cjohnstonCould I get people to help me test the new mobile interface for Summit? Visit http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/ and look around.. then please click on one of the days and have a look around.. then click on one of the meeting names.. You *should* see details about the meeting display on that same page.00:08
popeycjohnston: what email address shall I send screenshots too?00:19
cjohnstonpopey: are there problems?00:20
popeyminor ones, yes00:20
cjohnstoncould you file bugs please?00:20
cjohnstonwith screenshots00:21
popeywhat do i file bugs against?00:21
popeybug 92581500:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925815 in summit "Broken image on daily page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92581500:26
popeybug 92581900:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 925819 in summit "Reader option doesn't render properly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92581900:32
* nigelb hugs popey 00:39
* cjohnston assigns nigelb work00:39
* nigelb gets ready to head out.00:39
mhall119doctormon: pong00:41
popeyhappy to test further tomorrow cjohnston / nigelb on ipad, iphone and android tab00:49
bkerensanigelb: He is wondering about the Indian LoCo01:46
bkerensahe has been trying to get council to change him to the contact saying that the LoCo is dormant but it really is active and he doesnt even join their channel01:46
bkerensaThey have like 17 people in the channel and seem pretty active01:47
bkerensamhall119: If I set more than one admin on loco directory can all admins create events?01:47
cjohnstonbkerensa: all team members can create meeting01:52
nigelbbkerensa: I know he is. You do realize I'm on the Indian Loco right?01:57
bkerensanigelb: I spaced it :P01:59
nigelbbkerensa: He's so far not responded to whom he's contacted.02:00
nigelbWhich frustrates me.02:00
bkerensaAll I know is he comes in localteams channel everyday and complains about the team contact not responding02:00
bkerensaand if I recall correctly at the last loco council meeting he asked if he could be made contact or something02:01
nigelbYeah, right.02:02
pleia2I'm so the new popey http://groups.google.com/group/bikeshed/msg/92013c2d482b10b002:03
nigelbDid you shut down a list?02:03
pleia2a whole pile of 'em!02:03
* nigelb hugs pleia2 02:04
nigelbthat's so mean :|02:04
nigelb(the post that is)02:04
* pleia2 hugs02:04
nigelbpleia2: hah, you beat popey!02:04
nigelbOk, headed to work. I've got a longish bike ride ahead of me.  Catch you all laters!02:05
bkerensapleia2: What was that e-mail real?02:06
bkerensaor was that sarcasm02:06
pleia2bkerensa: it's real02:06
pleia2he's been meaner to popey actually02:07
bkerensaI dont see what the issue is but oh well :D I guess I'm not him02:07
bkerensaWhat list did that hit? someone public or private?02:09
pleia2it's the bikeshead google group (created when we shut down sounder), he Cc:ed me02:09
pleia2I don't actually read that list, if it's anything like sounder it's mostly about complaining about how canonical and unity ruin Ubuntu02:10
pleia2and politics02:10
bkerensaahh ok I thought it was perhaps a archive of something that hit a Ubuntu list02:10
bkerensaoh Unity and Canonical trolling02:10
pleia2frequent Godwin's law points :)02:10
nigelbpleia2: heh02:50
doctormonmhall119: Thanks for the pong, I worked out that introducing new categories requires unity to be restarted,03:02
doctormonpleia2: Well at least they're still interested in Ubuntu; it's worse when people get so despondent you never hear from them.03:04
dpmgood morning all07:11
popeywow pleia207:59
bkerensapleia2: Was hypodermia able to help?08:01
pleia2bkerensa: yep :) I'll check in the fix soon (might do some testing to weed out some of the goofy characters we have problems with, but that's what Perl is good at!)08:01
popeypleia2: he's starting getting quite uppity recently on -users too08:02
popeynot contributing usefully at all08:02
pleia2popey: yeah, his Cc: for me on that list had -users discussions I usually ignore pulled into my inbox in the thread08:04
