almoxarifekrazed: you noticed :)00:00
krazedAbsoloutely, the plasma interface is smokinnn00:00
XCoder2K9ok, I just upgraded to Lion 10.7.3 on the MBA00:01
XCoder2K9sorry, wrong channel :)00:01
bochHi all00:01
krazedhello boch00:02
bochhi krazed00:02
bochdo you know if is it possible to disable encrypted home directory? i mean, i want that directory without ecryptfs , dont want to move files from one dir to another, it is a lot of data00:03
Guinness2702Anybody got any ideas how I can redeliver one user's mail to another user (I'm talking about existing mail in /var/mail/user, not new incoming stuff)00:04
Guinness2702rarar3: that ? for me?00:06
Muskahi, having an issue with ubuntu hanging at init-bottom on boot.  how can I troubleshoot what is causing it to hang?00:07
Muskaboots ok in single user with init=/bin/bash however I currently have it chrooted from a knoppix boot00:07
Guinness2702Muska - you looked at the logs?  always a good place to start00:07
MuskaI looked at messages and dmesg, will scour some other logs to see if there is anything else useful00:07
MuskaGuinness2702, more trying to see what starts around the time init-bottom is executed so I can try to execute things one by one in a chroot environment or in single user to see what hangs and what doesn't00:08
grubbyoneI have a desktop with 5 sata drives in a softraid, and 1 sata ssd which I'm installing ubuntu desktop 64 on, it only boots when I unplug the softraid drives, when all the drives are plugged in, it drops to busybox/initramfs00:11
Nullifi3dgrubbyone: software controlled raid is usually handled by the os00:13
Nullifi3dmeaning if you boot into a different os, no raid00:13
ericusDo you guys like my netbook look? Gnome/Openbox http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4375930/scrot.png00:13
grubbyoneNullifi3d: I can access the raid from different installations00:13
grubbyoneNullifi3d: as long as it's ubuntu00:14
ai6pgI have a laptop running 11.10 - now when I try to run an X app from a byobu window I get "Error: Can't open display:"00:14
grubbyoneI just can't boot00:14
Nullifi3ddo you not have a hw raid controller?00:14
osmosisdoes aptitude support colorized output?00:15
grubbyoneNullifi3d: not one to speak of, just an X58 motherboard00:15
SlyUkericus, probably for #ubuntu-offtopic but while we are at it i prefer my openbox ;) http://i.imgur.com/CXuNh.png00:15
Nullifi3dgrubbyone: manufacturer?00:16
tmani prefer awesome window manager00:16
tmanpersonal preference00:16
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TetracommDo any of you know how to turn off a USB port at the command prompt in Ubuntu? Or any of the other ports? I just want a way to use the computer to switch things on and off.00:17
krazed10.04 LTS still uses the gnome enviroment right?00:21
marabi2hey tetracom sup00:21
Nullifi3dkrazed: yes00:22
krazedThanks Nullifi3d, appreciate it. Looks like I'm gonna be 'down'grading... also LFM to start an anti-unity movement! :-)00:22
zykotick9krazed: 10.04 uses Gnome2 yes00:23
krazedThanks zykotick9, I just can't get into Unity. I don't know why, I just hate it.00:24
gridbagany suggestions for a winamp-like audio player.  xmms seems to be not updated. vlc is kind of kunky.00:24
krazedgridbag, amarok?00:24
zykotick9gridbag: audacity00:25
Nullifi3di like rythmbox00:25
_TCPDowni like aqualung00:25
_TCPDownis better :D00:25
Nullifi3dsorry, Rhythmbox00:25
forever1gridbag: clementine player!!!00:25
_TCPDownNullifi3d, noob :/00:25
krazedAnyone here using an iPhone in sync with their ubuntu box?00:25
Nullifi3dyup :P00:25
zykotick9moc FTW :p00:25
forever1krazed: use clementine its linux's itunes00:26
krazedforever1, thanks I'll definitely check it out.00:26
krazedAnyone know if 11.10 comes with an ISO burning software by default?00:27
krazedJust kidding, found it.00:27
zykotick9krazed: i'm pretty sure brasero burn ISOs00:28
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dtmbmw325ibrasero is stock but i prefer k3b00:28
mduffybrasero does burn iso's00:28
krazedbrasero is actually pretty nice00:29
krazednice and simple, I like it00:29
forever1krazed: try brasero disk burner "not default"00:29
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dtmbmw325iI sometimes have issues with burning discs failing00:29
acerimmerdtmbmw325i: happens to all of us...00:29
pp7_can u even burn a dvd (using VOB files etc.) with Brasero?00:29
forever1dtmbmw325i: whats the version?00:30
kjcolekeyboard-layout-indicator missing.  I have three keyboards defined.00:30
cheapieIs there a way to determine how loud a playing sound is?00:30
krazedIs it weird that I like watching ubuntu videos on youtube?00:30
dtmbmw325i<forever1> 3.2.000:31
acerimmerkrazed: to us?  no.  To others? ...00:31
forever1dtmbmw325i: same as mine, but no problems00:31
krazedacerimmer, touche. Hmm, my burn is halfway done.. someone help me think of an awesome hostname for my reinstall of 10.04!00:32
dtmbmw325ikrazed: bobsagot00:32
vsyncit's saget00:32
acerimmerkrazed: emperor - type of penguin00:33
krazedI'm OCD about  this kind've stuff, I need it to actually mean something.00:33
dtmbmw325iforever maybe it is the media... who knows00:33
vsynckrazed well bobsaget does mean something.00:33
cheapiekrazed: (location)-box, maybe?00:33
forever1doe's anyone know a good php editor, had to give up dreamweaver?00:34
grubbyoneafter a fresh install I get hung on Verifying DMI Pool Data..............00:34
marabi2hey sup00:34
vsyncforever1 go with eclipse00:34
krazedAh, looks like 10.04 is finished burning. Off to 'down'grade I go, see ya'll in a bit.00:34
marabi2how are you forever100:34
forever1vsync: what about bluefish?00:34
grubbyonewindows installs and boots fine00:35
marabi2hope you fine?00:35
blizzowIs there a way to boot my machine faster without giving it a static IP address?  I have ubuntu installed on a crucial m4 SSD, and yet I still walk away to get coffee when I boot up because I see the infernal "waiting 60 more seconds for network to boot" sign.00:35
forever1marabi2: well, and u?, whats the time there by you?00:35
vsyncdno. unless you need an ide, the differences are barely noticeable... though myself i wouldn't need an ide for php00:35
scwizardI'm installing ubuntu on a desktop I have, and the installation seems to be frozen at "configuring target system"00:36
scwizardhow long should I cross my fingers for?00:36
marabi2oh the time is 12:35 here and there?00:36
cheapiemarabi2: ...can you tell us what the problem is? It would help a little with the troubleshooting.00:36
forever1vsync:  just install wammp, going to try set that up later for the local server00:36
marabi2which kind of problem?00:36
forever1marabi2:02:37 in the morning00:37
cheapiemarabi2: As in, what's wrong with your computer?00:37
marabi2waaw we are in night00:37
vsynci miss knight rider00:38
vsyncthe new one is crap00:38
scwizardoh if you press the arrow there's a little console output and a skip button00:38
scwizardthis still doesn't bode well though...00:38
forever1vsync: do you know xammp?00:38
marabi2nothing strong with my computer. is there any problem?00:38
cheapiemarabi2: Oh, you're here to help?00:39
vsyncforever1 checked it out just now, well, is that meant to be a sandbox of sorts? But i dunno, never had problems setting a server up so that isn't much for me I think00:39
forever1I got to say, I'm have less trouble with linux that windows00:39
marabi2yes if i could do so00:39
cheapiemarabi2: OK.00:40
marabi2alright cheapie00:40
forever1vsync: see i had it to easy with easyPHP on windows00:40
* cheapie decides to mod keyboard and goes off in search of sheetmetal cutters00:40
vsyncwell you could just install apache, php, db(s) and other stuff you need on the server00:41
vsyncyou wouldn't need 'xampp'00:41
marabi2forever1 are you there?00:41
forever1marabi2:  I am here00:42
scwizardnothing is unsing any cpu and the last thing that ran was "plugininstall.py"00:42
scwizardsooo... what do I do?00:42
scwizardI just want to install linux u_u00:42
forever1vsync: True, have you tried the gauke drop down console yet?00:42
marabi2that"s great forever00:42
TedNJ42I need some help please.  Every day my computer is going crazy.  My hard drive turns into a read-only hard drive and when I re-start my box, it tells me that the partition / is showing errors and then it says that the partition /tmp can not be found.  I have to Force it to check it and repair it but the next day, it happens again.  I have already replaced 2 hard drives and I still have the same00:43
TedNJ42problem.  Is there a bug in my system?  And, Does anyone know how I can fix that?00:43
fishsceneHello everyone. I am unable to log into Xfire via Empathy and I was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve it.00:43
kjcole(Rehi. Got cut off.)  Once again: Anyone know how to get the keyboard layout indicator to show? (Unity / Oneiric)00:43
forever1marabi2: are you on the #ubuntu chat only or other chat channels?00:43
acerimmerTedNJ42: MULTIPLE had failures?  I strongly suspect you've got hardware issues - failing HD card perhaps?  Short in the system?00:44
kjcoleOn a fresh install, it worked fine, but on an upgraded system, it's not showing, but key-combo Shift+CapsLock switches to a different layout.00:44
marabi2no am not only chatting on ubuntu00:45
forever1marabi2: same :)00:45
TedNJ42Acerimmer:  But, after I force a repair, it starts just fine.00:45
jimmiekosmonot exactly. I am trying to install an older version of ubuntu (10.10) so i downloaded the file and wrote the .iso to a cd. i booted into the cd and all that happens is that i boot into my current version of ubuntu (11.10)00:46
marabi2ok can you tell which side you are using again..00:46
kjcoleEndless searches all say "It's easy. Just add more than one keyboard." However, no joy there.00:46
acerimmerTedNJ42: software repair shows OK but the issue comes back, right?  suspect hardware...00:46
TedNJ42Time to change the box.  Thanks acerimmer00:46
acerimmerTedNJ42: swap driver cards = cheap fix00:47
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: greetings00:47
fishsceneHas anyone been able to log on to Xfire in Empathy?00:47
jimmiekosmohi, I am trying to install an older version of ubuntu (10.10) so i downloaded the file and wrote the .iso to a cd. i booted into the cd and all that happens is that i boot into my current version of ubuntu (11.10)00:47
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acerimmerjimmiekosmo: and 11.10 is installed to your HDD?  change your bios to boot CDROM first not HDD00:48
Jordan_Ujimmiekosmo: 1: Why are you trying to install an older version of Ubuntu 2: Are you sure that your BIOS booted from the CD?00:48
donnybeI am looking for genitally mutilated males for an investigative report.00:48
donnybeThere is a significant possibility of nationwide publicity.00:48
jimmiekosmothats what i did, i went to the boot options and selected my CDROM and it still happened00:49
marcosanyone here install cedet on emacs enviroment?00:49
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acerimmermarabi2: greetings.  questions?00:49
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: bios changes have to be saved or they go back to default.00:50
=== nate_ is now known as motherbrain
jimmiekosmooh, how do i do that?00:50
marabi2ok ask any question and i will answer if i can00:50
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: depends on your system. after changes, look for "save these changes"?00:50
jimmiekosmoit didnt say that anywhere, when i select the CDROM all it does is boot into my current OS00:51
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: make/model of computer00:52
forever1jimmiekosmo: sounds like the disk is'nt bootable00:52
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: change bios to cdrom boot only and see.  if no boot, bad cdrom00:52
jimmiekosmoits a dell inspiron 7010, and yes it is because i have booted into a disk in the past00:53
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: the cdrom you want to boot may be faulty.00:53
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: disable the boot from hdd option, set boot cdrom only.00:54
jimmiekosmoit isnt, it works fine with everything else00:54
forever1 jimmiekosmo: does the disk spin on startup?00:54
forever1jimmiekosmo: then either the bios is'nt setup to boot the cdrom or the drive is faulty00:55
fishsceneDouble-check that you downloaded the correct ISO00:56
forever1 jimmiekosmo:  can you test another boot cd like another linux version00:56
fishscene!help > altergod00:56
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:56
alteregodi had a major problem, i had a apt-get update and then i jhad a broken pipe over ssh!00:56
Oer jimmiekosmo next to the bios setting, do you see F8 boot options during boot ? or F10 maybe ..00:57
alteregod a broken pipe, where is it broken?00:57
jimmiekosmoyes, f1200:57
=== ram is now known as Guest71972
Oerjimmiekosmo, oke, use that option too, select cd-dvd00:57
forever1jimmiekosmo:  we are trying to help via elimination00:57
jimmiekosmoi did before!00:58
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: very difficult to fix any problem when one is upset.  now might be a good time to take a break...00:58
nobitanobiHow do I add a printer by its IP address/00:58
* Oer is out of solutions too00:58
marabi2hey forever1 can i have your email or webside please00:58
grubbyonecan someone help me fix grub? I'm trying to boot from /dev/sdf00:59
jimmiekosmoyou guys are just mad that you are not smart enough to do your job.00:59
acerimmerjimmiekosmo: now you're trolling.  Stop or re-adjust00:59
fishscenejimmiekosmo: All of us here are volunteers. Assuming you downloaded the correct ISO (correct architecture and such), we are unable to really help with hardware problems.00:59
forever1marabi2: www.360developer.co.za01:00
Jordan_U!bootinfo | grubbyone01:00
ubottugrubbyone: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).01:00
nobitanobiHow do I add a printer if I Know its IP address?01:01
alteregodnobitanalobi: do a nmap scan01:02
fishsceneHow would an nmap scan help him add the printer?01:02
nobitanobiI know the Ip already01:02
alteregodwhat brand?01:02
acerimmernobitanobi:System>Administration>Printing>New Printer>Network Printer01:03
alteregoduse hplip if you have hp01:03
nobitanobiI got a Printing service not available acerimmer01:04
mrmikehicksDoes anyone have info on broken lazarus in 12.04? Lazarus freezes on launch01:04
grubbyoneboot info script says grub is installed to sda, how do I install it to sdf?01:04
fishscenenobitanobi: What happens when you go to system settings > printing > add > printer > network printer > find network printer > (type in IP address)?01:04
bazhangmrmikehicks, #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 please01:05
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Can you boot from a GNU/Linux LiveCD?01:05
grubbyoneI'm in a livecd now01:05
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Ok. What partition is Ubuntu installed to (the root filesystem)?01:05
nobitanobifishcenne if I follow system - administration - printing I get "Printing service not available., Start the service on this computer or connect to another server"01:06
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: OK. Run "sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /mnt/ && sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/ && sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/ && sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/ && sudo mount /dev/pts/ /mnt/dev/pts/ && sudo chroot /mnt/"01:07
kazagistarI wanted to do a minimal install of ubuntu, but when I tried to connect to a network, the install would freeze on a blank purple screen after connecting to dhcp01:07
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: After running that, your prompt should have changed to end with a '#' rather than a '$'. Tell me when your done.01:07
grubbyonejesus, hold on01:07
grubbyonegonna log in on the machine so I can copy01:08
fishsceneDoes anyone remember the name of the package that allows an admin to customize the look and feel of the desktop environment for new users who log in?01:08
GraenisIf anyone's familiar with the sound interface on this os i'd appreciate some help in a pm.01:08
bazhangGraenis, ask here please01:08
grubbyone_can you say that again?01:08
GraenisOh, okay.01:09
grubbyone_I got it, hold on01:09
CuliforgeAny wisdom for a geforce 8400gs that's caused my 10.04 to stop booting?01:09
nobitanobiHow do I find a printer by IP please?01:10
grubbyone_"/dev/pts is not a block device"01:10
nobitanobiwhen going to system-adminsitration-printing I get a message like Printing service not available., Start the service on this computer or connect to another server and I'm not even able to add a new printing01:10
GraenisWell, i'm not very familiar with the sound so i tried to configure my sound settings attempting to get my headset working, i even got "pavucontrol" because the internet suggested i do and starting off trying to get my headset working, i no longer have sound from my speakers.01:10
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: OK. Run "sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /mnt/ && sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/ && sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/ && sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/ && sudo mount --bind /dev/pts/ /mnt/dev/pts/ && sudo chroot /mnt/"01:10
zykotick9Culiforge: have you tried nomodeset?  see "/msg ubottu nomodeset" for details01:10
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: (I fixed the bug in that command that I had earlier).01:11
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Just a second.01:11
grubbyone_according to mtab, /dev/sdf1 is already mounted on /mnt01:11
kazagistarsince ubuntu minimal install disc is not working, is there some way to install full ubuntu and then strip gnome?01:12
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Since you've already done most of the mounting, we need to just continue where we left off with the error. Just run "sudo mount --bind /dev/pts/ /mnt/dev/pts/ && sudo chroot /mnt/"01:12
bazhangkazagistar, leaving just what?01:12
acerimmerkazagistar: stripping gnome would break all dependent packages01:12
GraenisIt's actually quite embarassing,01:12
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: OK. Your prompt has changed?01:12
grubbyone_yeah, at /01:13
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Good. Now run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc".01:13
kazagistarbazhang: well, optimally, just a minimal install where I could just have X and awesome running, and some other lightweight apps01:13
grubbyone_command line is empty01:13
Culiforgezykotick9: haven't done that, checking it out now, thanks01:13
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: It will ask you some questions, I'll tell you how to answer.01:13
Velenohi, is there any way I can set my intel 3945abg wireless card to master mode? thank you a lot01:13
GraenisSo, could anyone lend me a hand? i mean. when you're not busy01:14
grubbyone_would all these problems go away if I just swapped the sata ports of sda and sdf?01:14
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome01:14
grubbyone_and then did a reinstall01:15
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: If you set your BIOS to boot from sda, then Ubuntu would boot properly. Re-installing Ubuntu is overkill, and we're almost done changing where grub's boot sector is installed.01:15
grubbyone_ok, it's asking for a linux command line01:15
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: For the first two questions (asking about linux cmdline) just press Enter to continue leaving them at their default (one will be empty by default, that's fine).01:15
kazagistarbasically, I just want a "pureawesome" instead of gnome or kde or xfce01:16
zykotick9kazagistar: "pureawesome" that's funny.  I recently discovered awesome, and gotta say - I'm lovin' it.01:17
bazhangkazagistar, you could !purekde it and then just add awesome or what ever else you wanted01:17
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Are you at the question about install devices now?01:17
bazhang!purekde | kazagistar01:17
ubottukazagistar: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »01:17
grubbyonerebooting with new settings01:17
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Wait.01:17
grubbyoneit works01:17
bazhangkazagistar, obviously skipping the step of installing kubuntu-desktop01:17
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: Did you see the question about install devices? Did you change that setting?01:18
TetracommDo any of you know how to turn off a USB port at the command prompt in Ubuntu? Or any of the other ports? I just want a way to use the computer to switch things on and off.01:18
LED1off topic buc can i make xchat proxy/01:18
grubbyoneyeah, just removed sda and added sdf01:18
bazhangLED1, try #xchat01:18
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: OK, that should work then.01:18
grubbyoneit's a problem, every time I install, it always puts grub on the wrong drive01:18
GraenisWell guess i'll go look fer another chat! eheh.01:18
TetracommDoes anyone know a very simple way to (via command line) turn a port on or off in Ubuntu? I want to turn off the power coming from it.01:18
Jordan_Ugrubbyone: (as long as your BIOS is set to boot from sdf). Feel free to reboot.01:18
bazhangTetracomm, why would you want or need to do that01:18
kazagistarit is still super frustrating that my favorite distro is the only one that just randomly crashes when I try to do a minimal install on my netbook01:19
bazhangkazagistar, you get the link I posted?01:20
kazagistarI ended up using debian for a while before growing too frustrated with it, because at least it installed01:20
_godhelpmehow do i make it so when I put a file in a folder that it uses the parent permissions01:20
LED1kazagistar:  Why?01:20
fishsceneDoes anyone remember the package that allows a system administrator to customize the desktop environment for new users who log on?01:21
Culiforgezykotick9: ok, giving it a go.. I'll be back when there's smoke coming out of my ears..01:21
fishsceneFor example, I can change the desktop background, create launchers, etc... and when a brand new user logs in, everything is set up for them.01:21
zykotick9_godhelpme: gnu/linux is not microsoft, permissions are different.  New files/folders are determined by umask.01:22
Tetracommbazhang: To turn an electric circuit on or off.01:22
kazagistarLED1: I struggled for many hours trying to get my sound to work, get various firmware working, etc, and did not succeed01:22
LED1I hated unity at first but it grows on you doesnt it01:22
artichokuhowdie howdie! how's it hangin'?01:22
bazhangartichoku, ubuntu support issue?01:22
artichokuLED1: you should turn on the activities thing, it's like a completely different OS01:22
bazhangTetracomm, yes, but whatever for01:23
LED1kaz youll figure it out eventually but, i can understand the frustration.01:23
bazhangartichoku, what activities thing01:23
zykotick9_godhelpme: there is "man umask" if you want some details.01:23
artichokui don't know exactly, i was messing with compiz settings and everything disappeared01:23
artichokuthen i had one single bar at the top with an activities button01:24
Raviorsomeone knows how can you decrypt a GPG message01:24
artichokuand it's really badass01:24
Raviorfor that launchpad link01:24
bazhangartichoku, completely blank desktop? no icons, nothing to click on etc?01:24
artichokunope, just the top bar and an activities button01:24
artichokuand when you click on it, it shows open windows, and you can click on applications and it shows all your programs01:24
bazhangartichoku, this is using unity-3d?01:24
artichokui have no idea how it appeared01:25
artichokulike i said i was messing with compiz01:25
artichokui can log into my ubuntu partition and tell you the setting i have if you want01:25
terios girl here01:25
artichokubut i love it01:25
andy2587Facing Intel Graphics issue on Latitude E6410, Ubuntu 11.10 - booting into black screen, workaround with grub parameter nomodeset is fine but throws me back to Vesa. Read so many threads and possible solutions, but nothing helps...please can anyone help ?01:25
bazhangterios, wrong network01:25
teriosgirl chat with me pls01:25
bazhangterios, no, stop asking01:26
pangolinterios: this is an Ubuntu support channel, not a dating service01:26
terioswhere ?01:26
fishsceneterios: This is a support channel for Ubuntu. Please read the guidelines for this channel.01:26
artichokuterios is a 13 year old boy01:26
bazhangterios, NOT this network01:26
pangolinartichoku: no need for silly comments01:26
artichokubazhang: i'm gonna reboot to ubuntu and tell you the settings01:26
teriosthanks   very   much01:27
_godhelpmezykotick9: if I went umask 770 would that set the dir to use that mask01:27
LED1i think bunt is going in the right direction with unity although i hated it at first01:28
vbbhey you guys i need technical help here01:29
MarcoAcheronWhich do you guys prefer: Tor or Cocoon?01:30
vbbi dont see foonetic.net on the irc list in gnome irc01:30
vbbhow do i add it?01:30
appleguruhow can I setup a PPTP vpn server on ubuntu that passes broadcast traffic both ways?01:30
bazhangvbb, what irc client01:30
LED1all bunt distros work rigt if you have the right hardware thats all im saying, sometimes you just need an upgrade.01:31
vbbim using xchat-GNOME01:31
bazhangLED1, ok. please continue in #ubuntu-offtopic , thanks01:31
zykotick9_godhelpme: umask applies to all created files/folders.  It's a subtraction from full permission so a umask of 770 would be no permission for user/group and full permission for Other (probably NOT what you want)01:31
Culiforgezykotick9: no joy with the boot param01:32
LED1i' just listening and throwing out random coments when i get bord i'm trying to learn and contribute here01:32
Tellmarchuh, i wanted to backup my home directory with scp -R, and it copied and copied and copied... going through links and copying the same data again and again -_-01:32
zykotick9Culiforge: sorry, i don't have any other suggestions.  (did you say "after upgrade" this started?)01:33
Tellmarchwhat's a good way to backup the whole home (with . folders) and only once ?01:33
artichokuok back01:33
bazhangLED1, this is not the channel for that. please dont01:33
vbbnvm im reading the readme01:33
artichokuuploading some SS for you now bazhang01:33
LED1so whats the topic?01:33
bazhangTellmarch, clone? like clonezilla?01:33
Culiforgezykotick9: no, installed geforce pcie card then reboot then dead system.. :(01:34
artichokubazhang: http://imageshack.us/g/37/screenshotat20120202202.png/01:34
bazhangLED1, UBUNTU support. chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic Please01:34
Tellmarchbazhang, i just want a command line to copy the whole home folder through ssh01:34
artichokugiven, i added awn01:34
bazhangTellmarch, rsync?01:35
Tellmarchwell, will it do the same thing as scp?01:35
Tellmarchi copied about 50 GB of data to backup my 5GB home folder -_-01:35
Tellmarchbefore noticing it was copying in loops01:35
zykotick9Tellmarch: scp -r ?01:36
Tellmarchthat's what i did01:36
BsimsTellmarch: rsync is mostly the same thing, but if you are gonna do it more than once rsync is the way to go01:36
Tellmarchbut my problem is that scp -r didn't work well at all01:36
Tellmarchcopying 10 times the same data01:37
Tellmarchwell, i'll look into rsync, thanks01:37
artichokubazhang: did you look?01:38
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Culiforgezykotick9: wait wait.. I didn't follow directions.. bbiab with report01:39
bazhangartichoku, yes, the bar on th e right is set to hide?01:39
artichokuit's not there at all01:40
artichokuit doesn't pop up if i move my mouse up there01:40
artichokuit's just gone01:40
=== KuntSlime is now known as Kuntsleim
artichokubut i really like whatever it was i did01:40
bazhangartichoku, what did you do? install awn then it went like that?01:41
artichokui installed awn afterwards01:41
artichokui was just in compiz trying to set up my destop cube01:41
bazhangartichoku, same issues with unity-2d-panel installed?01:41
artichokuit asked me to enable some things and disable others01:41
artichokuand it just came out like this01:41
MarcoAcheronHey guys trying to decide which is better for private browsing: Cocoon or Tor?01:41
artichokulike i said, i really like it01:42
artichokui just don't know how exactly i did it01:42
bazhangMarcoAcheron, try ##security perhaps01:42
bazhangartichoku, sounds like ccsm and some conflicting settings01:42
artichokui just wish i knew what i did so i could make the laptop look like that01:42
Bsimsartichoku: copy comiz.conf if it exists to the other machine?01:43
artichokuooo good idea01:43
MarcoAcheronThanks baz01:44
BsimsI mean its got a settings/config somewhere in your home dir01:44
artichokualright everyone, movie time with the wife01:44
artichokui'll see you all later01:44
biteHow do I change the boot order on a partitioned drive?01:51
bitewindows boots first.01:52
biteAnd I need to invert the order.01:52
histo!grub2 | bite01:52
ubottubite: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:52
bazhangbite, in the grub menu?01:52
histobite: you dont' have to invert the order just change the default boot option01:52
biteI can't get the grub menu. It boots straight to windows.01:52
histobite: so grub doesn't show up at all?01:52
bitehisto: It does not.01:53
histobite: did you install windows after linux?01:53
bitehisto: I did not.01:53
histobite: has it ever booted to linux?01:53
bitehisto: never. It's a fresh linux install01:54
histobite: you need to boot the install cd again and reinstall grub boot loader01:55
bitehisto: strictly grub01:55
yvahi there, I'm trying to use ubuntu 11.10 backup but my external HD is fat32, isn't that a problem?01:55
histobite: yes grub201:55
histobite: follow the first link that ubottu showed01:55
bitehisto: will it install over the windows-written mbr?01:56
histobite: well you have to install over the windows mbr to have a selection01:56
biteadditionally, why would it not overwrite it the first time i installed it?01:56
histobite: unless you are using wubi01:56
bitehisto: I'm not.01:56
histobite: if you didn't tell it to overwrite the mbr it won't do it.01:56
histobite: that is when you were installing01:57
user_hi folks01:57
yvais there an admin here?01:57
histoyva: there is a ubuntu-ops channel01:57
user_does anyone know who to get silc on ubuntu 11.10?01:57
Culiforgezykotick9: bah, still no joy01:58
user_pidgin removed silc01:58
randomDudeI'm using ubuntu 11.10, when i open inkscape and then use the text tool, i see four million billion trillion zillion (etc, etc for dramatic desparation empahsis), <random numbers>- subset of XYZ fontname. What are these "subsets" ? How do i remove these useless things?01:58
usrhello, is there software to develop android apps for ubuntu/02:01
histousr: you can get the android sdk in linux02:02
histousr: i've seen people use eclipse also02:02
usrhisto, I am new so I want to learn how to develop android apps... Can I get the sdk from the software center?02:03
somsipusr: you can also use Netbeans. No sdk from Adnroid dev site02:03
histousr: there are youtube videos on how to setup eclipse with the android sdk02:03
bitehisto: i'm getting a weird readout from02:03
histousr: google used to have a website you could develop apps through as well. but I think it closed at the end of 2011 and MIT is taking it over02:03
bite"ls -l /dev/disk/by-label", and gparted it reporting to me a very strange configuration02:04
histobite: can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l02:04
somsipusr: bad punctuation on my last reply. No you don't get SDK from software center, you get it from Android dev site02:04
bitehisto: /sda6 and /sda5 are subcategorized under /sda4. I haven't a clue why02:04
bitehisto: i think an imagebin would be a bit better02:04
MK13histo: shame... Appinventor was nice for testing02:04
histousr: appinventor was the name of it. That was the easiest way.  Not sure if MIT has it live again02:05
histobite: well 5 and 6 would be extended partitions02:05
gadakgcc: error: elf_i386: No such file or directory///////////////////NE1 Solution?02:06
bitehisto: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=657802:06
bitehisto: is there a maximum to the amount of partititions permitted on a disk?02:06
histobite: yeah that's fine. You have an extended container with two partitions in it02:06
bitehisto: how can i force it to boot into linux first, then?02:07
flowerpotI notice that sshd has options like PasswordAuthentication in ssh_config that I can set to allow or deny password-based authentication.  However, I thought PAM could do this too?  I can't seem to find out how to tell sshd to use PAM...does sshd use it by default?02:07
histobite: yeah 4 primary partitions02:07
histobite: that's why you have to use extended areas to have more than 402:08
bitehisto: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=657902:08
aaronh5can anyone help me with some bash02:08
bitehisto: should i remove some partitions then to make ubuntu boot first?02:08
bitehisto: i can probably merge data with the c:\ drive02:09
histobite: no it has nothing to do with the way your disk is partitioned. It's just that windows is on the MBR and has no idea that ubuntu exists02:09
bitehisto: what will force ubuntu toi boot first then?02:09
=== usr is now known as danes
histobite: If you install grub2 to the MBR of the drive02:10
bitehisto: i can do that following that link then02:10
histobite: grub will create a boot menu for you. You can select windows or ubuntu to boot first02:10
histobite: yes02:10
histo!grub2 | bite02:10
ubottubite: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:10
bitehisto: yeah. Very well then. I'll try it via terminal then.02:11
histobite: specifically the restooregrub link02:11
bitehisto: one issue, since they're extended, i can't follow that tutorial via command line02:11
bitehisto: how do i install Boot-Repair then?02:11
bitehisto: nevermind, it's an iso02:12
bitehisto: nevermind, it's on a diffrerent repository02:13
bitehisto: thanks for your help.02:13
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histobite: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB202:15
crash82Hello, my terminator screen doesn' t show bash command line, can't understand why any ideas? Using gnome desktop02:15
histobite: look at the that link02:15
bitehisto: I've got it.02:16
almoxarifecrash82: start terminator from the basic terminal, any errors shown?02:17
histobite: you should be using grub2 if you have anything later than ubuntu 9.1002:17
crash82almoxarife, none02:18
crash82almoxarife, going to try to install terminator 0.96 (latest version) to see if the same happens02:19
possible1994My memory card reader worked perfectly for the first week with an SD card, and now it does not. I do not recall any system configuration changes that would affect this.02:19
battle_warriorHii, i have a server box thats connected wirelessly to  my home network, when i tried to connect to it it says "connection refused" can i get help conecting to it02:19
almoxarifecrash82: uninstall/purge terminator after removing the local conf folder, then re-install it02:20
possible1994What cli string should I use to display all USB peripherals detected?02:20
flowerpotI see lines beginning with @include in my pam.conf -- I understand include, but what's with the @?02:20
zykotick9possible1994: lsusb02:21
felipe_BrzI run ubuntu 11.04. Can I make my apt-get install command point to the repositories of the newer Ubuntu versions so I can get newer software?02:21
