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gfarmeranyone around to help with a display issue?04:31
JoseeAntonioRgfarmer Yes :)04:32
gfarmerawesome! I'm having trouble playing video on my second display04:32
gfarmerusing VGA04:32
gfarmereverything else works, but video will only play on my primary monitor04:33
JoseeAntonioRCan you please give me the output of sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a ?04:33
JoseeAntonioRPlease paste it in pastebin.ubuntu.com04:34
JoseeAntonioRYou can copy the output with Ctrl+Shift+C04:34
gfarmerthat was withouth the second display hooked up04:38
gfarmernm, didn't change the output of sudo lshw -C display04:39
JoseeAntonioRCan you please connect the second display and re-run the command?04:39
gfarmerI did and it was the same I think04:39
JoseeAntonioROk. Can you change the resolution on your first monitor?04:40
gfarmersure, to what04:40
JoseeAntonioRI was asking if there are no problems when changing the resolution.04:40
gfarmeroh, yeah04:40
gfarmerprimary is netbook and secondary is a TV04:41
gfarmerI can change resolution on both no problem04:41
gfarmerbut video only works on primary unless I mirror the displays04:41
JoseeAntonioRThat is what I was going to ask04:42
gfarmeractually, I don't think video works on either now when I have both plugged in04:43
JoseeAntonioRAre you using shared screens? I mean, can you move a window from screen 1 to screen 2?04:44
JoseeAntonioRHave you tried to open the video player on screen 1, and then move it to screen 2?04:44
JoseeAntonioRAnd what happens? Do you still have the problem?04:44
gfarmerI just realized that I can't get video on screen 1 to work if I have screen 2 on as a shared screen04:45
gfarmerso it doesn't work on either in that situation04:45
JoseeAntonioRThen, I really can't help you, I don't know what to do in this case. Sorry.04:46
gfarmerha, ok04:46
gfarmerit's rather strange04:46
JoseeAntonioRYes, because everything except video works04:47
gfarmerlike I said, with mirroring, it doesn't have a problem04:47
gfarmeroh well, maybe it's a bug04:47
JoseeAntonioRCan be04:47
gfarmercould it be that my graphics card just can't handle the load?04:48
gfarmerthis is a netbook integrated card04:48
JoseeAntonioRMaybe. Have you tried searching for that?04:49
gfarmerfor that card?04:50
gfarmerI didn't find many posts about that card04:51
JoseeAntonioRAnd have you tried upgrading the system? Because I see you are using Lucid Lynx04:52
gfarmeryeah, I could try that04:52
gfarmerdidn't want to have to back everything up, but might help04:53
JoseeAntonioRgfarmer You have another option04:55
JoseeAntonioRYou can download the CDs for 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10, and upgrade in order04:56
JoseeAntonioRThat way you won't lose your data04:56
gfarmeryeah, can you download and update incrementally as well?04:57
gfarmerI'll need to free up some HD space04:57
JoseeAntonioRYes, you can.04:58
JoseeAntonioRI suggest  you download the torrents, that way you get a error-free iso04:59
gfarmergood idea04:59
gfarmerthanks again for the help05:01
urlin2uJoseeAntonioR, is it the alternative cd used for in place updates saving the data?05:01
urlin2unever used it was just wondering.05:02
JoseeAntonioRurlin2u No, it is a text-based installer. To update without losing your data you can use the normal CD, and select to just upgrade the distro05:03
urlin2uJoseeAntonioR, cool I din't know this was possible, I will have to do one, thanks. :D05:03
JoseeAntonioRurnlin2u No prob :)05:03
r4yIs there a gui for looking at deleted files where I can see the files if they are still there?, I am not trying to recover any files. I have been wondering this because I have read about different programs on Google for doing so from the terminal.06:49
r4yDon't get me wrong I like the terminal.06:49
bioterrorwe got you wrong06:50
bioterrormove files to trashbin first :D06:50
r4y:) he he06:50
r4yOK, then what about having a list of deleted files then in the terminal?06:51
r4yInstead of searching, that is what I am asking06:51
r4yI haven't invested time into trying out the different programs for recovery yet.06:52
Unit193List of files you deleted from the terminal? You could look at .bash_history I suppose06:52
bioterrorUnit193, it's full of rm -rf *06:53
bioterror"oh, I deleted all the files"06:53
ubot2`Factoid 'gddrescue' not found06:53
Unit193bioterror: sudo undo  ;)06:54
ubot2`Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:54
r4yThis hard drive under Disk Utility is Ext406:56
r4yI wonder what kind of hard drive my uncle gave me a few years ago.06:57
r4yWill the last 2 links work for Ext4 hard drives?, Or just Ext3 hard drives?06:58
r4ySo I can grep for files then?06:59
