knomeBug #92580100:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925801 in alacarte (Ubuntu) "Installing alacarte installs half of GNOME" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92580100:00
pjotterI use the standard Xubuntu Software thing. I did enable "http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu partner" in Sources. Maybe I shouldn't have done that?00:00
knomethat's not the problem00:00
knomethe problem exists in the recommends of the alacarte package00:01
pjotterSo everything that comes through teh Software centre should be ok, then?00:01
knomethat's a known bug, or whatever it should be called :)00:01
knomeyeah. they should be fine, and shouldn't have too big surprises00:01
knomeexcept alacarte....00:01
pjotterI seem to be a bug magnet.00:02
knomeyou should start filing bugs then ;)00:02
pjottermaybe :)00:02
knomeeasier to fix them if we know about them00:02
pjotterI haven't done it so far. Most oif the bugs I have encountered had already been filed.00:03
knomeyup :) you can always mark that they affect you too, so they'll get more "heat"00:03
knomeor add comments, if you think you can add something to help fixing it00:04
pjotterYeah, I probably should do that.00:04
knomethanks, that would help us a lot :)00:04
pjotterI also installed Compiz. I reckon that will also install a lot of gnome stuff?00:05
knomei'm not so sure, but i wouldn't be too worried if it installed some. :)00:05
pjotterNot that I am that much of a fan of Compiz. But I just wanted to see if the videodriver, I compiled and installed worked.00:06
pjotterThat is not really a bug. But When I do a clean install of Xubuntu and it suggest the prop. driver, the thing just crashes. Appearently I have the dreaded ATI gfxcard that just don't work very well with Ubuntu. So I had to install it manually. And that one worked fine. But I guess that sort of thing gets corrected in the new version?00:08
knomeif you file a bug, maybe... :)00:09
pjotterI lokked. It was already filed :)00:09
knomehih, okay. then maybe :)00:09
pjotterBut anyway. I am very happy with Xubuntu. It is just the thing for me. Not too fancy. Just a lean and clean OS. Still with an "oldschool" interface that has a BROWSABLE MENU! :D00:12
pjotterWhy is LXMenuEditor not in the default repo's?00:16
knomeprobably so new00:17
pjotterOk, thanks you all for you help! I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I'll take a look at the LXMenuEditor.00:23
pjotterO dear, what awfull spelling! Sorry for that! I must really go to bed.00:24
knomenight pjotter00:27
srtangothis irc its a little quiet00:57
srtangoi come here00:57
srtangoi need help00:57
srtangoits something about xfce00:57
srtangoand compiz00:57
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:58
srtangoi got the problem, when i start compiz with compiz button i use for a few minutes and more late my system get freeze, i got geforce 8200 onboard with the recomended driver.01:00
Unit193Normally they recommend compiz --replace, but I've not used it01:01
srtangoi try this command but i dont find solutions01:01
bazhangtry #compiz on freenode here as well01:04
srtangoahhh. ok, i come here because here are users that use compiz with xfce, but thanks i gonna find the answer01:05
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srtangohi or hola01:37
needhelp23231hi everyone02:05
needhelp23231can anyone help me ?02:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:06
needhelp23231im trying to install openssh-server but it seems i fait at it02:06
knomefail how? what's the error message? (if it's multiline, use pastebin)02:07
needhelp23231ok sec02:08
needhelp23231my wireless mouse doesnt work now02:09
needhelp23231lol sec02:09
Unit193You can also look at https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html02:10
needhelp23231knome: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827194/02:12
Unit193Did you run   sudo apt-get update   before?02:14
needhelp23231few times02:14
needhelp23231Unit193: when i run update it says this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/827199/02:15
needhelp23231Unit193: its the two last lines02:17
Unit193Are you using lucid?02:18
Unit193And where did that little knome go...02:18
knomechatting in offtopic02:19
needhelp23231Unit193: u here ? i got another question too :D02:19
knomeneedhelp23231, sudo apt-get check ?02:19
needhelp23231knome: u?02:20
knomeneedhelp23231, try that command in termianl02:20
needhelp23323knome Unit193  you still here ? i got d/c02:21
knomeyes, we are here02:22
Unit193However, I am not02:22
knomecan you pastebin the complete output of 'sudo apt-get check'?02:22
needhelp23323i did aupdate02:22
needhelp23323and i got this02:22
needhelp23323Unit193: when i run update it says this : ahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/827199/02:22
knomeneedhelp23323, please run 'sudo apt-get check'. that will diagnose the problem02:23
needhelp23323knome: ok i runned it02:23
Unit193Yes, you did say that, I asked if you were running lucid and knome said "sudo apt-get check ?" (then try runnning in term)02:23
needhelp23323and it didnt output an error02:23
knomehave you enabled a PPA for openssh-server?02:24
needhelp23323knome: i got another question, what would be a faster desktop for my netbook (xubuntu netbook edition) GNOME or ubuntu netbook edition desktop ?02:24
knomeprobably xubuntu, but there is no "xubuntu netbook edition".02:25
needhelp23323idk it says so02:25
needhelp23323forgive me if im wrong , kinda new to linux02:25
knomeno problem, there just isn't a "netbook version" of xubuntu02:25
needhelp23323ok then its ubuntu netbook edition02:26
needhelp23323so what would be faster? gnome or UNE desktop ?02:26
needhelp23323cuz its really weak netbook02:26
needhelp23323it has 1.6ghz cpu and 1gb ram02:26
