lapubellhello fello ubuntu users06:24
lapubellanyone want to try and help me debug a FFADO jack startup error?06:24
lapubellanyone up for a FFADO jack startup error troubleshoot?06:48
lapubellmaybe later...06:51
rimpHi. Is  anyone familiar with the Sound Blaster Live Drive 2?07:28
artaoanyone live?09:57
artaoanyone live?13:55
astraljavaYes. In the future, it's better to state your business, someone can get back to you about it when they see it.13:59
artaoi'm wondering if i can boot ubuntu studio 'Live' or if I must do a full install?14:00
astraljavaartao: The devel cycle is a live image, but no stable one unfortunately yet.14:02
astraljavaartao: You can, however, use some other flavor and install studio packages in that sessioin.14:02
artaoreally? cool14:03
artaowould that work from a base debian install? or just an ubuntu install?14:03
artaoi'm testing many distros right now, but i REALLY like the app packages included in studio14:04
astraljavaDebian has different repositories, so there might be bad conflicts with package versions.14:04
artaostudio uses gnome, yes? how hard is it to change to, say, E17, xfce, or kde?14:04
astraljava11.10 uses Xfce.14:05
artaoi can have seperate users each with a different one, no?14:05
astraljavaPrevious releases used GNOME 2.14:05
astraljavaWell, for 11.10, the session management is a bit tricky.14:05
astraljavaBut before that it is very much possible.14:05
astraljava12.04 will have better features for session management, again.14:06
artaois it a rolling upgrade?14:06
astraljavaNo, but lightdm (and the greeter) is more mature this cycle.14:06
artaoi'm a little unclear how that end works .. it's been 6 - 8 yrs since i last maintained a linux install14:06
astraljavaartao: It's a bit too much trying to explain it all. Just come here for questions when you run into problems. :)14:07
astraljavaAlso, #ubuntu for just plain distro problems, and #xubuntu for Xfce-specific problems.14:07
artaoright now i'm testing debian xfce, then xubuntu, then i'll go ahead and install studio prolly14:07
astraljavaBut try this channel first.14:07
artaocool, thx14:08
artaoOH! one last thing quick .. how well does studio deal with dual-head display?14:08
artaoseveral of the distros i've tried had .. issues14:08
astraljavaWhich GPU?14:08
artaofound it difficult to set which monitor was primary14:09
artaoold .. ati x600 256M pcie14:09
astraljavaThe radeon driver is pretty good these days, so I wouldn't expect too bad problems. But then that's probably in use in other distros, too, so I might be wrong here.14:09
artaoi plan on replacing that asap. nvidia geforce, prolly gtx series .. for CUDA support in 3D apps. blender and luxrender specifically14:09
astraljavanVidia has excellent linux support.14:10
artaoi was told on #ubuntu of a 'lxrandr' to help me with that bit14:10
astraljavaI have an older 9600 GT, and their drivers are superb, as well as the management software.14:10
astraljavaxrandr, and some of its front-ends are great,  yes.14:10
artaothis is a new machine to me. got it off craigslist.14:11
artaomuch to learn. much to learn. ;)14:11
astraljavaAlways is.14:11
artaolinux has changed a bit in the last 6 - 8 yrs14:11
astraljavaKeeps you on your toes, aye. :)14:11
artaolast one i used regular was mandrake 914:11
artaoi know ..14:12
astraljavaThey had some pretty solid releases back then, I remember.14:12
astraljavaBut I've been almost solely in debian-land since Jan. '05.14:12
artaoso, wait14:13
artaoif studio uses xfce, then i can pretty much forgo checking out xubuntu and just install studio14:13
astraljavaWell, different theming.14:14
astraljavaI use Xubuntu on my laptop from work, which I'm on at the moment.14:14
astraljavaStudio only on the box I use for audio work.14:14
artaoi'm sure i'll be messing with theming anyhow14:15
astraljavaWell, right.14:15
artaothat's one thing that attracts me to studio .. the midi stuff all installed14:15
astraljavaBut it's still beneficial to know what we're basing off, if you're interested that is.14:15
artaoi am14:15
artaoi know i do NOT like gnome these days14:15
artaoused to.14:15
astraljavaGNOME 2 was great.14:20
artaook .. where in xfce do i go to set my dual-head to extend the display, not clone it?14:20
astraljavaI'm afraid you're gonna have to use xrandr for that.14:21
astraljavaThe management tools are a bit lacking, IIRC14:21
astraljavaI have a script for an external monitor at work, hang on.14:22
astraljavaxrandr --auto --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080 --right-of LVDS14:22
astraljavaThat works for me.14:22
astraljavaMake adjustments accordingly.14:22
artaodang it!! i've forgotten how to exit man on the console14:23
astraljava...to exit.14:24
* artao slaps self14:24
astraljavaCan I help with that? ;)14:24
astraljavaSorry. Can't resist the temptation at times.14:25
artaoif u must14:25
artaowell .. lxrandr is useless ... u know any other frontends for xrandr?14:29
astraljavaI think there's grandr as well.14:32
