directhexdo i wear my qt <3 ubuntu tshirt, or my opensolaris tshirt?00:00
AzelphurUbuntu :P00:00
gordif i'm wearing my conference shirts, it generally means its prolly laundry day00:15
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directhexif i don't wear my Qt tee, how will people know i love Qt?00:26
directhexsee also opensolaris00:26
Azelphurfor maps in a game, creative commons is a suitable license, right?00:32
directhexdepends on which rights you want to confer and which to reserve00:33
directhexi.e. "what do you want to do?"00:33
Azelphurdirecthex: thinking of running a contest on my game servers, get some nice new maps made00:33
Azelphurso I was thinking enforce CC license without the commercial clause (since I'm aiming towards commercial)00:34
directhexCC-BY-ND or CC-BY?00:34
Azelphurprobably CC-BY00:35
directhexas long as the licenses of content you consume - textures for example - don't go against that00:35
directhexi don't remember if hl2 engine cooks the textures into the map file00:36
Azelphurgood point, I'll ask about00:36
Azelphurwtf -.- job centre apparently just phoned my dad to tell me I'd missed an appointment that they never booked with me, and arn't supposed to be booking with me at all01:03
directhexjust? at 1am?01:08
Azelphursorry, not just, haha01:16
Azelphurmy dads slow/inaccurate at reporting things, so will need to call back and see what's going on, they havn't even scheduled an appointment with me or anything :/01:17
MooDoomorning all08:08
popeyx220 out for delivery \o/08:12
MooDooyay...it's had a long journey :D08:13
Myrttiboo, we ordered a winter coat and it'll be here on Monday - D will fly today :-|08:16
Myrtti-23C :-|08:16
MooDooMyrtti: wow where are you?08:18
Myrttimy apartment in Finland08:19
Myrttiit's been -38.5C up north earlier this week08:19
MooDooit's -5 here where i am....08:19
Myrttisecond round in presidential elections and people are campaigning out there...08:20
MooDoowell they got to do it08:20
diploMorning all08:20
Myrttischools have limits on how cold the kids go out for recess08:20
daubersAlanBell: Which week are the happy hours in normally?08:26
MooDoomorning czajkowski08:46
TheOpenSourcererMorning all - looks like AlanBell had a dodgy pint last night.08:47
daubersoh dear, should we all point and laugh now?08:50
popeyjust the one?08:53
TheOpenSourcererWell, he "says" it's food poisoning ;-) Apparently been up all night on the great white telephone.08:53
Myrttioh my08:54
popeycan't take him anywhere08:54
Myrttiwell atleast for once I can feel old in a positive way08:54
smittixhmm my server randomly shut down last night08:59
Myrttihttp://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/weather/Kuusamo - Kuusamo is in East Lapland09:12
Myrtti(real data is the line graph below, prediction is above)09:13
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MooDoowow -38 on sunday09:17
* czajkowski is writing her slides now ....09:17
oimonhttp://gizmodo.com/5874133/olpc-xo-30-hands-on-the-100-wonder-tablet the OLPC tablet looks quite good09:19
MooDoohello s-fox09:19
MooDoohello czajkowski you ok hun?09:19
s-foxHello MooDoo , how are you ? :-) Still at the photography?09:19
MooDoos-fox: very well thanks :) yes i'm still at it :D09:20
czajkowskiMooDoo: aye09:20
MooDooczajkowski: just checking due to the FECK!!! :)09:20
* bigcalm zaps a beer to AlanBell for chairing last night's meeting from a pub while I continued working.09:24
bigcalmAlanBell: will make it a real one next time I'm your way09:24
bigcalmHi peeps09:25
* popey is saving eggs for tomorrow09:26
JamesTaitHappy Friday, everyone! :D09:26
JamesTaitpopey: What's tomorrow?09:26
daubersJamesTait: You weekend worshipper you!09:27
popeyWhen we usually have boiled eggs for brekkie09:27
popeythat or croissants09:27
popeyor bacon09:27
JamesTaitWe should do something like that.09:27
JamesTaitdaubers: Not really, but I like to play along for those who are. ;)09:28
popeyweekdays kids are ina hurry so we just have cereal09:28
* JamesTait nods09:28
TwinkletoesGeneral question... What mailing lists/blogs/websites do people subscribe to/look at for general IT security-related alerts?09:28
* daubers is off paintballing tomorrow \o/09:29
popeytoo cold for paintball ☺09:29
* JamesTait will mostly be looking for a new car.09:29
MooDoolazer tag09:29
Twinkletoespopey: Hey! - When paintballs *don't* explode on impact, it bloody hurts09:29
gordnice warm cup of tea... athon09:29
* bigcalm is ignoring computers for 48 hours tomorrow (that's the plan any way)09:29
MooDoopaintball rocks09:29
popeyhttp://imgur.com/H6xfj nearly there09:32
TheOpenSourcererme thinks someone is a tad excited...09:32
