charlie-tcaw30: Can you print from gthumb?00:05
charlie-tcaw30: doesn't seem like it. Gimp might be heavvy for printing images, but at least it works00:06
w30charlie-tca, yep, thanks. I just found and downloaded it.00:07
w30charlie-tca, gimp is great for every thing but it is just slow to open and look at one image and then close it.00:08
charlie-tcaI agree, but I can't think of a viewer that allows printing. Most of them just let you see the image, sometimes they let you make it bigger or smaller.00:09
w30charlie-tca, I'll just set gthumb for default and right click for gimp00:09
charlie-tcamight check image-magic, being a command line driven application, it might allow printing00:10
charlie-tcabut it is not a GUI app.00:10
w30charlie-tca, gthumb doesn't work for xpm, darn it.00:11
charlie-tcaimagemagick is a good app, but it is all done in terminal. It does have separate documentation, too00:12
silnerI just noticed people recommeding image viewers for printing here https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=6191600:14
w30charlie-tca, I noticed a gui version of imagemagick; gmimagemagick  or some such00:15
silnereog and gqview seemed to get the best reactions00:15
well_laid_lawnimagemagick has a gui http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ImageMagick00:15
charlie-tcahm, never used it. I have done a lot in terminal with it, though. I just don't know if it will print images00:15
w30charlie-tca, anyway gthumb will suffice for me, thanks00:15
charlie-tcayou are welcome00:16
well_laid_lawnI couldn't find anything about it printing00:16
charlie-tcaprinting images is difficult, since it has to get all the pixels in the right places to avoid gaps00:16
w30charlie-tca, imagemagick command line is great for scripts00:17
w30charlie-tca, you can't click a button in a script00:17
charlie-tcatrue enough00:18
silnerIt seems like  feature they should all have - from the user perspective00:18
w30charlie-tca, like if you wanted a black and white image of every picture in a directory00:20
charlie-tcaor to resize every image, too00:20
charlie-tcaI use it to convert images, from ??? to .png00:21
w30charlie-tca, just command it and come back later while you do something else (if you have the memory)00:21
charlie-tcayup, works well that way00:21
charlie-tcait's actually pretty fast, too. Don't wait long, most of the time.00:22
w30charlie-tca, always work on copies; there is no undo on the command line *smile*00:28
charlie-tcabe brave! change the originals the first time around, it teaches patience.00:29
w30charlie-tca, heh00:31
pjotterHi there01:24
pjotterI managed to solve the problem with the video driver myself. I had to install a new driver from AMD. I installed it and now compiz seems to be working also.01:25
dalebobhi. i have a minor annoyance if someone knows what it is. most of the time when i open a directory from my desktop, or open a directory from the "places" item on my panel, thunar file manager takes a few minutes to load and either loads two separate thunar windows, or displays an error message and then a working thunar window. it's not a big problem, but it's just annoying01:49
TVasEyesdalebob: I wonder, could the problem lie elsewhere?  Thunar hasn't given me any problems in two months or so of use.01:56
holsteindalebob: i wouldnt lose sleep over it.. there are other file managers though01:56
dalebobi have a suspicion that the places item in my panel might be causing the problem, because i don't remember the problem when i didn't have it01:57
dalebobwhen i didn't have the places item01:58
TVasEyesyou could check and verify your ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs  file.01:59
dalebobwhat exactly am i verifying that with?01:59
TVasEyesman cat, use cat -A, look at the contents, verify all directories exist, no spurious characters in file.02:01
TVasEyeswouldn't know beyond that.02:01
dalebobthe file looks ok02:02
dalebobi think i may just try deleting the places thing sometime and seeing what happens02:02
dalebobthanks for the help though02:02
TVasEyesdalebob: one other thing, Thunar uses ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list for its file associations, you might want to vet that too.02:06
dalebobi just checked that file and didn't see anything related to thunar in it02:11
TVasEyesdalebob: thunar simply uses those entries to decide which application to use when you click on a (data) file.02:13
dalebobahhh i see02:15
dalebobthere's still nothing for thunar though02:16
dalebobit's all pdf files and text files02:16
TVasEyesdalebob: yeah, long shot, I thought that if some mime type association doesn't exist when you select such a file, perhaps it could account for the delay and/or error you referred to.  anyway, right out of ideas now, sorry.02:18
