cndRAOF, bryceh: going forward, how do we want to update our xserver tree with upstream changes from stable 1.11 and 1.12 stable releases00:09
cnddo we want to continually merge in the latest patches, or only when new releases are made00:09
cndie, only once 1.11.4 is released do we merge in everything since 1.11.300:09
RAOFEither is reasonable at this point.  If there are important patches they should be pulled in, or wait until the release and merge it in.00:10
brycehit would make troubleshooting somewhat easier if we pull in only the official point releases, and specific patches to fix specific bugs in between00:11
cndthat's my thinking too00:11
RAOFI don't think there's any particular reason to aggressively track the release branches.00:12
brycehit's easy enough to cherrypick fixes we know we need as we learn about them00:13
cndbryceh, RAOF: any issues if I add this patch in to our server: ead968a4300c0adeff89b9886e888b6d284c75cc00:18
cndsadly, I can't give you a link to the git diff because git.fd.o is down00:18
cndthe usefulness for us is that with the patch xorg-gtest can be run as non-root00:18
RAOFcnd: Absolutely.00:18
brycehcnd, yep fine by me, assuming it causes no known issues00:20
cndnone that I'm aware of :)00:20
brycehtjaalton, for bug #921941, should -mtrack be included in -input-all ?00:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 921941 in xf86-input-mtrack (Ubuntu) "No way for user to know that mtrack module is needed on upgrade to latest xorg with Apple trackpad (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92194100:57
Sarvattbryceh: no way00:57
Sarvattsynaptics works fine00:58
brycehSarvatt, apparently not00:58
Sarvattmtrack just provides some more features but its in no way needed00:58
Sarvattbryceh: i'm using it on the same system he posted the bug on00:58
Sarvattmtrack doesn't build in precise right now00:58
Sarvattoh weird, it did build, what the heck?00:59
Sarvattit just has a few extra features like multitouch gestures but its not even maintained on freedesktop and very rarely gets updates, really dont think its appropriate for input-all01:00
Sarvattbryceh: what happened was he had mtrack in an xorg.conf01:00
Sarvattand was trying to use it01:00
Sarvattthats what it looks like to me01:00
Sarvattall the macbook air setup guides recommend using it01:01
Sarvattbryceh: I guess mtrack needs adding to the apport hooks?01:04
RAOFHuh.  You live and learn.01:05
Sarvatti responded on the bug and pinged him in #ubuntu-devel01:05
brycehoh heh, was just drafting up a reply myself01:05
cndSarvatt, bryceh: I think the only real feature people want out of mtrack is the click-and-drag support03:57
cndI hope to get to that still in synaptics before feature freeze03:57
brycehcnd, awesome03:57
cndthe rest of mtrack is handled better by gestures on the client side of X03:58
cndand I agree, it definitely shouldn't be in -input-all03:58
tjaaltonSarvatt: well, we should've used -0~ubuntuN with mesa ;)05:00
tjaaltona goot guideline for the staging repo in general, I guess05:01
tjaaltongood even05:01
tjaaltonSarvatt: oh well, just squash it I guess. we'll have rc3 soon anyway05:02
tjaaltonnot a big deal since the releases aren't tagged05:02
Sarvatttjaalton: ya mind doing that? its past midnight here, barely awake05:02
tjaaltondidn't upload -vmware either?05:03
tjaaltonit'll just sit in depwait until mesa is done05:03
tjaaltonnow that it build-depends on libxatracker05:03
* Sarvatt can't upload anything but did ask05:04
tjaaltonhaha, of course05:04
tjaaltonso wayland first05:05
Sarvattgot packages up here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/packages/ if it's any easier05:05
tjaaltonok sure05:06
tjaaltonah wayland release is in git too05:06
Sarvatti do believe its time to look into getting upload privileges.. 118 uploads should be enough05:06
tjaaltonand I should file the DD application..05:06
tjaaltongot the needed signatures at the sprint05:07
tjaaltonwayland uploaded05:07
Sarvattheck its more than 118, launchpad only lists 1 upload per package per release and i do multiples usually05:07
Sarvattlike the last 2 libdrm's to precise count as one on launchpad05:07
Sarvattthanks for the help tjaalton05:09
tjaaltonhmm so mesa, I'll just squash it?05:09
Sarvatti think that's the right thing to do but would be ok to do it either way :)05:10
tjaaltonoh well, you'll get one upload more if I pull yours :)05:10
tjaaltonyou don't have xserver there?05:12
