 11.10 hangs after "FS-Cache: Netfs 'nfs' registered for cachning"13:21
porkchop85Ikonia: I am going to call dell and see if I can get a flash utility for the card then I could put ipxe right into the card13:21
ikoniaporkchop85: they probably have an update to allow it to just straight pxe13:21
porkchop85Iknoia: Thanks for your help I appreciate it!13:22
subb1I use lucid. How to disable colors when I use 'vi'. Its there by default.13:23
Steamopunkquiesens - Sorry about that, work pulled me away. I don't know it isn't started, but shouldn't it be listening on a port if it is?13:25
propokrGood day13:25
NaeblisI'm getting a "General Protection Fault: 0000 [#1] SMP." Googled around, but haven't found a solution for this.13:25
quiescensSteamopunk: i believe the default configuration is to listen on local socket only13:26
Steamopunkquiescens - Checking the config file now, I'll let you know what I find.13:28
Steamopunkquiescens - I do have it bound to it's current IP address, not localhost/
quiescensSteamopunk: maybe check log files or "ps ax | grep mysql" in a terminal to see whether its running instead13:31
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oscar76hi everybody!  how can I tell wich runlevel is a system running?  I dont remember13:32
Steamopunkquiescens - No idea what the ps command does, but here was it's output http://paste.ubuntu.com/826359/13:32
frogzoooscar76: runlevel would you believe?13:33
SteamopunkOh, looked it up. That makes sense, I suppose.13:33
NaeblisOkay. I don't know what's going on. I keep getting weird errors. After updating yesterday, I first lost my network connection, my audio, and some applets on the panel were also gone. Ubuntu has also been randomly crashing and throwing large error messages at me that I don't know how to read. The latest one was about the general protection fault 0000 SMP. Also, I keep getting logged out of X randomly. Please help. I have no idea what's going on.13:33
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JermBobNaeblis format and reinstall13:34
NaeblisJermBob, no other option? :(13:35
quiescensSteamopunk: maybe have a look at the logs in /var/log/mysql to see if there are any important errors13:35
grummundHi, Is there another place than /etc/network/interfaces where eth0 and wlan1 are configured?13:36
biopytehi, i want to replace icedtea-java with sun-java ... is there a official recommendation how to do it?13:37
oscar76frogzoo: I know is one between 2 to 5, but Im not sure which is it13:38
Steamopunkquiescens - This looked important. Ignore the date and time because this same sequence repeates every couple minutes. http://paste.ubuntu.com/826365/13:38
bullgard4How to decompress a .gz file using mc?13:39
terryКак устанавливать приложения в ubuntu если оно заархивиравано в tar.zip ?13:40
bullgard4ru! | terry13:40
bullgard4!ru | terry13:40
ubottuterry: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:40
quiescensSteamopunk: well, do you already have something running on the port you told it to use?13:41
quiescensSteamopunk: i guess that's what its saying13:41
Steamopunkquiescens - I thought that, but I can't think of what it is. I don't have any FTP server software installed. Unless some came with 11.10 that I'm not aware of13:41
oscar76ok, I tried  "runlevel" and it says "N 2", what does it mean?13:41
JonathanEllisGood afternoon. Does anyone know of a twin-display PCMCIA graphics card for a laptop that Ubuntu supports?13:44
ikoniaJonathanEllis: I've never even heard of pcmcia graphics cards13:44
icerootJonathanEllis: there are usb-vga-adapters but never heard of pcmcia too13:45
bullgard4oscar76: Read 'man runlevel'.13:45
quiescensSteamopunk: why are you trying to run it on port 21 anyway? well you can "sudo netstat -lnp | grep 21" to try to find out what is running on the port13:45
ubukouhey folks , is there a way to upgrade distro from 10.04 to the latest?13:45
ikonia!upgrade > ubukou13:45
ubottuubukou, please see my private message13:45
bullgard4ubukou: Yes.13:45
Steamopunkquiescens - My ISP blocks most ports. I need 80 for something, 22 is for SSH, and 21 is one of the only other ones that wasn't blocked.13:46
JonathanEllisikonia: I was hoping someone might know one. I'm looking to replace my aged desktop with a laptop but with two graphics outputs for my twin monitors. I've got used to them but with a laptop I quite fancy having 3 screens13:46
ikoniaJonathanEllis: I don't "think" that device exists,13:46
icerootJonathanEllis: there are docking stations which offers 2 vga adapters, also see ##hardware13:46
oscar76bullgard4: thnx13:46
icerootJonathanEllis: at work all our thinkpads have a dockingstation with vga + dvi for twinview13:47
depeszhi. what is the name of tool/program to install new applications in *k*ubuntu, with gui?13:47
icerootJonathanEllis: working fine on debian/ubuntu13:47
JonathanEllisiceroot: That would do the trick. Thanks13:47
tomek_does anyone can help me with moving window X - [] from left to right ?13:47
iceroot!controls | tomek_13:47
ubottutomek_: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263313:47
JonathanEllisiceroot: If you leave the laptop open can you then have 3 screens?13:47
icerootJonathanEllis: yes13:47
icerootJonathanEllis: what that was some kind of tricky xorg-magic13:48
Steamopunkquiescens - http://paste.ubuntu.com/826384/ That's the only thing that came up from the command, and that looks like it's actually on a different port13:48
JonathanEllisiceroot: Cool. Thanks. Unfortunately both my monitors are vga only but at least I know the right direction to start looking13:48
quiescensSteamopunk: then its most likely that mysql is failing to bind the port because the port is <1024 and it drops its root permissions prior to binding its port13:49
Steamopunkquiescens - Alright, so it has to be 1024+?13:49
icerootJonathanEllis: there are vga-dvi adapters13:49
icerootSteamopunk: mysql is using 3306 by default13:50
JonathanEllisiceroot: thnx13:50
tomek_iceroot : thx13:50
icerootJonathanEllis: there are also usb-port-replicators which work on all notebooks and some of them are also offering 2 vga adapaters13:50
a931bwHello everybody, i want to make bootable USB flash of windows xp, how do i do that from ubuntu>13:50
quiescensSteamopunk: you will either have to use a port above 1024 or if that isn't an option, you can tell mysql to use a port above 1024 and just use iptables to forward your port 21 to whatever port you tell mysql to use13:50
a931bwdd didn't wor13:50
ubukouis there a reason why i cant upgrade distro from update manager?13:51
iceroota931bw: dd wotn work in win xp13:51
a931bwhow then?13:51
iceroot!details | ubukou13:51
ubottuubukou: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:51
iceroota931bw: i dont know maybe the usb creator from ubuntu can do that13:52
JonathanEllisiceroot: I can imagine USB speed might be a problem there. Also I imagine it would simply replicate the screen and external vga port which would only give 2 independent displays?13:52
icerootJonathanEllis: depending on the device13:52
Steamopunkquiescens - Oh, that makes sense and is awesome! Thank you :)13:52
calamityhey, Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libglib2.0-0 - I've gotten this message when trying to install dconf-gsettings-backend. libglib is definitely installed though.13:52
JonathanEllisOf course Im not speaking from a position of knowledge on the usb speed13:52
icerootJonathanEllis: there are also devices which have 2 vga and you can also use your normal screen as 3.13:52
icerootcalamity: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue" and "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"13:53
iceroot!paste | calamity13:53
ubottucalamity: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:53
JonathanEllisiceroot: But I think the docking station sounds like the best way to go, unless I can find a laptop with 2 vga ports built in but I guess that is unlikely13:53
quiescensSteamopunk: does that mean you know how to do that and i can just stop?13:53
icerootJonathanEllis: yes thinkpad + dockingstation is a good way13:53
a931bwusb creator won't let me use windows iso13:54
Steamopunkquiescens - I know I have edited the iptables before, so I should be able to manage.13:54
quiescensSteamopunk: okay, good luck13:55
iceroota931bw: i even dont know if win xp can be booted from usb13:55
iceroota931bw: maybe ##windows has some infos about that13:55
iceroota931bw: also you can use grub2 to boot isos13:55
theadminiceroot: Booted no, but USB can be used as Windows install media13:55
quiescensi'll bet it can be.. persuaded to work.. by force13:56
=== spacebug is now known as spacebug-
theadmina931bw: Try WinToFlash (it works with all current Windows versions, however you need to run it from Windows. Or maybe use Wine, not sure how well that'd work)13:56
dirtycookiehello people, i have freshly installed xubuntu onto my laptop  and when I want to shut down my laptop i get the splashscreen of xubuntu loading and then it hangs. forcing to shutdown by pulling the plug does the job my question is, how to fix that problem13:56
calamityiceroot: http://pastebin.com/wBUt7ZPD13:56
a931bwi don't have windows machine :(13:57
bluenemodoes anybody have a link where i can learn to modify the ubiquity slideshow pictures?13:57
theadmindirtycookie: Try appending "reboot=bios" to your kernel line, then rebooting (in the forced way, like before) and seeing if it starts working13:57
theadmina931bw: Try with wine then13:57
tomek_who knows a gui tool for managing services in ubuntu 11 ?13:57
icerootcalamity: outpout of "apt-cache policy libglib2.0-0"13:57
a931bwk i will13:58
dirtycookietheadmin: in the grub.cfg file??13:58
theadmindirtycookie: No, don't touch that directly, modify /etc/default/grub and then run "sudo update-grub"13:58
rbnswartztomek_ There is an application in the software center to somewhat manage services but I don't quite remember the name13:59
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
calamityiceroot: http://pastebin.com/VJTe6bAV13:59
dirtycookietheadmin: i just paste it into the file uncommented right?14:00
theadmindirtycookie: No, find GRUB_CMDLINE_DEFAULT and add that before the closing quote... Or something like that14:00
rajhow can I ssh into another computer?14:01
calamityraj: ssh user@comp ?14:01
rajssh root@ipaddress ?14:02
bullgard4How to decompress in mc a .gz file?14:02
calamityssh not root, I'd say, but other wise yes14:02
dirtycookietheadmin: ok, i found it and now the line looks like this :  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash reboot=bios"14:02
rajwhat do you mean ssh not root?14:02
rajroot is the username14:02
a931bwtheadmin: fails to load :(14:02
theadmindirtycookie: Looks good enough.14:02
calamityraj: ubuntu doesn't have a root account by default, it uses sudo.14:03
theadminraj: "root" CAN'T be a valid username on Ubuntu. root account is normally disabled on Ubuntu systems (and I have to say it's a very sane choice)14:03
compdocraj, you need to use your username14:03
salvatoreciao a tutti14:03
calamityiceroot: any thoughts?14:03
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:03
bullgard4frogzoo: Your message is false.14:03
dirtycookietheadmin: ok, did update-grub and went well now when i shut down it is supposed to work or do i need to restart??14:04
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
theadmindirtycookie: You have to restart first but after this it should work. Hopefully. If not, try changing "bios" to "acpi". And if not, try changing it to "force".14:04
dirtycookietheadmin: ok ill be back in a minute14:05
Vakook guys ive been trying to install Ralink driver rt2870 for my wireless usb but everytime i get to the make part i get the same error no matter what I do ( Ive looked all around and i cant find anything to support me )14:05
calamityraj: does that answer your question then?14:06
theadminVako: The error itself would help.14:06
Vakowas pasting it14:06
Steamopunkquiescens - It appears I was incorrect :C Having a problem setting the destination port.14:06
icerootcalamity: as it seems everything fine with your repos14:08
quiescensSteamopunk: well i don't know what you are using to save your rules, but its something like -j REDIRECT --to-port (new port here)14:08
icerootcalamity: what program you tried to install when that was happening?14:08
Vakodont know what else to do14:08
calamityiceroot: dconf-gsettings-backend14:08
icerootcalamity: can you paste me the outout of "apt-get changelog dconf-gsettings-backend"14:09