somsip!test | franc02:21
ubottufranc: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )02:21
flowerpotfelipe_, you could, but i don't think you'd want to.  there would be compatibility problems, i believe02:21
crash82almoxarife, going to try02:22
almoxarifefelipe_Brz: you will cause a distribution upgrade that may not work02:22
felipe_Brzflowerpot: hmm...so if I want to say, download a newer version of php than what's available in my repo, then I have to add a 3rd party PPA?02:23
battle_warriori cannot connect to my server box via the local host due to "connection refused" is there anyway to go around it?02:24
almoxarifefelipe_Brz: yes, or compile it, the ppa choice is the key, anyone can create a ppa02:24
flowerpotfelipe_Brz, I mean you could try adding a repo for a version of ubuntu that isn't the one you have, but it seems like it'd be path to confusion and badness02:24
crash82almoxarife, did it... but did not work after leaving terminator this appears "<Window object at 0x27baa00 (terminatorlib+window+Window at 0x2842050)> is not in registered window list"02:25
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=== Culiforge is now known as cul_away
danesI am trying to install eclipse from software center but it tells me to check my internet connection. I got this:  http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/o/openjdk-6/openjdk-6-jdk_6b23~pre11-0ubuntu1.11.10_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:27
StepNjumphi guys, I am looking for a way to find apps that are written for CLI (or terminal).. For example, I am currently looking for a CRM app (Customer Relationship Manager) in which I could add my clients... I found some already but none of them are made for CLI, they are to be run in X... any ideas? Or am I too old style dynausaur?02:27
danesanyone know how can I fix it?02:27
almoxarifecrash82: no idea what that is about02:27
Roge152Currently getting between 50-69KBPS from ca.archive.ubuntu.com02:28
Roge152Thats insanely slow.02:28
Roge152Given my connection is 75mbps02:29
almoxarifecrash82: does terminator work?02:29
mukaibotStepNjump: You're an old dinosaur :)02:29
mukaibotStepNjump: How about a web based CRM system? There are lots of those, and most thin clients can surely run a web browser02:29
qmanjr5Is there a GUI option for Samba?02:29
Roge152I tried going into the software center to change repos, but it crash's everytime before it even loads.02:29
almoxarifeRoge152: you dont need to use that server, choose another, if all of them are at the same low rate then blame your connection02:30
mukaibotqmanjr5: Yes02:30
mukaibotqmanjr5: for configuration or browsing?02:30
trapecistakWhy does wget don't show the progress bar when run inside a bash script?02:30
qmanjr5mukaibot: configuration02:30
Roge152I doubt its my connection almoxarife, Im getting blazing speeds in windows02:30
Roge152Is there a list somewhere of repos almoxarife ?02:30
mukaibotqmanjr5: web based: SWAT, GUI based: gadmin02:30
urlin2uRoge152, the repo change is also in software sources, not sure if you need synaptic installed to access, probably not.02:31
qmanjr5mukaibot: do I just install those via apt-get?02:31
battle_warriorim trying to conect to my local host via putty .... but whenever i try it keeps saying connection refused the server box is ubuntu... im trying to connect to it via windows can i plz get some help02:31
mukaibotqmanjr5: apt-get install gadmin-samba02:31
Roge152Yeah, but the GUI tool keeps crashing urlin2u, so im looking for a list of the repo urls's so I can go in and change them manually.02:31
almoxarifeRoge152: there is, part of the install app, 'sources' perhaps?02:31
mukaibotqmanjr5: I think it's easier to configure via the command line if you just want to share a folder.02:31
urlin2uRoge152, have you gried softare sorces from the search?02:32
qmanjr5mukaibot: well I tried. :P I got lost02:32
mukaibotqmanjr5: what seems to trip many people up is they forget the need to run smbpasswd02:32
urlin2usoftware sources Roge15202:32
Roge152well, there is the software centre, but it keeps crashing.02:32
mukaibotqmanjr5: what specifically is the issue you're having with your samba configuration?02:32
qmanjr5mukaibot: If I messaged you, could you help me set it up? I'm not sure what a few of these options should be02:32
postryeanybody want to help me make up my mind?   I am in the market for a laptop... should I buy a new dell, a system76, or find a used one.  All I need is a machine that can do some light web development and browsing.02:32
urlin2uRoge152, there is also one I name type it into the dash sarch.02:33
battle_warriorsorry for leaving somethng closed my irc, could i get help to my question i had earlier02:33
crash82almoxarife, it opens the windows just doesn't show the prompt02:33
Roge152I don't seem to have it urlin2u02:33
bazhangpostrye, thats out of scope for this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##hardware please02:33
postryeright on, thank you02:33
qmanjr5mukaibot: The main one is the host name I should be using.02:34
=== why is now known as Guest37664
qmanjr5and whether or not I should change the "allowed hosts and networks" "handles connection on" etc02:34
mukaibotqmanjr5: is this for a home environment?02:34
urlin2uRoge152, I had synaptic crashing in oneric I found a fix for it what is your release your running?02:35
mukaibotqmanjr5: in that case I wouldn't really bother about restricting via networks and hosts, because you probably only have a single subnet02:35
Roge15211.10 (non updated yet)02:35
mukaibotqmanjr5: you need to useradd each account you want, and then give them an smbpasswd02:35
urlin2uRoge152, hold on02:35
mukaibotqmanjr5: man useradd and man smbpasswd :)02:36
qmanjr5Can't i just login via the user I'm using on my Ubuntu box?02:36
mukaibotqmanjr5: how many machines do you have? how many user accounts?02:36
battle_warriorim realy not trying to be annoying, but it seems people are totally ignoring my question and yet answering others,  Once again i ask can someone help me find a solution for me to connect to my server box via local host, whenever i try to connect to it using putty it says connection refused... its ubuntu 10.4 im trying to connect to it via windows 702:36
mukaibotqmanjr5: yes, you can do that too02:36
qmanjr5mukaibot: I have 2 other Windows boxes.02:36
mukaibotqmanjr5: make sure you smbpasswd your user account then02:36
mukaibotqmanjr5: Can you see the shares from your Windows machines?02:37
qmanjr5No, not yet.02:37
mukaibotqmanjr5: assuming you want go access files on your Ubuntu machine from Windows right?02:37
StepNjumpIs there a listing somewhere on the internet for most of all applications that run under CLI (or terminal) somewhere? I don't like the apps running under X much02:37
qmanjr5Yes, that's what I want to do.02:37
mukaibotqmanjr5: ok cool. Good news is it's pretty straight forward.02:38
mukaibotqmanjr5: step 1 - edit smb.conf so that it has your shares02:38
mukaibotqmanjr5: step 2 - set up your user/s with smbpasswd02:38
qmanjr5mukaibot: I'm using gadmin. =302:38
mukaibotqmanjr5: you'll still need each user to have a valid smbpasswd02:39
qmanjr5I just finished what I'm sharing02:39
mukaibotqmanjr5: not sure if gadmin helps you with that02:39
qmanjr5Can't I set that in gadmin too?02:39
qmanjr5I think it does02:39
mukaibotyeah, give it a shot02:39
jhonhi salut02:39
qmanjr5Alright, that part is done.02:39
qmanjr5What now?02:39
jhonno french in room02:40
mukaibotcan you see the shares from your Windows machine? And get access denied / logon box?02:40
qmanjr5Hold on, I'll go check. They're in a different room. :P02:40
qmanjr5Where would they be under, "Network"?02:40
mukaibottry rdesktop02:40
mukaibotthat will give you RDP access to your Windows machines02:40
jhonbon je quitte02:41
mukaibotunless they run homeless editions02:41
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bazhangjhon, #ubuntu-fr02:41
ouyeswhat do you think about ubuntu 11.1002:41
bazhangouyes, its the latest release02:41
qmanjr5mukaibot: what options do I use for rdesktop?02:41
qmanjr5I've never used it before.02:41
mukaibotah, never mind then02:41
mukaibotfigure it out for next time :)02:42
jhonthanks bazhang02:42
qmanjr5:P Alright02:42
ouyesbazhang, I know man, I mean do you like it02:42
qmanjr5I'll be right back then, gunna check the Windows machine02:42
mukaibotit will be faster to go to the other room :)02:42
kazagistaroy, how do I know if ubuntu installation has frozen? it has been "configuring target system" at the same spot in the progress bar for half an hour or so now02:42
bazhangouyes, sure; did you have a support question? chat is for #ubuntu-offtopic02:42
mukaibotkazagistar: do you have a shell?02:42
kazagistarmukaibot: ctrl+alt+f1 and I am there02:43
flowerpotI just ran sudo service sshd and got sshd: unrecognized service.  But sshd is running!  How do I perform operations like start/stop with upstart if not via service?02:43
bazhangkazagistar, installing the full ubuntu-desktop suite? something else02:43
qmanjr5mukaibot: It says I don't have access.02:43
qmanjr5But the Ubuntu box is listed.02:43
kazagistarbazhang: newest 64 bit unity ubuntu, through the basic graphical installer02:44
StepNjumpwhat is a good free crm here on ubuntu02:44
bazhangkazagistar, I'd give it a bit more time02:44
bazhangStepNjump, free crm? such as?02:44
kazagistarbazhang: when I tried to use the minimal installer earlier it froze while trying to establish a network connection, so I decided to try this way instead02:45
bazhangkazagistar, the live cd? the alternate cd?02:45
kazagistarbazhang: livecd, dd'ed to an external02:46
=== rixter_ is now known as RIXtEr-Home
bazhangStepNjump, care to give an example?02:46
ouyesbazhang, that is a support question, thing is I do not know if 11.10 is better than my 10.04, and what features does 11.10 have02:47
bazhang!notes | ouyes02:47
ubottuouyes: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/11.1002:47
bazhangouyes, better is subjective, please dont poll here02:47
bazhang!poll > ouyes02:47
ubottuouyes, please see my private message02:47
mukaibotqmanjr5: yeah, now on the Ubuntu box, smbpasswd for your user02:47
qmanjr5I wasn't given a login box though02:48
qmanjr5Just a not allowed.02:48
mukaibotkazagistar: does "top" show you anything useful? That the process is still running?02:48
mukaibotqmanjr5: you'll need to allow Listing02:48
qmanjr5Now, this would be so much easier if I knew what that meant02:48
qmanjr5That too.02:49
mukaibotso in /etc/samba/smb.conf you need to add Browsable = yes02:49
mukaibotnot sure how you do that in the gadmin tool02:49
qmanjr5It ahs a Tab for it :D02:49
kazagistarmukaibot: the process is ubiquity, right?02:49
qmanjr5mukaibot: There are a bunch of shares, right. And most of them have Browseable=yes02:50
mukaibotqmanjr5: go to the one you want, and set browsable = yes02:51
qmanjr5They already are.02:52
mukaibotqmanjr5: ok good02:52
mukaibotkazagistar: that does sound correct02:52
qmanjr5so why is it still not showing on my Windows machines?02:52
mukaibotis it showing up on your machines, or giving you access denied?02:53
qmanjr5Access denied02:53
qmanjr5but no login form02:53
mukaibotqmanjr5: try restarting smbd (just to make sure gadmin applied the changes)02:54
mukaibotqmanjr5: can you post your smb.conf somewhere?02:54
qmanjr5SUre. If you tell me how to restart smbd02:54
mukaibotsudo /etc/init.d/smbd restart02:55
qmanjr5mukaibot: Reset. Shall I go check it?02:56
kazagistardunno, at this point, I have been at the same place on the progress bar for much much longer then it usually takes to install the whole OS... should I just try again or something?02:57
qmanjr5mukaibot: same thing.02:58
qmanjr5It said that it couldn't find the path02:58
qmanjr5or something to that affect02:58
mukaibottry entering the IP address of your Ubuntu box then. Sounds like you don't have DNS working..02:58
ralliasis there any sort of guide on how to write a simple DE with the likes of openbox?02:58
mukaibotrallias: you're kidding right?02:58
ralliasmukaibot: absolutely not, I want a computer like the one in Person of Interest02:59
mukaibotrallias: don't go saying that in #openbox!02:59
mukaibotrallias: can you program in C++?02:59
mukaibotkazagistar: try having a look at /var/log/syslog.102:59
mukaibotkazagistar: try having a look at /var/log/syslog02:59
mukaibotrallias: I haven't seen Person of Interest, but maybe you can theme OpenBox?03:00
ralliasmukaibot is there a guide on how to do that?03:00
mukaibotrallias: otherwise, have a look at the OpenBox code (it *is* open source you know ;)03:00
ralliasthe problem with looking at the code is my programming is write only03:00
mukaibotrallias: I don't know, but Google probably does03:00
kaushalis there a way to split nautilus into two vertical panes03:01
kaushaljust to copy from one window to another window03:01
=== c00kie is now known as Jasonn
Toph2kaushal,,, F303:02
kaushalToph2: and another 3 pane ?03:03
kaushalis that possible ?03:03
Toph2kaushal,,, i'm not sure about that03:03
kaushalToph2: thanks03:03
=== jack is now known as Guest62017
kazagistarmukaibot: only thing that looks interesting is an ubiquity message "/usr/bin/casper-reconfigure: package 'gnome-panel-data' is not installed" occured, and then nothing until some messages about changing framebuffers to the terminal an hour later (nowish)03:05
qmanjr5mukaibot: Whenever I enter my computer's IP, it brings me to my website. I have an apache server set up as well. Would that affect it?03:05
frybyehi - how do I setup indicator-weather properly - to autostart with the pc etc..?03:07
=== ubuntu is now known as bobb
qmanjr5mukaibot? (sorry for being so impatient, someone is waiting fo rthie computer :P)03:08
brad87there are too many NIGGERS in here03:09
brad87dont i get banned for saying that?03:09
qmanjr5Apparently not, though you should.03:09
brad87i know, right03:09
nils_maybe you were using it as a term of endearment?03:10
brad87im not even racist03:10
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brad87i just want to be banned03:10
frybyeanybody got some info on setting up the indicator-weather?03:10
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brad87yes, go into your indicator-weather control panel, and hit the set-up tab03:11
appleguruhow can I set up a PPTP VPN server on ubuntu that passes broadcast traffic both ways?03:11
brad87goto the PPTP VPN control panel, and click the checkbox that says "send both ways"03:12
frybyebrad87: my problem ist to get the indicator-weather thing to auto-start with the pc -03:12
brad87thr this command: indicator-weather --startwithpc03:13
bitesudo apt-get unstinstall or sudo apt-get remove?03:13
osmosiswhats the cmd to reconfigure a package?03:13
brad87dpkg --reconfigure03:13
bitebrad87: which does what when?03:14
brad87they both do the same03:14
aukWhy does it seem as though after a while of using Ubuntu, all my icons and graphics seems to "Degrade"?03:14
frybyebrad87: thanks - one happy Nigg*03:14
aukWell, I'm actually on Linuxmint,      BUT in the past of using Ubuntu, this happens.03:15
brad87because ubuntu has an expiry date, it slowly sours, just like milk and yogurt03:15
bitebrad87: they're absolutely identical?03:15
auk!language | Frybye03:15
ubottuFrybye: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:15
brad87yep, same as apples and oranges03:15
nivyajwhat's a mail program similar to outlook for ubuntu?03:15
bitebrad87: how would i remove packages assoicated, the dependencies?03:15
brad87format and clean-install03:16
aukI've never really cared all too much about this since I was using an old machine and decided to stop using gnome all together.03:16
mukaibotnivyaj: why would you want anything like Outlook?!?!!?!?03:16
xanguanivyaj: thunderbird is the default mail client now03:16
zykotick9nivyaj: thunderbird from mozilla, or evolution for gnome03:16
nivyajmukaibot:  I LOVE OUTLOOK03:16
mukaibotnivyaj: Evolution is more like Outlook03:16
aukNow that I'm using an all exciting new computer. THIS MATTERS to me now.        I'm so sad my icons downgrades. :S03:16
brad87if you want outlook, pirate xp and use outlook03:16
nivyajOk, thanks guys03:16
mukaibotnivyaj: good luck!03:17
brad87keep your linux partition in a fridge when not in use, this will keep it looking better, longer03:17
pangolinbrad87: Clearly you are trying to elicit some sort of reaction from the ops. I suggest you /msg ubottu !guidelines and read them before you get banned03:18
brad87white power!03:18
mukaibotpangolin: I think he just wants some attention03:18
auknivyaj: Thunderbird does the job.03:18
aukThanks pangolin. I bet it's that same frybye fool I don't like.03:19
wenxiang 03:19
wenxiang 03:19
wenxiang 03:19
wenxiang 03:19
FloodBot1wenxiang: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:19
auknivyaj: Wait, what email service you're using? Hotmail would make you pay to login to use an email client. (I never tested with Outlook, but I can only assume).03:20
mukaibotauk: Hotmail is free03:20
mukaibotauk: you can use ActiveSync with it :D03:20
bobbHello everyone, I'm having trouble installing a .iso file onto a usb flashdrive. I'm using the livecd's included software: Make Startup Disk. Right now, it will install Ubuntu 11.10i386, so I want to change it to Fedora. So I downloaded a Fedora livecd .iso, pressed the "Other..." button, selected a Fedora .iso, and confirm. But, it still is going to install Ubuntu, and not not Fedora. What do I do?03:20
mukaibotauk: just like Gmail03:20
aukThunderbird for Email is really nice. Check it out in Ubuntu's Software manager.            OR run this command: sudo apt-get install thunderbird03:20
aukmukaibot: I know to use hotmail is free. But it's not free to use inside thunderbird.03:21
bobbNot to sound like a traitor03:21
mukaibotauk: sure it is03:21
aukWell, then thunderbird is something you're lookiing for then. If you can do that for free.03:21
xanguabobb: that tool is only for ubuntu, use unetbootin instead03:21
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seliteI have an unrelated problem, however any help is appreciated. My sony vaio charger makes a strange noise and it won't charge my laptop. Is it dead?03:22
xanguaauk: hotmail supports free pop since two years ago03:22
Yourname`Hello. Does anyone have knowledge of AWstats and Webmin on Ubuntu? I get this error: The logfile analysis command /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/awstats.pl was not found on your system. Maybe AWStats is not installed, or your module configuration is incorrect - after installing awstats by webmin.03:22
bobbxangu: I'll try it out03:23
aukxangua: Ewww, I hate pop.            imap > pop...03:23
mukaibotselite: yeah, sounds like it is dead03:23
zykotick9!webmin | Yourname`03:23
ubottuYourname`: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:23
selitemukaibot: Thank you.03:23
aukPfft, free POP is M$'s excuse to free up some diskspace on their mail server in some way.03:23
Yourname`zykotick9: Thanks03:24
aukI'm sure of it.03:24
aukOr at least think that's it.03:24
mukaibotselite: Don't try to repair it! They are dangerous!03:24
fellayaboyWhats the difference between vpn and ssh03:24
selitemukaibot: No, I just wanted to make sure. I will get a new one.03:24
aukBecause POP will send you all the emails, and then remove whatever you received from email server.03:24
nils_auk: don't be ridiculous. It doesn't run on real hardware, it's all in the cloud, dude.03:24
mukaibotselite: ok good!03:24
xanguaauk: they keep copy of your emal if you set it on the preferences03:24
fellayaboyI use ssh alot but never used vpn03:24
whoeverYourname`: what are the permissons on that log file maybe those arn wrong03:25
aukxangua: Hmm, I've neevr seen such an option before, I'll look into that. Thanks.03:25
biteHow do i install java on linux?03:25
xanguathat option is by default also auk03:25
biteubuntu, to be specific.03:25
mukaibotfellayaboy: VPN connects you to a network (ie, you get an IP on that network), ssh is just a one-to-one connection between two devices. Both are encrypted03:25
Yourname`whoever: What log file?03:25
aukbite: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java             <---- There you go.03:25
bitethanks auk03:25
bitebut do i need the jdk or jre?03:26
xanguabite: you can install openjdk from repositories, i don¿t know if java is still on ubuntu repos; you can also download it from java.com and install it manually03:26
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aukbite: JRE.  Java runtime.                  JDK = Java Development Kit.03:26
fellayaboyOoh so with vpn i get an ip address from that network so wgen i browse the internet im using that public.ip address...the remotes..?03:26
biteauk: JRE it is then.03:26
mukaibotfellayaboy: it depends how your routing is set up03:26
mukaibotfellayaboy: typically no03:27
aukxangua: You suggested JDK because it would come with both?03:27
aukMost dev stuff seems to come with both anyway.03:27
fellayaboyStill so confused03:27
nils_fellayaboy: that depends on how you set it up. I have a vpn with a remote location so I can access that private network, still use my regular ISP to go online but I could also use a gateway on that network03:27
whoeverYourname`: /var/log/03:27
xanguaauk: i suggested OpenJDK03:27
Yourname`whoever: What does the log file have to do with awstats?03:27
biteauk: JDK is strictly for development, yes?03:27
mukaibotfellayaboy: if your goal is to change your IP address for websites, a proxy is probably a better choice03:27
Yourname`whoever: Because when I installed it via webmin, I don't see awstats.pl installed at all :S03:27
fellayaboyI see03:28
aukfellayaboy: VNC is just some fancy cool remote desktop thingy (An alternative since RDP for window-ish systems sucks).03:28
aukbite: And for people interested in creating java programs.03:28
mukaibotauk: I don't think we're talking about VNC03:28
aukOH VPN.03:29
whoeverYourname`: well i ausmed it was all there try to install the mod manually, honestly I haven't used webmin in years03:29
aukAh, gotcha.03:29
mukaibotauk: :)03:29
biteauk: very well then, thanks.03:29
fellayaboySo with a vpn.its like connecting to the shared folders03:29
mukaibotnot quite03:29
mukaibotfellayaboy: there are several types of VPNs03:29
whoeverYourname`: maybe you need to just install the modual again03:29
Yourname`whoever: Thanks. I installed it via webmin first, then did an apt-get and that's when I saw awstats.pl, but even when I put the path to awstats.pl in the webmin module config, it still doesn't show..03:29
mukaibotfellayaboy: but they all do the same thing; connect you to a network03:29
fellayaboyIts like ita physically connected to tje network where i can access the resources such as shared folders03:29
aukDoesn't VPN feature already exists in Ubuntu, to just set it up along with your normal wifi/wired internet configurations (GUI) or you're trying to like SSH VNC it?03:29
mukaibotfellayaboy: yes03:30
mukaibotfellayaboy: shared folders, printers, internal websites...etc03:30
fellayaboyI want total privacy while on the net....03:30
mukaibotfellayaboy: that's not possible :)03:30
fellayaboyI heard von ca03:30
mukaibotvon ca?03:31
needhelp23323hello everyone , im having problem installing openssh-server on ubuntu netbook edition03:31
whoeverYourname`: is awstats depmecated, those mods don't allways work, when i used webmin few of the mods worked as described03:31
nils_fellayaboy: maybe you are looking for something like TOR?03:31
mukaibotneedhelp23323: what's the issue?03:31
fellayaboySorry i heard can protect u..its better than tor i heard03:31
needhelp23323mukaibot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827194/03:31
Yourname`whoever: Ah ok, I'm trying to find something like awstats for webmin. Do you recommend anything that works?03:31
fellayaboySites like the piratebay use a vpn i heard and if u browse to share files i should use a vpn i heard03:31
mukaibotneedhelp23323: what have you done? LOL03:32
needhelp23323mukaibot: nothing03:32
mukaibotneedhelp23323: lol...03:32
aukfellayaboy: VPN basiclly is this:                Point to point connection.        It will feel as though you're part of a network from another side of the world (REMOTE).       And you can share files between computers  as if you're reaally on the other side of the world.         Many people use VPN as a proxy server.03:32
mukaibotneedhelp23323: can you paste /etc/apt/sources.list03:32
whoeverYourname`: personaly i think webmin is just another layer of crap when the modual can be implemented to almost any server03:32
needhelp23323mukaibot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827207/03:32
mukaibotauk: VPN and Proxy are not the same03:32
holsteinneedhelp23323: what version is that? are the repos still up?.. i think the 10.10 ones are down..03:33
pangolinmukaibot: run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade , then try to install openssh again03:33
whoeverYourname`: does it hAve to be webmin03:33
nils_fellayaboy: well you could have a vpn into a network with some obscure foreign provider that doesn't give your details away, there are services for that. However that's beyond the scope of this channel.03:33
needhelp23323holstein: its 10.0403:33
aukmukaibot: Pretty much is in the way people uses it.     (As it achieves the same effect as if you wanted proxy).03:33
Yourname`whoever: Not really lol03:33
fellayaboyWhat channel can i go to to discuss that03:33
mukaibotneedhelp23323: do what pangolin suggests03:33
Yourname`whoever: I have one default virtual host where all my domains point to as a parking page, wanna be able to see how many unique hits each domain name gets, etc.03:34
pangolinmukaibot: heh sorry, thanks for seeing my mistake :)03:34
needhelp23323pangolin: someone already told me that , it didnt help03:34
pangolinneedhelp23323: ok try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:34
holsteinyeah, or refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How_to_fix_broken_packages needhelp23323 , and report additional errors03:34
ProGimpHello, Is there any possible websites Motion Graphics are posted using made in Ubuntu03:35
fellayaboyOk so how can i setup a vpn with two ubintu os?03:35
needhelp23323pangolin: 0 upgraded , 0 newly installed03:35
fellayaboyI want that remote local feature03:35
pangolinneedhelp23323: hmm, sudo apt-get -f install (hopefully it will fic the broken depends)03:36
fellayaboyIt would be nice to have a griup of my pcs to be on the same network03:36
jiffe1anyone know of any updated ubuntu certified professional reading material?03:36
whoeverYourname`: try doing it this way, i think the webmin ui is a Pos For the most part https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AWStats03:36
needhelp23323pangolin: doesnt work03:36
bobbxangu: Thank you, unetbootin worked great03:36
holsteinneedhelp23323: whats the exact error and way its not working?03:37
Yourname`whoever: Taking a look now, hold up (thanks btw)03:37
needhelp23323holstein: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827194/03:37
whoeverYourname`: the other thing  I came across is logiholic03:37
holsteinneedhelp23323: did you check that link i pasted? you can try fixing in synaptic as well03:37
whoeverYourname`: yw03:37
acerimmerProGimp: deviant art?03:37
aukHaiiii ProGimp.03:38
flowerpotIs there an easy way to completely purge an installed program after you've installed it from source without using a package manager?03:38
needhelp23323holstein: what thats does03:38
whoeverYourname`: whats server are you runnin' apache, lightty?03:38
aukflowerpot: Source uninstall with 'make uninstall'.03:39
ProGimpYeah I have search in Deviantart but I coudn't find one that are been using Ubuntu03:39
flowerpotauk, would you run that from the same directory where you run /.configure and make etc?03:39
needhelp23323holstein: sorry kinda new to linux , idk what it tells me to do03:39
aukflowerpot: Exactly.03:39
holsteinneedhelp23323: check it out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How_to_fix_broken_packages ... its in the menu "fix broken packages". it literaly cant hurt03:39
flowerpotauk, didn't know about that!  thanks.03:39
aukflowerpot: You're welcome :303:39
Yourname`whoever: apache2. Oh, also, this awstats doesn't detect new domains coming in to it, does it? Because when I register domains, I point ns to it and they all go to default /var/www and that's when I want awstats to see that requests for newdomain.com are coming in and it needs to start putting it all together. Anything like that?03:40
pangolinholstein: i think the problem is that openssh-server is looking for an older version of a openssh-client than is available in the repo, looks like a bug report is needed.03:40
holsteinmaybe.. its working for my lucis servers though03:41
mukaibotpangolin: holstein; reckon uninstalling openssh-client; apt-get install openssh-server would fix it?03:41
acerimmerProGimp: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=16 & http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 & http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33503:41
pangolinmukaibot: worth a shot03:41
holsteinmukaibot: i was thinking that would be a good idea too03:41
holsteinneedhelp23323: ^^03:41
macer1hello :3 I have problems with hard drive at my dedicated server. smart => http://paste.ubuntu.com/827240/ - is it dead :/ ?03:41
needhelp23323holstein: wheres synpatic03:41
mukaibotneedhelp23323: try this: sudo apt-get remove openssh-client ; sudo apt-get install open-sshserver03:42
holsteinneedhelp23323: its in the menu, but try ^^03:42
mukaibotshit,sorry, typo in that last bit03:42
mukaibotneedhelp23323: try this: sudo apt-get remove openssh-client ; sudo apt-get install openssh-server03:42
needhelp23323mukaibot: k ill try03:42
macer1there are input/output errors everywhere03:42
mukaibotmacer1: back up your data QUICKLY!03:43
macer1damn it :D03:43
macer1I rebooted to recovery and backuped03:43
macer1to external ftp03:43
macer1first running fsck03:43
whoeverYourname`: don't know i haven't used it in a while, i am currently  not useing any analizer, i just found another analazer http://www.jawstats.com/demo03:43
needhelp23323mukaibot: hahaha it WORKS !03:44
mukaibotneedhelp23323: Yeah! Points to me!03:44
Yourname`whoever: Great, thanks!03:44
flowerpotauk, what if I'm installing a ruby program from source? e.g. rubygems.  it seems to be installed via a ruby script...03:44
macer1what now :D03:44
pangolinmukaibot: nice job. needhelp23323 glad you got it working.03:44
needhelp23323mukaibot: 100 points03:44
mukaibotlol - it's a team effort03:44
mukaibotglad you got it working03:44
mukaibotmacer1: replace the disk03:44
needhelp23323hm, so i dont really need the client :P ?03:44
macer1it is OVH job to do it :D03:44
mukaibotSMART is pretty useless. Once it detects an error, the drive is just about dead.03:45
aukflowerpot: Then you may have to refer to their:         ruby    (installer softwarename)     --help           or something similar that would give you an uninstall option.03:45
ProGimphey anyone have tried installing Adobe Premiere in Ubuntu? I love to know before will install it03:45
flowerpotauk, i see.03:45
aukOr installer command  --help03:45
mukaibotneedhelp23323: you do need the client, removing it allowed apt-get to install the correct version, along with the server03:45
bazhangProGimp, check the appdb03:45
mukaibotneedhelp23323: somehow the installer got confused.03:45
bazhang!appdb | ProGimp03:45
ubottuProGimp: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:45
bazhangProGimp, then /join #winehq03:46
needhelp23323mukaibot: this is the tutorial i need to setup the server ? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/setup-openssh-server-on-ubuntu-linux/03:46
macer1well the errors started when03:46
macer1I was deleting 1tb of old backups :303:46
whoeverYourname`: what about phpadmin , is there some loging implimination in there that willl give the staes your Looking for03:46
Yourname`whoever: A few years ago, I remember using awstats with it lol03:47
mukaibotneedhelp23323: you're probably good to go now03:47
mukaibotif you could apt-get install it, it should be running for you03:47
mukaibotneedhelp23323: to test this, type: telnet localhost 22 - if you get a blank screen, it's working03:48
needhelp23323mukaibot: yeah.. as i said im new to linux how do i connect my ssh server from my other computer03:48
mukaibotneedhelp23323: you'll need to configure your router / firewall if you want to access your computer externally03:48
whoeverYourname`: ya its just weird that what should woulk doesn't. is there a confg io in /etc or  one of the apache configs03:48
mukaibotis your other computer on the same network?03:48
mukaibotand what OS does it run?03:48
pookyif I log into my machine remotely03:48
needhelp23323mukaibot: it downloaded putty client to it03:49
pookyhow can I enable a vpn connection configured in network manager?03:49
macer1Bug #55055903:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 550559 in linux (Ubuntu) "hdd problems, failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55055903:49
macer1affects me *click*03:49
whoeverYourname`: checkout, this atleast talkS about the config http://maestric.com/doc/ubuntu/awstats03:49
mukaibotneedhelp23323: ok, so you enter your Ubuntu IP address into Putty (unless you have DNS)03:50
Yourname`whoever: Ohh??? one sec!!03:50
macer1looks like a software problem...03:50
whoeverYourname`: what is it man ..03:50
needhelp23323mukaibot: it doesnt seems to work03:50
needhelp23323mukaibot: theres a firewall on ubuntu ?03:51
mukaibotneedhelp23323: can you ping your Ubuntu computer?03:51
osmosisneedhelp23323, all you have to do to setup an shh server is   sudo aptitude install openssh-server03:51
mukaibotosmosis: We've just done that :)03:51
needhelp23323mukaibot: i tried to ping it says request timed out03:51
mukaibotneedhelp23323: ok, so this is the issue you'll need to resolve first03:52
mukaibotneedhelp23323: are you pinging via IP address?03:52
needhelp23323mukaibot: yup03:52
mukaibothmm, I didn't think there was a firewall on by default :|03:52
xanguamukaibot: it is not On by defaul03:53
mukaibotcan you ping your Windows computer from Ubuntu?03:53
macer1any help with this?03:53
DinoMuffinubuntu shouldn't brr blocking ICMP on a default install03:53
needhelp23323mukaibot: im connected to the internet from the ubuntu from the android wireless hotspot03:53
mukaibotneedhelp23323: did you switch the firewall on?03:53
DinoMuffinit's probably a network issue03:53
mukaibotxangua: Yeah, that's for confirming that03:53
Yourname`whoever: I think I'm gonna go with jawstats :)03:53
mukaibotxangua: * thank you for confirming that :)03:53
whoeverYourname`: less fuss no muss?03:53
needhelp23323mukaibot: can u message me with my nick at the first because im getting confused :P03:53
Yourname`whoever: Haha, it's awstats + web 2.0 = who can say no? :)03:54
needhelp23323mukaibot: idk how to switch the firewall on because im new to ubuntu03:54
ubu_noobHelp I run "uname -m" in the terminal and i get i686 is this a 32bit or 64bit ubuntu os?03:55
bakiswhat's the binary for system settings?03:55
pangolinubu_noob: 32bit03:55
whoeverYourname`: well thats a good reason  haha, awstats hasn't gotten there yet. and Ie never will03:55
DinoMuffinneedhelp23323: what is your network topology? Specifically, where is your server connected in relation to your computer?03:55
ubu_noobpangolin: are 32bit ubuntu systems more stable than 64bit systems?03:55
macer1ubu_noob: no03:56
DinoMuffinwow, I'm getting some major lag on this server all the sudden03:57