TVasEyess/doesn't exist/is incorrect/02:19
dalebobnp. thanks though02:25
alkisgCan I just purge abiword and gnumeric and install libreoffice? Is there anything to worry about file associations etc?05:47
Unit193You can if you want05:47
Unit193I've known them to come back on upgrade though05:48
alkisgAh :( Thank you05:48
alkisgDo you mean series upgrade, e.g. from 11.04 to 11.10, or just simple apt-get dist-upgrade?05:49
Unit193From 11.04 > 11.1005:49
alkisgOK, I don't mind that05:49
Unit193Nope, if that's all that's gone wrong, awesome05:50
pjotterHello everybody09:05
pjotterI just installed my graphics card and compiz and everything seems to be working. Except that compiz is not started automatically at startup. I made a starter, containing: "compiz -–replace". But somehow, this does not work. When I manually enter "compiz -–replace" in a terminal,. does compiz start. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?09:08
ablomenpjotter, maybe this works >> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Compiz#Xfce_autostart_.28without_.22fusion-icon.22.2909:12
pjotter1computer crashed09:13
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g00seGot a nasty X problem: when i log in there are no window decorations and the keyboard is borked too. I have to reboot into recovery mode, choose failsafe X and then execute xfwm4 --replace. Why? http://pastebin.com/wJ7iGD3610:16
well_laid_lawng00se: maybe there's something up with the xfce config files10:23
well_laid_lawnfrom a tty try renaming .config/xfce4 then logging in10:24
g00sewell_laid_lawn: I might give it a try. What did you make of that log?10:27
well_laid_lawng00se: that link was a fail here10:27
g00seOh. Shall check10:29
g00sehttp://pastebin.com/b9ZdjB8t should work10:30
well_laid_lawng00se: the first line about gnome-session not being able to start metacity is a worry10:37
well_laid_lawnseems you need to change how you are staRTING XFCE10:38
g00seI'm not sure what metacity is actually10:40
well_laid_lawnmetacity is the window manager for gnome10:44
well_laid_lawnat login try choosing a xfce session instead of the default or last one10:45
g00seYes. iirc i think i tried that to no avail. Some guy here http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8752069&postcount=3 suggests to delete ~/.ICEauthority. Sounds kludgy ..10:58
well_laid_lawng00se: I think renaming .config/xfce4 from a tty and choosing a xfce session at login should work11:24
xubuntu292why I cannot see my desktop12:13
dirtycookiehello people, i have freshly installed xubuntu onto my laptop13:28
dirtycookieand when I want to shut down my laptop i get the splashscreen of xubuntu loading and then it hangs.13:30
dirtycookieforcing to shutdown by pulling the plug does the job13:31
dirtycookiemy question is, how to fix that problem13:31
TheSheepis it an old laptop?13:33
dirtycookieTheSheep is a asus laptop with a Turion64 X2 cpu13:38
g00sewell_laid_lawn: Thanks for the help13:41
dirtycookieTheSheep: is a asus laptop with a Turion64 X2 cpu13:42
TheSheepdirtycookie: that tells me nothing about its age13:49
dirtycookieTheSheep: well it is about 4 or 5 years old13:52
TheSheepdirtycookie: then it's not the problem I was thinking about, must be something else13:55
brad_hey guys, when i close the screen on  my laptop, sometimes it goes to sleep, and only sometimes does it wake up without me having to do a hard shutdown.  any ideas?  thanks!15:35
pjotterHi there. I just installed Xubuntu and saw that is possible to log in to a gnome 3 classic and even a gnome/Unity seesion. Is that normal?15:36
brad_holstein, btw, you really helped last time.  i tried the modern nvidia drivers with user improvements or whatever and they work so much better.  basically never crashes -- unless i really try to force it :-)15:36
brad_i don't think so?  i'm no expert tho15:37
ClitorisHi, I'm trying to install Lesbian Linux but I keep getting core dumped.16:26
ClitorisIt's kind of warm, and sticky.16:26
holsteinbrad_: cool!.. glad you are having a good experience!16:47
QpnaoscI really wish the Xubuntu help site would mention that this channel is on server Freenode16:52
Qpnaosc*has taken far too long to figure out what I'm doing*16:53
QpnaoscI have been having some weird problems with my computer16:54
QpnaoscI was wondering if anyone could help16:54
holsteinQpnaosc: lets cool into how you can help faciliate that16:54
holsteinyou can join the *dev mailing list and suggest it, or make a bug report i suppose16:54
Qpnaoscoh I see16:55
holstein^^ actually , i see it there already16:55