oimonTwinkletoes: http://isc.sans.org/ is quite good, but i am on various lists for specific stuff since IT is very broad and i don't care much about mac and win security issues09:32
bigcalmI hope it's worth it09:33
Twinkletoesoimon: thx09:33
popeyjust a bit TheOpenSourcerer :D09:33
TheOpenSourcererI bet popey won't be "ignoring computers for 48 hours" this weekend09:34
bigcalmpopey: reminds me of when I ordered my Nexus One. I may have spammed here about it a little as well09:34
oimonthe reality ne'er meets up to the hype09:36
oimonafter a day you think meh it's just a box i run stuff on09:36
JamesTaitWhat have you ordered, popey?09:36
danfishooh - BT Vision doing a sky and moving to linux http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/03/bt_vision_upgrade/09:36
popeyJamesTait: x22009:36
JamesTaitOh yeah, I remember you saying now.09:37
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: My mate works and sky was responsible for the OTA update from vxWorks to Linux last year on the Sky+ boxes - That's big cahonas if you ask me.09:38
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: I remember you saying that - definitely a gutsy move. Not sure I trust BT to make it go as smoothly.....09:39
danfishThe inlaws have got it, so I expect some help calls sometime soon :(09:40
bigcalmpopey: does it come with the windows tax?09:42
directhexTheOpenSourcerer: skyboxes aren't vxworks anymore?09:42
popeybigcalm: yes09:43
TheOpenSourcererI want to draw some fairly simple object diagrams for a functional spec on a project. Dia or OOo Draw?09:43
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: Certainly the Sky+ HD aren't running vx anymore.09:43
bigcalmpopey: putting in an ssd?09:44
TheOpenSourcererNot sue if they have updated all devices.09:44
popeybigcalm: no09:44
* popey has updated the dns records for ubuntu-uk.org and all the subdomains (mootbot, podcast, static.podcast, pastebin) - let me know if something breaks please!09:46
popeyold IP is
popeynew IP is
TheOpenSourcererThat'll be a bitfolk server then popey09:47
TheOpenSourcererHad to do the same thing to one of ours the other day09:47
popeyleft it a bit late09:48
TheOpenSourcererI didn't get the orginal email about it. Only found out 2 weeks ago.09:49
DJonesJust having a play with bitlbee, does anybody know if there are issues with it connecting to msn accounts, I can see bug reports talking about it and wondered if anybody was aware of a fix for it09:54
diplopopey / TheOpenSourcerer, BitFolk best VPS company to go for atm, want to move away from my GoDaddy hosting09:59
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: I guess it depends on what you need. We mainly use Hetzner now but we rent bare metal servers. We have a bitfolk VPS which has been very reliable and have no problems with it.10:02
BigRedSHas anyone got VPS majorly wrong? I don't think I've ever heard a VPS horror story...10:03
diploHosting half a dozen sites TheOpenSourcerer and use as a backup for my images via rsync10:03
diploNo heavy use at all10:03
diploAbout £12 a month for what i need10:03
diploI pay £6 a month atm on shared so not the end of the world10:04
shaunoBigRedS: I had one that had no idea of the concept of uptime.  they've since relocated and seem to be behaving now tho, so I won't name them10:04
popeymine has 3 9's uptime ☺10:06
BigRedSooooh, not come across uprecords before10:09
shaunoyeah, I've had zero problems with bitfolk.  and they've been pretty nifty whenever I've needed to bug them about anything too10:09
popeytis fun BigRedS10:10
MyrttiBigRedS: my VPS went wrong, but it was hosted by a friend on a second-hand server in a server room I had no idea of10:10
Myrttiand it was too costly for my needs anyway10:10
BigRedSpopey: debian seems to only have the cgi version10:11
BigRedSoh, it includes that binary10:11
diploI've always had servers with gigs of ram in them hosted locally, 480mb ram for non busy sites be ok with apache, or better to learn a leaner web server ?10:13
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DJonesThis sounds promising, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/03/bt_vision_upgrade/ BT Vision top upgrade set top boxes from Windows CE to Linux over the air10:14
m4r35n357is there a simple explanation of what the different virtualbox packages are?10:15
shaunoDJones: what could possibily go wrong ;)10:15
DJonesshauno: My thoughts as well10:15
m4r35n357there are two DKMS packages, guest ISO and guest packages, with complicated dependencies and conflicts, and little or no guidance10:15
* smittix really can't see why my VPS host can't send a mail out for scheduled down time.10:16
