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bkerensaalbrigha: Can you RSVP please just so we have proper reporting next time we go to apply for approval as a LoCo01:44
bkerensahey c_smith I'm going to make your event for friday and you should RSVP01:44
bkerensaactually c_smith can you pm me01:44
albrighacool done01:45
bkerensaalbrigha: Kind of like membership they wanna see numbers :P01:45
albrighasure makes sense301:46
c_smithKinda dead here, eh?02:05
bkerensac_smith: Can you create a event for your ubuntu hour02:09
bkerensac_smith: About the same as most LoCo Channels02:09
c_smithBkerensa, how do you mean? If you mean using the same system you use for other events, I could.02:11
bkerensajust go in and make an event02:11
bkerensago to loco.ubuntu.com02:11
bkerensaclick events02:12
bkerensathen click add event02:12
c_smithAlso, it takes me longer to type on this tablet, but not unbearably so.02:12
bkerensajust put time and date and select venue... the venue is already in the system02:12
bkerensathats why I dont use Tablets02:12
bkerensathey are time wasters02:12
c_smithLol, good reason. I mainly use this for fun. :-)02:13
c_smithbkerensa, I added the event, want a link?02:27
bkerensaoh no thats fine we just need it for documentation purposes02:28
c_smithAh, ok,  should I write up a event every week I do this?02:29
c_smithAnd is there a definite day for the release party, or is that still up in the air?02:30
bkerensac_smith: It would be helpful if you did02:32
bkerensac_smith: Well its still months from now but I would like to aim for the April date.02:33
c_smithCool,  I'll do my best to keep the events up to date.02:34
* c_smith is back, quirk in androirc02:39
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bkerensabdmurray: Do you know if Allison is with Canonical anymore?18:01
=== bkerensa changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-or to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon Local Community (LoCo) Team! | Webpage: http://ubuntu-oregon.org (has links to mailing list, forum, and more!) | IRC Meeting 2nd Sunday of Every Month @ 7pm | This channel is publicly logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com | Ubuntu Hour Tonight in Portland http://j.mp/yY0U0m
c_smithBkerensa, any news on the hangout? Was Tuesday the day that was decided on?21:08
bkerensac_smith: I e-mailed you21:10
c_smithOk. Need to check that then.21:10
c_smithOk, I won't be up quiteas late as I thought, but this could still go that long depending on how much is going to be discussed.21:18
c_smithThanks for recommending me to them, I hope I do an okay job.21:20
c_smithOr better, a good job.21:20
* c_smith goes backbto tweaking his PC21:21

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