macer1ubu_noob: if your hardware can run 64-bit os, it is always better to use 64-bit :P03:57
aukubu_noob: Note, that does not tell you the TRUE architecture of your HARDWARE. Only the SOFTWARE (The kind of architecture of the Ubuntu/Linux system you are currently using).03:57
bakisby that i mean i'm trying to open system settings with dmenu... where can i find it?03:57
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macer1another problem here03:58
macer1a lot of spam in logs03:58
macer1WTF is this?: ntop[3464]:   **WARNING** packet truncated (20338->8232)03:58
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macer1a 100's of messages like that in /var/log/syslog03:58
ubu_noobDang, Cause i have a 64bit windows 7 on my laptop and when i needed to install (dual boot) ubuntu i heard that the 32bit was more stable so thats the one i installed but i was hoping i messed up and installed the 64bit ubuntu which i kinda want know. but i dont want to have to reinstall everything03:58
aukmacer1: That means that packet is not 100%.          You only got SOME OF IT.          TRUNCATED means you've reached some KIND of LIMIT,    and then it slices off anymore that would've exceeded such limit.04:00
macer1but why04:00
aukExample:        I can only make an 8 character password.     I used:     dreamcaster for a password.       BUT dreamcas      <------ Becomers the password.               TER     is TRUNCATED.04:01
aukSo that's why it's a WARNING.04:01
macer1but why in server logs ;p04:02
* macer1 going sleep04:03
macer105:03 am here...04:03
bakisdoes anyone use i3 that can tell me how to access ubuntu's system settings?04:05
jiffe1does the lpi-199 exam even exist anymore ?04:06
* macer1 is now AFK04:06
goddarddo i need ipp?04:08
Yourname`whoever: Offbeat question, you know how it says root@w422-server:~# as my shell prompt. How can I change that hostname everywhere?04:09
whoeverYourname`: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-unix-bash-shell-setup-prompt.html04:10
zykotick9!hostname | Yourname`04:12
ubottuYourname`: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.04:12
whoeverYourname`: so it is done in .bashrc so i gave you a link to hopefully explaine it04:12
Yourname`Thanks zykotick9 and whoever04:13
whoeverYourname`: now if you just want to change your hostname  look at /etc/hostname04:15
zykotick9whoever: as ubottu mentions, it's REALLY important if you edit /etc/hostname to edit /etc/hosts at the same time!  sudo breaks if they don't match.04:16
Yourname`zykotick9: I first edited /etc/hosts and then modified /etc/hostname04:18
zykotick9Yourname`: i see the factoid gives an order, i've never had an issue with the order... so long as you got both ;)04:19
motherbrainI am looking into biometric stuff and am curious what is the proof that no 2 finger prints are the same or how did they know that finger prints are unique / 1 out of 64 billion people unique04:19
zykotick9!ot > motherbrain04:20
ubottumotherbrain, please see my private message04:20
webnethi all. been a while since i hit the chat. missed it lol04:20
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urlin2umotherbrain, simple statistics I suspect, 2500 hetid demographics diverse gives a + or - of 3%, works for elections. :D04:23
motherbrainwell , I didn't know how they came up with the 64 billion number... maybe they are basing it on the fact The genetic code in DNA gives general orders on the way skin should form in a developing fetus,04:25
webnetubottu !help04:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:26
webnetdang forgot the commands... anyone remember where the list of commands is? all the stuff like !ot and !language etc te04:27
osmosishow come  httpd -S  doesnt work04:27
zykotick9!bot | webnet04:27
ubottuwebnet: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:27
zykotick9!doesntwork | osmosis Sorry this is just one of my fav factoids, and you used the key words ;)04:28
ubottuosmosis Sorry this is just one of my fav factoids, and you used the key words ;): Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:28
damo22anyone want to ninjam? i have a server running04:28
webnetzykotick9, thank you! :D04:28
osmosisapache2ctl -S04:29
osmosisSyntax error on line 52 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default-ssl:04:29
osmosisSSLCertificateKeyFile: file '/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key' does not exist or is empty04:29
mukaibotdamo22: what is ninjam?04:30
webnet!cuss is <reply> Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:32
webnethmm. that didnt work. oh well im done tinkering with that. lol04:32
webnetubottu !cuss04:33
damo22.py printf("hello")04:33
webnetoh ubottu pms coolio...04:33
damo22!calc 1+104:33
osmosiswhat am I missing?   sudo mount /dev/vdb5 mydir ...   mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'04:42
MD0h0hcan someone teamviewer in and help me try to recover a raid?04:42
damo22MD0h0h: ok04:43
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yarrak                           __04:49
yarrak    I LIKE LINUX AND     .'  `.04:49
yarrak   GETTING KICKED IN --- |a_a  |04:49
yarrak  THE BALLS AND FACE     \<_)__/04:49
yarrak                         /(   )\04:49
FloodBot1yarrak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
webnettroll im assuming?04:53
JermBob     YARRAK LIKES         .'  `.04:53
JermBob     BALLS            --- |a_a  |04:53
JermBob                          \<_)__/04:53
FloodBot1JermBob: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:53
webnetJermBob, hahahahaha!!!04:53
JermBobhaha that was choice04:54
webneti think that was worth the warning from floodbot eh JermBob ?04:54
JermBobhaha yup04:54
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kaenso, dia (and handful of other programs) are displaying serious rendering glitches. specifically, dia doesn't show the diagram display area at all.05:01
kaenI figured it was a library error, so I set LD_DEBUG=libs and this is the output: http://pastebin.com/Nc0AkN6705:02
kaenof LD_DEBUG=libs dia 2>&1 | grep error05:02
kaenany idea what libs I should rebuild/reinstall or what other actions might solve these errors?05:03
kaenoh, and 11.10 x86_6405:03
hex20decHey everyone, I need some help. I by accident executed chmod -R 777 on my phpmyadmin folder and now I can't access it. How do I restore it to it's normal permissions?05:06
Mixxitafter i install ubuntu text only what can i drop the ram to?05:06
holsteinhex20dec: i would probably try to chown as root... sudo -s then work on it05:07
holsteinMixxit: i would leave as much as possible... depends on what you are doing if 64 or 128 will work for you05:07
jwh1981Mixxit: The lowest Ive been able to *run* Ubuntu/Debian at is 40MB05:08
Mixxiti just want it for a very simple cronjob05:08
webnethex20dec, ??? 777 should give ANYONE permission to do anything to it...05:08
jwh1981Mixxit: Id imagine 64 is perfectly fine, just make sure you give it 256MB+ of swap to be safe05:09
hex20decTell me about it.05:09
hex20decAnd that is why I need to restore it.05:09
hex20decSo, how would I go about restoring it?05:09
jwh1981Mixxit: Welcome.05:10
J7I need help with my microphone. it works, but it's extremely quiet and I have the levels turned all the way up05:10
hex20dec"Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!"05:10
hex20decThis is the message my phpmyadmin is outputting.05:10
webnetok so do sudo chmod 75505:11
webnetthat was for you05:11
hex20decYeah, thanks. But I'm just curious, is there a way to restore permissions to it's ealier point?05:12
hex20decBecause all of the files just changed to 77705:12
VexiantJ7, sudo pulseaudio --kill05:12
Vexiantrm -r ~/.pulse ~/.asound*05:12
Vexiantsudo rm /etc/asound.conf05:12
hex20decBecause of the recursive05:12
Vexiantin terminal05:12
Vexiantsignout and then sign back in05:12
webnetdid you use -R hex20dec ?05:12
Vexianttype: alsamixer         into terminal05:12
webnetso then chmod -R 75505:13
webnetthose are default permissions right?05:13
hex20decI sure do hope so.05:13
hex20decAnd thanks.05:14
webnethex20dec, yep see if it works dont thank me yet :P05:14
hex20decI'll let you know in a sec.05:14
hex20decYup, you were correct.05:15
J7Vexiant, I typed the wrong password for sudo and now it won't let me do anything, how do I redo it?05:15
hex20dec755 is the default.05:15
VexiantClose terminal and reopen it05:16
J7I tried that05:16
VexiantCan you output the error?05:16
Vexiantpastebin it or something if you can, J705:17
J7Vexiant, E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/***** not ours.05:17
J7E: main.c: Failed to kill daemon: Permission denied05:17
VexiantLog out and come back05:18
J7ok brb05:18
VexiantNow don't type the wrong password this time, J7 :P05:20
J7yea yea05:21
J7still saying the same thing05:21
CactusWiZaRddamn it05:22
J7I'm sure I typed it in correctly05:22
CactusWiZaRdUbuntu has changed A LOT05:22
VexiantIf your password isn't working, that's not my problem. Anyhow, you can figure that out later05:22
Vexiantjust type alsamixer05:22
Vexiantinto terminal05:22
FloodBot1Vexiant: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:22
VexiantIt shouldn't require sudo05:22
J7done, Vexiant05:22
VexiantDid it work?05:23
VexiantAlright, good luck with the password issue. I have no idea about passwords05:23
J7ok thanks05:23
hex20decVexiant let's roll.05:24
mukaibotDoes any one have thoughts on OpenLDAP vs other LDAP servers?05:26
djQuerytrying to install on my wifes gigabyt ga-ma790x-ud4p and the network card doesnt seem to be detected05:26
djQueryI know it used to work when booted off the CD but not anymore.05:27
djQuerysays that the cable is disconnected05:27
mukaibotdjQuery: do you have any 'eth' devices in "ifconfig -a"05:27
lwq1996ok guys i got a little puzzle, when i try to play songs on youtube with ubuntu its worse than trying to play them on windows 9505:27
CactusWiZaRdlwq1996: have u checked the sound card settings?05:28
mukaibotdjQuery: do you have any 'eth' devices in "ifconfig -a"05:28
djQuerymukaibot: sorry going between machines 2nd05:28
lwq1996not really, i read online that it might be plugins but i installed flash a while back05:28
Syronif the video actually loads then the plugin is detected, so that's probably not it as long as the plugin is fairly recent05:29
CactusWiZaRdlwq1996: I had the same issue with... Don't recall the version now, was like v.6 or something like that, and back then it was because of the soundcard05:30
lwq1996it works its just really choppy and glitchy05:30
djQuerymukaibot: yes I have a carth listed there05:30
lwq1996im running v 10 i think05:30
mukaibotdjQuery: try replacing the cable then05:30
mukaibotdjQuery: the network card is detected05:30
mukaibotI gtg, good luck!05:31
CactusWiZaRdlwq1996: i recommend checking the soundcard, and if there's nothing, just try to find the correct drivers05:31
lwq1996ive had it installed on this computer before a while back and didnt have any problem could it be that its a wubi install05:32
CactusWiZaRdlwq1996: naah, don't think so05:32
CactusWiZaRdbut it's possible05:32
lwq1996how do i get to the soundcard from desktop05:32
holsteinif the sound issues are isolated to youtube, i might explore flash/graphics drivers05:32
CactusWiZaRdhm, I think I'll change from mobile to wlan, brb ->05:33
lwq1996its not really traditional flash its using its like gnash or something like that05:33
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:34
holsteinlwq1996: that would be another great place to start... isolate the audio device and drivers by playing audio successfully in some other way, then move on to flash i say05:34
lwq1996ok will try, i may be back with more questions since im still a newb05:35
omarhello guys05:36
SyronI don't want to put down gnash.. especially since I'm not familiar with it, but you can try adding the official flash plugin to %HOME/.mozilla/plugins to see if that speeds things up, assuming you're running firefox05:37
Syronjust as an experiment.. if you're currently not using it05:38
mohsinhijazeeif a package is available (say redmine) its better to do via apt-get or do a custom install? Pros and cons?05:38
Syronit is better, if it's available. It is proprietary, so I wasn't sure.05:39
webnetmohsinhijazee,  apt-get has pros in the fact that it is GUARUNTEED to be stable05:39
mohsinhijazeewebnet: and what about the schema/data that would be already there in case of upgrades? Works smooth?05:40
webnetbut, if you are looking for bleedeng edge features do a custom from a deb or build it05:40
mohsinhijazeewebnet: I guess that would be handled by Rails migrations.05:40
lotuspsychjemorning to all05:40
motherbrainif I wanted to start creating another programming language (i.e a compiler or interpreter) where should I start what programs/tools should I use and books should I read?05:40
webnetlotuspsychje, its nighttime where i am! :D05:40
bigtom21485anyone had issues with google music?05:41
lotuspsychjewebnet: good evening for u :p05:41
webnetmotherbrain, i contemplated the same, but decided against it because of the work involved....05:41
djQueryinstalling on a gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p and it says that the network cable is diconnected. I have checked the connections and they are all good but no lights on the nic05:41
webnetlotuspsychje, :D thanx!05:41
goddardmotherbrain: any reason why you wanna do that?05:41
bigtom21485djQuery: ubuntu might now have drivers for your nix right out of the box05:42
bigtom21485djquery: *might not05:42
lotuspsychjemotherbrain: you need a visual basic lookalike for ubuntu my guess?05:42
djQuerybigtom21485: it worked last wek from the same live cd05:42
bigtom21485djquery: have you tried reseating the card in your box?05:42
djQuerybigtom21485: it is builtin05:43
motherbrainya, well I have read thru the dragon book on compiler design... was curious how one would go about creating a new langauage what tools / programs did people use to create the compilers for c/c++ or other major languages?05:43
ejvdon't you think that's outside the scope of Ubuntu support, just a tad bit motherbrain? :)05:43
bigtom21485djquery: does your ubuntu know that the nic is there?05:43
djQuery according to this is should work right away https://friendly.ubuntu.com/11.10/Gigabyte%20Technology%20Co.,%20Ltd./GA-MA790X-UD4P/A:BRvp:GsM:BEG:CUb:B9J/05:44
djQueryejv: ifcongig - a lists it05:44
=== root is now known as smokeycastle
ejvpardon me?05:44
Mixxithmm just finished installing text only but its just black when it boots05:44
lotuspsychjeejv: maybe he's looking for ubuntu packages05:44
bigtom21485djquery: i don't know. sorry :-(05:45
bigtom21485djquery: have you tried google music yet?05:45
lotuspsychjeejv: arent there packages to invent/programming?05:45
ubu_noobHELP! does anyone know if the computer bios are different or language specific? for example a computer with windows starter (spanish), or a windows 7 are the bios going to be the same?05:45
soapee01_djQuery if it's a the same livecd that worked last week, it's probably a h/w issue (since there's no way the s/w changed).05:46
ejvbuild-essential meta package comes to mind, perhaps start with that05:46
goddardhow can i setup my printer deamon to services to only start when the printer is plugged in?05:46
soapee01_well, excluding bit rot and scratches. verify the cd05:46
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
djQueryyes it is, just booted out of XP where same card was working fine05:47
djQuerysoapee01_: ^^^^05:48
lotuspsychje!info build-essential | Motherbrain05:49
ubottuMotherbrain: build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 48 kB05:49
goddardmotherbrain: most the time that kind of stuff is taught in college but i am sure you could get all the info you need from straight web tutorials05:49
soapee01_djQuery: <soapee01_> well, excluding bit rot and scratches. verify the cd05:50
lotuspsychjeejv: tnx for the name mate05:50
djQueryis there a method to determine what driver it is using?05:50
djQueryinstalled now nolonger using the cd05:50
osmosishow do I fix  ureadahead-other  error on boot?05:51
soapee01_djQuery trying to think of an easier way than lsmod05:51
=== zilog is now known as Stalin__
lotuspsychjedjQuery; lspci and look for network05:52
goddardcds are old school05:52
CactusWiZaRdhow can i disable touchpad, when i'm using usb-mouse?05:52
soapee01_djQuery that would be the easiest way, find the module (via google), and run `lsmod |grep -i moduleGoogleReturned`05:52
lotuspsychjegoddard: too bad many old boxes can't boot from usb yet :p05:53
goddardlotuspsychje: what :D hah05:53
soapee01_djQuery and see if it's there. if not modprobe it, and then you may be in for some /etc/udev/rules.d stuff (or /etc/modprobe)05:53
urlin2uCactusWiZaRd, on my netbook it is just fn-f7 key propmt, have you looked in the manual for information that make this a simple task, or on the web?05:54
mcurranAnybody else have mplayer freeze up if playing audio from say uTube and then swiching back to a file .mp3 in nautilus?05:54
lotuspsychjeCactusWizard: maybe you can modify stuff in BIOS usb mouse to BIOS instead of Os05:54
bigtom21485soapee01_: why would google music not see my 3600 mp3's? it only sees 263 and only syncs 5.05:56
urlin2uCactusWiZaRd, this fn-f7 on my acer d250 works in windows and linux pretty cool really. :D05:56
soapee01_bigtom21485 why would you ask me directly? I don't use google music?05:57
CactusWiZaRdurlin2u: well, maybe it works with my acer t4830 too, then05:57
bigtom21485its really aggrivating no one seems to know.05:57
damo22anyone know how to force mdadm to add a previously failed disk to an array to recover the data?05:58
urlin2uCactusWiZaRd, that would be awesome eh, giver a try sometimes it takes a couple of tries.05:58
CactusWiZaRdurlin2u: thanks, it worked :D forgot that command05:58
* soapee01_ sighes #ubuntu needs a bot with ~take-a-number like #freeswitch....05:58
lotuspsychjecan a user recommend packages to ubuntu's official repos?05:58
urlin2uCactusWiZaRd, cool I like simple answers for my simple mind. :D05:58
yitz_Alright. I'm using grub 1.98-1ubuntu13. I installed Ubuntu onto a system, grabbed a disk image and deployed the image to a handful of boxes. On some, everything (well, GRUB-wise) worked fine. On other boxes, though, boot fails at GRUB. I'll ...05:59
yitz_... either get no output of a half-screen of GRUB repeated over and over. Ubuntu LiveCD->Rescue->Reinstall GRUB on the disk fixes it... but /boot and the MBR don't change between the original image and the GRUB-reinstall version. What's changing? ...05:59
yitz_... How do I get GRUB to drop in?05:59
FloodBot1yitz_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:59
damo22if i have a raid5 array made up of 5 disks, and only 3 are active, can i still recover the data?06:00
lotuspsychje!info extundelete | damo2206:00
ubottudamo22: extundelete (source: extundelete): utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.0-1 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 168 kB06:00
CactusWiZaRdurlin2u: me too, it's been 3 years since I used Ubuntu last time, so... a bit lost06:00
urlin2u!grub > yitz_06:00
ubottuyitz_, please see my private message06:00
lotuspsychje!extundelete | damo2206:01
rickrudedudei have a laptop with the broadcom 4313 wireless chipset.  i want to boot into and install ubuntu, but once i do i will be without an internet connection.  can anybody tell me where to get the needed package so that i can put it on a cd key to install?06:01
zykotick9!broadcom | rickrudedude06:01
ubotturickrudedude: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:01
damo22where can i get support on raid arrays?06:02
urlin2uyitz_, you may need to chroot in to the OS and run reload commands check that grub wiki about this.06:02
lotuspsychjerickrudedude: you could try to add cd to software centre and find the driver from there06:02
buhmanhttp://sprunge.us/YfWY ; how do I tell apt-get that I want to not-remove lzma but do a dist-upgrade anyway?06:02
yitz_urlin2u: The curious thing is a LiveCD resuce boot with the installer fixxes things but I can't figure out what it changes06:03
lotuspsychje!raid | damo2206:03
ubottudamo22: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:03
urlin2uyitz_, chroot from a live ubuntu cd.06:03
yitz_urlin2u: Yes. I did that. It makes the machine bootable. But it doesn't help me out much; I'd like to make things work without having to boot a live cd after dumping in the image.06:04
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
rickrudedudehmm, is there a way to bake in the drivers into a bootable live usb drive?06:04
rickrudedudethis a driver for the broadcom 431306:05
urlin2uyitz_, a clone with clonezilla will work with the same partition probably, clonezilla saves the mbr, just sort of guessing through the limited info here.06:05
wiggmpkI have a pretty specific question, Is it possible to partition and install ubuntu on a software raid (striped raid) and install Windows 7 on 1 of the software partitions (I know this is about Windows, but it's hard to google something so specific and I need somewhere to start looking)06:06
lotuspsychjerickrudedude: maybe aptoncd could do it06:06
yitz_urlin2u: I've been pulling the MBR out and restoring it seperately from the parition tables. I compared the MBR of the image and the MBR after I rerun the grub installer from the live cd and the two are the same06:07
lotuspsychje!raid | wiggmpk06:07
ubottuwiggmpk: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:07
urlin2uyitz_, hmm I have some exsperience here but mainly with just reload the mbr, with grub, lilo, or the ms bootloaders, and just clonezilla on single hd's so you probably know more then I do06:08
wiggmpklotuspsychje: perhaps you didnt read the entire question, I already know how to setup a software raid with Linux, I need to know if you it's even possible for a Windows 7 installation to be installed on a linux software raid06:08
urlin2uyitz_, probably lol I'm sure of it. :D06:09
deelHi please see my issue I shared here http://askubuntu.com/questions/101018/how-to-set-keyboard-for-phonetic-hindi-typing-oneiric-for-wx-keyboard-on-qwerty06:09
yitz_urlin2u: Heh. Could be. Thanks for trying, though :)06:09
damo22wiggmpk: do you know how to use mdadm, i need help with recovering a raid506:09
urlin2uyitz_, no problem.06:09
lotuspsychjewiggmpk: it all depends how one partition my guess?06:10
wiggmpkdamo22: my experience is limited to personal only. I am no expert at it, and have never had to recover information for a linux drive (only Windows)06:10
wiggmpklotuspsychje: is it possible to have the Windows 7 installation recognize an mdadm partition? I mean I already know it cant out of the box, there has to be something loaded to recognize it, I just dont know how to google that lol06:11
noybhello.  using ubuntu 11.10... still trying to mount cdrom... slowly figuring it out... now when i try to mount using gmount i get "pixmap error."  time to go back to pencil and paper  :-)  any ideas?06:12
wiggmpklotuspsychje: I know you can install a striped mdadm fakeraid and partition a space for a Win7 install on a single disk in the array, but I want to stripe the Win7 install as well06:12
wiggmpknoyb: your cdrom doesnt mount automatically when you insert the disc?06:13
lotuspsychjewiggmpk: not sure about that one sorry mate, would virtualization help you with win7?06:14
noybwiggmpk... it spins... but nada... then i use gmount & still nada...06:14
wiggmpklotuspsychje: no, I have a specific need for a native win7 install (already have a VM and more of a proof of concept and education)06:14
wiggmpknoyb: do you have a cdrom that you absolutely know works? not damage?06:14
noybseveral, wiggmpk06:15
noybnone work06:15
b0shey guys, my computer just froze for a second, and now a process called md0_raid6 is taking up 27% cpu usage06:15
b0sis my computer exploding?06:15
b0si feel like my raid array just broke down06:15
coolstar-pcb0s: Try rebooting?06:15
wiggmpknoyb: in terminal, what does this say "ls /dev/cd*06:16
noybwiggmpk... will give it a try... brb06:16
tyrohello. i'm new to ubuntu. whats the best way to get started? whats a good theme to choose?06:16
lotuspsychjelol its raid rampage here06:16
b0scoolstar-pc: mdadm --detail is telling me a rebuild is 74% complete. i don't know why it's rebuilding :(06:17
b0sit says its resyncing06:17
wiggmpkb0s: probably because something or some sector if your array was damaged06:17
b0swiggmpk: that's frightening.06:17
b0sdo you know how i can figure out what went wrong?06:17
wiggmpkb0s: it would be more frightening if it wasnt rebuilding06:17
b0si suppose06:18
wiggmpkb0s: check the logs mate06:18
noybwiggmpk... it says... "ls: cannot access /dev/cd: No such file or directory"06:18
b0swiggmpk: which logs? syslog? is there a separate log for raid devices?06:18
wiggmpknoyb: note the * after it, "ls /dev/cd* "06:18
noybwiggmpk... sorry... old eyes... brb06:19
wiggmpkb0s: what style of raid are you using?06:19
b0sraid 6, linux software raid06:19
b0sfive 500mb partitions on five separate drives06:19
b0s1.5tb available space06:19
b0swiggmpk: http://pastebin.com/qUTEzZgn06:20
wiggmpkb0s: 500mb x 5 is 2.5gb mate not 1.5tb06:20
b0swiggmpk: 1.5tb useable space, it's raid 606:21
noybwiggmpk... it says " /dev/cdrom  /dev/cdrw"06:21
freshnickwheres mukaibot06:21
wiggmpknoyb: hmm, I think this should try and mount it "sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt"06:22
noybwiggmpk... will try... brb06:23
wiggmpkb0s: as for you, I never really looked in the logs for raid failures, so I really dont know lol, but I am sure if somethings going on, it would be in there somewhere06:23
wiggmpkb0s truly sorry I couldnt be more help =/06:24
b0sthat's fine thanks :)06:24
b0sthe only thing i found in syslog is three lines saying "rebuild event detected on md device /dev/md/0"06:24
noybwiggmpk... it says... mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only06:25
noybmount: /dev/sr0 already mounted or /mnt busy06:25
noybmount: according to mtab, /dev/sr0 is already mounted on /mnt06:25
b0si'm googling and it may be completely normal, there's a cron job which does a raid array check every month or something06:25
b0smaybe i just never noticed it before06:25
wiggmpknoyb: well then do "cd /mnt" and then "ls" to see whats there06:25
Mixxitim in rescue mode can anyone help fix my grub06:26
Mixxiti have lots of problems06:26
wiggmpkMixxit: depends if its hard lol06:26
Mixxitseems to be!06:27
saji89I have been trying to set up a name based virtual host in pache on ubuntu 11.10, to a folder /var/www/test. But it keeps on pointing to /var/www only. How can I solve it?06:27
b0swelp, computer hasn't caught fire yet, gonna assume all is well06:27
urlin2uMixxit, rescue mode what exactly do you mean can you get to the desktop, or is that a metaphore?06:27
b0sthanks folks06:27
Mixxitthe rescue mode on the alternate cd06:27
Mixxiti have a shell in front of me06:28
Mixxitthe disk is /dev/sda06:28
Mixxitbut shell  is the cd rescue shell06:28
urlin2uMixxit, never used it you can fx gru pretty easily from the terminal on the dektop, have you run the bootscript perchance?06:28
CactusWiZaRdanyone know how to connect to gtalk with bitlbee?06:28
wiggmpksaji89: I am sure it would be a config setting for apache, change the root directory (probably in the conf file)06:28
Mixxiti tried to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:28
murlidharhello all . how can i temporarily disable automounting of external media devices ?06:28
wiggmpk!enter Mixxit06:28
wiggmpkpff Mixxit try and keep it to 1 line to avoid spammage06:29
saji89wiggmpk: DId all that to no use.06:29
wiggmpksaji89: have your restarted apache?06:29
saji89wiggmpk: ya.06:29
urlin2uMixxit, try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot06:29
Mixxiti don't have mdadm in this rescue shell06:30
urlin2uMixxit, if you can chroot from that command line you should be set if the mbr your aiming at is on the correct drive if you have more then one and the bios is reading it first.06:31
noybwiggmpk... as follows... cd /mnt  does nothing... ls says "reading directory .: input/output error"06:31
wiggmpksaji89: have you tried restarting your computer?06:31
Mixxitsays mount -B is an invalid option06:32
wiggmpknoyb: then there is probably a driver issue with your cdrom drive (at least it indicates that) or a program with the actual drive (physically)06:32
ejvb0s: pastebin your dmesg06:32
saji89wiggmpk: yes.. that too.06:32
ejvb0s: that will highlight your raid errors06:32
urlin2uMixxit, I change OS often I just use supergrub, if IO forget to set the mbr correctly and reload from the desktop.  http://www.supergrubdisk.org/06:32
saji89wiggmpk: My virtualhost configuration file looks like this.06:33
Mixxitthis is just a plain install06:33
saji89wiggmpk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827328/06:33
Mixxitit left me with a black screen on bootup06:33
Mixxitso i can't get in to it to do anything06:33
Mixxitworst of all the rescue mode freezes when retrieving packages06:33
=== kralle|zZz is now known as kralle
urlin2uMixxit, hah have you tried nomodeset it may be a graphics driver needed.06:33
Mixxitso i have to drop to emergency shell to do anything06:33
wiggmpksaji89: do you have the default config file too?06:34
Mixxitits text only install06:34
urlin2u!nomodeset > Mixxit06:34
ubottuMixxit, please see my private message06:34
b0sejv: http://pastebin.com/06j50TJk06:34
saji89wiggmpk: Ya its there.06:34
noybok... thx... uhh... one of your questions way back was do I have a cd that I know works... well... when I installed 11.10 it started automatically & worked just fine... i can reinstall it... no problem... only with cds or dvds that don't start automatically is there a problem...06:34
Mixxitit doesn't even let me type anything06:34
urlin2uMixxit, but X is used a desktop or headless, just trying to understand you.06:34
Mixxitthere is nothing when the system boots, no grub no option to type anything06:34
Mixxitit's just black06:34
murlidharhello all . how can i temporarily disable automounting of external media devices ?06:34
frybyeHi - what command do I need to run a programme that continues to run after closing the terminal window?06:35
Mixxitinstall went fine06:35
b0sejv: huge number of ata1 errors, is one of my drives failing? i haven't gotten any SMART errors, and mdadm seems to think it's fine06:35
urlin2uMixxit, you need to tap shift to get the grub menu with single installs06:35
zykotick9frybye: screen is one option, aka gnuscreen06:35
wiggmpknoyb: did you install from scratch (alternate cd) or through a livecd?06:35
b0si don't mind if a drive fails, i actually have a spare 500gb drive sitting here on my desk i can just swap it in06:35
Mixxittap shift at power on?06:36
urlin2uMixxit, you have a desktop you use right?06:36
urlin2uMixxit, yes06:36
zykotick9Mixxit: hold shift is probably easier06:36
Mixxitjust shows a black screen06:36
CactusWiZaRdgod damn it06:36
noybwiggmpk... i downloaded 11.10 from ubuntu... burned it to disk... and gleefully slaughtered windows vista... install was flawless.06:36
frybyeI am running unity with 11.10 and want to be able to start indicator-weather so it continues when closing terminal - what would be the command in that case..?06:36
urlin2uzykotick9, I always tap like a nervous user, fast. :D06:37
Mixxitwith shift i mean, it shows a black screen still06:37
frybyesorry that was for zykotick906:37
theadminfrybye: indicator-weather &disown06:37
wiggmpksaji89: what is in "/etc/apache2/sites-available/" ?06:37
dark|angelhey there06:37
frybyeoh good thanks theadmin06:37
dark|angelis there any way to configure Ubuntu to auto generate SSH keys on boot?06:37
urlin2uMixxit, you change any grub perimeters?06:37
dark|angelif it doesn't find any in /etc/ssh ?06:37
Mixxitno stock nextnextnext06:37
wiggmpknoyb: lol right, but was it through a LiveCD (where you had a fully functioning Ubuntu loaded) or through the older text menu driven installer?06:37
saji89wiggmpk: artis.local  default  default-ssl  test.local06:38
frybyetheadmin: nice one - just the job... thanks06:38
noyblive cd06:38
theadminfrybye: Heh. Works with everything basically so06:38
zykotick9dark|angel: ssh keys should typically change (how can you verify it's the correct box, if it changes every boot?)06:38
frybyetheadmin: great - things are so simle -when you know how- heheh06:38
noybsorry wiggmpk... live cd06:38
frybyee e e simple06:39
wiggmpknoyb: hmm, then I might seek a second opinion for troubleshooting, because the drive shouldnt have an issue wiht drivers if you used the livecd06:39
dark|angelzykotick9 I'm trying to make a couple of Xen templates. I said in case it doesn't find any SSH keys in /etc/ssh - for xen templates there shouldn't be any06:39
wiggmpksaji89: and do you have something in /var/www/test/ like a landing page, index.hmt?06:39
zykotick9dark|angel: sorry.  i get ya.  hadn't contemplated the reason.  good luck.06:39
noybwiggmpk... maybe i'm overthinking this... when a cd or dvd mounts... shouldn't a window pop up with the program in it?06:40
noybwiggmpk... in other words, shouldn't something obvious happen?06:40
wiggmpknoyb: it should, or  a box to ask you what you want to do. but if it gives you an input/output error that's not good06:40
wiggmpknoyb: is there a disc or cd image on your desktop?06:41
dark|angelzykotick9 RedHat based distros have a sshd script that autogenerate keys if they don't find any. It wouldn't be an issue, but if the keys are missing, the user can't login over SSH06:41
noybwiggmpk... damn... time to go back to my good old trash 80  :)06:41
Ben64noyb: pastebin "ls -l /dev/s*"06:41
zykotick9dark|angel: i've seen ubuntu generate those keys either during install, or on first run.  I don't know the answer though.06:41
kblinhi folks06:42
dark|angelzykotick9 Xen and other Virtual Machines are different do06:42
kblinI've just upgraded a 10.10 install to 11.10, and now X11 won't start up06:42
noybwiggmpk... do you mean does disk or cd image appear on desktop?06:42
kblinit seems like it's still trying to load the "nvidia" module, while I seem to have nouveau06:43
noybBen64... will try... brb06:43
wiggmpksaji89: did you enable the site? "sudo a2ensite <your site name>" then restart apache "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart"06:43
kblinbut this still happens after I blew away /etx/X11/xorg.conf06:43
theadminkblin: blacklist nvidia06:43
wiggmpknoyb: yeah, like something that would indicate a disc in the drive on your desktop (icon)06:43
kblintheadmin: I don't have a module06:43
=== pehden_ is now known as pehden
saji89wiggmpk: Yes.06:44
theadminkblin: I know, just blacklist it so it stops trying06:44
kblintheadmin: in modules.conf.d?06:44
Mixxitsomehow managed to get past the retrieving net-usb failure06:44
Mixxitmaybe a network issue i guess06:44
theadmindafuq is that, kblin? No, /etc/modprobe.d/anything_you_want_to_call_it.conf, add a line saying "blacklist nvidia"06:45
wiggmpksaji89: im afraid I'm all out of suggestions06:45
noybBen64... yikes!  lots of "authentic frontier gibberish"  (Blazing Saddles)  :-)06:45
saji89wiggmpk: Oops.06:46
smokeycastlewait so all those words before the .conf suffix dont actually matter other than as human readability?06:46
theadminsmokeycastle: With modprobe? Nope06:46
smokeycastleis that the same with init scripts?06:47
smokeycastlehmm wait stupid question lol06:47
noybBen64... it coughed up lots of permissions stuff... do you want me to paste it or ?06:47
theadminsmokeycastle: Well it is and it isn't, lol, I mean, you can call an initscript anything but you have to use the same name when running it then06:48
wiggmpknoyb: probably repeat the command with "sudo" in front06:48
Ben64it shouldn't say anything about permissions06:48