holsteini navigate to that by clicking the "get help & support" icon on the main page16:56
Qpnaoscah, I see it now too16:56
QpnaoscI suppose for the panicked beginning user it seems a bit buried16:56
Qpnaoscor maybe that's just me16:56
brad_hostein, yeah that was huge.  it was making me nuts!16:56
brad_hostein, any idea how to get my laptop to go to sleep and to wake up?  :-)16:57
holsteinbrad_: o/ ...also, if you type "hol" and hit the tab button, it will auto-complete my nick, so you dont have to type it each time, and it will "ping" me :)16:57
Qpnaoscanyway, my xubuntu won't let me log in16:58
holsteinbrad_: you can try just putting it to sleep, and see what happens... we can look at the erros from there... mind almost all sleep fine, though the 3.x kernel seems to have negatively effected that on several machines16:58
holsteinQpnaosc: let?.. whats the error? if you lost/forgot the password, there is a 'recovery' boot up kernel16:59
Qpnaoscno, the password isn't the problem16:59
holsteinQpnaosc: so, you *can* login then, just not loading X?16:59
Qpnaoscit lets me through, and then a message pops up for less than a second saying "stopping cold plugins" and it gets me back to the login screen16:59
Qpnaoscyes, that's what I mean16:59
brad_sweet, thanks for that hol trick17:00
Qpnaoscit also won't let me log in in safe mode17:00
brad_holstein,  i should say, thanks for that hol trick :-)17:00
holsteinQpnaosc: what are cold plugins?17:00
QpnaoscI'm not sure17:00
holsteinyou can try making another user account and see if you can get to X from there17:00
holsteinthat will help you determine if it is a configuration issue in your /home directory, and you can decide how to proceed from there17:01
brad_holstein, there are two problems, sometimes it doesnt go to sleep, soemtimes it does, where can i find those errors?  the second problem is that sometimes it does go to sleep and doesn't wake up, where can i find those errors?17:01
QpnaoscI do have another account, guest17:02
Qpnaoscthat one doesn't get through, either :(17:02
holsteinQpnaosc: ok.. so that tells you something... though i would login in a terminal and make an "actual" account.. but do what you like17:03
holsteinyou'll need to determine what cold plugins are, how you got them... why, and how to fix them...17:03
holsteinQpnaosc: can you get a more detailed message?17:04
Qpnaoscholstein: it's working now17:05
Qpnaoscit must be the power of your magic touch17:05
Qpnaoscsadly, it might not work for long17:05
holstein?.. x you mean? you are logged in?17:06
holsteinif it were me, i would try upgrading packages, and see if there is a newer (or older) kernel that works better or differently17:07
QpnaoscI'm upgrading to Ocelot to see if that fixes the problems I'd been having17:07
Qpnaoscbefore the login issue, my computer had been doing the same thing with the wireless connection--asking for my network password, thinking for a while, and then asking for my password again17:08
holsteini usually upgrade only to test if its going to work, and report errors.. ive found, best case scenario, it takes 6 hours to upgrade to a newer version.. it takes like 12 mintus to install17:09
holsteinalso, i like to actually see the live CD for the newer version run on my hardware, so im not "seeing if it fixes things".. i have a really good idea before i touch the file system... though you cant always test everything from the live CD's17:10
Qpnaoscwhere does the extra 5 hours 48 minutes come from?17:10
holsteinQpnaosc: you'll see17:10
holsteinits a lot of work, and network traffic to pull everything in17:10
Qpnaoscwell, I've cancelled it now17:13
QpnaoscI'll just see whether it works now17:13
Qpnaoscthanks for your help17:13
holsteinQpnaosc: careful what and when you cancel upgrades17:14
Qpnaoscit was at the official "are you sure you want to upgrade" point17:14
holsteinyou can really mess things up if the power goes off mid upgrade for example... in theory, everything is fixable, but...17:14
lightais there a way to specify a parent group for a group ? like building a hierarchie group ?17:42
TheSheeplighta: a group of what?17:42
lightahe didn't specify but I assum it's like group www-data and groupe user1, groupe user1 is part of www-data etc17:44
TheSheepah user groups17:55
TheSheepbut an user may be in more than one group17:56
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raevolare the meeting notes from the xubuntu dev meeting up anywhere? notes/log?21:00
raevolpleia2: ^ ?21:01
pleia2raevol: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/21:02
pleia2sure thing21:02
raevoldoes anyone know anything about the status of bluebird being ported to gtk3?21:05
