zzecoolBelow the 8th line where it says "Lancher icon size"00:00
zzecoolare some options about the reistance etc00:00
zzecoolhover the mouse over them00:00
zzecoolto see the description00:00
zzecoolread the description and try different settings00:00
zzecoolto fit you00:01
rockyyep they make s ense00:01
zzecoolif you mess up00:01
zzecoolwith them00:01
zzecoolyou can always reset00:01
zzecoolto the default using ... let me see00:01
zzecoolthe icon next to the pen icon00:02
zzecoolon the right of every option00:02
zzecooldid you get it ?00:02
rockyyep thanks00:03
zzecoolBe careful with the CCSM becuse it may change your default experience00:03
zzecoolto something that you dont like00:03
zzecoolan vice versa if you know what are you doing it can make things go crazy =)00:03
zzecoolhave fun00:04
rockynow if only i could get the second launcher on the right of my second display lol00:05
zzecoolrocky: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/    and http://www.webupd8.org/ are 2 very good daily blogs with tips and tricks that may help you00:05
zzecooli dont thing it cn be done right now00:05
zzecoolmaybe in the future00:05
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rockywell it's pretty silly to have it on the left edge of my right monitor00:06
zzecoolyes it is i agree00:06
zzecoolFernandoMiguel: nite00:06
rockyi also wish i could disable the top bar on my right screen00:06
rockyduplicating it is a waste of screen real estate00:06
zzecooltrue story00:06
zzecoolbut some ppl are using multimonitors as main00:07
zzecoolso they need those features00:07
zzecoolwhat are you describe fits to a let say graphic designer00:07
rockyright... i was mentioning earlier that i know gnome likes less-config-is-good ... but i believe a little bit more config would be better :)00:08
zzecoolto have on the second monitor the whole image00:08
zzecooland editing on the other00:08
rockyright... i'm a software developer and i like the extra screen real estate00:08
zzecoolyou can report this as a bug00:09
zzecooland fil in the description what you told me00:10
zzecooldo you have a launchpad account?00:10
zzecoolopen a terminal00:10
zzecooland type " ubuntu-bug unity "00:11
zzecoolits gonna take same log and redirect you to the launchpad on the unity project to fill in the bug00:11
zzecoolit doesnt matter if it is a wish00:12
zzecoolor an actual bug00:12
zzecoolyou gonna fill in the description exactly what you said to me00:12
zzecooland maybe more developer would have the same idea with you00:12
zzecooli will support you bug :)00:13
rockyhehe so which one, the top menu bar thing or the launcher thing?00:13
zzecoolor you can make one report00:13
zzecoolfor everyone00:13
zzecoolevery one00:14
zzecoolrocky: read this post00:15
zzecoolits explains why they put a launcher on every monitor00:16
zzecoolrocky: im oin to sleep goodnight and good luck00:16
tempois there a way to revert to the stable versions of firefox and thunderbird in 12.04 alpha?04:01
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aBoundHey to those using 12.04 Alpha 2 is Compiz stable enough to use or is it still unstable?07:10
urlin2uaBound, what makes you think compiz is unstable?07:12
aBoundurlin2u, Very simple it nonetheless crashes and is unstable for 11.10 and this post regards it as being buggy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191553307:12
aBoundWhen enabling desktop cube on 11.10 on my system. My entire GUI disappears and the only way to recover it is by rebooting as opening a terminal doesn't respond.07:13
urlin2ubasically it is in development if you want a stable system don't use a development07:14
aBoundI used Compiz on 10.04.3 LTS beforehand and it prevented me from logging in.07:14
aBoundYet, it did work flawlessly.07:14
urlin2uaBound, lots of web links on getting the cube working, I have it with only a loss of the window headers onoccasion fixed with a compiz restart.07:15
