zzecoolActually precise feel more stable and HELL ALOT  faster than oneiric00:01
zzecoolall this using unity00:01
zzecoolThere is a huge improvement on Unity  , faster smoother  more features etc00:02
GTRsdkwait 2 months and see what it is like00:02
zzecoolim allrdy running precise00:02
zzecoolso i didnt wait :)00:03
zzecoolBut im stuck to alpha 1 cause this update problem00:03
zzecoolprobably by tommorow it gonna be fixed00:03
zzecooland a normal update will push me to alpha 2 +00:03
zzecooli feel confident cause even Mark Shuttleworth  said that he upgraded he main laptop to precise :)     So thing must Go fine or they will have to fight with him lol  ;p00:06
zzecoolohh evil typos ;p00:06
FernandoMiguelnite folks00:17
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fishsceneI'd like to set up an LTSP server for my environment here. In the past, I had a server (10.04LTS) and I found a package that allowed me to customize the profile (desktop icons, launchers, desktop background, etc..) for new users who logged in. I have since forgotten the name of this package, but I was wondering if 12.04 would include a tool such as that.01:16
fishsceneThat ability is critical for me to successfully set up the server.01:16
blizzowAnyone here now how to make ubuntu boot faster without using a DHCP address?01:54
histoblizzow: that should not have anything to do with boot speed02:00
blizzowI mean without forcing a static IP address.02:00
histoblizzow: don't have it configure the network then02:01
blizzowI keep getting this message saying it's waiting for the network configuration to boot, and then another that says waiting another 60 seconds to boot.  It pretty much negates having a fast booting ssd.02:01
blizzowI don't want to have to config the network everytime I log in.02:01
blizzowI just want the DHCP address to come a little later.02:02
blizzowWithout holding the whole laptop up.02:02
histoblizzow: what version of ubuntu are you using?02:03
ThermionixJust trying out 12.04 server alpha 2 - Upon boot terminal tty7 is just showing a flashing cursor. I can ctrl alt <X> to change to different terminal and login, ssh login also works fine. Whats going on with tty7?04:01
pangolintry 804:03
Thermionixtty1-6 work, was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it04:11
GTRsdkI think tty7 is supposed to be where the GUI stuff is supposed to be04:13
trismThermionix: if it is ubuntu server, there should only be 1-6, started by /etc/init/tty[1-6].conf04:13
snadgeanyone know how to disable lightdm from running pulseaudio for a specific session?04:13
Thermionixis booting to tty7 with only ssh added to server :/04:14
snadgeit interferes with the audio latency when running xbmc.. i had a dedicated xbmc login from my lightdm menu04:14
snadgebut i would like to continue to use pulseaudio when logging in to a normal session04:14
trismThermionix: oh, it is booting to tty7, don't know then04:14
snadgei dont know enough about how xsessions and pulseaudio works :/04:17
snadgetheres no lightdm channel either :|04:19
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psypher246o all07:14
psypher246hello all07:14
psypher246anyone here using thunderbird?07:14
GTRsdkis it broken?07:16
psypher246in a way, since the latest updates the font colour choice is so bad you cant read the menu buttons or any of the open emails in open tabs07:17
psypher246so i would like to know if thats just me or anyone else so I can log a bug07:17
psypher246GTRsdk: do you have the issue? is the getmail, write, address book and tag font colour a really similar grey that then menu and unity panel colour?07:20
Ben64a lot of the theming is all wonky07:23
psypher246ok so it's a known issue?07:25
Ben64i know about it, but i don't matter07:29
GTRsdkwoah... I don't use my Ubuntu computers for Thunderbird, but that's pretty bad. Not to say that I haven't in the past and have had issues with it, but it was mostly printing and enigmail07:29
Ben64most of the themes for me have unreadable menus and stuff07:30
Ben64only one that works is way way too orange :(07:30
Ben64its all non-customizable too07:30
