mydogsnameisrudyis there a way to turn on number lines in vim00:10
greg-gQ: Is there a way to $Do_Something in vim? A: Yes.00:12
mydogsnameisrudyjust a noob ?00:12
Blazeixmydogsnameisrudy: :set nu00:12
Blazeix:set nonu to turn it off00:12
mydogsnameisrudyok so it has to be set every time00:13
Blazeixmydogsnameisrudy: put it a file called ~/.vimrc in your home directory00:14
mydogsnameisrudyah got it thx again00:19
tjagodaI bet rick_h's .vimrc is like 300 lines long00:24
rick_hhttps://github.com/mitechie/pyvim/blob/master/.vimrc 612 with comments00:24
mydogsnameisrudymine had 1 line ;)00:24
tjagodaIt has dependencies?!00:25
rick_hbut of course!00:25
mydogsnameisrudyah hmmm i much to learn...00:26
Blazeixtjagoda: you're stepping into a whole new world. hang on...00:26
tjagodarick_h has not yet moved out of github and into launchpad!00:27
rick_hheh, I still <3 git00:30
rick_hI'm not sold on this bzr stuff00:30
rick_hbesides, I've got 41 watchers of my pyvim repo :)00:31
tjagodaMy launchpad participation is sporadic, as my extra free time comes and goes00:32
jrwrengit > bzr01:17
jrwrenwant evidence?01:17
jrwrenchecking a 1GB file.01:18
jrwrenthen say ooops.01:18
jrwrenand you want to delete it from history.01:18
jrwrengit can01:18
jrwrenbzr can't01:18
rick_hyea, I'm fighting with people sworn to bzr "it's so user friendly..."01:18
rick_hhate to break it to you, the best tools are never the user friendly ones, that's why they're user friendly01:19
jrwrenand sure... its user friendly, i fyou are used to cvs or svn.01:19
jrwrenbut its NOT user friendly when you have painted yourself into a corner and are stuck.01:19
jrwrengit is more difficult at first becuase its putting you on the path to success.01:19
rick_hyep, and "it's almost as fast as git" if you do 4 different things that aren't defaults to make things quicker01:19
rick_hdefault bzr is still slow as @#$#@$01:20
jrwrenand if you do paint yourself into a corner with git, it is easy to get out. that is not really true of bzr01:20
jrwrenspeed matters.01:20
jrwreni used bzr for a couple years.01:20
jrwrenthen hg for a couple years01:20
jrwrenand now git :)01:20
jrwrenso I htink I can speak to them all reasonable well.01:20
rick_hyea, same here, except I've got this 4th step of back to bzr01:20
jrwreni used to be one of those "its easier" guys01:21
jrwrenand I'll be first to admit, I was wrong01:21
rick_hbzr->hg->git-> aw crap really? bzr01:21
jrwrenyar, that sucks.01:21
rick_hheh yea, I remember when I was saying "man, git seems like a fanboi movement, like django or rails"01:21
snap-lHeh, I  remember that phase01:49
snap-land now I'm a git fanboi01:49
rick_hsnap-l: welcome to the club :)02:02
rick_hSo party!02:03
tjagodaHow long before Rick_H single handedly rips Bzr from launchpad and replaces it with git02:03
rick_htjagoda: hehe, that's *never* going to happen. LP and bzr go together like Linux and gcc02:03
tjagodaTyping on the new keyboard is very satisfying02:36
tjagodaI enjoy its solid metal construction.02:36
rick_htjagoda: there you go, now you have a solid weapon if someone comes after you :)03:23
tjagodaKeyboard AND home defense weapon.03:31
Blazeixreminds me of the cell phone with crime deterrent http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgoVrAR3YOo03:38
snap-lInterview with Severed Fifth uploading03:41
tjagodaCrime deterrent03:48
rick_hmorning, yay friday11:44
mydogsnameisrudymorning ..11:44
snap-lGooooood morning11:49
mydogsnameisrudymy old brain is in pain.. heh11:50
rick_hsnap-l: interview stuff all go well?12:54
WolfgerFriday! \o/13:07
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, it was a really good interview13:44
snap-lIf anyone wants to give some reddit love to the interview... ;)13:44
snap-lOne sec13:45
