dholbachgood morning08:20
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tumbleweedjtaylor: got to the bottom of that networkx thing yet? I saw another mail on the debian epigrass bug10:25
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ockhamhttp://packages.debian.org/de/sid/tesseract-ocr has been recently updated to version 3.* in debian (finally!). if i want to have this in precise, is it better to wait the 10 days until it's in debian testing and file a sync request then (which will be around the 13th, which is shortly before FeatureFreeze on the 16th) or file it right now?13:19
geserockham: if you are confident that the packages will work, you can sync them now13:29
ockhamgeser: hm, i haven't really checked yet; so maybe it's better to wait until it's in testing at least.13:34
ockham if i filed a sync request between 13th and 16th, it would still get into precise, right?13:34
obounaimwhen will the next udw happen?13:35
geserMay 7th - May 11th, Oakland, CA13:57
ockhamthats uds, not udw14:00
ockhamobounaim: did you mean developer week or summit?14:01
ockhaminfo for week is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek14:01
ockhambut nothing yet on the next one... :-(14:01
obounaimockham: week14:02
geserah, week, misread it14:03
geserisn't udw usually once per release cycle?14:03
geserdholbach should know it :)14:03
dholbachyes, it's one per release14:05
dholbachand the date for the next one is not scheduled yet14:06
obounaimok thanks14:09
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obounaimi have noticed that when i'm using ubuntu my battery goes done faster than when i'm using is this a bug14:48
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obounaimwhen i'm using windows sorry14:51
tumbleweedobounaim: I'm afraid this isn't a user support channel. I'd consider that a bug, but that won't help you much. Is it newish hardware? Have you tried the latest mainline kernel, maybe it'll be better...14:58
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jtaylortumbleweed: @networkx yes I uploaded fixes to -proposed18:24
jtaylorthat answer is weird, recommending installing debian packages over just installing setuptools o_O18:24
tumbleweedoh, right, it was an SRU18:28
tumbleweederr, I don't see it in unapproved18:29
jtaylorhm they where rejected :/18:31
jtaylorthought I don't know why18:31
tumbleweedthe archive admin should tell you18:31
tumbleweederr SRU team member18:32
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jtaylorRAOF: ^18:36
jtaylortumbleweed: as your at it python-gd is can be synced to precise and SRU'ing to oneiric ;)18:46
jtaylorwhat are sru reject reasons?18:49
ajmitchbad changelog, bug fix is too invasive, no tests for reproducing the bug?18:50
jtaylorall not the case :/18:50
jtayloroh I missed closing the bug in the changelog18:51
jtaylorreject reason?18:51
ajmitchmight be, I'd expect an email explaining why though18:51
jtaylorno, just rejected :(18:51
jtaylorbut the bug reference is important so its probably the reason18:52
jtaylortoo bad I had my branches in /tmp and did not push them :(18:52
tumbleweedwell, you also can't push to branches that don't exist18:53
tumbleweedwhich is the case here18:53
jtaylorto my personal space I meant18:53
jtaylorhm I found another issue of the natty package, a missing numpy dependency, do I have to open a new bug for that?19:33
jtaylorwhen fixing in the same sru19:33
tumbleweedprentend that they are the same issue ("missing dependencies") :)19:34
jtaylormissing != to strict :/19:35
jtaylorI just rename it to dependency issues :)19:36
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davromaniakgood evening19:36
davromaniakwe are having issues with the nginx builds19:37
davromaniakfor the 1.1.12, the build failed for every arch except amd6419:37
davromaniakI tried to apply a fix, and for the 1.1.14, the build failed only for amd6419:38
davromaniakin the 1.1.12 I added the possibility of using a threaded build19:38
jtaylorok now I just still need to find a release team member to confirm the reject reason19:39
davromaniakAnd I would like somebody experienced to help me (and the nginx packaging team on Debian) to review the debian/rules file and the build log, to see what's wrong and why the build failed only on amd6419:40
tumbleweedjtaylor: release team != SRU19:41
tumbleweedbut yes, that seems the most likely reason19:41
tumbleweeddavromaniak: nice build failure19:42
tumbleweedthat looks pkgbinarymangler related19:43
davromaniakthe strange thing is that there's no build issue on Debian, so before the import to ubuntu, we were unable to prepare ourselves for a build failure19:44
tumbleweedwell, you can set up an ubuntu chroot on your debian system :)19:44
davromaniakyes, and I can't reproduce it19:45
tumbleweeddid you install pkgbinarymangler in the chroot?19:45
davromaniaktumbleweed: is it installed by default in a pbuilder ?19:45
tumbleweeddavromaniak: probably not19:46
davromaniakI'm updating my precise pbuilders, and I will install pkgbinarymangler in it19:46
tumbleweedhrm, a while since I used pbuilder, but I don't see it in my pbuilderrc anywhere19:47
tumbleweedand I certainly used to have it installed19:47
tumbleweedah, I added a hook script to install it19:47
davromaniakis pkgbinarymangler used on the system building packages for the PPAs ?19:48
tumbleweedIIRC yes19:49
davromaniakNo build failed for the nginx PPA19:49
tumbleweedalthough it might be configured differently in PPA builds19:49
tumbleweedthey don't do ddebs19:49
tumbleweedwhich is the issue here19:49
tumbleweedmeh, my build didn't fail19:51
* tumbleweed tweaks pkgbinarymangler knobs19:52
jtayloractually this numpy issue is interesting19:55
jtaylornewer versions do not need numpy anymore19:55
jtaylorwhats better, backport the few try except blocks or move numpy from recommend to depend?19:55
davromaniaktumbleweed: I'm trying the build with 8 threads19:55