psypher246Ben64: do u know if there is a bug logged for it?07:30
Ben64doesn't seem like a bug as much as a bad design07:30
GTRsdkat least it feels like the good old times of 9.04... but wait it shouldn't do that, shoudl it?07:31
Ben64i'm on 10.04 on my main computer, and I can adjust the colors of any element easily07:31
Ben6412.04 has went backwards in that respect07:31
icerootremove-all-packages fixed?08:28
TheYsNoihas someone here tested the alpha 2 release?08:37
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Fudgeoh its out now is it09:19
tegraalpha 2 using kernel 3.2.0 not kernel 3.2.210:52
nanobolic_just upgrading to alpha 2 is there anything that really needs testing off the top of anyones head?11:24
ikoniaread the bug reports11:28
DaekdroomIt took me a little time to notice that right-click menus are now white in Ambiance.12:09
jokerdinoDaekdroom: yeah i noticed it too.12:11
jokerdinoit is kinda weight.12:12
jokerdino*weird not weight. (not sure what i was thinking when i typed that one)12:12
rigvedhi everyone. i am running precise with the latest updates. after the last update, unity 3d was removed (after i did apt-get autoremove and it removed ubuntu-desktop). now i only have gnome 3, classic and unity 2d.14:19
rigvedto get back unity 3d, what do i need to install?14:20
rigvedubuntu-desktop package or something else?14:20
rigvedi am getting an error when i try to install ubuntu-desktop. it says that it depends on unity but it is not going to be installed.14:21
rigvedi am guessing that i have partial updates installed. i mean, i must have updated before all the required dependencies had been updated in the archives. is this correct? i like unity 3d and i want it, though gnome 3 is also passable.14:23
zzecoolhggdh: Everything fixed in The Repositories :)  Update went smooth15:27
jcook_5xdataI did a update today and after a reboot both my monitor have a dock. anyone else have this?15:31
Daekdroomjcook_5xdata, Unity was changed for multimonitor setups15:33
jcook_5xdatayuk I hope they do not keep like that. I can see the thought behind it, but it make it hard to work15:34
jcook_5xdatamy mouse get stuck move to other screen15:41
Daekdroomjcook_5xdata, it's intentional15:42
Daekdroomand you can change the pressure necessary to reveal the launcher or to go to another screen in CCSM15:43
e01is it possible to get unity in pangolin to have such window list in unity launcher https://launchpadlibrarian.net/90787502/window-list.png15:46
rockyhrm i don't think i like the new unity launcher behaviour15:58
rockyis there anyway to configure it?15:58
Stanley00rocky: which one you dont like?15:58
Stanley00e01: if you want to go through windows of one app, you can use "ALT + `" ;)16:00
rockyStanley00, well... the fact that i have to push against the side of my screen with my mouse cursor for like 2sec before the launcher appears (when i have a fullscreen window open)16:01
Stanley00e01: or simply click on the icon on the launchrt :D16:01
rockyplus... i have a dual monitor setup... and now the launcher is showing up on my second screen and it prevents me from going to my left screen (unless i move my mouse really fast)16:01
e01Stanley00: but is this implemented on pangolin or this screenshot is fake16:01
rockypreferably, the launcher on my second screen would show up on the right side16:01
Stanley00e01: I think it's some kinds of mock-up16:02
Stanley00rocky: hmm, I dont think it would be on the right side, the launcher will be on the left side for ever, I'm afraid.16:04
Stanley00rocky: why dont you set the launcher only on one screen?16:04
rockyStanley00, i know that gnome is mostly less-config-is-better but this is one instance where the launcher really should be configurable16:04
e01so i was on way to give another try to unity but still unusable for me :(16:05
rockyStanley00, how?16:05
Stanley00rocky: By display setting in control center16:06
rockyand there really shouldn't be any resistance with the mouse cursor when i move from my right screen to the left16:06
Stanley00rocky: yep16:06