smittixInstead I have to check their service status page everyday just to make sure I know when they are going to take my server offline :/10:16
m4r35n357I've just failed to install pangolin alpha, because it wants the DKMS package10:16
m4r35n357which I had, bit it was removed when I asked for the guest packages10:16
m4r35n357and trying to reinstall it causes a conflict that I'm not sure how to resolve10:17
m4r35n357the whole thing is a mess!10:17
m4r35n357should I use the DKMS or the guest DKMS?10:17
m4r35n357should I use the guest packages or the guest ISO package?10:17
m4r35n357maybe I should just not bother testing . . . . ?10:18
kirrusm4r35n357: it's alpha! Expect it to break in interesting and horrible ways :P10:19
m4r35n357kirrus, what, virtualbox?  did you read my question?10:20
kirrus"failed to install pangolin alpha"10:21
m4r35n357and the rest . . .10:21
m4r35n357it's a virtualbox question10:21
m4r35n357not a pangolin question10:21
popeywhich virtualbox package did you install?10:22
popey(I have never had this problem with vb)10:22
m4r35n357popey, I wanted the base package, but with guest additions, the synaptic descriptions are just confusing10:23
popeywhat version of ubuntu are you on?10:23
m4r35n357and selecting various things deselects other things, with no overall explanation10:23
popeysudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose10:24
popeythat should be sufficient to get virtualbox installed10:24
m4r35n357I have now got the DKMS installed by using synaptic (the command line gave me a conflict), which deinstalled teh guest DKMS, whatever that is10:24
popey(I usually use the deb from their website tbh)10:24
m4r35n357so there are two DKMS packages, basically, why?10:25
popeywhy do you care?10:25
popeyjust install virtualbox and run it10:25
m4r35n357well I want to undestand what I am doing10:25
popeyanything that has -guest- in the name is intended to be installed (sorry if this sounds dumb) in the 'guest' not the 'host' machine10:25
popeyi.e. on 11.04 (your host) you don't install -guest- packages10:26
popeybut in your 12.04 install _inside_ the VM you _do_10:26
popeymake sense?10:26
m4r35n357yeah, sort of, but there is a confusing package linkage that got me10:28
m4r35n357anyway, "no bootable medium found" is the latest issue10:28
m4r35n357I've tried it on IDE primary and secondary master, maybe it doesn't like the image being on a NAS?10:28
m4r35n357ISO image10:29
m4r35n357I'm copying it to my home dir to try again10:30
popeydont think it cares where it is, so long as it's accessible10:30
m4r35n357well I can read it, but VB can't ;)10:30
m4r35n357nope, won't load from home dir either10:33
m4r35n357maybe the ISO is corrupt . . .10:34
popeywhich iso did you grab?10:34
popeyI'll test here10:34
m4r35n357hold on, I'll check teh md5sum10:35
m4r35n357looks good to me10:35
m4r35n357its' the Xubuntu desktop10:35
m4r35n357but I haven't used VB for a while, so I might have got something wrong10:36
m4r35n357yep, my fault, I had the CD disabled!10:37
m4r35n357hmmm, refuses to run live CD, complaining about missing pae, whatever that is10:40
m4r35n357also, wants me to select 32 bit graphics, but I can't find the option10:42
m4r35n357now a "critical error" from VB . ..10:43
m4r35n357yep, it insists on pae, but fails if I enable it, giving up!10:46
m4r35n357well over the years I've acquired a good sense of when to surrender ;)10:48
m4r35n357I'm a bit of an old hand with Debian/Ubuntu10:48
brobostigongood morning everyone.11:10
DJonesMorning brobostigon11:11
brobostigonmorning DJones11:11
DJonesbrobostigon: You might just be the person I want to speak to, do you use bitlbee?11:12
brobostigonDJones: i do, yes.11:12
DJonesI've just been playing around getting it working for chat accounts, I can get gtalk working fine, but msn fails at getting the buddy list, have you had that problem?11:13
brobostigonDJones: yes, the normal bitlbee failed there here aswell, untill i used bitlbee-libpurple, which uses libpurple insted of bitlbee's own protocol stack, msn works with that.11:14
DJonesis that in the repo's? or do you have to compile it manually?11:14
brobostigonDJones: i use bitlbee ppa here, and it is in there.11:15
brobostigon!info bitlbee-libpurple11:15
lubotu3bitlbee-libpurple (source: bitlbee): An IRC to other chat networks gateway (using libpurple). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.3-1ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 119 kB, installed size 288 kB11:15
DJonesFound it anyway11:15
brobostigonok, it is in the repos.11:15
brobostigonDJones: you may have to readd or change some of the account parameters, i had to, some of the account details dont follow over properly. between one and the other.11:16
