astraljavaAre recommends installed by default these days? gnome-panel might do it, if yes.00:51
knomeyup, they are00:51
knomesince what, few releases at least...00:51
astraljavaWell, there you have it, then.00:52
knomeadd it to the comments, then ;)00:52
knomewell, i suppose i know it being gnome-panel00:52
astraljavaI don't care, I won't need it. :)00:52
astraljavaAnd I'm not _that_ karma-hungry. :D00:53
micahgknome: that's why we don't ship it03:13
knomeship what?03:14
micahgit needs a file from gnome-menus to function, that's why it does that03:15
knomedoes gnome-menus pull unity? :P03:15
micahgwait, it's gnome-panel that does it, idr, what the issue was, we went through it last cycle03:16
knomewhatever it is, i think this should be fixed03:16
micahgnot sure if that's possible, we have to see why gnome-panel is a recommends03:17
knomemm, sure03:18
knomejust added a bug to be able to follow up on that03:18
pleia2I think I'd rather have people submit bugs against the website (rather than email -devel)03:20
* pleia2 works on doc03:21
knomepleia2, fine by me03:21
knomedidn't really think of that03:21
pleia2https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+filebug ftw03:21
j1mcxubuntu alpha 222222! yeay.03:23
knomeugh nvm that one03:23
Unit193knome: I just hate when they subscribe a list03:23
knomej1mc, wow, that's a lot of alphas!!! did we skip the first 222221 ?03:23
pleia2made a couple little edits, but I think it's great otherwise, thanks knome :)03:23
knomeway too late :((03:25
* micahg wonders if a mouche is a shorter version of a moustache03:27
knomeor mouse+touch?03:27
pleia2knome: soon it'll be early!03:28
knomeanyway, going to bed :)03:28
knomeyeah i know! :(03:28
j1mcknome: you have gotten done more than you know.03:28
pleia2good night :)03:28
j1mcgood night, knome 03:28
knomej1mc, always ;)03:28
knomenini and have a nice day you lot03:28
pleia2it is done :D!!!!06:05
Unit193Now I can ping you again if I see errors ;)06:06
pleia2report bugs!06:06
Unit193I hate that :(06:07
Unit193It's owned bt Canonical? Alrighty06:07
Unit193So, can you hotlink/tag the FAQ for direct link? (As in http://www.xubuntu.org/news/faq-1110-oneiric#compiz or #menus)06:11
pleia2not as it's written now06:11
Unit193Darnie (And I'm giving you less congrats and more questions :( )06:12
pleia2Unit193: I am going to bed soon :P06:21
Unit193So I should stop looking at the pages?06:21
pleia2maybe give us a day to celebrate before more work?06:22
pleia2filing bugs would be good, I can look at those as I have time06:22
Unit193Yes ma'am! I'll see if I can force astraljava to "find" them ;)06:23
pleia2finding bugs on the site is helpful, I appreciate it, but I really am headed to bed, long day06:24
Unit193Have a good rest! (Danit, found deadlinks :...( )06:25
pleia2bug report!06:25
pleia2good night06:25
* pleia2 fails at sleep07:45
pleia2Unit193: shoot07:45
Unit193Wrong channel.... And ready/wanting to kill?07:45
pleia2right channel! we do web devel here too :)07:46
Unit193http://pastebin.com/CTFN83cK my basic notes :P07:47
pleia2thanks :)07:48
pleia2doh, it's ubuntu-docs07:48
Unit193Err... Forget the last part....07:48
pleia2I don't actually know how we do translations07:48
Unit193I went like a monkey and clicked links 'til Aurora got slow :D07:48
pleia2want me to just submit bugs as I encounter ones I don't know how to fix myself, or would you like the bug submitting fun?07:50
Unit193I really hate it, but I'll do it as I really should :/07:50
Unit193I'm supposed to help, not just dump on others :P07:51
pleia2thank you :)07:51
pleia2submit one about the rosetta link, I don't know if we use that, or what the proper alt url is07:51
Unit193Anything I can actually help with?07:53
* pleia2 hunts down https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Documentation/Wiki/ToDo07:53
pleia2that wasn't so bad, all sorted :)07:57
pleia2we're actually going to rewrite all the contribute/ stuff and do a sweep of the Xubuntu/* stuff on the wiki, lots of scattered information07:58
Unit193Bug #925912 not really the best, but reported07:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925912 in Xubuntu Website "On the "Translation and Localization" page, "Rosetta translation system" redirects" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92591207:59
Unit193You also could have made me hunt for it like I should have :P08:00
pleia2thanks for reporting it :)08:07
Unit193Yeppers, now I'm not sure if I should try to find more, or ignore them ;)08:08
Unit193(Though, I'm pretty sure I was supposed to do this before :P )08:08
knomeUnit193, fixed09:36
Unit193Heyhey! Quick one09:36
=== knome changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | WE'RE LIVE! | Support at #xubuntu | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu | Bugs List: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Bugs/PrecisePangolin | Daily Testing results: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds
knomefixed at http://www.xubuntu.org/contribute/translating/ ;]09:37
Unit193Heh, that's an interesting link09:37
knomeok, i'm off. keep filing bugs if you hit them, and i'll fix them later today if possible09:53
Unit19304:59 I'm not even looking09:59
astraljavaUnit193: Well, I could take a look at it on w3m.11:24
astraljavaUnit193: Why do you hate filing bugs?11:25
pleia2knome: want me to publish the website blog post?16:57
knomei was just about to do that when my nose started dripping on blood ;)17:03