Stanley00rocky: I used AMD control center to set that, not sure about dislay setting.16:07
rockydisplay setting in control panel only shows me my screens i have configured, there's no launcher setting there16:07
rockythis is an intel graphics chip16:08
rockyheh, alt-tab is showing me a duplicate of every chrome window i have open16:09
Stanley00rocky: hmm, just a min, I need to search something ;)16:09
jcook_5xdataStanley00, I have the same problem as rocky. Intel GPU I do not see any option for that ether16:10
rockylol the launcher is throwing a fit, it thinks i have two instances of every app running16:12
rockyprobably because i have two launchers16:12
jcook_5xdataI really hope the create a option to turn off the second launcher or Ubuntu tweak does16:13
Stanley00hmm, it looks like we have to edit xorg.conf to use that option :-s16:14
jcook_5xdataStanley00, you have a link?16:20
Stanley00rocky, jcook_5xdata: did you try Xinerama? it's said can use multi screen as a big one?16:20
Stanley00last post of this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1457931 says so16:21
rockywell i'm using standard gnome display configuration to make my two screens one big one16:21
Stanley00rocky: then it still shows up the launcher on the second screen?16:22
rockyafter using the new changes for the past 30min the current behaviour is terrible... i guess that's what i get for running an alpha ;)16:23
jcook_5xdatasame here16:23
rockyit's ok... i get my ssd within the next few days and will just go back to oneric until beta ;)16:23
Stanley00rocky: I dont think it set as a big one monitor.16:23
rockythe reason i updated to precise is because i'm running a new laptop and i have to do kernel settings and such (that i was hoping was fixed with precise) to even boot up properly16:24
rockyStanley00, if it weren't set to one big monitor i wouldn't be able to move windows from one display to the other16:24
jcook_5xdataStanley00, I know mine is. It was fine till the update today16:24
rockyyeah what jcook_5xdata said16:26
rockyand i still have the problem of no audio :(16:26
rockyever since upgrade to precise16:26
jcook_5xdataalso I notice this i unity-team ppa I removed it because of this problem. They most of merge it last night. ooohhh well I guess I move to gnome till ubuntu tweak has an option16:27
jcook_5xdatadoes it show your sound card?16:28
Stanley00well, I must go now... bye bye16:28
urlin2ujcook_5xdata, I dount ubuntu tweak will have that, ubnity is a compiz plugin.16:29
jcook_5xdatatweaks does do some stuff with compiz plugin16:30
jcook_5xdataor there alway CCMS16:30
urlin2ujcook_5xdata, yes and it may do what you want but I wouldn't hold your breath, but somebody or canonical will have a workaround.16:31
urlin2ukeep a eye on the web for a fix is whatI would do.16:31
rockyjcook_5xdata, no... i've been goolging and a few people are reporting the same issue... what's happening is that in sound settings it's showing my hdmi output (which i don't use) but doesn't show my standard laptop speakers/audio16:32
urlin2ufix, hack you know. :)16:32
jcook_5xdataYea i think your right. no biggie I like Unity over Gnome. I try this new thing if I cant stand move to gnome till the work around hits16:32
jcook_5xdataOMG or web8 will have something in a few days I am sure16:33
urlin2urocky, distro upgrades can be problematic, especially to a development, personally I never go this route there are faster easier methods to upgrade and have all your stuff.16:33
jcook_5xdataor there alway KDE lol16:34
urlin2ujcook_5xdata, I was thinking of those two yeah.16:34
rockyurlin2u, yeah i was hoping precise would get more of my new hardware working but instead it got less lol ... so i'll probably be switching back on the weekend16:45
urlin2urocky, to bad you can clone your OS so in the future you have an image clonezilla.org16:47
rockyurlin2u, yeah someone showed that to me right after i upgraded lol16:47
rockybut as i said here earlier, i have a new ssd coming and intended on reinstalling anyways16:48
urlin2ubest thing since sliced bread.16:48
