lifelessand I get a Bad Request trying to edit the title of https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/92579100:00
_mup_Bug #925791: OOPS-24bbc670994b55b2e26d848fce30c554 trying to update bug parameters <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/925791 >00:00
* lifeless twitches00:00
lifelessStevenK: can you try editing a bug title ?00:01
lifelessoh, nvm I had a CR in the field00:01
lifelessodd but not major00:01
rick_hI think there's a bug about something like that lifeless00:18
* StevenK prods wallyworld to update the topic.00:19
lifelessrick_h: probably ;)00:19
rick_hof course now I can't find it00:19
StevenKrick_h: The thought of rsync makes me sad :-(00:19
rick_hStevenK: it does me as well00:19
lifelessrsync ?00:19
* wallyworld will as soon as he lands his branch00:19
rick_hsorry, forgot that wasn't on the mailing list00:19
StevenKlifeless: So, I changed the convoy root dir to be inside the tree, like icing00:20
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rick_hlifeless: give me a sec to get a summary between StevenK's email and my response00:20
* StevenK goes back to his branch, leaving rick_h to explain00:20
StevenK(Sorry, it *has* to be done today)00:20
rick_hlifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/59345/00:21
rick_hlifeless: I wanted to get with deryck on it today, but he left early sick so we didn't get a chance to talk00:21
lifelessStevenK: is /var/tmp a temp dir? I thought it was an lp spethial00:22
wgrant/var/tmp is in the FHS00:22
StevenKlifeless: And is 1777, so yes00:22
wgrantIt's more persistent than /tmp00:22
rick_hlifeless: oh and this was the bug I was thinking of, not the right bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/70306100:22
_mup_Bug #703061: Tags edit with syntax error makes further tag editing impossible <lp-bugs> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/703061 >00:22
wgrantie. not a tmpfs00:22
* StevenK tries to remember how to check if a feature flag is turned on00:23
rick_hStevenK: /+feature-rules I think00:23
StevenKIn code :-P00:23
rick_hoh, heh00:23
rick_hStevenK: well check the app/templates/layout-macros since it's got checks there00:24
huwshimiStevenK: lp.services.features.getFeatureFlag(name)00:24
StevenKI thought it was get_00:24
lifelesshuwshimi: hi; remember that cool ajax log you wrote ?00:24
lifelesshuwshimi: it seems to not be seeing ajax requests anymore for me (on FF in precise)00:25
rick_hlifeless: that could be the broken JS due to localizing events that my branch landing today shold hopefully fix00:25
rick_hif it's not fixed after that lands let me know00:25
huwshimilifeless: Yeah, killed by the non global attachement of the io event, I guess00:26
lifelessok cool00:27
wgrantWould be fixed on prod by now if buildbot hadn't lost its mind.00:28
* StevenK shakes his fist at buildbot more.00:28
rick_hlifeless: wgrant appreciate any thoughts on the JS/build location fun there in the pastebin00:31
wgrantYou're going to regret that.00:32
lifelesswhy won't the owner match?00:32
rick_h*yawn* getting sleepy... /me runs to bed00:32
StevenKlifeless: The symlink is created by me.00:33
rick_hlifeless: because on your dev system make run is performed as you while apache is run as root00:33
StevenKApache does NOT run as root00:33
lifelesswe have the same split on prod etc00:33
StevenKIt runs as www-data00:33
rick_hwell www-data I guess00:33
lifelessso why would it work on prod etc00:33
rick_hsorry sorry00:33
StevenKlifeless: Because the symlink won't be in a temp dir00:33
lifelessso, to me the obvious thing is 'wth are we putting this in a temp dir'00:33
StevenKSo we don't need root and the need to use sudo in our Makefile00:34
lifelessmake that owned by stevenk00:34
rick_hlifeless: because we have to tell the apache .wsgi file for convoy where it's root directory it serves out of is.00:34
lifelessrick_h: thats a constraint, but not a reason for that specific directory00:34
rick_hlifeless: so we want that to be a constant spot, but still allow you to switch branches/etc in dev without breaking/relinking things00:34
rick_hlifeless: true, just describing what led to where we are00:35
lifelessrick_h: still with you, still don't see why that specific directory.00:35
lifelesswe need root to do the one-time setup00:35
lifelesssites-enabled, bzr rewriter configuration, wsgi config addition to apache.00:35
lifelessmaking and chowning /srv/launchpad.dev/convoy at the same time seems pretty straight forward, or am I missing something?00:36
StevenKSo that's 'sudo make copy-apache-config'00:36
StevenKI'm a bit loath to have that do, well, more than that00:36
rick_hlifeless: right, but after we make /srv/launchpad.dev/convoy, apache is serving the files in there as www-data while the symlink you create as the dev will be owned by your user00:39
lifelessrick_h: but it won't be marked 1777 so who cares00:39
rick_hlifeless: ah ic00:39
* StevenK sees00:39
rick_hwallyworld: ping, the second question in that MP was less about the . in the ids, but that the code you wrote uses Y.Dom.getById while the code in the tests uses Y.one('[name=]')00:41
