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Unit193Oh sure, hide behind your fancy cloak00:19
jrgiffordUnit193: i just wanted my nick back. :P00:21
Unit193Oh, speaking of such, UnrealIRCd can use the kill function rather than force nick change :D00:22
jrgifford:O really?00:22
jrgiffordjwh1981: welcome!00:22
Unit193Yep, I have it set to allow 20 seconds (default is 60, and 0 is another option :D )00:23
jandruskAny one use IRSSI?02:28
* Unit193 02:29
* Unit193 02:29
Unit193Well, I use irssi02:29
Unit193But, uh, I'm an idiot02:29
jandruskCome on....02:30
dzhoI don't know about IRSSI but I do use irssi02:34
dzhoas for idiocy, I claim sometimes to do idiotic things, but I do not know if that makes me constituitively idiotic.02:34
jandruskDo you think I need help if I find it fulfulling reading RFC documents?02:46
Unit193Maybe a bit02:48
jandruskThought so.02:49
Unit193But I am insane after all, not the best to ask02:50
jandruskWouldn't you have to be sane to diagnoise yourself as insane?02:55
Unit193People just keep telling me02:55
Unit193They also said only 3 told me, but I keep hearing it.... Something seems fishy....02:56
jandruskThat's assuming they are sane.02:56
jandruskAre there really any sane Linux users? I think not.02:56
Unit193Some sure are, but sane people are boring or mean :D02:57
Unit193jandrusk: Heh, taking a look around, nice. #ubuntu-irc is for more loco/everything else04:13
jandruskSweet. Checking it out.04:14
Unit193That doesn't have the "no idle" policy04:15
* canthus13 wonders how long it'll take him to root his phone tomorrow...04:40
jrgiffordjandrusk, I thought you were an emacs user, not an irssi user.13:36
dzhoman, logitech19:37
Unit193Howdy, like to connect two times? ;)21:02
Unit193Welcome to the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo21:02
canthus13...I've had my phone for over an hour now. It should be rooted already. :/21:04
jandruskjrgifford: I am both.21:35
canthus13Yay. rooted.22:23

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