knomei have no idea, haven't used either. UNE is probably better, since the visuals are designed for netbooks.02:26
knomeapart from that, i can't help you in that issue02:27
needhelp23323what about the ssh server ?02:27
needhelp23323i installed linux ubuntu edition because when i bought this netbook they installed windows7 on it02:28
needhelp23323and it was reallly sloww02:28
needhelp23323now its not TOO slow02:28
knomeokay first of all, slow down02:28
knomeand listen to what i'm asking :)02:28
knomedid you enable a PPA for openssh-server ?02:28
needhelp23323idk whats that PPA02:29
knomeyour apt-get is telling it's unable to load a key for a PPA02:29
knomehave you edited /etc/apt/sources.list manually?02:30
needhelp23323i only added the warmux game into it02:30
needhelp23323from the ubuntu software center02:31
needhelp23323u want me to give u the output of 'sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list' ?02:32
knomesure, that would be helpful :)02:33
knomethat ppa comes from somewhere else02:35
needhelp23323Unit193: is a directory02:36
needhelp23323cant use 'cat' on it02:36
Unit193I know that, that's why I put a slash after :P02:36
needhelp23323knome: http://paste.ubuntu.com/827208/02:38
knomei'm still wondering how those can fail the openssh-server installation02:39
needhelp23323yeah this is weird :(02:39
needhelp23323i guess02:39
knomeyou can try commenting out the ppa's in those .list files02:40
knomeand trying update again02:40
knomecommenting out == add a # in start of every line with a URL02:40
needhelp23323should i just re-install ubuntu02:41
knomeif you end up in the same situation, that doesn't help much, does it?02:41
needhelp23323idk how to comment a ppa list =\02:42
knomeopen the .list -files in a text editor02:42
knomeand add a # in the beginning of every line with a URL02:42
needhelp23323you mean the /erc/apt/sources.list ?02:42
knomethe files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:44
needhelp23323how do i exit the 'nano' editor02:44
knomectrl+o to save, ctrl+x to exit02:44
knome(ctrl+o and enter)02:45
needhelp23323im trying to do it02:45
needhelp23323it wont exit02:45
knomectrl+o and it asks where to save02:46
knomethen press enter02:46
knomethen ctrl+x to exit02:47
knomenote that you should run with 'sudo nano ...'02:47
needhelp23323nope it doesnt ask me anything02:47
needhelp23323maybe because i have another language installed in my ubuntu02:47
knomeyou can edit the files with any other editor as well02:47
needhelp23323it just output a letter from that language02:47
knomeeg 'sudo gedit ...'02:47
Unit193gksudo gedit, or gksudo leafpad02:48
needhelp23323knome: those files in the directory http://paste.ubuntu.com/827208/ , theyre the files of the game 'warmux' and the browser 'chrome' nope ?02:49
knomeyes, but those seem to be the problem, or at least we're ruling out the probability they are02:50
needhelp23323knome: so i should only edit the files with the .list extesion or the .save too ?02:51
knomeonly .list02:52
needhelp23323after we check it should i un-comment em ?02:52
needhelp23323k i commented 'em02:53
knomeif they are not the problem, yes, you can then uncomment them02:53
knomenow try 'sudo apt-get update' and then installing openssh-server02:53
ucbishopi was wondering if anyone could help me.  im trying to get a wireless modem/router to dial into my pc.02:53
needhelp23323k i commented 'em, now what should i do ?02:54
ucbishopi have read the documentation, but it does not work.02:54
knomeneedhelp23323, run 'sudo apt-get update' and then try installing openssh-server again, as i said02:54
needhelp23323oh i missed what u said02:54
needhelp23323this client is un-colorful02:55
needhelp23323knome: i still cant install openssh-server02:55
needhelp23323same error02:56
knomecan you pastebin the complete error?02:56
needhelp23323i think it tells me to install openssh-client first ?02:57
needhelp23323oh it says broken packages02:57
knomehmh. you could of course try to install openssh-client first...02:59
needhelp23323it wont be a waste of HDD space ?02:59
knomeno, i think that will be installed anyway03:00
knomethat should be installed by default though, i think...03:00
needhelp23323ok when i run the install command itsays openssh-client is already the newest version03:00
knomesudo apt-get upgrade?03:01
needhelp233230upgraded 0 newly installed03:01
knomei'm out of ideas for now...03:02
knomeUnit193, ?03:02
Unit193Try: sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get clean03:04
needhelp23323what it does ?03:04
Unit193After that, try upgrade again03:05
knometries to fix the broken packages03:05
Unit193knome: Also, try switching him from that local repo to another one03:05
knomeor actually, just reconfigure everything :)03:05
knomeit's 5am o.o03:05
knomeand i need to wake up in 6 hours..03:05
needhelp23323Unit193: k i done all03:06
needhelp23323now what?03:06
mbrown9412awesome, it worked. do you guys know what the minimum clock speed is for 11.10?03:07
needhelp23323knome: where u from ?03:07
knomeneedhelp23323, finland03:07
needhelp23323weird , its 5am here too03:07
knomembrown9412, it's one minute in minute03:07
mbrown9412well, processor speed03:07
Unit193needhelp23323: That help any?03:08
knomejust kidding;)03:08
needhelp23323Unit193: nope03:08
mbrown9412brain fart on the term03:08
mbrown9412: D03:08
knomembrown9412, probably something more than 50003:08
mbrown9412i have an old emac, and its too slow to even start03:08
needhelp23323knome: how come we have the same time zone lol03:09
mbrown9412so im going to try changing the variable with open frameworko03:09
knomeneedhelp23323, that happens :)03:09
mbrown9412emac is 1ghz, so more than that?03:09
needhelp23323knome: maybe u lied Xd cause our countries very far03:10
knomembrown9412, i think that should work :)03:10
knomeneedhelp23323, err. countries north/south from each other can share the timezone.03:11