Sarvattoh heck05:12
tjaaltonhmm mesa source.changes doesn't have 8.0~rc2-1 entries05:13
tjaaltonoh sure does05:14
tjaaltonpush git too05:14
Sarvattsheesh making that mistake too much this past week, pushed05:15
Sarvattlooks like chase has something else queued for xserver05:15
Sarvattshould i get that ubuntu9 ready or wait?05:16
tjaaltonyou mean 10?05:17
Sarvattyeah he's got a 10 in UNRELEASED state05:17
tjaaltonI see it as 11 :)05:17
Sarvattoh yeah05:17
Sarvattping noise woke me up, sorry i'm half here :)05:18
tjaaltondoes xserver build-dep on the new mesa without the search path?05:19
tjaaltonor break if it builds against the older one05:20
Sarvattthey're doing some test rebuild, its probably worth uploading xserver without a drisearchpath in dri.pc dependency before mesadependency before mesa05:20
tjaalton..ok so xserver before mesa.. got it05:21
tjaaltonwell mesa uploaded already though05:21
tjaaltonvmware too05:26
tjaaltonall done, thanks for preparing them :)05:26
tjaaltonah, breakfast/wakeup time ->05:27
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* apw is seeing alll new shiney visual corruption on alt-tab in precise. anyone seen that?09:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 925936 in xorg (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "screen corruption on alt-tab in unity (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]09:27
tjaaltonapw: apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-dri09:28
apw  Installed: 7.11-0ubuntu409:29
apw  Candidate: 7.11-0ubuntu409:29
tjaaltonok, so not 8.0~rc2 yet09:29
tjaaltonwhat does "all new" mean? :)09:29
tjaaltonwhat has changed?09:29
apwoneiric -> precise09:30
apwso in theory i have A2 on here09:30
tjaaltoni've no such issues with sandybridge09:30
tjaaltonI'll upgrade my x61 (i965)09:30
apwas there is  X pending i could update just X, seems it wants to deinstall most of my machine otherwise ... sigh09:30
tjaaltonthere should be no such issues09:30
apwThe following packages will be REMOVED09:31
tjaaltonhow did you upgrade?09:31
apw  gstreamer0.10-plugins-good:i386 gstreamer0.10-x:i386 gtk2-engines:i38609:31
apw  gtk2-engines-murrine:i386 gtk2-engines-oxygen:i386 gtk2-engines-pixbuf:i38609:31
apwits going to remove ... alll of my i386 things, i am told archive skew due to the rebuild test09:31
apwthe upgrade i did yesterday was an update-manager -d update, and worked fine09:31
apwits today thats the problem :/09:31
tjaaltonah ok09:31
* apw goes for an update, and will re-test09:32
tjaaltonthere is a new mesa available too, so test with that too09:32
apwtjaalton, ok thanks09:32
apwThe following packages have been kept back:09:33
apw  evolution-common evolution-indicator evolution-plugins libgl1-mesa-dri09:33
apw  libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglapi-mesa09:33
apw  libglapi-mesa:i38609:33
apwtjaalton, bugger, the skew is holding back the mesa update09:34
apwtjaalton, ok ... by hook and by crook i got it upgraded, and the issue is still there10:13
tjaaltonapw: hum, ok10:15
tjaaltontry booting an older kernel.. trying to rule out variables10:16
tjaaltonsince the dri driver was the same as on oneiric10:16
apwbah the upgrade has removed my older kernels10:17
tjaaltonhmm, shouldn't it leave the last of the old series?10:18
tjaaltonnewest abi10:18
tjaaltoni recall it doing that here10:18
apwit has left 3.0.0-5 and -910:18
apwoh i wonder if its ordering textually when it makes the list10:19
apwhense i have -910:19
apwtjaalton, ok same with the latest O kernel too10:52
tjaaltonapw: ok, thanks11:03
tjaaltonmind testing alpha1 livecd too.. just to get another testing point11:04
tjaaltonit didn't have the new X yet11:04
apwtjaalton, that'll have to go on my todo list11:05
tjaaltonor unity11:05
tjaaltonno rush11:05
apwtjaalton, where can i find the alpha1 image btw, so i can start it downloading11:05
tjaaltonor -s11:05
tjaaltonhmm, not there11:06
apwtjaalton, hrm ... so i don't see an old image, not sure if we keep them now i think abuot it11:25
apwtjaalton, ok this is only happening on my external monitor, not on the internal lcd in the same X session11:27
tjaaltonI need to rejig my cobbler setup to support precise in order to test it on my X6111:27
tjaaltonapw: aha! now that's something then :)11:27
tjaaltonso it didn't do it on oneiric?11:28
tjaaltonI'll blame unity11:28
apwits pretty obvious when it happens, and i don't recall seeing it11:28
apwbut i wouldn't like to say it wasn't there11:28
