ScottLumm, i'm not seeing any images linked to the test cases :(00:29
charlie-tcaI think they are still trying to figure out why, but you can grab them direct from http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current/00:31
charlie-tcaThat was brought up in -release already, and stgraber was trying to figure what to do with it.00:31
ScottLcharlie-tca, that's what i did earlier (get from cdimage), i mainly wanted to make sure it had been noticed already00:32
ScottLcharlie-tca, thank you :)00:32
ScottLnow to burn and test00:32
charlie-tcayou are welcome. Most of the testers left already, I still have about 6 hours to run, if I am lucky00:32
charlie-tca(and, no, it ain't gonna happen tonight) :)00:33
ScottLcharlie-tca, just in case i didn't do this already...thank you for your help at UDS :)00:38
charlie-tcaYou are most welcome. It is always a learning process for me. 00:38
charlie-tcaDid you apply for UDS-Q yet? 00:38
ScottLcharlie-tca, i want to talk to my wife first, and i'm waiting until she feel either indebted to me or generally in a good mood ;)00:50
charlie-tcaheh, That works too00:51
astraljavaScottL: Yes, nusakan was having some problems finding our images. stgraber pinged others on that, cause had no privileges or something. Dunno what's the status now.01:00
Len_1204Ok, booted in 1204... I was able to install with no network connect.01:00
Len_1204Both install and try with net connect crash installer.01:01
ScottLLen_1204, please be sure to report on the tracker, without completed (even with broken installs) tests the images risk not being released for further testing01:02
Len_1204this bug is from last october. It fails to download the flash loader.01:02
Len_1204apport did report it and said it was a duplicate.01:02
Len_1204Thats how I know anything about it.01:02
ScottLLen_1204, right, but make sure you mark your test in the qa-tracker, please01:03
ScottLLen_1204, also, at some point in the near future i would like to pick your brain about why you are helping with ubuntu studio01:04
ScottLLen_1204, like what keeps you interested, involved, coming back, etc01:04
ScottLi would really like to find a way to interests others into helping and staying around01:04
Len_1204I will report the problem I had the first time though. with consoles sending the installer hung. And I will do the qa too.01:04
Len_1204I'm not sure really. Time of year is part of it. Not much outside stuff to do. May not see me for 12.10 ;-)01:05
Len_1204This is the first project (with collaboration) I have been involved in.01:06
Len_1204I am still learning a lot.01:07
Len_1204ScottL: I wanted to report that it is possible to install here so that others can test more than just that the installer crashes.01:08
Len_1204test@ustudio1204:~$ ls /etc/security/limits.d/01:10
Len_1204OK, QA time, C-ja01:12
astraljavaI don't know that command in emacs. Wonder what it does.01:18
len-nbHelp... QA. I am guessing... but not sure all bugs need to be numbers and not descriptions?01:27
astraljavalen-nb: Yep, numbers.01:30
len-nbThe instructions are not very clear.01:31
len-nbGotta find all the bugs and make some too.01:32
astraljavaYou can file a bug about that. :)01:32
ScottLi was hoping during next cycle we can develop better testing requirements01:33
astraljavaScottL: Yeah. jibel already mentioned that.01:34
astraljavaScottL: I might work up something for Alpha-3 even.01:34
ScottLastraljava, how is the ubiquity plugin going?01:46
* falktx__ has a deja-vu01:47
astraljavaDidn't get much done today, busy with A-2 stuff (and some totally unrelated)01:48
astraljavaScottL: But there shouldn't be much left, anymore. I can turn it on for review once the milestone hassle is over.01:48
falktx__ScottL: I have a personal request to make01:49
ScottLastraljava, that is absolutely incredible news!01:49
ScottLfalktx__, hi :)01:49
falktx__ScottL: there are some svn packages in various PPAs (not just mine), that could make US metas be uninstalled01:49
astraljavaScottL:  It wasn't that much, once I figured out what needs to be done.01:50
falktx__ScottL: a simple depends "hydrogen | hydrogen-svn" will fix those01:50
falktx__ScottL: is this ok to you?01:50
falktx__I got a user requesting it now01:50
ScottLfalktx__, hmmmm, oh, you mean in our meta!01:51
astraljavafalktx__: That sounds unlikely. We will depend only on stuff that's in the official repos. IMHO, of course.01:51
ScottLi thought falktx__ meant in hydrogen or such which really isn't only in our purview01:51
ScottLastraljava, but if we used that in our seeds, would that be a problem?01:51
astraljavaMaybe I'm not understanding the issue right.01:52
falktx__astraljava: some PPAs have package alternative that make US metas uninstallable01:52
falktx__hydrogen-svn is one of then01:52
falktx__blender25 was one too, on lucid at least01:53
micahgthose are the problems of the PPA maintainers, not the distro01:53
falktx__the thing is, they are not official packages01:53
falktx__micahg: yeah, but modifying US metas in a PPA doesn't sound good01:53
astraljavaI'm kinda leaning to Micah's side, here.01:53
micahgif they're providing hydrogen, then their package should do the same regardless of source name01:54
falktx__let me give the hydrogen example01:54
falktx__hydrogen vs hydrogen-svn01:54
falktx__the user has a choice to install the stable version or the unstable01:54