aBoundurlin2u, I read on the Ubuntu Software Center on how to enable cube but figures if I disable the Unity plugin I'd have no way to re-enable as far as I know.07:15
urlin2u10.04 and 11.10 unity are different beasts07:15
aBound10.04 LTS uses Gnome 2.07:16
aBoundI'm just hoping 12.04 LTS will have it fixed in some regard.07:16
aBoundI can't live without Compiz haha.07:16
urlin2udon't hold your breath07:16
aBoundurlin2u, I got a question for you I don't know if you use the Compiz wallpaper plugin. But if you do is it stable for you?07:17
urlin2ucompiz is easily dealt with you just have to know how to do it.07:17
urlin2uI don't use that plugin.07:17
aBoundThinking of giving it a try let's just hope I don't break my system.07:18
urlin2uaBound, do a secondary install.07:18
urlin2ujust dual boot your working ubuntu with the one you want, and get it running07:19
aBoundI'd figure using virtualbox might be a better option.07:21
urlin2uif you can get it running I find ubuntu does not run all that well in a virtual, and your subject to its drivers, but that is just me.07:22
aBoundWell, I gave it a try and I enabled it and honestly I had no idea how to change the wallpaper.07:22
aBoundOh well.07:22
urlin2uyeah all you can do is try and ask questions and scour the web. :)07:23
aBoundIndeed, wish they had some tutorials online written in a book stylish form. Whereas the grammar wasn't so poor.07:23
aBoundurlin2u, Alrighty thanks for the help I'm going to take off and head to wonderland. :P07:24
urlin2uyou trying to get backgrounds per virtual desk?top07:24
urlin2ugood luck07:24
crizzydoes update manager keep ANY kind of useful log? :/09:34
crizzynvmn, solved09:36
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ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:43
crizzyany idea what's new in input cs 11.10?13:16
crizzymy mouse scroll works totally randomly since the update :/13:16
crizzyanyone? ideas? :/13:23
crizzythe scroll just fails to respond13:23
crizzyinput queue seems to fill up somehow13:26
crizzyif i bang kb keys, the scroll gets frozen13:26
crizzywait a bit.. works a gain13:26
crizzyprobably some gnussolini again thought it's a great idea to rewrite some crucial input api13:27
crizzyeven it worked perfectly before13:27
penguin42crizzy: Yeh I'm seeing something odd with it13:31
penguin42oh, 11.10 - no 11.10 is in <---- #ubuntu13:31
crizzyyes yes i meant it broke after upgrading to 12.0413:32
penguin42ah yes, so for me vertical scroll is being very random, I keep scrolling down and it'll suddenly pop back to the top13:32
crizzythis very much looks like some input queue fills13:33
jtaylorhm thunderbird 11 still does not get my multi identity configuration ._.13:33
jtaylorhas this feature been dropped? :O13:33
crizzyincredibly annoying as it destroys my gaming for quakelive & warsow13:33
crizzy(weps binded in mouse mwheelup+down)13:33
crizzyi don't get how bug like this can even be possible, amazing!13:34
penguin42crizzy: Oh the best bugs are the ones that are obviously impossible; no one will ever have thought to be careful not to code them!13:35
crizzyand just to dumb-check with second mouse, no the mouse did not suddenly break :P13:35
penguin42crizzy: Can you describe what behaviour you see?13:35
crizzyscroll doesn't respond13:36
penguin42at all?13:36
crizzyquite simply put13:36
jo-erlendjtaylor, I'm using multiple identities, so I'm looking at it now.13:36
crizzywell it does13:36
crizzybut press kb keys, click a lot, etc -> it dies13:36
crizzywait 1-2 sec = works again13:36
crizzyscroll a lot -> dies13:37
crizzywait 1-2 sec13:37
crizzyworks again13:37
jtaylorjo-erlend: are you reusing a profile from 9?13:37
jo-erlendI think so, yes.13:37
jtayloror did you reconfigure it?13:37
jtaylorgreat so now I have to reconfigure my settings on every thunderbird update? = every 6 weeks?13:37