Steamopunkquiescens - Ah,  yeah, I was doing it almost entirely wrong. Go me.14:09
bluenemohi andrea123414:09
calamityiceroot: invalid operation?14:10
Vakoguess i hit a roadblock here too14:10
icerootcalamity: ah seems not to be default14:10
icerootdoes anyone know how to get changelogs for a different release on the shell?14:10
icerootstrange http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dconf-gsettings-backend&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all14:12
theadminVako: ?14:12
theadminVako: That's not the error, that's just make output -- I need the error itself, normally returned by gcc or something. Paste the whole output14:12
Vako1 sec14:13
iceroothttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dconf-gsettings-backend&searchon=names&suite=lucid-updates&section=all  very strange regarding to http://pastebin.com/VJTe6bAV14:13
calamityiceroot: woah wait a moment. this isn't lucid. this is oneric14:13
icerootcalamity: your pastes says you are on lucid14:13
icerootcalamity: e.g. http://pastebin.com/VJTe6bAV14:14
icerootcalamity: so you are on the wrong system, destroyed your system or you are really on lucid14:15
Vakotheadmin http://paste.ubuntu.com/826411/14:15
calamitycalamity: hahaha, my apologies, I have many computers, this IS lucid, I was just confused.14:15
icerootbut i dont get why packages.ubuntu.com is not listing that packages but apt-cache policy does14:16
theadminiceroot: They were removed but are still in your cache?14:16
theadminVako: Hm, uh... Sounds like a problem with the code itself, I dunno14:16
iceroottheadmin: no14:16
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
iceroottheadmin: calamity a i see the problem14:17
jnslhow come when i type vi something it uses vim ?14:17
icerootcalamity: what is th4e source you are installing this dconf-thing from?14:17
somsipjnsl: ubuntu uses vim-tiny by default, and a symlink14:17
icerootjnsl: vi = vim.tiny14:17
WoOhI'm in a trouble. I need this package for 10.04: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu lucid main14:17
calamityjnsl: vi points to vim afaik, like python points to python2.714:17
WoOhBut cannot find it nowhere.14:17
WoOhIs there anywhere an "archive" mirror for old deb packages?14:18
icerootWoOh: no14:18
calamityiceroot: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/gnome_3/natty/main/base/dconf-gsettings-backend14:18
jnslAh i see :) so if i would make the same setup on my archbox i need to symlink the vi folder to vim folder?14:18
icerootcalamity: you see that it is for natty?14:18
Steamopunkquiescens - Hate to bother you again, but any idea what is wrong? http://paste.ubuntu.com/826413/14:18
LjLWoOh: that is not a package, it's a repository (a PPA specifically), it's where you get packages *from*14:18
WoOhi see.14:18
icerootcalamity: now you know why you are facing dependency issues14:18
calamityiceroot: yeah, sorry about that, it's quite late here and I forgot which system this was.14:18
icerootcalamity: dont mix packages from different releases it will normally end in dependency issues14:19
WoOhOne of our servers still have this version. Is it possible to recreate the .deb from the installed sw?14:19
calamityiceroot: I usually don't :p14:19
WoOhand if it's possible, how?14:19
icerootWoOh: the deb should be still in /var/cache/apt/ if not removed with apt-clean14:19
LjLWoOh: not really, but maybe the original package is still in /var/cache/apt/archives?14:19
WoOht's empty.14:19
WoOhi've checked it.14:19
icerootWoOh: but the combination of server + ppa + older software-version then available = very bad and evil14:20
icerooteven server + ppa is evil14:20
LjL!info dpkg-repack | WoOh14:20
ubottuWoOh: dpkg-repack (source: dpkg-repack): puts an unpacked .deb file back together. In component main, is optional. Version 1.35 (oneiric), package size 7 kB, installed size 68 kB14:20
WoOhubottu: gonna check it.14:21
ubottuWoOh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:21
calamityWell thanks guys, I'm gonna try this out on my other comp, which actually has 11.04 on it :p14:21
krallehello a;534 upgradieng ubuntu pernonal hotspot start but disconect in the same moment any help ? :) ubuntu 11.0414:23
d00deWoOh: did you check: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/14:23
quiescensSteamopunk: redirects are more like: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport $srcPortNumber -j REDIRECT --to-port $dstPortNumber14:24
dirtycookietheadmin: hi Im back14:24
dirtycookietheadmin: i tried all the options as u said but none worked, i still get the frozen splashscreen14:24
WLUHow can I deactivate wireless networking i n ubuntu11.10 . in 10.04 there used to be a left click and turn off wireless or something like that but is no longer available in 11.1014:25
quiescensSteamopunk: so basically change INPUT to PREROUTING and add "-t nat"14:25
xSmurfhey guys is there a hotkey to disable automatic login??14:27
Steamopunkquiescens - The command worked just fine, but I can't see it on -L, how do I see the info now?14:27
fondueboyI have a question that I would like to get an answer fro if some one could help me14:28
meskaruneask your question fondueboy14:28
quiescensSteamopunk: probably have to do iptables -L -t nat14:28
krallecan someone help me about this hotspot error ?14:29
fondueboywell I run ubuntu 12.04 alpha 1 on my netbook. because it is a bit unstable it is alot easier to install updates from the comand line. but the ubuntu update manager sais there are updates left and that it cant install them all but do a partial upgread why is that?14:30
Steamopunkquiescens - Worked like a charm, thank you for all of your help.14:30
om26eris there a hotkey to open system monitor?14:31
krallei run lastest ubuntu get i upgrade packages but now hotspot stop working any help14:31
dlentzfondueboy, don't trust update-mangler in a prerelease14:31
om26eror key combination ofcourse14:31
fondueboywell no I dont trust it but I dont understan why it says one thing there and another in the comand line14:32
meskaruneom26er: if there isn't a hotkey, you can make one. :P14:32
dlentzis one of the updates to update manger itself14:32
dlentzthat could cause it14:32
kralleuhm someone ?14:33
om26ermeskarune, yeah sure, had to tell someone who's finding an alternative for "computer's properties" as in windows ;_)14:33
fondueboywell the update manager schould be updated from the command line already so why dose it say that it dont have the updates?14:34
kralleom26er can you help me ?14:34
frybyehi - in 11.10 how to get newest updates manually via the gui?14:34
om26erkralle, please ask maybe I might know a solution14:35
meskaruneom26er: I really like inxi for system info. see here: http://code.google.com/p/inxi/14:35
om26erif not me others are here :)14:35
fondueboywell my question boils down to if I can be sure that I got all the updates when I update from the command line14:35
krallei just installed ubuntu the latest build , then updatet using apt-get upgrade , since then the hotspot wont start14:35
kralleit start but disconnect in the same moment14:35
pangolinfrybye: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade14:35
om26erkralle, you are making your system's wifi a hotspot?14:36
pangolinfrybye: sorry, you said gui.14:36
kralleyes om26er14:36
frybyepangolin - ok but I was just wondering where this is if using the gui?14:36
om26erI read it yesterday14:36
pangolinfrybye: search for Upgrade manager in the Dash14:37
frybyepangolin - ok thanks a lot..14:37
om26erkralle, read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc ??14:38
om26erI was trying the same but it turned out my wifi card had not the feature, but I read the constant disconnecting issue somewhere14:39
webroastershi guys. when I run gconf-editor, i don't see an entry for nautilus under apps. Is there a simple way, from the command line to change the location entry bar thing to the old way of doing things, for example: /var/something/something/14:39
larryonecan anyone suggest how i can capture logs of commands sent for a non-interactive ssh session?14:39
abvayadhelp me pls14:40
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
compdocneed cash?14:41
pangolinWhat could I use to monitor my bandwidth usage, I need to figure out daily/weekly/monthly average usage?14:41
abvayadi wanna now how to in to this roo via mobile14:41
pangolinabvayad: look for an IRC client for your mobile device14:42
compdochow to use irc on a mobile device?14:42
jattlarryone: like14:42
jattssh user@machine ls > foo.log14:42
abvayadi have one14:42
abvayadbut cant login14:43
pangolinabvayad: what client is it?14:43
abvayadit ask s me to register14:43
dlentzwebroasters, gnome3 uses dconf14:43
kralleit worked fine until the update14:44
kralleapt get upgrade14:44
pangolin!register | abvayad14:44
ubottuabvayad: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:44
om26erkralle, hey! http://bit.ly/x3p3OQ says if it disconnects again and gain there is a fix read14:44
pangolinabvayad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration14:44
abvayadwhere i i have to type14:45
krallei did this14:46
krallebut it now fix it :/14:46
betimigI need your help and I want to report something.14:47
tielhalter_hi guys, why opengl-based programs works faster with turned on compiz and fglrx radeon drivers?14:47
kralleom26er i did this but it wont fix it14:48
betimigIm installing ubuntu 11.10 latest iso from web site downloaded and when I make uptades (system uptades) ubuntu faills to boot im re-installing ubuntu for 4 times but everytime then i make uptades it fails to start14:48
ubottuTo renew the configuration of a package when installing, sudo apt-get remove --purge <package> && sudo apt-get install <package>. Note that you will lose ALL config files for that package. WARNING: This is dangerous, don't do this with core packages14:48
Kartagiscan you help me please? I've got no audido now, in or out. sound properties shows dummy output14:48
=== asd45tre8 is now known as dury
pangolinabvayad: for more help with how to register type /join #freenode and ask in there14:48
betimigI reinstalled 4 times but same problem always.14:48
=== indystor1 is now known as indystorm
betimigIm Windows user but I want to change Windows with ubuntu14:50
betimigI like design etc14:50
betimigIm installing ubuntu 11.10 latest iso from web site downloaded and when I make uptades (system uptades) ubuntu faills to boot im re-installing ubuntu for 4 times but everytime then i make uptades it fails to start14:50
ikoniadefine fails to start14:50
larryonejatt, not really, there's a web interface that is sending commands to my server over ssh. so essentially a script doing it. I cant capture the commands it sends in the .bash_history because it's non-interactive. I'm tryign to figure out how to capture those commands14:50
betimiganyone can help me with my problem or not14:51
betimigits a serious problem need it to get fixed.14:51
ikoniabetimig: depends on what the problem is14:51
ikoniabetimig: how serious you think it is won't change that14:51
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 (last day) starting in 8 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:51
ikoniadholbach: thank you, you've just filled my dull afternoon14:52
betimigbut how its possible from uptades to crash always ?14:52
dholbachikonia,  :)14:52
ikoniabetimig: I'm still waiting for you to tell me how it crashes, what's the error etc14:52
larryonebetimig, when you boot it, how far does it get before fail occurrs?14:53
betimigokay thats it I do uptades then when I restart it starts normal then to Ubuntu logo stops you know the Ubuntu Logo with .....14:53
betimigand it just hangs there.14:53
ikoniabetimig: do you get the login screen ?14:53
ikoniabetimig: ok - I suggest you remove the splash screen to see what it's hanging on14:53
shu3h0_anybody has any idea about setting up personal area network using bluetooth ubuntu 10.0414:53
ikoniabetimig: this means you won't get the boot logo but some text14:54
ikoniashu3h0_: wouldn't advise doing networks over bluetooth14:54
IronSightsomeone have a grub configuration howto link? I'm trying to set grub2 to boot windows first, only show the menu when I press a hotkey at boot.14:54
betimigI know and I did that i see no errors there it just hangs to battery status and no more text than that14:54
ikonia!grub2 > IronSight14:54
ubottuIronSight, please see my private message14:54
betimigi tried to boot with or without battery14:54