krallesorry is there no  more choice for netbook remix in wuby ?06:49
theadminkralle: Ubuntu and Ubuntu Netbook Remix are now the same thing cause we're using the netbook interface (Unity) by default06:49
wiggmpknoyb: oh wait, it should show you permissions (sorry brain fart)06:49
kralleoh ok thanks theadmin06:50
wiggmpkBen64: i think he's talking about 'rw- - -+1 <user/group> stuff06:50
kblintheadmin: doesn't change a thing, though06:50
noybwiggmpk... thx... repeated it with sudo... it just disappeared... and yes... it was all permissions info06:50
theadminkblin: Well after adding that you're supposed to reboot iirc.06:50
Ben64noyb: what did the errors say06:50
kblinsame "failed to load module 'nvidia'" from startx06:50
kblintheadmin: I got that much06:50
theadminkblin: Ah, startx06:50
noybBen64... you mean the permissions?06:51
Ben64noyb: yes06:51
theadminkblin: Ok just a sec, I'll write up an xorg.conf that's supposed to work :/06:51
saji89wiggmpk: Anyways thanks for your time.06:51
wiggmpksaji89: np06:51
kblinwell, X11 isn't coming up. startx seems like a sane way to figure out why the heck that's happening06:51
noybBen64... i'll paste it...06:51
kblinand X11 looking for an nvidia driver that doesn't exist seems like a good reason06:51
kblinthe question is where the heck that's coming from06:52
wiggmpkkblin: did you install the nvidia drivers at any time?06:52
theadminkblin: There you go: https://pzt.me/9jrt06:52
kblinwiggmpk: sure, back on the old 10.10 install I had them06:52
wiggmpkkblin: did you upgrade and it broke?06:53
noybBen64... hold on to your hat... lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root        3 2012-02-03 00:23 /dev/scd0 -> sr006:53
noybbrw-rw----  1 root disk   8,   0 2012-02-02 23:50 /dev/sda06:53
noybbrw-rw----  1 root disk   8,   1 2012-02-02 23:50 /dev/sda106:53
noybbrw-rw----  1 root disk   8,   2 2012-02-02 23:50 /dev/sda206:53
noybbrw-rw----  1 root disk   8,   5 2012-02-02 23:50 /dev/sda506:53
FloodBot1noyb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
Ben64noyb: pastebin....06:53
noybcrw-rw----+ 1 root cdrom 21,   0 2012-02-02 23:50 /dev/sg006:53
wiggmpktoo late06:53
Ben64does not mean paste 3000 lines in here06:53
=== kralle is now known as kralle|brb
pconwellwhat is the cdrom typically listed as under /dev ?06:54
theadminpconwell: sr006:54
theadminpconwell: Or sr1, sr2... You get the point xD06:54
buhmanwhy can't I install coreutils ? http://sprunge.us/XSFF06:54
tnmhellow! i would like to set permission for two user in a folder var/www/joomla. What command do i put in terminal?06:54
pconwelltheadmin: thanks06:55
theadmintnm: You need to create a group and add those two users to it, OR use setfacl (if you have an ACL-enabled filesystem)06:55
kblinwiggmpk: yes06:55
* taterhead slaps FloodBot1 around a bit with a large trout06:55
tnmtheadmin: is there any GUI program for setting groups and users?06:55
pconwelltheadmin: have you used dd_rescue before?06:56
noybdidn't mean to flood...  "don't use enter as punctuation??"06:56
=== hateball_ is now known as hateball
* taterhead slaps FloodBot2 around a bit with a large trout06:56
wiggmpkkblin: did you install the nvidia drivers via jockey (the additional drivers GUI) or did you download them from nvidia and install?06:56
* taterhead slaps FloodBot3 around a bit with a large trout06:56
kblintheadmin: ok, now it complains about noveau not being found, and actually starts into some sort of shell if I fix the obvious typo06:56
* twitter2 slaps nottaterhead with a large trout06:56
theadmintnm: Meh I'm not into guis... sudo addgroup joomla && for i in user1 user2 ; do sudo usermod -aG joomla $i ; done06:56
kblinwiggmpk: jockey06:56
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wiggmpkWTB moderator06:57
Ben64noyb: for instance, don't do something like "hi everyone <enter> how do I format a drive?" use a comma instead of the enter06:57
* stumbleupon slaps twitter2 around with a nigga06:57
* twitter2 slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot2 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot3 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot2 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot3 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot2 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot3 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout /me slaps FloodBot2 with a large trout /me 06:57
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!06:57
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FloodBot1twitter2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:57
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stumbleuponget this guy out of here06:57
Mixxitwhats happening06:58
theadminFlannel: Thank you06:58
wiggmpkMixxit: trolls06:58
noybBen64, in other word, "brevity is the soul of something?"06:58
stumbleuponthanks admin06:58
Mixxitgood god06:58
Ben64stumbleupon: everyone knows you're the same guy06:58
kblinso it looks like now I'm just missing a working desktop environment06:58
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:58
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:58
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:58
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:58
FloodBot1twitter2_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:58
stumbleupongood guy admin06:59
* taterhead looks around06:59
kblinwhat happened to the good old days where you could do an apt-get dist-upgrade and things would just keep working? :)06:59
* stumbleupon motorboats Heather06:59
wiggmpkkblin: well prior to the 'interruption' someone pasted a generic xorg.conf that should get you back to the basic, which was here https://pzt.me/9jrt06:59
theadminkblin: Shell? i.e. xterm?06:59
twitter2_so much fagging06:59
twitter2_in here06:59
theadminkblin: Well if that's the case then problem is solved ^_^06:59
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:59
seedbeat ya06:59
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:59
* twitter2_ slaps FloodBot1 with a large trout06:59
FloodBot1twitter2_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:59
noybWho was it that used to say, "my brain hurts?"  Well, I know how he feels.06:59
kblintheadmin: I see no wondow decorations, no idea07:00
kblintheadmin: I didn't check $TERM07:00
wiggmpkkblin: if you have a working GUI you can just install the drivers through the GUI again07:00
theadminkblin: You're not supposed to see any if you use plain startx though, just start your display manager (kdm, lxdm, gdm, lightdm etc) and go from there07:00
=== seed is now known as seed_
noybwiggmpk & Ben64, thx for the help... it is appreciated.07:01
kblintheadmin: well, it seems like I have no window manager anymore, that seems to have disappeared during the update07:01
kblintheadmin: upgrade, rather07:01
wiggmpknoyb: np bud, wish I could have helped more (been saying that a lot tonight)07:01
kblinbut yes, X11 is fixed07:01
theadminkblin: ew boy... I suggest you reinstall :/ Upgrades break Ubuntus07:01
wiggmpkkblin: +1 to what theadmin said07:02
* kblin sighs07:02
noybwiggmpk... the fault, if any, is mine.07:02
tnmtheadmin: i found a command sudo useradd -G www-data kubanc where www-data is group and kubanc is a user...07:02
kblinwhat's the point in using a debian-based distro when you can't dist-upgrade? :)07:02
Flanneltnm, theadmin: No.  You don't want to do that.07:02
Flannelkblin: Upgrades work fine for many users.07:02
theadminFlannel: I have to point out (s)he uses useradd, not usermod. That's safe.07:02
theadmin...I think07:03
Flanneltnm, theadmin: use `adduser username group` instead07:03
theadminThat works too07:03
tnmFlannel: well i already did and it didn't work :D07:03
theadminI'm used to "usermod -aG" myself but that's just me07:03
Flanneltnm: The problem with the command you gave above is -G without -a will replace secondary groups and not append.07:03
kblinFlannel: I was responding to 08:01 < theadmin> kblin: ew boy... I suggest you reinstall :/ Upgrades break Ubuntus07:03
Flanneltnm: it does work (you need sudo)07:03
tnmi did sudo, but i still cannot copy files to a folder which has permission for group www-data07:04
Flannelkblin: That's his experience, there's a large group of people that upgrades work just fine on.  I haven't reinstalled my machine since 6.06, for example.  There's a variety of things that will affect your chances of success during an upgrade.07:04
kblintheadmin: anyway, once I install a desktop environment, it seems fine07:04
Flanneltnm: Does that folder give www-data group write permissions?07:04
kblinFlannel: well, what bit me is that for the first time in years, I need to put in an xorg.conf again to make X11 start up07:05
kblinand that kde broke during the upgrade to 11.1007:05
theadminFlannel: Well I never had a successful Ubuntu upgrade myself though I do guess it's just me. Also, "his" doesn't apply to me, but whatever.07:05
kblinbut both have since been fixed07:05
saschxdhello good morning @ll07:06
noybbbl after trying some other stuff that probably won't work  ;-)  again, thx, wiggmpk & Ben64!07:06
wiggmpknoyb: np buddy =P07:06
Ben64noyb: i'm still waiting for that pastebin07:06
dark|angelhow do I add a script to startup?07:06
kblintheadmin: in any case, thanks for poining me in the right direction07:06
tnmFlannel: you rock... and you were right. the command sudo chmod 7-R 77 "folderName" solved the problem :D07:06
tnmsorry chmod -R 77707:07
noybBen64... i thought i sent my reply which was "pastebin?"07:07
Flanneltnm: 777 is generally the wrong way to chmod things.07:07
theadmintnm: ..you *never* want 77707:07
Ben64!pastebin | noyb07:07
ubottunoyb: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:07
wiggmpk!pastebin | noyb07:07
theadmintnm: You usually want 644 or 66407:07
Flanneltnm: You just gave everyone execute permissions for all the files.07:07
=== mousey is now known as Guest26657
tnmI agree...07:07
Flannelor g+w, which is what you really wanted.07:07
tnmFlannel: g+w doesn't give me permission for group07:09
=== kralle|brb is now known as kralle
=== Guest26657 is now known as HWGMousey
noybBen64... we may have to hold off on the pastebin... i'm writing with one hand, typing with the other, & my feet are trying to keep my pedal powered pc going... :-)07:09
Flanneltnm: g+w will give group write permissions, if that doesn't give you write permissions, you're not the owner/group.07:10
Ben64noyb: O_o use a plug or something07:10
Flanneltnm: After adding yourself to the www-data group (I assume the file has been set to have a group of www-data?), did you log in/restart/whatever you want to call it your terminal?07:12
tnmFlannel: g+q command gives me drw-rw-r-- 16 www-data www-data permissions. I cannot copy files. The command: id kubanc gave me this: uid=1001(kubanc) gid=1001(kubanc) groups=1001(kubanc),33(www-data)07:12
tnmFlannel: no, i didn't restart07:12
Flanneltnm: not restart, just log out/back in (from the terminal, so if this is gnome-terminal, close/re-open is fine)07:13
Flanneltnm: rw-rw-r-- is correct.07:13
Flanneltnm: Is that a directory or a file?07:13
Flanneloh wait, I answered my own question.07:13
quiescensi'd guess directory07:13
tnmdirectory :D07:13
quiescensin which case execute is really probably needed07:14
Flanneltnm: Directories need +x as well, to cd into them.  I.... guess I don't know if you need +x to write to them.07:14
noybBen64... you mean electricity?  Heard of it... never had much use for it.  The hamster in my little wheel supplies all the power I need.  ;-)07:14
Flanneltnm: (this is why setting everything to a particular numeric value is problematic at best)07:14
Ben64noyb: do you want your cd drive to work?07:14
saschxdnow that dmraid shows me asr_, asr_2 and asr_5 .... which one/two would be the right to mount ?07:15
noybBen64... yes, of course... but at this point it's winning the war.07:15
tnmFlannel: i still cannot copy files, should i restart the system?07:15
Flanneltnm: No.  Did you chmod that directory a+x?07:15
Ben64noyb: I asked you 34 minutes ago for a pastebin and you still haven't provided that. It really isn't that complicated to mount a cd drive, but if you never respond, it will never happen07:16
noybBen64... I'm not ignoring you... I'm really not... I'm just trying to write down everything suggested... follow protocol... not look like too big a jerk... and still wind up with a working cd drive...07:17
noyb!pastebin | noyb07:20
ubottunoyb, please see my private message07:20
rimpHi, is anyone familiar with the Live Drive 2 interface07:21
noybubottu... how do i find that?07:22
ubottunoyb: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
noybnoyb the noob07:22
* quiescens pats ubottu07:22
saschxdsome1 be so nice and hint me what to mount (my raid) asr_ asr_2 or asr_5  because i have no idea07:23
Mixxitglobal warming my ass07:24
pangolinMixxit: langauge and topic and stuff. plz2follow07:25
noybBen64... i will now ignore everything else... i think i've got it... if i screw up and do it wrong please accept my apologies... any necessary apology is also extended to all present... gimme a second to send it...07:26
Mixxitdoes grub2 not boot if it failed to shutdown07:28
Mixxitas in does it wait for you to make a menu option07:28
Ben64Mixxit: no07:28
Mixxitmy virtual machine is loading in the background so i can't see it but that looks to be the problem - i need to disable it somehow07:29
noybBen64... it should be winging its way somewhere07:29
Mixxitfrom the mini screenshot in the virtualbox manager it seems to be on the grub screen07:29
prabuvathurhello all07:31
Mr_HydeHello People!!07:31
Mixxithello! :-)07:31
prabuvathuri am prabuvathur from indonesia07:32
Mixxiti'm michael from england07:32
Mixxitdo you need some help?07:32
Mr_HydeI was seeing again, Pirates of Silicon Valley, and just remembering why I do Love Linux so much.07:32
randomDudeoh ok07:32
buhmanand I'm Mr. Rodgers from the Neighbor-Hood.07:33
Mr_HyderandomDude,  Nice nick :D07:33
Mr_HydeI am Mr_Hyde, a friend of Jekill07:33
Mr_HydeAny Ubuntu/Linux News?07:36
juanramanhi everyone!07:36
bazhang!ot | Mr_Hyde07:37
ubottuMr_Hyde: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:37
Mr_HydeThanks, bazhang Sorry about that, no support questions now.07:37
juanramani have a little question here07:39
Assada PLEASE! TEST! nslookup -q=NS assada.com.ua
juanramansorry about my noobish behaviour, first time i run this thing...07:40
Assada PLEASE! TEST! nslookup -q=NS assada.com.ua
noybBen64... did my pastebin come through or did I screw up again?07:45
Ben64noyb: when you use pastebin, it brings you to a page where your paste is, you need to paste that page link into here for someone to see it07:46
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noybobviously "screwed it up again" is the correct answer.  How does one do that?  another stupid noob question.  sorry.07:48
Blauskae1MYou mean so that we others can se your pastebin?07:51
Ben64noyb: I just described it, "noyb: when you use pastebin, it brings you to a page where your paste is, you need to paste that page link into here for someone to see it"07:51
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noybBen64... please tell me that I did something right...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/827363/07:54
Ben64noyb: yep, and in just 73 minutes07:54
dies_iraedis looks OK on a file?? is just a movie --> -rw-------07:55
Ben64noyb: now pastebin "mount"07:55
noybBen64... well, you know what they say, "even a blind hog can find a truffle sometimes."07:55
dies_iraelookrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1070) [sender=3.0.8]07:55
coolstar-ipodnoyb Ben64: what's goin on here? I just joined IRC07:55
BlauskaerMdies_irae: Think you can remove the write flag too.07:55
dies_iraewhat's a sane chmod for a unruly file?07:55
Ben64dies_irae: what are you trying to do with it07:56
dies_iraetransfer into android tablet07:56
Ben64the permissions shouldn't matter for th at07:56
FunhouseHi guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to count how many files are on the system and or folder?07:56
dies_iraeyoutube files look like this --> -rw-rw-r--07:56
coolstar-ipod!android | dies_irae07:57
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* coolstar-ipod wonders why ubottu can't understand that07:57
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Ben64Funhouse: find <directory> | wc -l07:58
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dies_iraecoolstar-ipod: uh?07:58
dies_iraethe file is on ubuntu07:58
coolstar-ipoddies_irae: can Ubuntu read the file?07:58
noybBen64... http://paste.ubuntu.com/827379/07:59
coolstar-ipoddies_irae: try opening the file07:59
coolstar-ipodnoyb: what issue are you having?07:59
Ben64noyb: .... its a command, you have to hit enter and pastebin the result07:59
noybcoolstar... at the moment, life in general.  :-)08:00
coolstar-ipodnoyb: issue with Ubuntu right now08:00
Ben64coolstar-ipod: some type of problem with cd drives and the mounting of08:01
dies_iraedamn weird08:02
dies_iraefer realz08:02
coolstar-ipoddies_irae: it's probably a transfer issue and not a fs one08:03
dRounsecan someone help me set up a computer?08:04
coolstar-ipodBen64: he seems to have a /dev/sr008:04
Ben64coolstar-ipod: yep08:05
coolstar-ipoddRounse: please be specific08:05
xroHi, i have a soft that is locked because of a -->   recvfrom(5,     can i unlock it with a signal?08:05
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: i have a computer that came from a school and i cant install ubuntu or any distro other than puppy linux....08:06
osmosisanyone know how to troubleshoot courier-imap saying  Error in IMAP command received by server.08:06
coolstar-ipoddRounse: why cant you? You should be able to erase the hdd and install any Debian based linux08:07
mufflondRounse: what way of installing you choosed?08:07
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: im not sure.... im using unetbootin because i dont want a disk drive as it will be a mythtv backend and it hangs on a page for 15 minutes.... the usb boots but wont go to livecd08:08
coolstar-ipoddRounse: what do you see on the screen as the USB "boots"?08:08
dRounseive used unetbootin before to set up other computers but this wont work08:08
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: its got the normal unetbootin screen with the install, try it before installing, etc...08:09
coolstar-ipoddRounse: try using the startup disk creator from Ubuntu on another pc08:09
coolstar-ipoddRounse: I prefer it over unetbootin personally08:10
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: well i tried with the disk originally but i cant install any distro.... opensuse, fedora, or arch08:10
coolstar-ipoddRounse: what problem do you get? Kernel Panic or something else?08:11
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dRounsecoolstar-ipod: idk exactly what that is... it got stuck on a page with error type codes like this, [4.043879]08:13
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: then it said BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at 0000000108:13
coolstar-ipoddRounse: were the scroll and caps lock blinking08:14
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: no08:14
coolstar-ipoddRounse: ok. It's not a kernel panic, but a different problem08:15
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: do you know what it is?08:15
bullgard4Description of the DEB program package »libtelepathy-logger2«: "This package contains a utility library to access Telepathy log files." What is a »utility library«?08:16
coolstar-ipoddRounse: just wondering, did you try running memtest86?08:16
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: no, but i can do that08:16
theadminbullgard4: Probably just some crazy name xD I suppose it's just a lib for accessing log files nothing more08:17
coolstar-ipoddRounse: try that. We can see if it's a RAM or other issue then08:17
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: well the only os it has been able to boot is puppy linux08:17
mufflondRounse: what kernel do you use?08:18
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dRounsemufflon: i really dont know08:19
bullgard4theadmin: Your explanation makes sense to me. Thank you very much for explaining and your help.08:20
senayarwhat intel driver can i use for best performence into game ? since the last update the 3D is really fucked :(08:21
theadminbullgard4: No problem, uh...08:21
theadmin!language | senayar08:21
ubottusenayar: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:21
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: its just an old gateway from a school, so could they have something preventing me from booting a diff os08:21
senayarsorry :o08:21
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theadmindRounse: How old? Is the processor i686-compatible? If not, Ubuntu won't boot and that's no big surprise08:22
SimeonKhi, how can i access chroot folders from the parent os?08:22
dRounsetheadmin: its a pentium 408:22
dRounsetheadmin: im not sure maybe 8 years i think08:22
theadmindRounse: Meh that won't work, sorry, we don't have i386 support... Try something else :(08:23
dRounsetheadmin: aww that stinks, i wanted it as a mythtv backend :(08:23
icerootdRounse: a pentium 4 should work08:24
icerootdRounse: it must be i586 or higher (imo)08:24
cybermorpherExcuse me!? can somebody help me setting up a VPN on ubuntu 10.04?08:24
dRounseiceroot: how can i tell?08:24
theadminiceroot: Isn't Pentium 4 i386?... Or am I messing something up?08:24
iceroottheadmin: no08:24
iceroottheadmin: even cyrix 233mmx was i58608:25
theadminiceroot: Oh, eh, soz08:25
icerootcyrix 233mhz with mmx08:25
mufflontheadmin: installing on P4 is possible08:25
theadminmmk guess I'm just stupid08:25
dRounsetheadmin: its ok08:25
icerootalso amd k6 foobar is i58608:25
dRounseiceroot: do you know why it wont boot a usb08:26
theadmindRounse: Probably no BIOS support for that?08:26
icerootdRounse: what means "wont boot usb" no option in bios?08:26
theadmindRounse: Or the kernel is configured without USB boot support? (not the case with Ubuntu's default though)08:26
coolstar-ipodtheadmin: he can boot a USB. It just won't boot _properly_08:27
cybermorpherCan somebody help me set a VPN on 10.04 please!?08:27
theadmincoolstar-ipod: Ahh, okay, I see.08:27
dRounseiceroot: i can boot from usb but it wont boot to a desktop it hangs on a page with what looks like error codes08:27
theadmin!patience | cybermorpher08:27
ubottucybermorpher: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:27
icerootdRounse: the errors are interesting for us08:27
iceroot!vpn | cybermorpher08:27
ubottucybermorpher: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN08:27
coolstar-ipodcybermorpher: try openvpn. I don't support 10.04 myself though.08:28
coolstar-ipodcybermorpher: try the #openvpn channel08:28
dRounseiceroot: [4.043879] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference at 0000000108:28
icerootdRounse: ah yes08:28
cybermorpherWill try thnx :008:28
icerootdRounse: had the same issue08:28
icerootdRounse: what ubuntu version?08:29
karstenk1977_good morning together08:29
dRounseiceroot: the newest, well i was trying lubuntu08:29
dRounseiceroot: 11.1008:29
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icerootdRounse: ok, i had the same error-message long time before (8.04) the reason was there was a bug in the kernel delivered with the cd, the kernel from the repos was fine. my workaround was "using the minimal iso which is pulling the latest kernel from the repos"08:30
coolstar-ipoddRounse: try Kubuntu or Xubuntu08:30
icerootcoolstar-ipod: they all use the same kernel by default on cd08:30
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icerootdRounse: maybe you could try the minimal-iso workaround08:31
iceroot!minimal | dRounse08:31
ubottudRounse: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:31
dRounseiceroot: but ive tried different distros08:31
karstenk1977_I have crashed my ubuntu webserver. Now i have made a restore of the whole data in a seperate directory. How can I setup my server with the restored data? only copy in the old directorys?08:31
icerootkarstenk1977_: you also stored the file-permissions/owner?08:31
karstenk1977_it looks like so08:32
icerootkarstenk1977_: or do all files no belong to the same user?08:32
dRounsethe problem is... would it really happen multiple times with different distros08:32
karstenk1977_look like every user is the correct one08:32
icerootkarstenk1977_: ok, i would boot the server with a live-cd, mount the hdd and copy all files back08:32
icerootkarstenk1977_: it may also work without a live-cd if you can boot the server still08:33
karstenk1977_its a root-server08:33
mufflondRounse: some minutes ago you wrote: usb boots but wont go to live cd. what do u mean?08:33
coolstar-ipoddRounse: you can also try asking in ##linux as since it is affecting more than one distro it is a Linux issue in general08:33
HermanDEAnybody have a working tproxy server?08:33
dRounsemufflon: i meant a live environment sorry08:33
mufflonah ok08:33
coolstar-ipoddRounse: stay here though. We may find a solution ;)08:33
icerootdRounse: also it would be a good idea to fill a bug against the package "linux"08:33
YusukeHello, i tried to ' sudo apt-get install python-qt4 qt4-designer' , but gave me error : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827397/08:34
karstenk1977_I cannot mount anything other as the crashed old webserver08:34
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: ok ill stay here08:34
karstenk1977_it is a v-server by hosteurope08:34
mufflonit seems that there is a missing hardware-driver, perhaps u have to patch the kernel08:34
dRounseis there anyway i can send you guys a picture of the screen i have a pic here08:34
icerootdRounse: you should give the minimal-iso method a try08:34
iceroot!picture | dRounse08:34
iceroot!screenshot | dRounse08:35
ubottudRounse: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.08:35
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dRounseiceroot: i have tried the netinstall multiple times08:35
icerootdRounse: ok, did you also try 12.04? just to see of the issue is fixed in the latest ubuntu-kernel08:35
mufflondRounse: is it possible to launch a terminal?08:36
dRounseiceroot: i have not, i was told in the forums that it wasnt stable enough :/08:36
TheYsNoihas someone tested the alpha 2 release?08:36
icerootTheYsNoi: #ubuntu+108:36
icerootdRounse: its not stable, yes. its just to see if your issue is fixed there08:36
coolstar-ipoddRouse: does CTRL+ALT+F1 get you a terminal?08:36
karstenk1977_Can I reboot in a mode that i can copy the restored files back?08:36
icerootkarstenk1977_: any mode is ok but a live-cd and then mount your hdd is best08:37
karstenk1977_cannot mound a cd08:37
dRounsecoolstar-ipod: i didnt try i only have one monitor so i have to wait till im done here08:37
dRounsetheres the link^^08:38
YusukeHello, i tried to ' sudo apt-get install python-qt4 qt4-designer' , but gave me error : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827397/08:38
theadminYusuke: You need to run a system upgrade08:38
theadminYusuke: (most likely)08:39
icerootdRounse: can you name me the exact version of the laptop? hp vp15xxx?08:39
possible1994My Motorola bluetooth headset works fine, but my Plantronics one fails to connect.08:39
dRounseiceroot: its a gateway desktop08:40
dRounseiceroot: heres the model number08:40
possible1994Is there a way to specify a pin to access a BT device?08:40
dRounseiceroot: (AK) MFATXHRN MDP E 410008:40
icerootdRounse: the name on the screen, your scrrenshot is only showing hp vp15  is there more?08:41
dRounseiceroot: thats my monitor08:41
icerootdRounse: ah ok, i thought its a laptop08:42
possible1994Is there a way I can test a different driver for my BT, (I've already tried several snapshots of what is standard)08:42
dRounseiceroot: http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/E4100_Series/2800471/2800471nv.shtml08:43
icerootdRounse: can you please try 12.04? on launchpad it seems the bug is fixed in 12.04 directly and in 11.10 after the latest dist-upgrade. or use 10.04.3 (the latest version of 10.04)08:44
icerootfor all other releases its fixed after the latest dist-upgrade08:44
icerootif this is the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60122608:45
dRounseiceroot: so should i install 12.04 or 10.04.308:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 601226 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in ppdev module" [Medium,Fix released]08:45
icerootdRounse: please just try to boot 12.0408:45
icerootdRounse: no need to install, just boot the live-version08:46
dRounseiceroot: ok lemme download it08:46
icerootdo we have point-releases for non-lts version? LIKE 11.10.2?08:46
karstenk1977_how should i restore the data? with cp or mv?08:47
dRounseiceroot: download started08:47
karstenk1977_from restore directory in original08:47
dRounseiceroot: if it boots to a live version should i install then downgrade?08:48
icerootkarstenk1977_: cp -pr  (if i get the manpage correctly)08:48
icerootdRounse: no08:48
icerootdRounse: this is just for debugging08:48
dRounseiceroot: ok08:48
icerootdRounse: thank you for your time about that08:48
icerootdRounse: if it is working we will find a solution08:48
dRounseiceroot: what if this doesnt work08:48
icerootdRounse: then i guess a better debug is needed08:49
dRounseiceroot: almost done downloading08:49
karstenk1977_is there a order to stop all services?08:51
karstenk1977_sory a command?08:52
karstenk1977_a command to kill all processes08:52
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails08:52
theadminkarstenk1977_: Err... "poweroff"08:53
karstenk1977_without the kernel08:53
dns53karstenk1977_ init 008:53
icerootkarstenk1977_: live-cd is the only way to have them stopped all and still a running system08:53
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists08:53
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?08:53
dRounsekarstenk1977_: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-controlling-access-to-linux-services.html08:53
karstenk1977_but i told you that i cannot mount any cd08:53
icerootkarstenk1977_: and i told you its ok to have them running but a live-cd would be better08:54
icerootkarstenk1977_: but you have a broken server and a backup, what should happen? the server even more broken?08:55
icerootkarstenk1977_: if you still have the backup, everything is fine08:55
icerootkarstenk1977_: the most important thing is NOT to change the file-owners/permissions08:56
karstenk1977_ok, iceroot i will try the most services i could stop08:56
goddardcds are old school08:56
dRounsegoddard: floppys are old school08:56
karstenk1977_yes you are right, i cannot broke any more08:56
goddarddRounse: cds are the new old school08:57
icerootor dvds/blu-rays...08:57
dRounseiceroot: ill be back im gonna try 12.0408:57
icerootdRounse: would be great to get your feedback on that08:57
goddarddRounse: we got sd cards and flash storage not to mention streaming and cloud services08:58
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dRounseiceroot: no luck09:01
icerootdRounse: is it possible for you to disable everything in the bios which is not needed?09:03
icerootdRounse: bluetooth, serial port and so on09:03
dRounseiceroot: ill try... what if i flashed new bios or updated it09:04
icerootdRounse: if that is possible for you its also a good idea09:05
dRounseiceroot: ive never done that im a  bit nervous09:05
icerootdRounse: for the bios-update i would suggest the hardware-channel ##hardware  maybe they have some usefull tipps for you09:06
MrKeunerhi, I have written a host A record updater for my laptop. Where should I put that script for best performance? /etc/NetworkManager/dispatch.d or somewhere else?09:08
ikoniabest performance ?09:09
ikoniajust put it in your /etc/host file ?09:09
MrKeunerfor fastest updating the A record upon ip change09:10
MrKeunerikonia, updating DNS record for the WAN09:10
jyfl987a question, i have a public vps for a groups, now how can i talk with them ?09:10
jyfl987like in irc?09:10
theadminjyfl987: That's offtopic here -_- Unless you are running the server. Then try setting up an IRC or an XMPP server, I guess.09:11
ikoniaMrKeuner: most dhcp servers will update the dns records when they assign it09:11
MrKeunerI see noip2 is in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d for instance09:12
theadminikonia: No, update a DNS record from a DynDNS service for a dynamic IP, that's what (s)he wants.09:12
jyfl987theadmin: i have read some article about how ealer hacker talk with each other in a machine09:12
MrKeunertheadmin, correct09:12
ikoniaMrKeuner: well you won't get a performance boost from any message, the dns's servers expire time, cache time will be the deciding factor09:13
cowpattygood morning, need help selecting print drivers.   may i post a cut and paste of the 3 choices?09:13
MrKeunerikonia, right, but I'd like to do the best I can09:14
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Smart Panel (Driver) (ver. 2.00.57) 31.58 MULTI LANGUAGE Smartpanel_109:14
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Printer setting Utility (Driver) (ver.2.00.23) 10.64 MULTI LANGUAGE PSU_109:14
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Unified Driver (Driver) (ver.3.00.65) 32.15 MULTI LANGUAGE UnifiedLinuxDriver_109:14
FloodBot1cowpatty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:14
ProGimp Is it possible to shrink the icon docks in 11.10 ?09:14
MrKeunerI can run the script every 5 minutes but, if I can also run it when I get a new ip for instance that would be better09:15
ikoniaMrKeuner: as I've said there isn't a "best you can" method, do what ever works for you, however the response will depend on the dns server09:15
randomDudeProhimp, yes09:15
randomDudeProGimp, install compizconfig-settings-manager , then scroll to look for the unity plugin09:15
ProGimpOK. Thanks.09:16
randomDudeProGimp, it may or may not work the first time around. so try a reboot if it doesn't09:16
MrKeunerikonia, assume that ttl 60 seconds and the dns server honor that value than there is better i can do in terms of notifying my authoritative dns09:16
ikoniaMrKeuner: not really, and no public dns server would have that value as it would be blacklisted09:17
MrKeunerikonia, dyndns subdomains have 60 seconds ttl09:17
MrKeunerand at least my isp dns honors that09:17
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Smart Panel (Driver) (ver. 2.00.57) 31.58 MULTI LANGUAGE Smartpanel_109:18
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Printer setting Utility (Driver) (ver.2.00.23) 10.64 MULTI LANGUAGE PSU_109:18
cowpattyLinux Nov 24, 2009 Unified Driver (Driver) (ver.3.00.65) 32.15 MULTI LANGUAGE UnifiedLinuxDriver_109:18
FloodBot1cowpatty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:18
theadmin!repeat | cowpatty09:18
ubottucowpatty: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:18
cowpattythank you for the protocal09:19
ikoniacowpatty: you've been asked to not flood the channel, and you've just done it again, do you understand to not do that09:19
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ikoniacowpatty: posting that information is useless, you need to ask a question explaining your problem09:19
possible1994How can I specify a passkey PIN code to my BT device when bluetooth manager never gives me that option?09:20
ikoniapossible1994: the remote device normally is where the pass code is set, not the ubuntu client09:21
possible1994ikonia, Ah ok, well it keeps failing to connect. It detects it, and its MAC, but fails to connect.09:21
cowpattyhow do i avoid flooding?  i found pastebin, but do not understand what to do after pasteing into pastebin.09:21