penguin42crizzy: Interesting - not that I'm seeing here13:37
jo-erlendjtaylor, I'm not entirely sure to be honest.13:37
crizzypenguin42: it's probably not that easy to see on the desktop13:38
crizzybut very visible annoyance in games if you happen to use scroll there13:38
jo-erlendjtaylor,  I haven't even finished downloading it yet. I don't understand how you reached that conclusion if that was a response to me.13:38
crizzysigh, guess i'm doomed to boot to windows to play13:38
penguin42crizzy: I think I'd notice that behaviour13:38
crizzy.. which means i will stay there too :P13:38
penguin42crizzy: Please submit a bug and tell us the bug number13:38
jo-erlendjtaylor, I do see my identifies in the composer, for instance. Can you explain in more detail?13:41
jtaylorIhave no identities and my second account is gone13:42
jtaylorworks fine with the same profile in oneiric13:42
jo-erlendoh, ok. I didn't upgrade this from oneiric.13:42
jo-erlendwell, I did, but I didn't create the new identities in oneiric.13:43
jo-erlendbtw; isn't both tbird and fx 11 esr versions?13:43
crizzymust be something to do with DGA13:44
jtaylorno idea what esr is, it was also broken in 1013:44
crizzydisabling DGA input in-game and works fine13:44
jtaylorI should change to some other client, breaking my plugins every release is bad enough :/13:44
crizzyalthough it's unplayable otherwise.. but.. scroll works13:44
jo-erlendjtaylor, Mozillas reply to LTS.. Extended Support Release. Yearly upgrades instead of high frequency releases.13:46
jo-erlendI'm not sure about tbird, but at least Firefox shouldn't have to be upgraded so often anymore.13:47
jo-erlendthat's version 10, actually, for both Firefox and Thunderbird… Strange that we use 11 then.13:48
penguin42jo-erlend: That'll be good - the current FF upgrade numbering is causing work stuff a complete nightmare13:48
penguin42(Mostly because of badly written websites but doesn't help)13:49
crizzyis there a way to install package with *apt-get* so it ignores deps?13:50
crizzyor just download it13:51
crizzyinstalling 32bit package of libxxf86dga1 with apt-get wants to remove xorg :P13:51
jo-erlendcrizzy, --download-only will download the packages without installing them. But you can't install conflicting packages anyway.13:52
crizzyi know exactly what this package does and that 32bit version in 32bit lib dir doesn't conflict with anyone13:52
crizzywhoever has packaged this has just failed13:52
jo-erlendfiled it?13:53
yofelit's not that anyone has failed13:53
yofellibxxf86dga1 doesn't support multiarch13:53
yofelfile a bug13:53
crizzyeither way: http://pastebin.com/by2X7Jwv this makes no sense13:54
yofellooks reasonably to me13:54
crizzynot to me13:54
yofelthey all depend on libxxf86dga1:amd6413:55
yofelwhich is going to be removed13:55
crizzyand why it's going to be removed13:55
crizzyi only want additional lib to /usr/lib32 for 32bit apps13:55
yofellibxxf86dga1:amd64 and libxxf86dga1:i386 aren't installable at the same time13:55
jo-erlendcrizzy, there are good reasons not to use 64bit libs when they're not needed.13:55
crizzythe issue is i want to run 32bit app which requires this, and obviously it won't work against 64bit build of dga13:56
yofelcrizzy: well, but they both install in /usr/lib/ - not /usr/lib64 or lib3213:56
crizzyyofel: yes, and before multiarch this wasn't the case :/13:56
yofelwell, as we said: file a bug13:57
jo-erlendman, I love push-to-reveal in Unity 5.2.14:00
jtaylor:( playing a video still crashes my X :(14:01
crizzywhat's push-to-reveal14:02
jtaylorcan you disable the second unity panel on a dual screen setup?14:02
penguin42jtaylor: Which driver?14:09
penguin42ah, I use the open one14:11
jo-erlendcrizzy, push-to-reveal (I think they call it that) is that you need to push the mouse pointer into the side of the screen to reveal the launcher. New in Unity 5.2 from yesterday.15:24
jo-erlend... or so.15:24