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blairthere's a typo in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview/Alpha2 for the bug ID for "Some systems with nVidia hardware are seeing a kernel NULL pointer dereference"18:41
blairlists bug ID 92440, but that's from 200718:42
cousin_luigiAre there known problems with Precise on Virtualbox?18:55
FernandoMiguelI told you19:58
FernandoMiguelno updates on fridays19:59
FernandoMiguelI seem to have lost themes19:59
DaekdroomIt seems to me that I always dislike any changes made to Ambiance/Radiance.20:01
FernandoMigueleveryone does20:03
FernandoMigueland we can't even change settings20:03
zzecoolI found a bug that relies on a main lib  "libgtk-3-0"   and i dont know how to report this one on launchpad20:45
zzecoolany help would be appreciated20:45
nanobolicis there a channel for the ubuntu hud? or unity team?20:47
zzecooli think there is for unity20:47
zzecoolunity3d has the most users20:48
zzecool179 users right now20:48
nanoboliczzecool, so #unity3d20:48
zzecool join #unity3d20:48
zzecoolyou may find help20:49
nanoboliczzecool, that mate20:49
zzecoolim looking for help here too20:49
nhainesnanobolic, zzecool try #ubuntu-unity21:08
blairan incorrect bug ID is listed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview/Alpha2 for "Some systems with nVidia hardware are seeing a kernel NULL pointer dereference"; s bug ID 92440, but that's from 200722:40
trismblair: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/924400 seems to just be missing a 022:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 924400 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000000001f0" [Medium,Confirmed]22:44
blairtrism, thanks, but how to let someone know to fix it22:45
astraljavablair: Fixed. In the future, you can do it yourself, it's a wiki after all.22:48
blairastraljava, right, the thought should have occurred to me (doh)22:48
blairfigured it was an official release document22:49
astraljavaOfficial or not, mistakes can happen.22:49
astraljavaThe relevant people are notified of the changes anyway, so they could fix it back if it was erroneous.22:50
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rockyany fixes been done to the launcher since the updates this morning?23:36
rockylauncher stuff is driving me nuts23:36
zzecoolrocky: what do you mean ?23:48
zzecoolrocky: describe me your problem23:48
rockywell last update i did forces another launcher onto my second display ... and there is a heavy resistance when i try moving my mouse cursor from my right display to my left display (they're acting as one big screen as setup by the standard gnome display settings)23:49
rockyi wouldn't mind the second launcher *if* it were on the right of my right screen23:49
rockybut having it on the left of my right screen is just irritating23:49
zzecoolthis is gonna be permanent23:49
zzecoolits their new multimonitor support23:49
zzecoolabout reistance23:50
zzecooli can help you23:50
zzecoolto you have CCSM installed23:50
zzecoolrocky:  ?23:51
rockysorry no, what's ccsm?23:53
zzecoolits the compizconfig-settings-manager23:53
rockyoh ok23:53
zzecoola tool that can config all the compiz plugins23:53
zzecooldo you have any experience with this ?23:53
rockyyeah a little23:54
rockyinstalled it on other desktops a while back23:54
zzecoolopen it up23:54
zzecooland go to the unity plugin23:54
zzecooltype unity on the search box if you want to be faster :)23:54
zzecoolTell me when you rdy23:55
zzecoolgo to the 3rd tab called experimental23:55
rockythe tabs on the left you mean? i'm not seeing an experimental one23:56
zzecoolare you on the unitu plugin ?23:57
zzecoolon the left are the categories we dont care we need them all23:57
rockyi just installed ccsm and ran it, i don't see anything about unity or experimental23:58
zzecooldo you se on the top left   a search box with the title filter?23:58
zzecooltype uni23:58
zzecoolin there or unity23:58
rockygot it23:59
zzecoolthis is just a filter for the plugins on the right side23:59
zzecoolopen unity plugin23:59
rockyyep i'm on it, and i'm on the experimental tab23:59

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