DJonesI'd deleted the account anyway, just readding and testing again11:17
DJonesIt authenticated, but still fails at the buddy list11:18
brobostigonDJones: i dont know then, i would maybe try the version in their ppa, as that work here, and is alittle newer.11:19
DJonesbrobostigon: Thats the one I'm using, maybe need to completely stop & restart bitlbee11:20
brobostigonDJones: that is what i did, yes.11:20
DJonesbrobostigon: How do you quit bitlbee without quitting irssi?11:21
brobostigonDJones: i killed the channel, and the /disconnect from the network name, you connected to.11:21
Garyhttp://imgur.com/a/7GyVH#0  green snotrocket! ftw11:22
DJonesGary: Why is that headed up "MX5 sport black" when its green ?11:22
DJonesbrobostigon: Thanks11:22
brobostigonDJones: :)11:22
smittixYay! Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 has arrived.11:23
GaryDJones: because it's a green sport black edition mx511:23
daubersgreen sport black yellow red edition?11:23
DJonesRight..... :)11:23
GaryI don't query mazda's naming, I just bought the thing :p11:23
Garythey did em in red and white too, but not black!11:24
Gary(there is a lot of black trim though)11:24
brobostigonDJones: also, i am using the pidgin ppa, so i also have the latest version of libpurple, for it to use, which may help also.11:26
gordanyone know if webdav sucks? looking for a backup solution that doesn't require me to input a password (so i can automate) but isn't just cp -r * /path/to/samba/share11:37
mgdmssh with a key?11:38
mgdmwebdav is... complicated11:38
popeyi backup the other way round, run backup on server that pulls from laptop/desktop11:38
popeyand that uses ssh keys11:38
gordhey that is a point, ssh with a key should work11:40
gordthe real question is why was dejadup asking me for a key11:40
TheOpenSourcerergord I run a bash script on my little server that wakes up the machines around the house and backs up from one to another - no passwords all done using ssh keys and rsync.11:41
gordgrumble dejadup backs up stupid stuff11:42
gordreally don't need it to back up my browser cache11:42
diplopopey, to answer your question from earlier, dns is still resolving to old ip for podcast.xxxxx etc of 213 and not the new one on Virgin here atm11:43
popeydiplo: yeah, taking an age11:44
diplonot sure when you made the change but it's not propagated yet11:44
diploNot sure if you saw my Q earlier, what web server do you run on your vps ?11:44
diploDo you have the default 480mb ?11:44
popeydiplo: mine has 128mb11:51
diplooh right :)11:51
diplodo you run apache ? Was going to try and find out myself but as i can't resolve the sites i couldnt check11:53
popeydiplo: no, i use lighttpd12:06
oimongord: i tried using webdav feature supplied by box.net and it sucked royally12:08
oimoni gave up my rsync because it didn't seem to actually do anything. wondering if thats box.net or webdav's fault12:09
diplocheers popey12:13
daubers\o/ coffee machine12:22
davmor2morningish all12:31
daubersdavmor2: Afternoon12:36
czajkowskiChoooo choo12:50
oimonugh i always regret eating a pasty about 5 seconds after finishing13:19
* popey cuddles Gary 13:20
GaryI just had most of a large dominos pizza for lunch, i'll probably feel ill in about 30 min13:20
Garyhey popey you sexy beast13:20
oimonwondering whether to wash down with crisps or straight to the batternberg13:21
Garybeer for washing down13:21
oimonwhat's the proper name for sysadmins law? (no changes after lunch on a friday)13:41
BigRedSpoets day?13:41
BigRedSoh, no, that's way more general and just about going home early13:41
oimonthis guy wants to name it after himself (2nd law) http://barry.warsaw.us/software/laws.html13:43
oimonlooks like it's there for the taking13:43
Garyno changes when I'm drunk law?13:49
davmor2jpds: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/92165713:53
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 921657 in software-center (Ubuntu) "permissions issue accessing deb lines" [Undecided,New]13:53
AlanBellmorning all14:20
AlanBellI just woke up so it is morning14:21
TheOpenSourcererHello AlanBell How are you?14:22
TheOpenSourcererDodgy pint? Or dodgy chicken kebab14:23
directhexnice logic14:24
AlanBellwhatever it was my body decided to make sure it wss all gone every 20 minutes to 6:3014:25
TheOpenSourcererOh dear.14:25
directhexi am in london.14:26
directhexnot for long though14:27
bigcalmAlanBell: oh dear, I hope it doesn't put you off future drinks and kebabs14:34
bigcalmSomething to be said for working for yourself14:34
* popey waits for his neighbour to come home14:36