astraljavaBut, I have to get to the supermarket now. Be back in an hour or so.14:33
astraljavaGood luck!14:33
artaothx again14:33
astraljavaNo prob, happy to help.14:33
artaograndr did it14:40
artaoon reboot, grub wouldn't load. can't boot to win 7 OR ubuntu studio17:03
artaohow can i fix this?17:03
astraljavaartao: You can use an alternate install disc to repair grub, or another live-cd, mount the hard drive, and re-install grub on the MBR.17:13
artaocan i just boot with the studio dvd to fix it?17:16
artaohow do i re-install grub?17:17
artaoshould i have NOT let it go on my win 7 disk?  ... ... i assume thats where the MBR is17:17
astraljavaartao: A good article about it @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB217:18
artaojust found that and reading it17:18
artaobooting from xubuntu usb key now17:19
artaodang it!!17:20
artaothe whole install went so nice and smooth up to this point17:20
artaohow large a partition does studio require? with all the packages installed?17:21
artaomaybe i should reformat and repartition my sata drive and just reinstall win 7 and studio17:22
artaonot a thrilling idea tho17:22
astraljavaI think it's around 5 GB or so. I can't check real quick at the moment, though. Sorry.17:25
artaothat's it? wow17:26
artao<sigh> gonna go shower then attack this fresh17:40
artaoi'll use my win 7 boot disk to repair that first17:40
artaothen re-install ubuntu studio17:40
astraljavaYou don't need to reinstall the whole OS.17:45
holstein!grub2 | artao17:45
ubottuartao: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:45
holsteinthere should be detailed instructions there on recovering grub17:46
holsteinusing live CD and other methods17:46
astraljavaholstein: See about 15 lines above. :)17:46
holsteinyeah, just re-iterating17:47
holsteinreinstall if you like, but you dont need to astraljava17:47
holsteinartao: ^^17:47
* astraljava thinks many people need to astraljava17:50
artaook, better. showered, thought about it18:11
artao1st i'm gonna use my win 7 boot disk to get win 7 to boot again18:11
artaothen see what i can do about studio18:11
artaoi've been reading that grub stuff18:11
artaotried re-installing grub .. no luck18:12
artaotried with xubuntu live usb, and from studio dvd18:12
astraljavaartao: Can you pastebin your attempts?18:13
artaothe comp. i'm on here is a mere p2 .. only good for irc, astronomy, and simple simple web18:15
artaobesides, i'm not totally sure what pastebin is, or how i'd use it for this18:15
astraljava!paste | artao18:16
ubottuartao: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:16
artaoi think i misunderstood the instructions on that page18:29
artaoi boot INTO live 'nix, then use grub-install or boot repair, yes?18:29
artaorunning boot repair now. fingers crossed18:47
artaoi guess i'm glad i burned a regular standard ubuntu 11.10 dvd18:48
artao:D ;)18:48
holsteinyou can use some other boot loader.. GAG or plop18:50
holsteinsudo grub-install might fix it all though18:50
artaoi'd honestly have no idea how18:50
holsteinwhatever... depends on whats wrong18:51
ailoupdate-grub or update-grub2 should fix it18:51
artaoi think the mbr on my primary drive is gone18:51
holsteinused to really freak me out when things didnt boot, and the bootloader got borked18:51
artaowe'll see if boot-repair fixed it shortly here18:51
holsteini did some things to actually break it, and test fixed a few scenarios18:52
ailoWhat is the command to install grub? grub-install?18:52
ailoSo: sudo grub-install /dev/sda18:52
holsteinartao: i always reference that wiki18:52
artaoholy crap!18:52
holsteinartao: sorry...18:52
artaogurb came up18:52
holsteinailo: ^^18:52
holsteinall these a* nicks now :)18:53
artaono win 7 option, but i bet that can be fixed18:53
holsteinartao: try sudo update-grub first18:53
artaotoo late18:53
holsteinartao: i mean, now that you are seeing grub, and booting linux (or maybe im assuming that)18:53
holsteinsometimes that command can auto-magically fix it all :)18:54
astraljavaIs lilo still alive?18:54
holsteinnot sure... i havent heard about it for ages18:55
astraljavaYea me neither.18:55
ailoI think if you do an expert install you can choose lilo instead18:55
ailoAt least on Debian18:55
ailoUsed to be default on some distros, right?18:56
holsteini know it was.. i forget what just gave it to me... mandriva?18:56
holsteinthat was years ago though18:56
ailoI love the FOSS world. Posted about a unsatisfied dependency for pd-extended, and two days later, it's fixed18:56
artaogrub came up, i chose linux, and now i just have a black screen18:56
artaodang it!!18:56
holsteinartao: try tty's.. control+alt+F118:57
artaothinking whether there's really any reason i need both win 7 and linux on here18:57
artaoat login18:57
holsteinloging there, run sudo update-grub, reboot with sudo reboot18:57
holsteinsee that windows is showingup... boot that so you can not worry about it18:57
astraljavaailo: I think back in the day, lilo used to be the default in all distros.18:58
