bazhangturn off a usb port via command line?01:21
pangolinis that even possible?01:22
bazhangthere's a bug in 11.04 that does that (not exactly command line)01:22
bazhangso he could wait for that one to surface01:22
bazhangartichoku is very silly01:26
pangolin@mark #ubuntu  artichoku asked to refrain from making silly comments, does not seem to get it.01:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:27
bazhangwhat he's talking about is an actual bug though: the blank desktop using unity-3d01:28
bazhang* [Kuntsleim] (MittRomney@jakarta.infinity-online.co.id): follaemos  <----- GNAA /msg'ing01:48
bazhangalso in #freenode and #defocus01:49
pangolini can't help that01:49
bazhangie, in addition to #ubuntu01:49
pangolinyou got a pm from them?01:50
bazhangwell, I * Kuntsleim has quit (K-Lined)  ah never mind01:51
bazhanginitially PM'd him to change the nick01:51
pangolinI don't bother asking with nicks like that01:52
bazhangwell, worth a shot. then he shot me that really nasty PM in return (after changing nicks just a wee bit)01:53
yvahi there01:58
yvajust wanted to report that a guy on the channel is PM users with racist msgs01:58
yva<SantorumPoo> Tired of niggers? Sick of their monkeyshines? We are too! Join Chimpout Forum! http://www.chimpout.com/forum At Chimpout WE ARE NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS! I myself am a Mexican!  Basically, if you are not a NIGGER and you hate NIGGERS, we welcome you with open arms!  Join Chimpout Forum today!  http://www.chimpout.com/forum01:59
bazhangyep he was klined01:59
bazhangah new one01:59
bazhangthanks yva01:59
marienzyva: thanks for reporting!01:59
bazhangstaff ^ may want to see that.01:59
bazhangah ok01:59
yvamu pleasure01:59
marienz"mu" arguably makes sense there :)02:00
bazhangit does02:00
elkyYou can pretty much preemptively knock out anyone with a nick like one of the presidential contenders02:01
pangolincan someone ask LED2 to give it a rest and stop trying to start trouble in -ot02:16
bazhangnot responding to him would help02:16
elkyfor the reference that was not not responding to him.02:24
bazhanghe's upset about something, no need to egg him on02:25
bazhangam I missing something? he dd'd the iso to an external hdd and is attempting to install from there?02:49
bazhang<brad87> i just want to be banned03:11
knome-> needhelp2332303:17
knomewhy is he +q in #ubuntu ?03:17
Unit193Beat me to it03:19
knomeneedhelp23323, i'm not an op in #ubuntu so i can't resolve it, but please wait for somebody to come in and resolve03:24
knomebazhang, ?03:24
knomepangolin, ?03:25
bazhangnot banned03:26
bazhangnor in the channel either03:26
pangolinnot sure why you can't speak03:26
knomeis he +q then?03:26
knomeFWIW, he's been all nice in #xubuntu03:26
needhelp23323it says03:26
needhelp23323You are banned from this channel.03:26
pangolintry now03:27
needhelp23323pangolin: works03:28
knomepangolin, thanks! :)03:28
knomei'm off to bed03:28
pangolinok, have a good night.03:28
knomeneedhelp23323, good luck03:28
needhelp23323knome: so should i ask my question there?03:28
knomeneedhelp23323, yes, please03:28
needhelp23323ubottuneedhelp23323: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.03:28
ubottuneedhelp23323: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:28
needhelp23323from #kubuntu03:29
pangolinneedhelp23323: will let it slide this time :)03:29
knomethat was because you posted to #xubuntu and then soon after to #kubuntu03:29
knomejust keep with #ubuntu03:29
knomeand you'll be fine :)03:29
needhelp23323thanks everyone03:29
knomepeople will eventually be able to solve it out03:29
knomeand remember to slow down, and sleep too!03:29
knomei'm out ->03:30
needhelp23323good night03:30
pangolinneedhelp23323: if you would kindly /part this channel now, you are welcome to rejoin if you have any other issues with joining ubuntu channels.03:31
Unit193Hello jandrusk, how may we help you?04:09
jandruskJust checking out the channel.04:09