tjaaltonit's as easy a target as they get11:28
tjaaltonat least there was the 4->5 bump in unity11:28
apwiterestingly it also dammages windows in front of the scrolling window11:29
apwtjaalton, and the fuzzed through stuff through the popup is in the right place, just the bits outside the popup are out of line11:30
apwand its any scrolling in any sized panel which trips it, not necessary for it to be anywhere specific on the screen11:32
apwvery odd indeed.11:32
tjaaltonI'll try it on the sandybridge machine..11:34
tjaaltonseems to work fine on it11:37
tjaaltonnow I need to install the older one to see what happens there..11:38
tjaaltonapw: looks like there's a new unity pushed to precise, just in time for the weekend..13:08
seb128tjaalton, well, it was tested in a ppa for the week and got quite some tester sending back feedback through checkbox, should be fine13:09
jcristaufamous last words13:09
tjaaltonseb128: yeah, i bet it's better than during oneiric ;)13:09
seb128what could possibly go wrong? ;-)13:10
tjaaltonjust to give apw something to test again, since the bug might be unity related and possible fixed in this new version13:10
apwtjaalton, 'yay'13:11
seb128you can use ppa:unity-team/staging if you want to try it13:12
seb128it's going to take an hour or two for the archive version to build13:12
tjaaltonyeah, forgot about that13:13
Prf_JakobHmm looks like mesa-utils is broken in precise.13:47
Prf_JakobI need my glxgears.13:47
Prf_Jakobfor benchmakring :)13:47
tjaaltonbroken how?13:47
Prf_JakobCan't find installation source, only referred to by other packages.13:48
tjaaltonenable universe13:48
Prf_Jakobah ok13:49
Prf_JakobOkay... seems that for some reason Unity and ubuntu-desktop gets removed if I try to dist-upgrade to get the new 8.0 mesa...13:51
apwPrf_Jakob, yep there is a unity upload in the archive, and only half compiled13:51
Prf_Jakobapw: Ah, so I just need to wait and it will sort itself out?13:52
apwPrf_Jakob, heres hopng13:52
tjaaltonif you apt-get install libxatracker1 manually, apt-get upgrade should pull the new mesa bits (and -vmware)13:54
tjaaltonwithout removing anything13:54
Prf_Jakobhmm, after killing X, it just seems to continously crash and restart the X server.13:59
Prf_Jakob(just running of the Live CD).13:59
tjaaltonwith -vmware?13:59
tjaaltonwhich driver?13:59
Prf_JakobI'll install it properely.13:59
Prf_JakobAh, hmm, well this is awkward, I can't install it since the default screen is to small....14:03
tjaaltonisn't that your driver failing? :)14:03
Prf_JakobIts the default, 1024x768 is to big.14:05
tjaaltoncan't you change it then?14:05
tjaaltonfrom the settings14:05
Prf_JakobDon't think so.14:06
tjaaltonhow is 10x7 too big.. cirrus for kvm uses that14:06
Prf_Jakob13" and small macs that will make the UI to big.14:06
tjaaltonthen don't use the live-session installer, but start it directly14:07
tjaaltonshould work that way I guess14:07
Prf_JakobCan't set that setting in Fusion.14:07
Prf_Jakobtjaalton: this is a problem for small netbooks as well14:10
jcristaupeople run vmware on small netbooks?14:10
Prf_JakobNo, but the installer not working14:10
Prf_JakobAs per 86923914:11
Prf_Jakobbug 86923914:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 869239 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) (and 1 other project) "webcam screen should be resized for netbooks (Eee PC, 10") (affects: 11) (dups: 3) (heat: 62)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86923914:11
Prf_JakobThere we go14:11
Prf_JakobHmm fixed...14:12
tjaaltonwell as I said, don't run it from the live session?14:12
tjaaltonbut boot directly to the installer14:12
Prf_JakobI started the live session, changed the resolution and then started the installer.14:14
tjaaltonso you _could_ do that..14:17
Prf_JakobRight, but just picking install now fails.14:18
tjaaltonso you did that before?14:19
Prf_JakobChanging the minimum default size for the new driver is a kernel patch.14:22
Prf_Jakobtjaalton, Sarvatt: Any way I can see which git hash a package was built from?14:37
Prf_JakobYou might have picked up a old version of -vmware.14:37
Prf_JakobGtg, flying to FOSDEM.14:41
SarvattPrf_Jakob: it's the11.99.901 tarball + 8ff19c2b2 vmwgfx: Avoid including a library header and use pixman for type conversion14:51
cndjcristau, we are looking at creating a package for xorg-gtest16:46
cndinitially just ubuntu-only because of deadlines, but there's no reason it can't be packaged in debian and then we sync from there eventually16:47