possible1994I've googled for an hour, I can't take it anymore09:22
MrKeunerpossible1994, are you sure it is asking for one? some bt devices don't09:23
dns53possible1994 what type of device?  is the device in a pairing or discoverable mode?09:23
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:24
possible1994MrKeuner, I don't believe it does, but I've moved onto desperate measures09:24
MrKeunerpossible1994, what bt device is it09:25
i_is_brokecowpatty, paste the url in here of the pastebin page09:26
possible1994dns53, A Plantronics voyager pro headset, and yes I have placed it in discoverable mode. My laptop detects it and its MAC, but fails to connect, sometimes saying "connection refused"09:26
heisenminkI have a script in /etc/rc.local that isn't run as often as I'd like. Is there any file that is run every time one logs in?09:28
dns53possible1994 try turning it off and on and putting it in discovery mode, i have problems with my bluetooth headset and i need to pair it just about every time09:28
possible1994dns53, Failed, and I've done that several times anyway. There's something causing my bluetooth headset to reject my laptops request to pair with it.09:32
MrKeunerpossible1994, not sure how but try enabling debug mode for blues subsystem on your laptop09:33
FunhouseBen64: thank you09:33
MrKeunermight give you more clue as to what's happening09:33
dns53possible1994 have you tried having linux forget the device?09:33
dlamwhats the command to check mail?     'mail' doesnt work09:33
MrKeunertry mutt09:33
dlamim root if that matters09:33
MrKeunerdlam, doesn;t work as in command not found?09:34
possible1994dns53, as in, remove it from bluetooth manager?09:34
dlamyeah,  "bash: mail: command not found"09:34
dlamdunno if its different in debian distros or something O_O09:34
MrKeunerdlam, apt-get install mailutils09:35
Ben64it is in /usr/bin/mail for me09:35
osmosisWhen I am in unity, on my second monitor...i am unable to access any of the drop down menus on the top bar...the menus are scatter. It is unusable. Does anyone know of a fix for this???09:36
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dlamMrKeuner: ahh that did it09:36
Guest92416I switched the lightdm background picture in the file /etc/lightdm/unitysomething to a costum picture (the path is correct). but the picture doesn't load up and i get a black background09:37
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263309:37
dns53possible1994 yes09:37
possible1994dns53, Yes I've tried that.09:37
kalimojohi im looking for the software sources application. i dont have a system->administration launcher. where can i find this app ?09:38
MrKeunerkalimojo, gksu /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk09:39
possible1994Oh how I wish I could pair this bluetooth device.09:39
MrKeunerpossible1994, did you already check bluetooth subsystem debug notice? also trying increasing its verbosity level09:40
boumawhy cant i install kbibtex in oneric ?09:40
possible1994MrKeuner, I don't know how to check the subsystem debug notice09:40
boumait doesnt show in synaptic, and apt-get says its only referred to by another package09:41
dns53possible1994 have you restarted your machine? i once crashed the bluetooth daemon and it would not work untill i restarted the machine09:42
possible1994dns53, Yes, that actually is a reported bug09:43
kalimojothanks mrkeuner09:43
scarleo_bouma, doesnt seem to exist in oneiric, it was in natty and seems to get in in Precise again, don't know why09:45
MrKeunerpossible1994, try running /usr/bin/bluetooth-properties in a terminal and see if that creates a meaningful error message when pairing is rejected09:45
scarleo_bouma, you can probably try to install either natty or precise version09:45
scarleo_bouma, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kbibtex09:46
possible1994MrKeuner, That's a nonexistent directory09:47
MrKeunerpossible1994, ok, thats where it is on Lucid09:48
boumascarleo_: what about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+package/kbibtex09:49
possible1994Is /usr/src/foo a directory containing source code files?09:50
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scarleo_bouma, so, just install it then, don't know why the pages say different things, either way is fine I guess09:51
artaoanyone live?09:51
artaoi've got a question re: ubuntu studio distro09:52
artaocan i run it off usb key or does it require a full install?09:52
dns53you do not need permission to ask a question, just ask it (all on one line if possible)09:52
boumascarleo_: well as i tried to explain, synaptic doesnt show it, and apt-get gives the error as stated09:53
MrKeunergood night friends09:53
artaois anyone here even familiar with ubuntu studio?09:54
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scarleo_bouma, are you n 32 or 64 ?09:54
dns53artao there may be someone here, they do have their own room09:54
boumascarleo_: 6409:54
scarleo_bouma, on tthis page grab the .deb under "Downloadable files" https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/amd64/kbibtex/
boumascarleo_: will that update ?09:56
boumascarleo_: I mean will it stay uptodate with the update manager?09:56
dns53artao do you have a general ubuntu question or an ubuntu-studio specific question?    you could try asking in #ubuntustudio09:56
artaoah! i had no idea, thx09:56
osmosisis there anyway to change the password strength on the generator for Revelation?09:56
osmosisis there anyway to change the password strength on the generator for Revelation password manager in gnome2?09:56
artaoi'll look to see if anyone's over there .. i'd just like to try ubuntu studio .. don't know if i can run it off a usb key .. their site doesn't say09:57
theadminartao: You can09:57
scarleo_bouma, not if it's not in your repositories09:57
artaotheadmin: i CAN run it off usb key?09:57
GaleoHi. *Beginner* I'm trying to run Tor Browser Bundle on Ubuntu 10.10, but it says I ain't able to connect to the tor network, while on the other side, I can run Tor alone and beeing "connected".09:58
theadminartao: Yeah, just use LiLi USB Creator (from Windows) or usb-creator-gtk (from Ubuntu-like Linux) or Unetbootin (from any Linux, but it sometimes fails)09:58
artaoi've been using Universal USB .. i assume that's ot a problem?09:58
EderNautaartao: The best tool for run image of linux its unetbootin09:59
artao(doesn't appear to be anyone live over at #ubuntustudio)09:59
theadminartao: Yeah, I don't think that really works09:59
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damo22what does ubuntu use for remote desktop sharing/09:59
theadminEderNauta: Unetbootin fails with most distributions except Ubuntu, so no, that's not the *best* tool for *linux* image09:59
damo22what is the name of the program?09:59
theadmindamo22: Vinagre if I recall right09:59
artaok .. i've got unetbootin as well09:59
artaoJUST figured out yesterday .. after MUCH experimentation! ... that only one or two of my usb ports is bootable ... heh10:00
damo22no vinagre is not it10:00
heisenminkis there something like .bash_login but for the graphical session login/resume?10:00
theadminheisenmink: Depends on your desktop environment really, for Openbox it's ~/.config/openbox/autostart, for KDE it's ~/.kde4/share/Autostart and I have no idea about gnome10:01
artaocould you tell me what DM/WM ubuntu studio uses and how easy/hard it is to change it?10:01
heisenminktheadmin, I'm running gnome3/ubuntu11.10"oneiric ocelot"10:01
artaoi tried regular ubuntu, but don't like gnome ... now downloading kubuntu and xubuntu10:02
artaobut i REALLY like all the included progs in ubuntu studio10:02
heisenminkartao, It's very easy to change yourself10:02
theadminartao: Ubuntu Studio uses gnome if I recall right10:02
artaoi couldn't find in standard ubuntu (running off dvd) where/how to change the DM/WM10:02
theadminartao: You just need to install the one you need from APT and then change on the login screen -_-10:03
artaoi thought maybe i needed to run a command line tool10:03
dns53heisenmink  try running gnome-session-properties10:04
artaoubuntu is the only distro i've tried so far that just worked10:04
artaoBUT i'd prefer to be using E17, KDE, or xfce10:04
possible1994Someone tell me how to troubleshoot a non-connecting bluetooth headset10:04
EderNautaartao: are you try KDE?10:04
artaoi've tried debian/kde and linux mint kde10:05
artaodebian ran faster .. mint was sluggish .. BUT i liked kde10:05
EderNautanooo, try new kde10:05
EderNautaartao: try it kubuntu10:05
heisenminkdns53, isn't that for only bootup? or for all kinds of login?10:05
artaoalso had some difficulty getting dual-head display to work right10:05
artaoja, kubuntu now downloading along with xubuntu and elive10:06
cristian_can other question:10:06
artaoi got the dual screen working, but couldn't seem to change which monitor was the primary10:06
artaoubuntu got it right10:06
EderNautamy fauvorite desktop enviroment its KDE 410:06
cristian_cI'm using lubuntu 11.1010:06
dns53heisenmink that is for applications that start with gnome3,  there is no generic way of starting applications you need to do it per desktop environment10:06
cristian_cI can not see the volume icon on the panel10:07
heisenminkdns53, my trackpad configuration is reset each time I restart my computer or go to sleep / wake or hibernate/waker10:07
cristian_cI added, but still can not see it10:07
cristian_cWhat can I do?10:07
EderNautacristian_c: try to add a new... dont remember the name....10:08
cristian_cEderNauta, I've done this :(10:09
EderNautacristian_c: clic on bar and try to add a item10:09
VictorCLhow can I check what services I can use with init.d ?10:09
cristian_cEderNauta, anyone?10:09
dns53heisenmink   what do you do to fix it? run a script? a gui program?10:09
EderNautacristian_c: in the menu bar, the pannel, clic left mouse button and add a item, search the audio icon10:10
EderNautacristian_c: or you use gnome 3?10:10
heisenminkdns53, I have a script with "synclient x=y k=z" lines10:10
cristian_cEderNauta, I've done :(10:10
cristian_cEderNauta, no10:11
EderNautacristian_c: why desktop you use? gnome 3 or previus gnome?10:11
cristian_cEderNauta, lxde10:11
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EderNautacristian_c: aaam  , i dont know lxde enviroment10:12
artaoit's been 6 - 8 yrs since i last maintained a linux box ... SOOO .. IIRC the DM/WM can be set per user, yes?10:12
Myrtticristian_c: you could ask in #lubuntu?10:12
llutzartao: WM yes, DM no10:12
artaoso i can have multiple users with different DM/WM so I can test performance under each,yes?10:12
cristian_cMyrtty, I'll try10:13
artaoplease elaborate10:13
llutzartao: a user can set his WM, but not the DM10:13
artaoso if i set E17, every user has it? or is E17 a WM nowadays?10:13
artaosame question re: xfce10:13
llutzartao: its a WM10:13
eXpanderHow to check the current volume in terminal? I know one can use "amixer", but is there any similiarar to pavucontrol but for terminal?10:14
llutzartao: DMs are xdm, gdm, lightdm, kdm, slim etc.pp10:14
theadmineXpander: alsamixer10:14
theadminartao: Window manager10:14
llutzartao: wm10:14
artaothings have changed ...10:14
llutzartao: i guess you mean DE DesktopEnvironment, not DM displayManager10:14
eXpandertheadmin, no, alsamixer, I want a pulseaudio mixer in terminal10:14
theadminartao: DMs are login screens. DEs are window managers AND a set of some application.10:14
artaoi guess so LOLZ10:15
Yusukesigh i have even updated my system , im running on 11.04 , and yet the error still the same http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827466/   , in my lame Windows XP i dont even need to upgrade anything10:15
theadminartao: And a window manager is just the thing which draws the window borders10:15
eXpanderdoes "pactl" show the current volume in %?10:15
artao.. and decorations and gadgets etc. yes?10:15
artaoi think i get it now10:16
artaoso i'll add ubuntu studio to my que. heh.10:16
artaogotta find something to do til all these downloads are in10:16
theadminartao: No, window managers don't deal with gadgets10:16
artaok. what would THAT be then?10:16
Yusukesigh i have even updated my system , im running on 11.04 , and yet the error still the same http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/827466/   , in my lame Windows XP i dont even need to upgrade anything10:16
theadminartao: Desktop environments. Such as Gnome, KDE, etc10:17
artaoE17 and kde incude them10:17
theadminartao: E17 is more of a desktop environment than a window manager nowadays :D10:17
theadminYusuke: You don't have to repeat often, when someone knows someone helps10:17
artaoi had a BIG problem fighting with E17 to use my dual-displays10:17
theadminartao: Try using lxrandr10:18
artaoi looked online and found that it seems E17 indeed has some issues in that area10:18
artaoany advice?10:18
theadminartao: lxrandr, it's a tool for easy monitor configuration, universal pretty much10:18
artaok .. i found something call grandr, but that didn't help a whole lot10:18
Yusukewhat does "not installable" mean , if it is really not for install , then why the hell put the additional packages as required things10:19
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dns53Yusuke there are packages there for transitioning between versions, package was called foo, is now called bar etc10:20
eXpanderHi, I tried mencoder, but it does not work, why?10:21
eXpandermencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=800:height=600:fps=15:device=/dev/video0  -ovc x264 -nosound -o cam_`date +%F_%T`.avi10:21
ServerSageeXpander: Sounds like a problem for the mencoder irc channel.10:21
MonkeypawsI want to use ffmpeg or ffserver to input a stream from my ipcamera and output to a stream apache can use.  I have the input working fine, but, do i need to output a file or do i have to use ffserver to stream the output?10:22
Culiforge10.04 is not booting after installing nvidia 8400gs, tried to boot with nomodeset with no luck, any other ideas?10:22
ServerSageCuliforge: When you say it doesn't boot, where does it stop?10:23
CuliforgeServerSage: I get a lo-res boot splash then it hangs at a loading please wait...10:24
rodhash(WW) intel(0): first get vblank counter failed: Invalid argument10:24
rodhashHello .. does anyone know how to fix it??10:24
ServerSageCuliforge: I'm guessing it's hanging either trying to load the nvidia module, or trying to start X.  Are you familiar with grub?10:25
CuliforgeServerSage: on a beginning level I am10:26
CuliforgeServerSage: so I guess mostly no10:26
theadminServerSage: Are you trying to boot into the no-X mode? Append "text" to your kernel line.10:27
ServerSagetheadmin: No, I was going to suggest getting rid of splash to see where it was hanging.10:27
rodhashHi.. anyone?10:28
theadminServerSage: Oh, uh, just press Escape during boot. Or append "noquiet nosplash" to the line.10:28
ServerSageCuliforge: There ya go, do what theadmin just said.  :)10:28
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ServerSage!ask | rodhash10:28
ubotturodhash: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:28
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Culiforgeso would that be the same line I appended the nomodeset to.. the boot/ linux...10:29
rodhash(WW) intel(0): first get vblank counter failed: Invalid argument10:29
rodhashHi.. anyone?10:29
rodhashHello .. does anyone know how to fix it??10:29
ServerSageCuliforge: Yup.  That would be the one.10:29
CuliforgeServerSage: ok, I'll be back in a couple to report then10:29
ServerSagerodhash: Aah, didn't realize you had asked already.  Just chill, if somebody knows the answer they will chime in.  Chances are nobody knows.10:29
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ServerSagerodhash: Out of curiosity, is that coming from the X logs?10:31
ahhughezI cant find anything like tag and rename for ubuntu :'( ideas?10:32
rodhashServerSage, yes.. from Xorg.0.log10:32
ServerSagerodhash: Do you get it all the time, or only when you do certain things (watch videos, play games, etc…)?10:32
ServerSageahhughez: I think there is something called Audio Tag Tool.   I've not used it though.10:33
rodhashwhen I start compiz... but it started today only, and compiz and its effects becomes slow10:34
ServerSageahhughez: Wow, never mind.  It's not been updated in a long time it would appear.10:34
rodhashServerSage, and I've googled but found nothing10:34
damo22how do you force a recheck of a raid array, so it doesnt get marked as degraded?10:34
ServerSageahhughez: http://www.mp3tag.de/en/10:35
CuliforgeServerSage: Ok, what I saw was "cannot write .pid file /dev/initramfs.d/plymouth.pid10:36
ServerSagedamo22: It's probably getting marked as degraded for a reason.  :)10:36
CuliforgeServerSage: or something quite like that10:36
* theadmin is off. See ya everyone, hamsters to all of you %)10:37
damo22serversage: basically its raid5 with 5 disks, 1 failed badly and the spare didnt get a chance to resync fully10:37
KayGridleyanyone know why on a reboot I'd lose all the ip settings on a 10.04 server?10:37
ServerSagerodhash: I found a few things talking about xorg bugs and upgrading mesa.  :/  Not sure that will help you though.10:37
damo22i want to force the loading of disk5 into the final position and get it to fire  up10:37
damo22without a spare10:37
dns53damo22 so you have not lost data but you do not have enough disks to satisfy the redundency?10:38
ServerSagedamo22: So you have a RAID5, 5 disks total but one is dead and you want to pull the spare in?10:38
damo22dns53: yes10:38
dns53have you put in a spare disk?10:39
damo22dns53: no i have hot removed the faulty disk10:39
cowpattyformat a usb drive with FAT32 file system10:39
damo22and i want to load the spare without replacing the spare10:39
rodhashServerSage, hmm ... besides xorg is getting those erros my ubuntu is working fine, but I'd like to fix that.... but I didn't figure out how..10:39
damo22s/second spare/faulty10:39
ServerSageKayGridley: I'm not sure, but this page may help:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html10:39
pfSenseLogsis there a way to check which IP modified a file in a shared folder?10:40
damo22can i create a dummy loopback device and insert it as the new spare?10:40
ServerSagerodhash: I don't run a GUI at all on my linux boxes, so it's a bit outside my realm of experience.  Is your box up to date?10:40
dns53damo22 you need to rescan the disks (i'm not sure how to do this without rebooting), mark the new disk for raid, then add the disk to the existing raid array10:40
KayGridleyServerSage: thanks, just realised I'm a) a complete idiot and b) have been reading that but using the temp settings10:40
KayGridleywill now go and hang head in shame10:41
dns53damo22 it will then automatically rebuild the array to the new disk10:41
ServerSageKayGridley: Hehe, we have all been there.  Simply apply head to desk several times, always helps.10:41
KayGridleyServerSage: believe me already doing that!  It has been a morning, turns out me/our tech guy forgot to put the air con back on in the server room yesterday morning10:42
KayGridleylosing an ip address being a minor issue after fixing that one :)10:42
ServerSageKayGridley: Let me guess, turned it off because you were freezing standing in there working at console?  :)10:42
damo22dns53: http://pastebin.com/pDpyJdtD10:43
KayGridleyServerSage: nope, turned it off coz my boss was freezing standing there watching me work :)10:43
damo22i got it to insert the spare /dev/sdf1 as position 4 but it says clean, degraded10:43
ServerSageKayGridley: At least you can blame the boss.  :)10:43
pfSenseLogsis there a way to check which IP modified a file in a shared folder?10:43
KayGridleycould have sworn we'd put it back on but the remote is a bit dodgy so I suspect I forgot to double check it had actually worked10:43
ServerSagepfSenseLogs: You can look in the logs in /var/log.10:44
ServerSagepfSenseLogs: NFS or Samba?10:44
ServerSagepfSenseLogs: Yup, depending on your smb.conf file you should have logs in /var/log/samba/10:44
Monkeypawsim tryin to input a mjpeg http stream from an ip camera and output to something apache can stream.  Is VLC what i need or is there a better way?10:45
pfSenseLogswhat makes a difference in smb.conf?10:45
ServerSagepfSenseLogs: You can set log level, your log file, what shares are logged, etc...10:46
pfSenseLogsif nothing is set10:46
dns53damo22   so it does not know about the new disk, there is something you needed to run to mark the disk for raid and add it to the degraded array, let me google it10:46
pfSenseLogsnothgin is done?10:46
pfSenseLogsor logging is done by default10:46
ServerSagepfSenseLogs: I'm not sure what the default is.  You'll have to look.10:46
damo22dns53: do you think its a good idea to add the faulty disk as a spare, it has a lot of direct I/O buffer read sector errors10:48
dns53 damo22   it should be something like:    mdadm --manage /dev/md3 --add /dev/sdf110:48
dns53damo22 probably not, but you can, you just need to wipe the partition table10:48
ServerSageMonkeypaws: You're asking that question in kind of the wrong channel.10:49
dns53damo22   mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdf110:49
damo22really? on sdf1? whys that10:49
obounaimI have difficult time viewing the ubuntu developer week logs i need to scroll left and write to read and the scroll bar is at the end of the log10:49
dns53damo22 that was the disk you added?10:51
damo22dns53: yes, mdadm: Couldn't open /dev/sdf1 for write - not zeroing10:51
=== recharge_away is now known as recharge
dns53damo22 so it is probably dead or on it's way out10:51
tellone! path|me10:53
ServerSage!path | tellone10:53
damo22dns53: so with 3/5 disks intact and the 4th one on its way out, if i add a 5th disk will it recover?10:54
ServerSagetellone: Don't think ubottu-the-great understand path.10:54
telloneServerSage: guess not10:55
dns53damo22 did we just kill the wrong disk?10:55
Chotaz_how can I find which processes or jobs are using a specific hdd?10:55
dns53Chotaz_ lsof10:55
damo22dns53: i dont think it wrote anything to the disk10:55
telloneis there a max-value for path length?10:55
damo22dns53: since it was part of the array10:56
dns53damo22  so /proc/mdstats still shows that it is a clean but degraded array?10:56
DJonessudo apt-get install bitlbee10:56
DJonesugh, sorry10:57
damo22dns53: md3 : active raid5 sdb1[0] sdf1[6] sde1[3] sdd1[2]10:57
damo22      7814041600 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [5/4] [U_UUU]10:57
dns53damo22 so you have not lost any data, just add another disk of equal or greater size to the array and watch it rebuild over the next day10:58
meetawplot() doesn't work in scilab10:58
meetawwith ubuntu 11.1010:58
meetawany fix ?10:58
damo22dns53: for some reason it thinks /dev/sdf1  is in position 6 (spare), but mdadm --detail shows position 410:59
damo22dns53: its because i hacked it in /sys/block/md3/md/dev-sdf1/11:00
damo22i forced it to slot 411:00
meetawanybody ?11:00
damo22but it needs to detect the array as not degraded11:01
FloodBot1hbalxzdl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:01
dmtarmey_ hi chat room im using vbox to run windows xp inside linux , the problem is windows in vbox is not picking up usb sticks, it is picking up usb modem though any ideas please.11:04
ServerSagedmtarmey_: That might be better asked in #vbox.  Is the linux host seeing the USB sticks?11:05
dmtarmey_ServerSage iv tried no one seems to be there11:05
dmtarmey_It dosnt seem like the linux is seeing the USN stick11:06
ServerSagedmtarmey_: It's more active in a few hours.11:06
dns53damo22 could you restart the machine?11:06
dmtarmey_ServerSage cheers11:06
ServerSagedmtarmey_: If you plug in the USB stick and run dmesg do you see anything about it?11:06
damo22dns53: no because its not my machine i am vncd into it11:07
kalimojoare there keystroke loggers for ubuntu ?11:07
dmtarmey_ServerSage let me try that!11:07
ServerSagekalimojo: Yes, there.11:07
ServerSagekalimojo: Oops, hit enter too quick.  Yes there are.  Take a look at lkl.11:09
dns53damo22 ok, so could you try failing the replaced disk?      mdadm --manage /dev/md3 --fail /dev/sdf111:09
meetawplot() does not work in scilab with ubuntu 11.10. Any fix ?11:09
damo22dns53: the faulty disk has been removed from the array already11:09
damo22dns53: it was /dev/sdc111:10
dns53damo22 but you put it back?11:10
damo22dns53: no i used the spare /dev/sdf1 and forced it into slot 411:10
ServerSagemeetaw: First off, we heard the first time.  Second, what is it doing?  "Doesn't work" isn't really much to go on.11:10
damo22dns53: /dev/sdc1 was slot 1 before but now slot 1 is empty11:11
PhantHi how do i disable html5 video crashing buggy crap lol in chromium 16.0.912.77? flash is working just fine for me i have ubuntu 10.10 installed11:11
ascianabhrois there any displayconfigGTK or similar alternative available for ubuntu 10.04?11:12
meetawThe graphics windows crashes11:12
meetawI think it is a problem with libgl1-mes-glx11:13
damo22dns53: 0      active sync   /dev/sdb1 ----  1      removed  ----  2      active sync   /dev/sdd1 ----- -3      active sync   /dev/sde1 ------ 4      active sync   /dev/sdf111:13
ServerSagemeetaw: What video card?  Intel?11:13
ServerSagemeetaw: I just spent 10 seconds googling (thats all you get!) and here is what I found:  http://www.equalis.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=32120111:14
meetawYeah I looked at that that thread. Unfortunately the solution breaks gnome-shell and unity11:15
dns53damo22 so there are 4 disks in the array out of 5?  so what is the problem?11:16
damo22dns53: it says clean, degraded11:16
ServerSagemeetaw: Did you try the suggestion near the bottom made by R. Riviere?11:16
damo22dns53: and doesnt seem to mount11:16
KartagisI can't get mu sound applet anymore. help me?11:16
ServerSagemeetaw: I can't see who that would break gnome-shell or unity.11:16
meetawYeah. It doesn't seem to work.11:17
dns53damo22 it will, it has all the data on disk so it is "clean" but does not have the redundancy, so it is "degraded", you should be able to use it in a degraded state11:17
meetawIt breaks because gnome-shell and unity need libgl1-mesa-glx to work. Removing it breaks them11:17
ServerSagemeetaw: You'll probably have better luck asking scilab folks.11:18
damo22dns53: but /proc/mdstat says sdf1[6] which means it still thinks its the spare11:18
damo22dns53: i need it to say sdf1[1]11:19
=== DIFH-iceroot is now known as iceroot
ServerSagemeetaw: Actually, there is even an IRC channel for scilab.11:19
ServerSagemeetaw: http://tinyurl.com/84yv7yo11:20
vltHello. How to change the language of cryptsetup's passphrase prompt (from initrd)?11:20
damo22dns53: sorry i mean sdf1[4]11:20
damo22dns53: it should say that11:21
user82Hi! maybe a beginner question: but where does the output go when i press a magic sysrq key?11:24
icerootuser82: directly to tty11:25
meetawServerSage: thanks11:26
meetawI was using the 32 bit library11:26
meetawSilly me11:27
dns53damo22 i'm still not sure why you cannot use the array, it should be active11:27
user82iceroot, can i show it in the gnome terminal or only via ctrl+alt+1 (i assume 1 is tty)?11:28
icerootuser82: maybe syslog is also holding it11:28
icerootuser82: also see #bash maybe they know how to put that in your terminal instead of tty111:28
ikoniayou won't be able to put it into the gnome terminal11:29
user82okay thanks iceroot11:29
ikoniaas magic sysrq sends a break to the kernel, which can only output to the default tty as X11/gnome is a process running on top of it11:29
ikoniamagic sysrq will hang your system and interup all processes, so you can't send it to the desktop based terminals11:29
user82ikonia, where do i see tty? ctrl+alt+f1 sends me to tty111:30
ikoniauser82: what are you trying to do and why ?11:30
kalimojowhat is a good server/channel for general chat ?11:30
iceroot!ot | kalimojo11:30
ubottukalimojo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:30
user82ikonia, pretty much nothing...i just wanted to test it11:31
user82dont ask me why...^^11:31
dns53kalimojo there is #ubuntu-chat for example11:31
ikoniauser82: ok - research magic sysrq then11:31
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
=== Squarepy_ is now known as Squarepy
ThemenaceYo, anyone who knows any status on Bug #846407 ?11:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 846407 in xrdp (Ubuntu) "Empty desktop on 11.10 beta 1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84640711:40
ThemenaceThis bug stops me from working at home right now! And it's been in "confirmed" state for a while now..11:41
bullgard4Themenace: states the status of a bug in each report.11:43
bullgard4Themenace: Launchpad states the status of a bug in each report.11:43
dns53Themenace xrdp is not really a server, it acts more like a proxy between rdp and vnc so you need some setup to get it working11:44
dns53Themenace you will need to start a vnc session and then set up xrdp to allow you to remotely login to the session11:45
Themenacedns53: Ok, thanks for the tip.. I have xrdp and is able to log in but the only thing that appears is my wallpapaer..11:46
Themenaceand yeah, perhaps I could get it to work with some configurations .. but when I had 11.04 it worked "as it should"11:46
ThemenaceAnd I just want to be able to rdp to my office computer without the hazzle of special configurations and so on :)11:47
ThemenaceAnd since this is a bug I just wounder when someone is starting to work on the fix11:48
Themenacesorry for my spelling11:48
dns53Themenace you can get it working, i have read some documentation but i have not had time myself11:48
dns53Themenace just use vnc +ssh for the moment, that is easier to get working11:49
Themenacedns53: thanks for the tip.. i'll try to use that setup meanwhile the bug is getting fixed11:49
user82in KDE all the popups are "stored" in the messages. does that work in gnome3 too(are they in some log...)?11:51
dns53i do not think they are kept but please speak up if i am wrong11:53
jpdsuser82, dns53: ~/.cache/notify-osd.log11:53
user82thx jpds11:55
Victor_SerranoHow are you??? I have 6 years old!!11:59
sayem_hello world!12:00
sayem_first time irc user here. would somebody care to show me around? :)12:01
R_zrshow yourself arounf, fag12:01
zwoxyzanyone using backtrack?12:02
sayem_your help is appreciated12:02
AfterDeathR_zr: Is that necessary?12:02
ikoniazwoxyz: the guys in #backtrack-linux do12:02
zwoxyzI know12:02
ikoniazwoxyz: that's where you should be discussing Backtrack-linux then12:02
=== asixprofe is now known as prprprpr
=== annonnymous is now known as loler
ikonia3/window 3712:07
zwoxyzWhat irc chatting program are you using?12:08
sayem_xchat irc12:09
Instalarnho ho12:09
bullgard4 Synaptic: " telepathy-indicator - Desktop service to integrate Telepathy with the messaging menu.: Telepathy integration with the messaging menu." What »messaging menu« is meant here?12:09
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
zwoxyzThis is first time using xchat12:11
zwoxyzWhere can I see how many people there are online on this server?12:12
StavaMy laptop battery is charging and seem to be stuck at 33%. Also, time to full is 18,5 hours. This dont seem right, can I troubleshoot/debug this somehow?12:13
reisiohi steldiffe12:19
steldiffehi reisio12:19
steldiffehow ar u12:19
reisiopretty good12:20
reisiopizza for breakfast; how are you?12:20
steldiffefind thanx12:20
=== root is now known as Guest41152
reisiogood, good12:23
=== SlyZzz is now known as SlyUk
jojosehow i can disable dhcp check while my computer is starting?12:30
reisiojojose: what for?12:31
jojosewhen my pc is starting it check dhcp offers in eth0 and wlan0, how i can disable that12:33
ActionParsnipjojose: set them to static IP12:33
reisiojojose: why do you want to?12:33
jojosebecause i have installed network manager and i dont need that12:34
ActionParsnipjojose: network manager is a service, the UI on the desktop just manages it for you12:34
reisiojojose: maybe something like this: http://www.dotkam.com/2008/08/06/speed-up-ubuntu-boot-time-by-starting-networking-on-the-background/12:35
reisioor instead of shutting down, you could use some form of suspend/hibernate12:35
jojosebut its so slow when is starting ActionParsnip12:35
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
reisiomagic is slow12:35
sudiptahi....I'm using gnome shell and Alt+f2 does not work for me....what to do now?12:36
reisiobut you can have it backgrounded12:36
reisiozwoxyz: hiyo12:36
reisiosudipta: how'd you install gnome shell?12:36
ericussudipta: try ty add it to keyboard shorcuts12:36
sudiptareisio:by apt-get....12:36
zwoxyzCan anyone here use Armitage?12:37
sudiptaericus: but how?12:37
ActionParsnipjojose: could try wicd instead.12:37
ActionParsnip!info armitage12:37
ubottuPackage armitage does not exist in oneiric12:37
sudiptareisio:it worked previously but suddenly it just stops12:37
zwoxyzArmitage anyone?12:37
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: what is it?12:38
angelete2how do i set my default keyboard for console??12:38
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:38
angelete2i've done dpkg-reconfigure console-data but anytime i reboot it gets english keyboard12:38
zwoxyzcyber attack management for metasploit12:38
sudiptaericus,:hey...r u there?12:39
ActionParsnipangelete2: http://keyj.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/change-language-and-keyboard-layout-on-ubuntu-server-10-04-lts/     section 212:39
sudiptareisio, hey ...r u there?12:39
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: seems like a hacking tool....12:39
ericussudipta: yes, but i must go now12:39
ericussorry i cant help any further12:40
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc    please12:40
sudiptaericus, its ok....12:40
reisiosudipta: hi12:40
sudiptareisio:hey can u please help me out?12:40
reisiosudipta: maybe, what's up?12:41
sudiptahi....I'm using gnome shell and Alt+f2 does not work for me....what to do now?12:41
ActionParsnipsudipta: you could install gmrun and map the alt+f2 to run gmrun12:41
reisioah right12:42
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: its a terminal command, gives one line of output which is fine to paste in here...12:42
prabhuhello...is there anybody out there ?12:42
reisiosudipta: are you sure alt+f2 is meant to do that?  You might ask #gnome12:42
ericussudipta: http://shuffleos.com/3557/how-to-enable-alt-f2-shortcut-gnome-shell-ubuntu-11-10/12:42
reisioprabhu: nope :)12:42
sudiptaActionParsnip:but it used to work just fine...I have insalled ccsm and after that it stopped12:42
sudiptareisio:yeah...it worked earlier12:42
ActionParsnipsudipta: is it the same for all users (make a new one if you have only one user)12:43
reisioearlier when? :p12:43
ActionParsnipsudipta: ericus's link looks good12:43
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: once you give the output of the simple command I may be able to advise..12:44
sudiptaericus:yeah...thanks a lot12:44
chroothelp, my ubuntu 11.10 is very slow, i can't stdand it, how can i fix it?12:47
chrootespecially when i open file manager.12:48
chrooti don't know what's wrong with it?12:48
reisiochroot: what processor/ram/gpu have you?12:48
chrootreisio, i have intel core12:49
reisioCore i?12:49
chrootnot gpu12:49
zwoxyzIs there anyone here with knowledge about Armitage?12:49
reisiozwoxyz: good character12:49
chrootreisio, have you ever encounter the same problem?12:49
reisiochroot: could be an indication of driver misconfiguration, system insanity, hardware failure... lot of variables12:50
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
chrootoh, reisio , my file system is full, is this the problem?12:51