falktx__here's the official Hydrogen PPA -> https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/hydrogen01:55
micahgright, so hydrogen-svn should really be hydrogen with a proper version, barring that, hydrogen-svn can Provides: hydrogen so as not to break the rest of the archive01:55
falktx__micahg: I tried that myself, but that breaks re-installing regular hydrogen01:55
falktx__because the package already provides it01:56
falktx__it refuses to install it01:56
falktx__if "Provides:" is not set, then it will install fine01:56
falktx__but that breaks US metas01:56
ScottLoh, the meta's are now recommends for 12.0401:56
micahgno, the real package should take precedence over the virtual one if both are an option01:57
ScottLi don't know if that was discussed yet or not01:57
ScottLdoesn't that mean that the meta's can be removed without any issue?01:57
falktx__micahg: hydrogen is already a real package, there are not virtual packages here01:57
micahgScottL: you should only have a recommends on stuff that you want users to be able to uninstall in whichever meta it is01:57
falktx__ScottL: perhaps...01:57
micahgfalktx__: hydrogen-svn providing hydrogen is a vritual hydrogen01:58
falktx__micahg: then why does it fail? (or it did so in 10.04)01:58
falktx__I had issues with hydrogen-svn has files that hydrogen package also has, and hydrogen is already installed01:59
micahgfalktx__: you could also install explicitly by version when you're reinstalling01:59
micahgfalktx__: that's what replaces is for01:59
falktx__hm, doesnt sound very user friendly01:59
falktx__micahg: anyway, this is just a request02:00
micahganyways, going the other way will break, you'd have to remove the hydrogen-svn and then reinstall hydrogen02:00
micahgPPAs break distro packages quite often02:01
micahgit's the nature of the beast02:01
astraljavaIsn't there an explicit PPA removal tool these days?02:01
micahgyes, ppa-purge, in the distro since maverick02:01
micahgah, it's in lucid-backports as well02:02
falktx__micahg: the current way it auto-removes hydrogen for *-svn, or auto-removes *-svn for hydrogen02:02
astraljavaYeah. I mean, adding all those new PPAs for our metas whenever they appear... that's not going to last.02:02
micahgfalktx__: so, the solution is to version the PPA package properly using the hydrogen name, then using ppa-purge from backports if one wants to remove it02:02
falktx__micahg: no, because the PPA has updated versions of it, so the user will be back to an old version of hydrogen when trying to remove hydrogen-svn02:03
micahgfalktx__: what's the issue?02:03
falktx__in this case the PPA provides02:03
falktx__micahg: installing hydrogen-svn auto-removes hydrogen, and that removes US metas02:04
micahgright, the PPA is doing it wrong, if the packages aren't coinstallable, changing the name doesn't help02:04
falktx__the name change is the allow an user to select which version to install, within 1 PPA only02:05
micahgright, but it breaks the distro, so, the choices are to use 2 PPAs for this like other projects, or break the distro02:06
falktx__not if US could support it02:06
falktx__it's a tiny detail02:06
micahgyes, but what does US say to the next 100 people with the same request, it becomes unmanageable quite quickly02:06
falktx__of course02:07
falktx__that is just a request02:07
micahgstill, it's not my call, but that's MHO02:07
falktx__hydrogen is a bit more important than usual because it's installed in US by default, and that PPA links to the *officially* supported hydrogen PPA02:08
astraljavaIt's the pain of the maintaining such a beast. Like I said, the PPAs are unstable. By quality as well as by numbers. It'd be a tough chore to keep it up-to-date.02:09
micahghydrogen is a good candidate for backports if someone wants to work with me on it02:09
* micahg is also a member of ubuntu-backporters :)02:09
astraljavaSure, why not.02:09
falktx__I would02:10
astraljavaScott has made a point out of that repeatedly.02:10
falktx__I plan to stay on 12.04 for a while02:10
micahgwe can take the latest stable as long as the build and run time dependencies are met02:10
falktx__and 2 people report it stable, I think02:10
micahgthere's a new tool in 12.04, requestbackport, it'll help file these requests02:11
micahgit's in ubuntu-dev-tools, requirements for backports are build/install/run02:11
micahgso that might alleviate the problem as well02:11
falktx__hm, nice02:12
micahgoh, also, there has to be an upgrade path, either through backports or to the next release, so as long as we have testers, it should be fairly easy to approve hydrogen02:13
micahgor any other leaf app for that matter02:13
falktx__micahg: but I guess new apps are still hard work, right?02:14
falktx__specially if they are not yet in the stable release02:15
micahgfalktx__: what do you mean?  no, that makes it easier as it usually doesn't have any reverse dependencies02:15
falktx__micahg: I mean if we want a new app into 12.04, after being released02:16
micahgyeah, through -backports it02:16
micahgs usually not an issue02:16
falktx__micahg: but that needs to go into 12.10 first, right?02:18
falktx__otherwise it's not really a "backport"02:18
micahgbut backports might open pre-release which would mean not waiting02:18
micahgit's still best to get it in Debian first though if possible02:19