rick_hwallyworld: so one code is finding html elements by ids, while the tests are searching for elements with a name attribute, so they're testing different things00:41
rick_hwallyworld: e.g. tests could pass with html that would fail the production code00:42
wallyworldrick_h: ah, right. what zope does is spit out elements with id = name00:42
rick_hwallyworld: right, I know it works and all, but just struck me as the tests html is manually generated/etc00:42
rick_hwallyworld: anyway, just wanted to clear up the question wasn't about the periods, but the matching methods00:43
wallyworldrick_h: np. thanks. i'll look at it since there's still a couple more branches to go yet00:43
lifelesswgrant: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=9040bdec04b696e8fd0c80de3462cca5 may make you laugh maniacally00:44
StevenKlifeless: It works with /srv/launchpad.dev00:45
rick_hStevenK: yay!00:46
rick_hStevenK: one step closer to domination00:46
lifelessStevenK: wicked :)00:46
StevenKLet me get this other branch put to bed, and I'll fix up combo-url00:48
wgrantlifeless: Heh00:48
wgrantlifeless: Handy00:48
wgrantSpeaking of loggerhead, it's very tempting to halve our exception count by fixing one of its bugs.00:48
StevenKJust one?00:49
wgrantWhy has the theme changed00:49
lifelesswgrant: I'm going to do a release today. release today. release today.00:49
wgrantContext menus etc. are light grey now :(00:49
lifelesswgrant: in lh ?00:50
huwshimiwgrant: Yeah, some of the theme stuff got fixed, I think a few things broke too00:50
lifelesswgrant: fixing that exception would be pretty awesome00:50
lifelessactually, I'm going to upgrade our revision. Check its copacetic on qastaging and then release on tuesday.00:50
StevenKWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong00:51
lifelesswith what I'm doing? We might have to rollback a rev if trunk is buggered somehow. Thats about all.00:52
StevenKlifeless: I know. YHBT, HTH, HAND00:53
* StevenK tries to figure out how to add a commercial subscription00:53
lifeless<- was sick, now just sleep deprived00:54
StevenKWelcome to fatherhood00:54
wgrantStevenK: I think that's the only LP action I've never performed.00:55
StevenKwgrant: I mean in a test, anyway00:55
StevenKTempted to just store.execute() and be evil00:55
wgrantlifeless: How do I run loggerhead?01:00
wgrantserve-branches just 404s01:00
wgrantDo I have to symlink it into by bzr plugins path?01:00
lifelesswgrant: you can use file://$(pwd)01:00
lifelesswgrant: its getting a base url of readonly+path-you-gave-it01:01
lifelesswhich doesn't trigger the readonly decorator for some odd reason, I think a bzr change01:01
lifelessso you end up using $(pwd)/readonly+pathyougaveit01:01
lifelesswhich fails humourously01:01
wgrantlifeless: Ahh01:01
wgrantI was just giving it a path, not a URL01:02
lifelessyou are meant to be able to01:02
lifelessits a change :P01:02
wgrantI certainly used to be able to.01:02
lifelessah, mwhudson sucks01:02
lifelesshe fixed three bugs and didn't upgrade us01:02
wgrantGood lord01:04
wgrantDo not edit loggerhead with pocket-lint vim integration.01:04
wgrantThe red will make your eyes melt01:04
wgrantNow to extend Loggerhead's exemplary test suite to cover my fix.01:09
lifelesswgrant: do you want me to wait on  https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/loggerhead/+merge/91379 ?01:10
wgrantlifeless: Might as well, it's a trivial try/except/raise NotFound01:10
wgrantJust going to see if I can be bothered writing a test.01:10
wgrantlifeless: This fixes exceptions #1 and #3 for the last 9 months, so might as well wait a few minutes :)01:13
lifelesswho wants to be the one to flip the switch on heat on monday?01:27
wgrantme me me01:28
lifelesswgrant: ok, please do01:29
lifelesswgrant: I will be doing $notwork01:29
wgrantOh, right, public holiday.01:29
StevenKAll of the above!01:29
lifelessx3:ap probably01:29
nigelbanother horse race?01:29
lifelessthat and house work01:29
wgrantWhat's AP?01:30
wgrantIs that the one after TC?01:30
lifelessalbion prelude01:30
lifelesstc engine, terrans at war with argon01:30
StevenKnigelb: No, the New Zealand people signed a treaty. Apparently, this is worth a day off01:31
nigelbStevenK: wow.01:31
StevenKSaid treaty was signed in 18xx01:31
nigelbTo be fair, it sounds better than a holiday for a horse race :P01:31
* nigelb ducks01:32
wgrantlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/loggerhead/bug-728209/+merge/9138301:32
wgrantlifeless: Hm01:34
wgrantlifeless: I wonder if we want to drop heat from the default listings.01:34
lifelessperhaps, but orthogonal01:35
lifelessthey won't change all that much even without aging because comments reset sging01:35
wgrantlifeless: So, can has review, or should I throw it at wallyworld?01:36
wgrantlifeless: Was that a +1 without a +1?01:38
* wallyworld taps fingers waiting01:38
lifelesshandoffs cost :P so I've done it01:40
StevenKnigelb: Only Melbourne gets the public holiday for Melbourne Cup Day01:43
StevenKnigelb: The rest of the country have to work, but not much gets done01:43
lifelessthe rest of the country just fakes it01:43
lifelesstis with ec201:55
nigelbStevenK: Wait, I thought you lived in Melbourne.01:58