reisiochroot: that is definitely a good suspicion :)12:51
=== Squarepy_ is now known as Squarepy
reisiochroot: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-linux-clear-the-package-cache/12:52
chrootreisio, you mean when file system almost full, it will slow down your system?12:52
reisiochroot: it can bring your system to a halt12:52
chrootthen why is that?12:53
chrooti mean why this will happen?12:53
reisiobecause a lot of processes require temporary file space to function12:53
=== Guest51641 is now known as Jens
reisioand eventually you'll run out of space in RAM, and swap12:53
chrootand the temporaty file will be in dir /var?12:53
=== Jens is now known as Guest68463
chrootam i right?12:53
krallehello can please someone tell me how to change the dnsmasq port from 53 to tomething else ?12:54
reisioit's not a good idea to let your file systems get full anyways, as the proactive anti-fragmentation systems will become unable to function12:54
reisiochroot: not sure, check the link I gave12:54
kralleanyone ? :)12:55
FloodBot1asix_feeder: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:56
FloodBot1asix_feeder: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:56
krallesomeone can tell me how to change the dnsmasq port ?12:57
reisiokralle: what for12:57
FloodBot1asix_abian: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:57
chrootreisio, are you still there?13:00
chrooti checked out the link you give me13:00
chrooten and my apt/archives is only 283 M13:00
chrootthat is not big13:00
reisiochroot: it's just a convenient place to start13:01
reisioyou should remove more than 283MB if your system is full13:01
chrootoh, and i scaned my file system, it said that i have used %8413:01
chrootis that full?13:01
reisiowell no, it's 84 out of a hundred13:02
chrootand my hard disk is 500 Gb13:02
reisiocheck with df -i, though13:02
chrootreisio, well, i there are still a lot of nodes i can use .13:04
reisiochroot: okay, so it's probably not space, then13:05
chrootthen what,13:05
chrootis it the file manager problem?13:05
reisiothat's one possibility13:06
chrootthen, i should reinstall the nautilus ?13:06
krallesomeone please help me ?13:06
chrootthat is right?13:06
krallei cant start dnsmasq it says port 53 is in use13:06
krallewhat a bounch of idiots ..13:10
ActionParsnipchroot: i suggest you uninsall old unused kernels. It can help free lots of space13:10
ActionParsnipkralle: who are these idiots?13:11
krallenot here wrong query13:11
kralleanyway can someone help me 1 miute13:11
ActionParsnipkralle: sure13:12
chrootwell, ActionParsnip , but when you turn on your computer, there is only one kernel you are using, so it should mean that the ram and cpu will only used by that kernel.13:12
krallei have startet a hotspot in ubuntu13:12
krallebut then ican not start dnsmasq13:12
krallecan you help me out13:12
ActionParsnipchroot: I thought it was a drive space issue, not RAM.D'oh13:12
ActionParsnipkralle: dnsmasq is a service, not an icon13:12
kralleyes lol13:13
=== joelio is now known as joel
krallei know i need to run it but get the error port 53 is in use13:13
kralleif i stiop the hotspot service it starts13:13
LjLkralle: then you probably have some other service doing DNS on your system?13:13
krallebut i need both13:13
chrootActionParsnip, i do have 3 kernel in my system, but i checked that these kernel only take me 73 Mb13:13
foowhat's the default fsck to check a drive? eg. the regular maintenance one? I forget the parameters. Thanks! I need to check a drive, I'm seeing this:  EXT3-fs warning: checktime reached, running e2fsck is recommended13:13
=== joel is now known as Guest90371
LjLkralle: tell the hotspot service to not serve DNS13:13
=== Guest90371 is now known as Joelio
kralleis the built in service in ubuntu13:14
krallei just choice use as hotspot13:14
kralleso how could i run both services13:14
ActionParsnipchroot: each is about 120Mb on the disk13:14
LjLkralle: i've never used Ubuntu's hotspot service (didn't even know about it), but let me see.13:14
krallegreat :)13:15
ActionParsnipkralle: dnsmasq is not a default installed service13:15
chrootActionParsnip,  i check the kernel in /boot directory, am i done right?13:15
chrootand also, how can i uninstall the old kernel13:15
kralleyes i know  ActionParsnip13:15
krallebut i need it .. so can i tell somehow to use both13:15
krallethis hotspot feature and dnsmasq13:16
reisiokralle: maybe check dpkg -L dnsmasq for a config file?13:16
krallei did13:17
krallebut no port config13:17
kralleor it there a alternative hotspot software ?13:17
LjLkralle: well you wouldn't want to change dnsmasq's port anyway13:17
LjLkralle: yes there is chillispot13:17
kralleis it in the software center ?13:18
chroothelp, i want to back up me system, what directory should i back up?13:18
LjLkralle: well i'm not sure how to help you, because on this machine i don't have a wifi card so i cannot even try the hotspot things, and other machines have too old versions of Ubuntu to have the hotspot feature...13:18
FatPig_#channel ozmdota213:21
FatPig_sorry, wrong command13:21
sauevaemneed help with mkv files13:23
scarleochroot, mainly your /home but it depends on what you need13:24
bazhangsauevaem, convert them?13:24
chrootscarleo,  i use tar to backup, is it the best choice?13:25
sauevaemwell bazhang there's fine idea but I would like them to work13:25
bazhangsauevaem, what do you mean? mplayer can play them fine13:25
chrootand it takes a lot of time13:25
scarleochroot, personally I use DejaDup that comes with ubuntu default13:25
chrootoh, that is a graphical tool13:26
scarleochroot, well the time will depend on how much you are backing up :)13:26
chrootscarleo,  i know that tool, and it will work with ubuntu one13:26
chrootubuntu cloud13:26
scarleochroot, DejaDup will be faster next time since it will only look for changes, plus you get the "Resture File" functionality13:27
=== Culiforge is now known as cul_away
chrootwait wait, i got questions, are you backup your file into ubuntu cloud?13:27
chrootif not, where are you backup your file s?13:28
chrootand are you only backup your home directory?13:29
scarleochroot, you can choose where to put them, also in U1 folder, my files are on my server. It's good to have them on another HD so if you got an exter HD that could be an option13:29
sauevaemI use vlc and totem, vlc plays sound fine but screen is all green, totem returns an error: cound not find gstreams caps mapping for ffmpeg codec 'h264', and you are using and external libavcodec.13:30
reisiosauevaem: are you actually using ffmpeg, or libav?13:30
chrootand scarleo , are you backup all the files in your system?13:31
chrootmy system is very slow now, i can't fix it, so i want to reinstall a new system,  but i think it is not good to fix problems with reinstall!13:32
fidelchroot: then fix it ;)13:33
scarleochroot, I backup my entire /home (almost, I skip some game folders I don't care about)13:33
sauevaemffmpeg I guess13:34
krazedIt's a little sad that Ubuntu is compatible with my school's network but there's a sign that says "currently having trouble with windows 7 machines."...13:34
chrootfidel,  i want and with top util , it reads that the file  manager is the probem?13:34
reisiosauevaem: ffmpeg -version ?13:35
sauevaemI'm reading this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1863030 but no one there really explained what to do13:35
chrootscarleo, and you didnt' backup your / directory?  if there is something wrong, we can use backup to restore our system?13:35
chrootam i right?13:35
sauevaemffmpeg version 0.7.3-4:0.7.3-0ubuntu0.11.10.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2011 the Libav developers13:36
scarleochroot, no I don't backup entire /. Have you done a lot of changes to program settings? If you have just backup /etc also, otherwise you won't need that either13:37
chrootyes, scarleo , i think you are right, if there is something wrong, it always in /etc13:39
betimigHow to install DLL packages in wine to run windows software in Ubuntu almost all DLL files are unable to install when i go with wine trick to install them ?13:39
sauevaemfunny thing13:40
Lintbetimig, check ~\.wine\drive_c\windows\system3213:40
TGIBTHi, when i'm trying to run graphical install of ubuntu, i get this on my screen: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/19/20120203101402.jpg/ . I know this is a problem with video card, but is there any (easy) way to fix this?13:41
sauevaemwell nvm13:41
betimigLint what to do there13:41
betimigwine is installed and folder windows and system 32 exists13:41
Lintbetimig, that is a place for extra libraries13:41
betimigbut have to install librarier13:42
betimigdoes there exist any command or something13:42
Lintbetimig, which ones?13:42
betimigthat will install all this things13:42
betimigfor me13:42
betimigI dont know just libraries to help me to run dreamweaver and other software.13:42
bullgard4 Synaptic: " telepathy-indicator - Desktop service to integrate Telepathy with the messaging menu.: Telepathy integration with the messaging menu." What »messaging menu« is meant here?13:44
Lintbetimig, when you launch dreamweaver installer, what it tries to do?13:46
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:47
betimigLint it shows that An error has occurred.13:49
=== nizar is now known as majhoul
helprequiredJust got newest ubuntu and i can't install grub it freezes on grub install /sda/dev something like that and grub> setup freezes too says something looking for bio devices..13:55
raphaelle hello @ll, how can I make a gnumeric or ooo formula including values from another gnumeric document (instead of a different sheet) ?13:57
raphaelle something like "=A1 + [document.ods]sheet1!A1"...13:57
TGIBTHi, when i'm trying to run graphical install of ubuntu, i get this on my screen: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/19/20120203101402.jpg/ . I know this is a problem with video card, but is there any (easy) way to fix this?13:57
krallecan someone tell me hot to forward a dns request in ubuntu13:58
=== FatPig_ is now known as Fat_Pig
=== FatPig is now known as Fat_Pig
iwantu2brichanyone know how to properly run mineshafter.jar?14:09
=== FatPig is now known as Fat_Pig
Chotaz_How do you defragmentations on Ubuntu? Also, can I do them while the disks are being used?14:12
LjLChotaz_: short answer: you can't do it with ext4. but the next Ubuntu version is supposed to have a defrag tool for it (no promises).14:12
icerootChotaz_: not needed14:12
icerootiwantu2brich: java -jar mineshafter.jar14:13
iwantu2brichyes iceroot but it not works14:13
icerootkralle: to what?14:13
Chotaz_iceroot: I have an external HDD that is literally dieing, WAY TOO slow transfer rates for this disk, ive changed the sata2usb interface inside the casing, didnt affect a thing14:13
iceroot!work | iwantu2brich14:13
ubottuiwantu2brich: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:13
iwantu2brichmaybe its problem in executable14:13
icerootChotaz_: usb is the problem, not fragmentation14:14
icerootChotaz_: usb will use the cpu full14:14
=== FatPig is now known as Fat_Pig
Chotaz_iceroot: still there's a transfer rate that is too slow for what this disk used to do14:14
icerootChotaz_: usb is the problem, not the disk14:14
icerootChotaz_: look at "top" and specially the %wa value14:15
icerootChotaz_: if that is high your cpu/usb is the problem14:15
iwantu2brichu@debian:~$ java -jar /home/h/gostek/ffsciagane/Mineshafter-14:15
iwantu2brichMineshafter-proxy.jar   Mineshafter-server.jar14:15
iwantu2brichu@debian:~$ java -jar /home/h/gostek/ffsciagane/Mineshafter-proxy.jar14:15
iwantu2brichCurrent proxy version: 3.214:15
iwantu2brichGotten proxy version: 3.214:15
iwantu2brichEditing launcher failed:14:15
FloodBot1iwantu2brich: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:15
iwantu2brichthis is a log after Mineshafter blanks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827636/14:17
icerootChotaz_: can you perform "sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdX on that drive?14:17
iwantu2brichI would appreciate any help...14:17
krallei just whant to forward 1 domain name in ubuntu14:17
krallehow i can do it ?14:17
icerootkralle: i dont get what you really want14:17
kralleex if i go to domain1.xx i whant he go to domain2.xx14:18
icerootkralle: you have a machine and want a domain e.g. foobar.com to point to your ubuntu machine?14:18
Slartkralle: forwarding a domain name to a certain computer is something you'll have to do from the people that handle the domain.. it's not something you do locally on your computer14:18
kralleis local only14:18
krallenot more14:18
icerootkralle: put that in /etc/hosts14:18
krallei set up dnsmasq but then i cant use hotspot anymore14:19
Slartkralle: ahh.. I misunderstood then.. sorry14:19
kralleany solution14:19
icerootshoudl also work with  foobar.com foobar2.com14:19
noneioanyone know why i am getting this: http://i42.tinypic.com/358cv1k.png ?14:19
krallehow iceroot14:19
kralleyou have a example14:19
FloodBot1kralle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:19
icerootkralle: fobar.com foobar2.com  thats all14:19
icerootkralle: then foobar.com will always redirect on foobar2.com14:19
icerootkralle: na dno dns server is asked14:19
Chotaz_iceroot: let me just ssh in and figure what the X is before executing that command14:19
Oernoneio, line 14 >>. quit > quite ? ( not stop, but silent)14:20
noneioOer, huh?14:20
ubuntuhoe ru14:20
noneioi see. thank you14:20
noneiogoing to restart and try out.14:21
Oernoneio, oke14:21
Chotaz_iceroot:   Timing buffered disk reads:   4 MB in  5.99 seconds = 684.31 kB/sec14:22
icerootChotaz_: usb1.1 instead of usb2.0?14:22
Chotaz_iceroot: thanks, I feel sh!tdumb now...14:22
icerootChotaz_: :)14:22
icerootChotaz_: as i said, it has nothing to do with fragmentation14:23
Chotaz_iceroot: when i first started looking into the subject14:23
Chotaz_came to my reading that long term fragmentation may cause slow downs14:23
Chotaz_thats why I threw that in14:23
kralleiceroot you have a example please14:23
icerootkralle: i posted you an example twice14:23
icerootkralle: foobar.com foobar2.com14:23
icerootChotaz_: fragmentation is only a problem in the windows-world not on ext-drives14:24
krallei mean how to post it exactly to the hosts file14:24
hallino1Hey what's elise mean?14:24
icerootkralle: you have a gui?14:24
Chotaz_iceroot: ew winblows, thanks for the time and sharing the knowledge :)14:24
kralleyes also14:24
icerootChotaz_: you are welcome14:24
krallebut i can use terminal14:24
eluneCan anyone tell me how to setup a proxy in my pc easily for  a friend to use.14:25
icerootkralle: gksudo gedit /etc/hosts14:25
SlartChotaz_: fragmentation might be a problem if you've got a full drive you keep writing/deleting stuff to.. if you keep 20% free or so you won't have any problems with it14:25
krallei am in  the file14:25
krazedI figured out the problem with nVidia Optimus support and linux, if anyone's interested in reading my solution feel free! :-) http://kraz3d.wordpress.com/14:25
krallebut how to set it up right way :)14:25
icerootkralle: just put the line "foobar.com foobar2.com" on it14:25
icerootkralle: and of course replace the names14:25
SlartChotaz_: there are tools that can tell you if things are badly fragmented but no tools to fix it.. except moving files back and forth (or moving files between drives to free up space14:25
krallethen restart network fightn?14:26
icerootelune: you want to share internet connection?14:26
elunebasically . yes.14:26
icerootkralle: no need to restart anything14:26
iceroot!ics | elune14:26
ubottuelune: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:26
kralleiceroot can i pm you please14:26
elunenot in the network14:26
eluneI mean a proxy14:26
icerootkralle: lets use this chat14:26
elunefrom another country14:26
krazedIs there a way for me to check out the history of my terminal and the output responses it gave me?14:27
krallebasicly i whant this : domain.example ->
icerootkrazed: you want all your used commands and there outout?14:27
kralleso if i type domain.expamle thst it goes to this ip
krazediceroot, yeah :)14:27
icerootkralle: then do it14:27
krallei did14:27
krallebut it dont work14:27
icerootkrazed: not possible by default14:27
icerootkralle: save the file14:28
eluneI was wondering of an easy too to run14:28
krallei do like this line : domain.xx
krallei did lol14:28
krallesudo pico hosts14:28
krallethen save14:28
krallebut still not work14:28
icerootkralle: output of "ping -c 4 domain.xx"?14:28
icerootkralle: /etc/hosts14:28
kralleit gives me the domain ip14:29
krallebut not the ip i whant14:29
iwantu2brichthis is a log after Mineshafter blanks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827636/14:29
iwantu2brichI would appreciate any help...14:29
icerootkralle: please paste the output of "cat /etc/hosts" to pastebin14:29
iceroot!paste | kralle14:29
ubottukralle: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:29
iwantu2brichI have debian14:29
icerootiwantu2brich: #debian14:29
iwantu2brichok thanks14:29
rodhash (WW) intel(0): first get vblank counter failed: Invalid argument14:29
rodhashHello.. have someone ever seen this before?? I'm totally lost, even with google I can't fix it.. : (14:29
Linticeroot, of course extN filesystems getting fragmented14:29
icerootLint: yes14:30
icerootLint: but not in a way a defragmentation is needed14:30
bullgard4Synaptic: " telepathy-indicator - Desktop service to integrate Telepathy with the messaging menu.: Telepathy integration with the messaging menu." What »messaging menu« is meant here?14:30
kralleiceroot : pastie.org/330938214:30
kasiihi all14:30
rodhashAnyone, not even a clue?14:30
icerootkralle: bildungsfernsehen14:31
icerootkralle: of course replace "bildungsfernsehen" with rtl.de14:31
krallelol :p14:31
kasiiiwantu2brich, isnt debian matter discussing here14:31
kralleiceroot same :(14:32
kasiiiwantu2brich,  go debian irc14:32
icerootkralle: "ping -c 4 rtl.de"14:32
krallei get the local host ip14:32
icerootkralle: so its working14:33
krallebut the explorer give me still the wrong one14:33
icerootkralle: restart the browser14:33
icerootkralle: maybe its still cached there14:33
krallei did iceroot14:33
icerootkralle: ctrl + f5 in the browser14:33
jnslanyone know how to change the damn activites button in gnome 3.2 into an ubuntu icon ?14:33
kralleyes iceroot i did :)14:33
krallebut still same :p14:34
icerootkralle: firefox?14:34
Meawhi , wireless is not scanning networks anymore.. i thought its a hardware problem but it works fine in windows.. any suggestions?14:34
icerootkralle: rtl.de not www.rtl.de?14:34
Mannyhello :)14:34
arkiverI am having trouble creating an ad-hoc wifi hotspot after upgrading to 11.10 and using GNOME3. What is the problem? is it a bug ?14:34
=== tdgunes is now known as tdgunes|away
arkivercan anyone help  ?14:34
Meawlast thing i did was " pppoeconfig " but everything seem to be fine in /etc/network/interfaces14:34
ubukouhey folks!where did unity hide all the options ? just installed it and i gotta say its a lot more minimal than i expected! :P14:34
krallenot www14:35
kralleiceroot not wew14:35
kralleonly rtl14:35
Meawew, looks like im lagged14:35
krazedSo, I just downloaded the driver for the GT540M video card, now I've got a file 'NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.09.07.run'... how do I execute this file?14:35
icerootkralle: seems like firefox is still caching the dns record, dont know how to tell firefox to reread it14:35
MannyI wonder whether ubuntu offers any way to install custom kernel modules in a separate location, but have it picked up by. For example, some packages install into /lib/modules/XXX/updates/dkms. Can I also install into a similar location, like /lib/modules/XXX/updates/user?14:35
icerootkralle: you did not set qa proxy for firefox?14:35
icerootkralle: because if you have a proxy firefox will not ask your /etc/hosts but the proxy14:36
kralleiceroot i would like to use dnsmasq but then i can not start the built in hotspot in ubuntu14:36
Mannyoh wait...actually the package I am looking for seems to be available as dkms package xD14:37
MeawAny idea why wireless is not scanning networks? it was working fine yesterday night14:37
=== kasii is now known as oneiric_oncelot
krazedHow can I exit the X interface completely and get to a terminal interface?14:37
kralleiceroot about dnsmasq14:37
WLUwireless network manager in gnome applet no longer has deactivate wireless capabilities. I have a wired line sometimes and I want to deactivate wireless when the wired connection is on14:38
patrick__hi all14:38
kralleif i whant it i can not use the built in hotspot14:38
krallein ubuntu14:38
patrick__my dad and i are new to unbuntu  is there ant good antivirus good for it14:39
rodhashGuys ..14:39
rodhashI've just made some upgrades (aptitude upgrade), is that possible to restart / recycle the processes to avoid a reboot ???14:39
patrick__any sorry typo14:39
patrick__hey anonymous66614:39
oCean!av | patrick__14:39
ubottupatrick__: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:39
anonymous666ubuntu or debian 6? what is your opinion?14:39
ActionParsniprodhash: sudo apt-get -f install    maybe14:39
oCeananonymous666: don't use this channel for polls, thank you14:39
patrick__thank you14:40
Meawguys, wireless is not working on ubuntu desktop it was working fine last night14:40
rodhashActionParsnip, I've tried and there's nothing wrong... my point is, there's a request to reboot in the bottom panel.... can I recycle the ubuntu processes and avoid a system restart ??14:40
anonymous666can i to make a question?14:40
ActionParsniprodhash: you basically have installed a new kernel and need a reboot to start in the new kernel. It's not necessary14:41
ActionParsnipanonymous666: shoot14:41
Meawam i ignored or lagged or whatever14:41
rodhashActionParsnip, Yes, there's a new kernel in the updates... but I'm already using version 3.0.4... So can I just ignore that reboot request ??14:42
anonymous666my mum have a lot of many, i have a pc (not laptop) 8 years, is very very very bad, and my mum say that while the pc is ok, she dont buy a new pc, how can i crash the pc but my mum thinks that the pc crash because the pc is very old?14:42
kralleiceroot , i use he machine as hotspot so i access it from a  different pc using wifi , but it not works14:42
icerootkralle: ah14:43
ActionParsniprodhash: absolutely, its not essential. When you next boot, the newer kernel will boot14:43
icerootkralle: you have to change the /etc/hosts in the client14:43
krallecan you helo me about this :)14:43
icerootkralle: of course not on the "server"14:43
oCeananonymous666: this channel is for ubuntu tech support questions only14:43
rodhashActionParsnip, thank you!14:43
kralleso how i can set this up iceroot :)14:43
anonymous666what is the channel for it?14:43
icerootkralle: on the server?14:43
krallethis is why i would use dnsmasq but then the hotsport not start14:43
icerootkralle: i would thing you have to put up a own dns server and patch that entry14:44
krallei use the ubuntu as hotspot , but if i start dnsmaqs it says port 53 is busy14:44
kralleif i stop the hotspot it starts14:44
icerootkralle: because another dns is already running14:44
kralleyes so this is what i ask how to change it14:45
icerootkralle: stop the other dns14:45
loganrunthe menu's on adobe reader just show grey for some reason14:45
krallewithout using a new dns serer14:45
icerootkralle: if i am correct its called bind914:45
krallebut then the hotspot stops14:45
loganrundoes anyone else have this issue14:45
cannonballWhen I start a terminal (gnome-terminal or terminator), it appears in the middle of the screen.  If I start another one, it appears in the top left corner.  A third one and it appears in the top left corner over the second one.  A fourth one is over the third one.  Etc.14:45
kralleor can i set this up in the built in hotspot in ubuntu14:45
kralleto forward this14:45
cannonballIs there any way to tell it to appear in the part of the screen that's open?14:45
MeawGUYS, my wireless is not scanning, it was working fine yesterday, and last thing i did in network i setup pppoeconfig... but wireless is not working now any suggestions?14:46
cannonballIt used to do that in the past, but I can't find the correct config or setting to tweak in order to get that behavior back.  Running Unbuntu Classic Gnome desktop.14:46
patrick__how do i look for channels to talk in14:47
loganrundoes anyone else have this issue, the menus in adobe reader are blank, it is as if the words in them are the same color as the menu's and therefore invisable14:47
ActionParsnipMeaw: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you find APs?14:47
oCean!alis | patrick__14:47
ubottupatrick__: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:47
loganrunpatrick__, one or two dice14:47
myndzii'm getting 'could not calculate the upgrade' trying to go from 11.10 to 12.04. it's a fairly stock install, just did it a couple days ago. any idea if there's a simple workaround?14:47
jiltdilBest mp3 player in ubuntu that gives sound quality?14:47
MeawActionParsnip, actually that was giving me some error, and in network management it says my wireless Inactive14:48
cannonballMeaw: Make sure that you didn't turn off your wireless hardware with the physical switch that's on your laptop.  It can happen on accident occassionally.14:48
Meawcannonball, no , its ON i got that in syslogs...14:48
Meawlast thing i did in network was setting up pppoeconfig14:48
cannonballMeaw: Do the sudo command that ActionParsnip posted.14:48
MeawI also checked /etc/network/interfaces everything seem to be fine14:48
loganrundoes anyone else have an issue with the menu's in adobe reader?14:48
Meawcannonball, ok i must reboot to switch to ubuntu any other idea i must try before i get back on windows to ask?14:49
ActionParsnipMeaw: did you specify the wireless address in /etc/network/interfaces file?14:49
mmandoes anybody know a gui maker for php? something like qt? I tried to install php-qt but i was not successful14:49
cannonballThat's also another proof that your wireless is not turned off if it works in Windows :-)14:49
patrick__im so use to windows irc14:50
MeawActionParsnip, nop.. there is ifup wlan0 line by default14:50
Meawi did not touch it14:50
ubukouhow do i get the system tray again in ubuntu unity ?14:50
cannonballMeaw: Chances are that you are using Network Manager, so you'll want to adjust things in there to make sure that it's working.14:50
loganrunis there a way to change the colors of the theme in ubuntu14:50
ActionParsnipMeaw: my file doesn't have a wlan up, only the defs for lo14:51
loganruntried system settings | appearance but it looks like that is just the background14:51
cannonballpatrick__: Which irc client are you using?14:51
MeawActionParsnip, im on ubuntu desktop fresh system, i guess that line came by default14:51
theadminubukou: gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"14:51
sliptteeshu all14:51
Meawor maybe after i setup the pppoeconfig, i dunoo.. but i have been using wireless the last week fine14:51
ActionParsnipubukou: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbwBN4LSrO014:51
sliptteesmy ext4 won't mount :(14:52
neon__hi hopfully someone f you ca help me. I want to mount an NTFS Harddrive so that i can access it from outher windows PC#s in my LAN.14:52
ubukoutheadmin, ActionParsnip cool thanks i ll check them out14:52
MeawActionParsnip, incase the device was disabled or something how do i enable it?14:52
xorredwhat's the best way to check which user is apache running under?14:52
xorredps aux | grep apache is giving me a hell of an output14:52
patrick__is xchat better14:53
cannonballxorred: Try this:    ps aux | head -n 1; ps aux | grep a[p]ache14:53
cannonballxorred: The output of that should make a little more sense to you, and answer your question at the same time.14:53
theadmin!samba | neon__14:55
ubottuneon__: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:55
bearly230Does anyone have a good guide on setting up a ubuntu router using 11.10?14:56
sliptteese2fsck /dev/sda3 =>  Could this be a zero-length partition. please help :(14:56
sliptteesi cant mount this partition.14:56
ActionParsnip!ics | bearly23014:57
ubottubearly230: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:57
ubukouActionParsnip, theadmin do you guys use unity ?  i just upgraded and i gotta say i find it hard finding my way around the gui...14:57
bearly230action: !ics?14:57
loganrunhow can I determine what package a file belongs to14:57
theadminubukou: I use Openbox :/14:57
theadminubukou: You must be crazy to use unity, that's what I personally think14:57
ActionParsnipubukou: I use lxde and not any shell of any kind14:57
gribouilleI have just lebelled a file system with e2label. what is the command to make it appear in /media?14:58
ActionParsnipubukou: if you like the old gnome2 feel, install xfce4 and use that session, it feels and smells the same14:58
sliptteese2fsck /dev/sda3 =>  Could this be a zero-length partition. please help :(14:59
sliptteesi cant mount this partition.14:59
theadmingribouille: sudo mount /dev/disk/by-label/your_label /media/whatever14:59
ubukouActionParsnip, theadmin god, i hoped i wasnt the only one that found it conterprodactive .. i do ages changing windows...14:59
ActionParsnipubukou: the whole "i hate unity" has been going since Natty, you aren't alone14:59
mdiazchi, i have ubuntu 11.10, how can I uninstall skype ?15:00
ubukouActionParsnip, gnome2 no longer existis ? i looked for it while i was logging in...15:00
Lintubukou, gnome2 was taken to the woods and shot15:00
gribouilletheadmin, I want /media/whatever to me created automatically15:00
ubukouActionParsnip, i kinda looked forward to it... damn...15:00
ActionParsnipubukou: its not developed upstream, there are forks but they aren't supported here15:00
obounaimi have noticed that when i'm using ubuntu 10.04.3 on my sony vaio laptop my battery goes done faster than when i'm using windows is this a bug?15:00
gribouilletheadmin, I want /media/whatever to be created automatically15:01
ActionParsnipgribouille: is it an internal partition?15:01
icerootobounaim: yes15:01
mdiazchi, i have ubuntu 11.10, and have disk errors related to /tmp... also is not recognising external drive and pendrive15:01
izinucsDrop down boxes on HWcompare.com and other programs and sites can't be read because of the color.  You can see listed options one at a time on mouseover.  Changing the theme seems to make no difference.  How do I fix this.15:01
ubukouActionParsnip, isnt there a gnome3?15:01
gribouilleActionParsnip, what do you mean?15:01
theadminubukou: gnome3 looks even worse in Unity15:01
gribouilleActionParsnip, it is a partion on a hd15:02
ActionParsnipubukou: yes, Unity is a shell for gnome315:02
obounaimiceroot: should i report a but?15:02
icerootobounaim: already reported15:02
ActionParsnipgribouille: then add an entry in /etc/fstab   and it will mount at boot15:02
ubukoutheadmin, ActionParsnip is it too late to go back to 9.10 ? hahha15:02
loganrundoes anyone know how to delete an item from the shortcuts ?15:02
ActionParsnipgribouille: if the partition is on a drive inside your system, it's an internal partition15:02
EduardHello everyone15:02
theadminubukou: Yes it is, it's no longer supported. Try Xubuntu, it feels the same as gnome2 really15:02
obounaimiceroot: where can i find the bur report?15:03
mdiazchi, i have ubuntu 11.10, unable to mount external drives15:03
EduardMaybe someone can help me out to sort out this issue: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/bad8.php15:03
obounaimiceroot: is it related to the kernel ?15:03
ActionParsnipubukou: you can, there are just zero updates for it and no support here ;)15:03
gribouilleActionParsnip, but ubuntu mounts automatically in /media the partitions, using the label name or the uuid15:03
EduardX is eating <50% while pc is idle15:03
icerootobounaim: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/76013115:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 760131 in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Power consumption raised significantly in natty" [High,Fix released]15:03
ubukoutheadmin, i ll give it a go... any other gui you suggest i try?15:03
ActionParsnipgribouille: sure but only when you click it, you can have it mounted at boot if you want15:03
icerootobounaim: seems to be fixed for all releases15:04
theadminubukou: Meh, not for you in any case, others feel very limited. I personally don't mind, but.15:04
ubukoutheadmin, ok ok i ll browse the net for them ... thanks both of you ActionParsnip15:04
Eduardany 1, any ideas???15:05
ActionParsnipEduard: what happened to cause the issue?15:05
afdI'm trying to upgrade chromium-browser and adding the daily repo hasn't helped. any advice?15:05
icerootobounaim: also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/77196315:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 771963 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "graphics card uses more power than needed when on battery" [Undecided,New]15:05
EduardActionParnsnip: can't say for sure, had world of warcraft game client minimized & was watching movie at the same time. Then everything started to lag. Checked htop, X server was at the top of the list15:06
Eduardrestarted - problem persists15:06
Eduarddidin't mess with any system configuration files for sure15:06
ActionParsnipEduard: what is the output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a           Thanks15:07
izinucsDrop down boxes on HWcompare.com and other programs and sites can't be read because of the color.  You can see listed options one at a time on mouseover.  Changing the theme seems to make no difference.  How do I fix this.15:08
EduardLineage2: you need to find server that accepts clients with killed gameguard15:08
theadminLineage2: You want wine, and that's not supported here15:08
ActionParsnipwine is supported here15:08
mneptokfor certain definitions of "supported"15:09
Eduardproblem is: he needs to kill gameguard in his client, which is kind off illegal15:09
mneptokWINE itself is supported. apps running under the framework ... not so much.15:09
Lineage2not yet there, i cant even run lineage 2 properly15:09
afdanyone know why I can't upgrade chromium browser to the daily build?15:09
ubukouActionParsnip, theadmin i have never used kde ? your thoughts?15:09
theadminubukou: Bloated.15:09
ActionParsnipubukou: its good and solid15:09
ubukoutheadmin, ActionParsnip youtube will be my ally! :)15:10
Lineage2How to kill gameguard?15:10
ActionParsnipafd: can you give a pastebin of:  apt-cache policy chromium-browser; lsb_release -a; uname -a15:10
quiescensi would imagine wine is supported so far as, we'll help get wine itself to run, but getting wine to run something is probably beyond the scope of15:10
izinucsafd: you sure you're not using the chrome daily build?  there's a difference between chromium and chrome.15:10
ActionParsnipquiescens: exactly :)15:10
theadminLineage2: Go to #winehq, we don't support any kind of windows binaries here.15:10
=== philippe is now known as Guest35602
Lineage2no one is responding there15:11
Lineage2Im ubuntu user15:11
afdActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/cNwfAZKS15:11
theadminLineage2: Doesn't matter -_- We don't support Windows apps here.15:11
Lineage2help should be here15:11
afdizinucs: I'm definitely using chromium not chrome15:11
elijahDoes anyone know if you can specify more than one hostname in the SSH config file on the same line? I have a canonical name specified in my hosts file and want it to search for a certain key based on either the C name or IP.15:11
EduardLineage2: man, u want to play? Kill the friggin gameguard inside your game client. GG not killed = no game15:12
