freerouteok this is weird, whenever I try to play flash video's the audio starts to continuously repeat itself with a duration of a few hundred miliseconds00:30
freeroutefunny thing is that when I turn off the video the audio usually still repeats itself for a while00:30
freerouteis there a recent guide in troubleshooting ALSA issues? I find a lot which claim to be outdated00:34
Unit193freeroute: I generallly look somewhere around here http://bit.ly/tOGHKG the Ubuntu wiki should have something too00:38
Unit193Hmmm.... Welp, check the Ubuntu one here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting00:39
freerouteUnit193: thanks I'll look into it00:41
freeroute / them00:41
Unit193It's been helpful to me, there's also a pulse page too00:46
freerouteUnit193: is there pulseaudio present in Lubuntu?00:47
Unit193Not unless you install it00:47
Unit193wxl: Yes?00:48
wxltry pacat /dev/urandom and tell me you don't get anything00:49
wxl(point being it seems that pulse is installed)00:49
wxlmy understanding was that pulse is installed but there are alsa plugins to fool alsa programs to work with pa00:49
wxlwhich is why alsamixer works...00:50
Unit193Meh, I don't remember what's installed by default or what I've purged at this point ;P00:50
wxlwell hold on i can just check services00:51
Unit193It's fine, I'll trust you if you wish00:51
wxlnaw now i'm curious for sure00:51
wxlthough i use the heck out of audio for production i use jack so don't really pay attention to whatever's underlying00:52
Sentynelpulseaudio is not installed by default on lubuntu00:52
Unit193I purged a few pulse because it was causing problems for me00:52
Sentynellibpulse0 is present, but pulseaudio itself is not provided00:52
wxlweird it's not installed00:52
wxltypical oss commands don't work e.g. cat /dev/urandom >> /dev/dsp00:53
wxlso it can't be that00:53
wxlit must be alsa00:53
wxloccassionally masquerading as pulseaudio which is why e.g. pacat works00:53
Unit193Sentynel: Thanks. Mind if I ask where you came from? I've seen you around here being quite helpful00:53
Sentynelwxl: pacat's not installed by default either, but it only depends on libpulse0, not pulseaudio00:54
SentynelUnit193: I wandered in a couple of weeks ago with a couple of issues on my laptop, which I'd just moved to lubuntu, and kinda stuck around00:55
wxlcurious that i don't have pacat on this vm but i do on my install at home00:55
wxlindeed alsa-base is there00:55
wxlwell thanks Sentynel00:55
wxlnow maybe i can figure out how to route flash through jack!00:57
wxlew java01:05
wxlthere i go again01:05
bkmhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wicd/+bug/806381 <-01:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 806381 in wicd (Ubuntu) "wicd RenameProcess function results in rename failed" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:24
* wxl does NOT like wicd01:25
bkmthanks to the people who helped me with wireless some days ago. the error described here apparently applies to network manager. i find that my version of the file in question had the wrong paths, i.e., they matched the paths shown in the bug post01:26
wxlbkm: why is it a bug in wicd then???01:26
bkmi think the gist of the second post is that it is not a bug in wicd.01:26
wxlright, so someone needs to mark it as a bug in what it is and unmark it as a bug in what it's not ;)01:27
bkmmaybe i misunderstand01:27
bkmyeah, that was kind of my thought.01:27
wxlthis is absolutely a wicd bug from what i read though01:28
bkmi'm still not sure if that had affected me or not. i guess i need to start with a fresh lubuntu to see how it differs from the frankenstein installation i have now01:28
wxl/usr/lib/python2.7/WICD/misc.py (my emphasis) is only used by wicd01:28
josephdavidrich1can you help me how do I get icons on my desktop I can do it on ubuntu because of nautilus01:28
wxljosephdavidrich1: /usr/lib/python2.7/wicd/misc.py01:29
wxljosephdavidrich1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_can_I_create_a_shortcut_on_the_Desktop01:30
wxlTHAT's it ;)01:30
bkmwxl: "Mitigating factor: In the process I found out that the WLAN interface is now displayed properly in the default network manager. So personally I have no more reason to run wicd." <- does this mean that a broken wicd screwed up a perfectly fine network-manager?01:30
wxlbkm: no he's saying that nm was messed up so he was looking for other solutions and went for wicd but in the process of resolving issues with wicd found that nm was back to working and now has no need for wicd01:32
bkmwxl: anyway, thanks for the help a few nights ago. lubuntu seems to be improving each release01:32
bkmwxl: so, both are screwed up?01:32
wxlbkm: that's the plan :D01:32
wxlbkm: no he's saying that nm WAS screwed up and is now ok. wicd IS screwed up, but the workaround suggested fixes it.01:33
wxlpersonally i don't like wicd. i've said it a million times before and i'm sure everyone's sick of hearing me say it, but it's just bloaty.01:33
