astraljavaochosi: Not by much. Only about 6 hours.01:02
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ochosiastraljava: hehe, and again :)07:31
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astraljavaI see all necessary test cases have been run already. I know time is short, but let me know if you need any further help with that.11:58
knomeastraljava, what's up with ubiquity? :)12:06
astraljavaStudio's is almost done. I need to go through the debian/* files still, but it's getting there. I haven't done anything today, yet. Just got home from playing badminton.12:15
astraljavaWhen I get that reviewed, I should know exactly what to do for Xubuntu's, so that should happen quickly.12:15
astraljavaAre the meetings reoccurring regularly from now on?12:16
knomemm-hmm. great :)12:16
knomei'm not sure.12:16
astraljavaI hate doing calendar entries individually. :)12:16
knomethat depends on my wife's shifts12:16
knomei try not to schedule meetings when she's at home12:16
astraljavaMy calendar entries depend on _your wife's_ shifts?12:16
astraljavaOh man.12:16
astraljavaAnd I'm the last to know12:16
knomehaha :)12:16
knomelet me see the cal.12:17
knomemaybw 15.2 / 21.2 /  2.3.12:18
astraljavaYeah that's alright. If it's even semi-regularly, I'm happy to dismiss the reminders when I know it's not happening.12:20
astraljavadownloading from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20120201.1/precise-desktop-i386.iso:12:20
astraljava#################### 100.0% 11467.9 kBps DONE12:20
astraljavaThat's... 12MB/s.12:20
* astraljava is officially freaked out.12:20
astraljavaHmm... wait, that's not exactly a week apart. Damn.12:21
astraljavaOh yeah.12:21
knomeyeah, not really. :)12:21
astraljavaYou had the Sunday/Monday thingie.12:21
knomewe did12:21
knomebut that sucks12:22
astraljavaWell, just have to pay attention.12:22
knomebecause we need to leave reports to ubuntu-release on thursdays12:22
knomeand with sun/mon meetings, we're just going to either 1) lack ½ week behind 2) do extra work collecting things that happened after the meeting12:22
knomeand because 2) means i'm the one doing it, i'm just changing the meeting day rather12:23
astraljavaScott writes them individually for us/US, so we're spared from that.12:23
knomewell yeah, works with him because he's almost the only one doing technical things :PP12:23
knomebut i'm not doing12:23
astraljavathanks for postponing the next one, btw.12:24
knomeand i don't even understand all of them12:24
knomeand i'm not attending the meetings12:24
knomethat's why it's so much easier to pick the email from the meeting logs :)12:25
knomemeeting minutes rather12:25
knomebtw, do you have any idea of the size the icons should be for ubiquity?12:26
knomei could prepare those for you12:26
astraljava100 x 7512:26
knomewill see about that tomorrow, or so12:27
astraljavaIt's weird, though. There were only two, ltsp.png and fallback.png. In the tutorial there were two different pix, and I don't think neither of them were the fallback pic. But that could have changed since, the tut was for 11.04.12:27
astraljavaYeah ok.12:28
astraljavaWe have time. Isn't A-3 two weeks from now?12:28
astraljavaOops, there is no such thing.12:30
astraljavaI suppose it needs to be finished bt UI freeze.12:31
knomeor FF?12:34
astraljavaI don̈́'t suppose so, as it's a derivative-only feature.12:36
astraljavaBut anyway, we should be able to do that within the next one and a half weeks.12:37
astraljavaJust in time for FF.12:37
knomeeven if don't *have* to meet the deadlines, it would be good anyway12:58
knomekeeps stuff going12:58
astraljavaI just have like a gazillion things to do, so I need to schedule real hard now. :)13:17
knomecongrats ;)13:17
knomeand welcome to the club13:17
astraljavaI never left it.13:19
skaetknome, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview - could you please take a pass and update the Xubuntu section?  (new features and issues you want to warn folks about)16:07
skaetmadnick, ^ 16:08
skaetastraljava, ^ if you're around, could you help out?  am not seeing any response from knome or madnick.16:14
madnickskaet: what is the deadline for that information?16:17
skaetmadnick,  should have been in place by this morning, so its on the critical path now for the release.  ie. as soon as possible please. 16:19
madnicki know of a few things that should go in, but i am a bit confused about when it will be done16:21
skaetmadnick,  just put your best guess in for now,  we'll edit as we learn more info. 16:22
skaetany improvement at this point, is much appreciated.   Thanks. :)16:24
madnickochosi: knome 16:39
knomemadnick, madnick 17:00
knomei can see if i can update that later. we have a draft for A2 release notes17:02
knomeerr, let me fix that: pleia2 has :)17:02
knome...aand that's at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LAJrffm6R63TIGnNBKaBpDMaAevAScIrzNw1ibBpEjI/edit?pli=1 :P17:04
knomei fixed that so it's easier to drop in to the wikipage17:06
knomei need to go really soon17:06
