bkerensaI'm going to have to use my laptop on my couch when I video conference with akgraner :) I forgot my neighbor is doing band practice tonight02:14
bkerensaso the wall near my office is loud :D02:14
pleia2hehe, oops02:14
bkerensaEvery Thursday from 4pm to 8pm02:14
bkerensaat least the music is decent02:14
bkerensaakgraner: We can do it this weekend or next week if you cant make it tonight03:03
bkerensaI have to go get dinner around 8pm and tomorrow I will be out for Ubuntu Oregon stuff03:04
pleia2bkerensa: do you have any of the links? I can give you a quick tour of the resources if it would be helpful03:24
pleia2I don't have a camera, but I can goog hangout with microphone03:24
bkerensasure let me move to the other room03:24
bkerensano I dont have any links03:25
pleia2ok, I need to move to my desk too03:25
pleia2alrighty, feel free to invite me to a goog hangout when you're ready, I don't know how to do these things ;)03:27
bkerensapleia2: ok done03:33
akgranerbkerensa, sorry I just walked back in the door - I can doit now if you can03:35
pleia2akgraner: wanna join us?03:35
akgranerwhere at03:35
pleia2bkerensa: will goog hangout invite :)03:35
akgranerok cool03:35
akgraneryep that will work03:39
akgranerI have to reboot03:44
akgranerdid you all finish'03:51
akgranerbkerensa, pleia2 are you all still in the hangout03:51
bkerensaakgraner: Nope we ended she gave me  good summary and I'm going to shadow her on Monday to start to see how you guys do it03:51
akgranerok cool03:52
bkerensapleia2: You know I know a lady who writes perl code for a living in fact she idles in #ubuntu-women and might be able to fix the script03:52
akgranersorry I don't know what's up with my audio03:52
bkerensaakgraner: It happens to me too.... My mic sometimes doesnt work on G+ :D03:52
pleia2bkerensa: cool03:53
akgranerbkerensa, great :-) thanks for being willing to help - I'll be at connect on Monday but I'll try to write summaries on the plane for you all03:53
akgranerpleia2, if everything is in Saturday - I'll pull a copy for offline and note which sections I am working on the googledoc03:54
bkerensaI think wiki is going to be unfun03:54
akgranerbkerensa, the wiki is the easy part :-)03:55
bkerensaheh yeah if I can login03:55
bkerensaseems like everytime I try and login it gives me issues03:55
pleia2it just takes a few tries ;)03:55
akgranerbkerensa, we used to work off the wiki but there were too many edit conflicts03:55
pleia2akgraner: thanks, feel free to take the weekend off if you want though, I know you have a crazy week ahead of you03:55
pleia2I hope to have my new fleet of summary writers this weekend!03:55
akgranerI hope so too03:56
akgranerpleia2, thank you - UWN to me is like UW to you I think :-)  hope that makes sense to you03:56
pleia2yeah :)03:57
bkerensapleia2: I'm talking to the lady and she wants to know how the perl script is broken?03:57
akgraneroh the one for wordpress03:57
bkerensapleia2: Which one was it?03:57
pleia2the fridge one03:58
pleia2I'd suggest trying it against some test wordpress instance03:58
bkerensapleia2: does it emit and error?03:59
akgranerpleia2, before I forget - how hard would it be to add the planet tag  or a tag that says don't publish to the planet when checked oh a fridge story03:59
pleia2akgraner: easy03:59
bkerensa<hypodermia> bkerensa: welllllll any example of it misbehaving or breaking?03:59
akgraneryeah we need to add one that when checked stories don't go to the fridge03:59
pleia2akgraner: but it's actually the opposite, we'd have to put a plant tag on things (rather than exclude things)03:59
akgranerthe reason is the stories that david, daniel, and jorge post to those portals hit the planet04:00
pleia2bkerensa: when we can get it to run, it would look like this: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/02/01/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-250/ but skip actually pulling in any of the links04:00
akgranerthen they post to the fridge and it hits the planet again04:00
pleia2akgraner: *nod*04:00
akgranerso to fix the back to back planet posting we need to add the tag back04:01
pleia2it's actually a category we'd want to put them in04:01
pleia2(rather than tag)04:01