bkmwxl: agreed. i just installed it when  iwlist scanning didn't work. still not sure if i broke something or if i just missed the _greyed-out_ icon on my grey taskbar...01:36
wxli think the latter01:36
bkmi think if i were to stick the wireless card in,  iwlist  scanning would work. so, something changed...01:37
entrerihello there, it seems lubuntu is the only distro in the ubuntu family that did not include the b43-firmware out-of-the-box, ubuntu and xubuntu did (I don't remember about kubuntu). So I must plug a wire and go downloading the firmware in synaptics by myself for my wireless to work... it means that I can't use the lubuntu live USB on my netbook. Maybe I missed something ? Any idea if it will be included in the next release ?01:37
wxlentreri: no idea. however, i can tell you lubuntu is often targeted at older machines so wireless *AT ALL* may not even be so much of a concern01:38
entreriwxl: it's not a big concern, all I need is to download the firmware in synaptics, but I think it's strange that I could activate the restricted driver just by clicking the "activate" button in ubuntu and xubuntu - and it worked, but in lubuntu it says "see path/to/jockey.log", and I think it failed at the "download" part, cause I was not connected.01:43
entreriI was not connected in ubuntu and xubuntu, it skipped the download part, so the firmware was included01:44
wxlentreri: understood. you're not the first to bring this up. i think part of the problem may be lubuntu finding its identity. i see about 50/50 people using it on old hardware as i do see people using new hardware01:44
entreriwxl: yeah, I just hope it will be included for the next release. Do you know if the Ubuntu Software Center will be there too to replace synaptics ?01:47
wxllubuntu software center yes01:49
wxlwell, should be01:49
entrerinice, thanks a lot01:50
wxlit's getting there01:51
wxlwe're up to alpha 2 but it's still got some annoying bugs01:51
wxli wouldn't recommend trying to make alpha 2 work unless you're going to stick it in a vm and don't mind fiddling01:51
wxlsupposedly there's a major change in the latest that might get rid of those annoying bugs01:52
wxlif that's the case, i'll have a new vm and can tell you definitively what is and what isn't installed01:52
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LubuntuPoweredanyone figure out how to disable notifications yet06:57
Unit193LubuntuPowered: Not looked into it, but last case you can uninstall it07:12
LubuntuPoweredUnit193:  brilliant07:53
giuseppe60do not open files. pps in Lubuntu: how?09:21
bioterroryou might want to install libreoffice, and there's that presentation program09:22
bioterrorwasnt pps for power point?-)09:22
icerootbioterror: correct09:22
bioterrorfor a moment I was like "or was it photoshop something" ;D09:23
giuseppe60in Lubuntu is installed abiword and gnumeric09:24
bioterroryep, but no power point presentation application09:24
Unit193You'd have to install09:25
giuseppe60how to install LibreOffice in Lubuntu?09:26
bioterrorsudo apt-get install libreoffice09:26
bioterroryou can specify a language if you want too09:26
Unit193May need -gtk or whatnot to make it "shiny"09:27
giuseppe60ok now install LibreOffice09:28
giuseppe60after installing LibreOffice, better throw abiword and gnumeric?09:30
giuseppe60with remove09:31
giuseppe60we now see pps files09:41
giuseppe60LibreOffice to put it in Italian?09:51
tenachI forgot how much I like lubuntu. <309:56
Unit193< bioterror> you can specify a language if you want too09:57
icerootgiuseppe60:sudo apt-get install  libreoffice-l10n-it09:57
Unit193tenach: That so? 11.10?09:58
Unit193Can grab the helpfiles and spelling too09:58
tenachUnit193, Yes! I'm loving 11.1010:00
giuseppe60iceroot, ok thanks10:00
icerootgiuseppe60: and this is the italien help libreoffice-help-it10:01
icerootdont we have metapackages for something like that?10:02
giuseppe60iceroot, ok10:02
giuseppe60ok  libreoffice  is  in  Italian -------Thanks to all10:15
cristian_cI'm using lubuntu 11.1010:15
cristian_cI can not see the volume icon on the panel10:16
cristian_c I added, but still can not see it10:16
cristian_cWhat can I do?10:16
bioterrorcristian_c, and the sound does work?10:19
cristian_cbioterror, yes10:20
cristian_cbioterror, I do not know what I can do to make it appear10:24
giuseppe60I installed epiphany, but I can not download the files (pdf, pps, vma) by email: epiphany is a problem?10:24
bioterrorgiuseppe60, we dont know, we use chromium ;)10:25
giuseppe60bioterror,   ok thanks10:25
bioterrorcristian_c, could be okay to reset the lxpanel10:26
cristian_cbioterror, Is there a specific command?10:29
cristian_cbioterror, What happens after I reset the panel?10:38
cristian_cbioterror, I would not like to do any disaster10:39
bioterroryou just remove all the config files, and it should copy correct ones back10:39
tenachI'm so ecstatic to be back into a working linux desktop. :D!  I can code again!10:40