pleia2I just woke up and my eyes are tired17:06
pleia2we do alpha2, yes?17:06
pleia2we never did an alpha1 announcement17:07
knomeas fas as i know, we should have all of that information in the meeting minutes17:07
knome(that we should have in a2 announcement, or the technical overview17:08
knomeso can somebody please go through those?17:08
knomei really need to go now, but i will be back later today17:08
knomesee you, and thanks in advance if anyone picks it up :)17:08
madnickochosi: was going to ask about features for alpha 2, wondering if you had some stuff :) 17:42
ochosioh, hm, not sure :)17:47
ochosii'm not entirely sure about the package-versions of alpha217:47
ochosiyou could take a quick peek whether the elementary-xfce icon-theme is already uploaded/included17:48
ochosisame with a newer version of greybird than oneiric's17:48
ochosisorry to be so ignorant, i've been far too busy with other stuff to be able to stay on top of those things17:48
ochosimadnick ^17:49
madnickochosi: same for me :(17:49
madnickI read the logs17:49
ochosibut anyway, those are the potential changes from my side17:49
madnickAnd I found no definate answers17:49
madnicki guess we can run with the current info17:50
madnickand talk more on the next meeting17:50
ochosiwhere can i check what's in alpha2?17:50
madnick https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview17:50
ochosino, i mean the concrete package-versions and package-lists17:52
madnickhmm not sure17:52
ochosithat page you linked to says "mouche/touchpad" instead of "mouse"17:53
ochosimicahg: gmusicbrowser 1.1.9 released (http://gmusicbrowser.org/devel.html), last rc before the next "stable". so feel free to push it to debian and then ubuntu ;)18:04
micahgochosi: ok, thanks, not happening until next week though unless alessio beats me to it18:19
ochosimicahg: okeydokey, but it'll reach us/ubuntu before ff?18:20
micahgI can sync before it hits testing18:20
pleia2madnick: is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview#Xubuntu accurate? (a review by knome or yourself is still noted there)18:53
madnickpleia2: seems to be gone now19:12
knomenobody checked the meeting minutes?19:12
madnickknome: i did review them, but did not know what was for a2 etc19:14
knomewe didn't have a1?19:15
madnickim sorry i g2g i be back later tonight19:17
knomei'll handle this19:17
knomeokay, i updated the page19:27
knomeskaet, ^19:27
skaetthanks knome19:27
knomenp. hope to be able to deliver them more promptly in the future. that's why i've been trying to use meetingology as much as possible19:28
micahgwoohoo, new GIMP point release19:48
knomemicahg, why did the discussion at #ubuntu-mozillateam stop? :P19:48
micahgwell, I can't really fix anything in this regard, I just have ideas :)19:49
knomemmh, well19:49
knomei think chrisccoulson has been a bit reluctant to let it go19:49
micahgand I gave my idea, but Chris needs to respond19:49
knomeso maybe we can get a bit forward now...19:49
micahgwell, I think he wants to avoid a thousand bug reports about a broken start page :)19:49
* micahg needs to focus on Firefox 10 ATM, we can try to drive this next week though19:50
knomethanks anyway19:50
micahgand he might respond in a bit, it's 8PM there19:50
* micahg grumbles about the svn version of abiword that was just uploaded19:52
mr_pouitmicahg: well, now we can't say that the maintainer is inactive ;-[19:57
micahgheh, I have no problems with the Debian uploads, just a lack of restraint on the part of the Ubuntu people19:57
* micahg thinks it's time for that e-mail to ubuntu-devel about respecting flavors19:58
mr_pouiterk, I thought you were speaking of the debian upload19:59
mr_pouitthat's bad19:59
mr_pouitand people always forget to check about packagesets anyway =]19:59
micahgyeah, it's been a problem off and on, some people like the latest crack not realizing that the flavor devs don't19:59
pleia2knome: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LAJrffm6R63TIGnNBKaBpDMaAevAScIrzNw1ibBpEjI/edit?pli=1 looking good?20:29
pleia2(getting ready to post this on our site)20:32
pleia2oops, forgot /news/20:39
baizonthank you <320:41
pleia2now copying over to wp too20:41
pleia2aaand tweeted20:44
baizongot the rss msg20:51
baizonbut i thought with alpha 2 the new web site would be unleashed :D20:51
pleia2skaet: I got the fridge post out too :)20:57
skaetpleia2, :D20:57
knomebaizon, not really. we have a ticket pending. the site is out whenever somebody from IS works on it21:19
* knome softly harrasses the IS folks21:22
knomewe just moved from queue #20 to ~queue #621:23
knomepleia2, you think we could write a new article about the new site today?21:24
pleia2knome: yeah, on the wordpress blog itself?21:24
pleia2I won't get to it until later (really, really need to focus on work) but I can get to it in 6 hours or so21:25
knomeummh, well that's a long time from now21:25
knomei'll start writing it and will let you continue with it later :)21:25
pleia2ok :)21:26
knomehttp://wp.xubuntu.org/news/precisealpha2/ <- bumped "updates" and "known" to headers in that page, is it better?21:26