pleia2the new moderators on -users are doing a good job, but he's a handful :(08:04
dholbachgood morning08:20
czajkowskibkerensa we already know about him08:35
czajkowskihave another email from him in my inbox :/08:35
bkerensaczajkowski: I assume you were talking about vibhav?08:40
bkerensaoh ok :D08:41
jonomorning dholbach_08:54
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachhey jono09:01
dholbachthoughts about the new theme? it looks quite bright - it seems I got quite used to the dark colours already :)09:04
jonodholbach, what theme?09:07
jonodholbach, btw, I got the server side validation for the ubuntu accomplishments working tonight09:08
jononow the client, daemon, and validation basically work09:08
jonoand with that, I am heading to bed :-)09:08
jononight all!09:08
dholbachI just uploaded a screenshot, but with Jono gone... :)09:09
dpmdholbach, where's the screenshot? It might be a bug that should be resolved by the next unity upload. I asked about it on #ubuntu-desktop this morning when I saw all my menu indicators were gray instead of black10:42
dholbachah yes, that's what I meant10:42
dholbachI wasn't sure if it was intentional10:42
nigelbMorning mhall11913:02
mhall119dpm: ping13:03
mhall119morning nigelb13:03
dpmmorning mhall11913:03
mhall119morning dpm, do you happen to know what's going on with the BAMF documentation on the developer portal?13:03
dpmmhall119, what's up with it?13:05
dpmoh I see13:05
dpmit seems to be empty13:05
dpmmhall119, d.u.c only publishes what's in the packages, so either the package does not build the documentation correctly, or the source code does not have documentation - I'd be tempted to say the latter13:06
mhall119thanks dpm, I'll see who I can find to check on that13:07
dpmmhall119, cool, once sorted, let me know and I'll make sure it's updated on d.u.c13:08
mhall119dpm: how does d.u.c look for documentation?13:09
dpmmhall119, it's simply a static list of per-distro packages in a config file on the server, which d.u.c fetches weekly and then publishes13:09
mhall119ah, ok13:12
dpmit'd be great to make that list dynamic, but I can't think of any way of doing it, as there is no standard naming convention for packages to guess them13:19
dpmmost of them are lib$LIBNAME-doc, but that's not always the case13:20
doctormonYay, 4 service tango: http://imagebin.org/19708213:21
dpmdholbach, does http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/singlehtml/ look like the latest version?13:22
dpmit should be updated by now13:22
mhall119dpm: yeah, I suppose we could make a meta-package for all unity related developer docs13:24
mhall119but they somebody still has to maintain that13:24
dpmyeah, it's a good idea, but I agree that maintaining it might be extra work13:25
dpmbut also there are other things which while are Ubuntu upstreams, they are not part of the Unity project, such as uTouch13:25
doctormonmhall119: Do you want to wait for a deb package that installs for this lens, or are you happy to add it to the list?13:31
mhall119doctormon: I'm happy to add it13:31
doctormonmhall119: It's using singlet Lens, it never worked trying to put it inside the daemon.13:32
doctormonTwo dbus name spaces cause Unity's library to segfault.13:32
mhall119doctormon: cool, singlet should be in Precise's Universe soon13:33
mhall119doctormon: send me the info on the lens, or a link to the info, and I'll put it on my lis13:33
doctormonSo I can't do a bug search (unless all you want to search is gnome-bugzilla and gnu savannah) because launchpad and github don't have global bug searches.13:34
mhall119they don't? that sucks13:34
doctormonmhall119: Something about it being a resource drain on very large databases. I also had to ditch google-code support, it's search api is ironically impossible.13:36
mhall119didn't they close code search anyway?13:36
doctormonNot sure, but research showed that doing a general search with the gdata.sites.client api with a google_code and google_developer context _should_ have worked.13:37
doctormonBut all I ever get is 405 Bad Request and the documentation is verbose in it's uselessness.13:37
