koolhead17okey guys i have juju runnung on my AWS :)01:29
koolhead17i just had an issue though which got resolved after i restarted my client machine01:30
hspencerkoolhead17, nice01:34
koolhead17hspencer: hey there. how have you been man?01:34
hspencerbeen workin ahrd01:36
hspencergettin ready for this Euca 3.0 drop01:39
hspencernext week dog01:39
hspencerits coming out01:39
hspencerits lookin good01:39
hspenceri hanve' t had chance to take care of that walrus issue01:42
hspenceri was lookin through boto code01:42
hspencercause it works with boto01:42
hspencerwanted to get an idea of how it was fixed there01:42
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frankbanhey guys, I am working on a charm: is there a way to rerun the relation-name-relation-changed hook when a config is updated? e.g. from the config-changed hook? I am in a situation where a subscriber configuration value must be sent to the provider charm11:47
_mup_juju/trunk-merge r278 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com12:44
_mup_merge trunk12:44
niemeyerGood morning everybody13:25
hazmatfrankban, not at the moment14:54
frankbanhazmat: thanks14:55
hazmatfrankban,  you can run other hooks from any given hook, but particular calls to the juju cli api for relations want certain parameters passed either on the cli or environment, normally juju takes care of that when executing them, but its not possible at the moment for other hooks to pass in the correct parameters to drive that usage of the hook cli api (stuff like relation-get, relation-set)14:58
vilahi all,15:05
vilarunning 'juju status' seems to spawn tens of ssh connections leading to trashing,15:05
vilaadditionally I can't ctrl-C it and have to kill it15:06
vilaany idea on how I could debug ?15:06
_mup_txzookeeper/errors-with-path r45 committed by kapil.foss@gmail.com15:08
_mup_merge trunk15:08
vilaha, 'juju -v status' is a bot more verbose, but it mentions timimg out on 3 connections while a 'top' lists tens of processes15:09
vilathe machine have trashed for a few and finally the ctrl-c has been taken into account15:11
vilaok, fixed, my ssh configuration was broken recently15:18
SpamapSvila: you can run 'juju open-tunnel' to keep an ssh tunnel open15:20
vilaSpamapS: ironically I broke my config when I grew bored of warnings about not being able to install a tunnel already in place and commented out too much ;)15:22
SpamapSAttention juju LXC users on 11.10, this stable update needs verification: bug #92264515:25
_mup_Bug #922645: ubuntu template should fail on error <verification-needed> <lxc (Ubuntu):Fix Released by serge-hallyn> <lxc (Ubuntu Oneiric):Fix Committed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/922645 >15:25
_mup_Bug #926146 was filed: destroy-environment says: 'NoneType' object is not iterable <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/926146 >15:51
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koolhead17hi all17:17
koolhead17SpamapS: i was able to execute wordpress charm but add service failed for me :(17:26
koolhead17i am trying again now. :P17:27
koolhead17jcastro: are you working on some documentation  with the recent juju commands in it17:45
jcastroI've submitted a branch with some doc fixes for mentioning READMEs for charms though17:52
koolhead17does image initialization on AWS takes lots of time?17:52
koolhead17jcastro: was thinking to use charm get command17:53
jcastrooh we don't need that17:53
koolhead17usage: charm get name_of_charm [ local_charm_repo ]17:53
jcastrosoon the charm store will land17:53
jcastroand we won't need any of that17:53
koolhead17ooh. so for the 9th demo i should not use that command? i should simply show them wordpress charm which comes with the example?17:54
koolhead17hi hspencer17:54
jcastrodon't use the example charm, it's out of date17:54
jcastrowhat I do is do the charm get17:54
jcastroand then tell them "we've got some UI things here that will make it easier, so ignore this ugly --repository, etc. part."17:55
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jcastroand then just tell them it'll be just like apt is17:55
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koolhead17hmm. so when i do charm get wordpress, it will bring mysql charm too :)17:56
koolhead17now am getting error from AWS dashboard <instance availablity failed> wired17:58
koolhead17i was using asia pacific since its nearer17:59
koolhead17instance reachablity check failed18:00
hspencerhey koolhead1718:34
hspencerhow you doin?18:34
koolhead17hspencer: am good thanks18:35
negronjlSpamapS: thx for adding me :)19:40
SpamapSnegronjl: np, I'll explain what it is shortly. ;)19:46
negronjlSpamapS: perfect ... already poking at it too :)19:46
janimoniemeyer, hi, you mentioned that lpad needs to sign all requests so a Noop Auth is not enough as an anonymous login method. But from LP docs I understand that one should be able to get public data without needing to authenticate.20:34