brouschi think the sum total of everything i've done on reddit is up-vote 3 of snap-l's posts13:47
tjagodaEDI makes me hate life.13:55
tjagodaI love how the entire Auto Industry disregards AIAG standards despite the fact that they had major input in creating them in the first place.13:56
snap-ltjagoda: You should know by now that any time the industry creates a standard, it's mostly to get folks off their back so they can get back to doing what they want to be doing13:57
snap-l"Here, here's a standards group. Now go play in a freeway while I get shit done"13:58
brouschi will change my name to this symbol, kind of like the artist formerly known as prince did http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f4a9/index.htm14:02
snap-lbrousch: I'm totally stealing that and putting it on plus. :)14:03
tjagodaI do not understand this joke, because I do not understand the artist formerly known as prince. =(14:04
snap-ltjagoda: So, when did you first realize you were dead to me?14:04
snap-lbrousch: Please change your nick accordingly, and remember to update launchpad.14:05
brouschtjagoda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_(musician)#The_New_Power_Generation_and_name_change:_1991.E2.80.939414:05
brouschhm, doesn't work in pidgin yet14:06
snap-lFont doesn't support it14:06
snap-lI think there's only two known fonts that support it14:07
brouschin honor of this i declare it to be a "blasting poo armageddon" day14:07
brouschsnap-l: thanks :P14:09
brouschoooh, a python conference in chicago http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/1/prweb8945991.htm14:12
brouschthat's 2 hours closer to me than columbus14:12
tjagodaWhose mailing out brousch's floppy disks?14:14
tjagodabrousch: the floppy disks full of your font symbol!14:42
brouschug, it will be nice getting the grpug site off of GAE14:47
brouschtoo many hacks to make it work right14:47
tjagodaHope I get my follow up from Canonical today14:53
tjagodaOr I will spend the entire weekend in enraged wonderment14:53
brouschgood luck!14:55
tjagodaI'll just have rick call up Matt and demand a timeline15:27
tjagodaI'm sure he's good with that15:27
jrwreni hope i get a follow up for a new job too!15:27
jrwrenI'd actually be working with linux and python \m/15:27
jrwreni know, the world is gonna end.15:28
* brousch smells a troll15:28
jrwrenwell, I've been doing objective-c for my day job for a couple months now. No more MSFT15:28
krondorooh byobu has tmux in 12.04?  My new fun thing to play with today.15:29
snap-lYeah, tmux is quickly replacing screen15:29
brouschjrwren: where is it?15:29
jrwrenarbor networks15:29
jrwreni fear the tmux15:33
rick_hjrwren: awesome man, seemed cool when they hosted the python group15:33
jrwreni'm still ctrl-a for everything in byobu, i turn off the F1-F12 bindings. I hope it is easy to do the same in byobu 12.0415:33
jrwrenrick_h: they have a new locaiton, beautiful building down on state street.15:34
rick_hI switched to tmux but mapped ctrl-a as well15:34
jrwrenrick_h: and DAMN do they interview... I got awesome deep questions.15:34
rick_hno byobu15:34
rick_hjrwren: very cool, we'll have to chat about it some time15:34
jrwrenrick_h: well, I hope they make me a good offer :)15:34
rick_hI was blown away by a position with them once I was thinking of tring to get in for python stuff15:34
rick_hbut seems there you do python, c, perl, anything15:35
snap-ljrwren: Oh damn! Congrats!15:35
rick_hjrwren: defintely15:35
jrwrenyup, its definitely an EVERYTHING job15:35
jrwrenbut I look forward to getting great at python... instead of being python nub15:35
jrwrenrick_h: tcl too!15:35
rick_hjrwren: hah, awesome15:35
snap-ljrwren: Well, I guess I'd better ask you if we can use SRT for the Global Jam in March. :)15:35
snap-ljrwren: Oh God, not TCL15:35