popeyUPS dropped my laptop off to neigbour14:36
bigcalmSo you're waiting on their doorstep and are chatting via your phone14:37
bigcalmHave you considered breaking a window?14:38
popeyhah, no, i have one eye on the road to see when he gets back14:38
popeythey already have one14:38
bigcalmtonytiger: how far north would you be willing to travel for a wedding shoot?14:39
bigcalmAnd are you available Autumn 2013?14:39
* bigcalm ponders a twitter fall at his wedding reception14:40
gordi can do your wedding photos14:41
popeywith a 3ds?14:41
gordmy nexus camera is fine right?14:41
gordor the 3ds14:41
gordthen its in 3d!14:41
gord or the 3ds + nexus camera taped on, 4d!14:42
bigcalmOh dear14:42
gordi took my old ds to my brothers wedding, they wern't happy about that14:42
bigcalmWonder why14:43
popeywould be fun to have an end of level tone play when the 'you may kiss the bride' bit comes up14:43
GaryI did the pics for my brothers wedding, and have got a better camera since then too14:43
Garybigcalm: where?14:44
bigcalmpopey: oggcamp can't clash, please ensure14:44
Garybigcalm: eek, at least 3 hours away, 215 miles14:45
Garypopey: or a level up tone14:45
bigcalmGary: yet, not everything happens down sauf :P14:46
GaryI ain't that southern14:46
popeybigcalm: tricky given I don't know when your wedding is14:47
gorddrowning music from sonic would be more interesting14:47
bigcalmpopey: autumn 2013 :P14:47
* seeker needs a wedding photographer14:47
popeyseeker: meet tonytiger14:47
* seeker will pass link on to someone that is allowed to make decisions about said wedding14:51
bigcalmseeker: know the feeling :P14:52
seekerpopey: Any idea who makes the GPU in that?14:54
popeythat link is all i know14:55
brobostigonany perticuler recommendarion for an anti-virus/general security app, for android?14:55
popeyI wouldn't bother14:56
brobostigoni have pray, already.14:56
popeywhy have one?14:57
brobostigonor why i shouldnt?14:57
brobostigonthr immediate disadvanteges that come to mind are, use of ram and cpu, so, ie , not leaving as much for the other things i ant to run.14:58
seekerbrobostigon: I have a rock you can buy which keeps away tigers14:59
brobostigonseeker: haha.14:59
seekerpopey: Hmm, similar price to a mac mini14:59
brobostigonalso increases the wake time, so, ie, get higher battery drain.14:59
popeyI'm trying to get to "why have one"15:00
popeynot "why not have one"15:00
brobostigonandroid targetted virii/malware etc.15:01
popeyis there a real problem with that?15:02
brobostigondepends on who i talk to, and what i read.15:03
oimonseeker: apparently horse chestnuts keep spider away15:03
oimonbrobostigon: are you frequenting the chinese 3rd party wallpaper app markets much?15:03
brobostigonoimon: no.15:03
oimoni install 1 new app a month if that. and usually used by 500,000 others15:03
oimonnot everyone is me though, i admit15:04
brobostigonoimon: yes, i take sensible precautions, of research like that, also.15:04
brobostigonok, i get the impression, having just prey, is going to be enough.15:05
oimonbrobostigon: google are scanning apps now too. tbh i thought they already were15:13
brobostigonoimon: that was my though also,15:14
oimonsat down again with 4 DEs last night, trying to decide what to use in 12.0415:26
oimoni thought that gnome shell with extensions would supply my needs but the title bars etc are enormous15:28
oimonand the extensions are a bit glitchy15:29
oimoni might end up settling for unity with docky, minus global menu, buttons on right and 10 seconds reveal on launcher(i.e. hidden)15:30
oimonor XFCE :D15:31
diplooimon, My friends have horse chestnuts outside there front and back door, they reckon it's worked really well15:33
diploFirst time they have done it this year15:34
diploSome sort of odour or something they give off from memory ( Could be completely wrong! )15:34
oimonalthough we have had low spider count this  year15:34
diploSince my wife left me I've had 2!15:35
diploWhen my wife lived with me, maybe 50-100 a year15:35
oimoncorrelation vs causation, i like it15:35
oimoni also find that argent nit is a great homeopathic remedy for allergic conjuctivitis..liberal twitter users hate me for it15:36
diploWe had some huge ones, one that was bigger than the light switch it was walking past, it was so heavy/big that when it hit the floor because it was so heavy it made a huge *thud*15:36
* oimon pukes a bit15:36
diploI don't like spiders but not to worried, but when she screamed with that one i thought not again, but when i got downstairs i was actually taken aback by it's size15:37
diplomy normal pint glass catching tool wasn't big enough15:37
diploHad to get a pyrex bowl15:37