betimigbut same problem.14:54
tielhalter_how to connect to Ubuntu Developer Week?14:54
ikoniabetimig: boot into recovery mode, see if that works14:54
ikoniatielhalter_: /join #ubuntu-classroom14:55
betimigas I saw if i boot in recovery mode there is just with command prompt14:55
tielhalter_ikonia: thx14:55
betimigand i dont know commands.14:55
denstarkHello! I'm on maverick and upgraded libglib to a version from a ppa, but it broke some of my programs. Trying to revert (using sudo aptitude install libglib2.0-0=2.26.0-0ubuntu1) wants me to remove ubuntu-desktop and some other very important packages.. any way to force the downgrade while not removing those packages?14:55
ikoniabetimig: that's fine, so you know it boots fine, it's the multi user mode14:55
willdabeastThis question doesn't necessarily have to do with Ubuntu, but my computer is freezing after being on it for a few hours. I know it's not the power supply... anything else it could be?14:55
ikoniadenstark: game over14:55
ikoniadenstark: updating glibc is a very very bad idea, especially from an unknown PPA14:55
ikoniawilldabeast: ram, use memtest to test it for 24 hours see what comes up14:56
ikoniabetimig: boot into recovery mode then type "init 2" and watch what happens on the screen14:56
willdabeastikonia alright thanks, could memtest fix it? or just find out what's wrong with it.14:56
ikoniawilldabeast: if it's bad ram, only new ram will fix it14:57
ikoniawilldabeast: bad ram is a common cause of most hardware hangs/reset14:57
denstarkikonia: so there's no way to force apt or dpkg to downgrade it?14:57
howlymowlyhi poeple..  anyone here familiar with waltop tablets?14:57
ikoniadenstark: the realistic answer is "no", the real answer is yes, possibly with a lot of work14:57
willdabeastikonia alright thanks so much14:58
denstarkikonia: I see... well reinstalling on this machine isn't really a possibility, so I may have to do the lot of work way14:58
walid_hi guys! i'm new to ubuntu, and i'll have a lot to do in the next days on a linux machine, so i guess i'll be here a while14:58
walid_however, i don't have a monitor yet. if i just turn the pc on, i can't ssh into it, right?14:58
betimigso i go and type init 2 and watch for errors then come here again and report to you ?14:58
ikoniadenstark: start backing it up14:58
ikoniadenstark: if it was an important machine you should a.) have backups b.) not be messing around with PPAs for core libraries14:59
howlymowlyI mean graphic tablets?  I have several issues with my waltop tablet:  1. only the "styler" side of the en is working, not the erazer. 2. I can not do a "mouse click" with the stylus for example in gimp it will do some strange things....14:59
ikoniawalid_: if you have sshd setup and the machine is on the network you can ssh in14:59
=== SMD is now known as Vako
walid_ikonia: even if i haven't logged in the machine yet?15:00
walid_ok, i'll try and get its IP adress or smth :)15:00
ikoniawalid_: then no, as you won't have setup the network or sshd as I just said15:00
walid_ikonia: right..15:00
walid_that's what i thought15:00
walid_ikonia: but seeing as i have a keyboard, i could log in15:01
walid_never touched this machine before, but it has been used. i'm connected via ethernet to it.15:01
ikoniawalid_: what are you talking about, if you've never touched this machine before how can it have been used ?15:02
walid_ikonia: well, i got it from a friend15:02
ikoniawalid_: right so it's probably setup on the network with sshd setup then15:03
Kartagis!find sndconfig15:03
ubottuPackage/file sndconfig does not exist in oneiric15:03
Kartagiscan you help me please? I've got no audio now, in or out. sound properties shows dummy output15:03
walid_ikonia: ok thanks15:04
betimigwrite me pm15:05
betimigi want to ask you something15:05
ikoniabetimig: just ask here15:05
betimigok i asked you there but as i see you don't readed15:06
betimigi go init 2 in recovery and see what errrors gives15:06
betimigthan i come here to report to you ?15:06
walid_ikonia: i'll let you know if i work it out15:06
riyonukEverytime I install ubuntu in virtualbox, and remove the cd, and start it, it says "Could not read from the boot medium! System halted!", why?15:06
ikoniabetimig: use a pastebin15:06
SteamopunkThanks everyone. I want to thank this room for helping me get my server up and running. Special thanks to quiescens and ssta. You guys are awesome.15:07
tachyonsI am now from mobile,can you see my post?15:08
toddWorkin a shell command, i'm trying to say "remove all files except for MYFILE in /var/foo" something like: rm !(FILE) /var/foo15:08
Steamopunktachyons- Yep15:09
toddWorkwhat should that syntax look like? ^^15:09
betimigI have i5 8gb ram and ati hd 6850m can i install version 32 bit15:09
ninja_senseif i burn the latest version of ubuntu to a dsk and then boot it on a computer i currently have ubuntu running, will it give me the option to upgrade?15:09
betimigbecause I had 64 bit installed15:09
betimigas i know 32 bit wont recognize 8gb ram15:09
ikoniabetimig: please pastebin the output of your init 2 update15:09
llutztoddWork: find /var/foo -type f -not -name MYFILE -delete15:09
toddWorkllutz: thanks.15:10
tachyonsNo :(?15:10
tachyonsIs it possible to resume uck build?15:11
betimighow to make 11.10 bootable from usb stick because i want to install it from usb stick15:11
EgyParadoxbetimig: Startup Disk Creator15:12
IznougoudI'm having an issue with adding "protected web directories" on Ubuntu Server, using webmin. Simply put. They refuse to become "protected". As far as I can see, all settings are what they are supposed to be - something obvious that I could have missed out on?15:12
xanguabetimig: did you read the instructions in ubuntu.com ¿15:12
theadminbetimig: Many ways. Since oneiric, you can even plain dd (rawwrite) the image to your USB stick and it will work. From Windows, try LiLi USB Creator. From Linux, use usb-creator-gtk or dd as described above. From OS X, I'm not even sure you can.15:12
=== ozior is now known as ozi_away
xangua(09:09:38) betimig: as i know 32 bit wont recognize 8gb ram - if you use pae it will15:13
llutzbetimig: sudo dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4k              /dev/sdX is your usb-stick device15:13
xanguatheadmin: i was told you couldn't dd D: i always got told 'that is wrong' D:15:13
betimigxangua i readed ubuntu instruction but with that tools i havent success making usb stick bootable15:14
theadminxangua: It works since oneiric, but not with earlier editions. Which is rather weird but ah well15:14
betimigok thanks for info guys i will try lili usb creator15:14
libryderanyone know of a good way to manage sshfs mounts? like in some sort of explorer15:14
fzlamnbetimig: try unetbootin15:14
librydermaybe i'll write a damn script for it15:16
kamilnadeemseeing grub while botting with 4 kernels wanted to remove them via update-grub but getting error15:16
RJ_F1got windows problem, wat do?15:17
scarleoHi, I have some trouble with openshot, I try to mix a .ogv video clip with a .ogg sound clip, they both work. In OpenShot I import them both and put them in one track each but the preview only shows a distorted still picture from the end of the video. If I export it it's just 4 sec long instead of 3 min and just shows the distorted pic instead of video. Audio works great. Anyone got any tips for me?15:17
Kartagiscan you help me please? I've got no audio now, in or out. sound properties shows dummy output15:18
tachyonsMy sound card wont work in ubuntu15:19
tachyonsbut ut works in windows15:19
lantjiehello guys15:21
lantjiedo you guys know of a system that can be used to scan documents and email the to my managers for review and accepting or declining15:22
ekaleidodoes ubuntu run a client-side dns cache out of the box?15:23
llutzekaleido: "pgrep nscd || echo no" :)15:24
kamilnadeemSyntax errors are detected in generated GRUB config file15:24
llutzkamilnadeem: you messed up /etc/default/grub  or some of the /etc/grub.d/* files. check it, repair it15:25
kamilnadeemllutz: How to repair them15:26
kamilnadeemI mean I can open them but what to look for15:27
llutzkamilnadeem: you changed them, you have to know what you did. reverse it15:27
kamilnadeemllutz: I didn't do anything15:29
kamilnadeemllutz: may be some app did it15:29
kamilnadeemllutz: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/826494/15:29
llutz kamilnadeem sure this is correct? "mode_option=>>1024*768-24<<"15:30
kamilnadeemllutz: don't know15:30
llutzi doubt thats a default line, so someone has added this. ask him kamilnadeem15:31
kamilnadeemllutz: yeah I was having some prob so someone on IRC asked me make some changes15:32
llutz kamilnadeem change it into  "mode_option=1024x768-24" and try again15:32
kamilnadeemllutz: ok trying15:32
savant_Struggling With SSH, I understand config files and getting around in the command line, but SSh?15:35
kamilnadeemllutz: stil the same error15:35
bucaneiroany clues about to create a ubuntu packge for distribtion?15:36
llutzkamilnadeem: try making the line to read: "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"15:36
=== ozi_away is now known as ozi
kamilnadeemstill the same15:38
AkivaHey my sound crashed, and I am rendering something, so I can't restart. Any tips on how I can get it working again?15:38
bullgard4!sound | Akiva15:39
ubottuAkiva: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:39
BlackWarAny one else got the Apple Iphone/Ipod usb driver updates today?15:39
kamilnadeemBlackWar: Yes I have15:39
BlackWarOk , just asking because by coincedence it was the first time i connected an iphone to my pc and i got the updates, so i tought it had to do with connecting the iphone or something..15:40
bullgard4How to decompress in mc a .gz file?15:40
Danny_Joris_Hi, I have a string and i want to check in what file it's located. How do I do this?15:40
Danny_Joris_I tried grep -n "string" *15:40
Akivabullgard4: its not detecting any hardware15:40
kamilnadeemBlackWar:  Ok , I don't use apple15:40
bullgard4Akiva: Check if there is an intermittent contact in your computer.15:41
Akivabullgard4: This crashed via software. It was working before15:41
imbezolAkiva: you could try restarting the pulse audio processes15:41
imbezolAkiva: "ps fauxw | grep pulse" and then kill off those processes15:42
Akivaimbezol: I tried closing it via the system monitor, but to no avail.15:42
imbezolAkiva: then run "/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog"15:42
BlackWarI don't use apple , it's my girlfriend's. i use HTC :)15:42
bullgard4Akiva: 1. You did not follow the recipes of ubottu.15:42
Akivabullgard4: I did.15:43
pjotterHallo allemaal. Ik heb zojuist Xubuntu geïnstalleerd. En nou zag ik dat ik bij het inloggen kan kiezen tussen Gnome classic, Ubuntu (dat is met Unity!) en een Xubuntu sessie. Klopt het dat al deze dingen in Xubuntu zitten, of heb ik nou iets geks gedaan?15:43
Vakook Amazing.... internet was working perfectly .. now it doesnt even find the network. what can be causing this?15:43
Akivabullgard4: it was about getting sound to work, not about getting sound to uncrash15:43
Kartagis!nl | pjotter15:43
blackout342345can someone help me with cut? how can i change order when cut -d' ' -f10,11,12,9 it  displays me ascending ordered15:43
ubottupjotter: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl15:43
pjotterpardon :)15:43
jlebar_Where does the Firefox team hang out?15:44
Kartagisblackout342345: use  | sort after that?15:44
Vakoif anyone can help before my head explodes15:44
jlebar_Aha, #ubuntu-mozillateam15:44
Akivaimbezol: No, it didnt do a thing.15:46
LukeNukemanybody from Netherlands?15:46
Akivaimbezol: thanks though15:46
Kartagisokay, I got my sound back. can anyone guide me to properly being able to use a mike?15:47
dak0LukeNukem, what do you need from Netherlands?15:47
loganrunis there a way to make the program launcher bar only appear either when no window is near it or when I press the windows key, I hate it that it appears all the time when I move the mouse over there15:47
=== newbot is now known as bobweaver
LukeNukemdak0, i need a mobile number from a NL person so i can sign up for a NL service which will send confirmation code to that number and he can give me the code so i can activate my account ;o15:47
frybyeHi - what exactly do I have to enter in konversation to get it to auto- identify with my registered user name? I know the usual manual command...15:47
frybyeusing it now...15:47
walid_i need to get the ip of the other side of my ethernet cable.15:48