jrwrensnap-l: i'm sure that will still be fine. I'm not gonna burn any bridges here.15:35
jrwren<3 SRT15:35
snap-ljrwren: Whom do I need to put a bug in the ear?15:36
jrwreni can be your point of contact15:36
snap-ljrwren: Ok, awesome15:36
jrwrenbut tell me the date so I can save it on my calendar and be here.15:36
snap-lHaven't decided for sure, but thinking it'll be on the 3rd of March15:36
snap-lAfternoon, like last time15:36
snap-lhopefully not a home game, like last time. ;)15:37
jrwrenthat isn't football season.15:37
jrwrenmaybe march madness :)15:38
krondorctrl bindings have some issues for me in things like miniterm.py / minicom.  Fx bindings are welcome.15:38
snap-ljrwren: heh15:38
jrwreni ctrl-a, a like a pro15:38
snap-lkrondor: You're still using minicom?15:38
snap-lGod, haven't fired that up in years15:38
snap-lbut yeah, serial ports, embedded hardware.15:38
jrwrento talk to network equipment via serial I assume?15:38
snap-lJust thought he'd use Kermit like everyone else. ;)15:39
* snap-l hated Kermit15:39
snap-lit besmirched the good name of Kermits everywhere15:39
snap-ljrwren: Please let me know if there's a conflict, otherwise will plan around SRT being available.15:40
snap-lWow, Pycon has 1500 attendees15:45
tjagodaRemove attendees15:47
rick_hyea, going to be epic15:47
tjagodareplace with fanboys15:47
jrwrenthat is huge.15:50
rick_hyea, first time they've sold out like this15:50
rick_hcame close last year, but think it was something like 1300 people15:51
Wolfgerthat's a lot of Pythonistas15:52
snap-lFigures, the one year that I'd like to get work to pay for it, they sell out. :)15:52
rick_hmany a line of code written in that 1.5wk15:52
snap-lWonder if there's an official metric of how much code gets generated in that time15:53
rick_hit's funny to think about. I was going "yea, but only a few hundred will stay behind for sprints"15:55
rick_hbut that's the size of pyohio +15:55
snap-lYeah, exactly15:55
snap-lPyOhio sprints were about 10% of that15:55
snap-lif that15:55
rick_hok, time to hit the coffee shop, need a chance of scenery15:55
snap-lchance of scenery? :)15:56
snap-lLovely landscapes?15:56
brouschno chance of that today15:56
tjagodaIts chance because he rolls dice to pick which coffee shop he goes to15:56
snap-lJust down the street from him15:57
snap-lWolfger: We have to get you on the Python bandwagon15:57
snap-lAt least get you out to PyOhio15:57
tjagodaThe closest coffee shop from my house is a Tim Hortons15:58
tjagoda15 mintues15:58
snap-ltjagoda: Nothing wrong wtih that.15:58
Blazeixugh, Tim Hortons are disgusting. at least the ones in farmington hills16:00
Blazeixthey feel like a dingy mcdonalds16:00
snap-lBlazeix: The closer to the mothership (Canada) the better they are16:01
snap-lbut yeah, the ones by us are pretty dreadfu16:01
tjagodaAmericans do not understand Timmies.16:03
rick_htjagoda: yea, caribou .5mi away16:05
rick_hI should walk up here and when it's warmer I bike up here16:06
rick_hBlazeix: exactly, I hear of these mythical great Tim Hortons, but it sure seems to me I'd be better off at a dunkin donuts in a gas station somewhere en route to Dallas TX16:06
* snap-l makes a note to take rick_h to a proper Timmies16:07
brouschour tim hortons is very nice, but the food is bland16:07
* rick_h gets his passport ready since that seems the only way to experience this magical experience16:07
snap-lPort Huron16:07
snap-lJust by the bridge16:07
brouschrick_h: we ate at a decent tim hortons in columbus at pyohio16:08
rick_hbrousch: yea, I think the thing is that the fans have talked it up so much the donuts would have to be served by chocolate unicorns to keep up16:08
snap-lWe'll take JoDee there, since she likes to look at greighters16:08
snap-lfreighters, rather16:08
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, we need to lower your expectations16:09