holsteinthen you can troubleshoot whatever graphics or kernel issue is giving you teh black screen18:58
astraljava...which is not much. Back in the day, there were only Red Hat, Slackware and Debian. :)18:58
ailoartao: When you look at the terminal after running "sudo update-grub" and you don't see Windows, try "sudo update-grub2"18:59
ailoRed Hat was my first19:00
ailoI have a strong nostalgic feeling towards it19:00
holsteinyeah, thats true... you should see the boot entries spawn there19:00
artaored hat was my 1st in the late 90s19:00
artaomandrake in the early 00s19:00
artaothen nothing til now19:00
artaothis is a new machine to me, and there's really nothing important on that primary drive19:01
artaogot it off craigslist with win 7 32 bit from a corporate network install19:01
artaoubuntu won't let me log in19:01
holsteinartao: in what way?19:01
holsteinthe black screen?19:01
artaoi'm using the credentials i created at install, i'm 100% positive19:01
artaologin incorrect19:02
holsteinyou mean ubuntustudio?19:02
ailoartao: numlock, shit-lock?19:02
holsteinyou can use the recovery console to reset it or whatever19:02
holsteinyeah, double check19:02
ailoShift-lock* hehe19:02
ailoCaps lock is what i'm looking for19:03
artaonow i'm trying to think if there's any reason i need or want to keep win 7 on the primary drive19:03
holsteinif you have a restore disc...19:03
ailoartao: I like the way you're thinking ;)19:03
artaothis is to be primarily a workstation .. i've got an xp box as my media server/game machine19:03
artaoand i have a full system image of my win 7 install19:03
artaoif i ever wanna put it back19:04
artaoi tried repairing windows from its boot disc, but it wanted to reformat the freaking drive!!!!19:04
holsteini say wipe it19:04
artaoscrew it. go for broke.19:04
artaome too19:04
holsteinid never feel comfortable19:04
artaowith abandon19:04
holsteinid want fresh, or nothing19:04
ailoThe more FLOSS, the less gross it feels to use it19:05
artaoyeah. my 'rents got it for me19:05
artaonot exactly what i'da bought myself, but hey!19:05
artaomy media server is having power supply issues you see. keeps dying19:05
artaothat's a whole nuther story tho ... not for here ;)19:06
holsteinyou can run a live CD on it and make sure ... check the memory and all that19:06
artaoso if i give studio a 40G ext4 partition, and make all my other space fat32, that should be fine, no?19:07
holsteinif you track files that are larger than fat can handle19:07
holsteini do ext2 for my tracking partitions19:07
holsteinnot sure if you are intereted in tracking though19:07
artaono, it's the power supply. i'm sure. i've run memory tests. every time it goes down, swapping power supplies fixes it. or leaving the power supply unplugged for a few days19:07
artaoi've been swapping back and forth between power supplies for several years now19:07
holsteini would let a live CD run on it just to make sure its not a windows thing19:08
artaoi'll be gettiang a new one soon. when i order a new vid card for this new machine19:08
holsteinbut, i also trip over powersupplies where i work on computers ;)19:08
artaoi booted with memtest, and other diagnostics. i've traced it quite firmly to the PS19:08
artaonever ever again will i buy an el-cheapo PS19:08
holsteini generall use el-free-o19:09
holsteinwhatever comes in and i strip for parts, or what i find in the trash19:10
astraljavaIt used to be easy. But nowadays even new-ish parts eat way too much power.19:13
astraljavaI had to _buy_ a PS four years ago. It was the first time since '97.19:14
artaoaaaaactually .. just thinking19:14
artaoi'm a'gonna unplug my external usb drive. my big one. my primary data drive19:14
artaoPRIOR to installing or re-partitioning anything19:15
artaobest laid plans and all19:15
artaowatching "Freerunner"19:16
artaopretty cheesy19:16
artaobut the freerunning is cool. impressive gymnastics!!19:16
artaothx for all yer help btw :D19:17
astraljavaDid you manage to fix it?19:17
artaonot yet19:18
artaodoing a complete wipe of the whole system19:18
artaobye bye win 719:18
artaogonna put studio on my primary sata drive19:19
astraljavaThat's the spirit.19:19
artaoas i said, i've got a system image of win 7 if i wanna put it back19:20
artaowow. freerunner is one of those movies so bad u just watch in amazement and can't turn it off19:29
artaook, what the heck. completely fresh new install. wiped and reformatted the whole machine.20:09
artaoAGAIN the black screen, so i go to console. damn thing won't let me log int!!20:10
holsteinthats a graphics card issue20:10
artaoi KNOW i'm using the credentials i created during install20:10
artaoi get that20:10
holsteinthat will likely be the same for *all* linux kernels20:10
artaoi need to use the nosetmode, right20:10
holsteinartao: thats where i would start20:10
artaobut at the ctrl/alt/f1 console, it now won't let me log in at all20:11
holsteinartao: double check20:11
holsteini hate to say that in those situations i usually find its something simple that im doing20:11
