allyorbaseSo I just took the plunge, any tips for a newcomer to Linux in general?02:24
urlin2ubrag about it. :D02:24
allyorbaseAnything you guys think is a 'must have'?02:25
urlin2uallyorbase, you have the restricted extras for codecs yet?02:25
allyorbaseI don't think so!02:26
urlin2uallyorbase, what desktop you running?02:26
allyorbaseIts a gateway, nothing special02:26
urlin2uso you downloaded ubuntu, or kubuntu or lubuntu or xubuntu?02:27
allyorbaseOh, is that what desktop means? Sorry, I'm really new to Lunix, and its just regular Ubuntu02:27
urlin2uallyorbase, cool in the terminal run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:28
urlin2uthis will load codecs a ms font and stuff generally needed. allyorbase02:28
allyorbaseOh, okay, very cool02:29
urlin2uallyorbase, lots of stuff really you might look in the ubuntu software center after the terminal gets done for stuff you might like, you can only have one installer installing at once like the terminal or the ubuntu software center02:31
allyorbaseOh, okay.02:31
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CuliforgeIs it possible to copy installed programs from on install to another with rsync? Both installs are on the same system with the same 10.04. I've already rsync'd the home directory. Or is there a better way to accomplish this?11:38
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morpheezesomehow quassel appears to ignore the language setting and take the one from the system17:08
morpheezeor at least makes a mix17:09
Culiforgeso I have successfully chroot'd into a broken installation, what do I need to do to fix it, what am I looking for?17:21
bioterroryou tell us17:22
duanedesignwhat is broken?17:29
Culiforgeduanedesign: the system halts right after the bootsplash17:30
Culiforgeduanedesign: initially I found that grub had reassigned the install to sde1 from sda1.. updated grub and it still won't boot (normal or recovery)17:32
Culiforgeunfortunately I can't pastbin because I have no command line.. so I imagebin instead http://imagebin.org/197268 . this is where it stops17:43
bioterrorCuliforge, grub-install /dev/sda17:44
Culiforgebioterror: ok, but this install shows up on the grub menu, it just doesn't boot17:44
bioterrorat least it loads the kernel :D17:46
Culiforgethis all happened when I installed an nvidia 8400gs and went for restart as per driver install req.17:47
Culiforgegrub-install tells me cannot find a device for /boot/grub17:48
Culiforgeasking if /dev is mounted17:49
Culiforgeautodetection of a filesystem module failed17:50
duanedesignCuliforge: I think the error you got trying to run grub-install is just because you are on LiveCD or chroot'd in17:57
bioterrorduanedesign, wrongly chrooted ;)17:57
Culiforgeif I scrollback through my commands in terminal.. it's all stuff I was working on like a week and a half ago17:59
Culiforgein my now broken installation18:00
Culiforgealso if I cd / and ls it's all the root from broken install.. is something not mounted right maybe?18:01
bioterrorwhen you make a chroot, you mount into that /mnt for example your live enviroments /dev/, /proc and /sys/18:04
urlin2uhmm if there only a bootscript that outlies the setup.18:08
Culiforgebioterror: I have an install on another partition and the non booting system is mounted. I chroot'd into it from here18:13
Culiforgebioterror: i.e. # chroot /media/4ea2a41f-32ff-41bc-aa1a-3ddaaac7c65e /bin/bash18:13
Culiforgebioterror:  is that not right?18:14
bioterrorthat's a usb stick installation which got broken?18:14
Culiforgebioterror:  no, I believe that's the uuid of my sda18:15
bioterrormount -o bind /dev/ /media//4ea2a41f-32ff-41bc-aa1a-3ddaaac7c65e/18:16
bioterrormount -o bind /proc /media//4ea2a41f-32ff-41bc-aa1a-3ddaaac7c65e/18:16
bioterrormount -o bind /sys /media//4ea2a41f-32ff-41bc-aa1a-3ddaaac7c65e/18:16
bioterroroh, there's two //18:16
bioterrortake one off ;)18:16
bioterrorand then chroot /media/foooooo/ /bin/bash18:16
Culiforgebioterror: foooo?18:18
bioterrorI was too lazy to paste that uuid again18:18
Culiforgebioterror: right, I understand.. (that's why i'm in ubuntu-beginners)18:20
Culiforgebioterror: should I exit out of my current chroot first before starting your instructions?18:21
Culiforgebioterror:  now when I chroot it tells me cannot run command '/bin/bash' no such file or directory18:25