jrwrenBlazeix: ++  Tim Hortons IS the mcdonalds of canada16:09
snap-lThey're good, but not chocolate unicorns shitting glitter good16:09
tjagodaMore Tim Hortons than starbucks in Canada16:09
brouschthe onuts are good, but my tim hortons is 1/3 mile away from the best apple fritters in west michigan16:09
tjagodaBut also a ludicrous number of McDonalds in Canada16:09
snap-lbrousch: HAppy Yum Yum Fun Time Donuts and Chinese Food?16:10
brouschmarge's donut den16:10
snap-lI'm surprised16:10
snap-lThat's funny, she doesn't look asian. :)16:11
brouschlittle hole in the wall that's been there since before i was born16:11
snap-lAh, OK16:11
brouschcoffee sucks though16:12
snap-lI'm sure it's been brewing since before you were born too16:12
brouschi wouldn't doubt it16:12
snap-lWest MI has no idea how to make a decent cup of coffee16:12
brouschthere was one place, but it went out of business16:13
rick_hwhat?! coffee not selling?16:13
rick_hmust have been a business challenged person16:13
brouschi think so16:13
rick_hseems like every places is trying to sell coffee and doing it these days16:13
brouschit was open 24 hours, but was so dead between midnight and 7am that i would walk in on the owner sleeping on the couch16:14
snap-lrick_h: That's because it keeps people in the store longer16:14
brouschthey needed a drive-thru16:14
snap-lYeah, some Biggby locations have drive-thru16:14
rick_hdrive-thru ftw, it's how I meet my caribou quota16:15
snap-lHandy, save for when you're working from home, and the place is closed when you try the drive-thru16:15
brouschmy biggby has a drive-thru16:16
brouschmostly why i go there16:16
snap-lI like Biggby coffee too16:17
snap-lthe one on John R is a bitch to get in and out of, though16:17
snap-lHad two of them by us in Macomb16:18
snap-lSomething tells me I'm never getting the vacation pay from $LASTJOB.16:19
snap-lsince it was supposed to be "end of month"16:19
snap-lwhich was in January16:19
snap-lHowever, since I left, their stock is going up16:20
rick_hhmmm, that's not promising16:20
snap-lJust call me the lead weight. ;)16:20
WolfgerDamn. When I leave companies, they go out of business16:21
snap-lWolfger: You're never leaving Chrysler, then. The government will see to that. ;)16:21
rick_hmy new hero: http://codeslinger.posterous.com/if-youre-using-nodejs-youre-doing-life-wrong16:37
rick_hsays the guy that's written node code a few times16:37
Blazeixhow is yui on nodejs? does it fix a few of those issues?17:23
rick_hsome I guess, since you're using YUI modules you get some namespacing17:25
rick_hdoens't do anything for V8, callback fun, etc17:25
Blazeixif you're doing the mvc stuff, i'd think that would fix some of the callback chains17:27
Blazeixsince you have a more eventy model17:27
rick_hyea, but that's just the logic part. You've still got to get the routing/request processing and response setup done17:28
Blazeixgoing to lunch, but this is an interesting discussion...17:28
rick_hnode.js is really pretty bare bones, now you end up stacking a framework on top like anything else17:28
rick_hyea, have fun at lunch17:29
rick_h*sigh* bzr, I want to believe...but quit sucking!!!!18:25
* Wolfger gets rick_h one of those X-Files "I want to believe" posters18:26
Wolfgerhow many years (months?) til you convert LP to Git or quit in disgust?18:27
rick_hhah, there you go18:27
rick_hI've just got to make it until the end of the year and I'll get something different with a diferent stack of tools (though still not git in all likelyhood)18:27
rick_hdammit, why does a bzr push take *minute(s)* at 400kB/s?18:28
Wolfgerbecause awesomeness takes its time?18:29
WolfgerIt's cool, like The Fonz. Nobody ever rushes The Fonz.18:29
