dpmgood morning everyone07:10
mhall119is the ARB taking submissions for Precise now, or just Oneiric?17:03
zoopstermhall119: still oneiric although there is testing for precise17:23
mhall119zoopster: so can I start submitting things for Precise?17:24
zoopstermhall119: you won't have the ability to dictate what distroseries, but you can submit and note in the comments that it is for precise if you wish17:25
zoopstermhall119: right now everything that goes in defaults to oneiric17:25
dpmmhall119, are you thinking of submitting some new cool lenses? :)17:25
mhall119dpm: I am17:26
dpmbring them in!17:26
zoopstermhall119: just note that it is for precise and we'll target it to that17:27
zoopstermhall119: do they work on oneiric too or precise only?17:28
mhall119zoopster: one of the other, because Unity 5 changed the API17:29
zoopstermhall119: ah ok gotcha17:29
mhall119zoopster: dpm: can you guys join #ubuntu-arb?17:29
dpmmhall119, I'm already in there17:37

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