bioterrortenach, when it was broken?-)10:44
thor_Hi I have just downloaded lubuntu 12.04 alpha 2 and installed it in VirtualBox, and all programs open in full screen. ?? shall lubuntu should look like that10:49
thor_not shouls10:49
tenachbioterror, I hadn't gotten any distro to work on my laptop... last resort i threw Lubuntu on it, and bam... 90% perfect.10:50
giuseppe60thor_, hello11:01
thor_giuseppe60:  hello how fast is you boot11:02
giuseppe60thor_,  still 50 seconds.11:02
thor_giuseppe60:  shall we try make a part 211:03
thor_giuseppe60:  install bum in synaptic11:04
giuseppe60thor_,  already installed11:04
thor_giuseppe60:  ok have you turn some off them off11:05
giuseppe60thor_,  boot-up-manager ??11:05
thor_giuseppe60:  yes11:05
giuseppe60thor_,   are active only    unattendend-upgrades,,,,pulseaudio,,pppd-dns,,,dns-clean,,preload,,11:07
thor_giuseppe60:  do you have adls internet11:09
giuseppe60thor_, yes11:11
thor_giuseppe60: then you dont need pppd-dns and dns-clean11:12
giuseppe60thor_,  ok take it off11:12
thor_giuseppe60:  and ntp saned11:13
thor_giuseppe60:  then we run in terminal sudo sysv-rc-conf11:15
giuseppe60thor_,  I do not know what is11:15
giuseppe60thor_,  already done sudo sysv-rc-conf11:15
thor_giuseppe60:  ntp update the system time and saned is scanner11:16
giuseppe60nein scanner11:16
thor_giuseppe60:  none scanner hmmm strange it is on my bum11:17
giuseppe60I have not scanner11:17
thor_giuseppe60: and i dont have scanner11:17
giuseppe60thor_,    I have not scanner11:18
thor_giuseppe60:  the only thing there to run bum is pulseaudio11:18
giuseppe60thor_,  I remove pulseaudio11:21
thor_giuseppe60:  you need any sound on you pc he he cant live with out it11:22
thor_giuseppe60:  ok close bum and run sudo sysv-rc-conf11:23
thor_giuseppe60:  ups you has to apply before close bum11:23
cristian_cbioterror, I've copied the 'panels' directory11:24
cristian_cbioterror, What do I do now?11:25
bioterroryou copied what to where11:26
giuseppe60tertl6,   I opened  sysv-rc-conf11:26
bioterrorcristian_c, you can just remove lxpanel folder under the ~/.config/11:26
thor_giuseppe60: fine is there any in pppd-dns if there are then unmark it with space11:27
cristian_cbioterror, I had already removed11:28
giuseppe60thor_,  pppd-dns is (x) 111:28
thor_giuseppe60:  unmark it and dns-clean11:29
giuseppe60dns-clean (x)  111:29
thor_giuseppe60:  umark11:29
thor_giuseppe60:  unmark11:29
giuseppe60how to unmark ???11:30
thor_giuseppe60:  with space11:30
cristian_cbioterror, What do I do now?11:30
giuseppe60killprocs  ( x)  111:31
giuseppe60halt  ( x)  111:31
thor_giuseppe60:  you are running lubuntu 11.10 and i am running lubuntu 12.04 so can you tell me what there is mark11:32
thor_giuseppe60:  cant spell11:33
giuseppe60thor_, are the points where I got the ( X) i11:34
thor_giuseppe60:  yes because there different 11.10 and 12.0411:35
thor_giuseppe60:  my lubuntu just crash danm not stable yet11:42
thor_1he he lubuntu 12.04 crash then running sudo sysv-rc-conf and use the + button killprocs11:47
cristian_cbioterror, I still do not see the volume icon11:55
cristian_cbioterror, any ideas?11:56
thor_1giuseppe60:this is about sysv-rc-conf ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8949111:59
bioterrorcristian_c, is your installation clean? or have you installed first ubuntu and then lubuntu afterwards?12:04
cristian_cbioterror, I've installed lubuntu with own live cd12:05
icerootmaybe we can mark this bug as "high"? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/846878  it really makes lubuntu very ugly on a laptop12:12
ubot5`Launchpad bug 846878 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "empty space between time applet and nm-applet" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:12
bioterrorcristian_c, that really gives some headache12:13
cristian_cbioterror, I do not know how to control which problem afflicts the panel :(12:18
cristian_cbioterror, any ideas?13:17
bioterrorcristian_c, sorry, I'm at work and I have to solve problems here too13:23
cristian_cbioterror, thanks anyway for your interest13:23
bioterroryeah, we can solve this later ;)13:24
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RenatoHenrique90Hello, I am having some troubles installing Lubuntu (or any version of Buntus that doesn't have the DVD option to install not only desktop but the full package), everytime the computer boots, after a few minutes it freezes and I can only move the mouse, Alt+ SysRq + RIESUB works but Alt+SysRq+K won't.13:33
RenatoHenrique90I have an GTX 460 and I read that if there is a drive compabiilty issue, it might happen, but I didn't find a way to install the proprietary drive before the system lock up13:34
RenatoHenrique90(I am having to use Kubuntu, but I didn't really like this and I prefered the LFCE visal more - but Kubuntu converted to Lubuntu isn't the same)13:35
RenatoHenrique90anyone here? :P13:36
epictetusI am13:41
epictetusno idea on your problem though sorry13:41