rick_hdammit bzr, why are you trying to f@#$#ing upload 202MB of data? and dying at that point, which means it wants to upload more18:43
brouschyour code sure is bloated18:43
brouschyou including the Eclipse executable in there?18:44
rick_hdoh, you're not supposed to see that18:45
rick_hand all my java stack since it's a build requirement now18:45
* jrwren stops using canonical software18:50
jrwrentehy cannot be trusted18:51
rick_hheh, there we go. Had to make a new branch off of dev, merge the branch that was having push issues, and then push from the new branch18:52
Wolfgersee? You were just using it wrong. :-)19:09
rick_hummm yea, that's it19:09
brouschyou're pushing it wrong. try using the other hand19:10
rick_hah, needed the *other* bzr push command19:10
snap-lAnyone got a link to the CoC? Keep this up, and I'll need to smack myself with it19:11
* rick_h goes off to cry in a corner19:15
tjagodaNo emails yet from canonical19:16
tjagodaAs Darth Vader would say19:16
snap-lrick_h: There there, it's not a completely stupid question19:18
snap-land remember, there's no stupid questions, only stupid people.19:18
rick_hsnap-l: I can't help but read that and hear in my head "So, I've built this thin on top of a web framework that accepts a 'request" parameter and I do stuff with it...now how to I NOT use that on a web server but from something like cron...you know...totally different?"19:18
brouschit has the kernel of a good question19:18
brouschhow to use the same database and settings from my pyramid app in a cron job19:19
rick_han no one in there goes "dude, wtf...break apart the code that does the cron part and import it into your web app and your cron script...done"19:19
rick_hthey're all full of firing off little mini wsgi servers and firing off a request to it19:19
snap-lrick_h: eah, but the kernel of the question is "Look, I already set up all this stuff to interface with stuff. I don't want to decouple that and have to duplicate effort"19:20
snap-lrick_h: THAT part pisses me off19:20
snap-lif you have to fire up a web server to do automated processes, you're doing it wrong19:20
rick_hbut no one says that in all those answers19:21
snap-lSave for the "It's in Pyramid"19:21
rick_hsnap-l: hehe " Build failed in Jenkins: staples_dash #255"19:22
rick_hguess I'm still somewhere19:22
rick_hsnap-l: uh huh...because work allows for perfect open imap access so I could get it at home in case builds failed didn't it...19:23
rick_hoh right! it's firewalled and blocked off like a mofo that requires vpn :P19:23
brouschoh man, i have people here who are failing to understand that. damn fools bought android phones and hooked it to their work google account19:24
snap-lrick_h: Also got VPN working pretty well. :)19:28
rick_hsnap-l: cool, yea it works pretty well just not great from a phone19:32
rick_hsnap-l: I ended up running an smtp relay server off my desktop that was ssh tunnelled through my colo server so I could smtp without the vpn19:32
snap-lAh, right19:33
Wolfgerlistening to rick_h's bzr woes, I now have "p-push it real good" stuck in my head19:41
brouschgood song19:43
rick_hheh, glad I can help19:43
krondorTrying to play with octopress it is now clear to me I have no clue what I'm doing with ruby.19:59
krondorseriously I can't even get rvm working on ubuntu (but I am blaming my work proxy on blowing up rvm install so far)20:00
krondorbah this needs more caffeine brb20:00
rick_hI think rbenv is the hot kid on the block now20:01
rick_hjust heads up20:01
jrwrenrvm is pretty damn easy to roll... must be your proxy.20:03
jrwrencan you get through it with HTTP_PROXY env var ?20:03
snap-lWhat does rbenv offer now? Do I just run sudo and let it configure itself automagically?20:03
jrwrenyou shouldn't sudo at all.20:04
jrwrenthe whole point is that it is a non system environment20:04