janimoThe latter seems useful to me and simple to add20:34
niemeyerjanimo: What I said is in agreement, I believe20:48
niemeyerjanimo: I said we want to send the consumer of the data20:48
niemeyerjanimo: That's not authentication20:48
niemeyerjanimo: It requires us to sign the data20:49
janimoniemeyer, ah I misunderstood. But would LP not answer if we did not set consumer?20:49
niemeyerjanimo: It would..20:49
janimofor public data it is the simplest, just as if it was browsed anonymously via a browser20:50
janimoI used lpad for a test from GAE and needed the noop auth hack again20:50
niemeyerjanimo: I don't get what's the problem20:51
janimoas it does not use files and making an auth for it's datastore is overkill imo if one only wants public data anony7mously20:51
niemeyerjanimo: Just use OAuth{Anonymous: true}?20:51
janimoah, I though only ConsoleAuth is to be used not auth directly20:51
janimothanks, I'll check that out20:52
janimoI did not read the file thoroughly and assumed OAuth is an interface name only not an implementation20:52
niemeyerjanimo: Ah, no worries21:12
niemeyerSymbolic links..21:12
_mup_juju/unit-stop r422 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com21:32
_mup_draft spec on stopping service units cleanly21:32
verterokhi, I'm having some problems trying to deploy on openstack21:57
verterokseems to be stuck in: provision:ec2: juju.agents.provision INFO: Starting machine id:121:58
verterokthe bootstrap worked ok, then I did a deploy21:58
verterokand looking at the debug-log I see this error: EnvironmentNotFound: juju environment not found: is the environment bootstrapped?21:59
verterokafter that, it keeps logging "Starting machine id:1:21:59
verterokany idea what's going on?21:59
koolhead17verterok: juju -v status22:06
koolhead17lets see what do we get from that22:06
verterokkoolhead17: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828143/22:09
koolhead17verterok: hal-bot ?22:10
verterokkoolhead17: an irc bot22:10
koolhead17verterok: i think it will take sometime for the instance to come up.22:10
koolhead17because juju status looks perfect, error free :)22:10
verterokkoolhead17: this is the debug-log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828146/22:11
verterokwhich has an error, but I have no idea what it means22:11
koolhead17verterok: is this custom charm you have written testing?22:13
verterokkoolhead17: yes, this is a custom charm22:14
verterokand a very simple one btw22:14
koolhead17verterok: charm is charm!! :)22:14
koolhead17verterok: can you try running allready submitted charm from the repository to test if local env works well with it22:15
koolhead17verterok: juju destroy-enviornment22:16
koolhead17and try bootstrap again22:16
verterokkoolhead17: done and done22:16
koolhead17verterok: juju -v status?22:17
verterokkoolhead17: not ready yet, "Retrying connection: No machines have assigned addresses"22:17
koolhead17hmm. verterok unfortunately i have not been lucky yet to get charms running on my inhouse openstack enviornment22:19
koolhead17what i did was i used LXC and did all charming on my local system :P22:19
koolhead17verterok: pastebin the juju -v please22:20
verterokkoolhead17: ok, now it's up22:20
koolhead17verterok: https://juju.ubuntu.com/22:21
koolhead17  juju deploy --repository /usr/share/doc/juju/examples local:mysql22:21
verterokkoolhead17: status output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828154/22:21
verterokkoolhead17: ok, running that charm22:22
verterokkoolhead17: same error in the provision-agent :/22:24
verterokEnvironmentNotFound: juju environment not found: is the environment bootstrapped?22:24
verterokkoolhead17: this is from the debug-log output22:24
koolhead17verterok: but the environment is already bootstraped IMO22:24
verterokkoolhead17: same status: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828158/22:24
verterokkoolhead17: yes22:25
koolhead17verterok: are you using PPA22:25
verterokkoolhead17: yes22:26
koolhead17verterok: would you mind pasting your enviornment.yaml22:27
koolhead17also the debug-log your running from same user account!! :)22:27
koolhead17as in same envirnment22:28
verterokkoolhead17: the yaml is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828167/22:30
koolhead17looks perect22:31
koolhead17verterok: am sorry but my limited knowledge is unable to solve your issue :(22:33
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verterokkoolhead17: the debug-log is the same as with my charm... :(22:33
verterokkoolhead17: np, thank. I'll ping one of the core devs22:34
verterokthanks for the help22:34
m_3verterok: hi, did you get your services started on openstack?23:18

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