mbrown9412well it at least thinks 1 is too slow. it prints "LOAD-SIZE is too small"03:11
knomembrown9412, hmmh.03:11
Unit193Welp, you can change your sources location, could be out of sync03:11
Unit193knome: You want to help him do that? :P03:11
knomei'm still trying to get to bed :)03:12
Unit193!chrepo |Right one? :P03:13
ubottuRight one? :P: Enable the standard Ubuntu repositories by going to System > Administration > Software Sources - See !repositories for detailed information03:13
needhelp23323Unit193 , knome  thats weird because its fresh ubuntu , just installed few hours ago03:13
mbrown9412a la: http://blandname.com/2008/07/29/install-mac-os-x-leopard-on-a-g4-800mhz-quicksilver/03:14
knomeneedhelp23323, just for future reference, this is the *Xubuntu* support channel03:16
knomeneedhelp23323, there is more people at #ubuntu03:16
knomeneedhelp23323, and that's the correct channel for *Ubuntu* support03:16
needhelp23323i know03:17
needhelp23323but i cant send messages to this channel03:17
needhelp23323it says : cannot send : #ubuntu03:17
holsteinneedhelp23323: quit and rejoin the channel... i dont see you in there03:21
needhelp23323holstein: it wont let me enter03:23
knomeneedhelp23323, that's because you are banned from the channel03:23
holsteinyeah... that'll do it03:23
knomeneedhelp23323, please join #ubuntu-ops03:24
blastedxhi guys, I'm really new to Ubuntu and IRC, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong05:27
blastedxbut I could use a little help with something if someone doesn't mind05:27
holsteinblastedx: no worries.. just go ahead and ask :)05:27
blastedxok cool, thanks lol05:27
blastedxi've just installed Xubuntu a couple hours ago and got it all working05:28
blastedxi had some trouble with the wifi and eventually found some helpful instructions but...05:28
blastedxI need to reinstall the driver everytime i log on05:28
blastedxis that normal for ubuntu?05:28
holsteinwell, its not normal for what i have encountered with the hardware im using.. how did you install what driver for what device on what machine running what verion of xubuntu?05:30
blastedxOk, I've got a home built Frankenputer, with a Gigabyte board the g31m-es2l, my WiFi adapter is a Linksys AE1000 and I found a driver for it and some install instructions, one sec and I'll get the file name of the driver and I'll copy the instructions i followed05:32
blastedxHere is the driver, it came as a zip file     2010_0915_RT3572_Linux_STA_v2.4.0.205:33
holsteinyeah, i need to see the link05:33
blastedxand the 3 commands I entered to use it   make05:33
blastedxsudo make install05:33
blastedxsudo modprobe rt3572sta05:33
holsteinif you have it05:33
blastedxoh the link, um I dont have it, i DL'd it with my other PC05:34
holsteinim not sure where you got that driver though.. there should be a readme somewhere05:35
holsteinyou can script anything you need at startup though05:35
blastedxi guess it's a repack or something, i really know nothing at all about ubuntu lol05:35
holsteini say, if you are new, just deal with it for a bit, and something will materialize for you05:36
blastedxhaha probably pretty decent advice actually05:36
blastedxis everything done with these "sudo" commands?05:36
holsteinblastedx: sudo allows you to run things as root pretty much05:36
holsteinroot is allowed to do anything05:37
holsteinthats what i personally really like about *nix's like linux and *buntu05:37
blastedxoh i get it, i made my user an admin user though, shouldn;t that do the same thing?05:37
holsteinthats one place where the security we always talk about really shines05:37
holsteinblastedx: how did you make your user an admin?05:38
holsteinyou mean a sudoer?05:38
blastedxUh... 1 sec, i gotta go retrace my steps lol, unfamiliar territory  :)05:38
holsteinblastedx: again.. i say do what you like, and learn as you go, but, take it easy to05:38
holsteinyou can come here *first* and say "im lookin at making my user an admin"05:39
holsteinand i can tell you why you shouldnt do that05:39
blastedxok, i went to the little button in the corner, hit settings, then users, and changed my account type05:39
holsteininstead of dealing with the potential security issues you could be coming up with05:39
blastedxwhy shouldnt i though? I'm always open to good advice05:39
holsteinand the system instabilities that *could* be causing the driver issue05:39
blastedxoh sorry, lol im typin too slow05:39
holsteinblastedx: its better to ask, why should you?05:40
holsteinwhy should your normal user be allowed to execute code as root?05:40
blastedxthat synaptic doodad keeps saying that it's opening without admin priveleges and won't let me make changes05:40
holsteina simple web browser then becomes a window to your entire system05:40
blastedxi see what you mean05:40
holsteinblastedx: you come here and ask05:41
holsteinyou can run in a terminal..05:41
holsteingksudo synaptic05:41
blastedxwhat does the gk mean?05:41
blastedxas opposed to just sudo05:41
holsteinyou *dont* want to be running anything more than necessarly as root05:41
holsteinblastedx: think of that as grahpical sudo05:41
blastedxoh like a gui?05:41
holsteinsynaptic is a GUI05:42
holsteinand you want to run that as root05:42
holsteinsudo synaptic will work fine as well though05:42
Unit193http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo explains it well05:42
Unit193Better to do gksudo05:42
blastedxoh ok cool, i'll check that link out05:42
holstein*not* running everything as admin is really the first thing that give linux the edge over some of the other OS's such as windows05:43
holsteinnot that you cant do that in windows, its just more challenging and easier to get around05:43
blastedxalright, thanks for the help buddy  :)05:44
holsteinblastedx: sure :)05:44
blastedxI'm gonna go cruise some forums05:44