brouschlike virtualenv, right?20:04
snap-ljrwren: That's my biggest beef with the ruby community20:04
rick_hsnap-l: you're thinking node :P20:04
snap-lrick_h: pfft20:05
jrwrenthey don't care about wasting disk space... they just want to get shit done.20:05
snap-ljrwren: "Just download this unprotected script from github, and let us do the heavy lifting"20:05
snap-lAfter which you install half-of-the-fucking-net just to make something work20:06
brouschis there no cheeseshop for ruby?20:06
rick_hsure, rubygems.org or net or something20:06
rick_hbut if you think getting python packages, keeping up to date, etc is a pain...gems are 5x worse20:06
jrwrenthat has not been my experience.20:07
jrwrenbundler makes it damn easy, and you can install the gem per project instead of per system.20:07
rick_hreally? my experience has been that people are much more likely to want you to just pull from github than to do tested releases20:07
jrwrenyes, that is true20:08
brouschmaybe the github is tested20:08
jrwrenbut the tools are built to make doing that VERY easy and without impacting cross project20:08
brouschall of the ruby people i know are test crazy20:08
rick_hOh no doubt on installing per project and such. I just mean that the state of gems and sites like ruby gems are much less likely to be up to date/greatest vs pypi20:08
jrwrengem install blah is the latest IME.20:08
jrwrenIIRC there are ways you can point gem to github20:09
rick_hyea, a lot like pip in that way20:09
jrwrenso its the same as cpan or whatever else.20:09
snap-lbundler is OK20:09
snap-lit's just different enough to make things interesting20:09
krondorI'm back and caffeinated but now I've decided my time wouldn't be wasted trying this at home w/ no proxy.20:17
krondorwoops didn't mean for that to be a notice :|20:17
rick_hwhoa, plugged my mifi into my desktop to charge and network manager in precise tried to turn it into a wired net connection20:17
* rick_h wonders if that'd work hmmm20:17
krondorI expect it would depending on the mifi.20:18
snap-lrick_h: Whenever I plugged in my iPhone, Ubuntu was all set to turn it into a connection20:30
snap-lOf course I didn't have tethering set up20:30
krondoryeah I've done it with my droids with usb tethering on it and it always just worked on ubuntu and opensuse.20:37
rick_hyea, just found it strange since hte mifi is wifi only that charging it would pick it up as a device like that20:37
brouschhm, did google just screw all of you galaxy nexus owners? http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/03/google-no-longer-considers-verizons-lte-galaxy-nexus-to-be-a-developer-phone/20:39
krondorI haven't really used a mifi much, but it wouldn't surprise me if its internals weren't that far off from android phones (linux core)20:40
rick_hbrousch: don't make me cry please...wtf20:40
krondorI'm thinking fallout from vzw's meddling with google wallet support20:41
rick_hcome on, if that mean I will not get future android updates from google wtf!20:42
krondorsucks, but I have no doubts the community support will remain strong20:42
rick_hit was the whole point for getting this phone20:42
rick_hright, but I got this phone so I could get updated android without cyanogen and crap20:42
krondorrick_h:  I doubt you'd get cut out of updates, but maybe updates would need vzw blessing first so added time20:43
krondorstill sucks20:43
rick_hwell that was always assumed, but if it's not a dev phone...20:43
* rick_h goes off to get really fired up before going to his vzw store again to find out why calls aren't going throgh to his phone...20:43
brouschlooks like i sit on the droid for a while longer to see how this shakes out20:43
krondorwoot time to go home and try ruby again20:44
snap-lrick_h: Oh man20:46

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