artaoalso, i only kno OF nosetmode, not how to actually use it ... i do that somehow from grub?20:11
holsteinnot that you are incorrect20:11
holsteinartao: you can.. you can also create a custom xorg.conf20:12
artaoi don't know man. i JUST set up my user/pass during install, and now it won't take it20:12
ailoIf you can't login from the console it's not a graphics issue20:12
artaocaps lock isn't different. i know i'm typing it right20:12
holsteini usually get a knoppix disk or a puppy disk, get to the desktop and steal that one20:12
holsteinartao: have you ever seen a live desktop on that machine?20:12
artaoi ran several different distros b4 installing this one20:13
holsteinyeah, i agree with ail then20:13
holsteinailo: *20:13
ailoIt's got to be something to do with the password and symbols and such20:13
holsteinsomething else is odd20:13
artaoisn't there a default login for a base linux install?20:14
artaoguest/pass or guest/user ?20:14
artaojust tried root/toor20:14
artaolinux DOES accept symbols in passwords, yes?20:15
ailoWhich version of US is this?20:15
artaoi guess i could try to install a distro i've tried that worked .. see if it's a studio this20:15
ailoOr is it regular ubuntu?20:15
artaojust grabbed it today20:15
artaothe stable version 11.1020:15
artaooneric ocelot20:15
artao... i'd like to have an ocelot companion ;)20:16
ailoHate to say it, but XFCE may have more unusual problems than other desktops, though logging in from ctrl+alt+F1 should work20:16
ailoI once had giant letters20:17
ailoIt was totally impossible to use it on that machine20:17
ailoThat was a pure XFCE thing20:17
artaoxubuntu and debian xfce ran fine20:17
artaooff usb key20:17
ailoartao: But you are seeing the login, right?20:17
ailoIt's only the password that isn't accepted?20:17
artaoi see the login, yes20:18
artaoi don't know, it doesn't say. just 'login incorrect'20:18
artaodoesn't say WHAT is incorrect .. which is good. security20:18
artaoi'm back in grub right now. i hit 'e' to edit the startup params20:18
ailoI would double check what the keyboard is set to while installing to make sure the password isn't something strange20:19
ailoIt's gotta be the password20:19
artaoi did20:19
artaook, so i'm currently 'editing' the boot script i guess20:19
holsteinyeah, try making a simpler one for the sake of testing20:20
holsteinlike password20:20
artaonot sure what all i'm seeing, but one odd thing that pops out to me is: insmod ext220:20
artaoi know i formatted it as ext420:20
artaonot to sound all hackery, but what's the default linux login ubuntu studio?20:20
artaoif that doesn't work, something is really wrong, yes?20:21
astraljavaThere is none.20:21
artaoreally? hunh20:21
astraljavaYou will have to use recovery mode in grub to change credentials.20:21
artaolinux used to set a default root and guest account, no?20:21
astraljava!root | artao20:21
ubottuartao: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:21
artaowell, back to grub20:21
artaocould that 'insmod ext2" be problematic considering the partition is ext4 ?20:22
artaoalso, this is where i'd add the 'nosetmode' right? just add that in there? at the beginning or end20:22
artaohow do u get those?20:24
holsteinartao: i dont think its a graphics issue in which you need nomodeset20:26
holsteinyou have no root account like that, we do sudo20:26
astraljavaWell, technically, root account is there, it just doesn't have a password.20:26
holsteini personally wouldnt worry about that message relating to ext20:26
artaoi mean, sure i'm trying to look thru the docs uv linked to; but web browser is PAINFULLY slow on this old notebook20:27
holsteinyeah ^^ its just different than a typical root account20:27
artaoi understand now re: root/sudo20:27
holsteini would personally unplug *all* other drives20:27
holsteini would load a live CD, xubuntu whatever20:27
holsteini would test the ram, i would want to get to a desktop and maybe run a check on the hard drive20:27
ailoIf you get as far as to the login, that means everything is loaded, except the user login20:28
holsteini would then maybe format the drive, and consider checking the md5 sum of the downloaded iso and confirming the CD burn or the USB stick creation20:28
artaoi checked the md5, good20:28
ailoThere's something screwy happening with entering the password20:28
artaoi've had no problems with any other os i've tried. just now that studio is installed ..20:29
ailoI googled a bit. Who knows, if there is a bug related to logging ing20:29
artaook. so it was mentioned i go into rescue mode to reset my user/pass20:29
artaocan i have a blank pass?20:29
artaoi'm really not concerned about system security. i'm behind a firewall20:30
astraljavaJust set it to 123456 or something.20:30
astraljavaNo special chars.20:30
astraljavaIt could be a weird locale issue or something.20:30
astraljavaAlthough I don't know of such.20:30
astraljavaBut you never know.20:30
artaook, at recovery mode prompt20:30
artaohow do i reset my account password?20:30