akgranerright sorry that's what I meant04:01
pleia2so we just create a planet category, and when we want to send something to planet we select that one along with News or whatever04:01
pleia2and update planet.ini to only pull from that category feed04:01
akgranerright now everything automatically goes to the planet04:01
pleia2we feed it the whole feed, instead of a specific category04:02
pleia2bkerensa: so it would be like "In this Issue we cover:" then "The issue of The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:"04:02
akgranerso I guess we need to put it back to the way it used to be - or have those other stories scheduled for 24 hours after the original hits the planet04:02
pleia2skipping the whole point of the script, which is to get rid of the manual labor of pulling in all the links by hand :)04:03
pleia2akgraner: I'd say go the route of having a planet category (I think 24 hrs later would still annoy people who are annoyed by duplicates)04:03
akgranerworks for me04:04
akgraner:-) I'm easy04:04
akgranercan you do that? and I'll let David and them know04:04
pleia2yeah, I'll toss it on my todo list, no promises on timing04:04
akgranerthat's fine I'll just tell them it's being worked on04:04
pleia2awesome, thanks04:05
pleia2bkerensa: in a perfect world the script would only use perl modules we can get from ubuntu repositories because cpan makes mortals cry04:05
akgranerbkerensa, even with that one script being broken it's still a lot easy than it used to be04:05
akgranerless than 30 minutes to publish verses an hour+04:06
bkerensapleia2: <hypodermia> bkerensa: so okay like04:06
bkerensa<hypodermia> the bad behavior is it isn't grabbing the links?04:06
bkerensapleia2: Is it not grabbing links the only defect?04:07
pleia2bkerensa: she's welcome to join us here :)04:07
pleia2bkerensa: as far as I know, I haven't tried it myself since upgrading to oneiric, so it could be all kinds of broken04:07
hypodermiaoh sup04:07
pleia2WordPress::XMLRPC had to be pulled from cpan, which was awful :(04:08
pleia2welcome hypodermia! thanks for helping04:08
akgranerhypodermia, thank you!04:08
hypodermiasure, i'm not planning to spend long, i'm just kinda curious what the broken behavior is. i unfortunately don't have a perl interpreter in my head.04:08
hypodermiamaybe that is fortunate.04:09
pleia2I haven't actually run any kind of debugging tests or anything against it, fixing this script tends to be at the bottom of my priorities pile (I am not great at perl, so it would take me forever)04:09
pleia2oh, I don't remember if it gives an error04:10
hypodermiaso is something wrong with it?04:10
pleia2yeah, it should create a post that looks like this: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/02/01/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-250/04:10
pleia2but it doesn't actually post any of the bullet point links04:11
pleia2it used to, but one day it just stopped working04:11
hypodermialike, it skips them altogether?04:11
hypodermiajust a sec...04:11
pleia2I can toss up a test wordpress install if you need04:12
hypodermiapleia2: i'm just kinda looking at these regexes04:13
* pleia2 nods04:13
hypodermiamy($inthisissue)=$rawuwn=~m/== In This Issue ==.*?( \*.*?And much more!)/is;04:13
hypodermiathis is line 3804:13
hypodermiathis bit grabs anything between the header and the last bullet point04:14
hypodermiabut the last bullet point there has 'much' twice04:14
hypodermiaso it could be failing to match04:14
pleia2ah, interesting04:14
hypodermiai hope i won't offend anybody by saying this is a rather janky script.04:15
pleia2not at all :)04:15
pleia2I think we're all sysadmins who worked on it, you know how we are04:15
hypodermiahahaha yeah.04:15
hypodermiathis raw output from the UWN looks kinda mediawiki-ish, for which i bet there is already a parser. using a regex is fraught with fragility in just this way04:16
pleia2it's moinmoin04:16
hypodermiawell here ya go04:16
pleia2and yeah, scraping it like this is a total hack04:16
pleia2even when working the script was buggy with non alpha-numeric characters04:17
hypodermiayeah it looks like the author tried to make it utf8 but didn't really know much about unicode in perl.04:17
