dpmgood morning all07:10
Mirvmorning :)07:48
TLEgood morning09:05
dpmmorning TLE10:41
dpmTLE, so it seems after talking to some canonicalers, that I'll have to give up on juju to install the django server and just do it straight from packages10:43
dpmsorry it's taking a while, I'm doing it between other jobs10:43
TLEdpm: that's no so good, isn't that supposed to be one of those things that you should be able to do with juju?10:48
TLEin any case, don't worry about the deployment taking time, I'm just eager to get it up and running so I attention-wise can put it a little on the backburner10:49
dpmTLE, yeah, but it's depending on charms being written for each type of deployment. So juju works well, but the current django charm is simply not finished10:49
TLEdpm: yeah I figured as much10:50
TiMiDogreetings my Ubuntu Friends ;)10:53
TLETiMiDo: greetings and salutations10:56
TiMiDolike wise TLE10:56
TiMiDohow is Denmark TLE10:56
TLEfreaking cold right now, but otherwise great10:57
dpmhi TiMiDo10:57
TiMiDohello there dpm10:57
kelemengabordpm: TLE: hi, could you guys give a little publicity on FB/G+ to this link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1201/FixingI18NBugs11:24
dpmkelemengabor, oh, damn, I forgot to do it last night!11:24
dpmI'll do this now11:25
kelemengabornevermind, it is too thick anyways to understand it in "live" mode :)11:25
dpmI'm sorry about that, I promoted the app dev talks and then I got sidetracked11:25
dpmkelemengabor, done11:36
TLEdpm: that IRC mode for the wiki is a little annoying, in that it doesn't break the lines11:53
dpmTLE, I know, I too noticed that the theming in the wiki has become worse in that regard :/11:54
dpmtext used to be out of the central column if it was longer. It wasn't pretty, but at least it was readable11:54
TLEI was pondering scripting something to somehow fix it, maybe forcing a 80 char line width and if the IRC wont accept that, then make some custom markup11:56
TLEerr: the IRC mode11:56
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