astraljava# passwd <user>20:31
artao'user freeman does not exist'20:32
artaothat's the account i set up during install tho. positive. 10000000%20:32
astraljavaSo something happened at user creation.20:32
astraljavaYou can just create one now.20:32
artaocan i create a user from recovery console?20:32
artaolet me guess .. user freeman ??20:32
astraljava# adduser freeman20:32
ailoNo, that won't do it20:33
ailoYou have to add some arguments, or you won't get everything set up20:33
artaoweird 'the home directory '/home/freeman' already exists. not copying ...20:34
artaoadd what arguments?20:34
ailoYou have to set up what shell is to be used and so on20:34
artaoi can just make another user and remove freeman later then20:35
ailoOtherwise you'll end up with dash instead of bash20:35
artaocould u elaborate plz20:35
astraljavaailo: Nah, all new users use /bin/bash as interactive shell, dash is just the default shell when running scripts etc.20:36
ailoastraljava: Might be it's different on a server, now that I think of it20:37
artaothat doc says 'useradd' not 'adduser' ...20:37
astraljavaCould be different /etc/skel et al.20:37
ailoYeah, probably20:37
astraljavaartao: Look closer.20:37
ailoSo, never mind20:37
artao"$ sudo useradd username -m -s /bin/bash"20:38
astraljava$ sudo adduser <username>20:38
astraljavaThat's the first given command there.20:38
artaoso that command (except 'useradd') will set me up for a successful login?20:38
astraljavaBut yeah, I'm gonna have to read up on that. Might be outdated, but hang on a sec.20:39
artaoOR ...20:39
artaohold on20:39
artaoshell reported that 'freeman' got set up. just also that /home/freeman already existed20:39
artaoi'll see if i can log in ... or will stuff be screwed up 'cause of the weird user-creation weirdness?20:40
astraljavaNah, adduser should suffice.20:40
astraljavaartao: Yeah, that was just a warning.20:40
artaoYAY ME20:41
astraljavaartao: There could be errors due to different uid.20:41
artaoi remembered the shutdown and reboot command! :D :D20:41
artaologged in at ctrl-alt-f1 shell now20:42
astraljavaartao: And you were a little quick on that. Your new user isn't in the admin group, so sudo won't work.20:42
artaogot the black screen and monitor sleep at boot20:42
artaoTHAT'S why i'll need nosetmode, ja20:43
artaoyou are correct sir20:43
artaooh boy!! what fun!20:43
artaook so back to grub and recovery mode20:43
astraljavaartao: You can check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the real causes for the blackness.20:43
artaook .. so can i get freeman into the admin group from recovery console?20:45
artaoor do i need to create a new user?20:45
artaoin either case, how please?20:45
artaothere IS no /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:47
astraljavaartao: No, you have to do that when you boot into normal mode.20:48
astraljavaIt's not there now.20:48
astraljavaBut yeah, adding the user to a group...20:49
astraljava# adduser <user> <group>20:49
artaoi tried adduser freeman admin20:51
artaono admin group20:51
astraljavaHmm... hang on a sec.20:51
artaohow do i CORRECTLY add a new user that is an admin then?20:51
astraljavaInstaller would do it, but after that, you would possibly use the GUI for it in a working installation.20:52
ailoI think admin is not there anymore?20:52
ailoTry adding yourself to sudo20:52
astraljavaBut if there is no admin group, then the user management side of the install process is really botched.20:52
ailoCheck the file /etc/group for available groups20:52
artaothat did it!20:52
astraljavaWait, what release is this?20:52
artaooneric ocelot 64 bit20:53
artaojust grabbed it today20:53
astraljava$ groups20:53
astraljavajaska adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare20:53
ailoThey changed something with that a while back20:53
astraljava$ lsb_release -r20:53
astraljavaSo, no.20:53
astraljavaThe installation is seriously screwed, and as painful as it is, I suggest you do another one.20:54
astraljavaThat's so ground-level issue right there, I am afraid there will be other very grave problems.20:54
astraljavaartao: I'm sorry you got bitten by that.20:54
astraljavaHope you have patience to give another one a go.20:54
artaoi need to hit the pharmacy b4 they close too. gotta remember that20:55
artaoi think i may try a diff distro to see if that works?20:55
astraljavaSure, we're not holding you a hostage. :)20:56
artaoif anything i'm holding YOU hostage lolZ20:56
artaothx again for yr help20:56
astraljavaNo worries. Thanks for trying US out.20:57
artaowe'll figure this out!!20:57
artaoi'm excited by all the apps included in studio20:57
artaopretty much everything I'D want to install myself .. tho you might consider including LuxRender in the future ;) ... works with Blender20:57
artaois MyPaint included?20:59
artao... back in grub20:59
artaoi hit 'e' agin to look at the launch parameter21:00
acerimmerartao: no mypaint by default but installable in seconds via software center21:00
artaogreat app .. tho it really needs a tablet21:00
