popeyAlanBell: you were looking for short URLs the other day http://two.vg/01:10
czajkowskiJoeb454: can you help aquarius with 19:47 < aquarius> who do I talk to about having the Ubuntu One icon on  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11661766&postcount=33  updated to be the modern U1 logo? :)10:53
aquariusthanks czajkowski10:53
czajkowskiakgraner: np10:53
czajkowskiaquarius: np10:53
czajkowskitechnoviking: or you if you can help^^^10:55
popeyfile an RT ☺10:55
aquariuspopey, man, that can't possibly be it10:57
popeyIS run the infrastructure under the forums10:58
popeythats just an image in a folder, I'm sure they can help10:58
duanedesignpopey: get your computer?10:59
popeyyup duanedesign :D11:00
aquariuspopey, but that's the way *to* do it? It's not a forum configuration option?11:00
popeyno idea, but filing an RT isnt a bad way to get it done11:01
duanedesigni had to order a replacement key for mine. I somehow managed to order a key for the T510 instead of 520...not the same. Close, but unfortunately close doeas not cut it in this scenario11:01
czajkowskioh you're kidding me11:06
czajkowskiat fosdem people having open networks11:06
czajkowskiyou can see files on their laptops11:06
czajkowskinot going via https11:06
duanedesignpopey: just grumbling about my issues trying to order a replacement key for my lenovo laptop11:06
czajkowskilots of firesheeping happening11:06
* popey bets it's jon doing the firesheeping11:08
czajkowskiI do have a bit of an evil bf :/11:09
* popey is unsurprised11:09
czajkowskibut if folks are stupid enough to come to a larger event like this and do stuff ...11:09
czajkowskinumbers do seem down from last years 5K people11:10
czajkowskicould be the snow, it's hampered transport getting here11:10
popeyah the usual excuse11:10
popey'well if you're stupid enough to leave your door unlocked, you should expect me to walk into your house and fiddle with your stuff'11:11
* cjohnston has had a productive morning16:12
* popey tickles cjohnston 16:18
cjohnstonuh oh16:18
* cjohnston runs16:18
pleia2cjohnston: I get to see you tomorrow \o/18:34
pleia2we made sure the weather is nice for you guys18:35
cjohnstonwhat should I expext for weather?18:35
pleia2sunny, 50-60s18:36
pleia2it's pretty much always like this18:36
cjohnstonsounds good18:37
cjohnstonstill haven't started packing18:37
cjohnstonIm wondering how much tsa is going to hate me carrying a board and a bunch of.cables and my lappy on board the plane18:39
pleia2I always carry a ton of that kind of stuff in my carryon18:42
czajkowski5K attendees and over 430+talsk = FOSDEM LOVE IT18:56
akgranercjohnston, I have a suitcase full of boards cables and 3 laptops - it19:23
akgranerit's always fun! :-)19:23
cjohnstonakgraner:  sounds like your bringing me presents19:25
akgranercjohnston, um no19:26
akgranerI need extra machines for video rendering19:26
akgranerwe are going to record and push the videos out the same day19:26
akgranersadly I have to admit I am bringing my mac air though19:28
akgranerI had a battery cell explode in it - got that changes out  - so I can do video so much easier on the mac19:28
akgranerif only something anything in Linux were that easy19:29
akgranerit's been almost 4 years since I even used my mac lets hope I remember how19:30
cjohnstonnovacut doing the stuff or are you19:30
akgranerI had a ton of stuff to update - it was funny19:30
akgranernovacut will be there and recording19:30
akgranerI'm just helping brand the videos and stuff19:31
akgranerI can't wait for dmedia to go into beta  - I'm dieing to try it out19:32
akgranercollaborative video editing but on Ubuntu19:33
akgranerwoo hoo19:33
cjohnstonwhat time do you arrive tomorrow19:36

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