broderpkgbinarymangler definitely knows whether it's doing a Real Archive build or a PPA build19:56
broder(and it disables a bunch of stuff for PPA builds)19:56
tumbleweedjtaylor: depending on numpy is probably simpler19:56
tumbleweeddavromaniak: btw, +1 for enabling parallel builds :)19:56
davromaniakmaybe there's an issue with parallel builds and pkgbinarymangler19:56
tumbleweedthe parallelism should only apply to the sub-makes, IIRC19:57
davromaniaktumbleweed: could you check the debian/rules file ?, maybe I made something wrong19:58
davromaniakhere : http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/collab-maint/deb-maint/nginx/trunk/debian/rules?view=markup19:58
davromaniakso just finished the build, and no issue :(20:00
tumbleweedyeah, I'd like to duplicate it before guessing what the problem is20:00
davromaniakso now, 16 threads on another server20:03
tumbleweedit could be the paralellism... My only experience is with dh's --parallel, not changing MAKEFLAGS20:03
davromaniakIt's the first time I enable paralellism in a package20:04
davromaniakand I took inspiration on other packages20:04
davromaniakalso, the structure of the nginx packaging is so particular we can't use the compressed dh format20:04
jtaylortumbleweed: won't adding a depend require a dist-upgrade?20:17
jtayloris that ok in a sru?20:17
tumbleweedjtaylor: err, upgrade should install new packages, dist-upgrade allows removals20:18
tumbleweednot an SRU team member, so :)20:18
jtaylorit doesn'T in precise20:19
jtaylorwhen there are new packages you need to dist-upgrade20:19
tumbleweedbut new dependancies certainly aren't unheared of in SRUs20:20
tumbleweedwe even have new binary packages in SRUs20:20
davromaniakso, I just compared build logs for threaded and not threaded builds, and I think I messed up the parallelism in the debian/rules20:26
davromaniakthe structure of nginx packaging is not common, so I will have to perform more research and tests before definitively activate parallel build20:27
tumbleweedI suggest just using a variable containing -jX that you add to $(MAKE) command lines20:27
tumbleweed(that's what dh does)20:27
davromaniakok, but the MAKEFLAGS variable is not used for this ?20:28
tumbleweedthen you get parallism for the upstream Makefile (which is parallel-safe) and don't for debian/rules, which appears not to be20:28
davromaniakhmmm, ok20:28
tumbleweedyes, that's the definition of MAKEFLAGS, but it seems to affect the parent make too...20:29
blairi saw some work on the pyside 1.1.0 upgrade (thanks micahg), but they haven't appeared on my precise system yet, what's the status of them?20:39
micahgblair: I only did one package :), probably stuck in NEW20:39
davromaniakthanks tumbleweed. I will try to make the new package imported into Ubuntu before the feature freeze20:39
blairthat means what (for the uninformed)?20:39
micahgneeds archive admin review for a new binary20:40
micahgshould be pushed through later today or early next week20:40
tumbleweedthere were a few rounds o fstuck in NEW20:42
tumbleweeddavromaniak: there's no crazy hurry, we can fix that after FF20:43
davromaniakyou are right, as it's an issue20:43
tumbleweedthanks for taking an interest in it in Ubuntu :)20:44
ScottKblair: I sync'ed the other packages.  As micahg said, we need to wait for New processing to get done, but it's in before feature freeze now, so there's not a schedule related rush.20:59
blairScottK, thanks!21:01
blairfound this really cool tool to run jobs in parallel from a shell, kinda like xargs, but neither debian nor ubuntu has it (http://www.gnu.org/software/parallel/man.html#example__compute_intensive_jobs_and_substitution)21:14
jtayloryey thats a sad story21:15
jtaylorit conflicts with moreutils21:15
jtaylorand neither want to rename their tool21:15
jtaylorthere is a package on mentory that is usuable21:16
blairwhich version of parallel is better and/or has more features?21:18
jtaylormoreutils parallel is very poor compared21:18
jtaylorits pretty much xargs -P21:18
jtaylorwith ordering21:19
blaircouldn't it be treated like the two dd_rescue versions?  or have gnu parallel be installed as gparalle?21:19
jtaylorgnu parallel has gained a --tollef mode to make it parallel installable21:20
jtaylorbut I think the packager gave up21:20
jtaylorlet me dig out the itp21:21
jtaylordebian bug 51869621:23
ubottuDebian bug 518696 in wnpp "ITP: parallel -- build and execute command lines from standard input in parallel" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51869621:23
iulianLaney: http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/ghc/news/20120203T183507Z.html22:20
iulianOK, it looks like we have to keep doko's aclocal.m4 changes. I haven't seen any news with regards to that patch.22:20
iulianIt also seems that upstream didn't comment on it either. Uhm.22:22
iulianUnless there were some off list discussions.22:23
blairwhat's the difference between this channel and the ubuntu+1 channel, seems like the general topic is the same?22:41
jtaylorubuntu+1 is more a user channel for +1 only, this is more developer orientated for all releases22:43
blairok, thanks22:45
micahgquadrispro: I'm going to try to update gmusicbrowser in Debian git over the weekend22:52
astraljavamicahg: Are there possibilities in backporting it to oneiric? I'd be interested.22:53
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micahgastraljava: sure, let's discuss later22:59
astraljavamicahg: Great, thanks!22:59
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jtaylorwhat is actually the process on sponsoring merge proposals`?23:18
jtaylorjust build and dput as usual + marking the proposal as merged or is there some real merging involved somewhere?23:19
debfxjtaylor: you merge the branch, tag and push it and then dput the package23:21
jtaylorpush to e.g. lp:ubuntu/release-proposed/<package-name>?23:24
debfxI guess but I haven't actually done an SRU with udd23:30

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