r4yIt's been a while since I read about it07:00
r4yIf I made a file right now then deleted how can I recover it?07:03
r4yUsing the terminal that is07:03
Unit193Look at the links from ubot2` and read up on testdisk07:03
r4yDoes it need to be done from a live CD?07:06
r4yOr only for a hard drive crash?07:06
r4yI going to have to bookmark the links the bot posted07:08
r4yIs there a grep for ext4 like ext3 has which is shown as ext3grep?07:13
r4yI just found this link:07:14
saji89Hi guys.07:18
saji89I have been trying to set up a name based virtual host in pache on ubuntu 11.10, to a folder /var/www/test. But it keeps on pointing to /var/www only. Any idea how to solve it?07:18
Unit193As I don't use apache, all I can say is I'm sure they have a channel, there is also #ubuntu-server, and this doc should help you too https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html (Otherwise, there may be someone here that can help)07:20
saji89Unit193: I have already been to #ubuntu-server07:21
Unit193Mind if I ask how long you waited for an answer? It's night in parts of the US now (02:22 for me)07:22
saji89Unit193: No problem. I had been discussing there and as a matter of fact doing now too. Headed out here to know if someone does know of it.07:25
Unit193Of it, yeppers, used to use it a long time ago. I now use Cherokee and lighttpd (on different computers). But anyway, I'm not the one you are seeking07:27
saji89Unit193: No problem man.07:29
Snicksiesaji89, have you been working with the virtual hosts in sites-enabled or sites-available?07:33
Snicksieisnt this what you're looking for saji89 : http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/core.html#virtualhost ?07:34
saji89Snicksie: I have been working in sites-available and using a2ensite.07:34
saji89Snicksie: I have followed that. But things doesn;t seem working as needed.07:34
Snicksieso you have a particular servername set up which should point to your site?07:35
saji89Snicksie: Yes.07:37
Snicksiehm, dont know then... I've only seen others doing the setup, never did it myself :p07:39
saji89Snicksie: Ok. thanks.07:40
saji89Snicksie: By the way I had posted a detailed question in Askubuntu about this-http://askubuntu.com/questions/101030/apche-virtualhost-keeps-pointing-to-default-directory07:41
benonsoftwareHello s-fox09:19
s-foxHello benonsoftware09:20
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LemonAidHello. How can i set the refresh rate for each monitor separately on 11.10?16:01
holsteinLemonAid: you can put an xorg.conf in place16:04
LemonAidholstein, i`ll try and see how it turns out :)16:06
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LemonAidSo i got around the whole xorg.conf by using xrandr. But now i want to adjust the brightness of my monitor. Any tips?17:37
holsteinLemonAid: i would look on the actual hardware.. other than that, you might just not have a way to do it...17:44
LemonAidholstein, that`s a bummer, because my other monitor is a bit dark with it`s brightness set to 100%.17:47
holsteinwell, i assume they are different types... thats probably to be expected to some degree17:48
LemonAidYes, that is true. However i wanted something similar to the windows options. And i just found it, but it does not seem to work for some reason. Under CompizConfig Settings Manager > Opacity, Brightness and Saturation.17:51
LemonAidIt may be that i don`t know how to 'apply' the settings though.17:51
holsteinmaybe you are not running compiz, or dont have the 3d drivers17:53
LemonAidcompiz is running, but i have no idea what the 3d drivers are. Bottom line is that nothing seems to work in compiz, but compiz itself is working.18:08
LemonAidSome more digging. May have found something. Will be back, if nothing, just to vent. Even the plant in my room is tired of me.18:11
LemonAidRight, so what i tried didn`t work. But i found a post that said compiz does not work with unity. Is that true?18:24
LemonAidI mean, it is running, but no setting seem to register.18:28
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bodhizazencprofitt: you gotta check out the liatest spin =)23:15
cprofittbodhizazen: looking now23:28
bodhizazenScreen shots: http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/ubuntu-gma500-live-cd/23:29
cprofittbodhizazen: which Intel chipset uses the gma500?23:30
bodhizazenyes, gma50023:31
bodhizazenThe spin will work on any hardware ubuntu runs on though23:31
cprofittwhat processors or chipset?23:31
bodhizazenIt is a nice, stable build if you want to demo 12.04 to someone23:31
cprofittah... the Atom processor lineup23:32
bodhizazenMy gentoo install is decked out on that netbook23:33

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