walid_i tried to ping -f -I en015:48
walid_no success.15:48
Kartagiswalid_: www.showmyip.com15:48
walid_Kartagis: i'm link via eth to a computer with no monitor, i want to ssh into it15:49
Tellmarchhello, i'm a bit lost with java... so i installed openjdk runtime... What is the appropriate plugin for firefox ?15:49
Kartagiswalid_: you want to get its IP? use nmap15:49
compdocwalid_, the computer isnt conencted to a network?15:50
walid_i just turned it on15:50
compdocthen it has no ip15:50
ericushey guys15:50
walid_compdoc: hmm i'm very very new to ubuntu and linux in general, but if the cable is plugged, does it not have an IP?15:50
ubuntukurwa mać15:51
ericusI'm running ubuntu 10.04 on a netbook. How do I install the 3.3 rc2-kernel from a .deb-file?15:51
killtillwalid: type ifconfig in a terminal and see what ethX says15:51
compdocwalid_, well, it could have an ip if it were maunally set up. but usually, you need a network and dhcp service running to give it one15:51
walid_compdoc: hm. so basically, without monitor, i'm ***15:52
Kartagisericus: sudo dpkg -i <kernel.deb>15:52
compdocwalid_, connect it to a network, and run an ip scanner15:52
walid_compdoc: like nmap, on my laptop?15:52
Tellmarchericus, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds?action=show&redirect=KernelTeam%2FMainlineBuilds15:52
ubuntunie spac kurwa zwiedzac15:52
Kartagishttp://people.sabanciuniv.edu/mtozses/l | ubuntu15:53
bullgard4!language | ubuntu15:53
ubottuubuntu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:53
free-tpbI know this is off topic, but have you guys heard about thepiratebay yet ?15:53
=== spesh is now known as nothingspecial
ikoniafree-tpb: if you know it's offtopic don't talk about it15:53
Kartagis!pl | ubuntu15:53
ubottuubuntu: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:53
ericusis there a ppa for 3.3 rc2?15:53
ericusI can't find it in synaptic15:54
ikoniaericus: I'd advise you not to mix kernels15:54
ericusikonia how do you mean?15:54
FloodBot1ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:54
Tellmarchericus : http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:54
ikoniaericus: taking kernels from different sources that where not part of the ubuntu version you are using15:54
loganrunis there a way to make the program launcher bar only appear either when no window is near it or when I press the windows key, I hate it that it appears all the time when I move the mouse over there15:54
Tellmarchericus, read the first link i gave you15:54
Kartagisokay, I got my sound back. can anyone guide me to properly being able to use a mike?15:54
jasonlfunkI'm running a server version of natty and have my wireless network configured to be an ad-hoc network. When I boot the machine the ad-hoc network isn't configured. If I login and run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" then the ad-hoc network starts. Any ideas why it doesn't start on boot? See my interfaces file here: http://pastebin.com/VJQqmUGc15:55
compdocwalid_, yeah15:55
bullgard4Kartagis: Define "properlx" please.15:55
bullgard4Kartagis: Define "properly" please.15:55
loganrunI just clicked on the speaker, then sound settings then the input and changed it to the mike I wanted15:55
ikoniajasonlfunk: I suspect you are using gnome network manager to configure the card15:55
walid_compdoc: hmm thanks for the info, i'll go get a monitor i guess15:55
VakoGuys gimme a hand with this internet stuff15:55
Kartagisbullgard4: microphone doesn't work at all15:56
jasonlfunkikonia: No, Gnome and network-manager are not installed.15:56
Vakoits not finding a network15:56
ericusthanks Tellmarch15:56
Vakodoesnt even blink15:56
arimailHi could someone please help me I cannot download a package it says: Couldn't find package by regex15:56
bullgard4Kartagis: Try to find it in alsamixer.15:56
free-tpbWill having a extra nic set two promisc affect my network in a negitive way15:56
ikoniafree-tpb: possibly15:57
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FloodBot1ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:57
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Kartagisbullgard4: http://home.ozses.net/mmic.png15:57
Kartagisbullgard4: http://home.ozses.net/mic.png15:58
frybyeHi I have 11.10 running with the onboard grafic - but not sure  how exactly to get it to run with my nvdia 240gs card .. i install the card and it just makes a mess of the display and then freezes - how can  install the nvidia driver when the screen is not useable untill it works?15:58
ikoniafrybye: disale the onboard in the bios15:59
bullgard4Kartagis: Your microphone is muted!15:59
frybyeHi - been out of ubuntu a long time - remember you though...15:59
frybyeand then it will work...?15:59
Guest1152Heya, I'm moderatly new to C++ development, moderatly being well versed in the logic, there's no way I can sum it up in a sentence, but the problem I have is the gulf between "Hello world" and managing includes, so far no include statements (from example gtkmm code) work, I don't want a magic fix, is there any documentation on how a "UNIX dev. enviroment" is set up and works?15:59
ikoniaGuest1152: the best thing is to chat in ##c++ and ##c channels16:00
Guest1152I'd like to know how to manage it myself, than just "stick this here and hope for the best" I want to read, but I don't even know what t google16:00
frybyeok i try it - bye now...16:01
Kartagisbullgard4: weird, sound properties didn't show it as muted16:01
Kartagisbullgard4: thank you very much :)16:01
ericuswhy not mixing kernels?16:01
bullgard4Kartagis: Enjoy Ubuntu!16:01
FloodBot1th_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:02
ericusI'm running 10.04, with 2.6.35 kernel to get TRIM working with SSD16:02
Kartagisbullgard4: I've been using ubuntu since Heron, and I'm still amazable16:02
Tellmarchericus, i personnally run a 3.2 kernel (because previous kernels wouldn't work properly with my hardware), i have no problems. just follow the correct procedure.16:02
ericusand now I want to update to 3.3 rc216:02
ikoniaericus: why ?16:03
free-tpbCan i ask ubuntu-server related questions here? I need to know the best way to block someone16:03
ikoniafree-tpb: sure16:03
ikoniafree-tpb: also #ubuntu-server16:03
ericusTellmarch: Sorry to bother you, but I don't know how to install the 3.3 rc216:03
ericusI've read your link16:03
ikoniaericus: why do you want to, what "extra" do you think you'll get ?16:04
DinoMuffinfree-tpb: what do you mean by "block someone"?16:04
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Tellmarchericus, have you downloaded the correct header and image .deb from the ppa?16:04
Kartagisfree-tpb: block by IP? use /etc/hosts.deny16:04
DrCodehi all16:05
ericusikonia: I dont know, some things must have improved over two years?16:05
Tellmarchericus, oh sorry, i didn't realise you were still in 10.0416:05
DrCodeI have windows 7 on my new laptop , I want to backup it and install fresh ubuntu , then I want to restore the win7 image into virtualbox, any idea , tools?16:05
ikoniaericus: not always, as you're not using an operating system designed around using those compopnents16:05
free-tpbWell i have been getting a lot of hits from bots looking for phpmyadmin, proxyheader.php, ext how can i report them before i block them, i would like to build a black list before i block them16:06
icerootDrCode: ##windows16:06
ericusSo your advice would be to stay on 2.6.35-32-generic?16:06
icerootDrCode: but normally dd should work16:06
Tellmarchericus : if you don't have a *need* of a newer kernel, don't risk it with such an old distribution.16:06
ericusOkay Tellmarch16:07
ikoniafree-tpb: badbots rules on fail2ban16:07
ericusTellmarch and ikonia, I went from 2.6.32 to 2.6.35 today, to get TRIM on SSD working. Was that a bad idea?16:08
Tellmarch2.6.35 is released for 10.04, so that's ok16:08
ikoniaericus: that's fine if you're working, leave it be16:08
=== Emo is now known as Norfik
ericuseverything works just fine, trim was the thing I wanted16:08
ericusgot me a ssd disk for my netbook16:09
cloudgeekany sugesstion for youtube plugin for banshee16:09
ikoniaericus: ok, so there is no need to update again16:09
ericusso 2.6.35-32-generic is still secure?16:09
ikoniaericus: unless you have a reason to16:09
ikoniaericus: secure ?16:09
cloudgeekor donwlaod link for youtube plugin for banshee16:09
Tellmarchericus, for further updates wait until 12.04 is out in a few months16:09
ericusno known vurnerabilities?16:09
ericusTellmarch: I'd like to stay on 10.04 on my netbook16:09
icerootericus: if you are using a normal ubuntu kernel everything is fine with the security16:10
icerootnormal = comming from ubuntu and not a ppa/build by yoursef16:10
ericusThank you all for answering my noob-questions16:11
Tellmarchericus, there was a security flaw in linux kernels released recently, but i think it was only from 2.6.39, so you should be fine.16:11
cloudgeekyoutube plugin for banshee is any ?16:11
dak0I heart theres youtube plugin for SMplayer16:11
PiciTellmarch, ericus: 10.04 is still supported, so any kernel security updates would have been presented.16:12
TellmarchPici, he hasn't the "normal" 10.04 kernel16:12
Tellmarchwhich is still 2.6.3216:12
icerootTellmarch: there was a newer kernel backported for 10.04 which is in the normal main-repo16:13
icerootTellmarch: that is common for lts to have 2 kernels after some time16:13
ericusI used a backport from karmic16:13
Piciericus: Are you sure that you are running 10.04?  Is that what lsb_release -r  says?16:13
icerootericus: how you used the backport?16:13
bullgard4cloudgeek: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/banshee-155-released-with-grid-view.html16:13
icerootericus: lucid-backports? or something by hand?16:14
ericuslsb_release -r16:14
ericusiceroot: followed a guide16:14
ericusagain, this was for getting TRIM to work16:14
jasonlfunkI'm running a server version of natty and have my wireless network configured to be an ad-hoc network. When I boot the machine the ad-hoc network isn't configured. If I login and run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" then the ad-hoc network starts. Any ideas why it doesn't start on boot? See my interfaces file here: http://pastebin.com/VJQqmUGc16:15
_Ethan_how can i see my system characteristics ? memory, processor... in ubuntu ?16:15
free-tpbHtop is grate for that16:16
icerootericus: what is the output of "apt-cache policy linux-image-$(uname -r)"16:16
free-tpbapt-get install htop16:16
dlentz_Ethan_, between lspci, lshw, and dmidecode commands, you should find any info you need16:16
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
_Ethan_ok !16:17
free-tpbalso lshw lists all of your hardware and can output it as html16:17
_Ethan_thx dlentz16:17
free-tpbEthan dont forget htop16:18
ericusiceroot: linux-image-2.6.35-32-generic: Installed: 2.6.35-32.64~lucid1 Candidate: 2.6.35-32.64~lucid116:18
icerootericus: please the real output16:18
iceroot!paste | ericus16:18
ubottuericus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:18
icerootericus: the repo-line is important16:18
ericus500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates/main Packages16:19
ericus500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-security/main Packages16:19
ubukouhey folks, i just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 hoping that i could have effects working... when i enable them it logs me off and nothing happens.. i talked to someone earlier telling me that ubuntu has open source driver that support these features... any ideas?16:19
ericuswhat, is there some kind of problem iceroot? :S16:19
dlentzubukou, what graphic card?16:20
larryoneanyone know how to log a non interactive ssh session from the server side?16:20
icerootericus: i am just looking if you screwed up your system for security or if everything is fine16:20
ericuswell, how does it look then iceroot?16:20
icerootericus: because if i am correct you asked if you get security updates16:20
ericusi wouldn't install a kernel from a third party source16:20
icerootericus: it would be great to post exactly the output of that command to pastebin16:20
icerootericus: its hard to search the infos here on multiple lines if the layout is broken16:21
ubukouhd 385016:21
icerootericus: see text from ubottu about paste16:21
ubukoudlentz, hd385016:21
zul0Hi, anyone can help me with a question about compact wireless?16:21
iceroot!ask | zul016:21
ubottuzul0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:21