blastedxsee ya next time05:44
pjotterHello everybody. I am testing Xubunt to see if I like it. One thing I noticed is the behaviour of dragging and dropping files on the desktop and in thunar differs from most distributions. When I drag and drop a file into a folder, it is copied instead of moved. Is this standard behaviour or a bug? And is there a way to change that?09:54
NQTropicpjotter, don't really see it as a problem10:00
pjotterNo, I don' t. But I am just wondering if this is the way it is designed. Or if it is some bug?10:01
Unit193pjotter: You can search for bug reports on launchpad, but hitting shift works10:01
pjotterYes, I just noticed :)10:02
pjotterIt is just a different way of operating for me.10:02
pjotterI was used to default 'moving' files while dragging and dropping them10:02
pjotterBut I can get used to this, I guess.10:03
pjotterHello everyone. I am just testing Xubuntu at the moment and I noticed that Thunar has some really weird behaviour. Especially when dragging dropping files from en to the desktop. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it don't. Sometimes the folder is copied, then ,all over sudden the folder, is moved. At one point I also couldn't  create new files or folders anymore. It just didn't work. I woulod like to make a bug report, but the bugs I encounter11:28
pjotterWhat sometimes works is to just close and reopen thunar again.11:29
pjotterSometimes a file that is moved (with shift) to the desktop gets invisible on the desktop.11:32
pjotterI don't know, guys. This thing seems very buggy to me.11:32
csenger41well it isnt buggy for me11:32
csenger41u using liveCD?11:32
pjotterHow come I have all these problem?11:32
pjotterNo, a clean install 11.1011:32
pjotterWhat version do you run?11:33
csenger41theoretically thunar moves the file or folder if the destination is on the same device11:33
pjotterI constantly run into these kinds of problems with thunar.11:33
csenger41and copies it if the destination is another device11:33
csenger41or partition11:34
pjotterIf i create a foilder on my desktop and a file. And I open the folder with thunar and drag the file into the folder, the file gets copied. Not moved.11:34
csenger41hold on ill try11:35
pjotterThis also goes for folders.11:35
csenger41and if you look close enough you can see a white + near the cursor11:36
csenger41indicating that this action will add something11:36
pjotterSo the desktop is not a "same device"?11:37
csenger41no i was wrong11:37
pjotterI don't get it. It seems very inconsistent.11:37
pjotterOh, ok.11:37
csenger41what I said is the way Windows works11:37
csenger41I thought Thunar uses the same, but no11:37
csenger41drag&drop will always copy the file11:38
csenger41I didn't know this until now as I always use ctrl+c or x11:38
pjotterBut that is not really my problem. I can live with that. It is, when I start copying, dragging and dropping folders and fiiles into onw another. Weird stuff starts to happen. Very inconsistent behaviour. Sometimes it refuses to copy folders/files. Sometimes it does. And when it does, sometimes, the folders/files are moved and sometimes they are copied.11:39
csenger41depending on the folder you may not have write permission11:40
pjotterI already lost a backup because of this. Beacuase I thought it had copied it to a folder. But as it turns out, it didn't.11:40
pjotterI just created them on the desktop. I don't do anything with permissions and such.11:40
csenger41how is ur computer partitioned?11:41
pjotterCompletely standrad, out of the box11:41
pjotterIt is very straight forward. Just create some folders and files on the desktop and start dragging and dropping.11:41
pjotterBut that would not even matter beacuse I am not copying form one partition to the other. All these errors occur while copying on the desktop itself.11:42
csenger41so u mean u have a swap and the rest of the HDD is EXT4 for Linux?11:42
pjotterYes, I used the "use whole disk" option during the installation.11:42
pjotterThis is a longshot, but maybe this has something to do with the fact that I use a wacom pen tablet instead of a mouse? I can't imagine this being the problem..11:43
csenger41well that may cause the problem11:44
csenger41tried with mouse?11:44
pjotterI just fetched a mouse. I will give it a try. Hang on.11:46
pjotternope, same problems11:48
csenger41hm well thats weird11:49
csenger41try using ctrl+c and ctrl+v11:50
pjotterI did this: 1) Create a folder on desktop. 2) Create a file on desktop. 3) Open Folder with thunar. 3) Move file to folder, using shift button. 4) Move file from folder to desktop, using shift button -> fails. Tried several times.11:50
pjotterEven just trying to copy them back tot desktoptop fails.11:51
csenger41well it worked for me11:51
pjotterIt is a mystery11:51
csenger41does it give you any errormessage?11:51
pjotterThis is all done in GUI11:52
csenger41but how you know it fails?11:52
csenger41it just dont move?11:52
pjotterBecause the files don't move. They stay inside the folder and do not get copied to the desktop.11:52
csenger41try with ctrl+x and ctrl+v11:53
pjotterDoesn't work11:54
pjotterI also tried copy paste from the mouse right click button11:54
csenger41well that is a mystery indeed11:54
pjotterAnd this is just one of the problems I have.11:54
csenger41what are the others?11:57
pjotterIf I stay within Thunar, every seems to work fine. It is when you start to drag and drop between Thunar and the desktop, things go wrong.11:57
pjotterThe others are that sometimes, when I do get to copy a folder or file. The folder or files gets either randomlly copied or moved. I have no control over that.11:58
pjotterIt is like I said. The errors seem to be very random. It is hard to give you something you could reproduce. It happens when I just just fiddel around, copying, dragging and dropping files in and out from Thunar unto the desktop.12:00
