apacheloggeralpha \o/03:07
micahgis there a reason why qt3-designer is in the kubuntu supported seed?04:01
apacheloggermicahg: leftover I guess04:08
apacheloggeryeah, doesn't even seem to have rdeps04:08
micahg * qt3-designer #may as well, qt3 is in LSB04:08
apacheloggeroh yes, LSB and their old cruft ^^04:08
apacheloggerthough I am not sure why designer would be part of the spec04:09
micahgI was thinking of asking to demote the rest of the binaries in qt-x11-free to universe that isn't needed by LSB04:09
micahgit's not, it's just seeded in main as "supported" since we have to keep qt3 there04:10
apacheloggerwell, so put qt3 there, but designer makes no sense :P04:11
apacheloggerit doesn't even contain stuff you'd need at either build or runtime04:11
micahgright, I think it was just a ride along04:11
micahgmind if I remove it?04:11
micahgdone, thanka04:15
apacheloggerafiestas: about your patch... is that stuff meant to be string based? :O04:25
apacheloggerit's like pulseaudio on drugs then ;)04:26
Riddellmicahg: yes qt3-designer should be demonted,thanks for looking into it09:56
RiddellI'm away to fosdem today so can't do the release team meeting, ask skaet how to help if you can (it's easy)09:57
Riddell"Felix Geyer (debfx) renewed their own membership"  thanks for still loving us debfx!09:59
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ScottKRiddell: I will likely be around and can be present for the meeting.  Can you send the status mail out before you go?11:57
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shadeslayeryofel_: apachelogger we don't install translations because the buildd automatically puts them in lang packs right?13:28
apacheloggerwe do install translations!13:42
apacheloggervia language packs13:42
apacheloggerfor main/restricted packages13:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes, what I'm saying is, we don't bundle translations with the apps themselves right?13:43
Tm_Tactually, isn't there some exceptions?13:43
apacheloggerof course there is13:43
shadeslayer^ Don't know alot about i10n magic13:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: okay, so, in KDE telepathy, should I bundle translations together with the app or leave them for the buildd?13:44
apacheloggerfor achive builds you cannot bundle translations13:45
apacheloggerthey will be stripped away13:45
apacheloggerholy automated13:45
apacheloggerIIRC you can have them in your install file13:45
apacheloggerbut they still won't show up in the deb13:45
shadeslayeroh awesome13:45
apacheloggerthe stripping happens like right at deb creation or immediately before it13:46
shadeslayerI think it happens just before it13:46
shadeslayer( from looking at the build log )13:46
apacheloggersimply look at dh_binarymangler or whats its name13:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: did you find your phone?13:51
shadeslayerah okay :D13:51
apacheloggerit was hiding in hydrogen's computer13:52
shadeslayersneaky little thing eh13:52
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skaetRiddell, ScottK - no actual IRC meeting today (day after a milestone release),  discussion will be held on ubuntu-release maillist instead.14:48
ScottKskaet: Thanks.  Riddell's off on his way to FOSDEM.14:49
skaetScottK,  Thanks.  :)  if there's anything that's of concern for the Kubuntu team,  please send it to the mail list,  folks should be monitoring/responding for there today. 14:50
shadeslayerQuintasan: Riddell https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly/+packages : ktp-accounts-kcm is final as well, ktp approver pending review15:03
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micahgRiddell: I'll work on getting the rest of that stack except for what lsb-desktop needs demoted later17:16
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shadeslayeryofel: huh, we have kdevelop  packages in staging19:27
yofelshadeslayer: uh, didn't you use staging for the backports?19:49
shadeslayeryofel: yep, and we forgot to finish them off19:49
shadeslayerI'm finishing it off right now19:49
shadeslayerand I think it has a slight problem19:49
shadeslayerhttp://paste.kde.org/199496/ 19:50
shadeslayerDidn't have it on precise19:50
yofelseems right though looking at the install files19:52
yofelthe old one had a broken pattern19:52
shadeslayerhmm ... I'll have to add break/replaces in kdevplatform-dev then19:53
shadeslayeryofel: do we need this fix in precise as well ? Or just oneiric?19:53
shadeslayerI don't remember seeing the issue on precise19:53
yofelshould be needed for both19:54
yofelapt probably just upgraded the packages in a different order there19:54
shadeslayeryofel: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/kdevelop/kdevplatform_1.2.81-0ubuntu2.dsc < Please review and upload :)20:03
yofelshadeslayer: up20:06
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