wgrantNah, only I'm in Melbourne.01:59
wgrantEveryone else is Sydney or Hobart.01:59
wgrantjamesh and wallyworld don't exist.01:59
* wallyworld goes to hospital to get wife02:00
StevenKAttributeError: type object 'Product' has no attribute 'owner_id' :-(02:02
StevenKThat doesn't work either02:03
wgrant!doesn't work02:04
StevenKAttributeError: type object 'Product' has no attribute 'ownerID'02:04
wgrantStevenK: _ownerID02:06
wgrantowner is a property02:06
lifelesswgrant: is 1043 /  485  MaloneApplication:+bugs what you were expecting?02:16
wgrantlifeless: That's more like it.02:23
lifelesswgrant: whats up with 'unable to find source package foo in suite'02:34
wgrantlifeless: It means the build's source is no longer active.02:36
wgrantie. it's superseded or deleted02:36
lifelesswhy is it an oops?02:46
wgrantBecause nobody has fixed it.02:50
wgrantBecause it's not clear how best to fix it.02:51
lifelesswgrant: what is there to fix?03:10
StevenKTypeError: Expected datetime, found (datetime.datetime(2012, 3, 4, 9, 15, 45, 96703),)03:52
wgrantStevenK: tuple != datetime03:58
StevenKI found the one-char bug :-(04:00
StevenKwallyworld: But whereas I previously held for Java a cordial dislike borne of having only a cursory notion of how it worked, now my dislike for the language can no longer be called at all "cordial", for familiarity has bred contempt. -- Tom Christiansen04:12
StevenKWhy what?04:13
wallyworldwhat made you have even more contempt?04:14
StevenKIt isn't my quote04:14
wallyworldoh, ok. i thought you were using the quote to communicate your own revelation04:15
StevenKNah, just teasing your like of Java04:15
wallyworlds/like/not blind hatred04:16
StevenKs/like/respect/ ?04:18
wallyworldperhaps. it's done a fine job for 16 or so years04:18
wallyworldin the enterprise space04:18
wallyworldclient not so much04:19
wgrant$ ls -lh ~/.cache/checkbox/checkbox.log04:35
wgrant-rw-rw-r-- 1 wgrant wgrant 50G Oct 15 17:02 /home/wgrant/.cache/checkbox/checkbox.log04:35
wgrantThe first and the final lines are 21 hours apart.04:36
StevenKwallyworld: O hai04:48
* wgrant considers rejecting on the basis that the description matches /empower/.05:03
StevenKwgrant: Would you mind reviewing it since wallyworld seems to be afk?05:29
lifelesswgrant or StevenK - could you please land my loggerhead branch? I'm suffering the lp-land breakage abently is fixing05:31
StevenKlifeless: Link me05:31
wgrantI'm knee-deep in a few hundred lines of PL/pgSQL and bug search code and appserver logs, so I'd prefer not.05:31
StevenKlifeless: If it's updating the revno, I can JFDI05:31
StevenKwgrant: Okay05:32
lifelessits a tiny bit more05:32
StevenKlifeless: Then link me05:32
lifelessStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/loggerhead/+merge/9137905:32
StevenKexport tarballs false? Why?05:33
lifelessnew feature05:33
lifelessunknown overheads05:33
lifelessdon't know if it would cripple us, or be totally fine05:33
lifelessso being conservative05:33
StevenKOh, so it doesn't currently exist?05:33
StevenKObjection withdrawn, landing05:34
lifelessI think; let me triple check05:34
lifelessnope, I'm wrong, we were on 461, which added that05:34
wgrantlifeless: Is postgres smart enough to walk backwards from the end of a segment of a composite index?05:34
lifelessbut, I am moderately sure I intended for it to be turned off :P05:34
StevenKlifeless: But it might be being used05:34
lifelessStevenK: I'll delete that hunk, one sec05:35
wgrantie. if I have an index on (foo, bar, baz), filter on (foo, bar), and order by -baz, will it use the index sensibly?05:35
lifelesswgrant: pretty sure it won't. If you order by -foo -bar -baz, then yes05:36
lifelessStevenK: pushed05:37
StevenKlifeless: Thanks05:37
StevenKlifeless: ec2 is pointless?05:37
lifelessput it this way, if it breaks, tell me on tuesday :)05:40
StevenKlifeless: For that branch. I can toss it through ec2 if you wish05:40
lifelessits probably safer05:40
lifelessI don't -expect- surprises, but then, who does?05:40
* StevenK wonders where wallyworld has gotten to.05:42
huwshimiStevenK: (13:00:57) wallyworld: *goes to hospital to get wife*05:46
StevenKBut he spoke at 3pm05:46
huwshimiStevenK: Oh, that's true05:46
wallyworldStevenK: was picking up kid from school05:49
StevenKwallyworld: He can walk home05:49
wallyworldstill need a review?05:49
StevenKwallyworld: Please05:49
wallyworldlooking now05:49
StevenKwallyworld: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/show-visibility-teamadd/+merge/91389 that one05:50
StevenKwallyworld: combo-url can be done by rick_h05:50
wallyworldsounds good to me :-)05:50
wallyworldStevenK: btw - Total: 17029 tests, 5 failures, 0 errors in 210 minutes 43.985 seconds.05:51
StevenKNice, it's a smidge faster than ec205:51
wallyworld3 of the failures were mailmain, 1 was due to oneiric, not sure about the other05:51
StevenKWe don't run Mailman tests05:52
wallyworldthis one was the one that failed: lp.services.mailman.tests.test_mlist_sync.TestMListSync05:52
wallyworldso we don't run that one?05:52
StevenKLet me check05:54
wallyworldStevenK: what's the difference between launchpad.Commercial permission and "current commercial subscription"?05:54