Culiforgebioterror: woot? isn't that usually a joyous exclamation?18:26
bioterrorwhich bash18:28
Culiforgebioterror: I don't understand18:28
bioterrorsay in terminal: which bash18:29
Culiforgewhich bash /bin/bash18:29
bioterrorhow it can say that no such if it's /bin/bash :o18:30
Culiforgebioterror:  that's what i'm screamin18:30
Culiforgegotta go afk a few.. sry18:33
bioterrorI have done that myself many times :P18:33
Culiforgebioterror: back, sorry bout that19:02
bioterrorCuliforge, no problems19:03
Culiforgebioterror: so "I have done that myself many times" what have you done?19:04
Culiforgebioterror: screamin'?19:04
urlin2uCuliforge, kind of curious about your problem, would you consider running a script that outlines the what is where in your setup that results in a text file that can be pastebined?19:05
Culiforgebioterror: anything to get this fixed man19:05
bioterrorI would probably try to install kernel again19:06
urlin2uCuliforge, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/  pur the reults.txt in apastebin I can give you a link if needed.19:06
urlin2uCuliforge, here is a pastebin if you want to do this.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:09
Culiforgeurlin2u: righto, I"m on it19:10
Culiforgequick question.. running into problems... do I need to run the script in the chroot'd evironment or just anywhere19:17
urlin2uCuliforge, from a live cd download the zip exstarct it to the desktop and run this command. sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh19:18
urlin2uno chroot needed as of now19:19
Culiforgebah! bash: /boot_info_script.sh: No such file or directory19:20
urlin2uCuliforge, download the zip from the link extract it to the desktop then run that command19:21
urlin2ufrom a live cd19:21
urlin2uor on a live cd booted19:21
urlin2ucool hold on19:28
urlin2uCuliforge, looks like you have no grub bootlader in sdb where the install is you on the cd of te install right now?19:29
urlin2usdb1 looks to be the install am I right?19:30
Culiforgesdb is the install I'm in right now, sda is the broken install19:31
urlin2uthe sda1 is missing the boot files that you would see as an example in sdb1 /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/fstab /boot/grub/core.img19:33
bioterrorsounds nice ;)19:34
Culiforgeurlin2u: ok, sounds like progress to me, that's more than I've known up till now.. so what do I need to do to fix what the nvidia driver did to my system? :S19:35
urlin2uyour fsatb is messed up as well as far as where looking at sdf1 correct uuid though, the boot stuff can be reloaded hard to say if this will fix it19:35
Culiforgesdf is removable media (card reader)19:36
urlin2uCuliforge, follow this chroot to load grub to the sda set up and have it first read in the bios the sda for booting.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot19:36
urlin2uhoold on before you do19:37
urlin2uwhen you get to the chroot first run apt-get install grub-pc grub-common   it may be your missing ths files the the commands to install the bootloader again to the sda.19:38
Culiforgeno raid so skip mdadm right?19:39
urlin2uI don't see any raid indicators but a standard partition setup19:39
Culiforgeit's the first code instruction in the link you sent19:40
urlin2urun all commands to get to the chroot enviroment, I just use these refrences = links to get to the areas we need to run the correct commands.19:42
urlin2uin the chroot we can purge any grub and reinstall if needed I assume your missing the grub files needed in the OS at this point hence the install commands.19:43
urlin2uhope that all makes sense. :)19:44
Culiforgeurlin2u: ok, I just chroot /mnt... hold there or update-grub?19:45
Culiforgels tells me I'm where I need to be19:45
urlin2ucool lets try a purge first just to be careful here run apt-get purge grub-pc grub-common19:46
Culiforgesudo correct?19:46
urlin2uyes if your not in root I believe the chroot is root you see # in the terminal that is root.19:46
Culiforgeor doesnt' matter   #19:47
urlin2uyour in root no sudo needed19:47
Culiforgeurlin2u: ok, purged19:48
urlin2ucool now run apt-get install grub-pc grub-common19:48
urlin2uit will ask where you want grub choose sda use the space key to tick it I beliebe19:49
Culiforgeurlin2u: ok, choices are sda sda1 and sdb, I want sda and sdb right?19:50
urlin2uhold on I'm checking19:51