icerootRenatoHenrique90: so your issue is you can install ubuntu/kubuntu from dvd but nothing from cd13:42
icerootRenatoHenrique90: you already have kubuntu installed?13:42
icerootRenatoHenrique90: but you want lubuntu instead?13:43
RenatoHenrique90yes, I am running kubuntu with the full install (only desktop install won't work as well)13:43
icerootRenatoHenrique90: a clean lubuntu13:43
iceroot!purelxde | RenatoHenrique9013:43
ubot5`RenatoHenrique90: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »13:43
icerootRenatoHenrique90: just use the apt-get remove command on that page related to your ubuntu-version13:43
RenatoHenrique90I tryed that ubot5, it's very strange13:43
RenatoHenrique90I mean, it didn't feel lubuntu13:44
RenatoHenrique90felt like I broke something and patched up on my HD13:44
icerootRenatoHenrique90: that command will give you the same as if you install lubuntu directly13:44
icerootRenatoHenrique90: but i am not sure if it is working atm for 12.0413:44
RenatoHenrique90using 11.10, but it works partially, it doesn't really turn into lubuntu, but gives you LFCA and leave some remaining KDE stuff in it13:45
icerootRenatoHenrique90: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop13:46
icerootRenatoHenrique90: its pulling everything which is needed for lubuntu and its the same as a lubuntu-cd13:46
RenatoHenrique90did sudo aptitude install lubuntu-desktop folllowed by the remove all KDE stuff13:46
icerootRenatoHenrique90: first remove kde then install lubuntu-desktop13:47
icerootRenatoHenrique90: please use the exact command ubot5` was telling you13:47
icerootRenatoHenrique90: ubot5` tells you a apt-get command not an aptitude command13:47
RenatoHenrique90well, I said I did that last install and felt broken, I searched to see if I should have had apt-get or aptitude and didn't find and neither find the order, will try with that order them13:49
RenatoHenrique90do I need to kill xwindow for that?13:49
icerootRenatoHenrique90: no13:50
raphaelleOn Gnumeri / Lubuntu, Is it possible to Reference a Cell in Another Document like explained here http://help.libreoffice.org/Calc/Referencing_a_Cell_in_Another_Document ? each time I try to select another document this document gets the focus and this is all that happens :-/ is that due to LXDE (lubuntu) ?14:14
RenatoHenrique90is it possible to use a Live-CD to start a boot and use the Live-USB version on computers that doesn't have USB Boot support on their bios?14:19
giuseppe60I recently installed Lubuntu, Lubuntu to open to my Pentium 4 CPU 1500 Mghz, 1Gb ram, it takes 55 seconds, you can not improve?16:36
holsteinto open?16:36
holsteinto boot up you mean?16:36
holsteinnothing that i would consider worth the effort personally.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/66919/improve-boot-time16:37
holsteinid say you can stress about that for a few hours and shave off maybe 20 seconds16:37
giuseppe60holstein,    in BUM I disabled everything except upgrades and preload16:39
holsteincool... im sure you can complie your own kernel.. you can *not* start X.. you can try something like awesome instead of LXDE ...you can disable hardware you are not using16:40
holstein55 seconds is pretty good for todays OS's... i use netbooks a lot, and just sleep them...16:41
giuseppe60holstein,   You say that 55 seconds is good?16:42
holsteingiuseppe60: what im implying is, i would be fine waiting 55 seconds for my OS to boot, since i restart typically about every 3 months or so16:42
holsteinwouldnt matter to me if it to 6 minutes16:42
holsteinyou *can* boot faster... at some point its going to be a compromise in functionality for you16:43
giuseppe60holstein, ok thanks16:43
holsteinand again... you will spend _hours_ shaving that time off16:43
giuseppe60holstein, why not perfect epiphany?                   Think that with my PC, the web pages run faster16:53
MrChrisDruifholstein; Awesome instead of Openbox you mean?16:53
MrChrisDruifgiuseppe60; is it that *terrible* that it boots in 55 secs?16:54
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   I thought it was too 55 seconds16:55
MrChrisDruifIs the overall experience satisfactory? Or is it lagging?16:56
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   Lubuntu is a good system from operations16:57
MrChrisDruifSo why so sad about booting in about 55 secs? It's only about a minute, I'd hate to wonder how long Windows would take for booting16:58
giuseppe60the same time  Windows XP16:59
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   why not perfect epiphany?                   Think that with my PC, the web pages run faster17:01
valdur55Hello, i am having problem with sound icon.17:01
MrChrisDruifWhat do you mean with perfect epiphany?17:02
valdur55And with media-keys17:02
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,    epiphany lacks the translation of web pages, not downloading files (pdf, pps, wna) by e-mail17:04
MrChrisDruifgiuseppe60; you're talking about fixing bugs for epiphany? The default GNOME web browser?17:05