wgrantWe clearly run it, or it wouldn't have run :)05:54
wgrantWe don't run MailmanLayer05:54
StevenKwallyworld: launchpad.Commercial == commercial admin05:55
wallyworldok, so like curtis etc05:55
StevenKwallyworld: "current commercial subscription" == have paid monies to us05:55
wallyworldStevenK: you'd have thought that folks who paid money would have had this feature already05:56
StevenKsteven@liquified:~% zcat Desktop/ttb-no-chroot-r14741.subunit.gz | subunit-ls | grep -c TestMListSync05:56
StevenKwallyworld: They can ask for it, like Curtis said05:56
wallyworldStevenK: yep, those 3 tests all fail, probably same root cause05:56
StevenKSo, they can already have it, but it isn't self-service.05:56
StevenKwallyworld: Right05:57
wallyworldright. pretty sucky though05:57
StevenKThat's why we're fixing it!05:57
wgrantwallyworld: Yes, this is what I've been complaining about.05:57
wgrantSomeone implemented an overly-restricted checkbox in 2007, unrelatedly implemented commercial subscriptions, and then said "lol, we have a commercial offering"05:58
wallyworldi'm pretty embarrassed we charge people money, for not much it seems05:58
wgrantI've long maintained that we should have discontinued the commercial offering years ago :)05:58
wallyworldyeah, can see why05:59
wallyworldStevenK: the logic in conditionallyOmitVisibility(self):... imho it needs a bit of love, and we should only type "self.form_fields = self.form_fields.omit('visibility')" once06:00
wallyworldin the method06:00
wallyworldStevenK: i'm not sure how the logic changes allow normal admins to see the field whereas before they didn't. perhaps extend the code comments to say how?06:04
StevenKwallyworld: Like so http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827310/06:05
StevenKwallyworld: Before they could, there are other tests for that06:05
wgrantdammit postgres, it's not that hard to vacuum a 50000 row uncontended table :/06:05
StevenKadmins have launchpad.Commercial too06:05
wallyworldStevenK: ok. the pastebin look better thanks. do we need "return None" or just "return"? just return would suffice?06:07
StevenKwallyworld: Right, fixed too06:07
wallyworldStevenK: thanks. my only other comment is a personal preference - i would have used a helper method "hasCurrentCommercialSubscription(person)" to get the storm stuff out of the main method and make it a lot cleaner06:09
wallyworldperhaps there's already a helper method like that06:09
StevenKI doubt it06:09
wallyworldhmmm. i would have thought there would be several places where we would need to know that06:10
wallyworldmaybe even add the method to IPerson06:10
wgrantThere *should* be.06:10
wgrantBut this is the first.06:10
wallyworldso we should set things up "properly" perhaps - add the method to IPerson?06:10
StevenKI can move it to IPerson06:11
StevenKThen you'll want more tests06:11
wallyworldcool. that would be peachy. thanks06:11
wallyworldyeah, sorry. just one or two06:11
* StevenK kicks wallyworld 06:11
wallyworldbe back in a sec, wife wants something06:11
wgrantwtf postgres06:17
wallyworldwhat has it done now?06:21
wgrantslow vacuum06:21
wallyworldmaybe it needs to use a Dyson06:21
wallyworldwgrant: could you do me a favour and lp-land this? a single test failed ec2 which i fixed by editing the test. lp:~wallyworld/launchpad/confirm-reviewer-subscription-33029006:32
wallyworldlpland still broken on precise for me06:32
* StevenK grumbles at that06:33
* StevenK kicks wallyworld again06:33
stubI can land it if wgrant isn't on it06:33
wgrantstub: How close it 9.1?06:33
wgrantHah, nice timing.06:34
wallyworldthanks stub06:34
stub28 failures, 25 errors06:34
stubAnd a lot of that is probably due to using E style quoting if we want to push it through faster06:35
stubAttributeError: 'Entry' object has no attribute 'source_branch'06:37
stublp-land seems pretty broken without the branch existing locally06:39
stubwallyworld: its with pqm now06:44
stubhttps://pqm.launchpad.net/ is showing some odd errors - new?06:45
stubbzr: ERROR: no such option: -006:45
wgrantIt's done that since I changed the regexps a year ago.06:46
wgrantNot sufficiently harmful that I've found time to fix it.06:46
StevenKwallyworld: Diff updated.06:47
* wallyworld looks06:47
stubRather than fix it, I'm going to nuke the mockdb stuff which failed.06:48
StevenKstub: That sounds like an excellent plan.06:48
wallyworldStevenK: me like. you could now use an "and" in your if condition in conditionallyOmitVisibility()06:50
StevenKwallyworld: Where?06:51
StevenKOh, if getFF and if hasCurr06:52
wallyworld50+ if getFeatureFlag(06:52
wallyworld51+ 'disclosure.show_visibility_for_team_add.enabled'):06:52
wallyworld52+ if self.user.hasCurrentCommercialSubscription():06:52
wallyworld53+ return06:52
StevenKwallyworld: Not much point, it's +3/-306:52
wallyworldsure, but it reads much better. anyways, your choice06:53
StevenK        if getFeatureFlag(06:53
StevenK            'disclosure.show_visibility_for_team_add.enabled') and06:53
StevenK            self.user.hasCurrentCommercialSubscription():06:53
StevenK            return06:53
StevenKBut doesn't06:53