artaoin this boot script, i'd wanna add that nosetmode ?21:01
artaoi'd just like to try it21:01
astraljavaartao: Yes, that is correct.21:01
artaoi also see a 'set gfxpayload=$linux_gfx_mode'21:01
artaoleave that or take it out?21:01
astraljava...although I think it's not called a script, but rather stanza or something.21:01
artaofair nuf21:02
astraljavaI wouldn't know. Just append that nosetmode to the stanza.21:02
artaois there a comment symbol?21:02
astraljava...and test it out.21:02
artaofair nuf21:02
astraljavaNo, no comments for that.21:02
astraljavaWhen you're editing the file, then comments can be added.21:02
artaounknown command 'nosetmode'21:03
acerimmerSeeking: feisty 7.04 ubuntustudio-wallpapers_0.xx_all.deb21:03
astraljavaartao: Hang on a sec.21:03
astraljavaartao: Can you see 'quiet splash' there somewhere? Add 'nomodeset' immediately after 'splash', well a white-space in between but still.21:05
astraljavaacerimmer: I saw your email. Interesting, I gotta look up where those sources are stored, if available anymore. The repositories are closed, of course, for the EOL releases.21:05
acerimmerastraljava: understood.  I was hoping that someone had archived them - especially seeking the "xmas tree" looking paper....21:06
artaoyes it was there21:06
artaoi'll go back. hold on21:07
artaowell ... this time the screen didn't go black and 'sleep' the monitors21:09
artaoBUT, all i get is a blinky cursor in the upper left corner21:09
artao"Your screen is blank, except for a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.21:10
artao> press escape21:11
artao"Nothing happens."21:11
artao> press enter21:11
artao"Nothing happens."21:11
artao> look at computer21:11
astraljavaartao: What if you hit Ctrl + Alt + F1 ?21:11
astraljavaWill it show you the TTY?21:11
artao"The computer is sitting there, minding it's own business, humming along."21:11
astraljavaCan you log in now?21:12
artaoand i can log in now21:12
artaoas sudo21:12
artaoor rather WITH sudo priviledges21:12
artaoand i am21:12
astraljavaOk, now see if you can access the /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:12
acerimmerFix for all  ubuntu problems: http://imagebin.org/19665821:12
artaoit's not there21:13
artaothat file21:13
astraljavaartao: Ok, type $ ls /var/log/21:13
astraljavaWhat do you see?21:13
artaoi'm IN /var/log, and did an ls21:13
astraljavaIs there anything resembling Xorg in any way?21:13
artaoit's not ther21:13
artaodang it!! what's the ls switch for a long list,not wide?21:14
astraljavaartao: Ok. Hang on a sec.21:14
artaosorry for the simple question21:14
artaocommand line is starting to come back21:14
artaoi should pull out my handy unix command book21:14
astraljavaSeems like you don't have xserver installed properly, which could be one additional problem on top of the missing admin group glitch.21:15
astraljavaartao: Was this an ubuntustudio install?21:15
astraljavaartao: What is the output of $ apt-cache policy ubuntustudio-desktop ?21:16
artaostrange that21:17
artaoi type ALL that as one?21:17
astraljavaWell, minus the $ and the ?21:18
astraljava$ is just used to show you don't need root privileges for that command.21:18
astraljava# if you do.21:18
artaoInstalled: (none)21:18
astraljavaAs expected.21:18
artaoCandidate: 0.9021:18
artaoVersion table:21:18
artao0.90 021:18
astraljavaartao: That's enough.21:18
astraljavaartao: Do $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:19
artao500 cdrom://Ubuntu-Studio 11.10 _Oneiric Ocelot_ - release amd64 (20111011)/ oneiric/universe amd64 Packages21:19
artaooop sorry21:19
artaowasn't looking at this scren21:19
astraljavaNo worries. :)21:20
astraljavaSeems like your sources.list isn't up-to-date either.21:20
astraljavaartao: Do $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list21:20
astraljavaAnd comment out the disc entry.21:21
astraljavaIF you have networking, that is.21:21
astraljavaIn fact, first do $ ping
astraljavaAnd tell me what you see.21:21
artaohunh. it wasn't the cd21:21
astraljavaNo need to paste all that stuff.21:21
artaospected it to get it online21:21
artaoit goes21:22
astraljavaartao: The 500 cdrom:// line told us that it finds that package only from the disc, not the online repository.21:22
astraljavaWe want to override that, and get you using the repos in the future.21:22
astraljavaThere are tons of updates since the image has been created.21:22
artao... non sequiter ... couldn't find my unix commands handbook, but i DID find "The Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide" ... pub. 199721:23
astraljavaWell, the basics haven't changed, at least much.21:23
artaothat's why i love my unix commands handbook ;)21:23
astraljavaYep. That's the beauty of GNU tools.21:24
artaosoooo ... for some reason it didn't install the GUI? or didn't install X at all? or what?21:24
astraljavaThe installer has clearly crashed at some point.21:24
artaowell .. except that GNU's Not Unix .. ;) heh heh21:24
astraljavaYeah, but most unices utilize the GNU tools heavily.21:24