Unit193Righto, this is where you go when you get banned from a core channel or sometimes to report something04:10
jandruskI follow you. Thanks for the info.04:11
Unit193No proble...m04:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu, webnet said: !cuss is <reply> Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:32
ubottulanguage aliases: langauge, wtf, ffs, foad, gtfo, nsfw, profanity, swear, swearing, curse, cursing - added by Seveas on 2006-07-02 10:45:17 - last edited by rww on 2010-12-21 06:08:3304:36
pangolin!cuss is <alias> !language04:37
ubottuFactoid '!language' does not exist04:37
pangolin!cuss is <alias> language04:37
ubottuI'll remember that, pangolin04:37
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:37
pangolin!cuss > webnet04:37
lolcat`Your flood bot keeps asking me unanswerable questions05:46
lolcat`Like: "What language do they speak in italy" or "what is the last month of the year"05:47
lolcat`They speak at least a dozen diffrent languages in Italy, so that question is flawed.05:47
Flannellolcat`: Theres only one official language.05:47
lolcat`And the second depends on what society your bot is a part of, and sadly he doesn't inform about that05:47
lolcat`Flannel: He didn't ask for an offical language, he simply asked what languages were spoken there.05:48
Flannellolcat`: Have you passed any turing tests lately?05:48
lolcat`I have solved a dozen of capatchas05:49
lolcat`But I am yet to pass yours05:49
lolcat`He could just as well ask: "What is the meaning of life?"05:50
lolcat`At least some people get answerable questions like: "Write the number 2 in letters"05:50
Flannellolcat`: Well, I have faith in you.  Just keep trying.05:51
lolcat`Type the number 9 in letters, not in digits05:52
lolcat`Actually, shouldn't there either be a ":" or "" around "9", so we know we're not supposed to write "the number 2 in letters"?05:52
Flannellolcat`: well, if you ever manage to prove you're a human, we'd be happy to take your suggestions to make them less ambiguous06:01
lolcat`Obviously I am a human06:02
lolcat`I am having an intelligent conversation, how many computers complain?06:02
Flannellolcat`: You've never dealt with my laptop06:02
lolcat`Flannel: I dishwashed my laptop keyboard, I know my fair share of difficult keyboards06:03
lolcat`I just bougth a 46" tv!06:03
lolcat`But can you fix that bot?06:03
Tm_TI consider it working reasonably well06:04
lolcat`It never has worked06:04
lolcat`I rememer in a log for like a year or two back where one op in here talks about me cursing the bot out in #ubuntu-unregged06:04
lolcat`And thaat is ages ago06:04
pangolinworks perfect, we /know/ it to be a bot.06:05
pangolinyou have yet to prove you aren't.06:05
lolcat`Ask me anything06:05
pangolinWhat is the last month of the year?06:05
lolcat`Depends what calendar you use, and what society you are part of06:05
pangolinI call bot.06:06
lolcat`For Norway December is generally considered the last month of the year06:06
Tm_Tlolcat`: something else we can help you with?06:07
lolcat`In irssi I have used /window show #channel twice, now it is split in three06:09
lolcat`What can I do to fix that?06:09
Tm_Twrong channel for that06:09
pangolinask in #irssi06:09
lolcat`Never anyone there06:09
lolcat`How do I leave channels?06:10
pangolinDoesn't make this channel a replacement for irssi support06:10
lolcat`I wnat to leave this channel06:10
Flannel /part06:10
lolcat`But I am clueless as to how06:10
Tm_Tdoesn't know how to leave the channel, but knows how to do leave message (:06:11
ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:57
ubottutaterhead called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:57
Ben64hey pangolin, i see you're around06:59
Tm_Twe all are, one way or another07:00
pangolindax: see twitter*07:00
Ben64that guy was in there yesterday, with easy to spot social networking nicks07:00
Ben6499.99% sure stumbleupon is the same guy07:00
pangolinmultiple ip's07:00
