jledbetterpleia2: We can probably pick up a couple people too since we'll be driving.00:06
pleia2jledbetter: do you have hosting space for the 2M image you sent to the list? if I let it through we'll have some grumpy list subscribers00:19
* nhaines shakes his fist.00:22
pleia2(I have hosting space too if needed)00:23
jledbetterpleia2: Sure. Sec.00:54
jledbetterpleia2: Hm. The link isn't working for me to cancel the message.Can you deny it? Resending with a link to a photo00:57
pleia2thank you, sorry for being a pain :)00:57
jledbetterNo worries. I didn't realize it was so huge.00:59
akkI have /etc/cron.daily/mlocate on oneiric, but locate is never up-to-date unless I run updatedb myself.02:32
akkCan't figure out why ... if I run /etc/cron.daily/mlocate it doesn't give errors or anything.02:32
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kdub_hola channel21:33
bkerensaizdubar: U there?22:17
MarkDudebkerensa, hello there23:46
bkerensaMarkDude: Hello23:48
bkerensaMarkDude: I see you are on the list for CLS on Fedora's event site23:48
bkerensabut not OSCON?23:48
MarkDudeWell, there are all sorts of RH folks able to do that23:49
* MarkDude is more support for that event23:49
* MarkDude WONT be the big name in the room there.23:50
MarkDudeI can however help with most anything you need.23:51
MarkDudeThere is a good chance sexycatsinhats will be the lead. However the owner does not do all the work. Folks help them :)23:51

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