Slartzul0: just ask.. if someone knows the answer they will probably tell you16:22
ubukoudlentz, is there a way to see what driver im running? command? so i can help to understand?16:22
ericusiceroot: http://pastebin.com/ki6dXwU416:22
ericusdoes that look ok?16:23
ubukoudlentz, there is no drivers listed in the hardware drivers panel.. so i assume im running ubuntu's drivers. i also have dual screen configuration16:23
icerootericus: yes everything fine, you are using the official backported kernel and will get security updates16:23
psychoshieldHello i was told by my hosting provider to write to /dev/sda2 i could do a sym link and they did this ln -s /dev/sda2/path/to/folder/to/write/in /home/psycho/new however its not seeing the folder that i wrote as the user any ideas?16:24
mibr001UBUNTU 10.10 ON ASPIRE 552016:24
psychoshielddev/sda2 is /var16:24
icerootpsychoshield: they told you to use /dev/sda2/path/...?16:24
free-tpbHow do i controle my cpu fan-speed in ubuntu 10.4 LTS16:24
mibr001AT 70 DEGREES not good16:24
ericusawesome, thank you very much iceroot16:24
ikoniamibr001: turn it off first then16:24
ikoniamibr001: don't risk damage16:24
icerootmibr001: 70 degrees is not unnormal for gpus16:25
zul0well, i want install latest compact wireless drivers. I have ath9k driver. i saw here http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k that my device is in suported chipsets and i want know if my device must be too in avaible devices list16:25
Slarticeroot: I wouldn't worry until it goes above 90 or so16:25
glennhow can install thunderbird 10 ubuntu bay ppa16:25
Slarticeroot: oops, sorry16:25
icerootSlart: i think so too16:26
Slartmibr001: I wouldn't worry until it goes above 90 or so16:26
icerootSlart: mibr001 but maybe for a laptop is a high value but i dont think its critical16:26
glennhow can i install thunderbird 10 by ppa16:27
ubukouanyone using hd 3850 with compiz?16:28
Slartthunderbird 10? wasn't thunderbird at like 3.0 not so long ago?16:28
glda19how to isntall thunderbird 10 by ppa16:29
psychoshieldiceroot ya cause i asked how to write to /dev/sda2 since its a bigger16:31
psychoshieldthe hdd is split into two drives i guess16:31
ericusThis might be a stupid question, but my BIOS battery in my netbook is getting discharged when I leave it off some time. Is the BIOS battery recharging when AC power is plugged in, and the netbook battery removed?16:32
glda19is thunderbird 10 avable by ppa16:32
dlentzSlart, the new thundebird/ff versionig scheme is meant to raise version numbers rapidly to compete ewith chrome16:32
adomrunning gnome2 in 10.04...i removed my little volume icon from next to the date/time spot in my top toolbar, how do i get the volume icon back?16:32
Psychoweird i got d/c16:33
Psychoim gonna pastebin the df -H16:33
glda19how can in install the last version of thunderbird16:33
Slartdlentz: ah.. in some weird way that actually makes sense.. weird sense.. but still =)16:33
Pici!patience | glda1916:33
ubottuglda19: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:33
=== Psycho is now known as Psychoshield
Slartericus: BIOS batteries has a tendency to go bad with age, in my experience.. they just won't hold a charge any more. I think it's meant to be loaded whenever there is power to the system16:34
ericusSlart: Yeah, I'm guessing it's bad16:35
Slartericus: it's not really anything you can do about it from the software side of things.. sometimes you can replace the battery but sometimes it's just welded on16:35
ericusI've opened the netbook to change the HDD16:35
eboneMy system doesn't seem to be updating the display manager properly.16:35
ericusthe BIOS battery is easilly replaced, but expensive16:36
eboneCan anyone tell me where/how this is done?16:36
ericusDoesnt matter, I can live with a bad bios battery16:36
Psychoshieldiceroot still around?16:36
Slartebone: you'll have to explain that a bit more. Why do you think it's not updating the display manager? are there error messages? what version of ubuntu are you running?16:37
Psychoshieldsince dev/sda2 is mounted on /var wouldnt the symlink just be /var part?16:37
Psychoshieldso like ln -s /var/path/to/folder/to/write/in /home/psycho/new16:38
Gryphus71Hello, can anyone confirm to me that logic configuration ? Porgrams "use" > proxy/http (polipo) "use" > socks (tor) ?16:39
Psychoshieldthink everyone went for lunch lol16:40
zykotick9adom: add to panel, then indicator-something, i believe16:40
Ronis_BRhi all, how can I correct the error dkms.conf: Error! No 'BUILT_MODULE_NAME' directive specified for record #0.16:41
BlackWarwhy i get no sound when i run a wine application in a new X session?16:41
BlackWari am using the command startx <WINE COMMAND> -- :116:41
theadminBlackWar: Probably that runs before pulseaudio starts?16:42
BlackWaris there some work around theadmin ?16:43
Psychoshieldwhen someone has a chance still waiting :)16:43
ekxAnyone happen to know a diff program that lets me paste the text I want to compare?16:43
theadminBlackWar: Not sure. I think you need to run "pulseaudio -d" in the session first.16:43
dr_willisekx:  ive seen some gui diff front ends in the repos. but never used any.16:43
ekxhmm... guess I'm gonna have to create new files.16:44
Psychoshieldsince dev/sda2 is mounted on /var wouldnt the symlink just be /var part? so like ln -s /var/path/to/folder/to/write/in /home/psycho/new16:44
dr_willisPsychoshield:  try it and see?16:45
dr_willisi alwyas get ln -s arguments backwards16:45
Psychoshieldjust dont know the permissions to let myself write to it from my deluge16:45
dr_williswhy would you want deluge to write to /var?16:45
BlackWartheadmin, any ideas how i would right the command out?16:45
theadminBlackWar: No, sorry.16:46
BlackWarOk, Somebody please knows how to do it/16:46
Psychoshieldbecause how they setup the hard drive / only has 17gb left and /var has 921gb16:46
theadminI haven't used "startx" to start X in ages, only know of "xinit" myself >.<16:46
dr_willisPsychoshield:  you could just move your home dir to /var/  the /var/whatever dir - should have the same permissions as your users home if you want the user to have full access to it.16:46
dr_willisseems odd to have such free space in /var/ but i never use a seperate /var/ partion either16:47
Psychoshieldtoo much work that way lol16:47
dr_willisits rather trivial actually...16:47
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving16:47
imbezolmv /home /var && ln -s /var/home /home16:47
Gryphus71Hey dr_willis ;)16:48
dr_willisor do it for a single user.16:48
adomzykotick9: that adds to panel, but how do i get it back over with the date/time and other systray stuff?16:48
dr_willislink /home/youryser to /var/home2/youruser or similer.16:48
dr_willisln is so handy16:48
dr_willisI have to wonder who would set up /var/ on its own partion but not /home/16:48
zykotick9adom: unlock stuff, then drag - i believe16:48
dr_willisunless your /home/ partion is just full :)16:48
icerootPsychoshield: yes, you cant write on /dev/sdaX you have to mount it and use that path instead16:49
rymate1234Can someone recommend a good linux game?16:49
adomzykotick9: i right click, click move, and drag, but it only lets me drag left of the systray area, wont go into the systray area with the date/time and other stuff16:49
dr_willisrymate1234:  'wesnoth'16:49
icerootrymate1234: world of goo, quake 4, doom3, ut 200416:50
dr_willis!find wesnoth16:50
Dudeswow lost net again16:50
ubottuFound: wesnoth, wesnoth-1.8, wesnoth-1.8-aoi, wesnoth-1.8-core, wesnoth-1.8-data, wesnoth-1.8-dbg, wesnoth-1.8-did, wesnoth-1.8-dm, wesnoth-1.8-ei, wesnoth-1.8-httt (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wesnoth&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all16:50
zykotick9adom: you need to unlock it first probably16:50
adomfor example, i googled around, and if you type gnome-volume-control-applet in a terminal, it will show it temporarily where it belongs next to date/time16:50
free-tpbTuxkart is cool beans16:50
dr_willistheres a new humble indie bundle out. :)16:50
dr_willis$6 for a few decent games16:50
rymate1234dr_willis: wats wesnoth16:51
icerootdr_willis: with world of goo if you pay more then the common price :)16:51
adomzykotick9: locking/unlocking just prevents from moving...i can move it fine16:51
dr_willis!info wesnoth | rymate123416:51
ubotturymate1234: wesnoth (source: wesnoth-1.8): fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.8.6-1 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB16:51
dr_willis!info freeciv16:51
ubottuPackage freeciv does not exist in oneiric16:51
iceroot!games | rymate123416:51
ubotturymate1234: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/16:51
zykotick9adom: whatever is currently occupying the stop you want to move it to, be sure it is unlocked16:51
dr_willisHmm theres some freeciv if you like Civilization type games. :) and dont forget the 'Settlers' game if you like the Setlers of Catan game16:51
Slart!info freeciv-client-gtk16:52
ubottufreeciv-client-gtk (source: freeciv): Civilization turn based strategy game (GTK+ client). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.7-2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 601 kB, installed size 1596 kB16:52
zykotick9adom: s/stop/spot/16:52
* rymate1234 likes civ type games16:52
dr_willisI perfer 'FreeCol'16:52
dr_willisColonization Clone16:52
adomzykotick9: i dont think thats it. i tried unlocking the time/date but you still cant drag indicators (including volume icon) to that area16:53
dr_willisplays better then the Sid Meirs Remake of Colonization i have.16:53
adomi guess i could create a startup daemon for gnome-volume-control-applet ...16:53
icerootrymate1234: there is also a0d (or aod) age of empires for linux16:53
adomseems unecessary but should work16:53
icerootor was it a0e? i cant remember16:53
Gryphus71dr_willis, hi, im back with my tor problems ^^' if i just want to use polipo, my configs need to be : programs use > polipo (proxy/http-s) use tor (socks) ?16:54
tomreynhi, i'm having trouble running virtualbox since the driver modules are not built automatically, i'm on oneiric (have -proposed and xorg-edgers activated)16:54
BonaparteI'm unable to start MySQL service on Ubuntu 11.1. `service mysql start` gives error: start: Job failed to start16:54
tomreyni'm trying to find the root cause, but having trouble, can someone guide me through?16:54
dr_willisGryphus71:  Not sure. but i belive thats how tor works.  i last used tor ages ago it went  app -> proxy -> tor.16:55
Gryphus71dr_willis, ok thx you doc ! ;)16:56
BonaparteHow can I fix my MySQL issue? It's a local box with no important data. I also tried removing and installing. There are some errors in dpkg16:56
zul0anyone know if compact-wireless have irc channel?16:56
ikonialook at the errors16:57
ikoniacheck the error log16:57
Bonapartehttp://paste2.org/p/1892043  - these are the errors16:57
ikoniaBonaparte: thats the install log, try to start it and look at the error logs16:58
ikoniaBonaparte: that is you trying to remove it16:58
tomreynBonaparte: this is a bug in the mysql-server postrm script apparently. you should file a bug.16:59
zul0hi! anyone can help me with make error in compact wireless?16:59
rcmaehlI find it funny that the linux install on my flash drive is faster than the Windows 7 Professional on the computers at my school. I mean linux is running off a flash drive that has like 1/10 the read/write speed of a HDD16:59
tomreynas a workaround, if you don't mind loosing your configuration _and databases_ you can use this instead: sudo apt-get purge mysql-server16:59
Unbekannteris there a ubuntu irc channel in german?17:01
Unbekannterbecause my english is not very good17:01
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:01
tomreynGreetings to Kolkwitz, Unbekannter17:01
LiNuX`suphello fellow ubuntu users. I have a small issue I'm hoping someone can help me with...17:07
LiNuX`supI believe that I "accidently" disabled something that would allow me to share my local "home" folder with my home pc through "RDC" How to enable this again?17:07
dr_willisLiNuX`sup:  you mean as a windows network neighborhood type share?17:07
LiNuX`supI'm running ubuntu 11.10 and using remmina remote desktop to connect to windows 7 machine17:07
dr_willisI think the term 'share' may be getting used in differnt ways :)17:08
LiNuX`supdr_willis: in the past when I would connect it would automount a drive that linked to my ubuntu home folder in windows17:08