wallyworldi would write it as: f_flag = getFeatureFlag('xxxx')06:54
wallyworldif f_flag and self.user.hasCommercialSubsction():06:54
StevenKwallyworld: Pushing06:56
wallyworldthanks, already approved :-)06:56
StevenKwallyworld: But thanks for the +1, I'll toss it at ec206:56
* StevenK cackles at the register06:57
StevenK"iPhoners are the most likely to date a co-worker, with nearly a quarter saying they had an office fling in the past five years, perhaps because they all work in graphic design and don't have any real work to do."06:57
=== wallyworld changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Firefighting: - | Critical bugtasks: 4*10^2
adeuringgood morning08:54
nigelbwallyworld__: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V9-g8JuBZc08:56
nigelbOther YUI frontend people might love this ^08:56
nigelbrick_h: ^^08:59
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
wallyworld__nigelb: let me take a look09:30
wallyworld__good sense of humour he has :-)09:32
rick_hnigelb: yea, saw that. Funny stuff11:04
=== matsubara-afk is now known as matsubara
jelmerhi launchpadders11:34
rick_hhowdy jelmer11:42
nigelbrick_h: heh11:45
nigelbO hai jelmer11:45
StevenKrick_h: So, you can review combo-url at some point?11:51
lifelessadeuring: I found an OOPS for bug 925937 in yesterdays oops report12:01
_mup_Bug #925937: Does this bug affect you: Timeout error popup <timeout> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/925937 >12:01
adeuringlifeless: cool, thanks!12:02
lifelessadeuring: looks like classic death by many queries and/or sending mail - at a first glance12:02
rick_hStevenK: is there a branch for that then?12:02
lifelessadeuring: np12:02
* rick_h must have missed it12:02
adeuringlifeless: can you add the OOPS ID to the bug report?12:02
lifelessadeuring: I have12:02
adeuringlifeless: gah, i looked only at comments...12:03
rick_hStevenK: nvm, found it. Forgot that branch was around still12:04
StevenKrick_h: It should be good to land, and shouldn't impact qastaging and so on12:11
rick_hStevenK: cool, I'm pulling it to try it out and will update and try to get jcsackett to ok today then12:12
StevenKrick_h: Okay -- if there isn't any problems, hoping to land on Monday morning12:13
rick_hStevenK: would be awesome and I can move this test rewrite forward with the build files in place12:13
rick_hStevenK: now this is using the older convoy version right? where it ignores the path?12:14
rick_hStevenK: did you ever get a chance to verify what the $revno was in dev mode?12:14
StevenKrick_h: It is the current revno of the branch12:15
StevenKBut it doesn't impact on devmode12:15
rick_hStevenK: even in dev mode? I thought someone thought it was 'unkonwn' or something12:15
StevenKYes, even in devmode.12:15
rick_hStevenK: so when I first run this I get an error that ln: creating symbolic link `/srv/launchpad.dev/convoy': No such file or directory12:16
rick_hshould it create the directory for me or is that my duty as dev?12:16
StevenKrick_h: Right, so you need to do two things -- you need run 'sudo make copy-apache-config' which will create the dir for you, and you probably need to hack /usr/share/convoy/convoy.wsgi to point to it and reload apache.12:16
StevenKIt's a bit rough, I'll be updating convoy on Monday.12:17
StevenKI may guard that ln to not bite people12:17
rick_hStevenK: yea cool12:17
StevenKActually, guarding that ln would probably work12:19
rick_hStevenK: so just for the review, want to make sure that the make file won't be a problem landing this out since that stops make?12:19
StevenKrick_h: Right, so 'inplace' does not get run on qastaging and so on, and I just want the usual review for the rest of it since there are a large number of changes since the previous MP12:20
rick_hStevenK: ok, yea sorry I just want to make sure.12:20
StevenKrick_h: I think my plan of having devs needing to run 'sudo make copy-apache-config' once is a sane one, since the /+combo stuff will need to be there before they can enable the FF locally anyway12:21
rick_hStevenK: yea, while it's a FF thing I think that's fine personally12:21
rick_hAnd we can update the live sites that serve convoy to do that so that non-devs can use it on the live site then12:21
StevenKrick_h: Right. One concern I have is I'm not sure how to inject CONVOY_ROOT into apache's environment. But that is only a deployment issue for qastaging/staging12:23
StevenKAnd I was planning on RTFMing on Monday12:23
rick_hStevenK: can we just do that at copy-apache-config?12:23
rick_hsed the file as it's written?12:24
StevenKqastaging doesn't use that make file target, and it should not12:24
StevenKLike I say, it's a deployment problem, it does not impact this branch12:24
rick_hStevenK: ah ic, so we just use a different url in the dev mode combo_url property.12:26
StevenKOh, right. Yes.12:27
StevenKWe don't care about revnos on dev12:27
rick_hStevenK: just going over the MP and understanding why "it doesn't matter" what the revno is in dev mode12:27
rick_hSorry, early in the morning, slowly winding up :)12:27
* StevenK sticks rick_h with a caffeine IV.12:27
rick_hI need one, out of Dr Pepper this morning. Might need a run to the coffee shop12:28