ActionParsnipafd: the version difference is microscopic, you have the daily as far as I can see... when the version number excels the one in the repo, it will install15:12
EduardActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/fx60rtTL15:12
ActionParsnipEduard: is it ok if you uninstall the proprietary driver?15:13
damo22is there any way around the authentication for vnc in ubuntu if i know the password? the client vnc is hanging there waiting for the server side to click Allow15:13
Lineage2thks for answer I'll try15:13
afdActionParsnip: I can't install adblockplus with this version. I have installed it fine on ubuntu with natty but I am running maverick and can't upgrade as it breaks things15:14
Lineage2but dont know how15:14
EduardActionParsnip: don't care, it was installed through ubuntu repos, can always reinstall15:14
ActionParsnipEduard: its worth exploring15:14
ActionParsnipafd: maverick will be EOL in April so I'd look at upgrading soon15:15
EduardLineage2: http://fyyre.ivory-tower.de/15:15
afdActionParsnip: I'm waiting on the new ubuntu based elementaryOS that is based on 12.04 and will switch then15:15
EduardActionParnship: what will activate after reinstall? nouveau?15:16
ActionParsnipafd: ElementaryOS won't be supported here15:16
Eduardi guess i should tweak my xorg.conf because in there i've manually set everything to nvidia15:16
ActionParsnipEduard: yes nouveau will load15:16
afdActionParsnip: I understand that15:16
ActionParsnipafd: cool15:17
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:21
EduardActionParsnip: such xorg.conf should do the job? http://pastebin.com/20cyUfWc15:21
mdiazccan someone offer himself for a bit of help to a nice girl... please!!!15:21
=== matt_ is now known as Guest30787
ActionParsnipEduard: worth a try15:22
ActionParsnipmdiazc: just ask :)15:22
theadminmdiazc: Just ask your question :P15:22
Paspanukastürk yokmu la :D15:22
theadmin!tr | Paspanukas15:22
ubottuPaspanukas: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.15:22
mdiazcActionParsnip thanks!15:23
mdiazcI have Ubuntu 11.10... its been a few days that is giving somw errors  when starting the computer, related to disk and tmp. And now when using the computer it has werid things lile it doesnt mount external drives, or with skype for example... (how can I uninstall Skype?)15:25
=== tdgunes|away is now known as tdgunes
ActionParsnipmdiazc: use software centre or run:  sudo apt-get --purge remove skype15:25
EduardActionParnship: we'll atleast graphics do work, but uhm, how do i edit the boot record15:26
ActionParsnipEduard: in what way?15:26
e01how can i make my unity launcher show windows list like in this screenshot https://launchpadlibrarian.net/90787502/window-list.png15:27
rajif I add a user, how do I allow them to sudo?15:27
EduardActionParnship: there was /etc/boot.lst or smth similar, need to add nomodeset to kernel boot parameter list15:27
Eduardbecause my mouse cursor refuses to show up15:27
theadminraj: Add them to the admin group (sudo usermod -aG admin username)15:27
Eduardit's invisible15:27
urlin2uraj, in th users where yo add users there is an admin option .15:27
mdiazcActionParsnip: i cant even open that15:28
zykotick9ActionParsnip: it looks like apt-get has a direct purge option (apt-get purge foo) now, i seem to remember like you requiring the remove and --purge, doesn't seem required anymore15:28
ActionParsnipzykotick9: gotcha, habit I guess15:28
ActionParsnipmdiazc: press CTRL+ALT+T   and you can run the command15:29
rajurlin2u, debian is different?15:29
rajin debian I just add them to the sudo group15:29
urlin2uraj, this is ubuntu support if your using debian your on the wrong channel.15:29
zykotick9raj: debian uses sudo, ubuntu uses admin15:30
rajah ok15:30
urlin2uraj, there is visudo if that is what yiou mean.15:30
rajwhat's the difference btwn visudo and admin?15:30
raji don't have X btw15:30
mdiazcActionParsnip: ok, i have a terminal window open, what do I have to write15:30
zykotick9raj: visudo is a command, not a group15:30
theadminraj: Just add the users to the admin group -_-15:30
ActionParsnipmdiazc: the command I gave earlier....15:31
KlejIf someone knows how to enable secondary display on Ati Radeon graphics,please pvt me.Tnx15:31
ActionParsnipzykotick9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827713/15:32
obounaimiceroot: i have ubuntu 10.04.3 kernel 2.6.32-38-generic stilling facing this bug15:32
urlin2uKlej, we don't do things that way generally you may not get help15:32
zykotick9ActionParsnip: debian uses sudo, ubuntu uses admin15:32
zykotick9ActionParsnip: in sudoers file, as the group to allow sudo access15:32
patrunjelI goofed around a little with tune2fs, and now dumpe2fs outputs normally, but when it finishes outputting all the regular information, it goes crazy and start outputing what I think are inode groups. What can I do to stop that? (the filesystem runs as usual)15:33
ARTSIOMis there a way to tell gzip to use some temp filename file gziping?15:33
ARTSIOM*while gziping15:33
ActionParsnipzykotick9: oh definately, but it is a group ;)15:34
zykotick9ActionParsnip: pretty sure that just a hangover of some sort from upstream, don't think it does much (if anything) by default on ubuntu15:35
* mneptok whispers "definitely"15:36
dr34mc0d3ris there a way to pass a message to another SSH loged in users console?15:36
ActionParsnipdr34mc0d3r: you can use wall15:36
mneptokdr34mc0d3r: "write"15:37
dr34mc0d3rActionParsnip - thanks - ill look it up.15:37
CharminTheMooseIs there any limit to the number of /dev/loopN devices I can have?15:37
ActionParsnipdr34mc0d3r: echo "SYSTEM BEING SHUT DOWN IN 5 MINUTES" | wall15:37
rajurlin2u, group 'admin' does not exist15:37
allureHi ... :) I'm implementing a transparent proxy the wrong way. Squid logs are showing the gateway's IP for everything. Here are the iptables relevant rules: http://pastebin.com/YBvUfTdx -- Needing tips... Anyone? :) Thank you15:38
rajis that normal?15:38
mneptokraj: you're using Debian, yes?15:38
theadminraj: You're not running Ubuntu, get out15:38
ActionParsnipraj: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:38
mneptoktheadmin: please watch your attitude.15:38
zykotick9CharminTheMoose: yes, there is a limit.  I read about someone hitting that limit on debian's mailing list a few weeks ago.  There was a solution as well, sorry i have no idea what it is.15:38
theadminmneptok: Um, sorry.15:38
rajActionParsnip, ^^15:38
ActionParsnipraj: ubuntu has an admin group, or you cannot do ANY admin tasks15:38
mneptokraj: please pastebin the output of "uname -a && lsb_release -a"15:38
raji'm logged in as root15:39
ActionParsnipraj: you either deleted it or you are not using Ubuntu15:39
theadminraj: Ubuntu doesn't allow using root account by default.15:39
ActionParsnipraj: logging in as root is not advised or needed15:39
CharminTheMooseThanks for the tip zykotick915:39
raji'm on my webserver15:39
rajit's how you first log in15:39
urlin2uraj, http://imagebin.org/19710415:40
zykotick9ActionParsnip: theadmin it seems some of the VPSs offering Ubuntu enable the root account :|15:40
rajmneptok, http://paste.ofcode.org/r7UtGSP8ry79Gj5C2eFY2715:40
ActionParsnipraj: its not needed. Ubuntu uses sudo for everything admin based15:40
surskittyI noticed my swap partition didn't seem to be used ever and this box keeps freezing, so I tried disabling & reenabling it and http://paste.ubuntu.com/827720/15:40
raji'm on ubuntu server, btw15:40
theadminurlin2u: What's that cute font in window titles?15:40
rajActionParsnip, what's not needed?15:41
urlin2utheadmin, purisa15:41
theadminurlin2u: Thanks15:41
urlin2utheadmin, I like it. lol. :)15:41
ActionParsnipraj: ubuntu uses sudo, which is what the admin group gives15:41
ActionParsnipraj: you are also using a 3rd party kernel, which also isn't supported here15:41
gulzarPlease have a look at this http://www.pcurtis.com/ubuntu-music.htm see section "Setting up the sound system for audacity" It is showing a GUI. which is that app? and here also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Alsa_v1.0.14_ubuntu7.1_en.png . Which is this GUI? Name please. And a link will be good.15:42
ActionParsniplook familiar...?15:42
mneptokraj: the most recent released kernel on 11.10 is 3.0-15 and you're running 3.0-1815:42
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic15:42
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)15:42
theadminActionParsnip: Yeah, it's likely a linode VPS...15:42
dr34mc0d3rcan i use wall to pass a msg to a specific user?15:42
theadminI dunno if we support those15:42
ActionParsniptheadmin: its not the official kernel for the release, so no15:43
urlin2uraj, I guess if you have no desktop my image was no help, it is the unity desktop, 11.1015:43
mneptokraj: contact Linode support for help with your issues. what you are running is so far out of Ubuntu spec that we cannot reliably provide support for it.15:43
theadmindr34mc0d3r: No, try: talk USERNAME MESSAGE15:43
ActionParsnipdr34mc0d3r: http://www.htmlforums.com/unix-administration/t-send-message-to-another-terminal-64292.html15:43
compdocraj, its best not to update parts of ubuntu on your own. Leave it the way it comes, and how its updated. Unless you have a specific reason, you'll break things15:43
raji'm not updating15:44
fasgashow i can stop startx session to install nvidia driver?15:44
raji just wanna add a user15:44
zykotick9gulzar: alsamixergui and/or gnome-alsamixer15:44
theadmincompdoc: (s)he's not using an official Ubuntu release.15:44
theadminTherefore we can't support him/her15:44
operatorplikwath the hell15:44
zykotick9fasgas: installing the driver direct from nvidia.com is not recommended15:44
fasgaswhy zykotick9 ?15:45
wisniadoes anyone knows how to install adobe reader?15:45
=== Kay_Gridley is now known as KayGridley
urlin2uraj, you might try ##linux as well they are helpful.15:45
zykotick9fasgas: every time ubuntu gets a kernel update, you'll have a broken nvidia (requiring reinstall)15:45
ActionParsnipwisnia: I believe its in the partner repo15:45
auronandacewisnia: have you tried evince instead?15:45
gulzarzykotick9: tried... alsamixergui is old app and gnoemalsamixer is basic . It is not with those amny options15:45
zykotick9fasgas: reinstall of nvidia driver i mean15:45
zykotick9gulzar: those where old screenshots, program(s) have probably changed15:46
fasgaszykotick9: but my laptop work better with nvidia .run drive15:46
compdocraj, google is full of examples of adding users to any version of linux you can use15:46
gulzarzykotick9: Ok.. Thank You15:46
auronandace!pm | wisnia15:47
ubottuwisnia: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:47
zykotick9gulzar: gnomealsamixer becoming more basic seems to be the trend for gnome15:47
gulzarzykotick9: Ya! look like15:47
MonkeyDust!google| compdoc users come here because they can't find it on google15:47
ubottucompdoc users come here because they can't find it on google: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.15:47
wisniaauron:i dont know how to run a program with bin file extension15:47
auronandace!pdf | wisnia15:47
ubottuwisnia: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)15:47
rajis there a sudoers file?15:47
auronandacewisnia: what is the name of the file?15:48
zykotick9wisnia: generally, "chmod +x foo.bin" then "./foo.bin"15:48
ActionParsnipwisnia: chmod +x ./AdbeRdr9.4.7-1_i486linux_enu.bin; sudo ./AdbeRdr9.4.7-1_i486linux_enu.bin15:48
auronandacewisnia: why do you want adobe reader? do alternatives not work?15:49
linux_is_my_herohow do i print a kindle ebook from ubuntu?15:49
zykotick9adobereader bah... can i take my suggestion back ;)15:49
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: do you mean print the book file, or print from the ebook?15:49
linux_is_my_heroactionparsnip: print the book file15:50
jnslOk so tell me, Spotify or Banshee? :)15:50
ActionParsniplinux_is_my_hero: calibre may do it, you may be able to print from there15:50
ActionParsnipjnsl: that is offtopic here15:50
sliptteeshi all15:51
auronandacejnsl: vlc15:51
sliptteese2fsck /dev/sda3 =>  Could this be a zero-length partition. please help :(15:51
sliptteesi cant mount this partition.15:51
FloodBot1slipttees: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:51
doablehi ! how could i run executable files in linux ??15:51
zykotick9slipttees: is it really ext2?  try fsck.ext4 or fsck.ext3 instead15:52
sliptteesext4 zykotick915:52
auronandace!wine | doable15:52
ubottudoable: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:52
sliptteeszykotick9: i have much files.  cant lost15:52
zykotick9slipttees: looks like e2fsck supports ext4 so ignore my previous suggestion15:52
sliptteeszykotick9: i'm run e2fsck and return: Could this be a zero-length partition15:53
ActionParsnipslipttees: may need to crack out the backups :)15:53
doableubottu : not exactly .exe, but even a.out compiled on my computer, couldn't be run on another pc (both running on ubuntu)15:53
ubottudoable: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:53
zykotick9slipttees: doesn't sound good.  perhaps the output of "sudo fdisk -l" will shed some light?15:53
sliptteesActionParsnip: ?15:53
ActionParsnipslipttees: recreate the partition and restore data from backup15:54
sliptteeszykotick9: i can see partition 83 type15:54
MrKeunerhi, can I safely delete files under /dev/shm?15:54
MrKeunerrkhunter complains about them15:54
theadmindoable: Are they marked executable?15:54
doablei've tried chomod 777 a.out15:55
ActionParsnipdoable: then run ./a.out    with your terminal in the same folder as the file..15:55
sliptteesActionParsnip: im lost :(15:55
kalimojoi dont have the system menu . 11.10 with gnome.15:56
doableyeah...i did, but its not running15:56
sliptteesActionParsnip: fsck.ext4 won't work too15:56
doablewhile compiling the same .c file on that pc was running properly.15:56
ActionParsnipslipttees: its simple, the data is gone but if its important you will have made backups on some removable storage. Format the partition to a stable state then put the data back on15:56
zykotick9doable: are both machines the same architecture?  x86 or amd64?  or a mix?15:56
artaohai .. again15:57
LemonAidHello. I have multiple interconnected monitors (11.10). How can i set the individual refresh rate?15:57
artaoinstall question15:57
sliptteesActionParsnip: i don't known data back on linux :(15:57
urlin2u!ask > artao15:57
ubottuartao, please see my private message15:57
doablezykotick9: not certain about that15:57
artaocurrently at partitioning stage ... i used guided partitioning .. it made my primary linux partition ntfs, but i want ext4, yes?15:57
ActionParsnipslipttees: so you don't know how to copy files to a USB drive?15:58
sliptteesActionParsnip: i can't mount partition!15:58
sattyinproper behaviour of synaptics15:58
kalimojoi dont have the system menu . 11.10 with gnome.15:58
urlin2uartao, yes15:58
zykotick9doable: binaries aren't exactly the most portable of things.  Well good luck.  FYI to find kernel architecture you can use "uname -m"15:58
urlin2usatty, ?15:58
sliptteesActionParsnip: I do not have access to partition15:59
sattyurlin2u, drag and drop is not properly working15:59
doablethanks for the help ! may be that's the problem...15:59
sliptteesActionParsnip: no mounts15:59
urlin2uartao, in synaptic, can you explain?15:59
zykotick9urlin2u: i'm thinking synaptic touchpad perhaps?15:59
ActionParsnipslipttees: yes but you did at some point, and you could have easily backed up the data15:59
artaoeh? is the partitioner called synaptic?15:59
urlin2uartao, ubuntu ont make a ntfs for itself, can you explain more.16:00
sattyzykotick9, yes you are right16:00
urlin2uzykotick9, ah that makes sense. :)16:00
sliptteesActionParsnip: okay, but, i don't have any backup...16:00
ActionParsnipslipttees: why not?16:00
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sliptteesActionParsnip: cause not... im jonkey :(16:01
urlin2uartao, look at the nic of who is being addressed, synaptic is a package manager.16:01
artaoi chose guided partitioning on a drive that WAS all NTFS, chose 60% for install partition, and it looks to me like it made it NTFS. I want that as ext4, and the rest as NTFS - except the swap, yes?16:01
urlin2uartao, open gparted to see what the partitions are.16:01
sybaritenoh hai16:01
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ActionParsnipslipttees: you may find success with foremost. I suggest you get a backup. You have learned the value of backup the hardest possible way16:02
zykotick9artao: ubuntu can install directly onto NTFS, so i highly doubt it created an NTFS partition16:02
AntonisHello guys. I want to connect my TI83-Plus with my Ubuntu 11.10 but I am not sure how to do it. Every method/guide I have read is at least 3-4 years old and links are usually not working or libs are not being installed. Does anyone know how to or maybe can point me to the right direction? I want just to transfer some text files to open them on my calculator.. (if possible that is)16:02
artaoi'm in the installer tho16:02
sliptteesActionParsnip: now, i need get access to partition and back data.16:02
francoHi! how can I check if an hard disk has been correctly "zeroed" out by dd ? strings /dev/disk prints nothing... that's it?16:02
ActionParsnipslipttees: see above...16:02
patrunjelI goofed around a little with tune2fs, and now dumpe2fs outputs normally, but when it finishes outputting all the regular information, it goes crazy and start outputing what I think are inode groups. What can I do to stop that? (the filesystem runs as usual)16:02
zykotick9artao: s/ubuntu can install/ubuntu can't install/16:02
sattyanybody around here to resolve the issue of synaptic touchpad16:02
Barcel0hi all16:02
ActionParsnipfranco: could try foremost on it, nothing should be recovered16:02
Barcel0Can anyone help me? I need to configure casper and isolinux, is that I have created a livecd of a custom system, but I need to add an entry to allow entry only to start a system console16:02
urlin2uAntonis, I think you need to use windows for that calculator.16:02
sliptteesActionParsnip: i see16:02
sybariteni am trying to run thttpd . In the thttpd.conf, which i point to when starting the server, i have  logfile=/var/log/thttpd.log     now, i think the server is up and running coz i can get to a test page via the IP. However i cant see any logfile like that being created.16:03
sybaritenWhat should i check?  server is run as www-data16:03
sybariteni need the log file to see if my document root is badly defined....16:03
sliptteesActionParsnip: has no way to get access the partition and back up?16:03
urlin2uAntonis, I have a t84, as I remember it is not linux friendly coverall ould be wrong though16:04
ActionParsnip(16:02:05) ActionParsnip: slipttees: you may find success with foremost.16:04
izinucsWhat's the easiest way to "show desktop" ie minimize all open windows?16:04
Antonisurlin2u, but people have done it before? I have the same feeling but got hope from different forums I found.. the main problem is that they are outdated :\16:04
ActionParsnip!info foremost | slipttees16:04
ubottuslipttees: foremost (source: foremost): Forensics application to recover data. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.7-1 (oneiric), package size 41 kB, installed size 140 kB16:04
theadminizinucs: Super+D normally works16:04
ActionParsnipizinucs: superL + D16:04
francoActionParsnip, is there a way to just print the content of disk ? shouldn't strings command prints 00000 and so on?16:04
izinucstheadmin: ActionParsnip thanks..16:04
doableits me again...i'm not able to access a disk partition (100GB), which i assigned as swap space while installing ubuntu16:04
ActionParsnipfranco: you may be able to cat the filesystem, not sure16:05
ActionParsnipdoable: 100Gb swap, wowsers16:05
sw0rdfishhey ummm, what can I use to make a bootable win7 USB installer16:05
auronandacedoable: 100gb swap space?16:05
urlin2uAntonis, not that I know of but I know little lol, check the web I doubt you will get an answer here,just a heads up really.16:05
zykotick9doable: did you really create a 100GB swap?  you can't access a swap partition.16:05
doablesilly! but didn't know much about it16:05
mneptokdoable: are you a Windows user?16:05
ActionParsnipsw0rdfish: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html16:06
urlin2usw0rdfish, you can make a ntfs with a bootflag and extract the iso to it=the usb.16:06
mneptokdoable: swap space = pagefile.sys16:06
doablei am, but switching to ubuntu16:06
theadmindoable: swap is kind of addition for RAM, Linux dumps stuff not currently really used from RAM to swap16:06
doablecould I reduce the size of swap space16:06
sliptteesActionParsnip: humm..... i try... first i need repair partition.. mkfs.ext4...after, use foremost?16:06
zykotick9doable: generally, swap should be equal to your RAM (but there are many different cases).  If you really created a 100GB swap, I'd urge you to recreate your partitions16:06
Barcel0Can anyone help me? I need to configure casper and isolinux, is that I have created a livecd of a custom system, but I need to add an entry to allow entry only to start a system console16:06
sw0rdfishthanks ActionParsnip :)16:06
ActionParsnipslipttees: just use foremost on the partition as is16:06
theadminBarcel0: Add "text" to the kernel line for that entry16:07
rajis there an aptitude alternative to sudo apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded16:07
ActionParsnipsw0rdfish: why could I find that and you couldn't?16:07
urlin2uBarcel0, Ubunbtu?16:07
doablezykotick9: that means , i lose all my data?16:07
Barcel0yes ubuntu16:07
sliptteesActionParsnip: i try live CD.16:07
sw0rdfishi actually didn't know what to searcha ActionParsnip I just searched for unetbootin and read its page and found out it can only create bootable stuff for linux distros16:07
kalimojoi dont have the system menu . 11.10 with gnome.16:07
ActionParsnipsw0rdfish: http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ix=sea&ie=UTF-8&ion=1#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=ubuntu%20make%20windows%207%20usb&pbx=1&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&fp=10ab80d8c7b866ba&ix=sea&ion=1&ix=sea&ion=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=10ab80d8c7b866ba&biw=1280&bih=695&ix=sea&ion=116:07
zykotick9doable: if you have data to loose, then you could try to resize stuff (but 100GB swap is a HUGE waste of space)16:07
Antonisurlin2u, I will thank you! =)16:07
bambu85hi all - my ubuntu 11.10 install isn't showing the grub menu on boot-up by default. How can i make it visible on boot? I'm looking at my /etc/default/grub16:08
Barcel0theadmin, I've done that did not work16:08
ActionParsnipbambu85: hold shift at boot and it will show16:08
rajActionParsnip, is there an aptitude alternative to sudo apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded16:08
izinucsdoable: 6 gigs of swap is plenty16:08
artao... i sure hope i'm not formatting my primary windows drive16:08
ActionParsnipraj: i don't use aptituse16:08
urlin2uAntonis, no problem if you get it running let me know. :)16:08
doablezykotick9: ok. thanks!16:08
rajyou prefer apt-get?16:08
ActionParsnipraj: never had an issue with it16:08
zykotick9bambu85: look for hidden options i believe16:08
linskyratehi there :)16:08
doableizinucs: i'll try that in next install.16:09
ActionParsnipraj: I actually use apt-fast16:09
bambu85ActionParsnip: I've tried holding shift, and it doesn't show.16:09
elijahHow can I specify multiple files with scp?16:09
bambu85zykotick9: ok will do16:09
ActionParsnipbambu85: strange16:09
linskyrateis there a ready made package for Backtracker 5 to install in Ubuntu 11.10?16:09
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sliptteesActionParsnip: thanks16:10
izinucsdoable: you might also consider separating your /home directory to its own partition.  It makes reinstall/upgrades a lot easier and you have less chance of loosing your data.16:10
elijahI try scp ~/file1 file 2 elijah@hostname.com:~/ and it only copies the first file16:10
bambu85do I need to change this line? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" ?16:10
ActionParsnipslipttees: again, get a backup!!!16:10
Barcel0theadmin, I had do this:  kernel /casper/vmlinuz  append  boot=casper text initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash --16:10
sliptteesActionParsnip: okay okay homie16:10
ActionParsnipbambu85: if you want to see grub I believe you need to change: GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true16:10
theadminBarcel0: Well, add "text" to this at the very end16:10
awhitehatterso my wireless card has decided to stop connecting to networks...I can see them, i try to connect it rejects the password. It's the right password, other devices connect just fine...I tried both Network-Manager and WICD, I get the same result. Any thoughts where to look next? Using BCM4312 card16:10
bambu85ActionParsnip: so that should be set to true? ok16:11
ActionParsnipbambu85: if you want to boot to CLI only then theadmin's advise will sort you16:11
ActionParsnipbambu85: read and think ;)16:11
pconwelldoes a combo cd/dvd drive show up differently in /dev/ depedning on if it's a cd or dvd in the drive?16:11
pconwellor is it always /dev/sr0 (or whatever(16:11
theadminpconwell: Nah it's usually just srN where N is a number from 0 to infinity16:12
bambu85ActionParsnip: thanks!16:12
urlin2uawhitehatter, you have seen the broadcom wiki?16:12
zykotick9raj: regarding your aptitude question, have you seen -s simulate?16:12
Barcel0 theadmin , so? kernel /casper/vmlinuz  append  boot=casper  initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash  text16:12
ActionParsnippconwell: if you put in a DVD then /dev/dvd will be used16:12
pconwelltheadmin: thanks... I'm having issues with ddrescue16:12
rajzykotick9, no I haven't16:13
theadminBarcel0: Something like this, I'm not familiar with syslinux actually16:13
pconwellActionParsnip: as opposed to /dev/cdrom?16:13
rajI'll just use apt-get for now16:13
ActionParsnippconwell: if you run:   sudo lshw -C disk; sudo lshw -C drive     you will see the device names16:13
pconwellActionParsnip: cool16:13
rajI usually substitute aptitude for apt-get, and usually works16:13
rajbut in this case it didn't16:13
Barcel0ok thank! theadmin :)16:13
Barcel0urlin2u, yes I use ubuntu16:13
urlin2uBarcel0, cool look like you got help. :D16:14
awhitehatterurlin2u, no..I will look for that16:15
airtonixoh ok16:15
urlin2u!broadcom > awhitehatter16:15
ubottuawhitehatter, please see my private message16:15
elijahLooks like it is scp ~/{file1,file2} elijah@hostname.com:~/16:15
pconwellActionParsnip: it shows up as "logical name: /dev/scd0" and the next line says "logical name: /dev/scd0". Is it normal to have two entries like that?16:16
ActionParsnippconwell: maybe its a combi drive thing16:18
bw_Is there a preferred method of disabling services on boot? Create an service.override file or use chkconfig?16:19
theadminbw_: err huh? chkconfig is a redhat thing, I have no idea what "service.override" is at all. Just use bum or rcconf16:20
pconwellActionParsnip: yes it is, but both seem to work the same (as far as I can tell)...16:20
zo1dgot a general question:  does anyone know if there is an interactive tutorial to learn C/C++ programming for linux?  want to learn so i can start working on learning how to update android kernels to 3.x from 2.616:20
calmpitbullHow to record desktop in HD, ubuntu 11.1016:20
auronandacezo1d: that isn't a ubuntu support question16:20
rajwhat's ?16:21
kpas_loop address16:21
rajin /etc/hosts16:21
kpas_in hosts file under etc16:21
rajit's listed for 'ubuntu'16:21
bw_theadmin: You can DL chkconfig from the repo. And the service.override is an upstart feature. All you do is place a file with manual in it /etc/init/ssh.override16:21
mneptokraj: the common loopback address for localhost16:22
theadminbw_: Oh, I see, sorry, I wasn't aware.16:22
rajwhat does the loopback do?16:22
mneptokraj: it's how the machine talks to itself using TCP/IP, UDP or other network protocols16:22
rajalso, some entries have two columns, some have 3, that's okay?16:22
zwoxyzWhat's the backtrack irc?16:22
ActionParsnipraj: loopback IP16:22
ActionParsnipraj: its how systems talk to services running on the same system16:23
zwoxyzbacktrack linux irc channel?16:23
mneptokekaleido: lmgtfy URLs are most unwelcome16:23
rajsome are-->    localhost.localdomain   localhost16:23
awolfeyI'm trying to set up a vpn to the office win server. I have made a vpn connection but I can't figure out how to mount the drive. Google not giving much help. Do I use Connect to server from the file browser to do this?16:23
rajsome are-->  ubuntu16:23
ActionParsnip!google |  ekaleido16:23
ubottuekaleido: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:23
auronandace!backtrack | zwoxyz16:23
ubottuzwoxyz: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:23
rajanother 3 column-->   hello.com   raj16:23
ActionParsnipraj: are effectively the same16:24
rajis that okay for some to have 2 columns, some to have 3?16:24
ActionParsnipraj: sure16:24
kpas_yes it is raj16:24
bw_theadmin: no problem..were you recommending I edit rc*.d by hand?16:24
rajthank you16:24
theadminbw_: Meh? I just do "sudo mv /etc/init/something.conf /etc/init/something.conf.DISABLED"16:25
theadminbw_: Upstart ignores stuff not ending in conf so16:25
sattyhow to reset the screen brightness after login16:26
theadminbw_: That, and, well, I myself don't use Upstart (or Ubuntu as such), but that's how I'd do it if I were16:27
sattyevery time i login it brightness is at maximum. I want this to as I want16:27
=== matt_ is now known as Guest43216
bw_theadmin: Not quite sure I understand you, but what do you mean?16:27
artaoubottu@satty: i just discovered grandr .. might that do it?16:28
ubottuartao: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:28
theadminbw_: initscripts with Upstart are located under /etc/init/*.conf -- if the file doesn't end in .conf Upstart ignores it and doesn't start the respective service, so...16:28
g-wizhi everyone16:28
sliptteesActionParsnip: i need create image of partition using dd and foremost to rescue files :D16:28
=== tdgunes|away is now known as tdgunes
sattyubottu, touchpad16:29
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad16:29
hamedhey there16:29
ActionParsnipslipttees: may want to use dd_rescue16:30
bw_theadmin: I see, preciate it.16:30
theadminbw_: There are tools like rcconf, chkconfig (you just mentioned), update-rc.d and bum that will help with it16:31
freezeyhey anybody have a link to the main ubuntu repos?16:32
ActionParsnipfreezey: packages.ubuntu.com16:33
sattygrandr is not for brightness16:34
newbie|3need some help here16:35
freezeyis anyone running maverick? wondering if they can paste their sources.list16:35
urlin2u!help > newbie|316:35
ubottunewbie|3, please see my private message16:35
newbie|3ubottu: are you there16:36
ubottunewbie|3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:36
newbie|3i just download backtrack5 from the wedside16:36
icerootfreezey: its the same sources.list for every ubuntu just the name of the release changed16:36
newbie|3but i  dont know how to make it work16:36
iceroot!backtrack | newbie|316:37
ubottunewbie|3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:37
MonkeyDustnewbie|3  type /join #backtrack-linux16:37
freezeyiceroot: so why i am seeing this? http://pastie.org/331009616:37
seliteHey, my sony vaio charger died. There are some universal ones though they have different voltages than the original one... Should I buy it?16:37
MonkeyDustselite  wrong channel16:38
seliteIt's a common topic.16:38
MonkeyDustnewbie|3  type /join #backtrack-linux16:38
rohitA newbie16:38
lightpriestHey, I just installed Ubuntu on ThinkPad E320 and for some reason network manager doesn't show any wireless cards (not channels)16:38
seliteHey, my sony vaio charger died. There are some universal ones though they have different voltages than the original one... Should I buy it?16:38
=== rohit is now known as Guest76384
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: I suggest you use ubuntu and get familiar with the OS first16:38
MonkeyDustselite  how is your question ubuntu related?16:39
seliteMonkeyDust: Shut your noisy hole, or answer my question.16:39
sybaritenfirst i tried running thttpd. I wasnt too succesful i think. Then i realized apache is maybe already running on this host16:39
theadminselite: Go to ##hardware , we don't support such things here.16:39
lightpriestselite, you should the connector on your laptop, they sometimes accept a range of voltages16:39
newbie|3i download it yestaday16:39
ActionParsniplightpriest: run:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; uname -a; sudo rfkill list     then use http://pastie.org   to host the output16:39
newbie|3but for somerearon i dont know how to make it work16:39
sybariteni checked with ps -aux and it seems like it was. Then i tried stopping it, and got it out of the ps result. But i still get a test page when pointing a browser to the host. What gives?16:39
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: backtrack isn't supported here in any way16:39
freezeyanybody know why this is going down? http://pastie.org/331009616:40
icerootfreezey: because the "ubuntu" is wrong16:40
FloodBot1hamed: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:40
icerootfreezey: its not ubuntu-main and so on, its main16:40
sybaritenso basicly i dont know what server is serving that test page16:40
newbie|3i download the arm version...i made a mistake instead of downloadin iso16:41
icerootfreezey: why is that sources-list broken? you edit it by hand?16:41
iceroot!backtrack | newbie|316:41
newbie|3i did arm16:41
icerootnewbie|3: this channel is not for backtrack16:41
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: ask in #backtrack-linux please16:41
freezeyiceroot: yeah it looks like something is screwy with it16:41
icerootfreezey: the question is why16:41
icerootfreezey: you are using ubuntu? you did not edit it by hand?16:41
ActionParsnipfreezey: try switching server16:41
freezeyiceroot:  it was an AMI16:41
freezeyyeah it was am AMI that i got from amazon that seems to be a bit screwy16:42
icerootActionParsnip: its not the server, the lines in sources.list are wrong16:42
ActionParsnipfreezey: maverick is EOL in april so i suggest you upgrade soon16:42
ActionParsnipiceroot: ahhhh16:42
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: type:   /join #backtrack-linux16:42
freezeyyeah i was about to upgrade right now16:42
icerootActionParsnip: he is using deb http.//foobar ubuntu-main ubuntu-universe instead of main universe and so on16:42
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:43
shergilli'm using 11.04. while running do-release-upgrade, i get an error of no upgrade available. i have some oneiric sources in my /etc/apt/sources.list (which i've used to install select packages from oneiric (in case that's relevant). any ideas how to troubleshoot the issue?16:43
icerootfreezey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827788/  replace precise with maverick16:44
kinesishey i cannot install git at all16:44
zwoxyztype /join #backtrack-linux16:44
kinesisE: Unable to locate package git16:44
freezeyahh gotcha16:44
ActionParsnipfreezey: its gonna be a while, you'll need to upgrade to 11.04 then to 11.10. If you can hang until April and clean install Precise which is LTS16:44
kinesisand git-core16:44
theadminkinesis: sudo apt-get update16:44
ActionParsnip!info git16:44
ubottugit (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (oneiric), package size 4550 kB, installed size 10864 kB16:44