pjotterOk, so now I can't creat new files and folders anymore. This sometimes happens also.12:01
csenger41well then dont use the desktop12:02
pjotterI do: desktop->right mouse button->create from..->empty file. And nothing happens12:03
csenger41linux desktop is not really the same as Windows has12:03
pjotterI have been using Ubuntu and never had any problems in regard to filehandling on the desktop12:03
csenger41well thats really interesting12:04
csenger41I have no problem with creating anything on the desktop12:04
pjotterOk, this is interesting. I just emptied my trash. And now I can create files and folders again.12:04
csenger41haha lol12:04
csenger41you updated Linux?12:05
pjotterI noticed, that when I emptied the trash, the desktop just flashed with a gey color for a second. That didn't seem right.12:05
pjotterIs it a know bug that was solved?12:05
csenger41idk maybe12:06
csenger41but ive never experienced such problems as I use much different my Xubuntu than you :)12:06
pjotterI guess12:06
pjotterI work a lot with the desktop12:07
pjotterputting files there temporarily and stuff. Until I move them to their proper location.12:07
pjotterThat's just how I work. I guess if I didn't use the desktop as much, I would not have noticed these problems. They only arise when you frequently make use of the desktop.12:08
pjotterI'll see if I missed any updates.12:08
pjotterOk, I have one "Xubuntu Desktop system" update. Maybe I should install that one.12:10
pjotterI'll have to reboot and try again.12:16
pjotterStill the same problems.12:22
pjotterIt is like the systemn comes into a state where it cannot copy or move or even create new folders or files on the desktop12:23
pjotterOnly loggin in and out seems to help12:23
pjotterMaybe I'll revert back to 10.04. If the problem persists I will consider making a bug report. But first I need more information on this.12:28
Thermihow do i statically set the monitor settings on Xubuntu 11.04?13:05
Thermicreating a .Xprofile doesn't work :<13:05
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:10
Thermity. Will try13:13
Thermigod damnit#13:18
Thermithe screen fades away after login. How do i fix this? :<13:18
csenger41could anyone help me how to create extended desktop under Xubuntu 11.10?13:19
Thermitry arandr13:19
Thermiyou have to install it first, though and it requires an XServer13:19
csenger41Thermi: tried grandr but it does not work13:20
csenger41sec ill try13:20
csenger41ok installed, how to use it? :S13:22
Thermirun it13:22
Thermii am currently trying to fix my Laptop :<13:23
csenger41I run it but cant arrange the screen13:24
csenger41whenever I try to arrange, it jumps back13:24
Thermiit doesn't work.13:49
Thermiafter login, the display settings get reverted and the external Monitor gets black again.13:49
wakejagrif i disable the integrated video card in the bios and add a video card to my xubuntu machine, the driver for the new card should load automatically, right?14:15
wakejagrsince there is no longer an xorg.conf specifying the driver info, etc . . .14:16
GridCubeit should yes14:16
GridCubeit should also pop a window from jockey-gtk asking you if you want to install privative drivers14:17
wakejagrGridCube: thanks14:19
Thermiit seems my /etc/gdm/Session script is broken. It doesn't read the .xprofile script file in ~ :<14:27
HotBitxGrind: achei!!!14:43
HotBitxGrind: devia ter xubuntu-br14:45
DreegHello everyone, quick question .. I can not remember how to run the applications menu. How do I move a program from a "section" to another? And how do I enable / disable some sections?15:39
DreegI'm on Xubuntu 11.1015:39
holsteinDreeg: i was reading that lxmenueditor is one way, though its not in the repos yet http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu15:41
ubottuTo edit the menus in Xubuntu, you can install Alacarte. Do this with the --no-install-recommends switch to stop half of GNOME being installed too: sudo apt-get install alacarte --no-install-recommends15:41
holsteineven better :)15:42
DreegI remember there was a time I did it. Without installing anything. Only after months of not touched Xubuntu now that I decided to stay I do not remember how.15:42
DreegI tried to install it, as you suggested. Does not allow me to move programs from one section to another, but only within the order of the menu.15:47
hobgoblinI think you'd need to remove and add a new one15:47
Dreegremove what?15:49
holsteinremove the one you dont want, and add it back where you want it15:49
holsteinyou likely cant 'drag' them around15:49
DreegForse cercavi: Come li-aggiungo ciò che voglio "dove" voglio?15:52
DreegHow to re-add what I want "where" I want to?15:52
DreegHow to re-add what I want "where" I want to?15:52
holsteinDreeg: i would grab the launch text from the old one.. delete it.. create a new one where i want it, and paste the text in15:53
Dreegouh.. is cumbersome .. but I remembered that there was .. maybe it was ubuntu.. :(15:58
holsteinlikely its gnome you are remembering.. the link i gave offers text options though... you can likely cut and paste those.. i personally havent opened a menu since i started using kupfer :)15:59
TVasEyesDreeg: "move a program from a "section" to another"  one method is editing the 'Categories' in the corresponding .desktop file.15:59
DreegTVasEyes: ok, but fors enable/disable section?16:01
Dreegholstein, kupfer?16:01
holsteinDreeg: that will allow you to move, or "disable"... there are examples in that link i gave http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu16:03
DreegBut is similar to new tool of ubuntu?16:03
DreegUnity xD16:04
holsteinDreeg: if you get a chance to try unity and kupfer, you'll see that that is *not* the case.. but if its not your thing, its not your thing... im just sharing with you why i dont feel the need to look at, much less edit, the menu any more for my needs16:05