dr_willisnever used remmina - so no idea how its accessing a remote system.17:09
dr_willisnever even heard of remmina :)17:09
LiNuX`supthrough RDC17:09
LiNuX`supthere's no settings within remmina17:09
LiNuX`supit's something within the ubuntu settings17:09
LiNuX`supis there a list of avauilable services17:09
dr_willisyou need to determine what service its using. samba, or ssh, or nfs.17:09
LiNuX`suplet me look into that17:10
MylesManhello all17:10
MylesManis there an HDMI CEC pkg for ubuntu so that my tv will tur on when i but up my myth box?17:11
MylesManboot up *17:12
ericusany idea why rtorrent reports bad chunks on every torrent?17:13
ericustransmission works great17:13
=== ozi is now known as ozior
elspruhey is there an ubuntu mail client that auto-supports contacts?  Evolution is an absolute attrocity, it doesn't seem to realize people I email, are my contacts...17:15
ikoniaelspru: where are you storing your contacts ?17:16
=== ozior is now known as ozigs
elspruI'm not, in gmail, anyone that I email, is a contact, and I can easily type their email.17:16
ikoniaelspru: thunderbird will deal with that if you store the contacts in a compatible contact application17:16
LiNuX`supdr_willis: remmina is using RDP to connect to my windows17:17
elspruit's just I've never stored contacts before...17:18
Gateway`hello everybody17:19
Gateway`I would like to list the images presents on my system ? what file to cat ?17:19
elspruthe evolution contact manager is waaaaay too complicated,  though ya maybe I'll install thunderbird, hopefully it'll be better.17:19
kralleis there any hotspot software for ubunto 10 ?17:19
Gryphus71good bye all and thx17:20
dr_willisLiNuX`sup:  never really used RDP. but i thought RDP was for remote Desktp access, not accessing a 'share' like thing.17:20
LiNuX`sup!remote desktop protocol17:21
ubottuLiNuX`sup: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:21
AklsHow can I send MIDI signals from command line? For example if I want C5 to be played17:23
gulzarwhich GUI app is this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Alsa_v1.0.14_ubuntu7.1_en.png . was searching for it for long time17:24
Aklsgulzar, gamix maybe17:24
llutzgulzar: alsamixer(gui)17:24
Gateway`got it :)17:24
toschohow can I change the "back" button on my laptop to "home" via setxkbmap?17:25
gulzarAkls: llutz: Thank You17:25
ericusHow do I enable SSH as root on local LAN, but not from outside?17:26
Aklsericus, I think it should work this way by default. but I can be wrong17:26
ericusOn my gateway, runs ClearOS, but I assume it's pretty much the same17:27
scwizardI thought mint was popular, but there's no real support channel for it :(17:27
_NiCericus, I guess you can only allow login with keys, and specify a source ip for the key you add.17:28
_NiCericus, it'll still be technically open for anything as long as you have the key though.17:28
llutzericus: sshd_conf "AllowUsers root@192.168.x.y"17:28
zykotick9scwizard: did you see the !mint factoid, it has the irc network channel listed "/msg ubottu mint" if not.17:29
kapzhello! I need to know how the startx is executed at boot time in ubuntu 11.10? I have to add a prefix to it...thanks17:29
_NiCericus, or do what llutz says, which is much smarter. :-)17:29
Tom22Does anyone know where my config files for modules is?17:29
zykotick9Tom22: to load them?  see /etc/modules17:30
_NiCllutz, ericus, however .. isn't anything else then rejected, even other usernames?17:30
ericusthanks llutz :)17:30
llutzericus: but i'd always use PermitRootLogin forced-commands-only" and use su/sudo17:30
llutz_NiC: yes, you have to specify ALL valid users then17:30
ericusThing is, I have two users on the server. Root and me.17:30
kapzI mean where to look for the file where I can find startx while the OS boots...?17:30
_NiCericus, well, in that case, adding all the users isn't a big hassle.. :)17:31
ericusI want to be able to login as root only from my LAN, and disalbe su for the other user17:31
llutzericus: root should have an unprilegded accoutn to login too17:31
zykotick9kapz: startx isn't executed really, DM looks after starting xorg.17:31
ericusllutz: it's not ubuntu, but ClearOS17:31
|DM|zykotick9: no I don't.17:31
llutzericus: and? su/sudo works on every linux when installed17:32
Tom22@ zykotick9 thank you :), is it normal for this file to be empy. AKA, the file existes (theres commented text), but no modules are specified.17:32
kapzoh in that case where to llok for DM execute command?17:32
|DM|I don't even know what DM is17:32
zykotick9Tom22: by default it's empty ya17:32
ericusllutz: but there must be some way to disable su for my regular user?17:32
llutzericus: just don't give him the root-password17:32
ericusand also chroot that user to it's /home17:32
supNowI'm having issues accessing my home folder (local machine) from my home computer via remote connection from local machine to home. It used to automount a drive to my home computer after connecting, but doesn't any longer. I may have accidentally disabled a service? Can anyone help?17:32
zykotick9kapz: it's started by upstart, look at /etc/init/ directory17:32
Tom22zykotick9 thanks. I'm hoping that adding "alias char-major-14 maestro" will solve my no sound problem. I've run out of options :S17:32
Vakois there an aircrack chan here?17:33
nsd_I'm having some issues getting public key authentication to work with an openssh server. I have not edited /etc/sshd_config from the default, although I have checked and the AuthorizedKeysFile and PubKeyAuthentication appear properly set. I have the public key that I would like to use in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote machine, but I am not prompted for a passphrase. Anyone know their way around ssh that could help me?17:33
nsd_I should note that when I say I am not prompted for a passphrase, I mean it asks for a password, which evidently is not what I am supposed to see.17:33
=== grubby is now known as Guest36209
llutzericus: there are lots of tutorials how to chroot users into $HOME using ssh or rbash17:33
AklsVako maybe you should try backtrack channel17:33
DinoMuffinnsd_: are you trying to use private key authentication/17:33
ericusllutz: the other user is me, so i know the password..17:34
nsd_DinoMuffin: Yes.17:34
DinoMuffinnsd_: did you generate the RSA keys?17:34
azmodeushi guys... does anybody knows where can I find some documentation over backtrack?17:34
ericustwo users, root and ericus17:34
llutzericus: that makes no sense17:34
tomreynnsd_: if you can watch auth.log on the remote machine you're trying to authenticate to.17:34
ericusbut I want to disable su for ericus17:34
nsd_DinoMuffin: Yes, and I copied the contents of the public key to the authorized_keys file on the remote machine17:34
llutzericus: just don't use su then, why would you disable it17:34
nsd_tomreyn: I will try that.17:34
icerootericus: there is no reason to disable su17:34
DinoMuffinnsd_: make sure the file permissions are correct17:34
ericusllutz: to make it more secure when opening ssh17:35
icerootericus: if i know the password of the user i dont need su, i just need ssh user@host or tty1 loginprompt17:35
nsd_DinoMuffin: What do they need to be set to? As of right now I have u=r,og=r17:35
llutzericus: how would that be more secure?17:35
tomreynnsd_: a common mistake is not to set the permissions on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys properly (only the owning user should be able to read and optionally write to it), as are spelling mistakes on the filename17:35
DinoMuffinnsd_: I believe it should be chmod'd to 40017:35
kapzzykotick9: thanks! I opened lightdm.conf but I am unable to make out anything...all I want to do is start Xorg/gnome session with 'optirun' command prefixed...how do I do that?17:35
DinoMuffinnsd_: let me verify that17:35
ericusiceroot: root login is not allowed on the server17:35
icerootericus: su is not only for root17:35
llutzericus: su needs the root-password. so if your account get hacked, the intruder has to know the root-pw too17:36
icerootericus: what about sudo -i17:36
nsd_DinoMuffin: I don't know the what the octal values correspond to off the top of my head.17:36
zykotick9kapz: sorry i have no idea how you'd do that.  or what optirun is for that matter.  best of luck.17:36
icerootericus: now i have a rootshell doesnt matter if you disabled su17:36
ericuslet me explain17:36
icerootericus: no need to explain17:36
DinoMuffinnsd_: it should be -r--------17:36
supNowI'm having issues accessing my home folder (local machine) from my home computer via remote connection from local machine to home. It used to automount a drive to my home computer after connecting, but doesn't any longer. I may have accidentally disabled a service? Can anyone help?17:36
nsd_DinoMuffin: Also, the various tutorials I have found online seemed to vary with regards to how permissive or otherwise they were.17:36
icerootericus: disabling "su" is useless and i bet it will break some things17:36
DinoMuffinnsd_: or just run chmod 400 on the file17:36
tomreynnsd_: chmod u+r-wx,g-rwx,o-rwx ~/.ssh/authorized_keys17:36
zykotick9kapz: bumblebee, i see17:37
tomreynnsd_: or just 400 ;)17:37
kapzzykotick9: No worries mate, and thanks for all the help! btw optirun is used for running optimus card17:37
nsd_tomreyn: You know that can just be chmod u=rwx,og= right?17:37
ericusif i'd like to enable login as root only on LAN, and ssh for user ericus from external17:37
kapzzykotick9: yep!17:37
nsd_tomreyn: I like the u=,o=,g syntax17:37
DinoMuffinnsd_: chmod 400 works fine on my debian server17:37
ericusi want to disable ericus to run su17:37
nsd_DinoMuffin, tomreyn: I will try that17:37
ericusthere is no need for that user to be superuser17:37
llutzericus:1st goal:  sshd_conf "AllowUsers root@192.168.x.y ericus"17:37
icerootericus: just dont give him the rott-password17:38
supNowhow do you get a response in here.... is there a line formed somewhere... do I take a number?17:38
tomreynnsd_: didn't know this for sure, so i opted for the longer syntax. thanks for the hint.17:38
zykotick9!ask | supNow17:38
ubottusupNow: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:38
icerootericus: thats how security is working, not giving passwords away17:38
ericusiceroot: again, i am the other user, so i know the root passwd already17:38
nsd_tomreyn: np17:38
supNowI'm having issues accessing my home folder (local machine) from my home computer via remote connection from local machine to home. It used to automount a drive to my home computer after connecting, but doesn't any longer. I may have accidentally disabled a service? Can anyone help?17:38
icerootericus: that does not make sense17:38
ericusiceroot: it's not ubuntu, it's clearos17:38
icerootericus: #clearos17:39
toschohow can I change the "back" button on my laptop to "home" via setxkbmap?17:39
ericuswhich has root user by default17:39
Tom22is anyone able to help me get my soundcard working?17:39
theadminericus: Then it's not supported here.17:39
grubbyoneI'm having trouble with booting some ISOs from usb, http://pastebin.com/9cqP1ZfT , the desktop ISOs boot up fine, but the server versions are giving me error 15, file not found17:39
icerootgreat :)17:39
dageriksupNow: Try mounting manually?17:39
ericusthought you might be able to help17:39
icerootericus: of course you can disbale root-login like in ubuntu17:39
theadmintoscho: xmodmap -e 'keysym XF86Back=XF86Home'17:39
icerootericus: with a invalid password17:39
nsd_tomreyn, DinoMuffin: Aha! My AllowUsers line was syntactically incorrect apparently; auth.log says as much ("User X from 192.168.0.Y not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers")17:40
supNowdagerik: is there a services list for ubuntu 11.10 similar to what windows has?17:40
Tom22is anyone able to help me get my soundcard working?17:40
supNowdagerik: or a group policy?17:40
llutzericus: chown root:wheel $(which su) && chmod 4550 $(which su)                     add those users to group "wheel", which should be able to use us17:40
DinoMuffinnsd_: ah, well that would do it17:40
toschook, I need a solution without xmodmap as it is incompatible with setxkbmap17:40
dageriksupNow: I dont know windows im afraid17:40
=== alek is now known as tomal
supNowdagerik: I wish I didn't17:40
llutzericus: it still makes no sense, but ...17:40
theadmintoscho: I don't think setxkbmap allows to change layouts with the command, you probably need to modify the keymaps in xorg.conf or even manually17:40
tomreynnsd_: "I have not edited /etc/sshd_config" wasn't entirely right then, hmm? ;)17:41