astraljavaLike 'adduser'.21:25
astraljavaBut anyway, is your networking ok?21:25
artaothe installer gave no indication of any problems at all21:25
artaonot sure about the networking21:25
astraljava$ ping
artaothat apt-get .. command string wanted the dvd .. but it's going fine21:26
artaomy router indicates it's online tho21:26
astraljavaYeah, but the system might not get there.21:26
artaobut i spose that just means it's plugged in really21:26
astraljavaDid you try that ping?21:26
artaoseeing blinky lights on the router now, and the dvd light is out21:27
artaono .. it's doing the install stuff21:27
artaois it safe to jump to another console and check that?21:28
artaoavg. ping about 40 ms21:28
astraljavaOk good, your network is fine.21:29
astraljavaYou can comment out the disc entry in /etc/apt/sources.list, then.21:29
artaola la laaa21:35
artaoinstalling LOTS of stuff21:35
artaohow could the installer have failed so miserably yet appeared to go so smoothly?21:35
astraljavaartao: Those are life's endless mysteries.21:36
astraljavaWell, basically, the basic system gets installed first, of course. The seeding then continues to the more higher-level stuff. It seems that it failed somewhere in between.21:36
astraljavaAt least you got the essentials.21:37
artaoappears to be don21:40
artaogrr done21:40
artaoaltho, a somewhat alarming end message (to me)21:40
artao0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded21:40
artaoi guess i just reboot now and see?21:40
artaoor do i need to do more sudo stuff first?21:41
astraljavaNo, that was just the last command of the chain of such I wrote.21:42
astraljavaIt's fine, try to reboot now.21:42
* artao crosses his fingers21:42
artaoleft the dvd in21:43
astraljavaartao: No need. It'll get sorted. It's already really close now.21:43
astraljavaI'm just real worried about it missing the admin group.21:43
astraljavaBut oh well.21:43
artaowell, i was able to add myself to the sudo group at least21:44
artaoubuntu studio login!!21:44
artaoaaaand i've got a desktop!21:45
artaothat was fun ;)21:45
* artao hands everyone a beer21:45
astraljavaacerimmer: Do you have those links as a script with aliases, or how do you come up with them that fast? :)21:46
artaohowever, it looks like it didn't install any of the packages21:47
acerimmerastraljava: no script, just saved URL's to my fffox toolbar21:47
astraljavaartao: Not surprising, as it was missing the essential metapackage for the desktop environment.21:47
astraljavaartao: Just install any of what you want to see. -audio, -graphics, -video etc.21:47
astraljavaacerimmer: Gotcha.21:48
artaoi use synaptic, yes?21:48
artaoi just learned to use it i have to 'sudo synaptic' from console21:48
astraljavaartao: Or better yet, do $ gksudo synaptic21:49
astraljavagksudo for all GUI applications.21:49
astraljavasudo for cli21:49
astraljavaIt works in most cases, but in some rare ones, it sets your environment correctly so everything works exactly right.21:50
astraljavaErr... that came out wrong. It _always_ sets your environment correctly, which in some cases is essential for the right usage of that application.21:50
artaowait wait wait21:51
artaothis is all individual packages21:51
astraljavaWhat is?21:51
artaoisn't there a way to install the 'whole set'?21:51
artaoin synaptic21:51
artaolike in the installer?21:51
astraljavaartao: Yes. If you do a search in synaptic for ubuntustudio, you will see all the relevant metapackages.21:51
artaoi don't wanna hafta fiddle with configuring all that21:51
astraljavaWhen you install those metapackages, they depend on the actual individual packages for the applications you want to use.21:52
artaocool. thx21:52
artaobut they get automatically installed, yes?21:52
artaowith those ubuntustudio packages i mean21:52
astraljavaWhen you install the metapackages, yes.21:53
artaoany comments on running E17 with studio?22:04
artaoor kde?22:04
acerimmerartao: can be done but be aware that xfce is the default22:04
artaoand i'm ok with that22:05
artaojust kinda like to play with those others a bit too22:05
artaoeach user can have its own DE, yes?22:05
acerimmerartao: consider virtual box.  You can play, break, install to your heart's content without risking your main installation22:06
artaosounds interesting22:07
artaosay, how up-to-date is the included blender 3d? .. they've got a ridicu-fast dev cycle22:07
artao2.62 should be coming out this month22:08
acerimmerartao: can't say when it will hit the repos, but you can always build from source22:08
artaowell, i could TRY22:09
artaoanyhow, they've got an official linux build on their website22:09
artaoAND graphical.org has LOADS of alternate/updated/expanded/optimized builds22:10
artaoaltho i am aware i'd prolly get the BEST performance building it on MY machine22:10
artaoi did it once before, but i'm not very confident these days in compiling myself22:10
artaoholy crap!! it's still got 2.58!!22:11
artaowell, i can fix that22:11