diploGot some photos somewhere, I was proud!15:37
Garyi'd have run away15:37
Garysold the house or something15:37
diploIt was close!15:37
Garysur eit was a spider and not a small dog with mutant legs?15:38
diploI do reckon some of the spider issues are down to me keeping the house a lot tidier and cooler now15:38
* diplo looks for photo a mo15:38
oimoni'd have charged rent15:38
DJonesdiplo: Camel Spider -> http://www.camelspiders.net/large-camel-spider.jpg I'd be tempted to move house15:41
nucruhello out there. have anyone experience in Empathy. I want to use it as an IM-client.15:41
oimondon't click it15:41
DJonesoimon: "click it" Hit the bugger with large sledgehammer more like :)15:43
diplonot the best photos15:44
diploGot some others at home15:44
diploIt was it's leg span, I have a photo somewhere of it and it's legs were above and below the light switch15:44
seekerThat's evil15:48
diploIt gave me the shudders for sure :D15:48
DJonesYuch, I'd have reached for the hoover for that15:49
bigcalmThank goodness that photo loaded slowly15:49
bigcalmI shall read the scroll back before clicking future links15:50
gordspiders are cute :P15:52
Garyonly when flat15:52
bigcalmOnly when I can't see them15:53
gordhttp://socuteurl.com/bluefairycat especially cute15:53
bigcalmYeah, think I'll ignore here for a while and get back to work15:54
diploI've never killed a spider15:54
oimoni know an old lady who swallowed a fly16:02
popeyho ho16:07
brobostigonmy mum is watching ch4, and there is this women on there, with such an accent, that for comic affect, you would add subtitles to her.16:27
TheOpenSourcererBlimey strong stuff from the Met Office: "There is a 100% probability of severe cold weather/icy  conditions/heavy snow between 1000 on Friday and 1000 on Tuesday in  parts of England." http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/coldweatheralert/16:30
gordi don't think they know what 100% means16:31
tonytigerbigcalm: Have camera, will travel. :) And I am generally available in August 2013 yes.16:38
bigcalmAutumn, didn't say August ;)16:45
bigcalmtonytiger: that's great though! I shall let Hayley know16:45
bigcalmtonytiger: Hayley spotted a typo on your site :|16:45
tonytigerOooh, where?16:46
seekertonytiger: How busy are you in November this year?16:47
bigcalmtonytiger: Jeff’s family, who own a coach fim16:47
tonytigerbigcalm: oops, thanks16:47
bigcalmtonytiger: I'll give Hayley the happy news ;)16:47
tonytigerbigcalm: fixed the typo, thanks16:50
tonytigerseeker: depends on the date, but I'm not fully booked :)16:50
tonytigerThat's clear :)16:51
seekerCool, I'll give the better half a link to your site later16:52
tonytigerseeker: nice one, thanks :)16:54
popeysqueeeeeeeee new laptop16:55
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seekerpopey: Cool :)16:56
gordpopey, you are officially welcome into the club of awesome people who own awesome laptops :)16:57
popeyoh golly this has sparkles16:57
popeythe lid sparkles16:58
popeylike it has glitter embedded in it16:58
gordoh right yes16:58
gordits pretty16:58
seekerIs it pink?16:58
Myrttipink mentioned16:59
seekerWith ponies?16:59
gordi refuse to believe that is a script, Myrtti is just that fast16:59
Myrttiit was indeed typed 100% there on the spot by me.16:59
popeyi havent even switched it on yet16:59
popeyi am just looking at it16:59
popeyneed an iso16:59
seekerShe is staff, she has special powers now17:00
gordits the prettiest of all the thinkpads17:00
gordhrm firefox 10 has a fullscreen api! fantastic! - fullscreen gets removed if you click on another window :(17:01
ali1234more fullscreen than what you get if you press f12?17:01
gordits different than the f11 fullscreen, which just removes the chrome17:02
gordits intended for video and the like17:02
Dave2but we're talking about firefox not chrome!17:02
* Dave2 hides a bit.17:02
* popey waits for snow17:02
* bigcalm wants snow17:02
* Dave2 does not want snow.17:03
Dave2Don't want to be stuck inside.17:03
* brobostigon reckons there wont be snow where he lives, until after midday tmrw.17:03
bigcalmForecast for tomorrow, yay17:03
* gord prints out a fake browser window with "isitsnowingyet.com" as the url, cuts out the content and pastes it on to his window17:03
ali1234er, yeah F11... but F11 removes everything except the scroll bars17:04
ali1234although admittedly the vertical scrollbar does show up even if there the content all fits on one page17:05
danfishpointless but fun http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:132917:05
ali1234also, bombing out of fullscreen mode on loss of focus is aping a flash "feature"17:05