DreegNow i try kupfer16:06
Dreegoh.. now I understand xD16:08
DreegI prefer the classic menu (one of several reasons for which I switched to Xubuntu)16:09
holsteinsure... the .desktop files that TVasEyes mentioned are the way i would go... or create a custom launcher situation with a dock or another panel16:10
TVasEyesDreeg: in that case the link holstein supplied will tell you how to manage your menu structure.16:10
TVasEyesholstein: do you not find that using tools like kupfer 'alienates' you from your machine?16:12
holsteinTVasEyes: i like it.. but i was using gnome-do for a while, and found kupfer to be a lighter alternative16:12
holsteini like that i can stay off the mouse and launch whatever i want, directories or apps16:12
holsteinits a change in workflow though for sure16:13
TVasEyesI see, I'm probably too old (or even old-school) for this type of working.16:13
TVasEyes(terminals for me ;) )16:13
knomesomething like gnome-do could be great, though i don't use so many apps that i really need such :)16:14
knomeanyway, let's move the more general discussion to #xubuntu-offtopic :)16:14
knomehappy to chat with you there about launchers and other stuff16:14
DreegUff.. why the tool to which I refer is on ubuntu but not on xubuntu? :(16:15
DreegRhetorical question xD but :(16:16
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pjotterHi. I now installed 10.04. Still the same problems with Thunar. Only to a lesser degree. And this time they don't seem so random anymore.16:46
pjotterWould someone using Xubuntu 10.04 be able to verify something for me?16:52
mongypjotter, what problem?16:53
pjotterI am having great difficulties in both 11.10 and 10.0416:53
pjotterRegarding Thunae16:53
mongydescribe the problem16:54
pjotterWhen I  try to move (with shift pressed) a file from the desktop to a folder (opened with thunar), sometimes the file won't move. Nothing happens. And also vice versa is very hard to do.16:55
pjotterIn 11.10 I had the same problem. Only worse. It was very random. Sometimes it worked without problems. Other times, it just refused to copy any files form the desktop.16:56
pjotterNow, in 10.04 I have a similar problem.16:56
mongyon 11.10 here, works ok for me.16:57
TVasEyespjotter: highlight file, then Ctrl+x, open target directory ('folder'), then Ctrl+v.  works for me, every time.16:57
TVasEyespjotter: use Ctrl+c if you want to copy instead of moving.16:57
mongypjotter, you could try a different file nanager like pcmanfm, or do as TVasEyes says16:58
pjotterIf you havge 10.04, you can you try this: 1) On the desktop (rightclick), make a folder. 2) On the desktop (rightclick), create an empty file. Open the folder (with Thunar).Now move (shift pressed) the file (drag and drop) in the openend folder. The file should be moved to the folder. But when I then try the reverse. So: move (shift pressed) the file to the desktop. It doesn't work. But I try a second time. Suddenly it works and teh file i17:00
pjottermongy:"The ctrl-X thing works when I try to move it from desktop->Thunar. But the reverse does not.17:01
TVasEyespjotter: I use 11.10, so cannot replicate.  however, Ctrl+{c,x,v,z} always work, even on Windows ;)  seriously, why not use your keyboard?17:02
pjotterTVasEyes: I just explained. This does not work with me. I already tried. When I ctrl-X a file in Thunar, I cannot ctrl-c it to the desktop.17:03
TVasEyespjotter: after you Ctrl+x the file in some directory, open the Desktop in Thunar and Ctrl+v.  I'd be very surprised if it didn't work.17:04
pjotterIt seems to me that Thunar has severe problem with desktop integration. If I try these things in Thunar, there is no problem. This only occurs between Thunar and the Desktop of vice versa.17:04
* TVasEyes goes to cook some food.17:04
pjotterTVasEyes: I'm sure that would work. But that is not the point. I'm trying to figure out why I can't copy/paste drag drop stuff from Thunar to the Desktop and vice versa.17:05
TVasEyespjotter: you could try run xclipboard to get better copy/cut/paste support.  (really off to the kitchen now, good luck).17:09
pjotterTVasEyes: Thanks.. I'll try some more options (including installing PCman fm). There has got to be a way to make this work.17:10
pjotterAfterall. Min Linux uses Thunar too. And it has no problems with this.17:11
pjotterI hope it's not something silly like: a bug that only occurs in some localised versions?17:12
pjottermongy: That is weird. PCman has the same problems. Looks like this might not be Thunar related.17:16
cmdbbqjust loaded xubuntuu on my netbook, trying to get it set up. is there a simple way to turn off window decorations under xfce? I am using a program called maximus that runs everything maximized by default but it does not reliably remove the title bar, although it claims to and does sometimes.17:42
knomecmdbbq, i suppose killing xfwm - but i'm not sure how stable that is17:43
holsteincmdbbq: ive never used maximus with XFCE.. for me, on my netbook, i used to just auto-hide the panels..17:43
knomeor is it xfwm4...17:43
holsteini think its *417:43
knomei'm not sure if that's completely correct, but i'd guess so.17:44
cmdbbqhm, what does xfwm do, besides draw the window decorations? I want the panel, I like to be able to glance at the clock/notifications/etc, so I don't just want everything in fullscreen.17:50
holsteinwonder if you'd like the lubuntu netbook edition UI17:52
cmdbbqholstein: I've looked into it17:53
holsteini wouldnt expect maximus support to get any better than it is... i dont think anyone is using it anymore17:53
holsteinim not sure killing the decorations will get you want you want anyways17:54
