TheYsNoihello there...08:35
TheYsNoihas someone tested the alpha2 release here?08:35
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brendandTheYsNoi - lot's of people have. any problem?14:51
cjwatsonbrendand: he/she isn't here any more,14:54
cjwatsonanyhow I suspect it's confusion between this channel and #ubuntu-testing, or something14:54
skaethmm... rls-mgr-p-tracking seems to be missing some bugs that should be there.   Wonder what glitched up now?15:03
jibelskaet, the glitch is "Friday, 20. January 2012 02:01 UTC "15:17
jibellast refresh is 2 weeks behind15:17
skaetthanks jibel15:18
skaetmissed that15:18
* skaet was focused on A2 since returning from vacation.15:19
cjwatsonI complained about it in a release meeting or two.15:20
cjwatsonSo far I seem to have been ignored.15:20
skaetcjwatson,  bjf is the person to ping directly when it stops working.   Sorry I thought it had been taken care of,  but didn't check for myself until this morning.15:24
cjwatsonSomebody (Steve, I think) said they had already done so.15:25
cjwatsonI've given up on that whole system as honestly it's just broken too often.  At least LP is consistent.15:25
cjwatsonEven if it's less well-categorised.15:25
skaetI wanted it in LP,  but there were roadblocks put up for getting the categorization in there.15:26
jdstrandfyi, I need to take the publisher offline19:14
jdstrandwe have an important firefox update that has to go out today, and I need to make sure everything that went to -updates with the rapid release migration makes it to -security19:15
jdstrandnow that I know about sru-release, this should not be as painful as last time19:15
jdstrand(not nearly-- it should be off for less than an hour)19:16
jdstrandsorry, this should be the last of these19:16
jdstrandcron job disabled19:18
cjwatsonjdstrand: I'd like to know how long it took20:19
jdstrandcjwatson: well, it is for two releases, maverick and lucid20:19
jdstrandlucid is done, maverick is still going20:19
jdstrandI didn't start sru-release right away though, cause there were a number of things I needed to copy-package20:19
jdstrandI think it was in the neighborhood of 25 minutes20:20
jdstrandand by they, I mean lucid20:20
jdstrandor it20:20
jdstrandlucid I think took 25 minutes20:20
jdstrandwhich is *much* better than the 2.5+ hours it took for copy-package20:21
cjwatsonOK.  Archive.copyPackages might be faster yet, but that doesn't send mail so I want to think about whether it makes sense for sru-release to use that20:24
cjwatsonHow many packages was this?20:24
* micahg was wondering about recent mail sent for -updates20:26
cjwatsonYeah, side-effect20:30
cjwatsonBut copyPackages might be a sensible solution actually20:31
cjwatsonI forget what the typical overhead of an API request is20:31
cjwatsonI'd like to get to the point where - at least - this sort of thing only requires good timing rather than stopping the publisher, and ideally is transactional so you always get either all or none20:32
jdstrandcjwatson: looks like 736, based on what q accept tells me I had to do with unapproved in lucid-security for language-pack-20:33
cjwatson(IIRC copyPackages isn't transactional though)20:33
micahgcjwatson: stuff was also coming from 2 different sources (-proposed and -updates)20:33
jdstrandfwiw, I commented out temporarily the copy to -updates in sru-release since they are already there20:34
cjwatsonjdstrand: wow.  one API request versus 736 might well make a serious difference then.20:34
cjwatsonmicahg: ok, two requests then :)20:34
jdstrandyeah, I was pretty surprised by that number before, and was resurprised today :)20:34
jdstrandI have to do it twice too20:34
cjwatsonthat might well just amount to good timing20:34
jdstrandok maverick done20:34
micahgbut both needed to be atomic, I guess the -proposed stuff could've been copied to -updates first, then copy everything to -security20:35
cjwatsonstrictly you only need to be confident of it completing before the next publisher run starts20:35
cjwatsonif it takes five minutes or something, that's just timing20:35
jdstrandmaverick had 77020:36
jdstrandok, almost done with my bits20:36
cjwatsonof course it's a bit awkward that you have to accept from the queue as well20:38
jdstrandit is20:41
jdstrandok, cron job re-enabled20:43
cjwatsonif copyPackages were restricted to the archive owner (I don't *think* it is ...) or if we had an alternative privileged interface, then we could arrange for that to bypass the queue20:45
cjwatsonit goes through the queue right now because we're using an interface that only requires ordinary uploader privilegeq20:46
jdstrandinterestingly, it seems there might be some logic there20:46
jdstrandthe langpacks like I said I didn't copy to -updates (commented out those lines in sru-release)20:47
jdstrandthose needed to be approved20:47
jdstrandbut when bzr reverted sru-release and used it for firefox and mozvoikko for lucid-oneiric, I was told to look in the q, but they weren't there20:47
* jdstrand checks again20:49
jdstrandoh, there they are20:49
jdstrandmust have been another cron job20:49
jdstrandok, all accepted20:50
cjwatsonyes, PackageCopyJobs are processed by a cron job21:16
cjwatsonit's every minute or two I think21:16
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