Culiforgeor choose all 3 and figure which one of sda* is the right one later19:51
urlin2uyeah sda19:51
urlin2usda only19:52
Culiforgeurlin2u: only? I've got this install I'm in now though19:52
Culiforgeon sdb19:52
CuliforgeI'll most likely overwrite it later though19:53
urlin2usda only sdb has what it needs already.19:53
urlin2ugrub reads both HD the sda drive now has controll of the boot if booted from sda19:54
Culiforgegood, done, no error19:54
urlin2urun updtae-grub   and reboot with the sda drive being read first for boot.19:55
urlin2uwithout the asterix of course. lol19:55
urlin2uyou ticked the sda right with the spce key?19:57
Culiforgeyup, sda selected19:57
Culiforgeok, going down for reboot..19:58
urlin2uyou ran the update-grub19:59
urlin2ucool reboot and give us a update19:59
urlin2ubioterror, hard to say how much the OS is messed up huh. :)20:01
urlin2uwe never know really, lol20:01
bioterrorI cant understand how20:02
urlin2ua nvidia install wont mess up grub yeah20:02
Culiforgeurlin2u: dang.... no dice.. don't even have my other install listed now... had to go to a live cd20:14
urlin2uCuliforge, your other install is still the same if the sdb drive is booted first20:15
urlin2ucan you run the bootscript again?20:15
Culiforgeurlin2u: like if I run it from f10 boot menu of the bios?20:16
urlin2ushould be the same though but easily fixed, you mght try that first.20:16
urlin2uyeah f1220:16
Culiforgeurlin2u: it wasnt' on the grub menu20:16
urlin2uCuliforge, you were using the reinstalled grub from sda sdb has a bootloader in its sdb20:17
urlin2uthey can be booted individually20:17
urlin2uboth HD's have a mbr that can boot that HD20:18
Culiforgeurlin2u: unfortunately I gotta run. as much as it pains me to leave this unfinished I promised my son we'd game tonight if he got his homework done so I gotta go. I'll try lurking back on here later tonight.. (EST here)20:18
urlin2uCuliforge, cool20:18
Culiforgetc all thanks for the help20:19
urlin2uno problem20:19
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AD_anybody there?21:42
dangertuxyes AD_21:42
AD_asolute beginner, just installed ubuntu 11.1021:43
dangertuxWell congrats on taking the big leap :-) Do you need help or have any questions?21:43
AD_I went into the sw center to install vlc, but I get a message saying sw package not found21:43
AD_i tried others, same21:44
AD_11.10 64bit21:44
dangertuxAD_:  You need to make sure that you have the Universe repository enabled. It should be by default21:45
dangertuxAD_: Can you try the following21:45
AD_ok tell me21:45
dangertuxAD_: Press ctrl+alt+t , this will open a terminal21:45
dangertuxAD_:  Then type the following sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc21:45
dangertuxAD_:  This will prompt you for your password, and update your repository list as well as attempt to install vlc21:46
dangertuxAD_: Let me know if that gives you an error.21:46
AD_yes, it went into the various archives, but at the end: unable to locate package vlc21:50
dangertuxAD_:  Interesting, can you do the following in the same terminal cat /etc/sources.list | grep -i universe and let me know what it returns (you may need to use sudo)21:51
dangertuxAD_:  Screatch that21:51
dangertuxAD_:  it should be /etc/apt/sources.list21:51
AD_permission denied21:53
dangertuxAD_:  Try it with sudo as such sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep -i universe21:53
AD_it took me 12h to connect wired and then out of the blue it connected, I have no idea why21:54
AD_I get different results, all with the word universe written in red21:58
Unit193Can you pastebin it?21:59
Unit193dangertux: Is pastebinit installed by defualt?21:59
dangertuxUnit193: I don't think so21:59
dangertuxUnit193: I'm actually on BT5 at the moment so I'm kinda doing this from memory lol21:59
dangertuxAD_:  Can you tell me if there is a line that looks something like deb http://archives.ubuntu.com oneiric universe22:00
AD_yes many22:01
dangertuxAD_:  do they start with the # character22:01
dangertuxAD_: That's just the first one right?22:02
dangertuxAD_:  Something about team will not support any something or other22:02
AD_## team. Also, please note that software in universe will not recceive any deb.src etc....22:04
dangertuxAD_:  Okay that's fine, do any of the lines proceeding that start with #?22:04
dangertuxAD_: Hmm...22:05