jtaylorand very annoying with multiple screens :/15:25
jtayloryou have to push your way through the launcher to the second screen15:26
jo-erlendoh? I haven't tried that yet. But that's what I really wanted it for, to have a semi-divider  between screens.15:26
jo-erlendah. That's perfect! :)15:26
jtaylorit messes badly with my habits15:27
jo-erlendI had to remove my graphics card in order to use some extra internal disks, so I only have one monitor output temporarily. :)15:27
jtaylorI now have to swing my mouse over the whole table with great speed to get it to the second screen reliably :(15:27
jo-erlendjtaylor, yes, it does take a little time to get used to.15:27
jo-erlendjtaylor, no..?15:27
jo-erlendbut another idea of mine was that we could have some sort of mousepointer teleport. That might be nice.15:28
jo-erlendjtaylor, but is the launcher displayed on all screens now?15:30
jtaylorthough I cover it up at all times15:30
jo-erlendcover it up?15:30
jtaylordon't really need that thing15:30
jo-erlendI like it for the information, such as the number of unread mails, copy progress, etc.15:31
jo-erlendand as a reminder for which shortcuts are currently active.15:31
jo-erlendthe "speedbump" wouldn't have to be quite as severe, I think.15:38
* snadge running precise @ 4.4ghz :P15:43
snadge8 cores15:43
penguin42snadge: Nice15:46
penguin422x4 core?15:47
snadgenah.. bulldozer 815015:50
penguin42snadge: Oh, I didn't realise you could clock them that high - they're cheap as well!15:50
jtaylorthat supports avx doesn't it?15:51
snadgei believe so15:52
snadge /proc/cpuinfo indicates as such15:52
penguin42snadge: Stop it - you're making me i7 feel jealous!15:52
snadgethe hilarious part is.. its a stock cpu cooler, and antec sonata IV case (mid tower) with a single case fan15:53
astraljavaHow much is cheap?15:53
penguin42astraljava: Seems to be about £200 UK15:53
jtayloryou should custom build your atlas, that will nicely speed up your numerical processing :)15:53
penguin42snadge: difficult to overclock?15:54
snadgenot really.. it depends how far you want to go15:54
snadgepeople who have superior cooling (ie not stock, and a case designed for overclocking)15:54
snadgecan get up to 5ghz on air (allegedly)15:54
penguin42still, even without overclocking it's not bad15:55
snadgekind of.. stock, it runs at 3.6ghz.. with a 4.2ghz turbo15:56
snadgeits trivial to turn turbo off.. and manually set it to 4.2ghz, with a very minor voltage bump15:56
snadgeabove 4.4ghz, doesnt seem worth it imho15:59
penguin42snadge: Nod, you want to keep it stable15:59
snadgethat and, power consumption goes through the roof.. with negligable benefit15:59
tsurcHi, Im testing out 12.04 and I'm having problems with IPv6. IPv6 Router Advertisements are not accepted. I can see them in wireshark and manually configing an IPv6 address works fine. where can I start?16:00
tsurcis this linked to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/8027916:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 78248 in linux-source-2.6.20 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #80279 ipv6 autoconfiguration doesn't work anymore" [Medium,Fix released]16:02
penguin42tsurc: Those are very very old bugs16:04
penguin42tsurc: Probably better to have a new bug16:04
tsurcI'd like to have a crack diagnosing this further (further than "it doesnt work automatic, it works manual, and I can see advertisments") Could anyone point me in the right direction to learn how?16:07
penguin42tsurc: I don't know much ipv6 stuff, but the two places I'd look would either be the kernel or network manager16:10
jo-erlenddidn't we have a way to open a new instance from the launcher by holding shift and left-clicking or something?16:24
jtaylorright click gives that option16:24
jo-erlendI mean directly.16:30
jo-erlendI mean a keyboard modifier to make a left click act as a middle click.16:30