len-nbHaving trouble finding bug numbers for bugs I know are there.02:39
ScottLlen-nb, it's good to link bugs, but this testing is more about validating the integrity of the _iso_ rather than finding, filing, and linking all the bugs02:44
ScottLif you can find the bugs, link then...but don't let not finding the bugs keep you from completing the qa report02:45
len-nbI think I will put the rest in comments then.02:46
len-nbThere is a bug for the installer crashing and apport pointed it out to me but then I have done two installs since and I can't find it.02:48
astraljavabug 87064302:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870643 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "package flashplugin-downloader failed to install/upgrade: wget: unable to resolve host address `archive.canonical.com'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87064302:50
len-nbThanks, now I need to edit the report.03:11
len-nbnext question... I've marked the live session as failed but not sure if that is right.03:12
len-nbThere are problems with the live dvd, but they are just the same ones as the install. Not a problem unique to the live session.03:13
astraljavalen-nb: Did you know there are links to the test cases in the tracker, specifying the requirements?03:16
len-nbAre we supposed to only check those things? Those requirements are pretty sparse.03:23
len-nbastraljava: I would think we should be looking for US specific needs03:23
len-nbAlso if I do things exactly as that says it would just fail at bug 87064303:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870643 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "package flashplugin-downloader failed to install/upgrade: wget: unable to resolve host address `archive.canonical.com'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87064303:25
len-nband nothing else would get tested.03:25
astraljavalen-nb: We will be adding US specific cases later into the cycle. That's it for now, though.03:28
len-nbastraljava: Is there a way to edit things? I will leave the install as is, but the live session could be considered as a pass. I haven't tried persistence as I was making my usb as like a dvd as I could... readonly03:31
astraljavalen-nb: Yeah... I regarded the live session as a pass, despite the fact that I didn't do persistence either.03:33
len-nbastraljava: I can't find any way to edit my results, so it says fail though I did explain in comments.03:36
astraljavalen-nb: Let me check.03:36
astraljavalen-nb: There should be the icon of a pencil on the far right of that row.03:38
len-nbGot it astraljava Ive set that to a pass.03:39
len-nbHow come i can only see my results?03:40
astraljavaAre you looking at i386? I did amd64.03:41
astraljavaThanks a lot for these!03:42
astraljavaAt least one of each is done for this milestone.03:43
astraljavaThat's good enough at this stage of the cycle.03:43
len-nbastraljava:will there be another image tomorrow that needs testing or is that it for now?03:49
astraljavalen-nb: I believe that's it for now, we'll continue with dailies until the next milestone.03:52
astraljavaScottL: I'm assuming they'll want decisions regarding our Alpha-2 soon on -release. It's your call, of course, but I would at least suggest to mention and underline the fact that it isn't installable 100%, so only use it as a live session tool, a preview snapshot if you will.14:21
astraljavaI'm going to take a nap now. Back in a few hours.14:22
scott-work== Ubuntu Studio ==  '''New Items'''  * New XFCE theme / UI / default setting - requesting user feedback on these items to -devel mailing list  * New "desktop" applications for new typical desktop uses - requesting user feedback on these choices  * Ubuntu Studio is now a live-dvd, alternative installation image is phased out  '''Known Problems'''  * live user does not have access to rt privileges  * installed user doe18:09
scott-workplease ignore that detritus18:11
scott-workastraljava: are you around?18:19
scott-workdidn't len say that he had a successful install?18:19
scott-workat least ubiquity didn't fail i mean?18:19
scott-workdid anyone?18:19
astraljavascott-work: Hi. I don't know, judging from the results in tracker, ubiquity crashes for him, too.18:22
scott-workastraljava: i told #ubuntu-release that it woudl be prudent not to publish the A2 image then18:32
astraljavaYeah. Well, I wouldn't want _users_ face the problems. Experienced power users can try it out, but we should just concentrate on polishing it for a quality beta-1 release.18:40
lenscott-work: install completes only if there is no network connection.21:15
scott-worklen: interesting :/21:16
ailolen: Wireless?21:16
scott-workand funny that you typed that just as i sat down from a whole freaking day of meeting and am now at my desk again :P21:16
ailoAh, network connection..21:16
lenThe ubiquity bug has to do with downloading. So if there is network it doesn't try.21:16
lenWireless does work now, but I can not connect by not giving a wep key21:17
lenOops that should be no network.21:17
lenailo: I noticed that the flash player won't download from the firefox somethings missing/install plugin dialogue either. It seems to get part way through and then sit there forever till cancelled. Same bug.21:22

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