xGrindThis kernel requires the following features not presente on the CPU: pae21:13
xGrindUnable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.21:13
xGrindxubuntu 12.04 alpha 2 don't run in Virtualbox?21:14
Unit193xGrind: You have to enable it in hte "System" tab21:14
xGrindUnit193, thanks \o21:15
Paimun" If you are looking for see support, please see the #ubuntu+1 or #xubuntu IRC channels on irc.freenode.net."21:15
Paimunis that a typo?21:16
Unit193"for see support" sure is21:16
Unit193pleia2: You got something here21:16
PaimunI'm not really sure who maintains the webpage or if that had been pointed out yet21:16
Paimunso I figured I'd say something21:17
Unit193#ubuntu+1 is right though, all dev suport is in there21:17
* pleia2 fixes "see support"21:20
pleia2thanks Paimun21:20
Paimunno problem21:20
PaimunI'm downloading the alpha now as we speak :)21:20
knomealpha2 is released21:26
olbineed testing Alpha2 under Atom and Ion2? :P21:28
Marzataon 10 inches you can not install it, coz the size of the install window is too big.21:43
Guest4135i am a new user for xubuntu, the language icon is not show on the desktop bar?21:50
Guest4135what to do? how to show it with the ability to switch between two languages?21:51
MarzataGuest4135: install xfce4-goodies21:54
Marzatasudo apt-get install xfce4-goodies21:55
Marzatathen right click on the panel and in panel properties add keyboard layouts21:56
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pjotterHello everybody. Has this happened to any of you? I am doing a clean install of Xubuntu. But then after a while, I suddenly have the option to log into a "Gnome" of "Gnome classic" session at startup. How did that happen? Did I install gnome without knowing? Is that possible? Maybe this is caused by some of the apps I installed?23:46
knomedid you install alacarte?23:47
Unit193sudo apt-get install alacarte --no-install-recommends23:47
knomewell, that actually pulls in about a half of gnome23:47
knomeand i'm not kidding.23:47
knomeyou have compiz now.23:47
pjotterI know. It works great too.23:47
knomewe actually need to address that...23:47
pjotterWhat about compiz? I installed that too23:47
knomewell, you didn't need to23:48
pjotterDoes that also cause gnome to install?23:48
knomealacarte would have installed that23:48
pjotterSo it is alacarte then?23:48
knomebut alacarte installs unity, compiz and friends23:48
knomethat's known...23:48
pjotterOk. Is there an alternative toi alacarte?23:48
GridCubelol, thats true, alacarte pulls more gnome than compiz23:48
Unit193I should say that the line I said will install it wityout the other crap23:49
pjotterI was kind of hoping to get away from this Gnome stuff by moving to Xubuntu. But it seems to be following me :S23:49
knomepjotter, erm, not that i know of, at least good alternatives23:50
pjotterWell, how do you edit the menu in gfce then?23:50
Unit193Alacarte works fine23:50
* pjotter is puzzled23:51
Unit193pjotter: Next time append --no-install-recommends23:51
holsteinalacarte is a gnome menu editor?23:51
pjotterwhat shoudl I do to edit the menu?23:51
pjotterYes, I think so.23:52
GridCubepjotter: use alacarte, but with --no-install-recommends23:52
knomeholstein, well, it's kind of generic... but in ubuntu, it pulls half of gnome ;)23:52
pjotterAren't there any Gfce menu editors then?23:52
pjotterEhm I mean Xfce :D23:52
pjotterSee, now I get confused.23:52
holsteinhttp://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu suggests lxmenueditor23:52
holsteini havent used a menu much since i started using kupfer23:53
ubottuTo edit the menus in Xubuntu, you can install Alacarte. Do this with the --no-install-recommends switch to stop half of GNOME being installed too: sudo apt-get install alacarte --no-install-recommends23:53
knomeUnit193, ^23:53
Unit193knome: Righto! Thanks23:53
pjotterAlrighty, now I get it.23:53
pjotterAre there any more apps that do the same thing?23:55
pjotterI mean.. installing Gnome behind my back?23:55
holsteinpjotter: i read at that link about using lxmenueditor23:55
Unit193holstein: Not in repos, and he's talking about other programs that also happen to install gnome for you ;)23:57
holsteinits not?... i thought i had used it.. my bad23:57
Unit193pjotter: Some KDE programs try to install a ton, just look at quassel23:58
pjotterYes. Is there a way that I can know in advance if an application is native Xfce or that is going to install all kinds of other GNome/KDE stuff?23:58
Unit193holstein: You could have used it before23:58
Unit193pjotter: You can check the list of programs that it tells you is going to come with it. What package manager frontend do you use?23:58

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