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alex_mayorgaIs there a Chromium on Ubuntu channel anywhere?16:52
chrisccoulsonalex_mayorga, no there isn't17:07
chrisccoulsonthere is a mozilla channel though ;)17:07
alex_mayorgachrisccoulson: no Chromium PPA for precise yet?17:49
chrisccoulsonalex_mayorga, no. in fact, we're completely out of disk space on the machine we normally run the builds from17:49
chrisccoulsonso, none for any release at the moment17:50
micahgah, that's the issue17:50
chrisccoulsoni had IS ping me a few days ago asking me to clear my homedir out on chinstrap17:51
chrisccoulsoni was the highest user, with all of the chromium and mozilla branches ;)17:51
chrisccoulsonsomething like 50GB or so17:51
chrisccoulsonso, i've had to sacrifice one for now, and we certainly can't be pulling 10's of GB of chromium SVN daily, so we need to wait for more disk space17:52
alex_mayorgachrisccoulson: I see17:56
alex_mayorgaI don't really care that much for Chromium, might as well just remove the PPA17:57
cousin_luigichrisccoulson: I read the latest entry on your blog: how will the testing occur now?18:57
chrisccoulsonhi FernandoMiguel!20:00
chrisccoulsonhow are you?20:00
FernandoMiguelvery very cold chrisccoulson20:00
chrisccoulsonsorry, you always come online in here when there's either nobody around or everyone is busy ;)20:00
FernandoMiguellousy weather20:00
FernandoMiguelchrisccoulson: np20:01
FernandoMiguelit's whenever I can :)20:01
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