pleia2no fun!17:05
knomeyeah, not really17:05
pleia2updating the feed for planet17:05
knomeso yeah, it's fine :)17:05
knometo publish, i mean ;)17:05
knomemaybe come up with an interesting title17:06
knome"An adventure near too far!"17:06
knomeor so17:06
knometry to make the latest news a bit more lively17:06
knomenot just "Xubuntu nn released"17:06
knomesometimes returns "page not found" ...17:10
knomereplied to the RT ticket17:21
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
pleia2Finally, thanks to the following people who helped make this happen: Pasi Lallinaho (knome), Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2), Mad Nick (madnick), Bruno A. Benitez (GridCube), Phil Whitaker (beardygnome) and Steve Dodier (SiDi)17:26
pleia2is that everyone?17:26
knomeSimon Steinbeiß (ochosi)17:27
knome... and all the others who helped us testing the site or gave any feedback.17:28
pleia2oh yes, Unit193 over there17:28
knomeheh :)17:28
pleia2Pasi Lallinaho (knome), Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2), madnick, Bruno A. Benitez (GridCube), Simon Steinbeiß (ochosi), Phil Whitaker (beardygnome), Unit193, Steve Dodier (SiDi) and all the others who helped us testing the site or gave any feedback.17:29
knomelooks great17:29
pleia2I still don't have a title :)17:30
pleia2I don't think we want it to be *too* abstract17:30
knomeheh ;)17:30
knomeRefreshing the web-presence17:31
knomeor sth17:31
pleia2it was more than a refresh, whole redevelopment17:32
pleia2Redeveloping the web presence ;)17:32
knomeBringing the web presence to 201217:33
pleia2I think that's good17:33
pleia2should it be "the" or "our"?17:34
knomeour is better17:34
pleia2"Bringing Our Web Presence to 2012"17:34
knomeif you want to be american, then yes ;P17:34
pleia2haha, the capitalization?17:34
knomeyeah, that17:34
knomei think we might need to think the "official" norm17:35
pleia2looks like we've not done so many capitals in the past, so I won't be american17:35
knomeheh, yeah17:35
pleia2"Bringing our web presence to 2012" it is!17:35
knomeheh, just noticed "News Links" vs "Quick links" ;)17:36
knomei'll fix that17:36
pleia2that would be me again with the News Links :)17:36
pleia2ok, publishing!17:36
knomeWOOO! :)17:37
pleia2ah, we like xubuntu.org rather than www.xubuntu.org? I updated wp.xubuntu.org in the wordpress config last night to be www.xubuntu.org17:38
knomeawwh :)17:38
knomewell, it's not a biggie17:38
knomethough i prefer non-www. links17:38
pleia2I can drop the www. in wordpress17:38
knomei wasn't sure if that was a WP or redirect issue17:38
knomecould've been both17:38
knomekhihi ;)17:39
pleia2it doesn't redirect you to either one and in wordpress it goes to www17:39
pleia2ok, fixed, you will probably need to log in again17:39
knomei fixed some of the capitalization stuff17:39
knomedo we have screenshots for the tour?17:40
pleia2can grab from https://www-admin.xubuntu.org17:40
knomeand/or actually: should we strive to have a slideshow with the ubiquity-slides17:41
pleia2gah, all our image links re being broken17:41
knomei mean, that shouldn't be too hard with the slideshow plugins17:41
knomethey are not.17:41
knomethey just don't ALWAYS17:41
pleia2annoying thing17:41
knomehuh. i might have solved a long-standing bug17:45
knomewell, let's say triaged17:45
knomei'm not sure how to fix that, but once i do, we need an another update for the website17:45
knome(sometimes the slideshow advances too fast, that's because jquery is kind of enqueuing the transitions while you look into another tab)17:46
knomeso the longer you stay away from the tab, the more times the slideshow advances automatically in a really short time17:46
knomenow i need to see if i can get information on if we are actually looking or not17:46
pleia2ah, I assumed it was just my browser being weird :)17:47
knomeheh, me too.17:48
astraljavaYeah, we've all wondered about pleia2's browser.17:48
GridCube_from #xubuntu: [15:24] <ParkerR> Just wanted to say I'm in love with Xubuntu :D18:25
Unit193Heh, I'm the only one without a name :P19:02
pleia2madnick too19:02
pleia2I secretly know your name, but I am under the assumption that it was given in confidence (holiday card)19:03
astraljavaIt's not a secret when google knows about it.19:07
Unit193Yes, yes it was19:09
Unit193pleia2: I'm going to assume you looked up last too :P19:09
knomehahah, that would've been the xubuntu mistake of the decade19:27
knome"oops, your name is now on our website - and google"19:28
GridCube_they have the old logo tho :P21:36
pleia2we had the old logo until yesterday ;)21:38
GridCube_mmm i've seen the new logo on every boot since 11.10 :P21:39
knomepleia2, don't do as we do, do as we say21:39
knomedamn that infian chicken we prepared was good21:40
astraljavainfian? Something like martian, but... not quite?21:41
knomei secretly put it a bit of extra chili21:41
astraljavaLooks like it was good, but it might have gone bad.21:42
knomeit could have had yet a bit more chili21:43
knomeor lots more21:43
astraljavaSure, but spices were only added to camouflage the fact the meat had gone bad.21:44
astraljavaYou'd still get the symptoms.21:44
knomewell, the chicken had the last use date today21:44
astraljavaNot if you asked her.21:45
knomenow you lost me :)21:45
astraljavaThe chick.21:45
astraljavaI'm sure she'd have disagreed.21:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel

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