cndhow can we get an xorg-gtest packaging repo on git.debian.org?16:47
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tjaaltoncnd: it's created with /git/pkg-xorg/setup-repository on alioth. first check the path where it should go18:14
tjaaltonthe hierarchy follows upstream18:15
cndtjaalton, ahh, thanks18:20
tjaaltonmaybe ping debian-x@ too18:22
Sarvattppa's just aren't working anymore with the publishing/build time skew between arches, really going to have to change my workflow for xorg-edgers..18:26
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SarvattRAOF: how hard is it to copy from x-staging to the archive?19:55
Sarvattits a really good idea to build mesa updates in there first from now on with the skew between i386 and amd64 builds, libegl1-mesa-dev is broken in the current one and needs a libxcb-glx0-dev dependency19:55
tjaaltonwho's using libegl1-mesa-dev?19:56
Sarvattwayland-demos, mesa-demos, i'm sure plenty of arm stuff like clutter19:57
tjaaltonok then19:58
Sarvatt(clutter uses egl instead of gl on armel/armhf)19:58
tjaaltoni think RAOF is done for the day though ;)19:58
tjaaltonso either let those be broken for now and cumulate more stuff in mesa git until monday (if something comes up)19:59
tjaaltonor push it now to precise19:59
Sarvattoh I was just shooting a question at him, was curious how hard it was for him to do that for X before20:02
Sarvattlike if it needs hand holding from other people to do or if it's possible to just copy it himself20:02
SarvattSteve Langasek (vorlon) wrote on 2011-12-20: #720:17
Sarvatt(Priority: OMG there's a game with "meat" in the name and it doesn't work on Ubuntu, must fix)20:17
SarvattChanged in mesa (Ubuntu):20:17
Sarvattstatus: Confirmed → Triaged20:17
Sarvattimportance: Undecided → Medium20:17
FernandoMiguelthe importance of the correct motivation20:21
Sarvattso yeah we'll need to get plymouth fixed or revert a few commits off libdrm next update21:23
Sarvattsince it only builds libdrm-intel1 on amd64 and i386 now21:24
tjaaltonyou uploaded mesa 0u5 to staging?21:25
Sarvattoh no should i?21:25
Sarvatti dont know what screws you up21:25
tjaaltonnah just noticed that the changelog is finalized21:25
tjaaltoner, "released"21:25
Sarvattwall was unclear if you wanted to upload that as it was, or wait and amass some more fixes monday21:26
tjaaltonyeah but now someone else could bump it to u6 :)21:26
Sarvattlike what happened with xserver? lol21:26
Sarvattits just you and me touching that branch, we can just use dch -a :P21:27
SarvattRAOF, bryceh: heads up if you commit anything to the ubuntu mesa branch, ubuntu6 wasn't released21:28
tjaaltonok, works for me then :)21:28
Sarvatti will try to get the PPU stuff sorted by next week21:29
tjaaltonI'd like to drop the extra osmesa flavors21:29
Sarvattyeah that'd be freaking awesome21:29
tjaaltonno-one else builds them21:30
tjaaltonchecked fedora, opensuse, gentoo, arch21:30
Sarvattthat tends to be the most fragile part of the build too21:30
Sarvattnoone builds them so people dont notice they broke it in git master21:30
tjaaltonI tested it in september or so, cut the build time maybe by 40%21:30
brycehSarvatt, nothing on my todo for mesa21:32
tjaaltonbtw, jeremyhu is asking for a commit to natty :)21:32
tjaaltonbug 85366721:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 853667 in mesa (Ubuntu) "ATI Radeon HD 3850 is completely unusable with default configuration due to frequent lockups (affects: 1) (heat: 4)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85366721:33
tjaaltonproblem is that he's unable to test an sru for it, if it was made21:34
Sarvatttjaalton: I hate replying to bugs like this.. "Yeah we suck, our stable update criteria won't allow us to update to new stable version updates even though you guys try to maintain stable branches so distros can update it safely."21:52
Sarvattwhat else can we say, it's the truth. it's the same deal with xserver that he maintains the stable branches for.. our stable update criteria where every patch has to be verified even if it's an obvious fix that went through the criteria and testing for the upstream stable branch21:53
tjaaltonyeah it sucks21:53
broderthat's not the case for microrelease exceptions, though21:54
tjaaltonwe really should ask for those, for mesa & xserver21:54
Sarvattit requires an extensive test suite21:54