gordthey just both want to jump out of fullscreen if you alt tab17:07
dwatkinschristel: I saw these and was reminded of the BOSU - http://www.space-hoppers.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=177 ;)17:11
popeywe have a space hopper17:13
seekerParty at popeys!17:13
gordmust buy space hopper.. but fill with helium, sail to the moon17:13
dwatkinsI also considered buying a space hopper, despite having no garden to hop in.17:13
dwatkinsI could hop to work...17:13
dwatkinsI wonder how well they cope with pavements...17:14
bigcalmchristel: \o/17:15
popeyI do have a shovel too :D17:15
dwatkinsThe design on these space hoppers looks a little evil.17:16
bigcalmDifferent product17:16
bigcalmOh, 'on' not 'of'17:16
* bigcalm goes back to work17:16
dwatkinsI didn't notice the XXX section, although thankfully the video (which is obviously NSFW on a NSFW site) has been deleted.17:18
bigcalmOh my17:19
dwatkinsI'd almost forgotten that mplayer can play a movie in ASCII, this amuses me.17:25
christelhelllooo bigcalm17:26
christelpopey: how do you use a shovel with a space hopper?17:26
christelwait, don't tell me -- is this going to be the sequel to extreme ironing?17:26
christelextreme shovelling - popey style17:27
Dave2Affix to the bottom, jump17:28
seeker     If you put a drill on the bottom you have the precursor to a pneumatic drill17:33
bigcalmpneumatic is an evil word17:34
bigcalmAs is mnemonic17:35
seekerWhy ?17:35
bigcalmAnd knew17:35
gordjust pronounce the silent letters, it'll make everything easier in the long run17:35
seekerbigcalm: You must love 'queue'17:35
BigRedSI still get annoyed with Feng Shui. I think that's a word that's completely missed the point of transliteration.17:36
bigcalmWho thought it would be a good idea to have silent letters?17:36
gordwho thought it would be a good idea to have multiple words that are spelt precisely the same but have completely different meanings17:36
gordbut pronounced differently17:36
bigcalmClose lead17:37
ali1234wow anonymous have been busy today18:15
aquariusczajkowski, who knows about the forums?18:16
zleapali1234, what they been up to ?18:18
aquariusor anyone else... who do I talk to about ubuntuforums stuff18:18
shaunoI heard their confcall thing covered on the world service.  was a rather bizarre mix of shortwave vs interwebs18:19
zleapnot sure,  try AlanBell or popey they may know who to chat to,18:19
zleapBrewtarget - beer calculator, ubuntu contributers think of everything :D18:24
popeyaquarius: join #ubuntu-community-team18:24
MartijnVdSWhee. Snow -> no more trains18:26
zleapMartijnVdS, i wonder if they have that issue in India where they are using old steam trains and track etc built over 100 years ago18:43
ali1234how often does it snow in india?18:45
zleapit may snow on higher ground18:45
ali1234also remember last year when it was really cold in jan but it still turned out to be warmer on average?18:48
ali1234and it snowed loads and everyone said "oh it's just a one off"18:48
ali1234hey, do you really need all of wordpress to run isitsnowingyet.com?18:50
zleapyeah conditions have to be just right for snow,    local rugby ground is frozen,  so games are off at home tomorrow,  I am down in Penryn :(18:50
zleapwell its fine, but will probably be cold, however saying that,  i think the forcast is 8 c tomorrow18:51
ali12348c or -8c?18:55
ali1234you're lucky18:56
zleapi guess they will call the club or the fixture secretary if the game is off18:56
ali1234we've got min -9, mean -2, max 218:56
ali1234and 5cm of snow18:57
ali1234it hasn't snowed yet but you wouldn't know because there is an inch of hard front on everything18:57
ali1234yesterday i had to put the heating on for the first time this year18:58
shaunoalso almost want to do the "uphill both ways in the snow" rant here.  I've cycled in -40.  was only notable because no-one else showed up for work bceause their gas tanks weren't entirely liquid that morning.19:00
ali1234you had a bike? you're LUCKY19:01
ali1234no but seriously though, 8 degrees is the point where i have to open windows to let out the heat from the computers :)19:02
ali1234i'm considering turning off the heating and just putting on a jumper and some socks, because it seems like a waste of money to sit here in just a t shirt when it's -2 outside19:04
zleapjust a t-shirt sounds cold19:04
shaunothat's hw I handle my bills.  heating is to save the plumbing; it's not for comfort19:04
ali1234yeah that's the thing... it's like 26 degrees in here19:04
zleapyeah my computer office is like 20c19:05
hamitron14 C in here, and that is fine19:05
shaunoand you're complaining about the cold :/19:05
hamitronpopey, means no nibbling them nails I suppose ;)19:06
