aquariusreally? on a phone??00:00
cjohnstonandroid running opera00:00
aquariusclicking a meeting name should open the session description below the session name00:01
aquariustry doing it in firefox with a window less than 400 px wide to see how it's meant to work00:01
aquariusI'll try it in opera00:01
cjohnstoni need to figure out how to take screenshots00:02
aquariusgod, you're right00:02
aquariushow annoying00:02
cjohnstonopera the /uds-p/ page looks right00:02
cjohnstonthe defualt browser, that page looks like crapola00:02
aquariusdon't know why that is without debugging it00:02
cjohnstoni dont care.. i wont use it anyway00:02
cjohnstonbut if anyone files a bug ill assign you00:02
aquariusreally? the uds-p page looks good to me in default00:02
cjohnstonnow the agenda.. thats cool00:03
aquariusif you could poke a few people to test it so that I'm not bugfixing *during* uds, that'd be great :P00:03
cjohnstonaquarius: bug #92581100:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 925811 in summit "Agenda view clicks through to meeting view on opera mobile (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92581100:11
cjohnstonaquarius: bugs are being filed.. lol00:29
aquariusgod almighty00:29
aquariusif there are lots it might be worth poking it so you only get the magic mobile view with ?m=1 on the end of the URL or something00:30
nigelbaquarius: sorry about the clasroom mixup. I'd already gone to bed by then.00:30
cjohnstonso far with whats come in, im not worried about it00:31
nigelbMorning cjohnston00:31
aquariusnigelb, is fine00:31
aquariuswe got it sorted :)00:31
cjohnstonhey nigelb00:31
nigelbwhat's the stars thing you pinged me about?00:31
cjohnstonthe fact that i want to move the js hide talks that arent for me crap00:31
nigelber, and make it how?00:32
cjohnstonget rid of it00:32
nigelbRemove the feature too?00:32
cjohnstonits broken again00:33
cjohnstonwhy keep fixing it00:33
nigelbLinaro is cool with that? In Budapeest they got mhall119 to fix that bug on the plane.00:33
cjohnstonthe agenda thing replaces it00:33
aquariusbin the JS thing00:33
aquariusI wrote that00:33
aquariusin about fifteen minutes00:33
aquariusabout six UDSes ago :)00:33
cjohnstonand we have been limping it along ever since00:33
aquariuscjohnston, the broken image is the QR code00:34
knomeif it works, don't fix it ;)00:34
cjohnstoni guess i need to put an if statemetn in there00:34
aquariuscjohnston, I have no idea what the deal with the qr code is... but it's got <img ... src="">00:34
aquariuswhich is why it's broken :)00:34
aquariusyou might wanna poke that ;)00:34
cjohnstonwill do00:35
cjohnstonprolly wont get fixed prior to conenct tho cause connect has a qr code00:35
aquariusor better still, poke it and then display:none it in the mobile stylesheet, since you don't need it on a mobile by defniition :P00:35
cjohnstonbut i wouldnt mind removing the qr code if its mobile00:35
cjohnstonit isnt needed00:35
aquariusdisplay:none'ing it in the mobile stylesheet will fix the reported bug, anyway :P00:35
mhall119aquarius: that javascript was your fault eh?00:41
aquariusmhall119, yep.00:42
aquariusin my defence it was written really quickly, sitting on the edge of a big round table at a party :)00:42
aquariuswith jcastro hassling me to come get more beer the whole time :)00:42
aquariusI'd have looked at helping to fix it if I'd have known it was problematic!00:43
cjohnstonaquarius:  we have about 20 bugs for it00:43
* cjohnston goes to subscribe aquarius to all summit bug notifications.. hehe00:43
aquariusthis is what happens when something really quick gets written :P00:44
cjohnstonseems like every cycle without fail we break it00:44
aquariuswhat, in general, is wrong with it? That it's not highlighting the right stuff, or that it is highlighting too much stuff, or that it throws errors?00:44
nigelbWejust break it very often.00:44
cjohnstonand now with the new display, i have no care to keep it00:44
* aquarius rtfs00:44
cjohnstoneverything greys out00:44
aquariusI'd bin it if I were you.00:44
cjohnstoni will00:44
cjohnstonas soon as connect is over00:45
cjohnstoni may remove the link and add that to trunk and if we end up having to push out another update it will be in there00:45
