ProGimpWhere can i see some showcase that deals in Motion Graphics using Ubuntustudio ?08:51
ProGimpEverybody is sleeping.08:54
acerimmer*grumble* after all that work figuring out how to switch ubuntu buttons from right to left they're set at left to right on xubuntu...20:30
astraljavaacerimmer: Heheh. :) Ctrl + w, Ctrl + q, Alt + F9 and Alt + F10 are your friends.20:36
acerimmerastraljava, tyvm.  Presently previewing the new platform.  Gotta say, the transition won't be entirely pain-free...20:40
holsteinacerimmer: from gnome to XFCE ?20:41
acerimmerholstein, right20:41
holsteini think its easier than gnome to gnome ;)20:41
acerimmerholstein, my time on XFCE is measured in minutes.  Hopefully in time, familiarity will increase my comfort level.20:42
holsteinacerimmer: drop into KDE, gnome3 or unity, or any of the rest that are presently supported, and i think you will see why we chose XFCE20:43
acerimmerholstein, not questioning why, just minor venting.20:43
acerimmerholstein, I'm still committed to UStudio20:43
holsteinwell, it doenst have much to do with UStudio... gnome just reved20:44
acerimmerholstein, true20:45
ailognome3 rules! :P20:46
holsteinailo: you are using it, right?20:46
ailoThe only thing lacking is some customization stuff20:46
ailoMost of which you don't really need20:46
holsteini still load it up from time to time and shake my head :/20:46
ailoWhy so?20:47
ailoIt's faster in every way20:47
holsteinfaster than gnome2?20:47
ailoI think so20:47
holsteini dont find it faster than what im using, but if its working for you, thats great20:48
holsteini know lsd really likes it too20:48
holsteinits just not my thing at all20:48
ailoIt's just new20:48
ailoNew takes a while to get used to :)20:48
holsteinsure, but i dont really need/want new20:48
ailoI'm currently on Debian Wheezy, where Gnome3 is default20:48
holsteini dont feel like i want to chenge my workflow either20:49
ailoholstein: It's not that radically different after all20:49
holsteinim quite happy with openbox20:49
ailoThe only thing that has really changed is that the panel has changed20:49
ailoThe rest is more or less just like before20:49
holsteini suppose20:49
ailoWith additional functions, like searching for apps in the shell. Super easy20:50
holsteini just dont like the look or the feel of it20:50
holsteinthings are not where they used to be20:50
holsteinand when i find them, im always surprised20:50
holsteinwith openbox, its either no where, or where i put it20:51
ailoIf I need to open an app, I just press SUPER key, start typing a few letters of the name, boom ENTER20:52
holsteini have kupfer for that20:52
holsteini like that20:52
ailoThen there's the categories just as before20:52
holsteinits slick man.. no doubt20:52
holsteinits just not the desktop experience im used to20:52
holsteinand i dont find it personally improving my experience to learn20:53
holsteinand i question if its evolution20:53
acerimmerasking: what is the text editor in Xu-Studio?  Google says "Mousepad" but I don't see that in the menu20:54
ailoEver since gnome3 things are less messy for me20:54
ailoAnd I worry less about the desktop, and do more work20:54
ailoThere's some problem with tray apps and stuff like that though20:54
ailoIt's not perfect, yet20:55
holsteinacerimmer: not sure yet...20:55
ailoNot a lot of nice custom themes yet either. I believe there's a great potential for them, just that no ones doing it very well yet20:55
holsteinailo: i toally agree with that20:56
holsteini didnt really like gnome220:56
holsteini *really* like openbox though20:56
ailoAlso, customizing gnome3 at this point you need to install some extra stuff, on Debian based systems at least20:56
astraljavaacerimmer: I think there's only terminal editors, no GUI by default. The Xfce one would be leafpad.20:56
acerimmerastraljava, leafpad isn't installed.  strongly suggest y'all consider adding a cli editor20:57
acerimmerby default20:57
astraljavaacerimmer: cli editors there are, nano, I believe.20:57
astraljavaacerimmer: But yeah, the GUI editor missing is a bug, I know. Will be fixed for 12.0420:57
acerimmerastraljava, found it.  thanks.20:57

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