knomegood :)21:27
ochosiknome: i just read: website released?! :)21:30
ochosibut xubuntu.org still looks old'n'boring21:30
knomeochosi, well, not yet!21:30
knomeochosi, we're #6 in queue21:30
knomeochosi, probably gets done tomorrow21:30
ochosiso how many years from now?21:30
ochosiah :)21:30
knomewell, we were #2021:31
knome5 minutes ago, before i harrassed IS softly21:31
knomemr_pouit, SO, when is shimmer-themes uploaded?21:32
knomeochosi, did you already see the newest wallpaper draft? (#9)21:32
knomeochosi, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/wall-draft9.png21:32
ochosihm, not sure, i saw one with the bird21:33
ochosiif that was #9 then yes21:33
knomebird is in since #621:33
knomebut yeah, you probably saw the latest21:34
knomejono, hey21:34
knomejono, you know when you enter, there will be three lines of clientcrap?21:34
jonohey knome21:34
jonowhat does it say?21:34
knomejono, well, first you join with your sbcglobal.net host, then part, then join again with cloak21:35
jonocan you paste this?21:35
knomejono, either set a delay in joining the channels or register with the "server" pass21:35
knomesure, just a sec21:35
jonoknome, dude, is it that big of a deal?21:35
knomejono, well yeah, it is actually 6 lines in a 80×24 window :/21:36
ochosiheh :)21:36
knomejono, and that's just a stupid error and trivial to fix in most clients...21:36
jono..erm, I guess I don't the big deal :-)21:36
jonohow do I fix it?21:36
knomejono, which client are you using?21:36
knomejono, /set irc_join_delay 321:37
knomethat should fix it21:37
jonook, will re-connect to test21:38
knomehmm, try with 5 :)21:38
Unit193Failed :P21:38
knomeyou might have too many channels for 3sec delay21:38
pleia2using a server password is the best solution21:38
jonooh dude21:38
jonohang on21:38
jonopleia2, can you do that for Freenode?21:39
Unit193Or SASL (But doesn't always work for me)21:39
pleia2jono: yeah, instead of sending a message to nickserv, you send that same password as a "server password" and it identifies you upon connect21:39
knomethat's the best solution - i only know how to do that on irssi though ;)21:40
Unit193And as a trick, put that password as jono:ilikedancingponies to always work with your nick21:40
pleia2I think xchat has a spot for the server password in the connection dialog21:40
knomeUnit193, HOW DID YOU KNOW HIS PASSWORD!!21:40
jonohow do I unset the 2 second delay?21:40
Unit193knome: Oh dear, did I put it in channel again? Sorry..... ;)21:40
knomejono, /set irc_join_delay 1 :)21:41
jono /set irc_join_delay 021:41
jonooknow I will set the server pass21:41
jonobrb, testing21:41
knomejono, thanks :)21:42
jonoawesome, thanks guys21:42
jonoyou learn a new thing every day :-)21:42
jonothanks knome! :-)21:42
knomeheh, np21:43
Unit193Now knome, if only I can get you to tell the rest that do that :P21:43
knomeit's just as annoying as awaynicks ;)21:43
Unit193knome: How about this: *** R00T_ATI e' away (See you in another life brotha!)21:45
knomehu? :P21:45
Unit193Away messages plus the away nick21:46
ochosiknome: have you tried the wp on a single screen yet?21:53
ochosi(with the default xfdesktop setting, dunno, i guess it's "auto")21:53
knomeochosi, the idea is to cut it to two parts21:53
knomeochosi, so there will be no such problems :)21:53
ochosiso which one do you wanna have as default?21:55
knomei think the right one21:55
ochosiif you can provide me with that part, i'd be happy to try it for a few days21:57
ochosi(your current export is a bit too low-res to really use it)21:58
knomeochosi, what size do you want?22:14
knomeochosi, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/wall-9-right.png22:17
knomeochosi, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/wall-9-left.png22:17
astraljavaUnit193: re: away messages; that's what /ignore is for.22:29
Unit193astraljava: No, that's what /kb is for :D  (or /knockout if you're feeling nice)22:29
* knome is excited about the new website22:36
knomepleia2, http://willyou.typewith.me/p/xubuntu12newsite23:09
pleia2knome: great, thanks, I'll take a closer look after this maintenance window (work work)23:23
knomesure, np23:23
knomepleia2, at some point, we might want to add the "quick links" on top of the white area :)23:27
knomepleia2, with white icons and small text :)23:28
knomeSiDi raised a concern that the links are not really in the optimal place...23:28
pleia2knome: didn't we move them away from being on top?23:29
pleia2I don't care either way23:29
knomepleia2, i mean, don't have to be big ones23:29
knomepleia2, just for usability :)23:29
knomepleia2, i have to play with that though23:29
* pleia2 nods23:29
knomemicahg, mr_pouit: i know you are both busy, but... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte/+bug/92580123:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 925801 in alacarte (Ubuntu) "Installing alacarte installs half of GNOME" [Undecided,New]23:59

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