cmdbbqmy desired behaiviour is for almost all programs to launch maximized without  border  or title bar. I would settle for all, but i would prefer to be able to select a list of exemptions. i wonder if i would be better off looking at a scriptable tiling window manager.18:04
holsteinin only trying to get you away from maximus because i found it pretty odd using it in even the netbook remix that it was supposed to work well in18:05
holsteinwhat about gnomeshell?18:06
cmdbbqi've been using it for a while and my only complaint has been that it sometimes doesn't hide the title bar18:06
cmdbbqi neither like it nor think my netbook could run it well18:06
cmdbbqgnomeshell i mean18:06
likemindeadAnyone having Amazon Prime Instant Video troubles? I found a fix (that worked for me). Run "sudo apt-get install hal libhal1" FTW!18:19
likemindeadSource: http://www.amazon.com/forum/amazon%20video%20on%20demand/ref=cm_cd_pg_pg2?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx3EQAX98ED5WQ3&cdPage=2&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=TxFTGOK5LRL3JM18:19
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:24
ParkerRJust wanted to say I'm in love with Xubuntu :D18:24
likemindeadI like playing with various distros but I always come back to Xubuntu, ParkerR. ^__^18:25
ParkerRlikemindead, Same. Been jumping around for a while.18:25
ParkerRI just like how it doesn't feel as bulky as regular Ubuntu18:26
GridCube_:) if you dont mind can we take this to #xubuntu-offtopic, this channel if for help18:26
GridCube_thank you very much :)18:26
GridCube_how do i globally change the ownership of 3 subdirectories on a directory, that has like a ton of files to myself?19:12
GridCube_lol i should read the man before asking, nevermind19:14
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Guest6785i would like to restore default setting for xubuntu20:24
Guest6785could i do this in terminal?20:24
Guest6785any help?20:26
Unit193Default settings?20:27
Unit193Well, you *could* remove .config to start if you mean user settings you've changed.  In what why do you want to restore?20:27
Guest6785actually, i am more friendly with ubuntu, but i decided to switch to xubuntu, but i am facing language support..20:29
Guest6785i am using two languages, English and Arabic, but i am facing difficulties in showing language icon on the panel and switching between the two, after several trails i decided to restore the settings so i can add them again20:31
Guest6785on the panel it is showing "input method off"20:32
GridCube_oh so you want to reset the panels20:32
Unit193Not sure it'd work with languages as I've only ever used English, but normally to reset config you rename /home/username/.config to something list /home/username/.config_backup . I'd think there would be a way to set it up for yo9u though20:32
Unit193GridCube_ here is multi, he'd be able to help more than I20:33
Guest6785i will try now.. thanks20:34
GridCube_I use my intereface in spanish only, i never switch :/20:34
Unit193Heh, well you'd be better than I would, I only understand English20:35
qpnaoscI am having rather large confusing problems with my computer22:37
qpnaoscI was wondering if anyone could help22:37
qpnaoscthis has happened 3 times22:38
qpnaoscthe first symptom is firefox crashing repeatedly, right when it starts22:38
qpnaoscthe last time it happened was after I put a memory card reader in the USB slot22:38
qpnaoscnow when I run xubuntu, the sound manager app reads "label empty"22:39
qpnaoscis holstein the only one who answers questions here? :(22:44
knomeno, but we're all volunteers22:44
qpnaoscthank you for your work22:45
qpnaosccan you help me? :)22:45
knomehave you installed something weird or so22:45
knomedon't know what could cause that though22:45
qpnaoscI think it started after I tried to install Windows on a disk22:45
qpnaoscit wouldn't recognize the disk, and didn't install anything22:45
qpnaoscbut I've been having problems since then22:45
qpnaoscI reinstalled xubuntu22:46
qpnaoscand it's still doing it22:46
qpnaoscthis is what the firefox crash report says: The application had a problem and crashed.22:48
qpnaoscUnfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash.22:48
qpnaoscDetails: The application did not identify itself.22:48
knomewhat if you run that from terminal?22:48
qpnaoscit still crashes22:48
knomedoes it give any other information?22:49
knomewhat about apt-get check?22:49
Unit193I'd say check the logs in /var/log/22:50
qpnaoscReading package lists... Done22:51
qpnaoscBuilding dependency tree22:51
qpnaoscReading state information... Done22:51
qpnaosccheck the logs in /var/log/?22:51
knome!pastebin | qpnaosc22:51
ubottuqpnaosc: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:51
qpnaoscubottu: sadly, my browser doesn't work currently...22:53
ubottuqpnaosc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:53
qpnaoscchrome doesn't work either22:53
qpnaoschahah, thanks ubottu.22:53
qpnaoscknome: sadly, my browser doesn't work currently.22:53
qpnaoscUnit193: I have a long list of files, what am I looking for specifically? Or can I give you them all?22:54
qpnaoscapologies for the multi-line chat, but this is the message I get when I try to run Synaptic Package Manager:22:56
qpnaoscFailed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic as user root.22:56
qpnaoscUnable to copy the user's Xauthorization file.22:56
knomeqpnaosc, have you logged in as root in GUI?22:57
qpnaoschow do I do that?22:57
qpnaoscoh, ok.22:58
qpnaoscno, I'm just logged in as my regular login22:58
knomeqpnaosc, try deleting ~/.Xauthority22:58
qpnaoscwhat directory is that in?22:59
Unit193Right, if you don't have a browser you still should have pastebinit22:59
knome~ == /home/yourusername22:59
qpnaoscUnit193: how then?23:00
qpnaoscknome: rm: cannot remove `/home/qpnaosc/.Xauthority': No such file or directory23:00
Unit193cat what/ever/file.og |pastebinit23:00