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   excuse me I find these problems17:06
MrChrisDruifI'm just asking, not pointing any fingers ^_^17:07
valdur55hey. lubuntu volume icon is real problem!17:07
MrChrisDruifYou know that practically every gnome centric distro isn't even shipping with epiphany, but they're working on a new gtk3 version which seems better giuseppe6017:08
MrChrisDruifWhat is the issue valdur5517:08
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   for my pc pentium 4, epiphany is very fast compared to chromium and firefox17:08
MrChrisDruifgiuseppe60; so could midori be17:09
valdur55it doesn't provide visual feedback and it's wrong mapped17:10
MrChrisDruifYou mean that pop-up window?17:10
valdur55Notify :)17:10
valdur55And volume icon slider17:11
MrChrisDruifvaldur55; does that also happen with a different icon theme?17:11
giuseppe60valdur55,   You have problems with the volume?17:11
valdur55Look volumeicon slider17:11
valdur55I have problems with my media keys17:12
valdur55- + and mute17:12
valdur55- key causes mute and nothing more17:12
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,  midori is so ??17:12
MrChrisDruifMidori is another lightweight browser17:12
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,  you can install in Lubuntu?17:13
giuseppe60lubuntu software center ??17:14
valdur55keybinds doesn't work17:14
giuseppe60MrChrisDruif,   lubuntu software center ??17:16
valdur55Oh i found messy line...17:17
MrChrisDruifA messy line even valdur55 ?17:18
valdur55XF86AudioLowerVolume keybind is related to toggle and -5% .17:18
valdur55oh . 3%-  and toggle17:19
valdur55should i make pastebin?17:20
valdur55yep, problem is also in source package17:28
valdur55Oh..  i can't use xdg-open https://bugs.launchpad.net  and ubuntu-bug fails17:36
MrChrisDruifAwkward, anyhow I'm off to dinner17:36
valdurlubuntu should use better volume control app18:24
valduror improve it.....18:24
smilevaldur: like Ubuntu? :)18:24
valdurnot just that way :) look volumeicon-alsa solution18:25
smileok ;)18:25
valdurbut there is some bugs...18:26
valdurLook slider solution :) it's pretty nice18:26
valduroh.. it's simpler to improve volumeicon-alsa18:28
valduroh.. and sound toggle isn't working18:38
valdurWhat is lubuntu's volume control provider?18:48
valdurOh.. default volume icon is blocker....18:59
uls88hey guys20:56
uls88can someone help me20:56
uls88with something20:56
freeroutehi all20:57
freerouteI just obserbes something interesting20:58
uls88what is that20:58
freerouteso I rebooted into a liveUSB environment of Lubuntu 11.10 since the last session overloaded20:58
uls88yes ?20:58
freeroutewait I'm typing this all :p20:58
uls88;s orry20:59
freerouteso fresh boot into the live system, I fired up the task manager, unclicked "show memory used by cache as free" and noted it took only around 1150mb RAM out of 3021mb21:00
freeroutethen, I did a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade21:00
freerouteit said it would download 206 worth of archives, that's ok and my system handled the update process21:00
freeroutebut afterwards the RAM got up to 2700mb RAM21:01
freerouteso that's when I did apt-get clean21:01
uls882 words21:01
uls88install gentoo21:01
freeroutebut still around 2400mb worth of RAM after upgrade process21:01
freerouteI would if I could, it's just that I tend to value my time :p21:02
freeroutebut you're not a true Gentoomen until you did at least a stage 1 install21:03
Unit193freeroute: Try checking what's taking so much ram21:03
freerouteUnit193: VM-size right?21:04
uls88what should I stick with21:04
uls88chromium or21:04
Unit193That's your option21:04
uls88well isnt chromium botnet ?21:05
Unit193freeroute: Well, I personally use htop, but that taskmanager should be able to pull that info21:05
freerouteI would say Chromium if you want to be stable, and Nightly if you want the cutting edge21:05
MrChrisDruifuls88; no need to *bash* lubuntu21:05
freerouteMrChrisDruif: but Lubuntu has Bash21:05
wxlMrChrisDruif: *sh* enough linux jokes21:05
MrChrisDruiffreeroute; I was referring to has redirect to gentoo21:06
uls88and one other problem I have... im am on thinkpad x61 tablet and you know I have stylus and it doesnt have any pressure sense when I draw in gimp, and I dont know how actually to install it drivers from wacom... since its linux not windows21:06
freerouteUnit193: that's weird, task manager says nm-applet has 252mb followed by chromium browser21:07
Unit193Chromium, no suprise there21:08
freerouteMrChrisDruif: yeah installing Gentoo is kind of an inside joke (which according to my observations neckbeards usually make)21:08
freerouteUnit193: yeah but that was before I launched chromium21:09
wxlAll neckbeards are Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed losers, and vice versa. It is not known at this time whether growing a neckbeard causes one to play Dungeons & Dragons or playing Dungeons & Dragons causes one to grow a neckbeard.21:10