* zleap hopes its a u buntu t-shirt ur wearing19:07
shaunoeasiest way to handle winter is just to turn your computer around, so the back is blowing at your feet.  sorted.19:07
zleapI did have a Microsoft one at one time, got sent it for registering home essentials 9819:07
hamitronsheep skin rug ftw19:08
shaunoI'm not quite northern enough to go slaughter something to keep me warm :p19:08
hamitronI didn't, grandad did ;/19:09
zleapshauno, that would be the gentoo version,  for the ubuntu version you get the sheep skin ready prepared :D19:09
popeyi was wearing a Red Hat hat during meetings today19:10
hamitronand ubuntu has a new colour every 6 months, so you gotta change :/19:10
popeyhow dare they iterate19:10
zleapit does,  the logo colour is the same as it was last 2 release19:10
hamitronoh, my mistake19:11
hamitronit has done at least19:11
OmNomDePlumeLogo colour is important.19:11
hamitronguess times are tough atm, can't change too often19:11
gordonjcpoh, this is annoying19:11
zleapwell my diy stickers worked quite well19:11
gordonjcphow the hell do you just download a package from the android marketplace?19:12
OmNomDePlumeYOU CANNOT19:13
shaunoas an iphone user, I assume it's something to do with curl, ssh, and the adk19:14
shaunolike taking screenshots :)19:14
diploEvening all19:18
* zleap is installing 0 AD19:21
zleapalso installed the prper xchat client now not the gnome front end one,  that seems ok for new users  but for those of us who need to enter custom settings not as useful]19:24
zleaphi diplo19:25
diployeah i never bother with the gnome one19:25
zleapi didn't realise at first itwas a cut down interface,  been on for months so decided as I am gonna be here quite often,  put the proper one on19:27
zleapI also need to upgrade my netbook, so should I wipe my 2gb flash drive and make a 11.10 boot disk,  or download the latest build of 12.04 and use that instead19:27
zleapgiven 12.04 is pretty stable19:27
popeyaquarius: re: forums, join #ubuntu-community-team19:30
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gordonjcpwell it appears that if you have an android tablet that doesn't have google android marketplace, you cannot get a PDF reader onto it19:31
popeythere are other stores19:32
popeyand you can probably get the apk on a pc and then "sideload" it19:32
popeyI _hate_ that phrase19:32
gordonjcpthat's what I've been trying to do19:32
gordonjcpseems that every other pdf reader is not on whatever half-assed idea of an app store this Archos tablet has19:33
gordonjcpoh this is interesting19:34
gordonjcpyou *can* get an apk for the adobe one, from adobe19:34
gordonjcpit's incredibly buried19:34
popeythats unexpected, and good19:34
* BigRedS is finally on the train to fosdem19:41
* MartijnVdS might drop by on Sunday19:43
BigRedSYou're that local?19:45
MartijnVdSBigRedS: 2 hour drive19:45
bigcalmgordonjcp: kindle app can display pdfs20:03
gordonjcpbigcalm: oooh, never thought of that20:04
bigcalmIt's what I use on my Xoom to read tech documents while coding20:04
bigcalmYou could email the pdf to your kindle email address or just open it in the app20:04
AzelphurAnyone know a place you can get rather cheap PCs with not too much markup? I want to avoid the hassle of building20:56
MartijnVdSAzelphur: your local computer store?20:57
AzelphurMartijnVdS: since when have brick&mortar stores and "cheap" belonged int he same sentence? o.O20:57
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Most web stores have physical presence here20:58
MartijnVdSAzelphur: also, we have tweakers.net/pricewatch in .nl20:58
Azelphurnot here lol20:58
MartijnVdSAzelphur: set something like that up :)20:59
Azelphurperhaps http://www.ebuyer.com/337174-zoostorm-desktop-pc-7873-1051 o.O21:01
Azelphurlooks like an alright base for the price, stick a GPU in there and it'd game ok if required too21:01
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gordonjcpAzelphur: woah21:03
Azelphuryea, seems quite nice, reviews are good too21:03
gordonjcpprobably quicker than the P4 3GHz I'm currently on...21:04
Azelphurfacebook comments say it's got a 400W PSU and a PCIe x16 slot21:13
Azelphurso should be able to slap a GPU in there if required, looks good21:13
* AlanBell likes sata hotplugging21:15
AlanBellupgrading the data disk in my home server to 3TB of spinning rust, just unmounted and unplugged the old one while the computer is still on, put it in another pc and now cloning the drive to the new one21:16
MartijnVdS\o/ sata hotplugging21:17
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popeyEvening all22:11

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