mhall119doctormon: what releases does your lens work on?13:37
doctormonPrecise only, it won't work on anything less.13:38
doctormonSo to get back to my point, I'm going to do the developers search before I do more work on the bug problem.13:38
doctormonBecause all services support searching for people.13:39
mhall119yeah, Singlet is going to be Precise-only unless someone else takes up the 0.1 branch13:39
doctormonI actually had to duplicate some of your code, I have dynamic categories and multiple scopes.13:39
doctormonSo I have some ideas on API improvements if you're interested.13:40
mhall119doctormon: once singlet is in Universe, I'll help you get it packaged and we'll send it through the ARB process13:41
mhall119and get it into Software Center13:41
mhall119yeah, definitely interested in API improvements13:41
doctormonWell groundcontrol is in universe already, so going from 1.6.2 to 2.1 will be a debian job I think.13:42
doctormonWe'll obviously make sure it creates multiple debs for the lens/unity support and the core.13:42
mhall119oh, cool13:44
mhall119yeah, you'll need your lens binary to Depend on python-unity-singlet13:44
doctormonYes :-) thanks for your help and advice getting the bulk of the work prepared.13:51
mhall119happy to help13:54
mhall119I'm glad to know Singlet worked well for you13:54
mhall119and definitely let me know your thoughts on API changes13:55
mhall119or send me an MP, that'll work too ;)13:55
mhall119I want to make Singlet is complete as possible before the repos freeze13:55
doctormonSend you a Member of P aliment or Military Police?14:01
doctormonmhall119: One thing I notice is that it doesn't end the previous searches, so if I take too long to type things in, it'll display results for each search.14:03
doctormonsay I search for doctormo and pause at doc, now I get results for doctormo and doc14:03
mhall119doctormon: as a US civilian, neither would be able to do anything, so a Merge Proposal might be better14:04
doctormonAh that's an MRQ Merge Request.14:04
mhall119doctormon: yeah, they introduce a Cancellable object in Unity 5, but it doesn't seem to do anything14:04
mhall119Singlet checks if Cancellable.is_cancelled()14:05
doctormonOr just 'patch' to layman. lol14:05
mhall119but I've never seen it be True14:05
doctormonI'm going to track my searchers and break them when I get a new search in.14:05
mhall119doctormon: that's sometehing that should be working in Singlet, I'll need to talk to one of the unity guys to figure out what I'm doing wrong14:06
doctormonDon't worry it might not be, I can't see any entry points for the default Lens to cancel it and I certainly haven't been able to hook up my break code to anything.14:07
dholbachdpm, yes, it looks alright14:07
doctormonmhall119: Ah no wait, it should cancel... it's hooked up to finish() when it calls the complete signal.14:09
doctormonMy guess is that it's not calling complete when the search is refreshed.14:09
mhall119so SingleScopeLens doesn't get the Cancellable object14:09
mhall119but if you used the base Scope class you wouold14:10
doctormonI'm not using SingleScopeLens, I'm using Lens directly.14:10
mhall119and Scope?14:10
doctormonI'm using Unity.Scope14:11
mhall119so you're having to connect to all the dbus signals yourself?14:12
doctormonWell yeah, isn't that how it works? Your example in the SingleScopeLens works that way.14:12
mhall119SingleScopeLens isn't an example, it's meant to be sub-classed14:13
doctormonmhall119: Everything is an example; if not then shouldn't SingleScopeLens be using singlet.scope.base.Scope instead?14:14
mhall119it was written before Scope14:14
mhall119doctormon: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/onehundredscopes/dictionary/view/head:/dictionary-lens is an example of how to use SingleScopeLens14:15
doctormonmhall119: Yeah and I have a multi scope dynamic category Lens. the dictionary-lens example was insufficient.14:16
doctormonI'm moving it over to use singlet Scopes now...14:16
mhall119ok, then the community lens and locoteams scope are good examples for you14:16
