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s9iper1any body knows the rhythum bux developers in which channel i can find then12:36
s9iper1hggdh :12:39
s9iper1ping ping12:39
astraljavaIsn't it a GNOME project?12:45
astraljavaSoo... #gnome, maybe?12:48
astraljavaUnless they have a dedicated channel.12:48
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om26eron gimpnet 3rhythmbox maybe13:47
astraljavaAh... yeah, they have a separate network. Didn't recall that. Thanks!13:49
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s9iper1i got it14:01
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zzecoolHello guys i need help to report a bug20:51
zzecoolit relies on the "libgtk-3-0"  lib so i dont know where to report it20:51
zzecoolany help would be appreciated20:51
roadmrzzecool: so is the problem in libgtk-3-0 itself?20:52
zzecooli think so20:53
zzecoolbasicly i have made a screenshot of what is happening after the libgtk3 update20:53
zzecoollook at the gnome menu icons20:54
zzecoolthis happened on the latest update20:54
roadmrzzecool: and did you update anything other than libgtk-3-0?20:54
zzecoolthere was someother updates too20:55
zzecoolbut noone  with any connection to GTK20:55
roadmrzzecool: ok, I suggest you start by using ubuntu-bug libgtk-3-0, that should help you file a bug report20:56
roadmrzzecool: don't forget to attach your screenshot and describe your problem, because it's not immediately obvious on the screenshot20:56
zzecoolcan i attach the photo ?20:57
zzecoolaha ok20:57
roadmrzzecool: it'll be looked at and triaged, so even if it ends up not being libgtk-3-0, it's a good starting point20:57
zzecoolok thank you very much20:57
roadmrzzecool: no problem!20:57
zzecoolroadmr: i think i did it right https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/92634621:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 926346 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "The transparency around the Gnome menu icons is wrong after the latest update (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]21:46
zzecool:O this bot read the title of the bug ?  =)21:47
roadmrzzecool: yes, the bot is cool21:48
roadmrzzecool: ok, thanks for the report!21:48
zzecoolWhy do you thank me :) ?21:48
zzecoolare you a dev?21:48
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