MrChrisDruiffreeroute; join #lubuntu-offtopic for offtopic chat ^_^21:10
MrChrisDruifwxl; offtopic, don't you think?21:10
freerouteUnit193: you could try putting Lubuntu 11.10 on USB, booting off of it and doing the upgrade process just like I did if you have time21:11
uls88can someone please help me with my problem xD21:11
freerouteMrChrisDruif: Neckbeards are never off topic :p21:11
* wxl is too busy to bother with scrollback but has had 11.10 on USB and booted off it successfully.21:13
wxlalso package updates21:13
wxl…so what's the deal, freeroute ?21:13
uls88how to instlal21:13
wxland your issue is with a tablet or what uls88 ?21:13
uls88wacom drivers21:13
uls88x61 t21:14
uls88I have a tablet pc... i mean my screen is a tablet21:14
wxloh crikey i have no clue on that one. i'd be googling just the same as you21:14
uls88well google is dead end :D21:14
uls88on this one21:14
uls88its too obscoure I guess21:14
MrChrisDruifuls88; does gimp have pressure sensitive drawing capabilities?21:14
wxlyou saw https://help.ubuntu.com/community/X61T uls88 ?21:15
uls88yeah I guess, before 2 months I was using it in ubuntu on different machine... and it has21:15
uls88wxl I will see this21:15
MrChrisDruifI used a different program, myTouch it was called I think?21:15
freeroutewxl: package updates themselves are not the problem (if the user has enough RAM), it's just when the apt updater tells you that additional 26mb is going to get installed but then adds a whopping 1+gig to your system... things get a bit... emotional21:15
wxlit's old but it should be able to be adapted21:15
wxlfreeroute: i haven't necessarily checked disk usage before and after…21:16
wxlfreeroute: but if your system works, it works. and if you've looked at the installed packages and there's nothing extraneous than you're good21:16
wxlfreeroute: might want to try installing without following recommends21:16
freerouteI can understand that with regular installed-on-disk systems it wouldn't be an issue, but when running in a live environment, RAM is just everything that you've got. And you better be ready to fight for it!21:18
freerouteok that last part perhaps was a bit sensationalist21:18
wxlfreeroute: like i said, no recommends21:18
freeroutewill do :)21:18
wxlmay be intelligent for the live system to be set up that way by default21:19
wxl…but afaik the install is a copy of the live environment so that may not be a boon in the end21:19
freerouteyeah I can definitely imagine unaware users just upgrading while they have half RAM that I have, or even 1/421:20
freerouteand then everything gets stuck21:20
wxlthe only way for it to work would be to have two separate live copies, one for usb and one for cd21:20
wxlwhich i imagine is another layer of difficulty in terms of maintenance21:21
Unit193I have °512....21:21
wxli would guess that your average user installing by usb has more than enough ram21:21
Unit193Used after updateÑ  164/495MB21:21
wxland typically they're installing rather than running live, i would guess21:21
wxlwell the latter is a poor assumption21:22
wxli take it back21:22
freerouteUnit193: does htop have a similar function (show memory used by cache as free) which task manager has?21:23
freeroutewxl: maybe a warning system? Like "This action will probably use all your RAM, use at own risk!"21:24
wxlfreeroute: it would be global. for everyone, live or not. i could see maybe one way of tweaking it, but again, it would get copied to your hdd install which would be lame.21:25
freerouteI've noticed that the way the flash player dealt with over accumulating in RAM is just crashing and dropping all of its data in RAM21:26
freerouteand then none of the youtube video's about cats work anymore21:27
bioterroruse youtube with html521:28
icerootfreeroute: dont use flash21:28
icerootfreeroute: its evil21:28
bioterrorevery time you use flash, a kitten dies!21:28
freerouteah, so it was cat karma in operation the whole time21:29
freeroutedon't HTML5 video's take up more space btw?21:30
=== tertl6 is now known as tertl3
icerootfreeroute: no21:30
phillwfreeroute: as per the other replies, flash is being depreciated, even by Adobe, join the html5 trial at http://www.youtube.com/testtube21:30
icerootfreeroute: html5 is just the method to deliver it not the method to save it21:30
icerootfreeroute: also non-free software is bad, especially flash (not only because its very slow and takes a lot of ressources) you should always try to use a free (as in freedom) alternate21:31
iceroothm maybe i watched to many speechs of super-richie :)21:32
freerouteiceroot: RMS is a hero, and I am trying to use libre software as much as possible, it's just that for some applications the propriatary software ones are too... superior :p21:33
icerootfreeroute: yes he is21:33
RenatoHenrique90Hello again21:33
icerootfreeroute: but its up to us to not support such software, else there will never be a change if noone will do something against it21:34