doctormon:-) thanks mhall11914:17
mhall119the planetubuntu scope is simpler than the locoteams scope, so probably better as an example14:18
dholbachhuats, monsieur?14:21
huatsready dholbach ?14:22
dholbachyes :)14:22
dholbachhuats, hangout started14:23
huatsdholbach: are you around ?14:42
huatsdholbach: I have lost you14:43
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dholbachhuats, desolé - je pense que mon router est en train de mourir14:44
huatsdholbach: I have started another hangout14:44
huatsoh :(14:44
dholbachhuats, now I lost you :)14:50
dholbachhuats, so yes - I think we should have a look and see how we add the dates and stuff at some stage :)14:50
akgraneranyone know the correct way to always write upsteam? is it Upstream or upstream in a sentence?14:52
cjohnstonI would think your use would be a noun14:53
cjohnstonand proper14:53
mhall119I'd say non-proper14:53
mhall119I'm not sure it makes much difference either way14:54
* cjohnston says mhall119 should do it14:54
mhall119to me, 'upstream' is like 'partners', it's not capitalized14:54
huatsdholbach: sorry14:55
huatsI think my laptop battery is a friend of your router...14:55
dholbachhuats, so yes - I think we should have a look and see how we add the dates and stuff at some stage :)14:55
huatsdholbach: it is needed to know if we need to email again14:55
huatsor to have some information14:56
huats(and especially when there a many people involved in the team)14:56
dholbachhuats, I'd say if somebody assigns a person to themselves, they should look after it and make sure that everything gets sorted out and then mark it green when it's done14:56
dholbachbut having some date information would be good too14:56
dholbachlet's discuss it once we have a team :)14:57
dholbachsorry, I mean: a bigger team :)14:58
huatssure :)14:58
huatsI think I am big enough :)14:58
dholbachwow, unity now does alt-tab-just-for-stuff-on-your-workspace15:02
popeyyeah ☺15:03
dholbachwhere's the champagne?15:03
cjohnstonmaybe after connect ill upgrade my laptop to precise15:03
james_wdholbach, nice job on developer week15:09
james_wI liked the changes this time too15:09
dholbachjames_w, and I liked your session - nice job! :)15:09
jcastrodholbach: I know that was like the biggest thing for me, the alt-tab15:20
cprofittyes, nice job dholbach. I got to see a few sesions and they went well15:51
dholbachthanks a lot everyone for giving your sessions15:51
dholbachI'll send you all a mail afterwards still15:51
dholbachit's on my list :)15:51
dholbachbig big hugs :)15:52
dholbachhey jono15:56
mhall119hey jono15:57
jcastrowe have a call like in 2 minutes?15:58
jonohey chaps15:58
mhall119I was just about to ask15:58
jonocprofitt, can you join it as we discussed?15:58
jcastroIRC or G+? :)15:58
balloonshey cprofitt.. thanks for doing your session yesterday :-) you got to be the big finish.16:00
jonocreating it now16:01
jonoballoons, we cant see or hear you16:05
mhall119balloons: you there?16:05
dpmjono, dholbach, jcastro, I'll be there in a minute, for some reason I'm being asked to reinstall the driver16:05
dpmand mhall119 ^16:05
dpmerr plugin, not driver16:06
jonobkerensa, want to join our hangout now to discuss the Ubuntu Global Jam?16:07
jonopleia2, would you like to join?16:07
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jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro weird, I can't get back in16:20
dholbachjono, inviting you16:20
technovikingmorning all16:24
MrChrisDruifAloha technoviking16:25
cprofittjono: just got off a srvc call16:28
cprofittis this still going?16:28
jonocprofitt, should I invite you?16:28
jonoinvite sent16:28
cprofittsure, but I may get pulled away16:28
jonocprofitt, invite sent16:29
bkerensajono: has the hangout long expired?16:49
jonobkerensa, about to wrap16:50
pleia2jono: thanks anyway, just woke up :)16:52
cjohnstonpleia2: email went out16:52
bkerensapleia2: I think my mic is tango down now16:53
pleia2cjohnston: great, thanks :)16:54