nsd_DinoMuffin: Actually, I checked the file against the man page and it appears correct. Perhaps I need to restart openssh?17:41
Tom22is anyone able to help me get my soundcard working?17:41
nsd_tomreyn: Lol I guess not.17:41
jgm_does the software-center bug about not detecting network connection when not using NetworkManager to handle networking is on schedule for a fix?17:41
DinoMuffinnsd_: any time you modify sshd_conf, you should restart ssh17:41
nsd_DinoMuffin: I was unaware.17:41
toschowhere is xorg.conf located in lubuntu?17:41
zykotick9!details | Tom2217:41
ubottuTom22: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:41
iceroottoscho: /etc/X11/17:41
nsd_DinoMuffin, tomreyn: It works now, thanks for your help17:41
DinoMuffinnsd_: no prob17:41
tomreynnsd_: force-reload is actually enough, but i'm not sure there's much of a difference there.17:42
icerootjgm_: the launchpad-bug should tell you17:42
ericusiceroot: Yes, I've disabled root via SSH for the root account, but I need to enable it for LAN ONLY. And I also have a second account, ericus, that can login via SSH. and ericus can run su, and I want to disable that.17:42
icerootericus: #clearos17:42
zykotick9toscho: it might not be there by default17:42
rajhow do you log out of an ssh session?17:42
icerootraj: exit17:42
ericusiceroot: dead channel :/17:42
jgm_iceroot, :) was hoping some one here knew about that17:42
icerootericus: maybe but this channel is for ubuntu17:43
toschook, how do I change the keys in xorg.conf?17:43
DinoMuffinericus: why is it such a big deal that the other account has su when you're the only other user?17:43
tomreynhi, i'm on ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric), with oneiric-proposed and xorg-edgers repositories activated, and having trouble running any virtual machines since the driver modules are not loaded, and may not have been built by dkms automatically.17:43
ericusDinoMuffin: because if someone, somehow gets access to my user and my su-password that would be bad17:43
tomreyni'm trying to find out why this is so I can make a proper bug report against virtualbox (the ubuntu package), but am having trouble finding the root cause, can someone guide me through?17:44
Tom22my alsamixer looks like this: http://i42.tinypic.com/6z64j7.png17:44
llutzericus: if that happens, you did something wrong17:44
grubbyoneis it possible to boot ubuntu server ISOs using grub4dos?17:44
DinoMuffinericus: you're worried about ssh right? Just run with a privatekey + password if you're that worried17:44
ModusPwnensI wrote a script to run at shutdown and I called update-rc.d but it's not being executed. Can someone help me resolve it? I've never written a shutdown script before.17:44
DinoMuffinericus: the hances of that being hacked is extremely slim17:44
icerootericus: you are using a dead os with sudo-root-exploit, maybe the linux3.x root-exploit (proc/mom*) and you are afraid someone will guess your root-password?17:45
Tom22Hey. I'm unable to get my soundcard working. (Works on my Windows partition), On ubuntu, all I get is a constant static sound which changes when opening menus, and fiddling with sound settings. my alsamixer looks like this: http://i42.tinypic.com/6z64j7.png17:45
jonathonIs it possible to rollback to right before I installed something?17:45
theadminModusPwnens: Most likely you just want to call the script from /etc/rc.shutdown17:45
theadminModusPwnens: Simpliest for such tasks.17:45
icerootjonathon: only with your backup17:45
llutzericus: how should an attacker get the root-pw? by torturing you? then you have other problems, than your root-account17:45
jonathoniceroot, and if I didn't make a backub?17:45
ModusPwnenstheadmin,  but what if I want to get it working with the update-rc.d method?17:45
icerootjonathon: then you know why a backup is important17:45
theadminModusPwnens: I don't think that even does anything with Upstart17:46
ModusPwnensI know Upstart is the newer method, but I thought that update-rc.d still worked17:46
Tom22Hey. I'm unable to get my soundcard working. (Works on my Windows partition), On ubuntu, all I get is a constant static sound which changes when opening menus, and fiddling with sound settings. my alsamixer looks like this: http://i42.tinypic.com/6z64j7.png17:46
zykotick9Tom22: don't repeat your message every 2 minutes - sharing what model of soundcard you have might help as well.  Good luck.17:47
Tom22@ zykotick9 its an ESS ES1978 (Maestro 2E)17:48
ModusPwnensdoes anyone have experience using update-rc.d to add shutdown/startup scripts?17:48
DinoMuffinTom22: what level is the PCM bar at?17:48
blahsphemerhow do I write a script to monitor the number of files in a directory17:48
icerootblahsphemer: #bash17:48
john_doe_jrHey, I got 2 files of the same name and want to copy files in the source directory to the destination directory....how do I do that?17:48
blahsphemericeroot, ok17:48
imbezolericus: i think the user has to belong to the group wheel to su as well17:49
Tom22DinoMuffin, I'm assuming you mean something on alsamixer? http://i42.tinypic.com/6z64j7.png17:49
imbezolericus: might want to test that with a test user though17:49
DinoMuffinTom22: oh17:49
icerootericus: also thing about that e.g. python has a own su-implementation17:49
icerootericus: have fun to isable that also17:49
icerootericus: and i bet we will always find one more possibility to run su then you can disable17:50
Slartblahsphemer: watch "ls /some/dir | wc -l" might work for just a quick checker17:50
DinoMuffinjohn_doe_jr: uh, "cp <file> <destination>"?17:50
soulHi guys, I need help. I actually have windows 7 installed before i have Ubuntu 11.10. Since i have installed my Ubuntu, I can't view my windows 7 files and my other partition disk. Actually I did not care wiping it out when installing Ubuntu because I thought it can be view inside Ubuntu. Now my question is, is it possible that i can manage the files or viewing the files in my previous c:/ and my other partition disk ?17:50
imbezoliceroot: you don't disable su... you enable pam protections17:50
icerootimbezol: he wants to disable su17:50
imbezoliceroot: the libraries define how that authorization is checked17:50
john_doe_jrDinoMuffin, the source has files and directories though17:51
Tom22@ zykotick9 & DinoMuffin I'm out of ideas :S Been trying to work this out for ages17:51
blahsphemerSlart, I need something like: if #files in current directory>1000, call notify-send17:51
DinoMuffinjohn_doe_jr: cp -r will recursively copy what's in the directory17:51
imbezoliceroot: it would be simple enough to get a list of suid binaries on the system17:51
Slartblahsphemer: ah.. hang on then17:51
imbezoliceroot: really i think he needs to just set strong passwords and if he doesn't trust the user.. the user shouldn't have access17:51
blahsphemerSlart, ok17:52
DinoMuffinTom22: is your soundcard on the supported hardware list?17:52
icerootimbezol: as we are all saying17:52
soulHi guys, I need help. I actually have windows 7 installed before i have Ubuntu 11.10. Since i have installed my Ubuntu, I can't view my windows 7 files and my other partition disk. Actually I did not care wiping it out when installing Ubuntu because I thought it can be view inside Ubuntu. Now my question is, is it possible that i can manage the files or viewing the files in my previous c:/ and my other partition disk ?17:52
imbezoliceroot: yup.. as soon as they have any access level there's potential17:52
john_doe_jrDinoMuffin, yup but the two folders are of the same name & it keeps creating a new folder of the same name in the destination directory and I don't know why17:52
Tom22@ DinoMuffin, alsa?17:52
soulHi guys, I need help. I actually have windows 7 installed before i have Ubuntu 11.10. Since i have installed my Ubuntu, I can't view my windows 7 files and my other partition disk. Actually I did not care wiping it out when installing Ubuntu because I thought it can be view inside Ubuntu. Now my question is, is it possible that i can manage the files or viewing the files in my previous c:/ and my other partition disk ?17:53
john_doe_jrDinoMuffin, I think I just figured it out....I'm using sudo to copy and I think that this is causing the problem17:53
Tom22DinoMuffin, I guess not :S17:54
soulHi guys, I need help. I actually have windows 7 installed before i have Ubuntu 11.10. Since i have installed my Ubuntu, I can't view my windows 7 files and my other partition disk. Actually I did not care wiping it out when installing Ubuntu because I thought it can be view inside Ubuntu. Now my question is, is it possible that i can manage the files or viewing the files in my previous c:/ and my other partition disk ?17:54
DinoMuffinTom22: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Hardware-HOWTO/sound.html17:55
DinoMuffini don't know if that list is up to date however17:55
iceroot!repeat | soul17:55
ubottusoul: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:55
Slartblahsphemer: try this    if  [ `ls -1 /some/dir/ | wc -l` -gt 1000 ]; then17:55
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theadminsoul: Ubuntu will normally show other partitions in the file manager, unless you wiped them when installing....17:55
Slartblahsphemer: ls -1 lists all files in a folder with 1 line per file.. wc counts words, lines and other stuff, wc -l only counts how many lines there are17:56
blahsphemerSlart, Running this is in an infinite loop?17:56
icerootblahsphemer: please use "inotify" instead of this wc -l thing17:56
Tom22DinoMuffin: What can I do if my card isn't supported? :S17:56
iceroot!inotify | blahsphemer17:56
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blahsphemericeroot, I was just looking into the man page for inotify17:56
icerootblahsphemer: have a look around what inotify is17:56
theadminblahsphemer: "if" will never result in an infinite loop...17:56
theadmin"if" is not even a loop as such.17:56
DinoMuffinTom22: I'm not really familiar with soundcard drivers on linux. You might be able to find a linux driver on the company website17:57
blahsphemertheadmin, I know if is not a loop. But I need to run it "within" a loop17:57
DinoMuffinsomeone else might know better than I do17:57
theadminblahsphemer: What exactly are you trying to do?17:57
icerootblahsphemer: Slart and never use "ls" to read out a directory17:57
theadminiceroot: Why not?17:57
Slarticeroot: why not?17:57
blahsphemertheadmin, check if the number of files in a particular directory is > 10000, if yes, then call notify-send17:58
iceroottheadmin: Slart ls is not using the real filenames17:58
theadminiceroot: ...?17:58
theadminiceroot: It's not giving the full paths, but...17:58
theadminiceroot: That's not exactly the problem here xD17:58
Slarticeroot: you mean you count links and such as well?17:58
iceroottheadmin: Slart touch foo\ bar, or touch `foo\nbar`17:58
icerootSlart: theadmin the second example will result in 2 files when using ls to count17:59
Slarticeroot: ahh.. but ls -1 claims to use one line per file.. I'll have to try this.. just to see what it does17:59
theadminblahsphemer: if [ $(ls --almost-all --escape -1) -gt 1000 ] ; then notify-send ... ; fi17:59
theadminiceroot: ^17:59
icerootSlart: theadmin always use "for a in ./*" instead17:59
iceroottheadmin: no, the solution is inotify18:00
imbezoliceroot: i disagree if only because i believe shell scripts should be portable18:00
theadminiceroot: Not sure what that is, (s)he wants notify-send, I give the possible solution, heh...18:01
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iceroottheadmin: Slart it was   touch $'foo\nbar'18:01
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imbezoliceroot: anyways... i think when he's checking >1000 being off by one file that had a carriage return in the name might not be a big deal18:01
iceroottheadmin: inotify can check directories e.g. for changes or the amount of files18:01
icerootimbezol: an if every file has it?18:01
theadminiceroot: Hmm... I see.18:02
icerootimbezol: or maybe touch $'a\nb\nc\nd\ne'18:02
imbezoliceroot: on my system (ubuntu 11.04) your touch command doesn't do what you think it does18:02
theadminiceroot: When you use "ls --escape", you will see octal escapes for nongraphic characters (e.g. whitespace), therefore \n will be displayed literally as \n, not as a line escape... So.18:02
imbezol-rw-r--r-- 1 imbezol imbezol 0 2012-02-02 11:02 foo?bar18:02