RenatoHenrique90Is there a way to start a liveUSB into terminal? Trying to start my USB Lubuntu setup (for driving my system with me w/e I go) into my desktop, but it always freezes here (only here, perfect in onboard video card computers, I have an GTX460).21:34
RenatoHenrique90hey iceroot :P21:35
iceroota future with flash, i-tunes, steam, origin and so on21:35
freerouteiceroot: and a lot of people are starting to realize this, it's just that in some niches it's just not an option yet (specifically music production / performance and so on)21:35
icerootRenatoHenrique90: alternate-cd21:35
icerootRenatoHenrique90: or minimal-iso, both are not starting a gui21:36
freerouteisn't there some kind of a key combo which will start the live environment without X ?21:37
RenatoHenrique90ice, I mean to use my LiveUSB to actually use it as my system in my work (computers are really bad there and as I tested today, they work WAYYYY better with Lubuntu than with Windows XP.  I only need to start w/o any sort of gui in my desktop that has some kind of incompatibility with any GUI non-full install21:37
icerootfreeroute: i am not sure if the ncurse-installer in on the normal cd21:37
freerouteiceroot: please forgive my ignorance, but how is the ncurses installer related to starting without X?21:39
freeroute* booting into the live environment21:39
icerootfreeroute: i thought we are talking about starting the installer without a gui21:40
icerootRenatoHenrique90: ^21:41
RenatoHenrique90no, I mean actually using the system (I want to use it on my work, but first I needed to download some stuffs here at home, but gui won't start w/o freezing here due to some weird reason, that I think is the Nvidia drive)21:41
RenatoHenrique90not use to install on computers21:42
RenatoHenrique90I needed first to disable the native nvidia drive and install the proprietary before loading the gui, otherwise my computer will freeze21:42
icerootRenatoHenrique90: if you have a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf   try to rename it21:42
iceroot!blacklist | RenatoHenrique9021:42
ubot5`RenatoHenrique90: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »21:42
RenatoHenrique90I believe the system is hidden in the "HD" file casper-rw21:43
freerouteyeah that's what I vaguely remember too, it wasn't (at least easily) possible to edit system files before booting into the live environment itself21:44
icerootRenatoHenrique90: you can also start the system without a gui and then do your edits21:44
iceroot!nox | RenatoHenrique9021:45
ubot5`RenatoHenrique90: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode21:45
RenatoHenrique90awsome :D21:45
freerouteI've always wondered this, would it be a bad idea to unplug my USB stick from which I loaded the live environment not that I've booted it up?21:46
downbeamis there anyway to get multiple desktops?21:47
downbeamis there anyway to get multiple desktops?21:47
icerootdownbeam: what do you mean with multiple desktops?21:48
downbeamlike 2 diff. backgrounds21:48
freeroutedownbeam: right-click on the 2 desktops and select "Desktop Pager settings"21:48
freeroutethat way you could add multiple desktops, but not different backgrounds21:48
downbeamdamn is there anyway to get diff. backgrounds?21:49
downbeamdamn is there anyway to get diff. backgrounds?21:50
Unit193You don{t need to double post, and please keep it family friendly21:51
RenatoHenrique90going to try booting w/o graphic21:52
RenatoHenrique90ty mate21:52
freeroutedownbeam: check out http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/download.html21:52
freerouteI don't know if it'll work on LXDE, but you can certainly try21:53
downbeamk thanks21:53
freeroutedownbeam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXOOX9wrTyk21:53
freeroutedownbeam: and generally http://www.google.nl/search?gcx=c&sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=how+to+different+wallpapers+ubuntu21:54
icerootbioterror: is it ok when i take the "spaces in the applet" into the mailinggroup, so that we can discuss the issue there and maybe we can coordinate some testing/further steps21:56
icerootthis bug is really really bad21:56
bioterroriceroot, bug is in the xfce4-power-manager21:58
freerouteiceroot: are you perhaps referring to increasing spaces in the taskbar?21:59
bioterrorit's just not just (l)ubuntu21:59
icerootbioterror: but not in xubuntu where xfce4-power-manager is used21:59
bioterroriceroot, oh really?21:59
icerooti can also reproduce it with skype on lubuntu (sometimes) without xfce4-power-manager21:59
bioterroriceroot, have you used any other panels than xfce4-panel?21:59
icerootonly the default ones21:59
freerouteI'm seeing the space between my wifi reception icon and my battery icon increasing yeah22:00
icerootand skype sometimes and there the bug somestimes comes up22:00
iceroothttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/846878  there is a workaround from the redhat-group22:00
icerooti will do some testing about the workaround22:01