EagleScreenis having a working Bluetooth in Precise Pangolin a low priority matter?16:55
penguin42EagleScreen: I don't think so16:55
BluesKajhey all16:56
EagleScreenthen why LP Bug #891444 has low prioroty?16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 891444 in gnome-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Unable to browse bluetooh device: Connection refused (111)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89144416:56
EagleScreencan anyone use the Bluetooth in Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10 or 12.04 ??16:57
penguin42EagleScreen: Hmm you could ask seb why he set it to low, my reading of Bugs/Importance would put that as a Medium16:58
penguin42EagleScreen: If it stopped you using a BT keyboard/mouse I'd probably put it high16:58
pangolinEagleScreen: you would be better off asking your specific questions and giving relevant details about what you are experiencing.16:58
EagleScreenUnfortunately, i haven't bluetooth hardware like keyboard or mouse to test, but i am pretty sure that this bug breaks them too17:01
EagleScreencan anyone test this?17:01
penguin42me neither17:02
albert23EagleScreen: I just connected my bt mouse on precise, no problems17:09
EagleScreenthanks albert2317:10
EagleScreenthis bug may be hardware specific related, but also gnome-bluetooth related, because the Bluetooth works well in Gnome 2.30 and also in KDE17:11
penguin42EagleScreen: Probably worth trying whatever bt commandline tools there are17:12
EagleScreenbut i have seen this bug in two completly different computers17:12
penguin42EagleScreen: I guess if it just affects certain mobiles for example it's a lower priority bug than say keyboard/mouse17:15
EagleScreenI only have phones to test...17:23
penguin42yeh same here17:25
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penguin42EagleScreen: I think that's one reason it might be 'low' - people just don't use BT as much as they once did17:34
gnomefreakhow do i stop update-manger from loading when i run updates in term.19:08
gnomefreakit seems the option to not show it/turn it off/hide is no longer around19:12
aguitelare nvidia-173 working in precise ?20:10
aguiteli need to run geoforce fx 550020:13
revimailhi, I have a problem with apt-get and wpasupplicant:  pastebin.com/t1Zpgh1m  http://pastebin.com/qVTYHwxQ does someone have an idea?20:51
obelusrevimail, sorry, only just got back, you might have better luck in #ubuntu-de or #ubuntu-de+1. I can't even read what those messages say.21:18
revimailobelus me neither :-D thanks for looking though21:19
obelusWait, if you can't read it.. why is your system in German? lol21:19
yofelhm, works here21:19
yofelrevimail: tip, run: sudo LANG=C apt... if you need it in english21:20
yofelbut that seems some /run messup21:20
yofel*seems like21:20
yofelrevimail: can you run: sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends wpasupplicant21:21
yofeland install it again?21:21
revimailobelus, I do speak german, but I dont get the german bash messages21:21
revimailyofel, yes just did it: /etc/wpas_upplicant is not empty and will not be deleted21:23
yofelshould be ok, as long as the other error goes away21:24
revimaildo I need to reinstall it now?21:24
revimailI get the same error after sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant21:25
yofelcan you delete the file in /run and try to configure it again?21:28
yofelseems like all it does is move the files from the old place to /run21:28
albert23unfortunately, /lib/init/rw is a symlink to /run, so source and destination are the same file21:31
revimailI removed it reconfigured it and reinstalled it, this time, there were no errors21:32
yofeloh, indeed -.-21:32
revimailI have some serious troubles with wlan connection (atheros 9380, precise pangolin) and dont know, what causes it. What is the best procedure to find the problems?21:37
