* SamB wonders how wide the tabs in subvertpy/_ra.c are supposed to be ...00:20
jelmerSamB: 4 spaces00:24
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vilagood morning all !08:49
vilahey mgz10:00
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mgzhow can I create a checkout with a bogus remote branch location for a test?11:50
LeoNerdvim .bzr/branch/branch.conf   ?11:52
mgzI'm after an idiom for a unittest, rather than just how to break things :)11:53
vilamgz:  the problem is that opening a checkout requires a valid branch so you can't achieve that easily via the API,11:55
vilaI think you need to create a valid checkout and break it manually11:55
mgzam trying to remember where the tests are the jelmer wrote when adjusting the bzr info output for foreign formats11:56
mgzbt.test_info doesn't look familar and doesn't seem to test checkouts where the parent has gone missing11:57
jelmermgz: I don't think I adjusted info for foreign formats11:57
jelmermgz: there is a hook for info which can add more info, and which some foreign format plugins use11:58
mgzwhat's the mp I'm trying to remember then...11:58
vilahmm, one about info rings a bell12:01
LarstiQlp-open is awesome!12:47
* LarstiQ will not use lp-propose just yet12:48
mgzjelmer: what time are you leaving today?12:52
jelmermgz: 5ish12:52
mgzhave a nice time :)12:53
LarstiQjelmer: ooh, fosdem?12:55
jelmermgz: thanks :)12:55
jelmerLarstiQ: Jup! Are you going this year, or are you still in .fi?12:56
jelmerhmm, "still in .fi" sounds a bit odd considering you've moved there :)12:57
LarstiQjelmer: not going, we need to get our house done before the moving date of the 15th12:57
LarstiQjelmer: uhuh :)12:57
LarstiQjelmer: we're visiting .nl for a week in march though!12:58
jelmerLarstiQ: congrats on the new house - are you still near(ish) Helsinki?12:58
jelmerLarstiQ: cool, give me a shout if you happen to have some time/zin to grab some coffee/tea/$beverage when you're here12:59
LarstiQjelmer: yup, moved a bit closer to Helsinki.13:00
LarstiQjelmer: will do :)13:00
abentleyjelmer: when do you think you'll be able to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/bzr-pqm/fix-lp-land/+merge/91318 ?14:57
mgzcan someone unprivate bug 925933?15:13
ubot5`Error: Launchpad bug 925933 could not be found15:13
jelmermgz: one sec15:14
jelmerabentley: sorry, I got distracted.. will look now15:14
abentleyjelmer: thanks.15:15
jelmermgz: unprivatizatationed15:20
mgzjelmer: ta15:20
abentleyjelmer: thanks for the review.15:34
abentleyjelmer: I tried using a native colocated branch for Launchpad hacking, but didn't get very far, because it ran Launchpad's bzr (bzr-2.5.0dev2_r6152-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg) which complained "Unknown bzrdir format: 'Bazaar meta directory, format 1 (with colocated branches)\n'"16:09
abentleyjelmer: i.e. our make process uses the egg version of bzr that ships with lp to examine the cwd, and the current bzr is too old.16:10
abentleyjelmer: Not make, test.16:10
abentleyjelmer: no, make.16:11
LarstiQabentley: jelmer is in a train to Brussels atm I think17:08
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abentleyLarstiQ: Cool.17:50
jelmerabentley: yes, it wouldn't work with the bzr in launchpad at the moment18:57
jelmerI have an MP open to update the version of bzr used by launchpad18:57
jelmerLarstiQ: I wish :)18:57
jelmersnow on train tracks -> chaos in .nl18:57
abentleyjelmer: Oh, cool.18:58
AuroraBorealiswhat is this snow?18:59
AuroraBorealis(sits around in shorts in his 70 degree F winter)18:59
abentleyAuroraBorealis: Something tells me the aurora borealis is not commonly visible where you are.19:00
AuroraBorealisno it is not haha. far from it.19:01
fullermd's been the same here.  What a pointless season.19:02
jelmerabentley: :)19:03
mgzthese NoSuchRevision bugs confuse me19:27
SamBjelmer: so, *what* do you think is wrong with the way find_bzrdirs probes?19:39
mgzSamB: I just posted some fixable looking bugs to the list if you're interested21:17
wgzaa, standing up too long today21:19
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