Slarticeroot: hmm.. I'm trying to create a file with a linebreak in the name... none of the above has worked so far..but nevermind.. I'll play around with this. Thanks!18:03
icerootSlart: touch $'a\n' && ls | less18:04
icerootSlart: to see how ls is working when using a pipe18:04
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azi_i've just set up some backup settings. is there a way to force the first backup to be made?18:04
icerootSlart: ls is very evil and its acting different if it found a terminal or a pipe18:04
icerootSlart: touch $'a\nb' && ls | less18:04
Slarticeroot: ahh.. it just does that when you use the pipe.. -1 doesn't help, it will still show as two lines18:05
icerootSlart: that will result in 2 lines18:05
jonathonHow can I edit what programs load up at start?18:05
imbezoliceroot: you are correct.. piping the ls into a file shows the line break18:05
icerootSlart: touch $'a\nb' && ls | wc -l   will show 218:05
Slarticeroot: so, ls *is* evil after all =)18:05
icerootSlart: as i said earlier18:05
sstawhy on earth would you put a line break in a filename?18:05
theadminYou're not listening to me, --escape unevilifies ls...18:05
icerootssta: because its allowed18:05
sstaiceroot: well, yes.  so are lots of things.  Doesn't make them a good idea18:06
icerootssta: why on earth would you put a white space in a filename?18:06
theadminssta: "not a good idea" doesn't mean that's not possible xD18:06
sstaiceroot: anyway, ls and wc are both performing as documented there18:06
sstaiceroot: I wouldn't18:06
jonathonHow can I edit what programs load up at start?18:06
theadminjonathon: Depends. GUI? CLI?18:07
jonathontheadmin, GUI Preferred, but CLI is fine18:07
theadminjonathon: I mean, do you want them to start-up when your desktop loads? Or do you mean daemons (Window$ term: Services)?18:07
icerootssta: and because there are strange specialcases there a good ways (for a in ./*) and bad ways (ls | do something)18:07
jonathonOh, Daemons18:08
theadminjonathon: I think there are a few, search the software center. I used to use rcconf, but there are reports that this stopped working. Not sure if so though.18:08
jonathonWhat would I search under?18:08
theadminjonathon: Eh, just type "daemon" or "service" in the search bar18:09
sstaiceroot: for x in... type constructs break on files with any whitespace...18:09
icerootssta: quote18:09
DinoMuffiniceroot: that's actaully pretty neat18:09
imbezoliceroot: so what's a portable way to do it? i doubt inotify is available on hpux and aix for example18:10
dijonyummyis there an csh debugger for ubuntu or linux18:10
zykotick9jonathon: you might want to try bum (i haven't used it, i still use rcconf but not sure you should use that in ubuntu)18:10
DinoMuffiniceroot: wonder if other flags can be injected18:10
T_H_Xw'sup with sookbook18:10
theadmindijonyummy: How on earth do you want to "debug" csh? It's a shell... Please rephrase.18:10
icerootssta: for a in ./* do echo "$a" done    there are never problems with white-spaces in $a when you use "$a"18:10
jonathonI found rcconf, I'll check out bum too18:10
ssta"Doctor, it hurts when I stab myself in the eye"...18:10
icerootimbezol: on every linux18:11
icerootimbezol: on every linux with 2.6.x if i am correct, 2.4 does not have inotify18:11
theadminiceroot: You say "2.6.x" as if you're forgetting we moved to 3.x for a while now xD18:12
iceroottheadmin: :)18:12
theadmin2.6.x or greater.18:12
iceroottheadmin: of course :)18:12
imbezoliceroot: not sure i catch your meaning. what's a portable way, 2.4, 2.6, commercial unix, etc..18:12
jonathonzykotick9, Alright, bum works, thanks18:12
theadminimbezol: If you want scripts to be THAT portable, you probably want to write them for original sh (or dash, as it's called now)18:13
MonkeyDustportable way? commercial unix?18:13
imbezoltheadmin: indeed18:13
icerootimbezol: find18:13
icerootimbezol: find foobar | wc -l18:14
imbezolfind has the same problem as ls if you just print18:14
imbezolnope, doesn't work.. does the same as ls18:14
icerootimbezol: not if using this print0 thing with xargs18:14
icerootcant remeber the syntax18:14
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:14
icerootimbezol: manpage  cant remeber it18:14
imbezol> find . -maxdepth 1 -name 'foo*' | wc -l   = 218:15
imbezolfind . -maxdepth 1 -name 'foo*' -print | wc -l   = 218:15
theadminGod, use 'find -fls' or 'ls --escape'. Now pkill argument.18:15
theadminWhat is with you people >.<18:15
iceroottheadmin: we are interestied in the topic18:15
jonathonOk now, Anyone know a good program to edit start up programs?18:15
iceroottheadmin: its not a bad idea to discuss solutions18:16
theadminiceroot: But those ways I suggest work and you're ignoring me altogether18:16
CarlFKtheadmin: xkcd/386 :)18:16
imbezoltheadmin: except that --escape is a gnu way18:16
theadminCarlFK: Hehe :D Good one18:16
theadminimbezol: Well then, "-b". Does the same.18:17
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theadminBut looks ugly and senseless though xD18:17
imbezoltheadmin: good to know.. interesting that the actual file creation doesn't work under sh though18:18
imbezoltheadmin: anyways.. back to work here :)18:18
ravenhow to display logged in users?18:18
llutzraven: w18:18
DinoMuffinraven: w or users18:18
theadminimbezol: Heh lol18:19
theadminllutz: "w"? Is that a shortuct for "who" or an entirely different command?18:19
imbezolit's a dif command18:19
llutztheadmin: 2 commands18:19
ravenandroid phone as soundcard via blutooth/wifi possible? did anyone try that yet?18:20
llutztheadmin: "whatis w who"18:20
theadminllutz: I see, thanks... "whatis" is something I usually forget about xD18:20
ChaorainHey, I just installed ubuntu Tweak for 11.10 and I used to be able to install programs through it but now I can't. Is there any way to still do that? (It had more than th Software Center does)18:21
theadminChaorain: Do you mean adding third-party repositories? I don't think Ubuntu Tweak can, but you can manually search launchpad for the ones you need18:21
wutzebaer1is facebook down?18:21
Chaoraintheadmin: It used to be able. Thats always how I install Jdownloader.18:22
theadminwutzebaer1: Offtopic here18:22
icerootimbezol: you are right, find is failing on that18:22
theadminwutzebaer1: And no, it ain't.18:22
DinoMuffini wish it was18:22
icerootimbezol: or i am failing to read the manpage :)18:22
llutzraven: does android support a2dp-snk at all?18:22
ravenandroid phone as soundcard via blutooth/wifi possible? did anyone try that yet?18:22
ravenllutz how to find out?18:23
llutzraven: ask google?18:23
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theadminiceroot: You *are* failing. Search for "-ls" in the manpage, followed by searching for "UNUSUAL FILENAMES" to see how it behaves with those.18:24
theadminI apologize for caps, but that's how it's written in the man18:25
iceroottheadmin: we are searching for something also working on non-gnu-systems18:25
=== TroubleStarter is now known as Slor
theadminiceroot: You think that doesn't? I thought find is universal. But then again, I'm not so sure.18:25
iceroottheadmin: i just think i am bad and finding the right things in the manpage18:25
iceroottheadmin: i guess find can do it18:26
theadminfind looks completely anti-GNU-ish with it's more than one character parameters after a single dash, actually, iceroot18:26
kirillhello there18:26
iceroottheadmin: non-gnu is what we are searching18:26
kirillplease help me i have dlna on win7 and laptop on lubuntu how i can wath video from dlna server on my lubuntu?18:27
theadminiceroot: Well then, there's the answer. But then again, since when Ubuntu is related to anything non-gnu? :D18:27
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iceroottheadmin: i think you want to show me in the !ot direction :)18:27
theadminiceroot: That's what I just did xD18:27
* theadmin doesn't call ubottu for !ot because ubottu can't explain how exactly is the person being offtopic18:28
kirilloh who knew where i can found help ifo about dlna on lubuntu?18:28
iceroottheadmin: sometimes its nice to discuss other things then "unity is bad" "my sound is not working" "how to install java" but yes you are right and i will be quit about the "\n"18:29
theadminiceroot: Thanks, and yeah, I understand how this feels... I'm used to enforcing the channel policy because usually someone who's being offtopic will end up ruining the conversation flow... I was too strict right now, sorry, since there's no real conversation going on xD18:29
iceroottheadmin: np :)18:29
sammachi i cant add applets to the top panel. when i right click nothing happens. im 11.10 with gnome18:31
balsackalguien que hable castellano podria ayudarme ?18:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:31
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theadminsammac: Gnome no longer has applets. If you are using Gnome Fallback, you have to Alt+Right Click, though18:32
balsackmuchas gracias18:32
sammacthanks alt + right click works18:32
sauedhi, what its the recommended iso to install in intel laptop? 32 or 64b?18:32
icerootsaued: depending on the exact cpu18:33
llutzsaued: 64 if your cpu supports 64bit18:33
theadminsaued: Depends on the processor architecture, many newer Intel processors are 64-bit18:33
sauedmaybe 64 bits have more "troubles" with software?18:34
icerootsaued: no18:34
llutzsaued: it had, years ago18:34
sammachow can u find out wether u have 64 bit or 32 bit18:34
llutzgrep " lm" /proc/cpuinfo18:34
icerootsammac: cat /proc/cpuinfo and look for "lm"18:34
ericuswhat would you do to optimize a netbook with 1GB RAM / 1.66GHz dual core and SSD?18:35
SutchWhat would cause Ubuntu, after a fresh install from a CD, to blackscreen after booting?18:35
theadminEarlier people used to complain that Linux neglects 64-bit, now they complain that it neglects ARM xD18:35
ericusI've already disabled some daemons18:35
ericusand installed openbox18:36
llutzericus: buy some more ram18:36
moo-ddr3 is crazy cheap18:36
ericusllutz: I'm not even using 1GB18:36
theadminllutz: Huh? 1G is like huge for Linux, what's the big deal...18:36
MonkeyDustericus  install preload and add vm.swappiness=10 to /etc/sysctl18:36
ericusMonkeyDust: tell me more about that?18:36
grafthey, i need to install ff10 so i can use firebug again, is there a ppa or something where i can do that?18:36
theadmingraft: Yeah, ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable has the latest stable Firefox versions18:37
MonkeyDust!info| preload | ericus18:37
MonkeyDust!info preload | ericus18:37
ubottuericus: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1 (oneiric), package size 34 kB, installed size 184 kB18:37
llutztheadmin: sure, linux will be fine, but some people want to use some programs too18:37
grafttheadmin: cool, thanks18:37
sauedso if i want install debian what iso i should choose, ia64?18:37
llutzsaued: amd64, not ia64(itanium)18:38
ericusokay ubottu18:38
kirillplease help me with dlna how i can watch video from dlna server on ubuntu?18:38
ericusor MonkeyDust :D18:38
sammaccpu MHz: 933.0018:38
ericusI've managed to get the power usage down from 9.4W to 5.3W18:38
graftwow! you should build cars18:39
ericuswith the SSD disk and powertop, and with disabling some daemons and services18:39
graftwhich daemons?18:39
sammacwhen i run cat /proc/cpuinfo i get cpu MHz: 933.000 surely thats a mistake my cpu is 3ghz18:39
llutzsammac: speedstep, cpu shouldn't run always on max-Freq18:40
DinoMuffinsammac: your processor is likely throttling18:40
ericus800 | 800 is CPU18:40
MonkeyDustsammac  run sudo dmidecode|grep 6418:40
ericusrunning on demand, up to 1.66GHz18:40
A-Westnice desktop ericus18:40
sauedllutz, amd64 its for intel too?18:40
llutzsaued: yes18:40
ejbsHey guys, I've changed some keybindings in xmodmap and the changes registers accordingly in xev but the changes aren't noticeable in "regular use" so to speak. Any idea of something that I might have missed?18:41
ericusthanks A-West18:41
DinoMuffinsaued: if you install a monitoring program like xosview you can watch the frequency change in real time18:41
sammacUUID: 434E4631-3038-364C-5152-984BE1AD0EA118:42
sammac64-bit capable18:42
sammacTotal Width: 64 bits18:42
sammacData Width: 64 bits18:42
sammacPart Number: 8JSF25664HZ-1G4D118:42
FloodBot1sammac: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:42
DinoMuffini meant that for sammac18:42
A-Westwhat are you running for your desktop ericus?18:43
grafttheadmin: err, there seems to be no oneiric support in that ppa18:43
sauedOk DinoMuffin thanks18:43
theadmingraft: Oh, really? T