tjaaltonproblem is stat the mesa pointreleases aren't that 'micro'21:55
Sarvattthere's piglit which mesa stable is run against, but not run at build time and not packaged21:55
Sarvattyeah they're borderline as many changes as in the kernel21:55
Sarvattonly it's nowhere near as strick as kernel stable is21:55
broderi don't think the criteria specfically require an extensive automated test suite21:55
Sarvattrefactoring to allow a fix to apply cleanly is allowed21:56
broderthough it having one would certainly satisfy the criteria21:56
Sarvattstrict rather21:56
Sarvattupstream has a sufficiently high level of regression testing for their stable releases21:57
Sarvattregression tests are enabled in the package's build21:57
broderyes, but that does not necessarily imply "extensive regression tests are enabled in the package's build"21:57
Sarvatthmm might have misinterpreted it a but, but piglit (the mesa test suite) isn't part of mesa21:57
Sarvattbryceh: is ia32-libs version parsing still in apport? that should go too22:58
Sarvattfor xorg bugs22:58
brycehyeah I've not stripped it out yet22:58
Prf_JakobSarvatt: for some reason it was stuck on, its upgrading now.23:01
Sarvattoh that makes a bit of sense, 11.99.901 was waiting until mesa 8.0 went through the new package queue for libxatracker so might not have made the livecd yesterday23:03
Prf_JakobOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on SVGA3D; build : RELEASE;23:04
Prf_JakobAnd Unity is smooth when running glxgears, good all the important bits are in place.23:05
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SarvattPrf_Jakob: so it's working? truth be told I don't have the hdd space to test it and have been too busy with ivybridge drama23:19
Prf_JakobSarvatt: Yupp23:19
Prf_Jakobworks just fine23:19
Sarvattso tomorrow's livecd will work, awesome23:19
Sarvattbroder: I believe you were asking about vmware 3D passthrough?23:20
Sarvattbroder: it's all in precise now, tomorrow's livecd will work out of the box23:20
SarvattAmaranth: you too ^^ :)23:20
Prf_JakobVirtual highfive, or vFive in marketing term.23:20
AmaranthSarvatt: yay23:20
AmaranthHopefully gles unity works with it :P23:20
Prf_Jakoba dist-upgrade should work as well now23:20
Prf_JakobAmaranth: is that whats in there now?23:22
SarvattPrf_Jakob: nah he's working on gles compiz for linaro, its not in ubuntu yet23:22
SarvattAmaranth: is gles compiz going to make 12.04?23:23
Sarvattcedarview kinda depends on it being there :)23:23
AmaranthI'm not really involved anymore23:23
Sarvattmaking gl work? no sorry we only care about gles in meego23:23
Sarvattoh ok23:23
Prf_JakobSarvatt: cedarview is PVR right?23:24
AmaranthSarvatt: The plan was to always only have it built with gles on ARM though23:24
Sarvattso same deal as clutter23:24
Sarvattand cedarview is fooked because its x8623:25
AmaranthTime for lpia? :)23:25
Sarvattthats basically the only option23:25
Prf_JakobSo this sucks because nVidia and fglrx doesn't support GLES?23:25
Prf_Jakobor you could have just used gles?23:25
AmaranthPrf_Jakob: And mesa doesn't support the extension needed to make GLES compiz efficient23:26
SarvattPrf_Jakob: clutter and I guess compiz need to pick between gles or gl at compile time so it cant be done in the archive on x86/amd64, on arm we can just compile clutter with gles only support by default because noone will care23:26
Prf_JakobAmaranth: which would be?23:26
Prf_JakobAmaranth: Oh, the mesa copy region extension but for egl.23:28
Prf_JakobAmaranth: that shouldn't be hard to fix.23:28
AmaranthPrf_Jakob: Yeah, I wouldn't expect it to be23:28
AmaranthIt already supports NOK_copy_sub_buffer or whatever its called23:28
AmaranthWhich is the same thing with a different calling convention iirc23:29
Prf_JakobOk, I'll put that on my todo.23:30
Prf_JakobAmaranth: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-commit/2011-December/034733.html <-- seems somebody beat me to it :)23:37
AmaranthKDE guy, guess the kwin folks came to the same conclusion23:38
Prf_JakobAmaranth: should be in 8.023:38
Prf_JakobYou guys needs to package eglinfo up :)23:39
AmaranthIsn't it es2_info?23:41
Prf_Jakobright you are23:42
Prf_JakobYupp its there23:43
Prf_JakobOh, es2gears oth does not throttle correctly.23:44
Prf_JakobGood second window dragging dealy.23:44
brycehnvidia-settings  precise  285.05.09-0ubuntu123:45
brycehwhy isn't that at 290?23:45
Prf_Jakobtime to sleep23:51

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