Ben64aw, he already got got07:00
Ben64i'm slow07:00
daxpangolin: all webchat?07:01
Ben64webchat, looks like his home ip, and a server he has control of07:01
pangolinlooks like it07:01
AfterDeathHi. An idea I was tossing around earlier was for AntiSpamMeta - it currently detects a few GNAA Last Measure links and alerts ops to the issue; I was wondering if #ubuntu ops would find it acceptable for ASM to break the "no talking bots" rule (in this circumstance only) to warn users that the link is particularly dangerous and should be avoided.07:03
AfterDeathSo, I shan't idle here, y'all discuss it and get back to me, please :)07:04
Ben64Feb 02 2012 01:11:39 *stumbleupon (~fwiw@pool-71-169-147-69.burl.east.myfairpoint.net) has joined #ubuntu07:05
Ben64not sure how many ip addresses he has or why he has such hate for #ubuntu, but thanks for getting rid of him at least for now07:05
oCeanbazhang: fyi there's a ban on his mask, but I'd rather see him trying to resolve that12:57
bazhangoCean, indeed. imo that's the way to do, but he has a very hard time listening if it's not what he wants to hear.12:58
bazhangerr go12:58
lolcat--Which number is immediately after 3?18:02
lolcat--That sentence isn't even grammatically correct!18:02
lolcat--And it depends upon the resolution your are counting18:02
lolcat--3.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 is immediatley after 318:03
LjLlolcat--: do you have an issue relevant to this channel?18:03
lolcat--#ubuntu-unregged asked me that18:03
* LjL will change that to "integer", that ok?18:03
lolcat--And make it look gramatically correct18:04
lolcat--If possible, that would be great18:04
LjLi don't know why it's grammaticall incorrect18:04
knomes/is/comes/ ?18:04
pangolinA human would be able to answer the question as it is asked.18:04
lolcat--knome: Yeah, that would be better18:04
knomeand s/number/integer/ ...18:04
lolcat--Or whole number if since your users generally isn't too techincal savy18:05
knomeand the answer for the question if this is nit-picky is yes18:05
lolcat--Not sure about that, but at least it would be correct and answerable18:05
lolcat--Thanks in advance18:05
knomeimo it's answerable now18:05
knomebut i'm not the one administrating that18:06
lolcat--knome: So is: "What is the meaning of life?" But it doesn't make sence to use it as a turing test.18:06
knomewhile we don't expect our users to be tech-savvy, we don't expect them to be nit-picky either18:07
knomemost of the users do not know what a turing test is either18:07
lolcat--Well, I do, and I know how to make one without asking questions with millions of answers18:07
knomeargument refused.18:07
LjLwell no need to argue this, the question can be changed without much adverse effect18:07
lolcat--LjL: good good18:07
pangolinthe meaning of life must be to annoy everyone around you with stupid nitpicking about something that hundreds of others have been able to understand.18:08
knomeyeah, that exactly18:08
knomei think we should pass his arguments for a turing test18:08
knomesee if he passes18:08
Myrttihold on, how come ...18:09
Myrttimy script shows him/her/it/them unidentified but has a cloak and /wii says is identified18:10
Myrttibrain confuddled18:10
Myrttino worky.18:10
pangolinyou ran it just as he identified18:10
LjLMyrtti: well the nick they're currently using is not registered18:10
Myrttithis may make some sense in some universe where my brain is not present18:11
LjLanyway ##english has confirmed "is" was fine :P18:11
knomein a universe far, far away...18:11
knomegah, it's >eight already18:14
LjL@mark #ubuntu FreeSunRide Wanting a "hacker" to access their boyfriend's PC19:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:54
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (banlist filling up: 585 bans)23:10
bioterror585 bans, niiiice23:12
Unit193Lies, it's not that full23:12
ikoniakfloodboot fail23:15
=== niko is now known as evilniko

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