rick_hDamn Fridays, kitchen gets empty12:28
StevenKnigelb: BAH12:28
StevenKnigelb: BAH12:28
StevenKnigelb: BAH12:28
nigelbStevenK, what?12:28
nigelbcricket not going well?12:28
StevenKCricket finished12:28
* StevenK stuffs nigelb out of an airlock12:29
rick_hnigelb is a cricket fan as well?12:29
rick_hman, who knew that was a real game people played? :P12:30
nigelbAs much as StevenK.12:30
nigelbWe both actually hate the game, but like it when our respective countries beat each other.12:30
rick_hStevenK: so how does libapache2_modwsgi fit into this then?12:30
bigjoolsrick_h: there's a load of Brits, Aussies and Indians around. There will be cricket fans :)12:30
rick_hStevenK: that's another manual step right? Or can copy-apache-config check/install that?12:30
nigelbbigjools has a valid point.12:31
rick_hbigjools: yea, I'm getting an education. In the US it's just something we see in the occassional movie poking fun at the aristocracy kind of thing12:31
StevenKrick_h: libapache2-mod-wsgi is still manual step12:31
StevenKrick_h: I think I'm okay with that *for now*12:31
rick_hStevenK: ok, cool. Just wanting to get the notes together so that as this moves forward we can have it documented or something12:31
bigjoolsrick_h: I can't think why it's linked with aristocracy. I think you need to go to a game some time :)12:32
StevenKrick_h: Documentation? What does that word mean?12:32
rick_hbigjools: yea, I'll have to find out if it's legal in the US and see what's up.12:32
rick_hStevenK: :) I'm going to have to tell deryck how to turn it on at some point12:33
StevenKThree steps, which I was planning on announcing to -dev, once that branch lands12:33
rick_hStevenK: ok, approved with the note on the ln command blowing up12:33
rick_hStevenK: I'll poke jcsackett when he's around later this morning so you should be golden for Monday hopefully12:34
StevenKYeah, I think I will guard that ln just so I don't catch anyone out12:34
rick_hYea, if you're not using the combo loader it should be invisible I think12:34
rick_hThanks for working on it!12:34
StevenKif [ -d /srv/launchpad.dev ]; then ln ... ; fi12:35
* rick_h is finally starting to see that this might actually work in the near future12:35
StevenKrick_h: And then qas is waiting for the RT12:35
StevenKBut this branch must come first12:35
rick_hStevenK: ok cool. Well, once we're actually ready maybe we can ping someone or something12:36
rick_hStevenK: right, this opens up me getting tests fixed, and running locally to start fixing bugs/issues12:36
StevenKGet going, then. :-)12:36
rick_hheh, lifeless did we come to any conclusion on the browser front?12:37
rick_hlifeless: should I bring up IE8 testing/fixing to deryck on our stand up today?12:37
nigelbStevenK: heh, "Finally India" is trending on twitter in India :P12:42
StevenKnigelb: I would have expected "About *bloody* time MS Dhoni!"12:52
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bac__hello, adeuring -- reviewing today?12:54
adeuringbac__: oops, yes...13:13
* nigelb hands gmb a "Did not Die" badge :)13:13
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gmbnigelb: We should start a club :)13:14
nigelbI'll be riding 30km everyday from today though13:14
lifelessrick_h: it has elliots +1, and it is pretty common out there, so I doubt francis will object to us fixing ie8 :)13:16
gmbnigelb: Might take me a couple of weeks to get back up to that; depends on the temperature outside. But before Christmas I was managing a 20k hilly ride every lunch, which wasn't so terrible.13:17
gmbCan't wait for the mornings to get lighter so that I can get out before work.13:17
nigelbAh. I drive to a co-working space sorta thing everyday. Through amazing traffic :)13:18
gmbOh, lovely.13:18
gmbI'm fairly rural, so early morning rides in the dark are a bit hairy, especially on icy days.13:18
nigelbAh, that's scary.13:18
nigelbMy roads are filled with potholes to slow me down.13:19
* gmb -> emergency cup of tea before team call13:19
rick_hjcsackett: if you get a sec can you look over this review we did for StevenK a while back? https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/combo-url13:42
jcsackettrick_h: sure, i can look right now.13:42
rick_hjcsackett: thanks, hoping to get it through to land on monday for him13:43
jcsackettStevenK: you actually up and around?13:47
rick_hjcsackett: I chatted with him about it this morning if you've got a question I might know13:48
jcsackettrick_h: so, i see he's changed rocketfuel-setup to install mod-wsgi; what's the hurdle in getting make/rocketfuel to do all the setup we need for convoy?13:49
jcsackettsince i would prefer that to a guard on the convoy path.13:49
rick_hjcsackett: ah, not sure on that the setup side. I know I was worried about current users just running an updated make13:51
rick_hjcsackett: but yea, it might make sense to have the setup support the whole thing then13:51
jcsackettrick_h: yeah. you have any idea of how long this stuff has been blocked? i don't want to be yet another holdup on something we need, but i want this question answered too.13:53
rick_hjcsackett: well this is just to get things going in dev. There's still an issue getting it to run in QA and we're waiting on a RT for convoy I think13:54
