alkisgHi, commits in git can be annotated with one-line descriptions and with multi-line comments, e.g. https://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/commit/fcc35bf48776fff9ebfd8db537679583221a9cd4.06:16
alkisgIs there a similar concept in bzr, where I would be able to only see the one-line descriptions e.g. with bzr log, but I would also have the ability to see the analytical comments about each commit with bzr detailed-log or something?06:16
alkisgHmm it seems that git follows a convention similar to .deb package descriptions, i.e. leaving an empty line between the one-line description and the detailed commit message.06:25
alkisgDoes bzr have something similar?06:25
SamBbzr log --line ?06:26
* alkisg just found "git log --oneline", try ing "bzr log --line" now...06:31
alkisgYup, thank you SamB06:31
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jelmerSamB: hi11:45
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jmlin a colo, how do I fetch & switch to a remote branch?14:50
* SamB wants to joke "over SSH""17:02
jelmerjml: hi17:37
jmljelmer: hello17:37
jelmerjml: 'bzr branch --switch lp:foobar file:,branch=bar'17:37
jelmeror manually branch and then 'bzr switch bar'17:37
jml'manually branch'?17:38
jelmer'bzr branch lp:foobar file:,branch=bar; bzr switch bar'17:38
jelmerthe syntax isn't ideal, we're still working on that17:40
jelmerit's hard to get to something that's not ambiguous17:40
jmljelmer: so there's 'switch -b' _and_ 'branch --switch'17:40
jelmerjml: yes, 'switch -b' bases the new branch on the current branch17:42
jmljelmer: that's a bit confusing.17:44
jelmerjml: in what way?17:46
jmljelmer: I guess in my head, 'switch -b' expands to 'switch --branch' (I know it expands to --create-branch)17:48
jmljelmer: and looking at 'branch --switch' vs 'switch --branch', I can't figure out which is for which purpose, or why the two would be any different17:49
jmlI guess it's obvious when you try to implement it17:49
jelmerjml: I don't really like the -b alias for --create-branch17:49
jelmerjml: I think it's there for consistency with 'git checkout -b'17:49
jmljelmer: what would you propose instead17:49
SamBjelmer: pretty sure, yeah18:31
SamBI'm not sure I didn't suggest that?18:31
AuroraBorealisinteresting thing i found: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/18977619:05
wgzAuroraBorealis: that was quite interesting20:59
wgzgit not having great annotate performance is pretty well known21:00
AuroraBorealisits kinda related to that long standing bug where bzr was trying to import a huge repo21:00
wgzbut the giant cold cache penalty seems... surprising21:00
AuroraBorealisits interesting to see how any vcs would handle freaking21:00
AuroraBorealis1.3 million files21:00
wgzI guess it's very filesystem dependant for any operation that peeks at every file in a huge tree21:01
AuroraBorealisyeah. one of the suggestions was just21:01
AuroraBorealis"get some SSD's "21:01
wgzI think ext4 also doesn't have seperate metadata blocks?21:01
wgzso probably ends up needing to read from much more areas of the disk21:02
AuroraBorealisdoes it clump all the metadata together?21:02
AuroraBorealisso it doesn't have to skip around?21:02
wgzI think it doesn't, but some filesystems do, or do to some measure21:03
AuroraBorealisi have no idea about filesystems but i was just wondering if any VCS would handle such extreme repo sizes21:04
wgzsome of the comercial ones are certainly more tuned for it.21:05
wgzbut there's also a fair bit of cheating with big beefy central servers and partial checkouts I think21:08
AuroraBorealispeople were suggesting just splitting it into different repos which just seems like a cop out to the real problem21:08
wgzwhich, in the dvcs world, the advice of having more smaller repos is sensible analogue21:09
wgzheh, you typed faster21:09
wgzbut it's really the same kind of cheat21:09
AuroraBorealisyeah, i have no idea what facebook is keeping in there21:09
AuroraBorealisi hardly think that just the sourcecode to facebook is 1.3 million indepenent files21:10
wgzphp *is* pretty bad :)21:10
AuroraBorealisi hear you there21:12
Noldorin_hey jelmer23:30
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