GrueMasterI thought it would be more intelligent than that.  Now I have to add intelligence to f-k-i.00:00
infinityI can do the shell bits in f-k-i.00:00
infinityI know how you love shell. ;)00:00
GrueMasterIf it was perl, I'd be all over it.00:00
GrueMasterBut seeing how everyone around here loves perl....00:01
infinityI have nothing against perl.00:01
infinityPlenty against pulling another interpreter into d-i, though.00:01
GrueMasterIf you can fix it, great.  Be sure to tag bug 848782 and bug 921137.00:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 848782 in flash-kernel "Serial console not enabled for passphrase prompt when using LUKS" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84878200:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 921137 in flash-kernel "Flash-kernel-installer doesn't support d-i debian-installer/add-kernel-opts in preseed " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92113700:03
rcn-eeGrueMaster, if flash-kernel is going to read kernel-opts, how about a nice "stop, don't run flash-installer" option, for those of use with custom kernel's. ;)00:11
GrueMasterrcn-ee: This is for netboot install only.  If you are doing a custom kernel install with netboot, there are other settings you can add to the preseed for that.00:12
rcn-eethere is? guess i haven't looked thru the d-i preseed options enough.. ( just let flash-installer run, and then cleanup with a script before rebooting..)00:13
GrueMaster"d-i base-installer/kernel/skip-install boolean true" will skip the normal kernel install.  Then you can add a package repo and install a kernel in a later section.  I have that for a dev platform where the kernel is only on my local server (not in the pool).00:16
rcn-eecool GrueMaster, thanks for that tip.. (your doing pretty much what i was doing..)  I'll give that option a run over the weekend..00:17
GrueMasterNow this is getting ridiculous.  I have been trying to reimage all day and keep hitting this:  in-target:   Temporary failure resolving 'mirror.gruenet'00:19
GrueMasterOnly happens when installing the kernel.00:19
infinityGrueMaster: Yeah, I'll take both those bugs and upload later tonight.00:25
infinityGrueMaster: In the process of doing a migration on my co-lo machine right now, and I have the KVM for a limited time, so that forced me to take a break. :P00:25
GrueMasterNo rush.  Just had the code in front of me and thought I'd give it a go.00:26
GrueMasterRan out of steam.00:26
infinityDoes LVM really require a /boot outside the VG, or is partman being overly cautious?00:28
infinityI thought grub could peer into LVM volumes.00:29
GrueMasterGrub can.  u-boot can't.00:29
infinitySure, but this co-lo machine is x86. :P00:29
infinityAnd d-i's telling me it wants a small ext2 /boot outside the VG.00:30
GrueMasterAnd I don't think grub can peer into an encrypted filesystem.00:30
infinityTrying to decide if that's necessary, or a bug.00:30
infinityYeah, not doing encrypted.00:30
GrueMastersigh.  Sometimes two monitors can be a pita.00:31
scienteswhat is the best way to install ubuntu-arm in qemu?09:29
scienteslink with virt-manager09:29
shaolaqemu-usr-static and debootsrtap?09:32
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