rick_hjcsackett: so this is mainly to land enough so that a dev can start working on it behind a FF13:54
rick_hjcsackett: while the rest is still in progress on the ops side13:54
rick_hjcsackett: so I guess I'm saying even if we hold off on ok'ing this until Monday, it's not like production will be getting combo loader monday anyway13:55
* jcsackett nods13:55
jcsackettrick_h: that's what i needed to know. thanks. :-)13:55
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bigjoolsjml: if I get a defer.succeed() in a test and add callbacks to it, can I expect them to fire?16:04
jmlbigjools: yes. they'll generally fire immediately, i.e. before the addCallback call returns.16:04
bigjoolsjml: ok thanks, then something else is borked in my test, it spins forever :(16:05
jmlbigjools: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827747/ as a demo16:05
bigjoolsjml: right, thanks.16:06
jmlbigjools: generally spinning forever means that the deferred being returned is never fired.16:06
bigjoolsjml: if I return that deferred to the testtools ...16:07
bigjoolshmm that's not it16:07
jmlbigjools: if you want to paste the test I can have a quick look16:08
bigjoolsjml: thanks, at the bottom of here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827750/16:10
jmlbigjools: test_get_nodes should probably return d. I doubt that would be the cause of the spinning though.16:12
bigjoolsjml: yeah I just removed it to see if it made any difference16:12
jmlbigjools: Yeah, it looks like connection.deferred isn't being fired at all.16:13
jmlbigjools: not enough context in the diff to say much more.16:14
bigjoolsjml: the whole branch:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827757/16:14
bigjoolsjml: line 285 is the deferred that is returned16:15
bigjoolsoh wait16:16
bigjoolsI'm a twit16:16
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bigjoolsah no, I'm not (well I am, but not here)16:16
jmlusing the connection_factory method definition as a default...16:17
jmlbigjools: in FakeMaasHTTPConnection, I'd put an addBoth that prints out whatever it's passed and then returns it, just to see if it really is being fired.16:19
jml(putting the 'return d' back in the test also)16:20
bigjoolsjml: yeah it gets fired16:23
jmlbigjools: with the JSON you expect?16:23
jmlbigjools: and if you remove test_get_nodes you don't get the hanging?16:24
bigjoolsjml: right16:25
jmlbigjools: what if you add a print-and-return callback to the thing returned from get_nodes in the test?16:25
bigjoolsjml: I did that - it shows the value ok, then spins...16:26
bigjoolssomething is borked inside testtools perhaps? I am using the package in precise16:26
jmlbigjools: it's possible.16:26
* jml tries16:26
* bigjools tries with trial16:26
bigjoolsjml: it works in trial16:27
jmlbigjools: that's a bad sign. :\16:28
bigjoolsjml: 'fraid so.16:28
bigjoolsI'll do a basic test case and see if I can reproduce for a bug report16:29
bigjoolsjml: hmmm, would it be a problem using the testtools TestCase with the trial runner?16:29
jmlbigjools: couldn't imagine why16:30
jmlbigjools: but a basic test case would be great, thanks.16:30
jmlbigjools: yeah, it looks like a trial / testtools interaction.16:40
bigjoolsjml: crapola.  did you get a basic test case working?16:41
jmlbigjools: working with testtools.run but hanging with trial runner.16:42
bigjoolsI failed at that16:42
jmlbigjools: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827787/16:42
jmlbigjools: that's it.16:42
jml$ trial istesttoolsbuggy16:42
jml$ python -m testtools.run istesttoolsbuggy16:43
jmlafter saving to istesttoolsbuggy.py16:43
jmlwell, I guess this trumps what I was doing16:45
jmlwill try to fix.16:45
bigjoolsah I reproduced it now16:45
bigjoolsjml: did you file a bug already? I'd like to reference it (or I can file it for you)16:45
bigjoolsbeware that it eats swap, so it's not just spinning16:46
jmlbigjools: yeah, it's calling addObserver over & over16:46
jml(trial --spew ftw)16:46
bigjoolsah ok16:46
jmlbigjools: I haven't filed a bug, no. Would appreciate it if you could.16:47
bigjoolssure thing16:47
jmlbigjools: thanks16:47
bigjoolsjml: https://bugs.launchpad.net/testtools/+bug/92618916:49
_mup_Bug #926189: Using the Trial test runner results in a spinning test <testtools:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/926189 >16:49
rick_hadeuring: abentley you guys know what this hwdb thing is that is being asked about in #lp? https://launchpad.net/+hwdb/+fingerprint/edda5d4f616ca792bf437989cb59700216:51
abentleyrick_h: Not me.  I've heard of it, but couldn't describe it.16:52
adeuringrick_h: I'm looking16:52
jmlbigjools: I've narrowed it down a bit. It's something to do with the interaction between trial's LoggedSuite and testtools run_with_log_observers17:17
bigjoolsjml: cool, at least you are getting somewhere17:17
jmlbigjools: which kind of makes sense, since both are designed to do the same thing (catch logged errors and make sure they are turned into test errors)17:17
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jmlbigjools: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827841/ <- the fix17:51