xanguashergill: mixing repositories is Always bad idea16:44
zwoxyzsudo apt-get upgrade16:44
zwoxyzsu root16:44
ActionParsnipkinesis: if you run:  sudo apt-get update     is it then installable?16:44
MonkeyDustkinesis  try sudo apt-get update, first16:44
zwoxyzsu userfuck16:44
freezeyiceroot: perfect thanks16:45
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: su root    won't work in Ubuntu16:45
hamedhow can I know that I have the latest drivers for my hardwares on my UBUNTU16:45
shergillxangua: it can be tricky getting packages to work, but once they are installed and running i don't see why there should be any other issues. am i missing something?16:45
theadminActionParsnip: (s)he's just trolling16:45
zwoxyzTheadmin: NO16:45
ActionParsniphamed: most are installed by default so as long as your system is up to date you are ok16:45
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:45
MonkeyDusthamed  try sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade to get the latest16:45
theadminzwoxyz: Yes, you're giving senseless commands and can't even spell my nick right -_-16:45
zwoxyztheadmin: sorry16:46
lightpriestActionParsnip, http://pastie.org/3310147 thanks16:46
zwoxyzHow can I join backtrack irc?16:46
newbie|3there is nobody on the link that you gave me16:47
newbie|3so where to find information on bt5___16:47
MonkeyDustzwoxyz  newbie|3 type /join #backtrack-linux16:47
newbie|3i didnt but there is nobody the3re16:47
icerootnewbie|3: we dont support backtrack here16:47
icerootnewbie|3: so please stop that here16:47
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: type:  /join #backtrack-linux16:47
GranCenSailMy laptop has screen so dark that I have to use a flashlight to see what I'm doing.  The function keys don't work to change the brightness, and the command "sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=xx" seems to take (I have to enter password, no errors), but the brightness doesn't change.  What else can I do?16:48
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: it is mootif anyone replies, backtrack isn't supported here so you cannot 'default' here if you get no replies16:48
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:48
ActionParsnip!broadcom | lightpriest16:48
ubottulightpriest: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:48
zwoxyzActionParsnip: I've done it16:48
newbie|3why is there something wrong with it?i heard is a tool to secure my wep....so why are you telling me not to ask about it____??:?16:48
zzecoolGranCenSail: what is your graphics card?16:49
MonkeyDustnewbie|3  you came to the wrong channel16:49
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: :D16:49
SlartGranCenSail: what brand and model is the  laptop16:49
zwoxyzActionParsnip: It won't work16:49
GranCenSailIts an hp Pavilion g series.  I don't know the graphics card16:49
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:50
GranCenSailI tried to run lspci but I don't understand the output except for the wireless card.16:50
jonkounderstand the output except for16:50
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: what won't work?16:50
newbie|3what!!!why??yo im new to this even my name say it so why arent you telling me the whole thing about me talkin about that tool here_?16:50
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: your OS isn't supported here, it has its own channel16:50
zwoxyzjoining the backtrack irc channel16:50
MonkeyDustGranCenSail  type lshw -C display to find out16:50
newbie|3i konw16:50
zwoxyzActionParsnip: by typing it16:50
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: how many times do you need telling?16:51
icerootnewbie|3: is "this is the ubuntu channel and we dont support backtrack here" not enough?16:51
jonkosynaptic ?16:51
newbie|3i did it my self what is wrong with it_?16:51
Slartnewbie|3: this channel is about ubuntu user support.. backtrack is another distro, with its own support channels. We don't discuss other distros here16:51
icerootnewbie|3: what else infos do you want from us about "backtrack is not supported here"?16:51
ActionParsnipnewbie|3: nobody will support you as discussing backtrack is offtopic here16:51
Slartnewbie|3: you will be kicked out of here if you keep asking about it16:51
GranCenSailI ran it and I'm trying to read the output.  I'll note if I figure it out.16:51
ActionParsnipSlart: thanks16:51
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: do you mean:  su root     ?16:52
GranCenSailIntel, version 0916:52
zzecoolGranCenSail:  install Hardinfo  from software center16:52
zzecoolits a the same but with nice gui16:52
zwoxyzActionParsnip: what?16:53
GranCenSailI'm working on it now.16:53
jonkoGranCenSail : it won't work16:53
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: what isn't working?16:53
zzecoolGranCenSail: form there you will know what your hardware is and be able to find a solution fast even searching google16:54
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:54
btbyHow do I run a script upon laptop suspend / lid close before the network is down?16:54
zwoxyzActionParsnip: OK, asdfhello16:54
zwoxyz* #backtrack-linux :Cannot send to channel16:54
GranCenSailzzecool: Thanks.16:54
awhitehatterurlin2u, thanks for the on the broadcom wiki, no luck though. Complete purge of the driver and still same thing, Wifi sees the network, attempts to connect and rejects the pass phrase16:54
zzecoolGranCenSail: np16:54
zykotick9!register | zwoxyz16:54
ubottuzwoxyz: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:54
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: ahhh16:55
urlin2uawhitehatter, well that all my knowledge here in that where the wiki is lol. :)16:55
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: I'm i #backtrack-linux right now...16:55
Slartbtby: I think there might be some scripts/folders in /etc/acpi/  .. it's possible you have to install acpid first.. but that should at least get you a place to start searching16:55
awhitehatterurlin2u, no problem...maybe it's a hw failure, it's an older lappy... i'm going to try a live distro to see what happens.16:56
urlin2uawhitehatter, that is a excellent plan.16:56
zwoxyzActionParsnip: Well I can't write16:57
jonkoi don't work16:57
zwoxyz#backtrack-linux :Cannot send to channel16:57
btbySlart: Thanks, I've been trying to work with /etc/acpi/handler.sh, case "$1" in, button/suspend, button/lid sections, but by echoing the output of 'ip addr' to a file from there, I see that when these are run, they interfaces are down already.16:57
spirHi, how can I do to store various public/private keys? Shall I copy them all in a respective file? id_dsa.pub/id_dsa16:57
MonkeyDustzwoxyz  maybe you have to register, first16:58
llutzzwoxyz: what part of" Registration help available by typing /join #freenode" you don't understand?16:58
DXBLouiehi everyone16:58
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: sounds like you need identifying and registering16:58
DXBLouiehow do i set ethernet speed in 11.10? i can run "ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full" at boot, but is there a way to get NetworkManager to do it?16:58
awolfeyI'm trying to set up a vpn to the office win server. I have made a vpn connection but I can't figure out how to mount the drive. Google not giving much help. Do I use Connect to server from the file browser to do this?16:59
artaocrap! I think i poochedmy system. Grub should come right up on boot, yes?16:59
compdocDXBLouie, thats automatically done when the nic detects the switch16:59
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
DXBLouiecompdoc, i know.. i have gigabit switch and wiring, but on this box whenever the link is 1000mbps, it keeps going up and down, till i set the speed down to 10017:01
DXBLouie[67406.373042] r8169 0000:05:00.0: eth0: link down17:01
DXBLouie[67408.594268] r8169 0000:05:00.0: eth0: link up17:01
jonkochannel is about ubuntu user support17:01
artaonow my computer won't boot to win 7 OR linux. it's just sitting there blinking a cursor at me. ... I had my doubts about letting grub go on the MBR .. the installer didn't see my win 7, but i figured i could adjust that17:01
zwoxyzActionParsnip: ok17:01
MonkeyDustcan ethernet handle speeds of 1000mbps?17:02
compdocDXBLouie, you have a problem with the nic, wiring, or switch. might be better to fix it, than manually setting the speed17:02
jonkoits a the same but with nice gui17:02
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: sure, as long as both ends support it17:02
SpecMonkeyDust: can ethernet handle gigabit? sure.17:02
artaosoooo .. why won't grub load for me? i'm on my 1st reboot after install17:02
DXBLouiecompdoc, the switch works fine, my windows box (identical) runs 1000mbps, i switched cables.. but that's besides the point17:03
zwoxyzActionParsnip: Join BACKTRACK channel17:03
ActionParsnipartao: what GPU do you use?17:03
artaogpu? ati x60017:03
DXBLouiecompdoc, at this point i'd much rather just set it to 100mbps.. the NIC is embedded, and my expansion PCIe ports are used17:03
ActionParsnipzwoxyz: done17:03
jonkotool artao ?17:03
jonkoartao ?17:03
DXBLouieagian, that's besides the point, my question is really whether there's a way to set adapter options via NetworkManager, as opposed to setting an if-up script in /etc/network/interfaces and ditching NetworkManager17:04
artaoi'm trying to get my comp. to boot ... grub won't start .. 1st boot after install17:04
compdocDXBLouie, yeah, I often see bad onboard nics. No pci slots?17:04
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | artao17:04
ubottuartao: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:04
GranCenSailI installed Hardinfo and it has a lot of great information, but I still can't tell what my graphics card is or how to adjust the screen brightness.17:04
DXBLouiecompdoc, two pci-e, one used with the video card, one used with a fax modem (fax server)17:04
zykotick9ActionParsnip: if artao isn't seen any grub, i'm not sure nomodeset will help (or is an option to set)17:04
thegauntletUbuntu 11.10 update manager just installed some updates, wanted to reboot and when it came back, every time i move the mouse, the screen goes black and then the login prompt appears. How can I fix?17:05
ActionParsnipzykotick9: the default is to not show grub though17:05
artaobut the bootloader isn't even coming up .. i have no opportunity to use nomodeset17:05
ActionParsnipartao: hold shift at boot, does it show?17:05
artaoi'll try17:05
compdocDXBLouie, if you have to set the card manually, it might be best not to use the network manager. you can set everything by hand17:06
edericohello all, I'm running Ubuntu 11.10. I was wondering, when I go to the music lens and click on a track it plays automatically in Totem. However, if I click on an album nothing happens. Is this normal, or is there a way I could get the whole album to play and be queued in Totem (or any other app)?17:06
=== arun_ is now known as arunsonnet
artaoholding shift .. all i get is a blinking cursor in the upper left of the screen17:06
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
davidcalleederico, the Music lens is (by default) only working with Banshee.17:06
artaoi think i pooched my MBR .. won't boot into win 7 either17:06
zykotick9!grub | artao17:07
ubottuartao: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:07
auronandaceartao: how many harddrives do you have?17:07
jonkoi have a ws which bought something, how can17:07
zykotick9artao: i'd try following the directions on restroing grub, sounds like it's not installed.17:07
artao3 ... one sata (primary drive) one IDE, one USB external17:08
davidcalleederico, that's why the albums don't play, Totems doesn't understand the concept of albums as Bansheed does.17:08
auronandaceartao: maybe you need to change the boot order in the bios17:08
artaoi did that17:08
auronandaceartao: so you are set to boot from the drive hat grub was installed to?17:09
artaothat i'm not sure17:09
=== cristiano is now known as Guest70057
artaoi let grub go to the MBR, assuming it was the SATA drive17:10
auronandaceartao: trial and error, try booting from the other17:10
artaothe IDE is set to boot 1st right now, but it also didn't work with the SATA booting 1st17:10
auronandaceartao: ah, in that case i think zykotick9 might be right and grub didn't install17:10
zykotick9artao: are you using a cd or usb as a live medium?17:12
jonkomark as manually installed ?17:12
jbscd ..17:12
jbscd horseporn17:12
zykotick9artao: ok, just checking.  USB might cause additional issues.17:12
jbswoopse wrong window17:12
thegauntletUbuntu 11.10 update manager just installed some updates, wanted to reboot and when it came back, every time i move the mouse, the screen goes black and then the login prompt appears. How can I fix?17:13
auronandacejbs: yeah, right17:13
agentgasmaskHow can I make policykit not prompt for a password when conecting to a wireless network?17:13
johndoe_hi, is anyone else experiencing crashes in lightdm after the latest updates?17:13
johndoe_i was using unity-2d from the PPA17:14
auronandacejohndoe_: tried removing the ppa to see if the issue persits?17:14
becom33Im having issue with opening a mysql port to the net , maby somthing is wrong with iptable . can any of you help ?17:15
johndoe_its not that easy17:15
johndoe_i cannot use the desktop17:15
jonkofilesystjohndoe_ to use for /boot on centos 617:15
johndoe_if I use the mouse it crashes17:15
auronandacejohndoe_: perhaps you see now why ppas aren't supported17:15
johndoe_auronandace: thanks for being so helpful17:16
becom33anyone ?17:16
Barcel0you think this is correct/good?  append   boot=casper   initrd=/casper/initrd.gz autostart=serere --terminal single --17:17
MonkeyDustjohndoe_  try ppa-purge17:17
zykotick9becom33: having a DB directly accessible from the net, isn't the greatest security idea.17:17
auronandacejohndoe_: fun to learn the hard way eh? i'm just glad this isn't an issue of failing to make a backup (that lesson can hurt)17:18
becom33zykotick9: its local machine17:18
jonkoto this even my name say it so why arent you telling me the whole thing about17:18
johndoe_MonkeyDust: thanks, is there an easy way to revert the packages also? or should I go and inspect them using aptitude?17:18
MonkeyDustjohndoe_  you mean downgrade? don't!17:19
johndoe_auronandace: theres nothing to learn here, I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing the bug17:19
Barcel0this line is good?  append   boot=casper   initrd=/casper/initrd.gz autostart=serere --terminal single --17:19
Barcel0for isolinux17:19
johndoe_MonkeyDust: yes, I mean downgrade17:19
MonkeyDust!downgrade > johndoe_17:19
ubottujohndoe_, please see my private message17:19
zykotick9johndoe_: downgrading doesn't work, the apt files involved are a one way process17:20
rajcan someone please remind me how to add a user to the sudo group?17:20
rajor admin group17:20
johndoe_MonkeyDust: I dont think you are understanding17:20
jonkocommand can i run to install from a centos 617:20
edericodavidcalle: Once we get Rhytmbox with 12.04 I guess that will play the albums, right?17:20
jonkocan you provide more details ?17:20
johndoe_I mean reverting the packages to their old state17:20
johndoe_its not a problem with unity though17:21
zykotick9johndoe_: you'll need to remove the affected packages, then reinstall them fresh.17:21
jonkoyou with that i'll have to be a hybrid iso17:21
gadeynebram_Hi, Could someone help me with this issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11661282#post1166128217:21
johndoe_the problem is with the latest X upgrades17:21
auronandacejonko: why are you asking about centos in #ubuntu?17:21
gadeynebram_When I boot my laptop my screen remains blank17:21
jonkoto boot17:22
davidcalleederico, yes.17:22
zykotick9gadeynebram_: have you tried nomodeset?  "/msg ubottu nomodeset" for details.17:22
edericodavidcalle: thanks for your explanation :)17:22
EvilResistancejonko, if your question is about CentOS and its live environment, you need a CentOS channel.  SInce I just showed up, can yo uelaborate: <jonko> [02/03/12 12:20:44] command can i run to install from a centos 617:22
johndoe_let me start again, is here anyone having problems with using the mouse in X?17:22
EvilResistancejonko, "install what from centos 6"17:23
jonkoworking with banshee17:23
davidcalleederico, if you want to use an other music player with the music lens, it's still possible with a PPA. What music player are you using?17:23
meerkatshear me!!!17:23
auronandacejohndoe_: latest X upgrades? are you using a xorg ppa?17:24
edericodavidcalle: I currently enjoy using xnoise, as it is lightweight17:24
meerkatsdavidcalle, hello?17:24
johndoe_auronandace: no, just plain stock ubuntu, nothing strange17:24
davidcallemeerkats, hi17:24
johndoe_auronandace: but I tried with lightdm, gdm, kdm and even though I can login17:24
johndoe_the desktop crashes17:24
johndoe_when I move or click with the mouse17:25
davidcalleederico, then no. It only supports rhythmbox, gmusicbrowser, guayadeque and clementine.17:25
johndoe_and the login screen reappears17:25
jonkodefault only working with banshee17:25
auronandacejohndoe_: odd, i don't get that17:25
auronandacejohndoe_: my touchpad and usb mouse works great17:26
johndoe_yes, it used to work all okay, until I rebooted because of the lateste updates17:26
rohit__here is output of ping -c 3 www.google.com17:26
meerkatsupdate manager is extremely slow: it took 30 minutes to upgrade vlc, what could cause it? the download speed was normal, it was the installation speed (deb files and so) that took like 28 minutes17:27
=== root is now known as Guest36976
edericodavidcalle: Too bad, I'll have to avoid this functionality. Yet, just in case, how I do I do it with Rhythmbox? I have that installed.17:27
auronandace!rootirc | Guest3697617:27
ubottuGuest36976: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.17:27
zzecoolGranCenSail: if you look under pci you will find your graphic card17:28
zzecoolits there17:28
ActionParsnipmeerkats: apt-get is nice and fast, apt-fast is even faster17:29
davidcalleederico, https://launchpad.net/~markjtully/+archive/ppa. Add this PPA and install rhythmbox-scope. Log out, log in. And Music from your Rhythmbox collection should appear in the Music lens.17:29
zykotick9meerkats: is your install on a USB thumb drive/SD Card?17:29
MonkeyDustGranCenSail  type lshw -C display|grep vendor to find out17:29
MonkeyDustzwoxyz  it's /join #backtrack-linux17:31
zzecoolzwoxyz:  /j #backtrack-linux17:31
auronandacezwoxyz: you've been told how to register17:31
zwoxyzI know17:31
zwoxyzI've done it17:31
Nach0zhey can someone tell me where ubuntu 11.10's grub2.cfg is? I've checked my whole HDD and it doesn't seem to exist17:34
MonkeyDustNach0z  try locate grub217:34
auronandaceNach0z: /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:34
Nach0zMonkeyDust: already did that17:34
zykotick9Nach0z: you're probably looking for /etc/default/grub17:34
edericodavidcalle, thanks, logging out!17:34
Nach0zauronandace: that's what someone else said, thought that was grub legacy though17:34
davidcalleederic, no problem :)17:34
auronandaceNach0z: but you're not meant to edit it directly (you should edit the files under /etc/grub.d/)17:35
root_zanyone know why my windows are laged while i resize it?17:35
Nach0zauronandace: NO idea how to mess with grub.d. >_>17:35
Nach0zbut thanks17:35
auronandaceNach0z: grub legacy uses menu.lst17:35
goldcitymanhello, I use Ubuntu 9.10 on old pc. It is very slow, AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2400+, 1 GB Ram... What can I do? I have a lot of lags on flash sites...17:35
Nach0zauronandace: alrighty thanks17:35
auronandacegoldcityman: there is no way to improve flash performance, ask adobe17:36
zykotic10!9.10 | goldcityman17:36
ubottugoldcityman: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.17:36
auronandace!lubuntu | goldcityman17:36
ubottugoldcityman: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:36
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: upgrade, karmic now has zero support17:36
goldcitymanmmm u think I can update?17:36
goldcityman1 gb ram?17:36
=== newbot is now known as bobweaver
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: I'd wait til April then install Precise which is LTS17:36
Nach0zgoldcityman: you could theoretically re-nice the plugin-container, but auronandace is right, installing LXDE instead of Gnome is a much better option17:36
theadmingoldcityman: Try Xubuntu or Lubuntu, or maybe Crunchbang or even Arch. We don't support the latter two, but they have brilliant performance :)17:36
oldmanDoes ubuntu support HID (usb) compliant touchscreens?17:37
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: sure, minimum requirement is still 512Mb, you will get a more responsive OS with Lubuntu17:37
theadminoldman: Yes, Ubuntu does have touchscreen support iirc17:38
goldcitymanwhat version?17:38
ActionParsnipoldman: depends on make and model17:38
theadmingoldcityman: Grab the latest Lubuntu is what I say17:38
goldcitymanwhat does it mean libasound2>>1.0.22 I'm trying to update chrome17:38
DinoMuffinYou might also like xubuntu17:38
metbsdwhats that17:38
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: oneiric (11.10) is the latest stable17:38
DinoMuffinif you prefer xfce17:38
ActionParsnip!lubuntu | metbsd17:38
ubottumetbsd: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:38
metbsdis there buntu?17:39
metbsdwithout x window17:39
ZillyIs there a way to get which input the monitor is displaying (like whether it is displaying from the VGA port or the HDMI)?17:39
ActionParsnipmetbsd: you can install minimal ubuntu which will give a CLI based OS...17:39
MonkeyDustmetbsd  ubuntu server17:39
goldcitymancan I upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 or I have to format?17:39
auronandace!mini | metbsd17:39
ubottumetbsd: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:39
theadmingoldcityman: You can only upgrade to 10.04, then to 10.10, then to 11.04 and finally to 11.10. Which is a horrible mess. I suggest a reinstall.17:40
auronandace!eol | goldcityman17:40
=== matt_ is now known as Guest51852
ubottugoldcityman: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:40
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: you can upgrade to lucid (10.04) then jump straight to Precise when it is released17:40
ActionParsnipgoldcityman: I'd clean install personally17:40
zwoxyzknowledge of armitage?17:40
libnotifyzwoxyzgo to #armitage17:40
mikelissanybody ever set up internet connection sharing? I'm trying to use my laptop as a wireless card for my desktop, but the desktop can't connect to the Internet even though it's connected to the wired device.17:40
LemonAidHello. I have an other monitor connected to my laptop. I want to adjust the brightness of that monitor. How can i do that?17:41
ActionParsnip!ics | mikeliss17:41
ubottumikeliss: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing17:41
=== rohit is now known as Guest27271
ActionParsnipLemonAid: what model laptop?17:41
mikelissActionParsnip: I read over that -- doesn't seem to be working, though I did stop short of restarting my laptop. Seemed unnecessary.17:41
auronandaceLemonAid: aren't there any buttons on the monitor?17:42
libnotifyzwoxyz: www.fastandeasy.com17:42
edericodavidcalle: It didn't work apparently, I added the ppa and installed the scope, but clicking on the album in the dash doesn't launch rhytymbox at all17:42
ActionParsniplibnotify: please don't bother next time. Thanks17:42
libnotifywhy @ ActionParsnip ?17:43
LemonAidActionParsnip, Toshiba satelite l655. auronandace, i want to be able to fine tune everything on the monitor.17:43
LemonAidauronandace, so the buttons are not helpful.17:43
ActionParsniplibnotify: its nothing to do with ubuntu support17:44
libnotifywell i have the right to help, thank you!!17:45
ActionParsniplibnotify: sure but not post links of that nature..17:45
libnotifyand i run armitage on ubuntu, so laylow17:45
ActionParsniplibnotify: why do I need to know that?17:46
MonkeyDustlibnotify  please stop17:46
libnotifythen shoulda shut up in the first place17:46
johndoe_auronandace: I fixed it!17:46
ActionParsniplibnotify: spamming the channel with spurious links is offtopic, that is my point...17:46
auronandace!yay | johndoe_17:46
ubottujohndoe_: Glad you made it! :-)17:46
johndoe_in case anyone cares, I downgraded the latest version of xorg form unity-2d ppa17:47
scott__i'm trying to install handbrake from a PPA. i've followed the instructions to open the ppa on my system and have done the sudo apt-get update afterwards. At the bottom of the page there are four candidates, yet no linkage.... i'm sure its just me and altzeimers but could someone help me with the next step(s)? here's the page:https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases17:47
johndoe_to the regular ubuntu version17:47
mikelissActionParsnip, libnotify: Alas, you guys debating whether links can be posted like this has stolen the thunder from my question. Human nature is a pain.17:47
MonkeyDustjohndoe_  kindly share the solution with the channel, for future reference17:47
libnotifydrop it then and mind your own business next time..... :)17:47
auronandacejohndoe_: tod you the ppa was at fault :)17:47
ActionParsnipmikeliss: that guide is all I know17:47
johndoe_hahah, yes, I realized when I saw it contained a different version of xorg17:47
johndoe_should I file a bug?17:48
libnotifyjohndoe_: do17:48
mikelissActionParsnip: Was afraid of that - I guess a restart it is, then...brb...17:48
edericodavidcalle: I reinstalled banshee, and that works, I'll go with that for now and then when 12.04 is out I'm doing a fresh install anyways17:48
rohit__can i ask 1 question about suse here?17:48
scott__i'll allow it17:49
auronandacerohit_: is it ubuntu related?17:49
libnotifyrohit_: its all linux ask17:49
xanguarohit__: no, go to the suse  channel17:49
zykotic10libnotify: wrong answer17:49
scott__ /wink17:49
ActionParsniprohit__: ask in #suse please, this is ubuntu support17:50
libnotifyzykotic10: didn't see your answer17:50
DummyModehi there17:50
auronandacelibnotify: drop the attitude please17:50
libnotifylol @ DummyMode17:50
scott__so...how to install a package from a PPA?17:50
rohit__I have ubuntu 10.10 and suse 12.1 running on my laptop ! i get good internet speed on ubuntu 1mbps,but on suse i only get 30bps or something like that17:50
zykotic10johndoe_: if the bug is with a PPA, be sure to report it to the PPA - not Ubuntu17:50
auronandace!ppa | scott__17:51
ubottuscott__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa17:51
ActionParsnipscott__: add ppa then refresh packages, you can then install it like any other package17:51
DummyModeis there a way to upgrade to a new release without reinstalling? for example, from 10 to 12, just to say something..17:51
theadminscott__: Add the ppa, install the package. To add the ppa, use something like this: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:username/repo (e.g: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next)17:51
Mixxithey is there a way i can snap to right side like windows 717:51
auronandacerohit_: in that case, thats a suse support question17:51
theadminrohit__: Disable IPv6, also please go to #suse17:52
xanguaDummyMode: you can upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 as both are LTS17:52
MonkeyDustMixxit  no, but there is a PPA to snap to the bottom17:52
ActionParsnipMixxit: its the grid plugin in ccsm17:52
rohit__but some people are still interested17:52
MystManHello all.  I am installing subversion on a rackspace cloud ubuntu server that i just spun up.  I have installed all pre requisites but never installed and set up svn before.  If anyone knows should I create a repository in the home or www directory and what is the difference17:52
MystManTy ahead of time17:52
DummyModexengua, how's the way? apt- something?17:52
Mixxitsorry i'm pretty new to this :-)17:52
MonkeyDustMixxit  compiz config17:52
Mixxitoh where's that system?17:52
ActionParsnipMixxit: install compizconfig-settings-manager    then run: ccsm17:52
scott__actionparsnip  theadmin : i've gotten so far as adding the PPA key, but i still have no access to the package itself. here's the page: https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases17:53
libnotifyyes rohit__17:53
theadminscott__: Very well then, now run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install whatever17:53
Mixxitinstalling ccsm now thanks17:53
gadeynebram_Hi, Someone told me to use the nomodeset property to resolve my thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11639631#post1163963117:53
auronandacerohit_: you've been asked to take it to #suse, please17:53
rohit__ I have ubuntu 10.10 and suse 12.1 running on my laptop ! i get good internet speed on ubuntu 1mbps,but on suse i only get 30bps or something like that17:53
scott__there's simply nothing to click on, unless i'm just being obtuse17:53
gadeynebram_It didn't work however. Any other toughts?17:53
xanguascott__: that ppa has only packages for natty, maverick, lucid and karmic, do you have any of those¿17:53
ActionParsnipscott__: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install handbrake17:53
libnotifydo what auronandace has just said17:54
ActionParsniprohit__: ask in #suse please17:54
zykotic10ActionParsnip: i believe the package is handbrake-gtk (or handbrake-cli)17:54
scott__actionparsnip: i've tried that to no avail17:54
MonkeyDustroot_z  "#suse Channel is open."17:54
ActionParsnipscott__: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc17:54
ActionParsnipzykotic10: not on the ppa ;)17:54
lanoxxtrism, are you there?17:55
libnotifywell i am not an ubuntu fan.... just run my irc client on a remote machine.17:55
scott__actionparsnip: natty17:55
wildc4rdevenin all17:55
Cop3rnicanyone here ever install ubuntu on a eee transformer?17:56
libnotifyevening wildc4rd17:56
ActionParsnipscott__: the PPA supports that release17:56
Mixxitok i found grid in ccsm17:56
TheExplorerGreetings fellow ubuntu users, I have a 2 quick questions: firstly i backed up my old harddrive in a single *.tar.gz format, attempting to open the file and extract it is EXTREMELY slow, is there any way to write an index to speed up the process?17:56
Mixxitdo you mean the bindings? i see put bottom left17:56
Mixxitif so what is KP8 etc?17:56
ActionParsnipMixxit: you configure it there dude, have a play17:56
theadminTheExplorer: You don't have to open it to extract, you can use the command-line17:56
=== Nunux is now known as Putx
scott__actionparsnip: please go to the page i've linked, and find the link to the package, then come tell me where to click. i know it sounds rather acedemic, but the link escapes me17:57
ActionParsnipscott__: there is nothing to 'click' you need the command I ave17:57
TheExplorerDear "theadmin", the file is so big that i cannot extract it at once for a lack of space. I wish to recover select files.17:57
theadminTheExplorer: Ah, I see, uh, I think the tar command has some option for that, just a sec17:58
jonkoto see if the issue persits ?17:58
Mixxithmm doesnt seme to be doing anything17:58
jonkomight be better to fix it, than manually setting the speed17:58
ActionParsnipscott__: all you have to do is copy and paste the command I gave and it will install the app...17:58
ActionParsnipscott__: no idea where you go the idea you click something17:59
TheExplorerSecondly does anyone know of an "all in one" file explorer, or know of how i would go about setting nautilus to do that. I wish to view all files without folders to recover scattered various documents.17:59
theadminTheExplorer: Well to get the list of files all over your hard drive, you can do this: sudo find / | less17:59
MonkeyDustTheExplorer  try midnight commander17:59
jonkoMonkeyDust : ok17:59
Gentoo64TheExplorer, what do you mean17:59
libnotifyok see y'all later, and for you ActionParsnip, kid with your fellow noobs next time and not me18:00
gandhijee_hey how can i get my monitors back on the top bar in  11.10 like they were in 10.04?18:00
ActionParsniplibnotify: as long as you don't spam, its all good18:00
scott__actionparsnip: i have tried the normal input. and gotten back something about it being outdated so on, should i try it again and give you a concise output? this isn't my first time installing from a PPA. i'm just at a loss as to why i can't get the package in this casse18:01
TheExplorerGentoo64, I... being the unorganized sort i am, end up saving files to random places for whatever reason. Because i have no single folder that i save my documents in, they are scattered deep in a 15 years worth of sloppy backups and random dirs.18:02
libnotifyi know what spamming is, get a clue18:02
libnotifyok outta here have important things to do right now18:02
auronandacelibnotify: maybe you should just leave, like you said you were about to18:02
Gentoo64TheExplorer, i dont get what you want from the file manager, most have tabs18:03
auronandace!pm | libnotify18:03
ubottulibnotify: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:03
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth_
kuhnoare the ubottu commends listed somewhere?18:04
auronandace!brain | kuhno18:04
ubottukuhno: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots18:04
zykotick9!bot | kuhno18:04
ActionParsnipscott__: can you give a pastebin of the output please18:04
libnotifykuhno: is just but a BOT18:04
kuhno:D i knew there was a command for that too18:04
ActionParsniplibnotify: I never doubted yourawareness of the word, just the fact that you comitted it18:05
ActionParsniplibnotify: think18:05
scott__actionparsnip: Package handbrake is not available, but is referred to by another package.18:07
scott__This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or18:08
scott__is only available from another source18:08
scott__E: Package 'handbrake' has no installation candidate18:08
zykotick9scott__: you might want to verify the package name, "apt-cache search handbrake"18:08
ActionParsnipscott__: did the ppa add ok?18:09
gmachine_24is there any way to view a list of recently opened docs, regardless of whether they were word-processing (IE typing), a spreadsheet or whatever.18:09
n3oque hable español18:09
auronandacescott__: what version of ubuntu are you using, and what version is the ppa for?18:09
zykotick9!es | n3o18:09
ubottun3o: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:09
AferreirameloSomebody use Cinnamon in Oneric?18:09
ActionParsnipAferreiramelo: its not supported here18:10
scott__auronadace: natty : natty18:10
rajwhen adding a user, how do I give them access to sudo ?18:12
ActionParsnipraj: add them to the admin group18:12
scott__actionparsnip: handdbrake-cli  -  vesatile DVD   ripper and video transcoder - command line18:12
MonkeyDustraj  visudo18:12
AferreirameloSomeone uses Cinnamon?18:12
ActionParsnipscott__: then run:  sudo apt-get install handbrake-cli18:12
rajActionParsnip, I meant, could it be done in one shot with the adduser script?18:12
ActionParsnipAferreiramelo: its offtopic here18:12
ActionParsnipraj: sure, read:  man adduser18:13
zykotick9scott__: the handbrake-cli is command line, are you sure there isn't a handbrake-gtk (GUI)18:13
scott__actionparsnip: handbrake-gtk - versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder - GTK GUI18:13
zykotick9ActionParsnip: ;) ^18:13
ActionParsnipscott__: that too18:13
AkaSrinivasananybody there?18:14
kpas_useradd <username> -G wheel18:15
g105bHi, I'd like to allow remote root login to my server - but I don't want the password exposed - can I do this with a priv/pub key?18:15
n3oI understand18:15
zykotick9kpas_: admin group is used to determin sudo in ubuntu18:15
ActionParsnipg105b: why not use normal users and use sudo as usual?18:15