pleia2ok, well this gives me some thing to look into, thank you :)04:18
hypodermiahave fun04:18
hypodermiai'mma idle now04:18
pleia2I should toss up a testing environment and do some tests04:18
hypodermiayeah i was gonna pull this down and run it (to print instead of post to a wordpress) but i'm too out of it to be bothered at this moment04:19
hypodermiapleia2: i was able to run it pretty easily, and the error i pointed out fixed the problem.04:26
pleia2thank you!04:27
pleia2such a small thing, argh regexes04:27
hypodermiayup. there's another line that the 'much' should be doubled to be complete.04:27
hypodermiayeah, using regular expressions for this is awful.04:27
dholbachgood morning08:20
bkerensagood morning indeed08:28
pleia2my sleeper is broken :(08:29
pleia2I should be tired!08:29
scott_ev_anyone awake here?09:00
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
scott_ev_oh well, time to go AFK and, possibly, sleep for a change09:01
nlsthznPing for any of the news team that might be awake now... can I start with some of the summaries or is it better to wait until they have been sorted cleaned up a bit?11:16
Silverlionbkerensa ping (interviews)11:46
akgranernlsthzn, go ahead and start14:02
akgraneryou don't have to wait until Sunday - the sooner people start the better  - unless it's a heavy news week we usually don't cut much14:02
nlsthznakgraner: k, cool... I will be giving it some attention later tonight and early tomorrow :)14:02
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
pleia2welcome scott_ev_!16:54
MrChrisDruifpleia2; it's summary time again I presume?19:22
pleia2MrChrisDruif: you can do summaries now if you want, I'll send out the formal announcement tomorrow :)19:22
* MrChrisDruif should read on how pleia2 && akgraner write their summaries, for less correcting work later on19:28
MrChrisDruifBtw, did you already update the xubuntu meeting minutes pleia2 ?19:28
pleia2MrChrisDruif: yep19:28
MrChrisDruifThanks ^_^19:28
MrChrisDruifpleia2; the link you get when clicking on any of the content pane's headers is awfully long19:48
pleia2what links on what content pane?19:49
MrChrisDruifAh, never mind...I see the issue19:49
MrChrisDruifI think..19:50
MrChrisDruifHmm, very awkward indeed19:50
pleia2I have no idea what you're talking about19:50
MrChrisDruifI see what my issue is. When I open the "current" version ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Current ) it redirects to the current version, but that is also put into the link (e.g. #250: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue250?action=show&redirect=UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter%2FCurrent )19:52
pleia2yeah, that's how the wiki works19:52
MrChrisDruifWhen I then click in any of the links in the content pane, it also puts that "?action=show&redirect=UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter%2FCurrent" in there ^_^19:53
* pleia2 nods19:53
pleia2/Current is really a convinence url, I think most people actually go to the Issue250 page directly19:54
MrChrisDruifWhy do we have two links anyway? The "redirect" to the current and a direct to the current?19:54
pleia2so people can always go to /Current and be directed to the new one19:54
MrChrisDruifIs it for bookmarking?19:55
pleia2it's just an easy URL19:55
pleia2I don't use bookmarks, I don't know how people use them :)19:55
MrChrisDruifMe neither, I use tabs ^_^19:55
MrChrisDruifI rarely use bookmarks19:56
MrChrisDruifSeldom would be a better word19:56
* MrChrisDruif just summarized your call for help pleia2 ^_^19:59
pleia2thanks :)20:00
MrChrisDruifYeah, so you don't have to summarize your own link ^_^ just review the summary of it ;-)20:00
akgranerMrChrisDruif, pleia2 I'm out of meetings now - can I help with anything20:28
akgraneror answer any questions etc20:28
MrChrisDruifAnswers have been answered akgraner ^_^20:28
akgranerjust thought I'd ask before I move on to something else :-)20:29
MrChrisDruifI've made a few summaries already, more can be written and mine can be reviewed akgraner20:29
* akgraner looks20:29
akgranerOk we can't add personal commentary to the summaries :-)20:36
akgranerwe have to be objective and just summarize without adding personal sentiments to the summaries  (I need to write this stuff down somewhere)20:37