jmlbigjools: very embarrassing.17:51
bigjoolsjml: :D17:51
bigjoolsjml: if that can make it into precise I'd be very happy17:52
jmlbigjools: me too17:52
jmlwhen's feature freeze?17:52
bigjoolsdoes that matter for this?17:52
bigjools'tis a nasty bug17:52
jmlit's easier if I can just (ask jelmer to) upload the latest release17:53
jmljelmer, lifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~jml/testtools/trial-hang/+merge/9147018:04
jmlotherwise I'll land sometime tomrrow.18:04
jmlHave to go now18:04
jmlHave a great weekend all.18:04
bigjoolscheers jml18:11
abentleygary_poster: I have gotten to the bottom of the test_mlist_sync failures.  They happen because we end up running python 2.7 with a pythonpath suitable for python2.6.19:27
abentleygary_poster: Do you have any suggestions for how to ensure we run the script with the correct python interpreter?19:28
gary_posterabentley, I am guessing you are referring to the canonistack thread.  I haven't followed those details closely enough to know the exact test of which you speak.  Where do I find the script in the tree?  I'll try looking...19:28
abentleygary_poster: scripts/mlist-sync.py19:29
gary_posterack abentley looking19:29
abentleygary_poster: The tests are in ./lib/lp/services/mailman/tests/test_mlist_sync.py and specify python path, but not python interpreter.19:30
gary_posterabentley, this is on precise, I assume?19:30
abentleygary_poster: No, oneiric.  I'm waiting for beta.19:30
gary_posterah ok19:31
abentleygary_poster: I think Precise will have the same issue, though.  Basically, ssl.py imports symbols defined in libpython.*.so, and at least one symbol defined in 2.6 is not defined in 2.719:33
gary_posterabentley, well, one thought is to simply specify pthon2.6 in the shebang.  That's the kind of thing we've done before for this kind of transition period.  Maybe we could instead use /usr/bin/env [path to bin/py] in the #! line, and move the script to the buildout template location. That would probably work just fine, and it would work whether you were on 2.6 or 2.7..19:33
gary_posterbut /usr/bin/python2.6 was our approach in the past.19:34
gary_posterThe template location could even put the output back in utilities if so desired19:35
abentleygary_poster: I'm more of a mind to fix the invocation; I think it's broken to specify a python path and not specify the python interpreter.19:35
gary_posterYou'd just want to clarify in the code that the actual location was in the template directory, so don't change it in situ19:35
gary_posterabentley, bin/py, either explictly or in the shebang, is the only way I know to do that.  It also sets the path using that approach19:36
abentleygary_poster: I mean to fix the call site, i.e. ./lib/lp/services/mailman/tests/test_mlist_sync.py19:37
abentleygary_poster: But I guess if we moved it to the template, we could stop specifying the pythonpath in the call site.  That would be even better.19:39
gary_posterabentley, template, right, that's one of the advantages.  I think it also gives you a way to specify the python that LP is currently using, and substitute that in the shebang, rather than bin/py.  We do that now IIRC.  Alternatively, looking at the call site, I suppose you could change the script to use /usr/bin/env python as the shebang, and then manipulate the PATH so that the Python you want is first in your invo19:41
gary_postercation.  But I do think that the template is better.  Lemme see if there is an example already...19:41
gary_posterabentley, buildout-templates/bin/bzr.in shows one way--the way we've done it so far19:43
gary_posterThe first 10 lines (! :-( ) would be boilerplate that you would put at the top19:44
abentleygary_poster: cool.19:44
gary_posteryou could make a utilities directory in buildout-templates and it would copy it over in utilities, or make the script go in bin like the other templates we have now.19:44
gary_posterbin is already bzr ignored19:45
gary_posterin its entirety19:45
gary_posterso if you put it in utilities you might want to explicitly bzr ignore the output19:45
abentleygary_poster: any reason not to keep it in "scripts"?19:49
gary_posteroh, abentley, no I was just not being detail oriented.  s/utilities/scripts/ in what I said19:50
abentleygary_poster: cool.  I think I've got the buildout side working.19:51
abentleygary_poster: tests passing, no PYTHONPATH needed anymore.19:53
abentleygary_poster: Thanks for the help.19:53
gary_posterawesome abentley19:53
abentleygary_poster: seems like buildout should have a "clean" command that deletes the artifacts it would otherwise create.20:09
gary_posterabentley, yeah, that's been said for years.  It has the info to do it.  No such command exists.20:09
abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/stable-test-failures/+merge/91504 ?21:02
bacabentley: :)21:03
bacabentley: you're late21:03
bacabentley: can it wait just a while?  i'm in a call with gary atm.21:03
abentleybac: Sure.21:04
bacabentley: no, i'll do it now.  short and testfix.21:04
abentleybac: Thanks.21:10
bacabentley: np21:11
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