acerimmerartao: ...and it begins.  LOL!  Seriously, you might wish to keep a log of your updates, installs and modifications.  Just in case.  Also, imho, ubuntu life is MUCH less stressful if one sticks with LTS releases.22:14
artaowhat is LTS?22:14
artao... oops22:14
artaojust crashed my machine22:14
ubottuartal: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)22:15
artaothat's what i get for trying to sculpt at 7 subdivision levels22:15
artaotoo late. already 11.1022:15
artaocrappy gfx card .. grr22:17
artaocan't wait to upgrade taht sucker22:17
artaomy OLD machine has a better card!! agp tho .... and x800 512M instead of x600 256M ... ATI both22:17
artaogonna go with geforce next .. for the CUDA22:17
artaoback up now22:18
artaoOMG!! look at all those beautiful beautiful apps!!22:18
artaonow to learn what they all DO!! hee hee heeeeeee22:18
artaofun with synths!!22:19
artaowell then. pharmacy22:33
artaothanks again folks!! you were very very helpful and understanding and patient with me22:33
astraljavaWell, we want more minions^Wusers. :D22:34
astraljavaGood that you got things working.22:34
astraljavaEnjoy your Studio.22:34
artaomuch to explore22:36
artaocurious: is there something included where I can use my 4 axis joystick as a MIDI controller?22:36
artaoi used to do that under XP22:36
acerimmerartao: plug it in .  it might work outathebox22:37
astraljavaI have no idea. I'm more of an integrator, not really a heavy-user (yet)22:37
artaoMUCH to explore looks like22:37
artaoone more ? .. can xfce 'do' desktop gadgets/gizmos/whathaveyou?22:38
astraljavaartao: Those are the kind of questions that might be better answered over at #xubuntu. Of course there might be people here who know that stuff, but there's more likely to run across people who have longer experience with Xfce DE.22:40
artaok. cool22:40
astraljavaAfter all, 11.10 was the first release of Studio to be based on Xubuntu.22:40
artaofair nuf22:40
artaoit IS snappy!!22:41
ubottuartao: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels22:41
artaowell, i'm out for now22:41
artaoi'm sure i'll be back22:41
astraljavaOk. Hope to see you soon. :)22:41
artaoand already a question a thought of on my errand22:57
artaoI see now there IS an admin account ... SHOULD I add myself to that group, and if so how?22:57
artaothe GUI user admin panel wants root pass .. and i've learned there is none22:58
astraljavaYeah, that might not work very well at the moment.22:58
artaodon't know what to run as 'sudo' to bring that same panel up22:58
astraljavaYou can do it in terminal. $ sudo adduser freeman admin22:58
artaoof course22:58
astraljavaIf that was your user. I might recall wrongly.22:58
astraljavaOk. Now the thing is, I'd want to remove it from the sudo group. Remember, if it somehow stops working with the sudo command after that, you can always add it back from the recovery mode.23:01
artaoand i'd do that how?23:03
astraljavaHang on.23:03
astraljava$ sudo deluser freeman sudo23:06
artaoseems i can still do stuff23:07
astraljavaartao: The change will come to effect after a log out / log back in.23:08
artaothat's cool23:08
astraljavaIf you do `groups` in terminal now, you'll still see it there.23:08
artaoi need to re-attach my external usb hd anyhow now23:08
artao#xubuntu says 'no' to gizmos etc..23:15
artaooh well23:15
artaoi was likin those under win 723:15
artaoand yeah, upon reboot appears to work fine23:16
astraljavaYeah well, Xfce has considerably smaller development resources than Microsoft. *blink* *blink*23:16
artaosynaptic popped right up after i gave it my pass .23:16
artaowell, i understand that23:16
artaoi know E17 and kde can23:16
astraljavaartao: Try again the Users and Groups utility. I just checked, and for me it isn't asking for root's password, but my own.23:17
artaoyep. works23:17
artaoregarding blender 3d23:23
artaothat's something i'll be updating quite regularly23:24
artaoactually, i normally have 3 or 4 versions installed23:24
artaoi should be putting those in my own /usr/bin ??23:24
artaoi can put the official build in the /bin tho, yes?23:24
astraljavaartao: That's not really how things work in linux.23:24
artaoplease elaborate23:25
artaoi know others run multiple installs under linux23:25
astraljavaIf you want to have several different ones installed at the same time, you'd be better off prefixing at configure time a distinct location for each.23:25
artaowell, for the downloads, there IS no actual istaller .. they come as tarballs23:25
astraljavaartao: Exactly. You need to compile them.23:26
artaono no. they're executables23:26
artaoi've already used one under regular ubuntu23:26
astraljavaOk, so you should then put them under $HOME/bin/23:27
astraljavaAdd that location to your $PATH, so you don't have to type the whole path each time.23:27
artao$HOME being /usr/freeman ?23:28
astraljava$HOME being /home/freeman23:28
astraljavaTry it out in terminal: $ echo $HOME23:28
artaoahhhh multi-head ... thank you grandr23:31

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