len-nbNo new iso today? Build errors? or to give time for A2 testing?00:24
knomeA2 is released already00:27
astraljavalen-nb: I don't think they are spinning images right now. It'll probably resume back to normal in a couple of days.00:49
len-nbI thought that might be the case.00:51
len-liverunning Firefrox on the live DVD, go to youtube... play a video, video area says you need a plugin, bar at top has button "install missing plugins" but video plays anyway, just fine.22:12
len-livePlugin manager says there are no plugins...22:15
astraljavaThat's sometimes a very weird feature, I must admit. But I recall seeing some bugs mentioned about it on -testing perhaps.22:20
astraljavaIt's still alpha, granted. :) I bet it'll be fixed soon, for the beta-1.22:20
len-liveI am able to install the plugin though (todays iso live) I couldn't two days ago.22:59
len-liveAfter install it is like normal22:59
astraljavaOh that's good news!22:59
len-liveI'm not sure that was clear, Install means install the plugin while running live. I have yet to try the os install.23:00
len-liveThats next.23:01
astraljavaYeah. I didn't see the bug with the status changed to Fix Released, true.23:02
len-liveInstall complete with networking enabled... looks like flash downloaded ok23:28
astraljavaGreat news!23:29
len-1204As of todays iso. install with network connected works.23:36
len-1204lightdm still needs link added.23:37
astraljavaYeah, it's not fixed, yet.23:37
astraljavaI'll try to make it this weekend.23:38
len-1204But the install is. I don't know why a fix has not been announced.23:38
len-1204I only keep saying because Scott asked me to "monitor" it.23:39
astraljavaSomeone just hasn't updated the tracker.23:40
astraljavalen-1204: You can add a comment on bug 870643 with your experiences.23:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 870643 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "package flashplugin-downloader failed to install/upgrade: wget: unable to resolve host address `archive.canonical.com'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87064323:42
astraljavaIt will help the devs, if they need testing to verify the fix, or something.23:43

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