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bkerensamhall119: What was date I'm going to put it in my Calendar so I can start ramping stuff up on my end17:02
balloonsjcastro, I was just going to create a trello board!.. rofl, you beat me to it17:02
mhall119bkerensa: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/17:02
cprofittsorry for getting called away and only making part of the call17:10
cprofittalways a bit of a gamble if I will be free at work17:10
balloonscprofitt, thanks for joining.. it's nice to have gotten you for the time we did :-)17:19
balloonsand you had a great idea17:19
jonomhall119, mockups sent17:24
bkerensajono: Really glad this doesn't fall on a holiday again :) now I can try and get Brian Murray to attend17:26
bkerensajono: Really glad this doesn't fall on a holiday again :) now I can try and get Brian Murray to attend17:27
mhall119jono: that was fast17:28
jonomhall119, :-)17:29
jonothis is urgent :-)17:29
mhall119jono: can you join #ubuntu-arb for me?  Trying to work out how to get scope packages through the ARB process17:30
dholbachalright my good friends17:43
dholbachI call it a day - have a great weekend everyone17:43
bkerensadholbach: gnight17:44
dholbachbye bkerensa :)17:44
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bkerensajono: Is there any way to know if someone is still working for Canonical? I'm getting bounced e-mails17:59
jonobkerensa, who from?18:01
bkerensajono: Allison Randal18:01
balloonsbkerensa, she's no longer @ canonical18:02
bkerensaI think I have her personal e-mail18:02
mhall119bkerensa: she has some listed on https://launchpad.net/~allison too18:03
balloonsmhall119, bkerensa launchpad is a good way to tell actually18:04
bkerensaYeah I just noticed she changed her e-mail on our ML from Canonical to something else so I'm pinging her there18:04
balloonsmember or the canonical team.. or not18:04
jonobkerensa, she is leaving18:10
jonoin fact, she has left18:10
jcastrojono: I found our song for UDS.18:35
snap-lAw, isn't that sweet18:35
jcastrobut I think only you and I will like it. Just like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiJQRbQ_8mo&feature=related18:35
jcastrook so I can't really play that but this is epic.18:35
jcastrothat is all.18:35
snap-ljcastro: Where are you two registered? :)18:35
snap-lAnd will it be a civil ceremony?18:35
balloonsa quick trip to vegas?18:36
snap-lYou need a drummer that can keep up. :)18:36
balloonsjono, that youtube video sound fine.. after 2 mins of it I realized it wasn't the intro anymore, so I found the "full" version.. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ONXlI2k0k18:37
jcastrothat song is so underrated18:39
jcastroit's like the best one on the record18:39
jcastrotoo bad there are 6 of us, we could have been the 5 Magics18:41
jcastrowe need a new nickname18:41
jcastroI don't think Daniel will go for Numbers of the Beast. >_>18:42
balloonsthe name will come naturally I'm sure18:44
snap-ljcastro: I think you guys should tackle something easy18:56
snap-lLike King Crimson. ;)18:56
snap-lRed for instance. ;)18:58
snap-lOr VROOOM19:00
bkerensa20+ people for our Ubuntu Hour now19:09
jcastrois that happening now?19:09
bkerensaif it grows much larger I dont think we will fit the restaurant19:09
balloonswow.. go go bkerensa119:12
popeyaquarius: i think jorge and technoviking know about teh forums stuff19:31
aquariuswho do I talk to about having the Ubuntu One icon on http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11661766&postcount=33 updated to be the modern U1 logo? :)19:47
aquarius(sorry if I disappear; am having big network problems with virgin media)19:48
cjohnstonpleia2: im  marking myself +5 after that email.. im not sure that they have LP accounts21:20
pleia2cjohnston: ok, thanks :)21:24
jussihey all, did anything come of the donate from SW center discussion we had at UDS 1 or 2 back?22:02
jcastrook outta here for the weekend22:03
jcastrosee you all on the flip side22:04
jcastrojono: good luck tonight, take some pics!22:04
balloonsflip side jcastro !22:04
bodhizazen'lo cprofitt23:14

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