ubot5`Launchpad bug 846878 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "empty space between time applet and nm-applet" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:01
icerootbut i really think that should be fixed, it makes lubuntu very ugly22:01
bioterrorkilling xfce4-power-manager or lxpanel is not a workaround22:01
downbeamok so i clicked the check mark for show desktop menu when desktop is clicked and now i can't change my desktop22:02
* RenatoHenrique90 cries22:02
icerootbioterror: the workaround is a scripted reload as a hook22:03
icerootbetter then nothing, at the moment i dont have any infos about my battery here22:03
bioterroriceroot, read the lower comment22:03
RenatoHenrique90now hardware assistance if anyone can help me, if I turn on my OnBoard video card (force on bios), will it disable my PCI-E? (last chance on loading this liveUSB through this computer)22:03
downbeamok so i clicked the check mark for show desktop menu when desktop is clicked and now i can't change my desktop22:04
icerootwhat options to we have about debugging? i tried to start lxpanel with loglevel 5 but nothing usefull22:04
freeroutedownbeam: what check mark do you mean?22:04
icerootRenatoHenrique90: depending on your board22:04
icerootRenatoHenrique90: but normally not22:04
freeroutedownbeam: can you show a screenshot?22:04
Unit193downbeam: We helped you fix this last time........22:05
RenatoHenrique90so far as I was looking at my bios, I have the option to Force the Onboard to turn on and change the main to it (even with PCI-E connected)22:05
icerootbioterror: and if that is a xfce4-power-manager bug as you thing, we should fill a bug on the xfce4 project i think22:05
icerootRenatoHenrique90: that just means what your primary adapter will be22:06
icerooti will open a bug on the xfce4 project about that issue22:06
downbeamunit what did we doo i cant remember???22:08
RenatoHenrique90would there be a problem if I kept my GTX460 running w/o a monitor connected to it? (apart from the linux not loading...)22:11
downbeamunit193 what did we doo i cant remember???22:11
downbeamunit193: what did we doo i cant remember???22:12
Unit193[16:51:19] < Unit193> You don{t need to double post22:13
freerouteis it me or when a picture is opened, there is no option for me to set as desktop background?22:13
freerouteI bet it would improve some UX to add that in the next releases if it's not in yet22:14
downbeami didn't double i added a colon..        can you help me?22:15
Unit193downbeam: [17:12:53] < Unit193> http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/01/27/%23lubuntu.html#t18:2422:15
downbeami know but there is a way to change it back all together22:16
downbeamnvm thanks22:17
icerootdone https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8424  i will do the launchpad-linking22:19
ubot5`bugzilla.xfce.org bug 8424 in General "xfce4-power-manager applet is generating spaces in lxpanel when changing power-mode (e.g. ac adapter off)" [Normal,New: ]22:19
bioterrorand also in tint2 and fluxbox's panel22:19
bioterrorand what else22:19
icerootbut not in xfce4 panel...22:20
icerootdone, bug is linked, maybe that upstreambug will help to solve the issue22:25
ActionParsnipanyone having weird icon backgrounds in lxpanel?22:29
ActionParsnipjust for wifi and bluetooth...22:29
ActionParsnipLooks like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/iconbackgrouds.png22:32
Unit193Haven't had that personally22:32
ActionParsniplet me try a fresh user22:32
ActionParsnipsame as a new user22:37
icerootActionParsnip: seems like you are using a theme were the icons are not transparent22:38
ActionParsnipiceroot: its all icon sets22:39
icerootActionParsnip: sorry then i dont know22:43
ActionParsnipnp man, bug reported22:43
RenatoHenrique90iceroot, still there?23:46
icerootRenatoHenrique90: not really, watching a movie23:46
RenatoHenrique90kk, just so you know, activating the Onboard VGA (and the bios deactivated the GTX460) worked on not freezing the system23:48
icerootRenatoHenrique90: sounds good23:48
icerootRenatoHenrique90: maybe try the nonfree-drivers for the nvidia-card23:48
RenatoHenrique90is it possible to install w/o having the card on?23:49
icerootRenatoHenrique90: imo "jockey" is the program which is searching for nonfree drivers23:49
icerootRenatoHenrique90: the driver, yes23:49
icerootRenatoHenrique90: but not with jockey you have to download the deb directly23:49
RenatoHenrique90will do it, only had a problem that my liveusb got corrupted (i/o error), so making a new bootableusb23:49
icerootRenatoHenrique90: with apt-get23:49
RenatoHenrique90(apt-get folder was the corrupted data ...)23:50
freerouteUhm, how would I flush my DNS file? Or otherwise restart the DNS service? Websites I'm trying to load are met with great difficulty.23:55
icerootfreeroute: depending what your locally dns is23:55
icerootfreeroute: nscd or bind923:56

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