yofelnetwork manager puts the log output into /var/log/syslog, so you could run 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' in a terminal and keep watching it when you have wifi problems21:42
revimailyofel I dont have a DE will it work anyway?21:44
yofelthat'll work as long as you're using network manager. If you use something else look where that puts its logs. Driver messages should end up in dmesg21:45
* yofel wonders why firefox would try to access a graphics card o.O21:46
yofel[26481.959879] type=1400 audit(1328391575.597:65): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=9648 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-11.0/firefox{,*[^s][^h]}" name="/dev/nvidiactl" pid=9651 comm="firefox" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" fsuid=1000 ouid=021:46
jtaylorbecause of webgl21:46
aguitelare nvidia-173 working in precise ?21:47
penguin42sigh, I hate to think what it can do from that poiint on21:47
bjsnideraguitel, haven't we been over this ground before?22:04
aguitelbjsnider, yes22:05
bjsniderthen why are you continuing to ask?22:05
aguitelbjsnider, because with upgrade from last week it is not working22:06
bjsniderhere's what we can do about it if it doesn't work:22:06
pangolinso try installing and find out22:06
bjsniderjack squat22:06
bjsniderthat driver is developed by nvidia, not us22:06
aguitelyes i know22:07
aguitelin debian testing there is conflict with nvidia-173 and xorg version 1.1122:07
bjsniderof course22:08
aguiteland the debian retire this package from testing22:08
bjsniderbecause the nvidia driver has to provide xserver-xorg, and it doesn't provide that one yet22:08
bjsnidernvidia will update the driver someday22:08
bjsniderbut it's not high on their list of priorities22:09
aguitelbut in ubuntu precise remain the package22:09
aguitelthis is why i ask22:09
bjsnidereven when they update it, all they have time to do is make sure it isn't blocked by a newer xserver22:11
bjsnideryou could try the "abi ignore" thing in xorg.conf22:11
bjsniderassuming that's even why it's failing22:12
bjsnideryou could try the ignoreabi thing that's in italics there22:14
bjsniderit probably won't work22:14
bjsniderbut there's no harm in trying22:15
ryaxnb_mm,, upgrading to precise pangolin22:26
ryaxnb_how do i add PPAs after install?22:26
pangolinedit /etc/sources.list22:28
pangolinerr /etc/apt/sources.list22:28
ryaxnb_hi pangolin22:28
ryaxnb_i know you22:29
pangolinheh :)22:29
ryaxnb_you used to be idleone22:29
pangolinyou do.22:29
pangolinI still am22:29
ryaxnb_ back in the good day22:29
ryaxnb_you're not very idle now22:29
ryaxnb_so no22:29
pangolinI saw a familar face and decide to give a hand :P22:29
pangolinryaxnb_: idleOne is more than a nick.22:29
ryaxnb_in what way22:30
pangolinI am IdleOne22:30
ryaxnb_ryaxnb is more than a nick because i use it everywhere22:30
skierpageTo upgrade *Kubuntu* 11.10, http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57044-Upgrading-11-10-to-12-04 suggests `sudo do-release-upgrade -f kde -d` , but console shows "can't load kde (No module named kde)" and it puts up a Gnome UI.23:13
penguin42skierpage: I'd just do sudo do-release-upgrade -d23:44
skierpagepenguin42, I think that would do basically the same, just without the warning. There's no mention so far of KDE or Kubuntu, maybe I'll get Unity 8-o23:51
penguin42skierpage: Upgrading kubuntu gets kubuntu, I think the only difference here is the UI for the upgrade manager23:52
skierpagepenguin42, thanks for the reassurance. The upgrade says it's going to newly-install a bunch of gtk2/gdk packages (and IcedTea Java!), I assume they're just new or excessive dependencies.23:58
penguin42skierpage: Yeh I think so23:58
penguin42skierpage: as long as kubuntu-desktop is installed all the KDE magic should get updated23:59
skierpagepenguin42 Oh yeah, 1380 packages to Upgrade, including a lot of KDE stuff.23:59

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