cjohnstonbut i dont want to scrap the code this close to connect00:45
aquariuswhat a magnificent piece of code that is00:46
aquariusI can't see anything wrong with it, myself ;)00:46
aquariusit's pretty sensitive to how the HTML is laid out, I admit it00:47
aquariusthe sessions don't contain a participants list any more00:48
aquariusat least the ones on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/display don't00:49
aquariusso the JS isn't going to work -- it can't find you in the list of participants (because there is no list of participants) and thus it hides every session :)00:49
aquariusif you want to quickly bin it without screwing with the code too much, just comment out the line that adds the link to the nav bar00:50
aquariuschange to00:50
aquariusthen it won't add the link :)00:50
cjohnstondanilos: ping13:53
daniloscjohnston, hi14:08
cjohnstondanilos: so the whole thing from the email this morning is fixed?14:08
daniloscjohnston, I am not sure what email that's about, but I think Stephen is pretty happy now14:11
cjohnstonthe thing with users not showing up in the private meeting list14:12
danilosyes, I fixed that14:16
cjohnstonmhall119: it seems as though meetings with etherpad pages created prior to me making it possible to select pad.l.o have a pad.u.c link already coded in... this was brought up to me this morning15:38
cjohnstonwould it be possible to s/ubuntu.com/linaro.org without messing up the hash url stuff and all that for private meetings15:40
cjohnstonsalgado: ^15:40
salgadohash url?15:40
cjohnstonsalgado: private meetings have a "hash" in the url15:40
cjohnstonso its pad.u.c/lcq1-12-<hash here>15:41
salgadooh, ok, the unique identifier in the URL15:41
cjohnstonthat way it isnt guessible15:41
salgadosure, we can just run an SQL to replace pad.u.c with pad.l.o15:41
cjohnstonnon private meetings are http://pad.linaro.org/lcq1-12-linaro-gfxmm-q112-codecs-neon15:41
salgadocjohnston, so, the db is sqlite3 right? do you know where it is?15:43
salgadoIS ought to know15:43
cjohnstondb is postgres15:44
cjohnstonother than that, i dont know15:44
cjohnstong2g.. call15:44
salgadooh, right, it's status that's sqlite315:45
mhall119cjohnston: yes, once the hash url is generated once, it's saved15:56
mhall119so changing other fields won't change it15:57
salgadoupdate schedule_meeting set pad_url = replace(pad_url, 'pad.ubuntu.com', 'pad.linaro.org') where summit = 7 and pad_url ilike '%pad.ubuntu.com%';16:07
salgadocjohnston, mhall119, that will fix the broken URLs.  can you think of anything that this could break?16:07
mhall119salgado: I think so16:11
* nigelb suggests a db back before you run that.16:12
salgadomhall119, you mean it will break something?16:12
salgadonigelb, it can easily be reverted; I have the list of items it will update16:12
nigelbah, cool.16:12
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
mhall119salgado-lunch: sorry, I think it's safe16:33
cjohnstondanilos: nigelb16:33
cjohnstonmeetings in the past not being moved by the autoscheduler16:34
nigelbdo you mean autoscheduler or rescheduler?16:34
nigelbI clearly remember fixing it once.16:34
nigelbIs it being moved now?16:35
cjohnstoni dont think we have left it running to know16:35
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
mhall119daker: ping20:11
mhall119cjohnston: ping20:13
cjohnstonmhall119: ?20:51
mhall119cjohnston: do you know the state of any of the merge proposals for ltp?21:06
cjohnstonnot really21:07
cjohnstonall i remember is it isnt ready for django 1.321:07
cjohnstonit isnt ready for 1.3 because of IS, but because of us21:12
mhall119they don't want to install it system-wide?21:28
cjohnstondue to compatability with other sites21:29
cjohnstonplus, cranberry is getting worse21:31
cjohnstonim back to getting a few emails a day from status21:31
mhall119fragaria has been stable though21:31
mhall119maybe we can get LTP moved21:31
cjohnstonfragaria is summit only21:32
cjohnstonand summit related stuff21:32
mhall119no reason it can't run ltp too21:34
mhall119hmmm, prod has meetings that staging didn't get....21:34
mhall119wait no, it did find that other one21:35
cjohnstonmhall119: look in the other channel21:35
cjohnstontheres errors21:35

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