vibhav3 weeks and no reply from Indian LoCo admins 00:18
nigelbvibhav: Okay, so what are you talking about/00:33
nigelbWho did you contact.00:33
bkerensavibhav: Have you tried joining #ubuntu-in ?01:48
bkerensaYou can also e-mail the LoCo Council01:49
paultagbkerensa: he's gone02:02
paultagwho're you talking to? :)02:02
bkerensamy scrollback didnt capture his part02:03
dholbachgood morning08:20
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paultagmorning mhall119 14:39
mhall119morning paultag 14:39
mhall119paultag: how's work treating you?14:40
paultagmhall119: killer. Just got in14:40
paultagmhall119: working on some django today, it's pretty easy14:40
mhall119yeah, Django rocks as a web framework14:40
nigelbpaultag, mhall119: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V9-g8JuBZc14:44
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paultagnigelb: it's in the queue, i'll tend to it soon :)14:44
paultagjust need to slam out some work14:44
nigelbthe bit from 36 seconds onwards is the hilarious bit.14:46
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