akgranerwe can't use terns like tells us - as none of these articles were written exclusively for UWN20:40
akgranerwe can't use only first names as most readers are not on an informal basis with our developers20:40
akgranerunfortunately it's not op-ed unfortunately :-/20:43
akgranerok take out one of those unfortunately20:43
akgranerHey if someone wants to pull the development team meetings from last week please do - I haven't had time to go chase them down so I have just been leaving them out20:44
akgranerpleia2, who wrote the Developer Week Summaries?20:46
akgranerwas that dholbach20:46
akgranerok I'll give him credit until I find out differently :-)20:48
pleia2akgraner: dholbach is the one who posted them to the ubuntuclassroom blog, yeah :)20:54
* MrChrisDruif sees rewrites of the summaries and sees he's inapt at making them ^_^20:54
akgranerdoes that make sense - and you'll get the hang of it :-)20:54
pleia2(I assume he wrote them)20:54
akgranerMrChrisDruif, no you're fine - it just takes practice20:54
akgraneryou should have seen mine 3+ years ago20:54
pleia2akgraner: I was wondering about the dev team meetings lately, I'll go find them20:55
akgraneryeah - the teams changed names and they added new ones etc20:55
akgranerand they are called something else now - I have it on that drafts team page20:55
pleia2I'll do the best I can and we can add more new ones as we find them20:56
akgranerI'll clean that section up on the gdoc right quick20:56
akgranerIt's hard to fit the urge to add our excitement to things or add things we know personally that the author doesn't say - it's natural to want to do those things - you'll get it :-)20:57
* MrChrisDruif fantasizes about akgraner's summaries of 3+ yrs ago....^_^21:08
akgraneroh you would be amused21:08
akgranerI'll see if I can dig some up21:08
akgranerI kept a copy so I could see what changes were made to my summaries in an effort to learn :-) (I know I am weird)21:09
akgraneroh it is so sad when I can't find my own gdoc - and what gmail account I added it to  - so sad21:10
akgranerpleia2, list and header are updated on gdoc21:13
akgranerthey are now Ubuntu Engineering Teams :-/21:14
bkerensaakgraner: dholbach did all the summaries this issue... I just did the interview of the week21:14
bkerensaIn fact I need to start on next weeks21:14
akgranerbkerensa, :-) no worries - it happens21:15
bkerensaIts Friday... I just want hot soup and rest21:15
akgranerI know the feeling21:16
akgranerbut I feel like I am in a bad Seinfeld episode and all I am hearing is "No soup for you!"21:17
bkerensaWell luckily I am having soup tonight... We having Pho at the Ubuntu Hour but apparently I'm also invited to go out for a beer which is in another part of the city :P not sure if I will do the latter21:17
* MrChrisDruif has to work tomorrow =(21:20
MrChrisDruifAnd Sunday also =(21:20
akgranerI wanna live in CA21:20
MrChrisDruifI can't wait till I get a "normal" job again21:20
akgranernormal is just a setting on my dryer :-)21:21
MrChrisDruifakgraner; I mean a job with normal working hours, not shifts which can also be set in the weekend (8-17 job or something)21:22
MrChrisDruifMonday -> Friday21:22
scott_ev_akgraner, pleia2 - I'm going to start helping in a few days for next issue.  I'm feeling pretty sick today.21:22
bkerensanormal on my dryer does not seem to work =/ literally spent almost 1 hr 45m trying to dry a load of clothes21:22
akgranerscott_ev_, thanks - feel better first21:23
scott_ev_otay,  I thought you'd understand21:23
MrChrisDruifscott_ev_; it's alright! Get better first, only help when you can (I do too)21:23
MrChrisDruifI've done another one, I hope it's more up to par akgraner ^_^21:30
* akgraner looks21:30
akgranerMulti-monitor one?  If so looks great!21:32
akgranerI might say and "showcases the prototype that was made."21:33
akgranerbut it looks good21:33
MrChrisDruifYeah, it was the multi-monitor one21:42
MrChrisDruifAnyhow, I'll be off now. Off to my own home and bed. Gotta rise and shine early tomorrow morning21:43
akgranerheading out for a while  - ping me if you need me.22:01

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