icerootis there some statistic about "how many new bugs a minute/hour", "how many comments a minute" and so on?02:12
ScottKToo many.02:17
iceroothigh load on the server? :)02:20
ScottKNo idea, just lots of bugs to deal with.02:25
lifelessiceroot: we don't have those to-hand but we can figure them out if needed06:26
lifelessiceroot: as a data point, 1M bugs in 7 years (more or less)06:26
icerootlifeless: just personal interest, so i dont think we have to put extra work in it09:16
icerootlifeless: but thank you09:16
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shadeslayerHi, I was wondering where the code for launchpad resides that allows it to link bug reports to other bug trackers20:04
shadeslayerfor eg. when a bug can be linked to a report on bugs.kde.org20:04
rick_hshadeslayer: not sure of all of it, but it's in the lib/lp/bugs directory. For instance the bugwatch seems to be for monitoring the remote bug20:06
rick_hthere's a number of Upstream settings in the bugtask interface, etc20:06
shadeslayerrick_h: and the bugtask interface can only be accessed by admins I suppose?20:07
rick_hlooks like bugs/externalbugtracker is a key place20:07
rick_hshadeslayer: sorry by interface I mean a code interface20:07
rick_hthis is all out of the public repository for launchpad20:08
shadeslayerah ok20:08
rick_hshadeslayer: ^20:09
shadeslayerhttps://dev.launchpad.net/Bugs/ExternalBugTrackers/Bugzilla is pretty empty as well :P20:10
shadeslayerthanks, looking20:10
shadeslayerhuh that's weird20:30
shadeslayerusing "Also affects project" in staging works fine20:31
shadeslayerbut the production code has the bug20:31
shadeslayeryofel: ^20:31
shadeslayerI guess it was fixed20:31
TiMiDohello i have a question yesterday i had 596 karma points and now i see my launchpad profile and it says 393 Karma why did it drop so drastic any tips.21:29
wgrantshadeslayer: There've been no changes in that area lately.23:33
wgrantshadeslayer: What's the issue?23:33

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