knomeqpnaosc, what does 'ls -l /home' say?23:01
qpnaoscUnit193: I am a beginner... do I put that into Terminal? I am confused.23:02
Unit193qpnaosc: Follow knome for now though23:02
qpnaosctotal 823:02
qpnaoscdrwxr-xr-x 21 guest   guest   4096 2012-02-02 16:20 guest23:02
qpnaoscdrwxr-xr-x 29 qpnaosc qpnaosc 4096 2012-02-03 22:30 qpnaosc23:02
knomethat looks fine23:03
qpnaoscthe other thing that happens, after a while, is that the login screen goes into infinite loop23:05
qpnaoscso I login, it accepts my password seemingly, and then the login screen appears again23:05
qpnaoscafter I login and before the login screen appears, another message appears for one split second that reads "Stopping cold plugins"23:07
qpnaoscthe internet has no information as to what cold plugins might be23:07
artaoi'm wondering: can xfce 'do' desktop gadgets/gizmos/etc ...??23:14
knomeqpnaosc, cold == dead? :)23:14
knomeartao, no23:14
artaoi've got a fresh brand new install here23:14
qpnaoscknome: maybe? :)23:18
pjotterartao: You mean like Compiz stuff?23:20
knomepjotter, he's out23:20
pjotterOh, yes.23:20
knomeqpnaosc, i'm supposing that's what it means.23:20
pjotterAnyway. I got Compiz running here. If that's what he meant.23:21
qpnaoscoh, I thought you were joking...23:21
pjotterNo, I need glasses :)23:21
pjotterI've been looking into the Thunar-Xfce-desktop bugs thing. I think I got it figured out now.23:22
qpnaoschmm, I ran update from the terminal, and now firefox is running again23:23
qpnaoscthe package manager is also working now23:26
TVasEyespjotter: well then, do tell please.23:29
pjotterCan anyone explain this: On the desktop, I create a new folder and a file. I open the folder (Thunar starts). I move (=drag-drop+SHIFT) the file into the opened folder in Thunar. Then I do the reverse. I move (drag-drop-SHIFT) the file back to the Desktop. Nothing happens. I repeat it. Bingo! The file moves to the Desktop again. My question: Why does the last action never succeed on the first time? Is that a bug?23:30
TVasEyespjotter: <pjotter> I think I got it figured out now.  ??23:32
pjotterThat means: I now know how to reproduce one of the errors I encountered.23:33
pjotterYou can try it. It does that everytime.23:33
TVasEyesI see, better than nothing I suppose...23:33
TVasEyespjotter: have you tried xclipboard?  is old (older than xcfe/Thunat/etc) and might just help.23:34
pjotterTVasEyes: I haven't. Is that another file manager?23:35
TVasEyesno, it provides copy/cut/paste on X servers/desktop environments.23:35
TVasEyesman xclipboard23:36
pjotterbtw: Do you think this is a bug that ought te be files somewhere?23:36
pjotterfiles= filed23:36
pjotterAccording to the termna, it is already running.23:37
TVasEyesI think you could _ask_ the Thunar developers whether they think their software should behave the way you expect it to.23:37
TVasEyespjotter: if you didn't start xclipboard, killall it and see whether it changes things, perhaps there's interference?23:38
pjotterI'll try that. Thanks!23:39
pjotterbtw: Do you think this is the way the developers designed it to behave? I find that very unlikely. My bet is that they might be interested in this 'bug'/'problem'. I just don't know yet if this really qualifies as a bug or not. But that's what I'm here for. To find out.23:41
TVasEyespersonally, no, I would not expect a file manager to drag/drop from arbitrary locations to desktop.23:42
TVasEyesbut then, I'm a fossil :-)23:43
pjotterWell, join the club :)23:44
Unit193Generally that's how it works though. Report it if you think it is, they can always mark it invalid (Though, don't report things just for fun either :P )23:44
pjotter"killall xclipboard" does not work. I am not familiar with killall. Should I giove another command to stop the xclipboard process?23:45
TVasEyesdoes your user own the xclipboard process?  if yes you should be able to killall it.  you can use kill <pid>.  if it's owned by someone else you need to use sudo.23:46
pjotterah! ofcourse...23:47
TVasEyespjotter: it _should_ be owned by you though.23:48
pjotterit says: no process found23:48
pjotterMaybe I should kill it with the process ID?23:48
TVasEyesif it's not running (ps faux | grep xclipb) start it ($ xclipboard &) and see whether your drag/drop succeeds.  I recommend a quick scan of the man page first.23:49
pjotterWhat does the & do? ( I'm sorry, I am still a newby in a lot of linux stuff)23:50
TVasEyesleaves the process running and return your prompt.23:51
TVasEyesalternatively do Alt+F2 and type xclipboard there.23:51
pjotterjust F2 "xclipboard"?23:52
TVasEyesAlt+F2 pops up the program launcher thingy.23:52
pjotterYes, I know that much :)23:52
pjotterBut what's the point in starting a process that is already running?23:53
TVasEyesbut does it?? <pjotter> it says: no process found23:53
pjotterYes, but when I type xclipboard in the terminal, it says: Error: another clipboard is already running23:54
pjotterOr is that some other 'kind' of clipboard?23:54
TVasEyespjotter: what do you get from  ps faux | grep xclipboard  ?23:55
pjotterIt returns: test      3810  0.0  0.0  13500   868 pts/0    S+   00:55   0:00      \_ grep --color=auto xclipboard23:55
TVasEyesso, it's _not_ running.23:55
pjotterSo, there is another clipboard running the show, then?23:56
TVasEyescan't tell, grep for clipboard, what d oyou get?23:56
pjotter"grep clipboard"?23:57
TVasEyesas before. ps faux | grep clipb   you have to list the processes before you can grep from them.23:58
pjotterIt returns: test      3818  0.0  0.0  13500   864 pts/0    S+   00:58   0:00      \_ grep --color=auto clipb23:58
pjotterShould I try to kill clipb?23:59
TVasEyesok, now we know there's no process running with clipboard in its name.23:59
pjotterOr will that severely mess up the system? :D23:59

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