dangertuxAD_: Then the universe repository SHOULD be enabled, which is where the vlc package is.22:05
benonsoftware /msg JoseeAntonioR Hello22:06
AD_you have to tell me something, is this always so complex the first install?22:06
benonsoftwareOh, sorry22:06
dangertuxAD_: No, I've never run into that problem22:06
AD_I have the impression that the system is very unstable, as I said, it connected after 12h, and I cannot understan why22:07
dangertuxAD_: I'm not sure, I've never had stability problems with Ubuntu (though I don't really mess with 11.10 so much)22:07
AD_then, if you reboot, sometimes it reboots fine, some others it freezes on a black screen22:07
dangertuxAD_: You might be having issues with some of your hardware, though that is not the cause of VLC not installing22:08
AD_Could it be the 64bit version?22:08
dangertuxAD_: Another side note, you are typing vlc all lower case right?22:08
dangertuxAD_: It could be, though that's not necessarily the case22:08
AD_my system is brand new, I just finished assembling it yesterday, no OS was installed on the HDD22:09
AD_but I am thinking at the AMD CPU22:09
dangertuxAD_: Well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, different hardware is more compatible with Linux than other hardware.22:09
dangertuxAD_: It's most likely a graphical issue if you're noticing issues with freezing at boot, the networking issue might be a chipset issue, but probably not the processor22:09
AD_I have one ASROCK MB with the new onboard ATI grphic card22:10
dangertuxAD_:  Question, did you do a sudo apt-get upgrade after you installed the OS?22:11
AD_I raan the upgrade manager, also strange behavior, I clicked update and the progress bar was not moving at all, after 2 min. I closed everything, I went back and noticed that all the updates had been installed22:12
dangertuxAD_: Hmm, I don't use software center. Do me a favor try the following.22:13
dangertuxAD_: click on system in the upper right hand portion of the screen (near the clock)22:13
dangertuxAD_: system settings*22:13
dangertuxAD_: you may have to right click on the little double arrow icon22:13
dangertuxAD_:  I'm sorry not double arrow but gear22:14
dangertuxAD_:  it should look like a little wheel.22:14
AD_i am in the settings22:14
dangertuxAD_:  okay now click software sources22:14
dangertuxAD_: and under the tab that says Ubuntu software22:15
dangertuxAD_: make sure that there is a checkbox in the universe and multiverse repositories22:15
dangertuxI really need to reinstall an 11.10 VM lol doing this from google images stinks :-(22:16
AD_there is not such options22:16
AD_4 of them:22:17
AD_community maintained22:17
AD_proprietary drivers22:17
AD_sw restricted by copyright22:17
dangertuxAD_: are the first 2 checked?22:17
AD_the 4 are checked22:17
dangertuxAD_: Okay now I officially give up lol. There should be no reason that vlc is not available22:18
dangertuxDoes anyone who is currently running a copy of Oneiric amd64 have any issues installing the package vlc? lol22:18
AD_perhaps changin server helps?22:19
AD_Main server?22:19
dangertuxAD_: You can try but it shouldn't22:19
dangertuxAD_: they are rsynce'd to eachother I beleive22:19
dangertuxbrb stealing my wife's laptop she has oneiric amd64 lol22:20
AD_believe it or not, it is now installing, after I changed server22:22
dangertuxAD_: Try with the Main server option, though I just tried to install the vlc package on my wife's Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 and it worked fine :-/22:22
dangertuxAD_: Maybe it was just not available on your mirror22:22
dangertuxAD_: well at least it's installing now lol22:22
AD_tell me another thing, everything I do, it asks me the psw22:22
AD_how can I get rid of this?22:22
AD_I am the admin22:23
AD_installation completed22:23
AD_I am going to eat something, if you can, can you tell me about the psw?22:25
dangertuxAD_:  Oh yeah it's going to do that22:27
dangertuxAD_: because you'ren ot root, you're a sudoer so you have the ability to run commands as root, but you are not root yourself. It's a security feature and is best left alone.22:27
dangertuxAD_:  If you really want to get into messing with that you can type man sudoers in a terminal and it will tell you how to configure your sudoers file so you aren't prompted for a password.22:28

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